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UpWork Hourly Rates: Best Rate To Get Clients! [2024]

Are you wondering how to set UpWork hourly rates? 

You may have just started out on Upwork and want to know everything about how to charge, that’s why I am sharing all the details about UpWork Hourly rates with you. On an average, the Upwork hourly rate is $33 per hour, with beginner freelancer hourly rates ranging between $10-$50.

I’ll also touch on how to set your hourly rate in UpWork and everything you need to know to succeed on the platform. 

Ready? I’m all set to show you how!

Upwork Hourly Rates

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Web Developer$15-$30$25-$70$45-$150
Software Developers$15-$30$30-$70$50-$150
Content Writer$15-$40$30-$50$50-$80
Virtual Assistant$12-$20$20-$40$38-$50
Graphic Designer$15-$30$30-$50$45-$70
Digital Marketer$20-$50$35-$70$75-$150
Customer Service Representative$10-$20$15-$35$25-$50

What Is The Average UpWork Hourly Rates 

So, the first question you have may be, what is the average hourly rate on Upwork?

Currently, the average Upwork hourly rate is $33.00 per hour though this varies widely depending on the country you’re in. 

You’ll also need to understand that UpWork per hour rates also differ depending on the type of work or service you’re able to provide.

For example, you can see on UpWork that the average rate for an Amazon Web Services developer can go from $20 to $45 per hour whereas, the UpWork hourly rate for writers for blogs, could change to $15 to $35 per hour

If you’re curious about what the other hourly UpWork pricing for freelancers are, like the UpWork hourly rate for data entry, among other fields, UpWork has a comprehensive guide to hourly rates across categories here

Upwork hourly rates

what should be hourly rate on upwork for beginners?

You may be worried about how much should my hourly rate be on Upwork.

The average hourly rate Upwork beginner is around $10-$50 per hour however the beginner hourly rate on Upwork also varies with the industry you’re in as the Upwork salary per hour for web designing or software development are different from those of content writing or email marketing.

So how do you know what hourly rate for freelance beginner is ideal? How do you decide the best hourly rate for Upwork beginner?

The best hourly rate for upwork is one where you’re properly compensated for the time and efforts you put in for the project.

Below are the most sought-after skill sets and the hourly rate for beginners in Upwork:

Web Developer

Most businesses require web developers to build their apps or to work on a web-based project. If you’re a web developer looking for clients, Upwork can be a good start to build your portfolio.

What is a good hourly rate for Upwork for web developers, you might ask.

Upwork average hourly rate for web developers is between $15-$30 per hour for a basic project but you can charge more depending on the client’s requirements and complexity of the project.

Software Developers

Software developers are in high demand on Upwork, and you can make a good living if you set your rates correctly. But what is the hourly rate for Upwork beginner software developer?

Upwork rate for beginners is between $15-$30 per hour, but if you have particular DevOps knowledge and experience, you can charge more.

upwork hourly rates

Content Writer

Small and large businesses turn to Upwork for content writers for their blogs, websites, and social media. If you’re a budding content writer, you can find projects on Upwork. Now you may want to know the hourly rate for freelancer in upwork.

Upwork rate per hour for beginners content writers is between $15-$40 but you can increase you rates as you gain more experience or when you choose to write for a particular niche.

Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants is also on the rise and you can plenty of postings for VAs across different industries on Upwork.

What should be the hourly rate on Upwork for VAs?

Depending on the services you offer, you can start charging anywhere from $12 to $20 per hour which is the average hourly rate in upwork. Once you gain a few clients, you can raise your Upwork hourly rate for beginners Philippines.

You can set up a higher Upwork starting hourly rate if you offer extra services like managing WordPress, Pinterest, or creating Canva templates.

upwork hourly rates

Graphic Designer

For websites, social media, and online campaigns, visual image and video content is crucial, which is why companies search Upwork for graphic designers.

While hourly rate for beginner Upwork graphic designers is between $15 to $30 per hour, most charge by the project because these jobs typically take longer to complete.

Digital Marketer

Businesses seek out digital marketers who can manage advertising campaigns and improve their brand’s visibility on Upwork. Social media platforms are an excellent way to reach your target audience and promote brand awareness.

As a beginner digital marketer, your Upwork rates per hour can be between $20 – $50 per hour. You can charge higher than the usual hourly rate in Upwork if you offer SEO optimization of the client’s website and content because it is regarded as an additional service.

upwork hourly rates

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are also required in most industries, and businesses use Upwork to find freelancers who can provide remote customer support.

The Upwork per hour rate for beginners customer support representatives is between $10-$20 per hour.


For either a temporary or long-term position, numerous businesses turn to Upwork to find trustworthy freelance accountants.

If you’re wondering how much should I charge on Upwork as an accountant, a beginner accountant may charge between $12 and $35 per hour. You can charge more if you have an advanced degree.

Difference Between An UpWork Hourly Rate And A Project Rate

Before you go about committing to a project or a client on UpWork, it is important to understand that UpWork as a platform operates with two main types of contracts and rates: 

  • a fixed-price contract and
  •  an hourly contract

For hourly contracts, this means that you as a freelancer will get paid an UpWork hourly rate set by your client, and agreed upon by you, for the time spent on the project. 

There are two ways that these hours can be tracked:

  • UpWork Desktop App where the freelancer logs time by downloading an app and the client can check the progress of the project through the Work Diary
  • Manual time billing where the freelancer keys in the time on their own

For fixed-price contracts, you and the client can agree to project milestones and respective payments. 

The payment timeline for both hourly contracts and fixed-price contracts differ slightly. 

For an hourly contract, as a freelancer, you will need to log hours through the app or manually every week until midnight UTC on Sundays. 

These hours are then billed to the client automatically every Monday. 

On the other hand, for fixed-price contracts, the client deposits the project milestone funds into UpWork’s escrow.

 This means UpWork as a third party temporarily holds the money till the milestone is met.

 This amount is then released as soon as work is submitted and the client approves the milestone. 

Both contracts, regardless of their payment modes and timelines, are protected by UpWork Payment Protection.  

How To Determine The Perfect UpWork Hourly Rate

Setting up an UpWork account was the first step. 

Now you’re stuck on how to set your rate and whether there is even an UpWork beginner hourly rate. 

Surely you can’t be pricing your services at the same as the other freelancers who have been on the platform for ages. But you can’t price it too low else you may struggle to make ends meet.

The good news is – the UpWork hourly rate you set can change.

Setting an hourly rate on UpWork as a beginner doesn’t mean you have to stick to it for the whole of your time on UpWork. 

So, how do I decide what is the best hourly rate on Upwork for beginners?

In determining the perfect UpWork hourly rate, you’ll want to think about the following points:

  • Money you need for your daily expenses 
  • Business expenses you might incur 
  • Current UpWork hourly rate for beginners and experienced freelancers in your field 
  • Level of demand for your skillset
  • How much value do you expect to give to the client 
Upwork hourly rates

What UpWork Hourly Rate Should I Set As A Beginner?

How much should my hourly rate be on Upwork? What is the ideal hourly rate in Upwork?

In setting your hourly rate as an UpWork beginner, you can start off by thinking of those points above and deciding how much you’d like to earn annually from your freelancing. 

It will differ if you’re looking to UpWork as a full-time income or a part-time/freelance one.

Once you’ve decided on this sum, say $60,000 a year, you simply divide it by the number of working weeks in a year (there are 52 weeks in a year but you may want to take some time off), times the working hours in a week.

For example, assuming you set out to work 40 hours a week and take 4 weeks off for the holidays, illnesses and unplanned emergencies, this works out to 48 weeks x 40 hours or 1920 working hours a year.

To determine your ideal hourly rate to stay in line with your annual income goal, it would be: $60,000 divided by 1920 hours = $31.25/hour as your UpWork hourly rate. 

So in this case your hourly rate in UpWork for beginners will be $31.25/hour

Feel free to then adjust this hourly figure alongside the average hourly rate freelancers in your field are charging as you want to remain competitive. 

But again, make sure your freelance hourly rate doesn’t veer too far from what you need to make a decent annual income! 

Upwork hourly rates

Is There A Minimum UpWork Hourly Rate?

Yes, there is a minimum basic hourly rate in Upwork of $3.00 per hour. 

There are a lot of freelancers out on the Upwork platform and some freelancers might be keen to charge lower rates in order to get their first few clients.

There might also be clients who are looking to take advantage of the oversupply of talents to offer a lower price.

Minimum hourly rate in Upwork does not mean that you have to start at that rate. Rather, to avoid exploitation of workers, the platform has set up a minimum hourly rate Upwork.

Having an UpWork minimum hourly rate protects you as a beginner from charging too low, and also ensures you are fairly paid for the work you’ve done. 

In case you’re curious, for fixed-price contracts, the minimum rate for this is $5.00

How Do I Tell My Client My UpWork Hourly Rates?

Talking about money is never easy but you have to if you want to earn from your freelancing work. 

First and foremost, the most important way of telling your client your UpWork hourly rate is by updating it on your profile page. 

Go to ‘Profile’ and click on ‘Hourly Rate’ to update the rate you’ve decided on.

Next, you might also want to tell clients of your hourly rate when pitching for projects especially if it differs from what you’ve listed on your profile.

 Perhaps it might be because the client has more requirements or you can value-add to their product.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Have your portfolio ready. For example, if you’re a freelance writer, make sure you have your written pieces with you, whether it’s on a site or a document. 
  • Tell your client how you can meet their project requirements by aligning it with your past experiences and skillsets.
  • Value-add by telling them what else you can offer them that they might find useful for the project.
  • Confidently state your hourly rate for UpWork to them. 
  • Hope for the best. It’s perfectly normal if a client declines working with you as your rate might be above their budget. But hold your head high and as long as you’re actively pitching for projects, you’ll find a client who will see the value you’re delivering and meet you where you’re at. 
  • Lastly, remember to follow up, always! Clients can be busy and not following up is tantamount to giving up before you’ve even started. 
Upwork Hourly Rates

what should be hourly rate on freelancer for beginners?

Freelancer, like Upwork, is a freelancing platform and one of the largest marketplaces for freelancers. Employers from all industries turn to Freelancer to find independent contractors to work on short-term projects.

On Freelancer, beginners typically charge $10 to $25 per hour, though this can vary greatly based on your skills, the type of work, and the industry. Depending on the complexity, some freelancers also bill on a project basis.

If your goal is to establish your portfolio, you can begin charging less and raise your rates as you receive a sufficient number of testimonials and positive feedback.

FAQs On Upwork Hourly Rates

What Is The Best Hourly Rate In UpWork?

The best hourly rate in UpWork is anywhere from $20 to $35 per hour, depending on your experience, skillset and demand for your skills. 

If you’re a beginner, start with $20/hour or less depending on how much those in your field are charging. 

If you have experience, go for $35/hour and above if you can prove you’re adding value to the client and can meet their needs. 

Upwork hourly rates

Is UpWork Hourly?

Yes, UpWork has an hourly rate option and a fixed-rate project option for both clients and freelancers. For the hourly option, clients have to pay freelancers a minimum of $3.00/hour for the time spent on the project. 

The rate can go up depending on the negotiation process between the client and the freelancer. 

Does UpWork Pay Daily?

No, UpWork does not pay daily. If you are on an hourly contract, it is based on a weekly billing cycle that ends on Sunday. Thereafter your funds will be ready for withdrawal 10 days later, which works out to the following Wednesday.

If you’re on a fixed-rate project, you will get paid once your client approves of your milestone or project completion and you can withdraw this amount after a five-day security period. 

What Skills Pay The Most On Upwork?

These skills pay the most on UpWork and listed alongside them is the average UpWork hourly rate: 

Upwork hourly rates

What Should You Not Do On UpWork

As a beginner on UpWork, it is very important you do not do illegal or suspicious things on UpWork that could get your profile banned, or result in you getting scammed of your personal details or even money.

 You should not do the following on UpWork:

  • Choose to take work or payments outside of UpWork as you might subject yourself to scams 
  • Give your username and password to anyone else 
  • Pay your client before you submit a job application
  • Do free work 
  • Creating or aiding in the creation of sexually explicit or pornographic content, which could also include erotic-style writing 
  • Process payments for a client or pay ahead for goods and services, which could also include depositing cheques or buying gift cards 
  • Receiving goods from clients, repacking and resending them as you could be the middleman in an elaborate scam
  • Clicking on unknown links provided by clients 

How Much Do Beginners Make On Upwork?

A beginner on UpWork can expect to make anywhere from $10 to $15 per hour.

Of course, it could differ too as this is very much dependent on the skills you’re putting out, the demand for your skills, your experience level and the number and quality of freelancers available with your skillset.

how long does Upwork take to pay?

Upwork typically pays freelancers right away after the five day security period, as long as the client gives their approval after the project is submitted. If the client does not respond, payments are cleared 14 days later, in addition to the five day security period.

how do freelancers get paid on Upwork?

Upwork allows freelancers to be paid via direct bank transfers, PayPal, Payoneer, and other payment methods. The platform facilitates all project-related interactions with the client. After you complete and submit the project, it is reviewed for approval. Upwork will release your payment once the project has been approved by the client.

how does peoplePerHour work?

PeoplePerHour is a freelancing platform that connects freelancers seeking per-hour or per-project work with clients looking to hire for specific projects. To get started, sign up with your email address, fill out an application form, and submit it. Once approved, your profile will be active. You can then take on projects based on your availability.

how to get free connects on Upwork?

You will receive 50 free connects within 48 hours of creating your Upwork profile. Aside from that, you receive 10 free connects per month. If you earn a Rising Talent Badge, your Upwork profile will receive 30 free connects. You will also receive free connects if you win an interview with a verified client on Upwork.

Upwork hourly rates

Ready To Set Up Upwork Hourly Rate?

I hope you now have a clearer picture of how you should go about setting your UpWork hourly rates. 

I understand that it’s never easy to start something for the first time. It can seem very nerve-wracking and UpWork can seem very saturated that you might wonder if you can even earn at all from UpWork. 

But that’s also what I thought before I started. If I let the fear I had then stop me from starting, then I never would have taken on that proofreading job while climbing the majestic Everest base camp. 

In case you want a quick course on this, I have just what you’re looking for. If not, feel free to browse my other resources on freelancing and excelling at UpWork

You can do it, you absolutely can! 

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