Best online courses for housewives

31 Best Online Courses For Housewives To Empower Yourselves in 2023!

Looking for the best online courses for housewives looking to earn extra money from home? 

If you are a housewife, it’s only too easy to lose your financial independence if you rely solely on your husband for money. 

If that is making you feel insecure, guilty, and doubting your self-worth, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can reclaim your independence and still have time for your family while working from home.

It starts with taking one of these online courses I’ve carefully curated for housewives. 

Investing in myself has always proven to be the best decision. 

Every online course I take always has a way of paying for itself because I can demand for higher pay with my expanded skill set. 

Knowledge is something that no one can ever take away from you. 

So don’t wait. Choose the online course that appeals to you the most and start your journey to landing some of the best jobs for homemakers.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s what I recommend:

Best Quality Course:


Most Affordable Course:

5 Steps To Become A Virtual Assistant

Mid-Range Course:

Voice Artist

Best online courses for housewives

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31 Best Online Courses For Housewives

Here is a list of the best online courses for housewives. I’ve completed many of them myself. 

They are trusted, reliable, and highly rated, making them some of the best professional courses for housewives. 

1. Computer

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet tool in the market and is used by many businesses to do data analysis, visualization, and reporting. With these skills, you can become an asset to any employer.

Udemy has many online courses for housewives, including this Excel course that will take your skills from beginner to advanced. 

Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced

Price: USD129.99 (sometimes on discount for USD15.99)

What you’ll get: 

  • 21 hours of on-demand video
  • 12 articles
  • 51 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion
Best online courses for housewives

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is using technology to promote a product or service to customers. Common channels used are the Internet, social media, email, and mobile apps. 

With so many people spending their time online, digital marketing is a vital skill for businesses that want to reach and engage with their customers. They are willing to pay for someone with digital marketing know-how who can get their message out to the right people

I used to manage social media platforms for several businesses, and this course from Udemy gave me the basic skills needed to land those jobs.

Social Media Management: The Complete Manager’s Bootcamp

Price: USD119.99

What you’ll get: 

  • 8 hours of on-demand video 
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

3. Content Writing

If you love to write like me, learning effective content writing is a good choice if you’re looking for career courses for housewives. 

As the Founder and Owner of and 3 other monetized niche sites, I have come a long way, but I have had to learn the hard way. To save you time, I created this course to give you the exact steps to becoming a successful freelance writer:

How To Become A Freelance Writer (In 60 Days)

Price: USD57

What you’ll get: 

  • 110+ page downloadable ebook
  • Pitching templates
  • SEO training
  • Writing opportunity on one of my websites

And because I am a writer myself, I’m going to share a bonus recommendation with you. 

When I started out as a freelance writer, I struggled to pitch to new clients and command a good rate. But taking this freelance writing course helped me land 3 new clients in 3 weeks!

So if you’re serious about becoming a freelance writer, take the time to improve your skills. You will see your investment paying off as mine did.

Best online courses for housewives

4. Creative Writing

Creative writing draws more on your imagination to write pieces such as poetry, fiction (novels, short stories), scripts, and screenplays.

If you are good at using words to write a story that can captivate the audience, consider taking this course to refine your writing skills.  

It is taught by some of the faculty members from Wesleyan University who are published authors and trained in the creative writing process.

Creative Writing Specialization

Price: 7-day free trial. Subsequently, USD49 per month

What you’ll get: 

  • 5 full courses
  • Hands-on project
  • Certificate of completion
  • 80% discount from Write-Bros
  • 30% discount off the first purchase from Scrivener
  • 30% off membership at the online writing community Scribophile
Best online courses for housewives

5. SEO

If writing for someone else is not for you, you might want to pick up SEO skills to start your own blog

Many successful bloggers, including myself, are able to earn a full-time income to support their families and achieve financial freedom. The key is to know the right strategy to write an SEO-optimized blog post and be willing to do the work. 

I created this course to give you a step-by-step plan to get thousands of free organic traffic from Google, just like I did for all my websites. 

SEO Blog Post Training

Price: USD97

What you’ll get: 

6. Copywriting

Copywriting is a skill that is high in demand in marketing and advertising. Many businesses rely on copywriters to write persuasive promotional materials and advertisements to promote their products and services. 

Even if you don’t plan on going into marketing and advertising. Knowing how to sell yourself is always a good skill to have. 

This best-selling course from Udemy was designed to help fledgling freelance writers learn how to write effective sales copy to grow a business (or your own career). 

The Complete Copywriting Course: Write to Sell Like a Pro

Price: USD159.99 (sometimes at a discount of USD19.99)

What you’ll get: 

  • 3 hours of on-demand video
  • 20 downloadable resources
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion
Best online courses for housewives

7. Proof-reading

A proofreader checks writing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors. They work with the final draft of a document to make sure that it is error-free before sending it off for publication. 

This is a great English-speaking course for housewife for all you grammar nazis.

I recommend the following course because even though it’s expensive, it was well worth my money when it allowed me to quit my 9-5 office job and work as a freelance proofreader.

 I was able to pay my bills and even save some money from all the jobs that I took. 

General Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ (GPTP)

Price: USD397 for the Ignite Package and USD497 for the Ignite Plus Package.

What you’ll get: 

  • 80+ lessons in 10+ modules
  • 8 grammar-specific worksheets
  • Bonus resource guides for all types of service-provider markets
  • 40+ real-life example jobs
  • ​Student workbook and syllabus 
  • ​8 module quizzes 
  • ​100-question in-depth vocabulary quiz
  • ​3 case studies
  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

8. Transcription

A transcriber works with recordings of meetings, interviews, lectures, and legal proceedings and converts the audio into written or text format. 

Do you have excellent listening skills, strong typing skills, and a good knowledge of grammar and punctuation? If so, you might want to enroll in these job-based courses and learn how to become an freelance transcriber. Many companies will hire freelancers to transcribe files, especially legal and medical-related.

Transcribe Anywhere

Price: USD497 for the General Transcription: Theory & Practice™

USD797 for both General & Legal Transcription courses

What you’ll get: 

  • Printable transcription style guide
  • Downloadable video tutorials
  • 7 levels of practice dictations
  • Lifetime access
  • Lifetime membership to a student community
  • Final exam and certificate
Best online courses for housewives

9. Bookkeeping

You might have been responsible for the household’s finances as a housewife. If you have experience keeping track of the spending and saving of the family, you might be interested in becoming a bookkeeper. 

A bookkeeper is responsible for recording financial transactions, compiling bank statements, generating financial reports, and ensuring that all business financial records are accurate and up to date. 

Bookkeepers are essential for any business looking to stay on top of their financial records. Enrolling in this course will give you the skills you need to navigate this career. 

Bookkeeper Launch by

Price: USD2499 (but they have a popular course with 3 FREE classes!)

What you’ll get: 

  • Online training videos with 3 main sections
  • Resource Library Access
  • Exclusive Members-Only Community
  • Unlimited Access & Updates

10. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the easiest things you can do, as you probably already have most of the skills needed. If you’re looking for online jobs for housewives without investment, this is it.

A virtual assistant performs the job of an administrative assistant, but all the work is done remotely from a home office. Tasks include answering emails and phone calls, scheduling appointments and meetings, and managing social media accounts.

I took this course to have an advantage over other virtual assistants and booked my first client before I even completed it!

$10K VA

Price: USD497

What you’ll get: 

  • Online training videos with 7 modules
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can network with other VAs
  • Downloadable worksheets, checklists, and templates

If you really can’t afford this course right now but would like to learn more about becoming a VA, check out these two FREE courses:

  1. Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant
  2. 5 Clear Steps To Becoming A Virtual Assistant
Best online courses for housewives

11. Teaching

One of your responsibilities as a housewife is probably helping your kids with their homework. This makes teaching the perfect career for housewives.

I became a fully booked online teacher earning $5,000 to $6,000 a month even though I started out with no formal qualifications and minimal teaching experience. But I developed a plan that enabled me to find private students and get hired. I’m sharing my plan with you in this course.

How To Become An Online Teacher (In 30 Days)

Price: USD47

What you’ll get: 

  • Digital download of 3-hour training video and slides
  • Teacher resume and email templates
  • 5 strategies to get private students
  • Lesson plans

12. Foreign language

Do you like watching foreign language shows in your free time? Or perhaps you speak a second or third language. Think about monetizing those skills by becoming a translator. 

A freelance translator can work on a variety of documents, such as contracts, reports, movie subtitles, and TV advertisements. They help facilitate communication between people and are skilled at conveying the meaning from one language to another. 

This bestselling course from Udemy is a good place to get started and comes highly rated by its students. 

How to Become a Translator without a Degree

Price: USD59.99 (sometimes reduced to USD11.99)

What you’ll get: 

  • 3.5 hours of on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 2 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion
Best online courses for housewives

13. Yoga Instruction

For those who practice yoga daily, why not take up a certification so that you can teach yoga online to as many students as you want? 

Enrolling in an accredited course where you can learn from real yoga masters will help you on your way to taking a slice of this billion-dollar industry. Not only will you stay healthy physically and mentally, but you can also use your interests and skills to make a career for housewife. 

Siddhi Yoga Online School

Price: USD397

What you’ll get: 

  • 250+ online video lessons of 200+ hours of self-paced training
  • Digital download of 300+ page yoga manual
  • Daily live sessions
  • Full lifetime access
  • Support from an online community

14. Life Coach

As a life coach, you can work with other moms to identify areas of their life where they want to make changes, then develop plans and strategies to achieve those goals. 

This is the perfect remote job opportunity, as you can work one-on-one with clients or lead group coaching sessions online. 

This very popular and highly rated course from Udemy is meant for beginners and teaches a life coaching methodology that has been practiced on more than 2000 people. 

Life Coaching Certificate Course (Beginner to Intermediate)

Price: USD149.99 (with the occasional discount at USD17.99!)

What you’ll get: 

  • 33 hours of on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • 161 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion
Best online courses for housewives

15. Cooking

Perhaps you’re a great cook who enjoys cooking for your family. Make it an option to work from home for uneducated housewives. 

Take a cooking course to expand your repertoire, then share your skills with other moms who may be struggling.

But don’t just limit yourself to learning from one teacher or chef. Membership to MasterClass will give you access to the best online courses for homemakers.


Price: USD180 a year

What you’ll get: 

  • Access to 20+ classes taught by world-renowned chefs
  • Each class includes around 20 video lessons that are 10 minutes long on average, along with an in-depth workbook
Best online courses for housewives

16. Makeup

Housewives don’t have to be frumpy moms. In fact, with the rise of social media, more and more women care about looking good in photos, and this has led to a surge in the beauty industry. 

Becoming a makeup artist is a good ladies’ courses to take. Once you have the professional skills and know-how, you can offer your services to clients at special events and photo shoots. 

You can even offer to teach others your newfound skills by having makeup lessons and tutorials. 

This course from Udemy is conducted by the founder of Glow International Make-Up School and provides in-depth training for all makeup lovers. 

Make-up for Beginners: learn doing make-up like a Pro

Price: USD24.99 (only USD9.99 when on discount!)

What you’ll get: 

  • 6 hours of on-demand video
  • 1 workbook
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

17. Voice Artist

If you like acting but are camera-shy and have great voice modulation, you might want to consider taking up a course to train yourself to become a voice artist. 

You can become a narrator, actor, announcer, or even podcaster by working in TV and radio, video games, audiobooks, and movies. 

This course was created by Julie Eickhoff, an Audible Approved Producer, who has been involved in voiceovers since 2011 and has narrated more than 100 audiobooks. 

Work From Home Doing Voice Overs by Julie Eickhoff

Price: USD297 (there’s a free mini-course here!)

What you’ll get: 

  • Online training videos with 7 modules
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Access for 1 year
Best online courses for housewives

18. Jewelry Making

If you’re more interested in jewelry instead of makeup and beauty, cash in this hobby by creating and selling jewelry from home. You can sell your handmade pieces through your own website, craft fairs, or at retail stores. 

This course by Udemy teaches you how to create unique boutique-quality gemstone jewelry you can sell or wear. 

Jewelry Making: How to Create and Make, The Basics In Design

Price: USD44.99 (sometimes on sale for USD9.99)

What you’ll get: 

  • 2 hours of on-demand video
  • 9 articles
  • 21 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

19. Art and Craft

A passion for art and craft can be the best business for housewives. 

Sell your handmade pieces online, but if selling is not your cup of tea, you can also teach your skills to others who share your interest. 

Creative Live is an online learning platform where you can have access to nearly 200 classes in courses for hand lettering, paper crafts, quilting, and more.

 All the classes are taught by experts who take you on a deep dive into each subject. 



  • USD39 for a month-to-month option
  • USD15 per month for an annual commitment
  • USD149 for an annual subscription

What you’ll get: 

  • Access to 200 Craft & Maker classes 
  • Downloadable workbooks and resources
Best online courses for housewives

20. Knitting and crocheting

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet so you can handmake items for your family and friends? 

Or perhaps you already know the basics but are looking for unique designs and patterns? 

Then welcome to Wool and the Gang, a free, one-stop shop for knitters.

 You can find hundreds of video tutorials on its website and YouTube channel, which serve as excellent classes for housewives.

Wool and the Gang

Price: FREE!

What you’ll get: 

  • Knitting tips
  • Video tutorials
  • Yarn, tools, and kits for purchase

21. Interior Designing

If you are passionate about creating beautiful spaces at home for your family, why not extend your talents to other spaces? 

Interior designing courses teach you how to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for homes, offices, and buildings. 

This course from Udemy is perfect for beginners new to the field of interior design and looking for in-depth knowledge about all the main styles used today. 

How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro

Price: USD109.99 (occasionally discounted to USD13.99)

What you’ll get: 

  • 5.5 hours of on-demand video
  • 7 articles
  • 28 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion
Best online courses for housewives

22. Fashion Designing

Are you a housewife who is into the latest fashion trend and loves mixing and matching your outfit? Perhaps you’ve been praised for the way you dress up your kids? 

If so, take this fashion designing course for housewives, where you will learn how to create clothes that set fashion trends through the use of different textiles, colors, and designs. 

This course by MasterClass is taught by Marc Jacobs himself.

Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design

Price: USD180 a year

What you’ll get: 

  • 18 online video lessons
  • In-depth workbook
Best online courses for housewives

23. Video Editing

If you’ve dabbled in TikTok or Instagram Reels, you know how fun video editing can be. The end result can be informative and entertaining to capture an audience. 

Improve your video editing skills by taking a course so that you can learn how to assemble and edit video footage for projects such as films, TV shows, music videos, and more. 

This Udemy course is taught by an Adobe Certified Instructor & Adobe Certified Expert. It’s perfect for beginners to learn Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry standard used by professional editors.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Essentials Training Course

Price: USD109.99 (you can get it at a discount for USD13.99)

What you’ll get:

  • 16 hours of on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion

24. Graphic Design

Other design courses for homemakers to consider is graphic design. Graphic designers create images and visual art in advertisements, brochures, magazines, and more. 

The designs are mostly done using computer software, so taking a course like this would be helpful in learning how to develop design concepts and layouts that are captivating and visually attractive. 

This bestselling course on Udemy for beginners will teach you how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign for logo design, web design, poster design, and more.

Graphic Design Bootcamps: Part 1 Training

Price: USD129.99 (grab it when it’s on sale at USD15.99)

What you’ll get:

  • 16 hours of on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 13 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion

25. Web Design

If you’ve ever dabbled in building a website for yourself, then take it a step further by learning how to do it professionally. 

Once you take a course, you can offer this highly sought-after service as a web designer to many individuals and companies who need it. 

This course by Udemy was designed by an experienced web developer and is meant for beginners. But instead of using a plug-and-play site builder, he will take you through a step-by-step plan for creating a great website on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Web Designing for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS

Price: USD109.99 (sometimes on discount at USD13.99)

What you’ll get:

  • 11 hours of on-demand video
  • 51 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion
Best online courses for housewives

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26. Amazon FBA

Did you know that you can earn around USD1000 per month being an Amazon FBA seller from home

It’s one of the best business ideas for housewives.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a service offered by Amazon that allows you to store products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and have Amazon handle the shipping and customer service for you. 

Learn all about how to get started as an Amazon FBA seller through this course by The Selling Family, who managed to set up a successful business selling things on Amazon. 

How To Get Started Selling On Amazon Fba

Price: USD345

What you’ll get:

  • Online video training with 9 Course Modules
  • Full Lesson Transcripts and (CC) on All Videos
  • Lifetime access

27. Personal Finance

Housewives should still be money-savvy to stay on top of family finances and help make decisions that will keep the family financially stable and secure. 

And if you’re looking for free online courses for housewives, this is it. 

This edX personal finance course is comprehensive and stacked with learning tools and resources. The course is designed for beginners and will give you a framework to help guide decisions in managing money

Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making

Price: FREE! (an additional USD49 for the certificate of completion)

What you’ll get:

  • A six-week course (five to six hours per week) of short training videos embedded with interactive learning exercises
  • Tutorial videos similar to on-campus discussion groups
  • Access to an online discussion forum with other students
Best online courses for housewives

28. Stock market and trading

If your curiosity was piqued when you heard your husband and his friends talk about trading and the stock market, then take a look at this course for beginners.

You don’t have to be intimidated by all the foreign concepts and jargon used in the stock market. By learning how to invest, you can:

  • Generate extra income for yourself
  • Gain financial independence
  • Build your own financial knowledge to manage your family’s finances

This course by Udemy will give you a starting point in trading on the stock market.

Learn Stock Market from Scratch for Beginners

Price: USD49.99 (can be found on sale at USD13.99)

What you’ll get:

  • 6.5 hours of on-demand video
  • 51 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion

29. Public Speaking

Public speaking is an underrated skill that is feared by many. But improving your public speaking skills can help you become a more effective communicator during job interviews, work, or even home. 

Once you take a course to become a better public speaker, you can also pass on your knowledge to your kids and help them build their confidence and communication skills. 

This specialization course by Coursera is designed by the University of Washington. It is a comprehensive course comprising four individual courses which you can complete together or separately. 

Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization

Price: USD59 per month (it’s free if you only want to watch the lectures and read the materials)

What you’ll get:

  • 5-month course (3 hours a week)
  • Online training videos & reading materials
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Graded Assignments with Peer Feedback
  • Graded Quizzes with Feedback
  • Graded Programming Assignments
  • Certificate of completion

30. Event Management

Planning for and organizing your kid’s birthday parties and holiday activities requires skills that are useful in event management. 

You can make use of these skills to set up a lucrative event-planning business for fundraisers, social events, and more. It is the best home-based business for housewives. 

This bestselling course from Udemy will teach you how to create successful events with effective event promotion, planning, management, and monetization.

Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing & Management

Price: USD49.99 (you can find it for USD11.99 sometimes)

What you’ll get:

  • 5.5 hours of on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 42 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion
Best online courses for housewives

31. Child Care

With years of experience looking after your own kids, natural online courses for women are child care and nanny. 

A professional childcare course can help you gain extra knowledge and skills related to child development, health and safety, and parenting. With this, you can think about opening up your own child care center or command a higher price as a nanny. 

This is an industry-recognized course designed by senior professionals working in the childcare sector and is meant to be completed online.

Nanny and Child Care Courses

Price: USD962

What you’ll get:

  • Downloadable study materials and course notes
  • Assignment projects with constructive tutor feedback
  • A personal tutor to answer all your questions
  • Certificate of completion
  • Letter of recommendation and validation for current and future employers
  • Job search assistance

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Online Courses For Housewives-Why Housewives Need To Take An Online Course

Being a housewife is no reason for you not to pursue personal development. 

Whether you want to:

  • Gain extra knowledge and skills to upskill yourself
  • Restart your career or explore other opportunities
  • Pursue personal interests and hobbies as a form of self-care

Online courses are a great way to do all of the above. 

Best online courses for housewives

Online Courses For Housewives-7 Benefits Of Taking An Online Course

Here are the benefits you will get when you enroll in an online course:

#1: Convenience

As a busy housewife, every day is probably scheduled around your family and kids. Online courses can be taken from anywhere as long as you have access to a computer or smartphone and an Internet connection.

#2: Flexibility

Online courses usually offer a high level of flexibility, and you can complete it at your own pace or fit into your existing schedule. 

#3: Variety of subjects

I’ve given you 31 of the best online courses to take, but there are many more out there. You can choose any topic you’re passionate about or are interested in learning.

#4: Cost-effective

Online courses are usually cheaper than traditional in-person courses and won’t require you to travel around.

#5: Career advancement

You can gain new knowledge and skills to restart your career or find new things to learn and use them to explore other career opportunities.

#6: Personal development

Taking the time to pursue your interests and hobbies can be a form of self-care for busy housewives. Online courses can be a great way to spend time learning something you love. 

#7: Enhancing resume

Be proud to add another skill to your resume when you complete an online course and gain an edge over your competition. 

5 Things To Look For In An Online Course

Now that you know the benefits of taking an online course, here are five things you should look out for when shopping around for one:

#1: Relevance

Make sure that the course will teach you everything that you want to learn. Look through the course content to see if it was organized sensibly.

#2: Quality

Look for a course developed by experts in the field or a reputable institution, as those are usually of higher quality. You can also look at the reviews left by students. 

#3: Flexibility

The online course you enroll in should be flexible enough for you to go at your own pace and fit it around your busy schedule.

#4: Support

Some courses offer access to the instructor or teaching assistant. This will come in helpful if you have any questions or need help with the course materials.

#5: Price

Price is an important consideration for most of us. Make sure that the course is well within your budget. Look for one that offers payment plans or discounts, if available.

Best online courses for housewives

FAQs On Best Online Courses For Housewives

Online Courses For Housewives-Which Courses Are Best For Housewife?

The courses that are best for housewives include:

They are ideal for housewives to restart their careers or start a business.

Online Courses For Housewives-Which Course Is Best For Ladies?

The courses that are best for ladies and women are:

There are more opportunities for women in these fields. The average salary is also more competitive, and women can find satisfaction in their jobs.

Online Courses For Housewives-Which Online Course Is Best For Work From Home?

The online course that is best for work from home are:

These jobs will offer you the flexibility to work from home so you don’t have to take time away from your family.

Online Courses For Housewives-What Are The Most Useful Online Courses?

The most useful online courses include:

The jobs in these fields are high in demand. Take a course from a trustworthy website so that your resume will stand out. 

Being a housewife doesn’t mean you can’t have your own career doing what you enjoy. Technology has allowed most of us to learn and work from home, so why can’t you? 

It’s all about finding out what you are good at and what can help you make money.

There are hundreds of online courses and classes for homemakers to choose from, and it’s hard to pick just one! 

So I hope this list of best online courses for housewives has helped narrow it down for you. 

Try exploring one or some of them, and start earning some money from home by enrolling yourself in one of these online courses for housewives. Feel free to share this post with other mom friends who need some inspiration. 

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