Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend
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Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend & Earn $500 Weekly! (2024)

Do you want to know how to get paid to be a virtual friend? 

Are you on the lookout for a job that is flexible, fun, and allows you to work from your phone? Or are you looking for a simple side hustle to supplement your primary income? 

An excellent job to start and grow an income is to get paid to be a virtual friend.

I’ve written about this type of online work previously but decided it was time to revisit it in more detail. 

Until I began to research that article, making money as a virtual friend wasn’t something that I had been aware of. It would not surprise me if many of you have never come across this either. That’s why I thought about sharing the information I found with you all here!

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

So, let’s take a deep dive into what it means, how it works, and what you need to do to get paid to be a friend.

41 Ways To Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

  1. RentAFriend
  2. FriendPC
  3. Freelancer
  4. Fiverr Friendship
  5. RentACyberFriend
  6. PenPalWorld
  7. Seeking Arrangement 
  8. Premium Chat
  9. Papa 
  10. The Chat Shop
  11. Chat Recruit 
  12. Text121Chat 
  13. College Steps
  14. College Pirates 
  15. Phrendly 
  16. FlirtyBucks
  17. MyGirlFund 
  18. AdultChatJobs
  19. TexKings
  20. Arousr
  21. ToChat
  22. Palfish 
  23. Cambly 
  24. NiceTalk 
  25. Chegg
  26. LipService
  27. Family Romance 
  28. Outschool 
  29. Preply 
  30. Fibler 
  31. Rent A Local Friend 
  32. Meete 
  33. Keen 
  34. Live Advice 
  35. Cash App
  36. Texting Factory
  37. FundMySugarBaby
  38. Steemit
  39. Hummr 
  40. Advertise on Social Media 
  41. Start Your Own Website 

Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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What Is A Virtual Friend?

Wondering about virtual friend meaning? Think about those people you are ‘friends’ with on social media who you’ve never actually met in real life. 

Those are virtual friends. 

Being a virtual friend is exactly what it sounds like. Someone signs up to a friendship site looking for a friend.

 They search the site for friends and find you. They message you within the site and arrange to ‘rent’ you as their friend. 

Sometimes all they want is a one-time conversation. Sometimes they are looking to connect with someone over a longer period of time.

How Much Can You Make As A Virtual Friend? 

I know you’re eager to know about what the average virtual friend salary is.

You would be working as a self-employed contractor as a virtual friend, and you would charge an hourly rate.

Most people working as virtual friends would sign on with a company offering this service.

However, there are a small number who have set themselves up as independent companies. 

Those people tend to charge slightly higher fees:

  • Average rate is between $20-$30 per hour
  • Specialists make upwards of $50 per hour
  • In-demand niche skills/interests are similar at $50 per hour and up
  • Higher rates if you spend more time than average with an individual client. 

Some companies allow you to decide on your own rates, although these companies will usually take a percentage cut from your earnings.

Even if you were to work only 20 hours a week, you could earn between $1,700-$2,600 a month and get paid for online companionship. 

Not a bad return for being a friend and chatting with people online! 

Ways To Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend 

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

1.Rent A Friend

Rent A Friend is an international company, covering both in-person and virtual friendships. It regularly lists friend for hire jobs on its website. 

For the purposes of this article, we will only be discussing the virtual option.

This is an excellent company for those who want to get paid to be a virtual friend UK, as some of the other companies are for US-based individuals only.

Rent A Friend is a simple-to-use and easy-to-navigate website, making it a good choice for many people. 

There are high numbers of friends and the quick-search categories, including ‘friends with seniors’, ‘baking/cooking’, and ‘phone friend’ facilitate a simple process for connecting with potential clients.

Friends charge anything from $10 and up, but you can set your own prices on Rent A Friend.

Most friends charge between $20-50 per hour, with the higher prices being related to specialist interests or skills and people seeking in-depth connections. 

This site doesn’t charge you for your work and you get to keep whatever you earn through the site. You can sign up on jobs and start earning!


FriendPC is another large friendship platform where you can become a cyber friend and get paid for companionship. 

They also offer other opportunities as well as virtual friendship, including the chance to pitch yourself as a Life Coach, Virtual Gamer, or Companion. Location is not a barrier as you can find someone looking for a friend from anywhere across the world, so you can earn through friendpc uk too! does offer an in-person friendship service, but again I won’t be addressing that within this article. 

You can register through friend sign up. One of the big upsides with friendspc com is that they pay you on completion of each task, so you get your payment the same day that you connect with your friendship client.

For your friendpc salary, you set your own prices, you schedule calls or contact as agreed with your friendship client, and off you go!

FriendPC offers 24/7 support for its virtual friends, which gives you great protection should anything go awry. 

Friendpc apply a very small fee -only around 5% of your earnings- leaving you with the remainder.

Create a friendpc login right now to get paid to be a virtual friend!


Freelancer is an online marketplace for freelancers to find clients for the work that they offer. 

It has also begun to be a place for online friends to connect with people who are willing to pay for their friendship services.

After registering and building up your profile on Freelancer, you can start bidding on tasks that you would like to work on. 

You get eight free bids, but then you can take out a paid membership to make bids on more tasks, should you wish to.

Freelancer also accepts bids from people anywhere in the world, so if you are UK-based, you can get paid to be a virtual friend UK.

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

4.Fiverr Friendship

As with Freelancer above, Fiverr is an online skills marketplace for freelancers to trade their knowledge and skills for money, with clients who need something specific. 

Fiverr is a well-known and well-established platform with a secure payment system.

As the name suggests, Fiverr started as a platform offering skills that could complete tasks for a fiver ($5/£5) but now it has evolved into something broader and the range of services offered is huge. 

Popular tasks include logo design, blog post requests, web design work, and digital marketing. 

And now we can also add virtual friendship to the list.

Having had a quick look at average prices per task, Fiverr is at the lower end of the pay for virtual friendship. 

You can also get paid to be a penpal on Fiverr!

Most of these jobs seem to pay between $5-$25 on Fiverr, so you may want to put it at the bottom of your virtual friend website list.

5.Rent A Cyber Friend

Rent A Cyber Friend describes itself as “a new meeting platform based on the concept of the pen pal, updated for today’s digital and mobile world!” 

As with the other sites listed here, Rent A Cyber Friend offers people the chance to post ‘gigs’, which cyber friends can then bid on. 

Friends and gigs can be located anywhere in the world, which makes it another excellent option for those wanting to get paid to be a virtual friend UK or the USA.

You can become a Basic Member for free and either provide gigs or bid on gigs. 

You can also upgrade to paid membership levels which give you access to more gigs and more opportunities to bid on rent a cyber friend jobs.

This platform also offers (and encourages) its members to create virtual products they can sell, such as a video course on cooking or other skills within their expertise. 

This makes Rent A Cyber Friend a more versatile platform for those looking to create a side income for themselves using slightly less mainstream online skill sets.

get paid to be a virtual friend

6.PenPal World

Strictly speaking, PenPalWorld is not one of the sites where you can make money, as it’s a free site (with paid upgrade options) for people wanting to make connections with others all over the world.

So if your absolute priority is to get paid to be an online friend, PenPal World may not be the option for you.

I’ve included it for interest’s sake, as an example of how one person can create and manage an international community and provide an excellent friendship service to thousands of people.

So if you have web development skills and a passion for building connections, taking a leaf out of Jakob Herrmann’s book may be a brilliant financially viable option.

7. Seeking Arrangement 

Seeking is a site that provides adult services, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the platform to become a virtual friend. 

You have complete authority over the type of services you want to offer. 

You may offer friendship services, like talking on the phone or through a webcam as well and get paid to be a cyber friend. 

All you have to do is state your boundaries before you proceed with a client. 

On this platform, you can earn up to $30 an hour or make direct arrangements with your clients that’ll allow you earn more per hour.

8. Premium Chat

With Premium Chat, you can earn anywhere between $1 to $5.99  per minute, and conversations with clients on average are 25 minutes long. 

This platform pays you to chat with people and to be their trusted virtual friend. 

It is basically for users looking to offer any kind of paid chat services like consultancy, coaching or even friendship. 

9. Papa 

Papa is an online platform where you can get paid to be a companion. 

This platform allows you to be friends with elderly people in your community and it helps combat loneliness in the elderly. 

On this platform, you can make $15 an hour virtually, however, if you’re willing to meet in person and help them out with chores, you can make up to $25 an hour. 

10. The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop isn’t exactly a platform that you can use to get paid to be an online friend, however, it offers customer care solutions to small businesses. 

Take on the role of a virtual friend as you chat with customers. The great thing about this gig is that you only need to text to get paid. 

Starting pay is $15 an hour, but you can earn more as you progress on the platform. 

get paid to be a virtual friend

11. Chat Recruit 

Chat Recruit is a site that pays you to be a virtual companion to men. 

You can opt to communicate through text messages, audio messages or video chat. 

You can earn $2 a minute by just texting, however, if you offer webcam services, you’re rates go up tenfold. 

12. Text121Chat 

With Text121Chat, you’ll never need to reveal your identity, which makes it one of the few great virtual friend jobs in the adult services industry. You can also become a virtual friend and get paid here.

All you have to do is send out text messages, and the rate starts at $0.07 per text message. 

Your rate, however, goes up by 3 times once you’ve been on the platform for some time. 

13. College Steps

College Steps is an excellent site for college and university students to become virtual friends. 

It was first made to connect students that are new or have disabilities with mentors or guides within their university. 

Make roughly around $15 to $25 an hour by being an ‘on-campus’ virtual friend. 

14. College Pirates 

College Pirates is similar to College Steps, you will earn by being a mentor or friend to college students. 

How this platform works is that you provide virtual sessions on general or particular advice in specific subject areas. 

Each session can make you up to $80

15. Phrendly 

With Phrendly, make around $45 an hour on audio calls on average and it can reach up to $65 per hour and clients can offer you tips as well. 

This site is an adult site that allows you to also provides virtual companion jobs.  

The job provides complete personal security, however, 30% of your earnings go to the platform. 

get paid to be a virtual friend

16. FlirtyBucks

FlirtyBucks is a platform that provides adult and cordial conversations to its men users.

Chat hostesses can choose who to chat with, the topic of conversation, and the duration of the call. 

You start making $0.10 per minute texting, however, this rate goes up to $0.15 per minute in just 3 months. 

However, FlirtyBucks is for chat hostesses above the age of 18

17. MyGirlFund 

MyGirlFund is an app for female chat hostesses providing texting and video adult services. 

You can earn up to $50 an hour on average and you don’t have to share your identity. 

18. AdultChatJobs

Adult Chat Jobs is a site based in the UK that will pay you to text on their platforms using any persona you like. 

You have complete privacy and you can expect to make around $300 a week on average. 

However, it is only available to those living in the UK and you must be 23 years of age. You can sign up here if you’re looking for virtual friend jobs uk.

19. TexKings

TexKing is an adult chat job provider that only hires women to text or chat with men as phone operators. 

You can make up to $500 a week on average, however, you have to work at least 12 hours a week and you need to be able to type at a speed of 25 WPM. 

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

20. Arousr

Another adult chat site, Arousr focuses on texting and video chatting and you can provide online companionship for money.

Start by setting up a profile, and earn $0.15 per text and $0.50 per minute on an audio call. 

The interesting thing about this platform is that you can also sell adult pictures and videos to your fanbase. 

21. ToChat

Tochat is an app similar to friend whereby you can find and get paid for virtual friendships through live video chatting. 

You can earn when you have 1-on-1 private live video chats with others on the platform. People can also send you gifts that you can cash out. 

22. Palfish 

Palfish is an app that connects English speakers with others who are learning to speak the English language. 

For unstructured conversations with people of any age group, join the free talk program. 

The free talk program pays well, as you can set your own rate. 

Palfish is a great if you are a teacher or have an interest in teaching English.

Here you can expect to make around $12 to $30 an hour average. 

However, you need to be a citizen of a native English-speaking country and need a TEFL certification. 

23. Cambly 

Similar to Palfish, with a lower entry barrier, Cambly is an English learning site for students wanting to learn conversational English. 

Earn around $12 per hour by logging on and waiting for a student to chat with you on a video call. 

24. NiceTalk 

It is China’s very first English learning app that connects English speakers to Chinese students learning English. 

On this platform, they give you preference if you have a TEFL or TESOL certification, however, you do not need to have a degree. 

Earn up to $12 on average, per hour, on your phone! And the best part, is you don’t need to be a native English speaker. 

25. Chegg

Chegg is a tutoring platform that connects students that need help with their homework assignments to a tutor that is an expert in the specific subject. 

Tutors can earn around $20 an hour using their site, by providing on-demand answers to student queries. 

get paid to be a virtual friend

26. LipService

Lip Service is a platform that only hires female members. 

You will be providing professional call center services, and you will be speaking on behalf of small to mid-range businesses. 

The pay is pretty great, allowing you to earn $80 an hour on average. 

However, it is only available for residents of Canada and the USA. 

27. Family Romance 

Family Romance is a Japanese platform that matches families with other like-minded friends. 

If you’re looking to be a friend to a Japanese family in Japan then you should sign up on their site right now. 

Who knows, maybe they’ll even throw you a free trip to Japan. 

With this company, you can make up to $50 per hour as a virtual friend. However, many others have made a lot more than that. 

28. Outschool 

Outschool is a homeschooling platform that provides a safe learning environment online for kids. 

If you would like to be a virtual friend and tutor to the younger generation, then this platform is for you! 

Here you can not only do 1-to-1 tutoring but also teach virtual group classes too. 

There are so many awesome things about this site. 

Firstly, you do not need formal teaching accreditations. And you get to set your own schedule, curriculum, and prices! 

Also, you can make up to $4,000 part-time, each month. However, there is a 30% service fee. 

29. Preply 

Preply is a learning platform designed to guide people to learn a new language or a new subject through conversations with their tutors. 

Sign up as a tutor and earn $15 to $25 an hour without any certifications or prior experience. 

However, take note that the commission fee can go up to 33% and varies depending on the number of lessons you’ve taught. 

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

30. Fibler 

Fibler is an upcoming app that offers paid-on-demand communications to its customers. 

This platform is perfect for service providers like consultants, coaches, experts, and talents to set their own rates and find their clientele. 

Services can be provided via video calls, text messaging, and voice calls to an individual or a group. 

31. Rent A Local Friend 

Rent A Local Friend is a website that allows you to connect with tourists or people who have just moved to town, to fill them in on all they need to know about your city. A great option for virtual friend get paid.

This can take place virtually otherwise if you’re willing to meet in person, you can organize a free and easy tour to show them around.

You can charge up to $40 an hour, some people have made $500 just on a weekend. 

32. Meete 

Meete is just like any other dating app, except for the fact that if you’re a woman, you get paid to text men. 

The app is free for women to use, however, men have to pay to match with women and send them messages. 

Women, on the other hand, earn points whenever they receive a message, call or voice note. 

Men can also send virtual gifts like flowers that allow women on the app to collect points. 

You can convert these points to cash or gift cards. 

33. Keen 

If you are spiritual and would like to impart your psychic knowledge to a virtual friend, then Keen is the platform for you. 

Keen also allows you to provide friendly advice on relationships and love. 

This site offers telephone calls only, and you can set your own per-minute rate. You, however, will only earn 62% of the revenue. 

34. Live Advice 

This is also a great platform for those of you who want to be a friend but also enjoy providing advice. 

You get to fix your own hourly rate and provide special advice related to your field of expertise to those seeking it.

The platform helps you connect with clients and manage other aspects such as billing and filing customer details.  

35. Cash App

Cash App is a platform for peer-to-peer payment services. 

It allows people to earn by making purchases, sending and receiving cash, receiving payments for services, investing in stock trading services, and referring people to the app. 

This is a great app to use when you want to offer additional friendship services on the side. 

You can also get paid with bitcoin here. 

get paid to be a virtual friend

36. Texting Factory

With Texting Factory, you’ll become a text chat operator on all kinds of topics. 

You will not have to reveal your identity and will take on a different persona depending on what your client is looking for and can get paid to be a friend online. 

Some clients may just want to chat about daily life, and some may want to talk about other areas of interest like their hobbies, work, travel, and more. 

Depending on how much time you spend on the platform, you are able to earn up to $300 a week. 

Also, you can earn more if you work on weekends and public holidays. 

37. FundMySugarBaby

FundMySugarBaby is an online platform and community that connects men who are willing to pay for friendship or companionship usually to women who are younger and willing to earn this way. 

You can earn by connecting with men and selling them personalized services such as texting, phone calls, and more. 

You can also sell content via subscription plans. 

38. Steemit

Steemit is a new, up-and-coming social media platform by Steem that is block-chain based. 

It rewards its users with cryptocurrency for any form of communication like posting, commenting or upvoting content on the site. 

You can also earn on this platform by supporting your virtual friends on the platform. 

39. Hummr

Hummr is a text messaging app that allows you to get paid to answer simple questions. 

You receive the questions via text or through the platform. On this platform, you get to set your own rates. 

Set up an attractive account and be clear about the topics that you want to answer questions in. 

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

40. Advertise on Social Media 

If you didn’t find any of the sites or apps above interesting, it’s okay! 

You can always set up your own social media page and market your friendship services on social media platforms that have people that are ready to mingle. 

This is great for those looking to provide professional services like 

  • providing advice in certain subject areas
  • being a virtual friend that’s there when someone is feeling mentally overwhelmed

The best part about setting up your own thing is you can set your own rate and create your own packages. 

41. Start Your Own Website 

If you are looking to start a friendship service full-time, or professionally, having a social media page alone may not be convincing enough. 

If you’re serious about getting paid to be a virtual friend, and you have a great virtual friendship offering that you think may work, create your own site! 

With a site, you can not only earn from your services, but in the long run, you can earn from affiliate marketing, and ad revenue especially if you start a blog on your site. 

how to become a virtual friend

You can become a virtual friend through virtual friendships sites. In the case of virtual friendship websites, you are going to get paid to be an online companion for someone.

Many people signing on to virtual friendship sites are individuals who have recently relocated to new places, have busy lives, or are introverts who find in-person socializing tricky and exhausting.

Virtual friendship is also an increasingly popular way to build friendships for people who:

  • find it physically difficult to visit social settings or 
  • people who struggle to leave their homes due to mental health issues such as anxiety or agoraphobia (a fear of leaving your home).

It’s definitely a service to view positively. 

In a world where we can be more connected through our computers but people are experiencing increasing loneliness, what could be better than making this virtual world work for us? 

Key point to note

An important point to note at the start of our research is that this is all completely platonic and you don’t have to confuse it with any virtual situation involving dating or escort services. 

Virtual friendship is primarily about how you can get paid to talk to lonely people.

Most online friendships will involve text, phone, or video conversations, and maybe activities such as online gaming, baking, or other interests that people could do together whilst online. 

You can link up with clients who speak another language that you might speak, or those who have the same interests as you, such as a particular tv program or film genre.

Most of these virtual friendships will be 100% online. 

You will probably never meet any of the people you are ‘working with’. Some companies offer only online conversation in chat rooms, some offer a text message or phone call service, and others offer a combination of options. 

You can use any of the sites listed above to get paid to be a virtual friend.


FriendPC is one of the largest and most popular sites where you can be a virtual friend and earn from it.

Not only can you offer friendship services, but you can also provide emotional companionship, advice or counsel as an expert on this site, or act as a tour guide for a tourist exploring your city.

People even look for virtual gamers on friendpc who they can play video games with!

You can set your own rates and friendpc clears payments on the same day you complete the task. A small fee of about 5% is charged for listings of the services you provide.

If you’re worried about friend pc reviews, don’t fret. Friend PC is definitely a legit site where you can make money by interacting with strangers and offering your support as a friend, mentor, coach and more!

How Does Getting Paid to Be a Virtual Friend Work?

The ‘rent a friend’ concept emerged from Japan

Lonely single people could rent somebody to come and eat dinner with them, or to celebrate a holiday or festival with them when they could not return home for the vacation. 

Note that this business model is an in-person version that we will not cover in this post.

The companies mentioned in this article are all businesses offering virtual friendship through a cell phone, landline, or computer platform. This is the rent a cyber friend concept.

As with many other online work sites, you will need to register and complete a profile before you are able to start work. 

Some companies will require you to sit a ‘test’, which is just them inviting you to have a conversation with them so they can review your personality and skills to see if you’re a good fit with their company to get paid to be a friend.

Some of the popular things to do with your clients are:

  • Online gaming
  • Watching movies
  • Discussions
  • Baking together (in your own kitchens, but at the same time while you chat)
get paid to be a virtual friend

How Do I Get Started As A Virtual Friend? 

Most of the companies listed in this article will ask you to follow an initial pathway into the job:

1. Sign up and create your profile:

This is a key step in the process and it is vital that you complete all of the information requested. 

Make sure to add in your approximate location, so you don’t end up matched with people in opposite time zones to you!

2. Take a personality test:

Most of the companies listed below will ask you to take one or more personality quizzes. 

This will help them to determine your personality type and will mean they can match you to the clients who are looking for friends like you. 

But don’t worry, this isn’t only a job for those with an extrovert personality profile.

 It helps if you enjoy initiating conversation, but introverts often do well in this kind of virtual work, with many finding online paid friendship more energizing than in-person friendships. 

3. Fill out a description of yourself:

This is where you need to give a clear and full description of who you are, the interests that you have, the online games you like to play, and any special skills you have acquired.

Include anything and everything that you think might help you to match with clients. Add any details that will mean you stand out from other friends.

4. Add in your payment details:

You usually have the option to receive payments via Paypal or electronic bank transfer. Don’t forget this section! 

Some companies pay at the end of each week that you have worked.

 Others pay you following a single job, so be sure to note which payment process you have signed up to.

5. Activate your profile:

Once your profile is complete, you’re good to go! 

Your profile will be visible to anyone who is searching to connect with a friend. You just have to sit tight and wait for friend requests to come your way.

As with any job platform, visibility is the key to making connections, along with developing and displaying your interests.

Have a look at the top-rated profiles on the platform and see what interests they have and how they are displayed. 

Make sure to include in your profile information such as:

  • the books you love to read
  • your favorite films and genres
  • which games you enjoy playing
  • the types of music you listen to
  • any special skills or interests that you have  

How To Stay Safe And Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend 

The key element here is to stick to the advice detailed in this article and that will also appear on the friendship sites you join.

No one can cover every eventuality and not every person looking for friendship on these sites will have been subject to a background check. 

Follow the rules and remember some common sense guidance around online friendships:

  • Virtual friendship sites are purely for platonic relationships. You should report any requests beyond to the platform.
  • You are always in control of the virtual friendship. If the other individual is making you feel uncomfortable at any time, you are free to end the friendship.
  • There is a high possibility that some of the people you interact with will be using a fake name. Whether you do or not is up to you.
  • Never give out your address or other identifying information (like your social security number or bank details) to anyone you befriend on the internet.
  • Make sure to use the sites in the article as they have a guarantee that you will receive your payments using a secure method.

rent a friend online: Increase Your Earnings

Use Multiple Platforms: Registering your profile on multiple cyber friend jobs sites will make it easier for you to get clients. If you register only on one pc friend site, you have limited earning potential, that’s why I’ll recommend signing up on more rent a virtual friend sites and virtual friend app.

Be Approachable: If you’re trying to get paid to be someone’s friend online, you need to be a genuine friend to them. This is what will instantly make you a good prospect for other clients looking for virtual friend online! People who are lonely and don’t have many friends actually look online for friends.

I have many friends I made online and have never met in real life!!

Work On Your Profile: If your virtual rent a friend profile is catchy, it will definitely show up in many people’s suggestions and can also help improve your rankings.

People like to connect with others with similar personality, interests and hobbies, so it’s best if you provide all those details on your rent a friend jobs profile.

Good Reviews: This is one of the factors that affects whether your online friend jobs profile is highlighted or not. If you have good reviews, your profile will pop up or will be shown to more people looking to book a virtual friend.

You can get paid to be a virtual friend and have good earnings if your profile has many good reviews.

Other Options To Make Money Online

There are plenty of other online side hustle options other than becoming a paid companion.


Looking for a sustainable, passive income option? Start blogging. I’m not kidding, you can start a blog, and if you grow it properly, with the right strategies, it’d generate an extra source of income. How do I know? Well I have 5 blogs and the revenue from them helps pay my bills and funds my travels!!

You can check out this article to start your blogging journey.

Pinterest Manager

If you like scrolling through the aesthetic pictures on Pinterest, this might be the job for you! With consistent efforts, you can even make a full time income from Pinterest.

As Pinterest Manager, you’ll have to create pins, schedule them, and optimize your client’s Pinterest profile with keywords using SEO strategies.

You can know more about how to start as a Pinterest VA here.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is another side hustle doing which you can do remotely and earn a lot more than friend pc jobs. Small businesses as well as large organizations are hiring virtual assistants to complete certain admin jobs.

You can even become a specialized VA, like a Pinterest VA or an Instagram VA, who handles the content posting, scheduling, and client queries.

You can read more about how to start as a VA here.


An excellent option to earn remotely, transcribers have to convert audio or video files to text documents by typing out all the content correctly.

You can even specialize in a particular field like legal transcribing which pays even more than regular transcribing.

Check out this article on how to become a transcriptionist for more details!

FAQs on Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

How To Become A Virtual Companion?

Become a virtual companion and get paid by signing up on these sites. 

These are sites that will allow you to get paid to be a virtual friend, all online, without having to actually meet others in person. 

What Is A Virtual Companion? 

A virtual companion or virtual friend is a friend whom you connect and interact with online only.

There are plenty of reasons why people make friends online, they might be lonely or might want to find someone who shares the same interests. 

Online friends are just as valuable as friends that you meet up with in real life. You can get paid to be a virtual friend on sites like friend

How Do I Get Paid Virtually?

These are the best ways to get paid virtually: 

How Can I Make Money Talking To People?

Get paid to be a virtual friend with these sites to make money talking to people. 

To learn more about how you can get paid on friendspc. com and other sites that pay you to text or chat with people, this article shows you 36 ways to get paid to chat. 

Can I Get Paid To Just Text People?

Yes, you can get paid to just text people. There are many ways you can get paid to text chat with people. You can apply for a job as a chat operator, or on virtual friends sites like friendpc.con

Earning money this way is great if you’re looking for a side hustle that’s something simple, and flexible. 

Find out ways to get paid to text chat with people. 

How Do I Get Paid To Text Lonely People?

Get paid to text lonely people by using these great sites and apps. 

You can make money by engaging with lonely people via apps or sites that offer you to text, audio call, or video call in exchange for money. 

How Can I Make Foreign Friends Online For Free?

There are several great ways you can make foreign friends online for free. 

  1. You can find friends from abroad on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  2. You can also sign up with a pen pal site like Penpal World or Global PenFriends
  3. You can meet new people from different countries by joining apps specifically designed for virtual friendships like MeetUp, InterNations, and Bumble BFFs
  4. Join global organizations or forums like Craiglist that are related to any of your interests.

Where Can I Talk To Random People Online?

You can talk to random people online via text, audio, or video chat on the following sites. 

  1. Omegle – to meet random strangers from all over the world
  2. Comeet – to meet women from various countries 
  3. Shagle – to meet strangers of your preferred gender  
  4. Chatrandom – to meet random people from the country of your choice 
  5. Tinychat – to connect with multiple strangers at once via video chat

Which social media app is easy to earn money?

Instagram and Tiktok are two social media platforms where earning money is simple through their creator programs. Instagram pays some content creators who meet the eligibility requirements through their Instagram Creator Fund program.

Similar to this, Tiktok pays content creators $0.2 to $0.40 for every 1000 views on their videos through their TikTok Creator Fund.

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

Where can I chat and get paid?

By using apps like Fibler, Hummr, Talkroom, Steady, Premium.Chat, and Phrendly, you can chat with people and get paid for it.

You can make money by chatting with lonely strangers or working as a chat support agent. You can also offer advice or guidance in chats as an expert.

Is chat for cash real?

Yes, you can make money by providing live chat services. Many small businesses and corporations hire virtual chat agents to assist with customer service and business support.

With positions available for both full-time and part-time work, and the option to work from home or an office, it’s a flexible way to make money.

Is premium chat safe?

Yes, Premium Chat is a secure and reliable way for you to earn extra money by chatting with people.

In order to verify the age of chat agents, they have implemented a privacy-safe Age Verification Certificate. Additionally, they maintain user privacy and encrypt all the chats.

Do Facebookers get paid?

Facebook content creators have the opportunity to monetize their videos by placing ads on them. You can include them as in-stream ads while streaming or add them to your posts and videos.

Content creators can also earn money by working with brands or displaying sponsored posts on your account.

Can I read books and get paid?

It is definitely possible to read books and earn money from it. As an audiobook narrator online, you can read books aloud and get paid by using platforms like Spoken Realm, Vocal Jungle, ACX, and Findaway Voices.

You can release your narrated audiobook on Audible, Google audiobooks, Apple books, and other platforms.

Is FriendPC a legit site?

Yes, FriendPC is a legitimate site to make money by chatting with people and making friends online. The website is for platonic friendships and does not allow adult content.

Their payments are secure, and once your task is finished, you can withdraw the money from your account dashboard.

Is flirtbucks real or fake?

Flirtbucks is a real site where women can get paid to chat and flirt with men online. The website is safe and doesn’t give users access to the chat hostesses’ personal information.

The platform prohibits the use of fake profiles, accepts chat hosts who are at least eighteen years old, and settles payments in two weeks.

How do you earn from Cashchat?

CashChat is a messaging platform and you can earn money here by chatting and interacting with other people.

Every time someone chats with you, you receive in-app currency points that you can later withdraw as cash through Paypal. You will also get paid every time someone joins using your referral code.

How do I get callers on RentACyberFriend?

To attract callers on Rent A Cyber Friend and increase the visibility of your profile, you should share your profile link on your social media handles

If you keep your availability as active, potential clients will find it easier to call you. Also, answering inquiries right away will increase the number of calls you receive.

Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend

Get paid to be A virtual friend!

Becoming a virtual friend is a great way to earn some extra money, especially alongside studying or another job. The pay rates can vary wildly and many ‘how-to’ sites list how these virtual friend roles pay hundreds of dollars. 

I understand that there may be times when a person feels alone and wishes to speak with or seek advice from a friend; this is where you can be of help while earning money!! If making friends is something you enjoy, don’t hesitate to give this a shot!

Don’t forget to have a look at this article I have written about getting paid to be an online friend. 

And make sure to leave me a comment if you give any of these friendship sites a try.

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