Get paid to be an online friend

Get Paid To Be An Online Friend & Earn $480 Weekly! (2024)

Do you want to get paid to be an online friend!?

Perhaps you enjoy making new friends and want to earn from it too! Or maybe you’ve been looking for a way to make money with just your phone.

Getting paid to be an online friend is a great way to start a side hustle and save money!!

When I first heard this, I immediately felt suspicious and thought it was some sleazy scam. But then I did some research, spoke to a few people, and discovered that becoming an online friend is an entirely legitimate way to earn money. 

Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

The best part? This job doesn’t involve any dodgy activity.

This article is going to tell you how to get paid to be an online friend, where to get clients, how much you can earn, and the best tips to protect your safety.

How To Get Paid To Be An Online Friend (31 Ways) 

These are 31 ways to get paid to be an online friend:

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you.

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What Is A Virtual Friend?

A virtual friend is someone you befriend over the internet whom you’ll never meet in person and interactions happen online. 

We all have virtual friends, I bet you have loads of Facebook friends you have never met in person. You can consider them as virtual friends.

However, in this case, you’re going to get paid to be someone’s friend and interact like how you would with a long-distance best friend.

The video chats can be about anything from movies, books, cats, weather, politics, or global warming – anything under the sun. 

Connecting with someone on a personal level is important to us as humans but thanks to the internet, it’s easy to do it virtually!

get paid to be an online friend

How Much Can You Get Paid As An Online Friend?

How much can you get paid to be an online friend depends on the site you choose, some will have a flat rate per client while others give you the freedom to customize your rate.

However the latter sites typically retrieve a certain commission from your earnings.

Here’s a calculation of your potential earnings, according to, based on the common figure people charge per hour: 

How Much Do You Earn?

If you work for 8 hours, 3 days a week, and charge USD20 per hour:

Weekly: USD480

Monthly: USD1920

Yearly: USD23,040

If you work for 8 hours, 5 days a week, and charge USD20 per hour:

Weekly: USD800

Monthly: USD3200

Yearly: USD57,600

I don’t know about you but to me, this sounds like decent money that can cover your bills and fund your travels!

Another way to maximize your profits as a virtual rent a friend is to sign up as a friend on multiple sites listed above. None of these online friend jobs prohibit you from registering on other sites, so you can get an opportunity to become a cyber friend and earn with different sites.

Note- If you like chatting and you speak English then you could very well get paid as an online teacher!

I started as an online teacher with NO experience and the online schools just needed someone to practice chatting in English with their students. No lesson plans or grammar corrections are necessary! 

The best way to learn a language is to practice it, by chatting away with other people! 

If you find this interesting then you can do a quick 120-hour online teaching course ( I did this one! ) and right after I started working as an online teacher, who got paid to chat in English!

Once you take the course, you can look for opportunities in these online schools: 

Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

1. Rent A Friend

get paid to be an online friend
RentAFriend – get paid to be an online friend

Rent a Friend is one of the best because they have the largest database of users and is a genuine website for individuals to find virtual friends.

Emphasizing purely platonic friendship services, it has more than 600,000 people looking to have a friend for a day.

Virtual friends connect on this platform as they focus on in-person meetups but also allow you to limit yourself to a virtual friend only.

How Much Can You Get Paid?

So, how much does rent a friend pay? You’re free to set your rate between USD15 to USD50 per hour. 


  • They don’t take a commission from you so you can keep all your earnings.
  • Trustworthy website to start earning money as an online friend
  • RentAFriend is not a dating platform so you don’t have to text flirt chat if you don’t want to.
  • Only paying members of the website can contact you.
  • You can set your own working schedule.


  • You can’t do background checks on other users. 
  • The company will not be accountable for any security issues if you are meeting someone in person. It is under your own judgment. 

2. Rent A Local Friend

get paid to be an online friend
RentaLocalFriend – get paid to be an online friend

Tripadvisor recommends Rent a Local Friend because it is a site that promotes the local people of a city and is similar to other friendship sites mentioned in this list. 

Potential clients would be the people who travel to your city. So, if you live in London, and are looking to get paid to be an online friend UK, this platform is right for you!

 The concept is more or less like Airbnb’s tour package but with this site, you can control your page on the platform. 

On this platform, among the job scope for virtual friend jobs are:

  •  Text chat with someone from the same city. 
  • Give online classes 
  • Share your culture and local experience chatting online
  • Be a remote concierge, giving tips and traps to max out travelers’ local travel experience!

Also, if the city you reside in is a popular travel destination, you can register as a travel agent.

How Much Can You Get Paid?

There are many users on this site and they typically charge between USD50 to USD200 per hour. Some users managed to chunk up to USD120 per day!


  • Less competition for you because of the annual fee.
  • Fewer scammers than Rent a Friend. 
  • A great easy way to make some side money while talking about your city!


  • An annual fee of USD100 to get the ball rolling so use the features to their full potential!
  • You won’t get many clients if your city or town is not popular or unknown to tourists.

3. Rent A Cyber Friend

get paid to be an online friend app
RentaCyberFriend – get paid to be an online friend app

Rent a Cyber Friend is a site that offers a total virtual friend service.

You might wonder how does rent a cyber friend work. The concept of this site is similar to having pen pals and it is a great place to find virtual friend jobs.

However, besides finding a new virtual friend, other kinds of services are also available on jobs, posted in the form of gigs such as a language tutor or tour guide.

If you visit their activities page, you can find the most common activities people are looking to learn from their virtual friends, such as:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Books and Literature
  • Cooking and baking 
  • Etiquette and social interaction
  • Fitness 
  • Gaming 

And, many more! So, this is a great place for anyone that has skills, and hobbies, and also wants to get paid to also be a virtual friend in their spare time! You will have to register on the website as rent a cyber friend app isn’t available.

Although you don’t have to be a certified professional of any skill, on this platform people are also looking for mentors, people that have had life experience.

One cool example is this person, who is ready to listen to you, and offer you caring mom or sister advice. So, if you think about it, even your sweet grandma could work as a virtual friend on rentacyberfriend jobs 🙂

How Much Can You Earn?

Rent A Cyber Friend pay is between USD15 to USD50 per hour. You can withdraw your money once it has reached USD75.


  • The Basic Membership is free of charge (but you can sign up for their Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership after, if you want).
  • You can view other users without signing up first.
  • 100% virtual friendship website, perfect for those who don’t want to meet in person.


  • If you are an unregistered visitor, you can’t post a gig. You can only buy gigs. But don’t worry, rent a cyber friend sign up is very easy!

4. Fiverr

get paid to be an online friend uk
Fiverr Friendship – get paid to be an online friend

This is a large marketplace for freelancers who offer services such as web service, writing services, digital marketing, and the list goes on. 

Nevertheless, most people are unaware that with this site, you can get paid to be an online friend too. It’s known as Fiverr friendship. All you have to do is sign up, create a profile, and start to chat online, just like the other websites listed in this article.

As for packages, it is up to you what you would like to offer, and how much to charge, for example, you could even offer video game playing sessions, just like this Fiverr did:

get paid to be an online friend app
Fiverr Online Friend Gaming Services

How Much Can You Earn?

A quick review of Fiverr indicates users charge lower than the average fees compared to other websites – between USD5 to USD25. Although that doesn’t mean you can’t charge more.


  • Comes with verified payment options so you can receive payments in your currency.
  • Extremely easy to navigate and fix your fees.
  • You can personalize your services and create appealing packages for different budgets


  • Fiverr will take a small commission from users.
  • It is possible you will need to charge less to compete with other Fiverrs’, however, once clients trust you and leave good reviews you can start charging more!

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5. FriendPC

get paid to be an online friend
FriendPC- get paid to be an online friend

Friend PC is a website where you can be an online friend and get paid to complete tasks.

You can play games with your friends, or even be an online coach and help someone improve their social skills. You can register on friend sign up and start earning.

One of the best things about this company is that it guarantees to pay each user after completing the tasks, so you won’t have to wait until a specific day or end of the month for the payment!

Note – This website encourages the services of virtual girlfriends. If that is something you think you could do, I have an article about getting paid to text flirt, where you can learn how to get paid to talk to lonely men and earn some extra cash in your free time.

Go to become a virtual friend right now!

How Much Can You Earn?

You will usually earn between USD5 to USD30. But, you can charge more if you want.


  • You will receive the payment immediately after your complete your friend’s tasks
  • You can set your own schedule and rates. 
  • It is free to create a profile and start earning money
  • You can block and report clients who misbehave
  • ANTI SCAM, only the clients who have paid FriendPC for your virtual friend services can contact you.


Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

6. PenPalWorld

PenPalWorld is not exactly a website to get paid online to be a friend. It is a free search engine specifically to find genuine friendships. 

However, you may connect with people through this search engine and offer them your services. You might just get paid to be a penpal!

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can freely set your own rate. 


  • Great platform for genuine friendships 
  • Has a unique algorithm that connects you with people who have similar interests
  • With a VIP account ($0.10 per day) you can reach out to 50 people on the platform each day. 


  • With a free account you can only reach out to 3 potential friends each day
  • May not be easy to find clients as it is a free platform 
  • If your only goal is to get paid to be a friend, this platform might not be the right fit for you. 

7. Seeking 

Seeking is a platform that is more than just a virtual friend app. 

This platform offers adult services and you can get paid to a text sugar daddy.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide services for ordinary online friendships. 

You can provide friendship services such as speaking on the phone or over the webcam. 

How Much Can You Earn? 

You can make an average of $30 an hour. However, you can make arrangements directly with your client which can result in you making more money. 


  • You have complete authority over what services you’d like to offer
  • All members are background verified and are mostly wealthy  


  • You will need to go through a background check 
  • You need to be comfortable with providing services specifically to men
Get paid to be an online friend

8. Premium Chat

Premium Chat is an online platform that allows you to get paid chatting with people. You can provide any type of chat, consultancy, or support services and earn from it. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can receive $1 to $5.99 per minute, and a conversation is 25 minutes long on average, which means you can make anywhere between $25 to $149.75 in less than an hour. 


  • It is a great way to chat for cash and to monetize cordial friendships 
  • It is ideal for businesses that provide speaking services such as coaches and advisors and for those who have a fan base like influencers and models 


  • Your net payout is only 60% of your payment. 
  • You can only connect with one person at a time 
Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

9. Papa 

Get paid to be someone’s friend online with Papa. Papa is a great way to chat for money and also a good cause. 

With this platform, you get to make friends online with elderly people in your location. Papa is an amazing platform that has helped combat loneliness among the elderly. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

On average, you can expect to make $15 an hour. 

However, if you’re willing to take things further, meet in person and help out with small tasks, you can earn up to $25 an hour. 


  • Provide support to lonely elderlies and become a virtual friend 
  • You do not need any formal qualifications to care for the elderly
  • Papa is available throughout the US


  • You may be able to make way more as an online friend on other platforms

10. The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop isn’t typically for friendships, it provides customer care services to small and mid-range businesses. 

Chat for money by becoming a friend and providing conversational support to these businesses’ customers. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can start by making $15 an hour, but you can always work your way up to making way more. 


  • You only need to text for money online, as they don’t require phone or webcam conversations.


  • The is a background check and a selection process 
  • You need to have at least 65 WPM typing speed
Get paid to be an online friend

11. Chat Recruit 

If you are okay to get paid to text men, this platform is a great option for you. 

Chat Recruit allows you to communicate with people through text messages, audio messages, and video chat. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can earn $2 per minute just for text chats alone. The rate goes up drastically if you provide video chat services. 


  • You get to set your own work hours 


  • To make a substantial amount, you need to provide video chat services 
  • You need an HD webcam to qualify for chat services 

12. Text121Chat 

This is one of the adult-oriented cyber friend jobs that are fully virtual. If you want to get paid to chat with men, this is ideal for you.

You’ll never need to meet in person and you don’t need to share your actual identity. 

How Much Can You Earn? 

This platform pays per text message sent which is around $0.07 per message. 


  • The per-minute rate increases with time, and you can make double or triple if you stick around! 
  • You don’t have to share anything about yourself including who you really are 
  • You can access this platform from anywhere in the world 


  • You need to send out at least 2,000 messages each month to stay on the platform
Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

13. Freelancer

Freelancer is a platform similar to Fiverr, set up for freelance job opportunities. However, it is a great avenue to offer your friendship services too. 

If you want to work for yourself and offer a specific type of friendship service like providing friendly advice or discussing certain interests or hobbies, here’s where you can do it! 

How Much Can You Earn? 

You can pretty much set your own rates, however, you can make around $12 an hour as a rule of thumb. 

If you niche down and provide great service, you can easily look at making $25 an hour. 


  • Set your own services, hours, and rates


  • You have to put in effort and time to market your services 
  • You may need to lower your rates initially to attract customers 

14. College Steps

College Steps was originally a platform to make friends and connect college guides and mentors to new students and students with disabilities. 

However, over time it has become a great platform for college students to make friends. 

How Much Can You Earn? 

You can make around $15 to $25 an hour on average by being a friend, mentor, or campus guide at your university. 


  • You can choose for the process to be entirely virtual or in-person on the platform 
  • You can choose for what reason you’d wish to connect with others, for example, to mentor a sport, etc. 


  • Limited to a handful of colleges in the US
  • You need to commit to working for at least 2 semesters 

15. College Pirates 

With College Pirates, you can find friends online and get to be a paid mentor or a friend to college students. 

You earn per session, and it involves providing general advice or particular guidance or counseling in a certain subject area. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

Apparently, you can earn up to $80 per session 


  • The platform helps you get in touch with students who need your expertise
  • The way you carry out the session is flexible, it may be via text, call, or video call


  • You need to be a recent graduate or current student who has spent a minimum of one year studying the subject or being in a particular institution
Get paid to be an online friend

16. Phrendly 

This platform is not just for cordial friendship, but also adult conversations. It is also only exclusively available in the US and Canada.  

On Phrendly, people pay for a friend online and you can earn money by chatting, audio calls, video calls, and gifts. You get paid to text flirt as well.

How Much Can You Earn? 

You can make around $45 an hour on average (on just audio calls) and it can go up to $65 per hour and clients can tip you as well. 


  • You can receive tips of up to $100 per client service outside of payment for the service 
  • The platform assures complete personal security 
  • Payment is punctual, and you will receive your hard-earned money in 10 working days


  • 30% of your earnings go to the platform (excludes earnings from gifts) 
  • You need to be a US resident with a US bank account 

17. FlirtyBucks

FlirtyBucks is an online platform for chat hostesses above the age of 18

This is not entirely an adult site and conversations are usually cordial. However you can get paid to flirt too.

The best part is that chat hostesses control the conversations, they can choose who they want to chat with, what they want to chat about, and the length of the conversation. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

On this platform, the rates gradually increase with experience. 

Text messaging starts at $0.10 per minute for the first 3 months, chat hostesses can work their way up to $0.15 per minute for more than 6 months of experience. 

You can make around $0.40 per minute on video calls and it can go up to $0.50 per minute with more experience. 


  • The schedule is flexible and you can work on your own time 
  • The only skill you need to have is communication skills and you can opt to just text if you don’t want to video chat.


  • You have to be a fluent English speaker, preferably a native speaker
  • The pay rate is comparably low

18. MyGirlFund 

MyGirlFund is for chat hostesses and for female members only. They provide texting and video adult services. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can expect to make around $50 an hour on average. 


  • You have complete privacy, and you don’t have to reveal your identity 


  • There are not many options to withdraw money 

19. AdultChatJobs

Adult Chat Jobs is a UK-based company that pays you to text on their platform as an admin. 

You don’t have to reveal your identity and you can create any persona you like. You can provide online companionship for money here.

How Much Can You Earn? 

You can expect to make around $300 a week on average. 


  • They pay you each week via direct deposit. 


  • Only available in the UK 
  • Must answer at least 75 messages over 3 weeks
  • You must be over 23 years old 
Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

20. TexKings

TexKing provides adult chat job opportunities. 

On this platform, they only hire women to chat with men as phone or text chat operators

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can expect to make around $500 a week on average. 


  • They pay you each week via direct deposit. 


  • Able to type at 25 WPM 
  • Work 12 to 20 hours a week 

21. Palfish 

Palfish is a great way to get paid for being an online friend if you are a teacher or have an interest in teaching English.

The app connects English speakers with people who are learning to speak English. 

There are two programs to choose from 

  • The Free Talk 
  • Official Kid’s Course (for schooling children, structured learning) 

However, for unstructured conversations with people of all ages, you can join the free talk program. The free talk program also pays better, as you can set your own rate. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can expect to make around $12 to $30 an hour on average. There are also bonuses available. 


  • You can start right away, without any training. 


  • You have to be a citizen of a native English-speaking country 
  • You have to have a TEFL certification 

22. Cambly 

Cambly is an English learning platform similar to Palfish, with a much lower entry barrier. 

All you have to do is log on, and wait for a student (who is usually an adult) to come online. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can earn around $10 to $12 per hour on average. 


  • It is very flexible, and you can end the chat whenever you want. 
  • You do not have to be a native English speaker 


  • The pay is quite low especially if you’re a qualified teacher 
Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

23. NiceTalk 

Nice Talk is China’s first English learning app that connects English speakers to Chinese students wanting to learn English. 

You do not need a degree, however, it is preferred if you have a TEFL or TESOL certification. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can earn around $10 to $12 per hour on average. 


  • It is very flexible, and you can also use your phone 
  • You do not have to be a native English speaker 


  • TEFL or TESOL requirements preferred 
  • Fast internet connection needed 
  • There is a selection interview 

24. LipService

Lip Service is not exactly a platform to make money as a friend, however, it is a great platform that requires you to speak to people on behalf of small businesses. 

It is only for female members, although you will be providing professional call center services.

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can earn up to $80 per hour on average. 


  • Work flexible hours  


  • Must be over 21 years old to be eligible to create an account
  • Only open to the USA or Canadian citizens

25. Family Romance 

Family Romance is a Japan-based company that literally puts out ‘rent a friend jobs’. 

This platform’s purpose is to match families with like-minded friends. 

The company will be expanding its services globally, however, if you want to get paid to be a friend and also go on a free trip to Japan while you’re at it, sign up right now! 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can earn up to $50 per hour as a virtual friend. However, many people have earned way more than that. You are also allowed to receive gifts and tips. 


  • Company doesn’t take commission
Get paid to be an online friend

26. Outschool 

Outschool is a platform that focuses on providing a safe online learning environment for kids, it is also a homeschooling platform. 

If you are happy to take on cyber friend jobs that pay you to be a friend and tutor to a much younger friend, this is for you! 

Here you can connect with more than one child at a time and teach virtual group classes too. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can earn up to $4,000 a month part-time 


  • Set your own schedule and design your own curriculum
  • Set your own prices 
  • Does not require formal teaching credentials 


  • The service fee is quite high, 30% from enrolment of students 

27. Preply 

Preply is a learning site to help those learning how to speak a new language or wanting to learn a new subject.  

You can sign up as a tutor, and all you’ve got to do is have conversations with people, nothing else! 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can earn up to $15 to $25 per hour  


  • No certifications or experience required 
  • Teach at any time from anywhere 


  • The commission fee is quite high, from 13% to 33%, depending on how many lessons you’ve taught

28. Fibler 

Fibler is a new app for consultants, coaches, experts, and talents to provide paid on-demand communications to people. 

This can be done through text messaging, voice calls, and video calls, for 1- to-1 as well as group sessions. 

You can also upload scheduled videos of yourself that can be viewed by your clients. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can set your own rates 


  • No signup cost for using the service
  • Get to provide simple online training courses / prerecorded content 


  • Limited withdrawal options

29. Texting Factory

Become a text chat operator with Texting Factory, and text chat on various topics ranging from casual to adult chat. 

You don’t have to share your real identity, however, you have to be 18 years of age to join the platform. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can earn around $300 a week on average, and earn more when you work on weekends or on holidays. 


  • It is very flexible, and you can use your phone 
  • You do not have to reveal your identity 
  • It is available worldwide 


  • The minimum payout is high 
  • Site’s support system is slow 
Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

30. Advertise on Social Media 

If you are not keen on exploring the options above or have already tried them and their not your cup of tea, don’t worry! 

You can advertise your friendship services on social media platforms that are crowded with people all looking to connect. 

This is especially great if you have an area of expertise to lean on, such as providing life advice. 

How Much Can You Get Paid? 

You can set your own rates, and offer multiple packages  


  • It is very flexible and dependent on what you want to do


  • You will need to put in time and effort to market your services
  • You need to protect your own privacy 

31. Start Your Own Website 

If you have an idea to create your very own virtual friendship offering, this is your sign! 

It may take a while to start making money, but if you have a good idea and you’re willing to start your own business, things will take off in a matter of months. 

Think of how you can stand out from the existing friendship platforms. 

You can also start a blog as I did and provide guidance on online friendships and start earning a decent side income from it in over a year. 

How Much Can You Earn? 

You can set your own rates, and offer multiple packages  


  • It is very flexible and dependent on what you want to do


  • You will have to make an investment before you can start earning
  • You will need to put in time and effort to market your website 
  • You need to protect your own privacy 

How Do You Get Set Up As An Online Friend?

1. Create A Profile

To get paid to be an online friend, you first have to sign up with the website of your choice. In the profile, give a summary of yourself and a hint of your personality.

Be honest and genuine when writing your profile, because honesty attracts possibility.

2. Emphasize On Unique Features

Do you speak multiple languages? Play the didgeridoo? A tarot card reader? Don’t sell yourself short! Include all your talents or unique abilities to set yourself apart from your competitors.

3. Add Your Financial Details

It’s pretty easy to get your payment after you have provided the service. You can set up a PayPal account or provide your bank details so that the company can wire the money to you electronically. Either way, you’ll get your payment immediately once the job is complete.

4. Pass The Personality Test

The purpose of these tests is just to help you connect with the right kind of people. Just be yourself and be honest about who you are, and you’ll ace this!

5. Waiting Game Begins

Now you have your profile ready and approved, what’s next?

At this stage, your profile is visible to the friend seekers. They will be able to search based on demographic factors such as age, gender, location as well as the special skills you’ve enlisted.

The interested individual will send a message, and you have the liberty to either reject or accept their request to get paid to be a friend online.

Once you’ve accepted someone’s request, you can start the conversation through any of these platforms:

  • Text message
  • Phone call
  • Video chat through Skype
  • Talk in a chat room
get paid to be an online friend app

Get Paid To Be An Online Friend- Safety Tips 

It’s no doubt that the internet can sometimes be a scary place so, here is a list of safety measures for you to follow:

  • Avoid revealing your personal information such as home or work address, social security number/identity card number, and mobile number.
  • If the site asks for money upfront, run. 
  • Look for secure sites – the ones with a lock symbol at the beginning of the URL address, especially on the payment sites.
  • Don’t agree to an in-person meet-up if you’re not up for it.
  • Trust your instinct
  • If at any point you feel uncomfortable, feel free to end the friendship.
  • Read other users’ online reviews before you start.

Tips To Earn More Money As An Online Friend

Are you ready to get paid to be an online friend? Great! However, how will you get recurring clients as virtual friends? And, how can you earn more money?

Here are some tips to succeed as a virtual friend!

Tips to be a book out a virtual friend and earn more $$$:

  • Get as much experience as you can: sign up on different websites, and talk to people of different ages and cultures, this will teach you how to converse better and become a better listener.
  • Have different hobbies, or read different things, people like to talk about different topics, and learning about matters they didn’t know existed, this will make you look more interesting. 
  • Learn some jokes, be fun, dance with them online,  or analyze what makes them laugh and relax. Every friend that makes you laugh is gold, if you do this you will be popular, and always have people looking to talk to you.
  • Diversify, try out as many legit platforms as you can, this will help you understand which platform suits you best but also have more clients. 
  • Don’t be lazy when creating your profile, provide details about your hobbies and interest, instead of just saying I like music, write what type of genre, if there is a song that you love, or if you’re listening to French music to learn French!
  • Ask your client what they want, setting aside things you don’t like to do. It is always wise to ask if there is anything your client would like to do, sometimes they might be shy, so this is an opportunity to show genuine interest.

is it easy to make money as an online friend?

Though competition to be a friend and get paid is high, if you have set up your profile nicely and have good reviews, you’ll not find it too difficult to be get paid to be a cyber friend.

You can easily earn $50 or more per hour through rent a friend online jobs if you look for opportunities at the right places. Keeping your profile active is a great way to ensure that potential clients are able to see your profile.

Another way to become a virtual friend and get paid more is by understanding where the competition is higher or lower. On some of these virtual friend website, people look for in-person friends, or video chat friends; you can earn more by catering to those who are looking for online friends to text with!

Requirements for friend for hire jobs

So what do you require to be a cyber friend and earn from it? There are certain requirements, but not too many.

Smartphone: If you have a smartphone, you can register on virtual friend websites and become an online friend right away!

Wifi/Cellular Data: To get paid to talk to men online, you will need an internet connection. It can be cellular data or wifi, whichever is more stable. As long as it provides you good connectivity, either option would work.

You wouldn’t want your chats to disconnect in the middle, right?

PC/Desktop with Webcam: Although you can video chat through your smartphone too, some people who rent a virtual friend prefer video chats through laptop because of the ease.

Regardless, you can choose the option which is more comfortable for you.

Payment Method: This is an important requirement. Most of these virtual friend get paid sites pay through Paypal or a similar payment gateway. You will need to make a Paypal/Payoneer/ account or provide bank account details for direct transfer.

FAQs Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

get paid to be an online friend app
How Do Virtual Friends Work And What Is Expected Of You?

How Do Virtual Friends Work And What Is Expected Of You?

So, how do virtual friends work and what is expected of you?

Just like any other membership site, you have to register and create a profile with companies or websites that offer this service.

Once you do that, you will be tested, but not on general knowledge or anything. These companies just want to talk to you to see if your personality suits this job.

Since this is going to be your business, you have to have a unique selling proposition for yourself. That’s why setting up your profile is an important step as it’s the first thing your potential clients will see.

 If you have any talent or a unique ability, list them down on your profile. It’d be a bonus if you can speak foreign languages or are knowledgeable about various fields.

This virtual friendship should be platonic which means, no romantic elements or illegal activities. However, after the paid friendship term has ended, it’s totally up to both parties to decide how to define their friendship.

While it’s a fact that money is your main goal, being a virtual friend could also bring new knowledge and experiences. You’ll meet people from all over the world with different ethnicities and cultures.

get paid to be an online friend uk
What Services Do You Offer As An Online Friend?

What Services Do You Offer As An Online Friend?

If you are still confused about what services you offer as an online friend, here are some ideas to inspire you and get a clearer picture of this job: 

  • Chatting about the person’s problems with their work or student-life 
  • Playing video games with them. 
  • Watching and analyzing a Netflix movie
  • Listen about their heartbreak or sentimental problems
  • Teach them how to: sing, paint, cook, flirt with girls/boys, etc. 
  • Share a hobby such as gardening
  • Be a workout buddy
  • Learn English or other languages you can teach

However, no matter what kind of service you offer, you should know this work is not for everyone.

If you want to be an online friend, you should ask yourself if you can:

  • Listen to people without interrupting them consistently 
  • Be empathetic
  • Enjoying meeting strangers
  • Curious to learn about other cultures or life experiences
  • Good at coming up with different topics to talk about 

Also, are you good at setting boundaries? 

This is important as sometimes clients may want to take things further or get confused and want to go beyond a virtual or platonic friendship. 

If this occurs you should be able to speak out firmly and only do what you feel comfortable with.

get paid to be an online friend uk
Get Paid To Be An Online Friend- Safety Tips

Is It Legal To Be A Virtual Friend Online?

Yes, it is legal to be a virtual friend online. A virtual friend exists purely to offer companionship, so there is nothing illegal about trying out some online friend services to earn some money.

While a virtual friend might be someone you make up on the Internet, most virtual friends are actual people with whom you communicate or play games.

When it comes to the exact job scope, consider what you do with your usual friends while you are online. This is how you should treat everyone you encounter on the platform.

Males and females may approach you, and it is critical that you share your common interests so that you have something to chat about.

That way, you may make online friends with whom you truly have interests, and things are more likely to go smoothly with no hiccups.

Being a virtual buddy is strictly platonic, and if somebody asks for anything more, such as filthy banter, you may politely decline, end the relationship with this virtual friend, and get their profile reported to the support team on the site.

Why Do People Hire Virtual Friends?

People hire virtual friends because it’s convenient. A report from Pew Research Centre shows that approximately 57% of teens have met their friends online.

The internet has become a convenient place for people to connect with like-minded individuals and find online virtual friends.

Many people believe that having a cyber friend is unimportant.

It has been said that online friendship are not as genuine as real-life friends.

For example, when your annoying aunty arrives, the friend made from online friendships is not going to help you ensure your bathroom is free from even the tiniest speck of dust, unlike a local friend who lives nearby.

Your virtual friend online, in essence, may fill a critical need in the environment today. They can serve as a virtual village for you and there is nothing wrong with it.

Just because some of your online friends reside in separate time zones, it does not make them any less important.

It is simpler than ever to make a virtual friend on the internet now that Instagram exists. You can easily connect with a virtual friend online with a short drop into the DM’s.

If the internet is beneficial for anything, it is uniting like-minded individuals who might otherwise never meet.

However, as I have discovered through my online friendships, the greatest method to create friends online is when it is secure, respectful, and meaningful for both parties.

get paid to be an online friend app
Tips To Earn More Money As An Online Friend

How Much Can You Earn As A Virtual Friend?

According to the various friend renting platforms, generally, online friends charge between USD20 to USD30 per hour, but it can go up to USD50. The more you work, the more you earn.

Most people work an average of 20 hours a week, so you should be able to earn between USD2,000 to USD3,000 per month. Now with this kind of salary, who doesn’t want to get paid for being a friend?

Similar to any other business, you shouldn’t charge too high when you begin. Get some experience and then, you can increase your rate as your experience grows. 

Another great thing about working as an online friend is that you are your own boss. Think about lunch or commuting costs that you can avoid by working online, from the comfort of your home. 

Once you’ve built a steady database of friends, chances are, you’ll be recommended to newcomers too!

Where Can I Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend?

These are the best get paid to be online friend apps and websites in 2021:

All of these are legit sites where people search for platonic friendships and you get paid for offering different virtual friend services, such as playing online games or giving relationship advice. 

Can I Get Paid To Be An Online Listener? 

Yes, you can get paid to be an online listener, online companion, or online friend using sites such as RentaCyberFriend or RentaLocalFriend, some sites even paid immediately after completing tasks such as FriendPC.

Also, in general, to start getting paid as an online listener or virtual friend, you just need to:

  • Create a profile
  • Include anything that helps you stand apart from the rest
  • Add your financial details
  • Pass the personality test (on some websites, you don’t need to do this, Fiverr for example)
  • Wait for your potential friends to approach you
get paid to be an online friend

Is RentAFriend Safe?

Yes, RentAFriend is safe to use. Many people have earned money and hired virtual friends and friends for in-person events. 

It is also a great place to find clients from different places, so if you are looking to get paid to be an online friend in UK jobs, you can use this website to find clients in the UK!

However, the site does not provide background checks on other users, therefore don’t give personal information that could affect your security.

If you choose to meet in person, take safety measures just as telling your friends, and family where you’re going to be, and don’t be in lonely places. 

Can You Make Money On Rent A Friend?

There is great potential to make money on Rent A Friend online. 

As there is no cost to signing up on the profile and you get to keep 100% of your earnings from the site. 

It is a fantastic way to get paid to be an online friend free. 

You can set your own rates, however, the site says rates start at $10 an hour and their top users make around $2,000 a week doing it full-time. 

Some say they have made $300 to $500 in just one weekend! 

Is Rent A Cyber Friend Legit?

Rent A Cyber Friend jobs are legit and reliable based on the positive reviews left by users on the website. 

The platform seems to be properly managed and they do pay individuals who sign up to get paid to be an online friend. 

The conversations that take place on the site are also secure and private. 

How To Make Money Online Adults?

Here is how you can make money online as an adult. 

  1. Get paid to be an online friend 
  2. Get paid to chat 
  3. Get paid to give advice
  4. Get paid to teach English 
  5. Create and sell on Etsy
  6. Start a blog and monetize it 
  7. Take up freelance work online
  8. Create and sell on Etsy

What App Pays You To Reply To Messages?

IQ is an app that pays you to reply to messages. It will send you questions or statements, and you get paid to respond to them. 

The text messages sent by the app are usually: 

  • Offers
  • Coupons 
  • Market Research Surveys

Answering each question pays $0.25 to $0.50, and all you have to do is answer the question on the app. 

How Can I Make Money Talking?

This is a list of some of the best sites to make money talking to people: 

  1. Rent A Friend  
  2. Papa 
  3. The Chat Shop
  4. FriendPC
  5. Live World

To find out more on how you can get paid to chat app and sites that pay you to text or chat with people, this article shows you 36 ways to get paid to chat. 

How Do I Become Someone’s Friend Online?

Tips To Become Someone’s Friend Online

1. Design Your Online Profile 

Start by choosing a username that resembles who you are, it has to be interesting enough to attract potential friends. 

Include information like your hobbies and interests and what you are looking for on the app. 

2. Choose Who To Make Friends With 

Do not befriend just about anyone, use app filters to help you find friends that you will actually enjoy talking to. 

3. Keep The Conversation Going 

Keep the conversation genuine, ask questions, and focus on the things you have in common. 

4. Mistakes To Avoid

  • Expecting a reply right away (people are busy) 
  • Do not continuously text the person if they have not replied
  • Do not rush to reply (take your time) 

How Can I Earn Money By Answering Online?

These are ways to get paid by answering questions online: 

  1. JustAnswer
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. Swagbucks 
  4. StudyPool
  5. PrestoExperts
  6. Opinion Inn

These are the best ways to start earning money by work online and getting paid instantly which is plausible. Select a few that you are interested in and sign up. 

When answering questions, just be yourself and answer honestly, that’s how you’ll get recurring work. 

You may also be interested in getting paid to give advice

Can I Get Paid To Text Chat?

Yes, you can get paid to text chat and flirt using sites like  McMoney or Text121 Chat.

If being a virtual friend interests you, you could also check my article 24 Ways To Get Paid To Text Chat In 2024!. You will find information about the different sites that offer jobs, not only for flirting but also for customer service or marketing!

what is only friends app?

You can make new online friends with the only friends app. You can choose to make friends globally, or find friends locally and arrange meet-ups with them.

Every time you log in, send a message or attend an online or in-person meetup, you receive coins which you can cash out as cryptocurrency

How does rent a local friend work?

Rent A Local Friend is a platform which helps users make local friends in their area. If you’re traveling to a new city and want to meet people, this is a great way to start a friendship.

You can even earn by organizing tours for the tourists, holding live gatherings, or engaging in online chats.

how do you get paid on rent a friend?

On Rent A Friend, you can get paid online or with cash. If you are planning to meet the person who hired you, you can accept cash payment.

You can discuss payment terms with clients, and accept payments via Paypal or other online payment methods if someone hired you as their online friend.

Get paid to be an online friend

Can you get free gifts on Temu without inviting friends?

Yes, you can get free gifts on Temu without inviting friends. When you sign up as a new user on the Temu app, you receive free gifts.

Completing daily tasks, participating in challenges, playing in-app games, and using the promo codes found on Temu’s website will also earn you free items.

How much do virtual friends get paid?

Virtual friends can earn up to $50-$60 per hour and this is a lucrative way to earn extra if you are comfortable making new friends and talking with people.

You can choose the virtual friend platforms that best suit your needs as they differ in terms of pay rates.

Where can I chat and get paid?

You can chat and get paid on apps like Drizzle SMS, Phrendly, Talkroom, Meete, The Chat Shop, Hummr and JustAnswer.

Working as a chat support agent, engaging in chats online as a virtual friend, or using chat to offer coaching are all ways to make money by chatting.

Is MC money safe to use?

Yes, McMoney is absolutely safe to use and earn money. The company has strict policies regarding customer’s data and hence you should not worry over privacy or safety concerns.

You can allow the app to run in the background so that you can receive text messages and get paid for it.

Does FriendPC actually work?

FriendPC does work and is a legitimate site to earn by making friends online and chatting with them. You can earn up to $50 per hour and will receive payments within 2 days after completing the task. FriendPC processes your payments through Paypal or other secure payment gateways.

how does rentACyberFriend pay?

Payments on Rent A Cyber Friend are made on a per-minute basis, and the platform clears them in one to three days. Clients can make payments via bank transfer or Paypal.

The caller pays the virtual friend directly. Each cyber friend’s per-minute rate is beneath their profile on the app.

How to make money on Dream Lover?

DreamLover is an online chat app where you can earn money through text chats, calls and video chats. You can work as a chat host and set your rates on this platform. Some clients may ask you for adult chats or relationship advice, even though the majority of conversations here are platonic.

Get paid to be an online friend

get paid to be someone’s friend online!

Some might think it’s bizarre to get paid to be friends with strangers, but this job is legit

For all you know, while you get paid to talk to lonely people, in a way, you’re helping them deal with social anxiety or loneliness.

Or when you get paid to message online, you’re accompanying those who lack a social life or are even stuck inside due to mental or physical health issues – a friend in need is a friend indeed!

There are times when I feel completely alone since I’ve moved to a new country and you can bet I’d do anything to make a friend or two!

As long as you don’t compromise your safety, you can get paid to be a friend today.

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