Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend in 2022

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend In 2021

Do you want to know how to get paid to be a virtual friend? 

We all know that 2020 was the strangest of years, where nothing has gone as we expected at the start of the year. 

So it seems like an excellent time to look at alternative ways to start and grow an income and one of those ways is to get paid to be a virtual friend.

I’ve written about this type of online work previously but decided it was time to revisit it in more detail. 

Until I began to research that article, making money as a virtual friend wasn’t something that I had been aware of. I had no idea you could simply offer friendship online to other people who are looking for friendship in exchange for money.

It would not surprise me if many of you have never come across this either. 

So, let’s take a deep dive into what it means, how it works, and what you need to do to get paid to be a friend.

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a virtual friend?
  2. How does it work?
  3. How much can you make as a virtual friend?
  4. How do I get started as a virtual friend?
  5. Where can I find work and get paid for companionship?
  1. How to stay safe and get paid to be a virtual friend.
  2. Conclusion

Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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What Is A Virtual Friend?

Think about those people you are ‘friends’ with on social media who you’ve never actually met in real life. 

Those are virtual friends. 

Being a virtual friend is exactly what it sounds like. Someone signs up to a friendship site looking for a friend.

 They search the site for friends and find you. They message you within the site and arrange to ‘rent’ you as their friend. 

Sometimes all they want is a one-time conversation. Sometimes they are looking to connect with someone over a longer period of time.

Virtual friendships sites

In the case of virtual friendship websites, you are going to get paid to be an online companion for someone.

Many people signing on to virtual friendship sites are individuals who have recently relocated to new places, have busy lives, or are introverts who find in-person socializing tricky and exhausting.

Virtual friendship is also an increasingly popular way to build friendships for people who:

  • find it physically difficult to visit social settings or 
  • people who struggle to leave their homes due to mental health issues such as anxiety or agoraphobia (a fear of leaving your home).

It’s definitely a service to view positively. 

In a world where we can be more connected through our computers but people are experiencing increasing loneliness, what could be better than making this virtual world work for us? 

Key point to note

An important point to note at the start of our research is that this is all completely platonic and is not to be conflated with any virtual situation involving dating or escort services. 

Virtual friendship is primarily about how you can get paid to talk to lonely people.

Most online friendships will involve text, phone, or video conversations, and maybe activities such as online gaming, baking, or other interests that people could do together whilst online. 

You can link up with clients who speak another language that you might speak, or those who have the same interests as you, such as a particular tv program or film genre.

Most of these virtual friendships will be conducted 100% online. 

You will probably never meet any of the people you are ‘working with’. Some companies offer only online conversation in chat rooms, some offer a text message or phone call service, and others offer a combination of options. 

I’m going to walk you through how it works and what you need to do to get paid to be a virtual friend.

How Does Getting Paid to Be a Virtual Friend Work?

The ‘rent a friend’ concept emerged from Japan

Lonely single people could rent somebody to come and eat dinner with them, or to celebrate a holiday or festival with them when they could not return home for the vacation. 

Note that this business model is an in-person version that we will not cover in this post.

The companies mentioned in this article are all businesses offering virtual friendship through a cell phone, landline, or computer platform. This is the rent a cyber friend concept.

As with many other online work sites, you will need to register and complete a profile before you are able to start work. 

Some companies will require you to sit a ‘test’, which is just them inviting you to have a conversation with them so they can review your personality and skills to see if you’re a good fit with their company to get paid to be a friend.

Some of the popular things to do with your clients are:

  • Online gaming
  • Watching movies
  • Discussions
  • Baking together (in your own kitchens, but at the same time while you chat)

How Much Can You Make As A Virtual Friend? 

You would be working as a self-employed contractor in this situation, and you would charge an hourly rate.

Most people working as virtual friends would sign on with a company offering this service.

However, there are a small number who have set themselves up as independent companies. 

Those people tend to charge slightly higher fees:

  • Average rate is between $20-$30 per hour
  • Specialists make upwards of $50 per hour
  • In-demand niche skills/interests are similar at $50 per hour and up
  • Higher rates if you spend more time than average with an individual client. 

Some companies allow you to decide on your own rates, although these companies will usually take a percentage cut from your earnings.

Even if you were to work only 20 hours a week, you could earn between $1,700-$2,600 a month and get paid for online companionship. 

Not a bad return for being a friend and chatting with people online! 

How Do I Get Started As A Virtual Friend? 

Most of the companies listed in this article will ask you to follow an initial pathway into the job:

  1. Sign up and create your profile:

This is a key step in the process and it is vital that you complete all of the information requested. 

Make sure to add in your approximate location, so you don’t end up matched with people in opposite time zones to you!

  1. Take a personality test:

Most of the companies listed below will ask you to take one or more personality quizzes. 

This will help them to determine your personality type and will mean they can match you to the clients who are looking for friends like you. 

But don’t worry, this isn’t only a job for those with an extrovert personality profile.

 It helps if you enjoy initiating conversation, but introverts often do well in this kind of virtual work, with many finding online paid friendship more energizing than in-person friendships. 

  1. Fill out a description of yourself:

This is where you need to give a clear and full description of who you are, the interests that you have, the online games you like to play, and any special skills you have acquired.

Include anything and everything that you think might help you to be matched with clients. Add any details that will mean you stand out from other friends.

  1. Add in your payment details:

You usually have the option to be paid via Paypal or electronic bank transfer. Don’t forget this section! 

Some companies pay at the end of each week that you have worked.

 Others pay you following a single job, so be sure to note which payment process you have signed up to.

  1. Activate your profile:

Once your profile is complete, you’re good to go! 

Your profile will be visible to anyone who is searching to connect with a friend. You just have to sit tight and wait for friend requests to come your way.

As with any job platform, visibility is the key to making connections, along with developing and displaying your interests.

Have a look at the top-rated profiles on the platform and see what interests they have and how they are displayed. 

Make sure to include in your profile information such as:

  • the books you love to read
  • your favorite films and genres
  • which games you enjoy playing
  • the types of music you listen to
  • any special skills or interests that you have  

Where Can I Find Work And Get Paid For Companionship? 

1.Rent A Friend

Rent A Friend is an international company, covering both in-person and virtual friendships. 

For the purposes of this article, we will only be discussing the virtual option.

 This is an excellent company for those who want to get paid to be a virtual friend UK, as some of the other companies are for US-based individuals only.

Rent A Friend is a simple-to-use and easy-to-navigate website, making it a good choice for many people. 

There are high numbers of friends and the quick-search categories, including ‘friends with seniors’, ‘baking/cooking’, and ‘phone friend’ facilitate a simple process for connecting with potential clients.

Friends charge anything from $10 and up, but you can set your own prices on Rent A Friend.

 Most friends charge between $20-50 per hour, with the higher prices being related to specialist interests or skills and people seeking in-depth connections. 

This site doesn’t charge you for your work and you get to keep whatever you earn through the site.


FriendPC is another large friendship platform where you can get paid for companionship. 

Friend PC offers other opportunities as well as virtual friendship, including the chance to pitch yourself as a Life Coach, Virtual Gamer, or Companion. 

They do offer an in-person friendship service, but again I won’t be addressing that within this article. 

One of the big upsides with FriendPC is that they pay you on completion of each task, so you get paid the same day that you connect with your friendship client.

You set your own prices, you schedule calls or contact as agreed with your friendship client, and off you go!

FriendPC offers 24/7 support for its virtual friends, which gives you great protection should anything go awry. 

They take a very small percentage of your fee – around 5% – leaving you with the remainder.

What a great way to earn yourself some money!


Freelancer is an online marketplace for freelancers to find clients for the work that they offer. 

It has also begun to be a place for online friends to connect with people who are willing to pay for their friendship services.

Once you are registered and have built up your profile on Freelancer, you can start bidding on tasks that you would like to work on. 

You are entitled to eight free bids, but then you can take out a paid membership to make bids on more tasks, should you wish to.

Freelancer also accepts bids from people anywhere in the world, so if you are UK-based, you can get paid to be a virtual friend UK.

4.Fiverr Friendship

As with Freelancer above, Fiverr is an online skills marketplace for freelancers to trade their knowledge and skills for money, with clients who need something specific. 

Fiverr is a well-known and well-established platform with a secure payment system.

As the name suggests, Fiverr started as a platform offering skills that could complete tasks for a fiver ($5/£5). 

Now it has evolved into something broader and the range of services offered is huge. 

Popular tasks include logo design, blog post requests, web design work, and digital marketing. 

And now we can add virtual friendship to the list.

Having had a quick look at average prices per task, Fiverr is at the lower end of the pay for virtual friendship. 

Most of these jobs seem to pay between $5-$25 on Fiverr, so you may want to put it at the bottom of your list as you get started.

5.Rent A Cyber Friend

Rent A Cyber Friend describes itself as “a new meeting platform based on the concept of the pen pal, updated for today’s digital and mobile world!” 

As with the other sites listed here, Rent A Cyber Friend offers people the chance to post ‘gigs’, which cyber friends can then bid on. 

Friends and gigs can be located anywhere in the world, which makes it another excellent option for those wanting to get paid to be a virtual friend UK or the USA.

You can become a Basic Member for free and either provide gigs or bid on gigs. 

You can also upgrade to paid membership levels which give you access to more gigs and more opportunities to bid.

This platform also offers (and encourages) its members to create virtual products they can sell, such as a video course on cooking or other skills within their expertise. 

This makes Rent A Cyber Friend a more versatile platform for those looking to create a side income for themselves using slightly less mainstream online skill sets.

6.PenPal World

Strictly speaking, PenPalWorld is not one of the sites where you can make money, as it’s a free site (with paid upgrade options) for people wanting to make connections with others all over the world.

So if your absolute priority is to get paid to be an online friend, PenPal World may not be the option for you.

I’ve included it for interest’s sake, as an example of how one person can create and manage an international community and provide an excellent friendship service to thousands of people.

So if you have web development skills and a passion for building connections, taking a leaf out of Jakob Herrmann’s book may be a brilliant financially viable option.

How To Stay Safe And Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend 

The key element here is to stick to the advice detailed in this article and that will also appear on the friendship sites you join.

No one can cover every eventuality and not every person looking for friendship on these sites will have been subject to a background check. 

Follow the rules and remember some common sense guidance around online friendships:

  • Virtual friendship sites are purely for platonic relationships. Any requests beyond that should be reported to the platform.
  • You are always in control of the virtual friendship. If the other individual is making you feel uncomfortable at any time, you are free to end the friendship.
  • There is a high possibility that some of the people you interact with will be using a fake name. Whether you do or not is up to you.
  • Never give out your address or other identifying information (like your social security number or bank details) to anyone you befriend on the internet.
  • Make sure to use the sites listed in the article and you are guaranteed to receive your payments using a secure method.


Becoming a virtual friend is a great way to earn some extra money, especially alongside studying or another job. 

The pay rates can vary wildly and many ‘how-to’ sites list how these virtual friend roles pay hundreds of dollars. 

I have detailed the prices and fees that I could find directly on individual websites, but I do not doubt that there is a greater earning potential for many people who sign up. 

Make sure you do your research.

All of these sites provide a brilliant way to get paid to be a virtual friend.

They are definitely an excellent place to start if you enjoy building online friendships, or offering support to those who need a friendly face in their lives!

Don’t forget to have a look at this article I have written about getting paid to be an online friend. 

And make sure to leave me a comment if you give any of these friendship sites a try.

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend In 2021

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