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Get Paid To Move To Greece: 2023 Ultimate Guide

So, you want to get paid to move to Greece? Well pay attention – you may not have heard of the beautiful island of Antikythera but you will want to know all about it now! 

This Greek hidden gem isn’t just known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and lazy days under the Mediterranean sun. 

It’s where the legendary “Youth of Antikythera” and the fascinating astronomical “Antikythera Mechanism” were discovered in the early 1900s

So, this is not just your average island – it’s steeped in historical mysteries, too!

And the best part? Antikythera is actually paying people to move there!

An opportunity to bask in the Mediterranean lifestyle, enjoy breathtaking beaches, delve into captivating history, and get paid for it all? Sign me up!

Stay with me, as this ultimate guide will navigate you through this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get paid to move to Greece! Let’s dive right in! 


  • Getting Paid to Live in Greece: The Antikythera Deal
  • Life on Antikythera
  • Who Should Consider Moving to Antikythera
  • The Selection Process: How to Apply
  • Other Places That Pay You to Move
  • FAQs On Get Paid To Move To Greece

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Get paid to move to Greece
Photo by Michelle Raponi 

Getting Paid to Live in Greece: The Antikythera Deal

Considering how to migrate to Greece? Most minds would immediately travel to Athens, right? Or maybe that’s just me. But Antikythera opens up a whole new world. 

Imagine living on a cozy Greek island tucked between Crete and the Peloponnese, with the Aegean sea as your daily view. 

This picture-perfect Aegean island covers an area of only 24 square kilometers, making it a small yet charmingly intimate location to live in.

Now, you might be wondering, can I move to Antikythera? 


The island is facing depopulation. And here’s where the exciting offer steps in: Antikythera is actively seeking new residents, and they’re willing to pay for it!

Though there isn’t an official Antikythera Greece website, the Greek Orthodox Church on the island has come forward with an attractive plan to draw more people to live there.

While you may not find any Antikythera Greece homes for sale directly, you will receive a home and a piece of land as part of the deal.

To top it off, you will receive  €500 (USD $548) every month for the first three years you live there. What a deal! 🙂

Life on Antikythera

So what’s life like on this little island, especially if you decide to move to Greece and get paid?

Forty years ago, the island was home to more than 300 people. But this number has dwindled, and currently, there are only about 24 permanent residents. 

This number goes up to around 40 during the summer, still quite small but filled with the opportunity of the Antikythera Greece pay to move program.

You get some really amazing sights and cool historical artifacts, like a shipwreck from 1900 and an old fort that once housed pirates. 

So, if you love a quiet place, history and are intrigued by the offer of an Antikythera Greece free house, this place could be a dream come true for you.

But daily life will definitely need adjustments. The island has been quiet for a long while, and you will need to adapt to the isolation.

Recently, a family moved in, and the local primary school sprung back to life after 25 long, quiet years. 

There are only a few grocery stores around the corner, and you won’t find a gas station or taxi service on the island.

Ferry services do connect the island to the mainland, but high winds can disrupt these. 

One man was separated from his family for a month due to the ferry being out of service because of the wind 🙁 

Such challenges are part of the package when you choose to move to Antikythera. 

Get Paid to move to greece
Photo by Zhang Fengsheng 

Who Should Consider Moving to Antikythera

Maybe you landed here after you’ve looked up how to move to Greece with no money or how to get paid to move to Antikythera Greece. 

And if you’re keen after reading about the life on Antikythera, you probably fit the bill 🙂 

Coming to more specifics, if you are part of a big family with young kids, you fit the demographic they are looking for, as the idea is to repopulate the island. 

There are also some skill sets that will benefit the island more as they can contribute to Antikythera’s economy and community. 

So if you’re a builder, baker, fisherman, or breeder, you are highly sought after. 

The Selection Process: How to Apply

At this point, you might be wondering, moving to Antikythera greece, how to apply? 

As of now, there is no official application process detailed for those interested in the opportunity. 

But don’t let that discourage you. 

If you’re seriously considering it, Andreas Harhalakis, the island’s president, suggests you should visit and see the place for yourself. 

He’s even offered to host potential residents during your visit.

Other Places That Pay You to Move

get paid to move to italy

1. Italy

If you’ve ever wanted to have a steady diet of pizzas, pasta, and espressos, here’s your chance!

Candela, a charming Italian town with a rich history and a vibrant cultural scene in the Puglia region, offers you the chance to buy abandoned properties for just €1 (USD $1.1). 

You’ve just got to buy a property and renovate it within three years. You must also commit to living in Candela for at least five years.

Not too far away, there’s the medieval village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, located in the Abruzzo region.

Away from the southern parts of Italy, also incentivizes people to move there. 

New residents can receive a maximum grant of up to €8,000 (USD $8,790) annually for three years, paid out monthly. 

There’s also a one-time grant of up to €20,000 (USD $21,992) to start a new business there.

Other areas in Italy offering to pay you to move there are:

  • Molise€700 (USD $769) per month for up to three years to people who settle in villages with less than 2,000 residents and open a business.
  • Vetto – Auctioning off homes starting at €1 (USD $1.10) to welcome new residents.
  • Presicce – Pays €30,000 (USD $32,988) to new residents for purchasing a pre-1991 house and a bonus of €1,000 (USD $1,099) grant for every new baby.
  • Sardinia – Pays new residents up to €15,000 (USD $16,494) to relocate to a municipality with fewer than 3,000 residents for purchasing or renovating a home.
  • Calabria – Offers a relocation grant of up to €28,000 (USD $30,788) spread over three years to those younger than 40 and willing to start a new business or work within a specific profession.
  • Petralia Soprana – Previously offered cash incentives of up to €5,000 (USD $5,498) to new residents purchasing and restoring a property.
  • Presicce-Acquarica – Gives up to €30,000 (USD $32,988) to relocate, covering 50% of the costs of purchasing and renovating a pre-1991 home.
  • Santa Fiora – Gives up to €200 (USD $219) or 50% of total rent for two to six months for remote workers, up to €30,000 (USD $32,988) for opening a bed and breakfast, and €1,500 (USD $1,649) for each baby born after becoming a resident.
Get paid to move to Greece
Photo by La So

2. Spain

If you love vibrant culture and music, Ponga, a mountain village in northern Spain, is paying young couples €3,000 (USD $3,291) to move there for five years.

If you have children, you’ll receive an additional €3,000 (USD $3,291) per child. The idea is to repopulate their dying community. 

There’s also A Xesta, a small village with less than 100 residents in northwest Spain. 

They’ve got 125 vacant properties and are offering newcomers the chance to pay only €100 (USD $110) in rent.

You could also live in Spain as a digital nomad and open yourself up to opportunities to be based literally anywhere in Spain 🙂

Get Paid to move to greece
Photo by Zekai Zhu

3. Switzerland: Albinen

Hear the mountains and fresh air calling your name? That’s Albinen, a small mountain village in the Swiss canton of Valais.

Albinen has a dwindling population and is currently just over 240 people. 

To combat this, they’re offering a cash incentive of 25,000 Swiss francs (USD $28,133) per adult and 10,000 Swiss francs (UD $11,253) per child to families who move there. 

But you must be under 45 years old, commit to living in Albinen for at least 10 years, and buy or build a property worth at least 200,000 Swiss francs (USD $225,064).

Ps: Given the small population, you might want some book series to keep you company – try the LOTR trilogy or Harry Potter series

4. Faroe Islands

There’s a special place nestled between Iceland and Norway called the Faroe Islands. It’s got rugged beauty, unique culture, and a strong sense of community.

If you want a unique experience, the Faroe Islands is offering free housing to people who agree to monitor and maintain the islands’ sheep population. 

No rent and get to be surrounded by cute fluffy sheep all day? That sounds like a sweet deal to me!

Get Paid to move to greece
Photo by T. H. Jensen 

5. USA: Vermont and Tulsa, Oklahoma

Want to live in the land of the free? 

Vermont has a Worker Relocation Incentive Program that offers up to $7,500 to cover relocation expenses if you get a job in the state or are planning to work remotely.

Similarly, Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers a similar deal, providing remote workers a grant of up to $10,000 to live and work in the city.

6. Chile

Thinking of starting a new business? 

Consider Chile, with its breathtaking landscapes and innovative tech hubs. 

The Start-Up Chile program offers funding and support to start-ups that establish a presence in Chile. 

The available grants are as follows:

  • Build – A 4-month program for startup entrepreneurs. Beneficiaries receive around $14,000, a co-working space, and a 1-year resident visa.
  • Ignite Aimed at small startups needing expansion. The program offers about $30,000 equity-free, with an additional $30,000 extension.
  • Growth This program offers $80,000 in funding for advanced or larger startups.
get paid to move to new zealand

7. New Zealand: Kaitangata

New Zealand, a breathtakingly beautiful country, has a unique deal for those willing to move to the small town of Kaitangata. 

Kaitangata is one of New Zealand’s principal coaling sites. 

If you move there, the government will give you a home worth approximately USD $165,000

With 1,500 available jobs in a town of 800, there are plenty of opportunities! 

8. Portugal

If you want to move to the land of great food, great beaches, great surfing, and some of the most stunning old cities you’ve ever seen, Portugal is waiting for you. 

Portugal launched the Emprego Interior MAIS (Inland Employment PLUS) rural grant scheme in 2020

This scheme provides up to €4,827 (USD $5,296) in funding for people relocating to rural areas. 

All you have to do is commit to staying for at least a year.

FAQs On Get Paid To Move To Greece

How Do I Move To Antikythera Greece And Get Paid?

Wondering “How do I move to Antikythera, Greece and get paid”? New residents will receive a home and a piece of land and will be paid €500 (USD $548) every month for the first three years they live there. The Greek Orthodox Church wants families moving to the island. Antikythera’s located south of mainland Greece and northwest of Crete. 

Can I Move To Greece?

Can I move to Greece, you wonder? Yes,  you will need to get a D visa, also known as a National Visa (long-stay), if you are a non-EU citizen. All non-EU citizens that want to live in Greece long-term need this type of visa. 

How Do I Get To Antikythera Greece?

Asking, “How do I get to Antikythera, Greece? Best is by ferry from the neighboring island of Kythira, or from the port of Kissamos in Crete. You can also take the regular ferry from the port of Piraeus and the ports of the south Peloponnese (Gythio or Neapolis).

Now you know how to get paid to move to Greece!  

I know you must be excited about the blend of ancient history, inviting beaches, and mouth-watering cuisine awaiting you in Antikythere. Because I so am I 🙂

So, what do you think? Are you ready to embrace the Greek lifestyle and flavors? 

Do share your thoughts in the comments below. 

And, if you have a friend who drools at the mere mention of Moussaka, don’t forget to share this article with them! Maybe they’re ready for a Greek escapade too 🙂

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