Get paid to be an online friend

Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

We have been taught not to talk to strangers but did you know that in this day and age, you can get paid to be an online friend!?

Wait what ?

When I first heard this, I immediately felt suspicious and thought it was some dodgy sleazy scam.

But then I did some research,spoke to a few people and discovered it is entirely possible to get paid to be an online friend. 

Since we are all glued to our phones nowadays, we might as well make something out of it. Getting paid to be an online friend is a great way to start a side hustle and save money. 

Fret not, this job doesn’t involve any dodgy activity. There’s always the right way to do things and this article is going to tell you how to get paid to be an online friend.


What Is A Virtual Friend?

Someone who you befriend over the internet. You’ll never meet them in person and interactions happen online. 

We all have virtual friends, I bet you have loads of Facebook friends you have never met in person. They are also considered virtual friends 

However, in this case, you’re going to get paid to be someone’s friend and interact like how you would with a long-distance best friend.

You can talk about anything movies, books, cats to weather, politics or global warming – anything under the sun. 

Connecting with someone on a personal level is important to us as humans. Thanks to the internet, it can now be done virtually!

How Do Virtual Friends Work And What Is Expected Of You?

Just like any other membership site, you have to register and create a profile with companies or websites that offer this service.

Once you do that, you will be tested, but not on general knowledge or anything. These companies just want to talk to you to see if your personality suits this job.

Since this is going to be your business, you have to have a unique selling proposition for yourself. That’s why setting up your profile is an important step as it’s the first thing your potential clients will see.

 If you have any talent or a unique ability, list them down on your profile. It’d be a bonus if you can speak foreign languages or are knowledgeable about various fields.

This virtual friendship should be platonic which means, no romantic elements or illegal activities. However, after the paid friendship term has ended, it’s totally up to both parties to decide how to define their friendship.

While it’s a fact that money is your main goal, being a virtual friend could also bring new knowledge and experiences. You’ll meet people from all over the world with different ethnicities and culture.

How much can you earn as a virtual friend?

According to the various friend renting platforms, generally, online friends charge between USD20 to USD30 per hour, but it can go up to USD50. The more you work, the more you earn.

Most people work an average of 20 hours a week, so you should be able to earn between USD2,000 to USD3,000 per month. Now with this kind of salary, who doesn’t want to get paid for being a friend?

Similar to any other business, you shouldn’t charge too high when you begin. Get some experience and and then, you can increase your rate as your experience grows. 

Another great thing about working as an online friend is that you are your own boss. Think about lunch or commuting costs that you can avoid by working online, from the comfort of your home. 

Once you’ve built a steady database of friends, chances are, you’ll be recommended to newcomers too!

How do you get set up as an online friend?

  • Create a profile

To get paid to be an online friend, you first have to sign up with the website of your choice. In the profile, give a summary of yourself and a hint of your personality.

Be honest and genuine when writing your profile, because honesty attracts possibility.

  • Include anything that helps you stand apart from the rest

Do you speak multiple languages? Play the didgeridoo? A tarot card reader? Don’t sell yourself short! Include all your talents or unique abilities to set yourself apart from your competitors.

  • Add your financial details

It’s pretty easy to get your payment after the service is delivered. You can set up a PayPal account or provide your bank details so that the company can wire the money to you electronically. Either way, you’ll get your payment immediately once the job is done.

  • Pass the personality test

The purpose of these tests is just to help you connect with the right kind of people. Just be yourself and be honest about who you are, and you’ll ace this!

  • Wait for your potential friends to approach you

Now you have your profile ready and approved, what’s next?

At this stage, your profile is visible to the friend seekers. They will be able to search based on demographic factors such as age, gender, location as well as the special skills you’ve enlisted.

The interested individual will send a message, and you have the liberty to either reject or accept their request to get paid to be a friend online.

Once you’ve accepted someone’s request, you can start the conversation through any of these platforms:

  • Text message
  • Phone call
  • Video chat through Skype
  • Talk in a chat room

How much can you get paid as an online friend?

Depending on the site you choose, some will have a flat rate per client while others give you the freedom to customise your rate.

However, if you choose the latter, these sites typically retrieve a certain commission from your earnings.

Here’s a calculation on your potential earnings, according to, based on the common figure people charge per hour: 

If you work for 8 hours, 3 days a week and charge USD20 per hour:

Weekly: USD480
Monthly: USD1920
Yearly: USD23,040

If you work for 8 hours, 5 days a week and charge USD20 per hour:

Weekly: USD800
Monthly: USD3200
Yearly: USD57,600

I don’t know about you but to me, this sounds like decent money that can cover your bills and fund your travels!


Note- If you like chatting and you speak English, you could very well get paid as an online teacher!

I started as an online teacher with NO experience and the online schools just needed someone to practice chatting in English with their students. No lesson plans or grammar corrections necessary! 

The best way to learn a language is to practice it, by chatting away with other people! 

If you are interested you can do a quick 120-hour online teaching course ( I did this one! ) and right after I started working as an online teacher, who got paid to chat in English!

Once you take the course, you can get hired by these online schools: 


Websites where you can get hired as an online friend 

Rent a Friend

Rent a Friend is deemed to be the best because they have the largest database of users. Emphasising on purely platonic friendships, it has more than 600,000 people looking to have a friend for a day. They focus on in-person meetups but also allow you to limit yourself as a virtual friend only.

How’s the pay like?

You’re free to set your rate between USD15 to USD50 per hour. 


  • They don’t take a commission from you so you can keep all your earnings.
  • You can only be contacted by paying members of the website.


  • You can’t do background checks on other users.

Rent a Local Friend

Rent a Local Friend is recommended by Tripadvisor, and is a site that promotes the local people of a city. Potential clients  would be the people who travel to your city.

 The concept is more or less like Airbnb’s tour package but with this site, you can control your page on the platform. This site also allows you to get paid to text chat someone from the same city. 

Also, if the city you reside in is a popular travel destination, you can register as a travel agent.

How much can you get paid?

There are many users on this site and they typically charge between USD50 to USD200 per hour. Some users managed to chunk up to USD120 per day!


  • Less competition for you thanks to the annual fee.
  • Fewer scammers than Rent a Friend. 


  • An annual fee of USD100 to get the ball rolling so use the features to its full potential!

Rent a Cyber Friend

Rent a Cyber Friend is a site that offers a total virtual friend service. The concept of this site is similar to having pen pals. However, there are other kinds of services offered besides friendship, posted in the form of gigs such as a language tutor or tour guide.

How much can you get paid?

You’re free to set your rate between USD15 to USD50 per hour. You can withdraw your money once it has reached USD75.


  • The Basic Membership is free of charge (but you can sign up for their Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership after, if you want).
  • You can view other users without signing up first.


  • If you are an unregistered visitor, you can’t post a gig. You can only buy gigs.


Fiverr is a large marketplace for freelancers who offer services such as web service, writing services, digital marketing, and the list goes on. 

Nevertheless, most people are unaware that with this site, you can get paid to be an online friend too. It’s called Fiverr friendship. All you have to do is sign up and create a profile, just like the other websites listed in this article.

How much can you get paid?

A quick review of, Fiverr indicates users charge lower than the average fees compared to other websites – between USD5 to USD25. Although that doesn’t mean you can’t charge more.


  • Comes with verified payment options so you can get paid in your currency.
  • Extremely easy to navigate and fix your fees.


  • Fiverr will take a small commission from users.

Tips on staying safe 

It’s no doubt that the internet can sometimes be a scary place so, here is a list of safety measures for you to follow:

  • Avoid revealing your personal information such as home or work address, social security number/identity card number and mobile number.
  • If the site asks for money upfront, run. 
  • Look for secure sites – the ones with a lock symbol at the beginning of the URL address, especially on the payment sites.
  • Don’t agree to an in-person meet up if you’re not up for it.
  • Trust your instinct
  • If at any point you feel uncomfortable, feel free to end the friendship.
  • Read other users’ online reviews before you start.

Some might think it’s bizarre to get paid to be friends with strangers, but this job is legit. 

For all you know, while you get paid to talk to lonely people, in a way, you’re helping them dealing with social anxiety. 

Or when you get paid to message online, you’re accompanying those who lack a social life or are even stuck inside due to mental or physical health issues – a friend in need is a friend indeed!

As long as you don’t compromise your safety, you can get paid to be a friend today.

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