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15 Driving Jobs For Retired Police Officers in 2023!

You’re not ready to stop contributing to society, so you’re looking for driving jobs for retired police officers.

Not everybody wants to stop working at 55 or even 60.

For a lot of people, that’s still the prime stage of life, and there’s so much more you can do with your time than stay at home, tending to the garden, or looking after the grandkids.

That’s why there are plenty of older people looking for later-in-life jobs.

Jobs that allow them to share their expertise or ones that allow them to earn some extra cash, such as driving jobs.

My parents certainly still enjoy their lives being active and running a business.

So if you’re still fit and full of vigor from all your years as a police officer, let this be a new stage of your life and find other ways to give back to society.

I’ve put together a detailed list of my top later-in-life driving opportunities, some mainstream and some a little more off-the-beaten-track. 

Some are full-time, and some are part-time driving jobs for retired police officers. But all valid and inherently doable for those in the prime of their lives.

Top 15 driving jobs for retired police officers:

  1. Ride-hailing driver
  2. Taxi driver
  3. Chauffeur
  4. Bus driver (Public transport)
  5. School bus driver
  6. Parcel delivery driver
  7. Semi-retired truck driver
  8. Deliver takeout food
  9. Grocery delivery driver
  10. Limousine driver
  11. Emergency vehicle driver
  12. Driving instructor
  13. Security driver
  14. Tour bus driver
  15. Shuttle bus driver

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Top 15 Driving Jobs For Retired Police Officers

1. Drive People (And Goods) Around

Many people find driving to be fulfilling careers for retired police officers.

Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are the top competitors in the ridesharing market at present. 

Both offer a version of a taxi service, as well as food collection and delivery and are as popular as ever despite the global pandemic putting the kibosh on multiple-passenger ride shares.

Both are organized through their respective mobile apps, and drivers can pick up jobs through the same app as passengers looking for a ride.

This piece from Digital Trends offers a clear and excellent comparison between the two. It also highlights the pros and cons for their drivers. 

Both companies have received a bad rap in recent times, so as with any of these positions, it is worth doing your homework on senior driving jobs thoroughly before signing anything.


Wingz is a car service that started as a dedicated airport firm and has recently branched out into the more general car service market. 

They now also offer a similar service to their competitors, including point-to-point rides, errands, and delivery services.  

driving jobs for retired police officers

2. Taxi Driver

Taxi driving is one of the simpler part time driving jobs for seniors near me that I noticed senior citizens take on.

Driving a taxi is an excellent way to work part-time, especially if you live in a busy area, and are close to an airport, train station, or a popular tourist spot. 

You can offer short journeys or specialize in longer drives, such as taking parties to and from events in local cities or providing drop-offs and pick-ups at the airports in your locality.

Most taxi companies will require you to do some local geographical knowledge training on the job, but other than that, it’s a quick starter. 

It requires no formal education, so it is open to anyone with a clean driving license and a vehicle after some training.

Most taxi drivers work with a local taxi company where bookings are made and handled through a local office taking calls from customers.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a taxi driver in 2022 was $32,710.

If you’re in the U.S., start with:

A great place to start looking into taxi driving in the U.K. is:

3. Chauffeur

This is an excellent niche to get into if you have (or like to drive) an upscale vehicle and enjoy driving individual passengers to their destinations. 

Again this role offers part-time working opportunities and the chance to work flexibly around your lifestyle and schedule.

Isn’t that a perfect driving jobs for pensioners?

The average annual income for a chauffeur is $35,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As a chauffeur, you can be self-employed and set up your own business, or you can contract for a company. 

The U.K. National Careers Service has introductory information, or you can a read of The Chauffeur.

In the U.S., there are great introductory resources at CareerAddict.

4. Bus Driver (Public Transport)

Being a bus driver is one of the great part-time driving jobs for retired police officers. 

Bus drivers follow a set route within a certain time frame and are responsible for getting their busload of passengers to their destinations safely. 

It is a job that requires you to be able to work under pressure, which can be caused by traffic, difficult passengers, timetabling, equipment, and even the weather.

You will need a good understanding of customer service and the ability to handle money, though usually transactions are now made via mobile app or card, especially since the start of the pandemic. 

In the US, the median annual salary for a bus driver is $53,920. The equivalent job in the UK is £22,135.

If you’re interested in a career in public transportation in the U.S., start here.

5. School Bus Driver

Being a school bus driver could be one of those fun jobs for former law enforcement, especially if you enjoy being around kids of all ages. 

The average income for school transport drivers in 2022 was $42,400 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Driving a school bus is obviously a term-time-only role, so it could be a great job if you’re looking for something to fit around wider family time and helping to care for your grandchildren.

School bus driving is a driving role that requires at least a high school qualification, plus there will be on-the-job training offered within the relevant school authority.

HopSkipDrive is an excellent addition that complements the traditional school bus setup, offering bespoke transport packages for children who don’t fit within the regular school transport network. 

This could be due to location, additional needs, or to fit around their extra-curricular activities. 

HopSkipDrive drivers are known as ‘CareDrivers’. As with most driving jobs, they set their own schedule.

There are more restrictions than for some of the other driving roles, such as needing to have a minimum of five years of experience as a caregiver. 

The hourly rate is good at up to $32/hour. All work is scheduled through the HopSkipDrive mobile app.

School transport is a growth-indicated area in the U.S. that will grow faster than average over the next ten years as school districts continue to outsource their pupil transportation needs.

6. Parcel Delivery Driver

There are many companies now offering a parcel delivery service (and therefore recruiting drivers frequently), including the following:

I’m sure everyone reading this will be aware of the explosion of new delivery companies and the growth in existing ones over the last few years. 

And naturally, it follows that we’ve all seen delivery drivers becoming familiar visitors to our streets. 

If you were to Google part-time delivery jobs near me, it’s highly likely that delivery driver roles would appear on the first page of your search. 

Some of these companies are specific to a single nation, whereas others are found in many countries. Now those are federal jobs for retired police officers if you’re looking for one.

Some require you to use your own vehicle, while others require you to use a company car or van. 

Please be sure to check the requirements of each company before you apply!

As with many of the other jobs for retired police officers listed here, you access your account and schedule through the company’s own app and have control of your own work pattern and income.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for driver/sales workers was $35,560.


Amazon has been a driving force behind the huge rise in the delivery of goods ordered online, and this has seen an army of drivers recruited to meet the demand created by online shopping.

Amazon Flex is its response to a rising need to create a fleet of drivers that solely deliver its parcels and packages. 

Amazon Flex is currently only rolled out in some cities in the U.S. and is only for those with a valid U.S. driving license and Social Security Number (SSN).

AmazonFlex states that most drivers earn between $18-25 an hour.


CitizenShipper is an online marketplace matching the needs of customers with items to ship and drivers looking for work.

The company specializes (although not exclusively) in the safe transport of live animals (usually pets). 

Many job listings are longer-distance, often interstate in the U.S., which can mean less wear and tear on your vehicle and the opportunity to link the job up with personal goals, such as visiting family or places you may have always wanted to visit! 

You set the parameters of the type and frequency of work you are interested in, and you are notified through the mobile app when a job listing matches your availability. 

You gather relevant information from the customer, and if it meets your criteria, you submit a quote for the job. 

If selected by the customer, you get the job. The customer will pay you directly.


Roadie offers both long and short-haul driving jobs for self-employed drivers, claiming they can get you signed up within ten minutes of starting the sign-up process and working the same day. 

Roadie even mentions retirees as potential drivers, as their gig-based work is highly flexible. You must have a valid U.S. driving license and an SSN to sign up with Roadie.

The customer provides key information about the goods, the required time frame for collection and delivery, along with pick-up and drop-off points. 

You review the information and decide whether to make an offer on that gig. The customer selects your offer, and away you go.

Roadie’s advantage over its competitors is that it offers roadside discounts on food, drinks, car rentals, and repairs.


UPS is one of the longstanding international companies in the parcel delivery sector.

Their U.S. hourly rates of around $24.29 are significantly higher than the U.K., where hourly rates start from £12.49

It’s one of the few driving companies requiring its drivers to attend and complete a training program before starting work with them. This is a great (if older) article about the ins and outs of working for UPS.


Hermes is the leading consumer delivery company in the U.K., delivering around 350 million parcels a year to private and business addresses. 

Hermes drivers typically earn between £10-15 an hour, depending on several factors, including location, number of hours worked, length of service, etc.


DPD is another British company offering roles for employed delivery drivers, self-employed contractors, and franchise roles under their umbrella.

An employed role is a traditional role within the company, complete with employment benefits. The self-employed option creates similar opportunities to the other companies listed here. 

As a franchise owner (Owner Driver Franchise), you are purchasing a franchise within the DPD network.

You would be responsible for the collection and delivery of your parcels. However, you can subcontract this to another driver should you wish to do so.


FedEx is an international company offering a similar parcel delivery service to other companies via independent contractor drivers, paying on average $10.17 per hour. 

driving jobs for retired police officers

7. Semi-Retired Truck Driver

When it comes to truck driving jobs for retired police officers, there are options available through job listing sites such as SimplyHired.

Many companies are hiring people on part-time or occasional arrangements in this pandemic year. 

Freight companies especially are hiring extra drivers to keep the world’s grocery stores stocked and parcel services moving. 

Retirees make excellent short-term employees/self-employed contractors, as they are often in a better position to take up work at short notice. 

8. Deliver Takeout Food

There are a growing number of companies in the takeout food delivery market.

Some of the bigger-name companies offering this service include:

These companies work with food outlets that don’t currently have a takeout option, connecting them with their customers at home. 

They do this by providing self-employed drivers who collect the food from the restaurants and deliver it directly to the customers at home, making these great delivery jobs for seniors.

It’s worth noting that most of these companies will take a percentage of your earnings.

More will need to be allocated for fuel and the upkeep of your vehicle, as well as remembering to put some aside for your tax (and National Insurance in the U.K.).


UberEats is an on-demand food delivery company, matching customers with their takeout food outlets. 

As with many of these types of jobs, there is good money to be made if you learn the best times and locations to be working. 

Rates also differ from city to city, so it’s worth checking out what local rates are across the area where you live. 

No money changes hands when you deliver the order to your customer. All payments are made through the app, and you can receive your wages within 48 hours of the job if you sign up and use FlexPay. 

For more information, check out this piece by SaveTheStudent


GrubHub is a US-based company that connects customers with local eateries that deliver takeaway food or offer pickup restaurant food.

It offers connections with over 365,000 restaurants in around 4,000 American cities.

GrubHub drivers earn on average $12 an hour, and its drivers deliver via car, motorbike, scooter, and bike.


If you’re in the U.K. or a small number of other countries, Deliveroo may be a great option for a part-time driving job. 

Many Deliveroo workers in the larger cities deliver by bike. However, in less urban settings, car drivers are needed. 

It works along the same principles as UberEats and GrubHub, with most restaurants in the U.K. signing up with either UberEats or Deliveroo. 

Drivers currently earn around £12 an hour once individual payments have been averaged out. However, Deliveroo earnings are a contentious issue

Deliveroo also offers a great referral scheme, where you can earn up to £150 for each person you refer who signs up to work for them.

9. Grocery Delivery Driver

This category is another increasing driving role. The year of the pandemic has created an exponential demand for grocery home delivery, with the likes of:

U.S. grocery shop and delivery services:

U.K. supermarket delivery services:

There are some differences between the U.S. and the U.K.in this category: the main supermarkets in the U.K. all operate their own branded delivery service. 

Those that don’t are teaming up with existing delivery services (e.g. Aldi with Deliveroo) to offer a service that is new in this pandemic season. 

This job site is a great place to look for U.K. supermarket delivery jobs.

In the U.S. companies such as Instacart, Walmart Grocery and Shipt offer a different model of in-store grocery shopping followed by delivery to your home.

This is a great comparison piece by Tom’s Guide covering the main grocery delivery services in the U.S. 

To apply for driving jobs for seniors with these companies, go to:

driving jobs for retired police officers

10. Limousine driver

Driving a limousine is an excellent job for retired police officers, especially if you have experience with being a police driver for VIPs and executives.

Since you will have to drive your clients to and from important events in the limo, it is important that you have excellent driving skills, communicate well, and present yourself professionally.

Find these driver jobs for retirees jobs on:

11. Emergency vehicle driver

Having years of experience driving emergency vehicles in your city makes you an ideal candidate for this job.

You will be responsible for safely and quickly transporting patients to hospitals or medical facilities, so knowing the streets and traffic patterns in your city, like the back of your hand is a bonus.

Find the best jobs for retired police officers as emergency vehicle drivers from:

12. Driving instructor

If you have experience mentoring a new recruit and enjoyed doing it, why not make use of this skill as a driving instructor?

You will be responsible for teaching new drivers the rules of the road and how to be safe behind the wheel.

If you have the patience and enjoy teaching, find this driving jobs for retirees at:

13. Security driver

Security drivers for government agencies or private firms are responsible for transporting VIPs or high-value goods safely to their destinations.

As a retired police officer, you are probably used to staying calm while dealing with high-pressure situations. This could be one of the best security jobs for retired police officers.

Find jobs from:

14. Tour bus driver

If you’re looking for a more leisurely way to spend your time, try becoming a tour bus driver.

You will get to travel and meet new people while chauffering them around to tourist destinations.

If you love sharing information about your city, check out these driving jobs for senior citizens at:

15. Shuttle bus driver

This is another driving jobs for retired cops that is great for those of you who enjoy meeting new people and interacting with them.

You will be responsible for transporting passengers to and from airports or hotels.

To find driving jobs for over 60s as a shuttle bus driver, check out:

Best Other Jobs For Retired Police Officers

There are obviously many other options that are good jobs for retired police officers, part-time, full-time, temporary, seasonal, short-term, and permanent.

 Some of the best options I have found are:

These are great whether you’re looking for jobs for former police officers or jobs for ex police officers as well.

driving jobs for retired police officers

Requirements For Driving Jobs For Retired Police Officers

The following are key requirements for driving jobs for anyone of any age and are usually essential when applying for driving jobs in both the US and the UK:

  • Valid, full driving license
  • Comprehensive insurance, including commercial usage
  • Good quality, well-maintained vehicle
  • Ability and willingness to engage with passengers/colleagues
  • A mobile phone, as almost all driving-related work is carried out through mobile apps
  • Full background and criminal records check, including driving license records
  • Healthy and strong individual (depending on the type of driving job, you may be required to lift e.g. parcels).

Benefits And Downsides of Driving Jobs For Retired Police Officers

There are, without a doubt, downsides to driving jobs in a gig economy:

  • Any accident or damage to your car is purely for you and your insurance to deal with and resolve.
  • You are usually not an employee, and as an independent contractor, you are responsible for your tax, the upkeep of your vehicle, and other essential outgoings. 
  • You may need to work hard to get jobs as they become available, meaning it can feel like you can’t switch off and are constantly watching for more work.

However, driving jobs can bring excellent benefits:

  • Most of the driving jobs listed here pay weekly and without needing to work many hours in advance of your paycheck.
  • Driving can be high paying jobs for retired police officers. Check out each listing for more information specific to that company or role.
  • You have the flexibility to choose when to work or not. You can work around special events or family requirements.
  • It is inherently possible to work more than one driving job at once. For example, you could be a school bus driver at the start and end of the day while also delivering packages for a courier company in between.
driving jobs for retired police officers

FAQ On Driving Jobs For Retired Police Officers

How Many Police Officers Make It To Retirement?

According to the survey by Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), an increasing trend saw 45% more retirements in 2021 than in 2019. That’s 4.14 officers retired per 100 officers. Officers retire as soon as they have served the minimum required time in age or years of service due to the national climate towards the police. 

What Age Do Most Cops Retire?

The age at which most cops retire depends on the jurisdiction they serve, whether local, state, or federal law enforcement. Their length of service also plays a factor. The average age of retirement for police officers is around 55 years old, with many choosing to retire after 20-25 years of service. 

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Police Officer After Retirement?

The life expectancy of a police officer who lived to age 50 is only 7.8 additional years. There is an almost 40% chance of death for male police officers aged 50-54. Possible reasons for shorter life expectancy include work stress, shift work, obesity, and their work environment. 

What Does Retired Police Mean?

Retired police refer to law enforcement officers who served their local, state, or federal police department and have completed their service by reaching a certain age, fulfilling the required number of years, or due to injury or disability. They are no longer on active duty but are eligible for pension payments. 

Do Officers Get Retirement Pay?

Yes, police officers get retirement pay after reaching the eligible retirement age or completing the minimum years of service. According to Glassdoor, the average retired police officer can expect to receive USD57,007/year. However, this number varies depending on rank, length of service, and whether they served as local, state, or federal law enforcement. 

Who Has The Best Police Pension?

Equable Institute reports that Washington State has the best police pension. The LEOFF Plan 2 is a lifetime retirement pension plan for law enforcement officers and firefighters. In the plan, employees contribute 8.53% of their pretax salary. The total pension amount is calculated based on the years of service and income.   

Is A Retired Police Officer Considered A Civilian?

Yes, a retired police officer is considered a civilian and no longer part of the police force. However, due to their training and experience, they are not the typical civilian. They are also eligible for certain privileges, such as access to carry a concealed firearm and pension benefits for public safety workers. 

Are Police Forced To Retire At A Certain Age?

There is no general answer to whether police are forced to retire at a certain age. At the federal level, the mandatory retirement age is 57 if the officer has completed 20 years of service. At the local and state levels, each department may have its own policies regarding retirement age. 

Can Retired Officers Use Their Rank?

Yes, retired police officers can use their rank, but it is restricted to social use. For example, they can mention their rank in marketing materials to promote their experience or services after retirement, but they are not encouraged to include it as part of their name to avoid implying an existing connection with the police force. 


So there you have some great places to begin to look for driving jobs for retired police officers, plus a whole host of other possibilities that could work well for you in your retirement. 

In fact, these are also valid driving jobs for ex police officers.

And if you’re a retired police officer, let me know what other jobs you are enjoying doing at this stage in life in the comments below! 

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