Get Paid To Chat: Tricks To Make Money Talking Online 2022

How much time do you spend texting or talking? How many hours are you online? Why not get paid to chat while you’re at it?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t talk to strangers,” a few times growing up. Here’s the 2022 workaround to that saying, “Don’t talk to strangers for free because you can get paid to talk to strangers online.” 

If you love talking or you don’t mind texting for long hours, this article is your ticket to capitalizing on it. Keep on reading to learn some of the ways you can earn money by chatting.

And, don’t worry, we will cover different types of get paid to chat jobs, and the best websites to get jobs, from customer service to talk to lonely people, start monetizing your communication skills!  


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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Get Paid To Chat Summary

  1. Get Paid To Text Flirt
  1. Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People
  1. Get Paid To Chat In English  
  1. Get Paid To Chat : Customer Service And Research 

So, in the end online paid chat services can be broken down into 5 niches:

  1. Get Paid To Text Flirt
  2. Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People (Not flirty)
  3. Get Paid To Chat In English
  4. Get Paid To Chat: Customer Service And Research
  5. Psychic chat service

That last one really surprised me!

 Who knew you could get paid to chat as a psychic?

I didn’t even know there was a market for that but apparently, if you have a reliable internet connection and want to make more money or start your own business with a chat site, this may be a solution. 

But alas, in this article I’ll be writing about how you can make money chatting online through the other 4 chat services (unless you want to hear more about psychic chat services?). 

*Disclaimer: This article will provide companies that will pay you to chat and keep it professional and also include a list of companies that will pay you to chat and flirt. 

I have not used the latter and reserve no judgment on what you want to do with your free time but please put your safety as your priority. I am merely providing you the resources so you can decide for yourself if you want to try it. 


Note- If you like chatting and you speak English, you could very well get paid as an online teacher!

I started as an online teacher with NO experience and the online schools just needed someone to practice chatting in English with their students. No lesson plans or grammar corrections necessary!

The best way to learn a language is to practice it, by chatting away with other people!

If you are interested you can do a quick 120-hour online teaching course ( I did this one! ) and right after I started working as an online teacher, who got paid to chat in English!

Once you take the course, you can get hired by these online schools:


Get Paid To Text Flirt

Here is a list of (risqué) websites where you can get paid to talk to strangers. 

You’ll notice a lot of these websites allow you to make money by talking to guys online, make money flirting online, and no, this isn’t like customer service agents. 

Remember, you’re in control of how you want to communicate, whether it be via live chat, text chat apps, phone calls, webcams, or all of the above. 

You get to decide your means of communication and the level at which your conversation progresses.

1.Chat Recruit

Get Paid To Text Flirt

Pay: $2 for every chat time minute.

Chat Recruit is a website where men chat with women for a fee. If you want to get paid to chat with someone, and set your own hours without committing full-time, this is the website for you. 

They offer chat and webcam services.


Get Paid To Text Flirt

Pay: Varies based on services. 

On Phrendly, you can get paid to talk to strangers online by flirting with clients worldwide. They do not allow explicit content but you’re allowed to chat with clients at an adult chat level.

You earn money on Phrendly when users “share a drink” with you. Each drink is worth $10 and accounts for 8 minutes. Texting is about $0.35 per chat if you reply within 24 hours. 

Hey, you are looking to make money and save money, so give this a shot if you are comfortable enough to be an online friend to someone.

Note: Phrendly takes 30% commission.


Get Paid To Text Flirt

Pay: You set your own rate per message

On MyGirlFund, you can make money by talking to guys online by hosting live shows, calls, and texts. 

They allow you to share your photos, videos, and voice calls on the platform as long as you’re comfortable with it.


Get Paid To Text Flirt

Pay: Varies based on the duration of the chat.

FlirtBucks pays you to flirt online. The payment plan depends on the amount of time you’ve been a member on the website.

As a new user, you make 5 cents per minute of texting and 30 cents per video call. You earn more on FlirtBucks the longer you’re a user. 

A “promotion” and raise in rates is given after the first three months, followed by another after six months. By then you’ll be earning 15 cents per minute of texting and 50 cents per minute of video call. 

5.Adult Chat Jobs

Get Paid To Text Flirt

Pay: $300 a week. 

Based in the UK, Adult Chat Jobs pays you to chat with adults and reply to messages within their platform as an admin for a fee. 

On this platform, you don’t have to reveal your real identity, earn extra cash, and are able to build a persona of sorts. 

If getting paid to flirt is something that interests you, I have an article where you can see more websites where men give you money, plus safety tips to avoid scams:

Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People

Some people are just lonely, sadly some don’t even have friends or family to talk to. That’s where you come in as text chat operators!

If you want to earn money talking to strangers online BUT don’t want to flirt, this is an excellent option for you!

Here are some of the best companies to get paid to talk to lonely men and women are: 

1.Rent A Friend

Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People

Pay: You set your own rate, with an average hourly fee of between $15 to $50.

Rent a Friend is exactly what it sounds like. Someone out there will pay you to be their “friend” for a period of time. It’s focused on in-person meet-ups but Rent a Friend also allows you to be a virtual friend so you can talk to people online.

All you need is a mobile phone, send out some text messages, provide working solutions for these people, and you’re good to go!

Just wait for the money in your bank account or Paypal account once you have completed your job.

Pro: The company doesn’t take any commission. Which means you get to keep every cent you earn.

2. Papa

Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People

Pay: varies

Papa is a company whose goal is to help seniors avoid isolation and enjoy a happy life by providing companionship services. 

These services can be online like virtual companionship or in-person by helping the elderly go to the grocery store, med visits, or just chatting.  

You can work whenever you want and there is no earning limit. Some of the Papa Pals (as the company calls them) can earn up to $3,000 a month!

You can sign up here to learn more about the company. 


Pay: From $10 to $500+ per hour.

FriendPC is one of the best platforms online to get paid to talk to lonely men or women. On this platform, you can choose to be flirtatious or not.

For example, here you can see different featured profiles.

Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People

The one that charges more is the girl that offers virtual girlfriend chat services, but there are other options like a motivating mentor or virtual gamer chat friend.

In the end, there is a market for every hobby or interest and this platform helps you reach people with the same hobbies as you or that are just lonely and you can get paid just by listening and talking friendly to them

You can sign up here to learn more about the company. 

Note: Would you like to be a virtual friend? If so, I have an article dedicated to this type of job online. 

Check it out and you may start earning money by just providing your online friendship!

Get Paid To Chat In English  

Another option to chat and earn money is by chatting in English. Yep! You can get paid only by your ability to talk and chat in English. 


Get Paid To Chat In English

Pay: min $10 max $30

Palfish is a get paid to chat app that links English speakers with people that are trying to learn English.

It offers two programs to earn money: The Free talk and the course for kids. 

A great bonus for non-native English speakers is that you can use this app to teach conversational skills through The Free talk program. 

However, it is important that you have a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL or TESOL certification.

You can learn more about the requirements for each program here: Palfish Teachers programs and sign up here

2. Cambly

Get Paid To Chat In English

Pay: $10.20 and $12.00 per hour.

Cambly is another one of the best get paid to chat apps to teach English and earn money!

In Cambly you don’t have to plan a class schedule, instead, you just log on and wait for a student (usually an adult student) to call you. 

It is very flexible and the student or you can decide when to end the chat. 

Also, you don’t have to be a native English speaker or need a bachelor’s or experience to work here, so contrary to Palfish the entry barrier is a lot lower. 

If you want to learn more about chatting in Cambly and earn money with flexible work schedules click here: Cambly Tutors 


Get Paid To Chat In English

Pay: $10-$11 per hour

Similar to Cambly, in NiceTalk you get paid to chat in English and video chat with students, usually Chinese students. 

To work here you don’t need a bachelor’s degree. However, the platform prefers English native speakers and those with a TEFL or TESOL certification.

If you have those requirements and have a fast internet connection (300kbps for uploading and 500kbps for downloading), it is very possible you’ll get accepted.

As for the application, you will receive a short skype interview, and if accepted you can start working! 

If you want to know more about Nice talk requirements, check here: Nicetalk Tutor information

Get Paid To Chat : Customer Service And Research 

Here is a list of websites where you can get paid to chat for customer service and research task:

*Note– The pay listed below are the rates as advertised on the websites at the time in which I am writing this article.


Get Paid To Chat

Pay: You set your rate. 

Premium Chat is a platform for coaches, advisors, and influencers working in various fields. It’s an app that allows you to get paid to chat with people by answering questions from their audience. 

Signing up is easy, takes three minutes, and there are no setup costs or monthly fees.


Get Paid To Chat

Pay: You set your rate. 

Fiverr is a website that offers freelancers a platform to make money from the skills they possess. 

If talking and chatting is your thing, all you have to do is set up a gig on the website and wait for people to “buy” it.

3.Chat Support Representative In Amazon

Get Paid To Chat

Pay: Varies. 

Amazon is a major company that hires people to chat with customers. They regularly employ chat support representatives to deal with questions from customers.

As a customer service agent, you’ll mostly be chatting with consumers to cater to their shopping queries and needs.

Tip: Amazon does a lot of their hiring the coming months before and during the holiday season.

Note: Would you like to work for Amazon? I have 3 Amazon articles that highlight how to get hired for Amazon or have an online business using the popular amazon platform.

Check them out!


chat and earn money

Pay: Between $7.50 and $20 per hour. 

If you are looking to get paid by chatting, LiveWorld is one of the companies out there that will pay you good money to do so.

As a customer service agent for LiveWorld, your tasks will include social media moderation, customer service, engagement, and monitoring.

Note: They are known to offer benefits like time-off, health insurance and even a 401(k).

5.Accolade Support

chat and earn money

Pay: between $10 and $12 per hour.

Accolade Support is a firm hired by other companies seeking to outsource the services of a call center. You can work remotely from any location and are assigned tasks that fall under customer or technical assistance.


Get Paid To Chat

Pay: between $5 and $30 for every accepted answer.

JustAnswer is a unique platform where various professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers, business professionals, etc. ask live operators professional queries.

If you’re good at research, this is the job for you. All you have to do is respond to their questions and ensure they’re well researched and phrased.

7.The Chat Shop

Get Paid To Chat

Pay: $10 per hour

Requirements: Undergo training, full time agents are required to work 35 to 40 hours a week and must be able to type 80 WPM (Word Per Minute).

Just like Accolade Support, The Chat Shop provides companies or websites with chat agents. Chat agents typically work as customer service, sales, and tech support agents.

Tips On Staying Safe When You Are Getting Paid To Chat

There are a lot of ways you can get paid to talk to people online, be it professionally or not, but the most important thing is your safety. 

Here are some tips on safety while you earn money by chatting online professionally or otherwise:

  • Never reveal your personal information
  • Never divulge your real location
  • Use a pseudonym or a nickname that doesn’t give away your real name
  • Sign up with a platform that lets you choose which service you’re comfortable providing. 

Some platforms allow you to choose how you communicate and some won’t. Make sure you’re aware of the services you are required to provide before signing up and check to see what you’re comfortable with.

  • Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with

It’s your choice what you do and you can draw the line wherever you please

  • Read the terms and conditions of your employment.

In most cases, you’ll be working from home with your own equipment. If you’re uncomfortable with companies having access to your IP address, SSN, microphone or webcam, read the fine print to be sure what information you’ll be giving them access to.

There are plenty of ways to make money chatting, but not all of the companies are reliable, that’s why I’ve compiled a list of companies that are both trustworthy and reliable in terms of payment and safe keeping of your information. 

Also bear in mind that you’ll be dealing with people from all over the world and some of them might be disgruntled customers.Don’t let the grumpy customers get to you. Keep your cool and follow company protocol. 

Remember: stay calm, and safe, and always make sure your well-being is a priority. 


1. Why Would People Pay You To Chat?

You are probably thinking, who would pay you to chat? 

A whole bunch of reputable companies will, that’s who. Let’s take Amazon, for example, it’s a multi-trillion dollar company that is always in need of people to respond to customer service queries. 

You literally get paid to talk and answer questions. Some of the jobs listed above like text chat UK jobs, all you need is a bank account for them to do a direct bank transfer once your job is done.

What better way is there to make money? 

2. Can I Get Paid To Text Chat?


Stop wondering can I get paid to text chat because it is a legit way to make money online. 

You can get paid to chat for customer service, research, virtual friendship, or even for flirting with men. Text chatting is legit and some of them are completely free.

There is premium chat available too, look up for some chat agent or chat recruit and you are good to go.

Some of the best companies to get paid to chat with are:

  1. Premium.Chat
  2. Amazon Chat Support Representative
  3. Cambly 
  4. RentAFriend
  5. FlirtBucks 

3. How Can I Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People?

You can get paid to talk to lonely people by using chat platforms such as RentAFriend or FriendPC.

You can offer virtual friend services and talk about various topics like music, movies, food, video games, or even be a motivational coach.

Also, there is the possibility to get paid to talk to seniors, using platforms like Papa, where you can be a virtual or physical companion for the elderly to avoid isolation and have friends.

4. Can I Get Paid To Message Guys?

Yes, you can get paid to talk to lonely guys by using chat apps such as Flirtbucks or Chat Recruit

This is one of the most common ways of earning money by sending a text message and talk chat UK offering. 

However, it is not the only way and you can set your own limits and not reveal any personal information that may harm you. 

5. How Can I Earn Money By Speaking English?

If you are thinking “can I earn money by speaking English?” then this one is for you.

If you are an English native speaker or speak English fluently you can get paid to chat in English using apps such as:

  1. Cambly 
  2. Palfish 
  3. NiceTalk 

However, there are other ways to earn money by speaking English, one of the most popular and profitable ones is to become an English tutor, where you can earn between $15-$60 per hour.

If you want to learn more about this I have an extensive list of articles that will help you skyrocket your career as an English tutor:

Also, if you are interested in learning the exact 9 step process I followed to become an Online Teacher that earned $6,000 a month.

Even though I had no formal teaching qualifications and minimal teaching experience!

Then check out my budget-friendly Masterclass:

6. Can You Make Money In Chat Rooms?

So, can you make money in chat rooms? Yes!

Now, whether it is being a text chat operator, being a chat hostess, or conducting video chats – these are all legit ways to make money in chat rooms.

Think of chat rooms and a chat shop, and your work is literally a lip service where you talk to people.

People who are looking for a social connection with other individuals or a service to fill an emotional gap frequent these chat rooms.

They either find these chat rooms via a chat recruit app or an online posting.

These websites and applications aren’t only for lonely individuals, they’re also locations where you can socialize.

7. Is It Safe To Earn By Chatting?

This may be the main question – is it safe to earn by chatting?

Mobile text chat jobs or online text chat, all of the aforementioned platforms are well-known, reliable, and secure to use. When you start being paid for text chat services and video calls, safety is your primary priority.

Always keep in mind that guys should adhere to the platforms’ regulations and norms. You have to be aware of these and be able to see the indications that a man is breaking them.

You should be honest with yourself and anybody you talk to about your personal limits since you are under no obligation to do or say anything that you do not feel comfortable doing.

If you believe your boundaries are understood by the people you communicate with as well as by yourself. Make careful to notify the virtual customer service team of any incidents that make you feel uncomfortable.

how to become a online teacher

This is a practical masterclass of 3 hours, where you will learn how to get from zero teaching experience, and no degree, to become a booked-out online English teacher!

There you have it folks, how you can get paid to chat online. 

Happy chatting! 

Get Paid To Chat: Tricks To Make Money Talking Online

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