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23 Best Jobs For Expats (Get Paid To Travel The World!) 2024

Does the travel bug in you carry a deep desire to wander the world? Here are the 23 best jobs for expats that will pay for your travels, a place to live, and put food on the table.

I have been traveling and working outside of my home country for the past 5 years and have often been asked how to land a job overseas and work as an expat. 

There’s plenty of information out there about these questions but it’s always nice to have it all in one place!

Are you ready to work and travel abroad? Here you go, the list of the best expatriate jobs! 


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best jobs for expats

23 Best Jobs For Expats To Be Explored

1. Teaching English

Teaching English can be an excellent way to travel the world as it is usually the first option mentioned when discussing the best overseas expat jobs. 

Thus, it has been one of the most popular choices of expat jobs for Americans as it can be done at international schools worldwide.

From my personal experience, teaching English has given me the opportunity to travel the world! So you have the chance to explore the world and at the same time have a stable income to finance yourself. 

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned teacher, questions like what are the requirements, how to get started, and what they pay are lingering in your mind. 

How to get started?

A university degree is needed in order for you to get started. If you don’t have one, having TEFL is NON-NEGOTIABLE. 

Gear up yourself with a 120-hour teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate ‘TEFL’ and you are ready to conquer the classroom. If you are a full-time worker, you can use your evenings and weekends to complete the course.

Once you have completed the 120-hour course, you will have the necessary skills needed by ESL employers worldwide and help you prepare for the job. 

Besides, you will be guided on how to create a great CV, pass interviews, and more which would secure a great job placement overseas!

How much can I earn by teaching English?

Now the big question! How much can I earn from being an English Teacher? Your earnings vary for each location, class type, and level of experience you have. 

Considering the national average salary for an English Teacher teaching abroad is USD 19.33 per hour, teaching English is one of the best jobs for American expats.

2. Tour Guide

If your passion is to travel the world, and you are a history nerd, becoming a tour guide is definitely the best job for working abroad.

Being a tour guide means leading a group of tourists around the country, showing them the landmarks of the country while telling them all the histories of the particular place. 

To stand out as a tour guide, you must arm yourself with the following skills:

  • Good storyteller
  • Open to change
  • Love showing people around
  • Can think on your feet to deal with any issues
  • Optimistic and fun
  • Confident
  • Good photography skills
  • Being punctual
  • Leadership

Yes! I have the passion, enthusiasm, and skills to become a tour guide! But how do I go about it? 

How to get started? 

WayUp, CoolWorks,  and GoAbroad are the websites that expats use when looking for tour guide jobs.

To land a job as a tour guide, most companies require specific training and experience. 

If you do not have any training, fret not! 

Join the International Tour Management Institute to get the training required to begin your dream career as a tour guide. 

How much can I earn?

Your earnings as a tour guide depend entirely on your level of experience and defer for each country. But the average salary in the US is USD40,450 per year.

best jobs for expats

Photo by Josh Appel from Unsplash

3. Hostel Worker

Another expat job is becoming a hostel worker.

If you are a traveler, you will be aware that most hostel workers around the world are someone who isn’t from that particular country or place.

This job is suitable for people who love to travel and meet new people. 

So getting a career as a hostel worker is a great way for you to explore the world and also help you to finance your travel around the globe.

The bright side of working as a hostel worker is that you do not need any experience. You just need to have strong customer service skills and be independent. If you are able to speak multiple languages it will definitely give you a brownie point!

How to get started?

The best expat websites when applying for hostel jobs are Hostelworld and 

How much can I earn? 

There are many factors that will influence your income as a hostel worker. The main factor will be whether you are doing it full-time or on a part-time basis.  

The average annual salary of a hostel worker range between USD 27,705 to USD 42,711 based on the level of experience. 

4. NGO/Humanitarian Work

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), also commonly known as “non-profits”  is a great option if you want to work abroad and need to work for a cause that you believe in.

Larger organizations such as Médecins San Frontières (MSF), Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), have offices all over the world.

Since transfers are common and available, they can be considered one of the best international jobs for Americans.

What are the requirements to kickstart my career with an NGO? 

Working for NGOs offers excellent opportunities to work in one’s field of study such as economics, accountancy, engineering, etc. 

No matter what degree you hold, NGOs will need you to achieve their mission regardless.

There are some NGO online courses that will provide you with a better understanding and clearer breakdown of the skillsets needed to land an NGO job. For more information, you can look into this article:

You can check out Global Jobs as it is one of the best sites that provide information on NGO jobs that are international.

How much can you get paid as an NGO expat?

Let’s be honest, NGOs often operate on a not-for-profit basis. Thus, salaries are modest. 

According to Salary Explorer, NGO workers’ salaries can range as low as USD 28,900 and as high as USD 141,000 annually. 

best jobs for expats

   Photo by Sophia Sideri from Unsplash

5. Flight Attendant 

Becoming a flight attendant is one of the best jobs for expats and also one of the best international jobs for English speakers. 

It gives you the opportunity to see the most amazing places around the globe. 

You will be able to visit places like Japan, Morocco, France, and more. Isn’t that amazing? 

Seeing this wonderful world while having a good job to finance your lifestyle. 

How to become a flight attendant?

The answer is a lot simpler than most people think.

The easiest way for you to become a flight attendant is simply to go to different airlines’ websites and look into flight attendant applications and apply. 

It is very competitive to become a flight attendant as different airlines only open their applications a few times a year. So, when you do see those applications open, it’s very important to stay on top of it and to have everything ready.

And do note that different airlines have different sets of rules. 

How much does a flight attendant make? 

As a flight attendant, your yearly salary can range so much but this depends on a lot of different factors. The main factor is flight attendant is paid at an hourly rate. Hourly rate means based on the hour’s flight attendant fly.

Your hours will start when the forward boarding door closes and the captain pushes back from the gate and pay stops when you arrive at your destination and that boarding door is open again. 

According to, the salary range of a flight attendant falls between USD 99,450 and USD 156,540. The wide range of differences is due to factors such as type of airlines, experience, additional skills and etc.

To know more information about flight attendants, you can go to and you can search for a lot of different information on here about flight attendants. 

best jobs for expats

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6. Au Pair

Another popular option for jobs for Brits abroad is Au Pair. Au pair is one of the highest-demand expat jobs in Europe as it is always needed and can be done in almost any country.

How to get started?

Choose the right website or agency!

For this, you can use AuPairWorld. Secondly, choose the right location. Do some research on the place and location before accepting the job.

Thirdly, make sure the family is a good fit for you! Communicate with the family beforehand. Lastly, ensure that you know exactly what you are expected to do. 

For example, how much salary they are going to pay you, how much housework you need to do,  how about your weekends, etc. 

How much can I earn as an Au Pair?

Au Pair receive pocket money in exchange for the help offered to their host family. The amount of pocket money depends on which country you are in and the number of working hours.

Note: In some countries, pocket money is fixed by the law, while in others, it is decided by mutual agreement between the host family and the au pair. For example, Au Pair in the United States earns around USD 850 monthly

7. Cruise/Yacht Ship Worker

The first thing that comes across everyone’s mind after seeing the word cruise is Titanic. Apart from the opportunity to explore different locations around the world, working on a cruise also allows you to travel relatively in style. 

Indeed once-in-a-lifetime experience and one of the best international jobs.

Cruise ships have a vast range of work for expats, from massage therapists, hospitality workers, lifeguards, waiters, chefs, and cashiers who are all needed on board. However, they do require that you have some experience before applying.

Aside from the cruise, you can also work on yachts. Various types of jobs are available to be chosen, from stewards to captains. Combined with the idea of working on different sizes of yachts, it’s an amazing way to spend your summer!

How to become a cruise worker?

Cruise jobs are extremely competitive. 

Always on alert for job opportunities from cruise companies especially the Big Threes, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Princess so that you can grab the opportunity while it’s available.

Here are some websites where you can find cruise ship jobs:

To get a better understanding of working on a cruise, you can have a look at this guide – Wandering Earl’s Guide

How much can I earn as a cruise worker?

If you are considering a career in this field, your earnings depend on which cruise ship you will be attached to.

Cruise ship crew members for Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian Cruise Line can earn an annual average between USD 16,000 to USD 20,000, while leadership staff earns much higher between USD 30,000 to USD 100,000.

best jobs for expats

Photo by Alonso Reyes from Unsplash

8. Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant and living abroad is becoming a popular and common theme among expats as VA is one of the best expat jobs in the market right now.

VA is someone who works remotely from the comfort of their own space and earns a living by helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals to accomplish specific tasks that are being assigned to them.

In a nutshell, becoming a virtual assistant expat gives you the time and location freedom to work from any corner of the world!

To get started you can read the below article: 

Below are my favorite VA courses that will help you to clear your doubts, provide you with guidance on how to attract clients and how to pitch clients, as well as how to raise your rates, and scale your business:

If money is a bit tight and you are really interested to start your journey as a VA, here is a FREE virtual assistant workshop that teaches you all the skills you need to start!

The best place to find VA jobs is Upwork,, and Facebook groups.

How much can a Virtual Assistant earn?

The average annual income for a Virtual Assistant in the United States is USD 59,010 per year!

9. Housesitting

Housesitting? Are you serious? Dear readers, I know what is running through your mind now.

It’s a very simple concept where the owner of the house needs someone to watch over their house, mail, pets, and plants while they are away for business or vacation ranging anywhere from a few days to a few months. 

That’s where you as a housesitter come into the picture.

How can I start housesitting as an expat? 

You can use the trusted websites below to begin your search:

How much can I earn?

Firstly, it always depends on which country you are in. In the United States, the average hourly salary range typically falls between USD 12 and USD 16

Whereas in Australia, the standard cost of house sitting is between AUD 50 (USD 33) and 90 (USD 60) a night.

Note: It is also common to be unpaid for house sitting as you are getting free accommodation. 

10. Diving Instructor

One of the greatest joys in life is being able to do what you love. 

Being a diving instructor is a dream for most divers as they can travel the world and explore more underwater locations.

 It is one of the best international careers for divers. For example, if you wish to live and work in Tulum, Mexico, a diving instructor will be on top of the list of best jobs for expats in Mexico.

How to get started? 

First of all, this expat option requires you to get some certification. 

Remark: Ensure that the certificate you are holding or going to take is widely recognized and accepted in most diving locations worldwide.

Below are some of the best scuba diving certifications that you can check out: 

  • Best Overall Scuba Diving Certification: PADI dive course
  • Runner-up for Overall Scuba Diving Certification: SSI
  • Best For Aspiring Tec Divers: SDI 
  • Oldest Civilian Diver Training: NAUI Worldwide
  • Best British Contingent: BSAC

If you already have diving certificates, then you can proceed to the next step which is finding a job. You can use websites such as Beach Jobs or join relevant Facebook groups to search for diving instructor jobs.

How much does a diving instructor earn?

Based on Indeed Salaries, divers make a national average salary of USD 49,602 per year. 

best jobs for expats

Photo by Nazarizal Mohammad from Unsplash

11. Work exchange

There are many great international jobs for expats that are growing in popularity. 

One of them is work exchange because it comes with perks like great views, accommodation, and finding new friends!

Work exchange means expats search for jobs from employers who provide food and accommodation for free without the need to pay an hourly wage to help with their businesses.

This job is suitable if you want to immerse yourself in local culture and It is one of the best overseas jobs. 

If you are looking to work mainly in the USA, this job has a high potential compared to other jobs in USA for expats as most international companies are based there.

How to get started?

The best expat job sites to launch your expat career on work exchange jobs are:

Simple steps, register and pay an annual fee that is lower than 50EUR(60USD) but you get food and accommodation for free. 

Fun fact: Fruit picking is one of the best options to get started as a work exchange. You can travel to all the places that you have dreamed of, such as Italy, Tasmania, Switzerland, etc. To get started, you can read the below article:

How much can I earn?

As a work exchange, you will not earn on an hourly basis. In return, your employer will provide you with free accommodation and food.

12. Peace Corps

The next expat careers options for the best jobs for expats is working with the peace corps. This job is suitable for expats that are looking for a job abroad but don’t need to be paid.

Peace Corps is an organization where you will be working as a volunteer in sectors that you have expertise in such as medicine, teaching, youth development, etc, and work in developing the countries that you are placed in alongside local communities. 

Things to know: Every volunteer will start off their first few months in their new host country by undergoing training in learning the local language of their new host country and intensive job training.

How to get started?

If you are keen to be a volunteer in the Peace Corps, you can apply at Volunteer Forever.

13. Travel Blogger

It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion come together. Earning through blogging has given me the freedom to fulfill my passion for travel while extending my service to the community.

You can start by writing blogs for entertainment or writing about your trips and experiences to develop a passive income. Either way, becoming a travel blogger is a great way to wander the world.

How to get started as a travel blogger?

I have got you covered with a list of articles that will guide you on how to start a travel blog and get paid for it.

Enrolling in this travel blogging course truly changed my life for the better as I learned how to build a travel blog from scratch without having any prior knowledge.

In my ebook, I teach you the exact steps you can take so you can blog full-time and live your dream life on the road.

best jobs for expats

14. Hospitality Worker/Waiter

Do you work in the hospitality industry or have experience at one of the top hotel chains? If yes, great news! This is one of the best jobs for expats and jobs in demand abroad. 

Having experience in the hospitality industry will give you an extra advantage to network into a job anywhere abroad easily, which is why hospitality jobs are one of the best jobs for American expats in Europe. 

For example, working in an exclusive French wine-and-dine is one of the best jobs for expats in France, or working in a rooftop bar on the island of Ibiza is undoubtedly one of the best jobs for expats in Spain. How amazing would that be!

How to get started?

You can use Expatica and SimplyHired websites when applying for this expat job.

How much can I earn?

Your salary depends on the position you hold. 

Top jobs that expats hold in hospitality such as hotel manager, head chef, marketing manager, and business development manager will earn much higher salaries than a waiter.

For example, entry-level hospitality worker earns an average of USD 27,316 annually while most experienced workers make up to USD 75,001 per year.

best jobs for expats

15. Nursing/Medical Assistant

Nurses are always in high demand in many countries as they are the backbone of the healthcare system. Nursing is one of the best jobs for expats in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

If you are currently a nurse and looking for some adventure in your life, you can consider working as a nurse abroad. It will not only give you the opportunity to live abroad but allows you to experience different cultures and discover the world. 

How to get started?

If you are a registered nurse and interested in working abroad, check out this article on working as a nurse internationally. 

Different countries have different licensing requirements. 

You will need to do research on the requirements for nurses in a given country before applying for the job. 

best jobs for expats

16. Software Development

Software development job is one of the top expat jobs and high-paying expat jobs in the list of best expatriate jobs as they are needed all around the world. 

If you are already in this field, you have the opportunity to work at global companies with offices all over the world and get a chance to experience life abroad. 

How to find a job abroad?

The most popular websites when looking for jobs as a software developer abroad are:

Fun Fact: The best opportunities for software developers allow them to work remotely, provided you have a good WiFi connection and a laptop to support the programs that you are working on.

best jobs for expats

17. Web Designer

As e-commerce businesses are gaining popularity around the globe, it is one of the best jobs abroad. Web designers are needed to create the visual aspects of websites that look appealing and at the same time user friendly. 

How to become one?

If you are interested in art, design, and technology, web design is for you. It is a great career to expand your wings and land your dream job abroad. 

Most entry-level positions require an associate degree in web design or a related field. 

The most popular websites expats use when applying for jobs as a web designers are:

How much can I earn as a web designer? 

According to CareerExplorer, the average wage for a web designer in the United States is around USD 17.56 per hour.

18. Contract Work

Contract work is someone who will be working on a contract basis for another company. This is another great option for high-paying expat jobs. 

Note: If you are just starting off your career, contract work might not be for you, as this job requires some sort of experience.

How to get started?

You can use the websites below when applying for jobs as a contract worker:

How much can I earn as a contract worker?

Since you will be working on a contract basis with a company, your remuneration will be based on your experience. According to Now Health International, the average annual salary of expats around the globe is USD 99,903 per year.

19. Freelancer

It’s no secret that I love to travel. Stepping my foot into freelancing has given me the opportunity to live my dream life which is to travel and make money as it is one of the best jobs to work abroad.

There are many options available to start your journey as a freelancer. 

You can start as a freelance proofreader, freelance travel writer, or even a freelance photographer. Find your interest or something that you have expertise in and begin!

How to get started? 

You can use Upwork, Fiverr, and Odesk, to explore the world of freelancers using these platforms. Find your interest and start exploring. Don’t be afraid to start. There are plenty of people looking to hire freelancers online.

How much can I earn as a freelancer? 

There are many factors that will determine your salary as a freelancer. First, will you be doing a part-time job or a full-time job? 

Other factors such as the quality and quantity of the work you do will definitely affect your income. 

According to this article, freelancers are likely to earn significantly more than everyday workers. The average full-time freelancer can earn more than USD 5,000 a month.

best jobs for expats

20. Copywriting

Copywriters are those who write the content used to market a service or product of their client. 

How to get started as a copywriter?

The good news is you do not need any particular degree or experience to be a copywriter but someone with good writing skills is a perfect fit to be a copywriter. 

Some of the best copywriter’s resources to check out:

How much can you earn by copywriting?

As with other jobs, there are many factors that will influence your earnings as a copywriter. 

Firstly, copywriters charge based on a project instead of hourly, unless they work on specific projects with a client, and that project will take months. 

For example, You can make USD 50 in one week and USD 400 in the next week. The wide range of differences can be attributed to several reasons such as the number of projects you completed, your experience, and the scale of the project.

21. Finance

Working in the finance industry will give you the best international working careers, and it is also one of the high-paying expat jobs. 

If you have experience in the world of finance, you have a greater chance to land a job overseas as it is one of the best jobs for living abroad. 

How to get started?

Firstly, you need to have experience and qualifications to work in the finance industry. If you have the qualification, well done! There’s a wide option of global companies for you to work with. 

The top 3 best countries to work abroad for expats who have a finance background are the USA, Dubai, and Germany.

best jobs for expats

Photo by krakenimages from Unsplash

22. Graphic Designer

As we know, the human brain is more capable of processing visuals than audio or text. This concludes that graphic design is crucial to the success of a company. 

How to get started?

To work as a graphic designer overseas, you will likely need an education in design as well as some experience working with companies. This will ease your process of landing a graphic design expat job. 

If you have the education and also experience, you can use the following websites to apply for jobs:

How much can I earn as a graphic designer?

According to this article, statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics say that graphic designers earn an average of USD 53,380 annually. 

The average hourly pay for a Freelance Graphic Designer in the United States is USD 27.89 an hour.

best jobs for expats

23. Seasonal Jobs Abroad

Living and working abroad for the first time can be frightening. However, the unique work experience and the memories you will be able to create will outweigh your fear.

Seasonal jobs offer you the opportunity to experience cultural exchange abroad and forge awesome memories during different seasons, which explains why it is one of the best jobs overseas. 

You can work in the ski resorts during winter in Switzerland, you can get involved in vineyard work during the summer in France as these are one of the best jobs for expats in Europe.

How to get started?

To work in Ski Resorts, you can apply for a job using the below websites:

If you love working on the farm, and you don’t mind working under the sun, this job is perfect for you as it is a great way to make extra money while traveling. 

Popular countries for seasonal work opportunities are New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Chile, and the United Kingdom.

You can use the below websites to find jobs:

best jobs for expats

Which Country Is Safest For Expats

Switzerland is the safest country for expats. It ranks first for safety and security, followed by Norway and Singapore. Political uncertainty has caused the UK and the US to tumble down the ranking, while East Asia is the region where expats are most likely to feel safe. 

Best Companies For Expat Jobs

Looking for an expat employer? Don’t worry. Below are some of the best companies for US expat jobs where you can live your dream to work and travel at the same time. 

How Do I Get A Job As An Expat?

There are certain things to do to get expat jobs. Below are some tips to allow you to land a job as an expat. 

  1. Ask for an overseas transfer. 
  2. Spreadsheet the expat job market. 
  3. Network.
  4. Reach out to local recruitment agencies. 
  5. Check your paperwork. 
  6. Learn the language. 
  7. Localize your CV. 
  8. Go social with the job hunt.
  9. Write a cold e-mail.
  10.  Book a job-seeking trip.

What Jobs Do Most Expats Do? 

Jobs do most expats do are: 

  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Marketing
  • Teaching jobs overseas
  • Medical professional
  • Web development

 What Jobs Let You Travel For A Living?

The best job that let you travel for a living and are expat international jobs  are: 

  • Cruise ship chef.
  • Train conductor.
  • Flight attendant.
  • English teacher abroad.
  • Truck driver.
  • Travel technician.
  • Travel nurse.
  • Blogger.
  • Business consultant. 
  • Training specialist

Which Job Is Best To Work In Foreign Countries?

The job that is best to work in foreign countries are:

  • Teach English in Thailand.
  • Au Pair in Germany.
  • Work in Tourism and Hospitality in Spain.
  • Marketing and Business in China.

What Is The Easiest Job To Get Abroad?

The easiest job to get abroad are:

  1. Hotel breakfast attendant.
  2. Tour guide. 
  3. Event planning intern. 
  4. Landscape laborer. 
  5. Hotel housekeeper.
  6. Server. 
  7. Hotel front desk clerk. 
  8. Nanny.
  9. Farmhand.
  10. Cafe assistant.

So there you go, a list of the best jobs for expats for you! Remember that the world is full of opportunity and there’s something for everyone out there.

Now that you know what is an expat job, you just have to find the best one that suits your heart and soul. 

Wherever you decide to live and work, undertake with confidence, ace the job and enjoy every moment. Good luck and wish you the best!

Feel free to mention in the comments section below if you are looking for more information on jobs for expats or if I have missed out on any. We would love to hear from you!

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