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15 Coliving Mexico Spaces- Chic and Affordable in 2023!

Dreaming of riding pipeline waves before starting your productive routine by the pool? Coliving Mexico will make your dreams come true!

Mexico has become a favorite among digital nomads and for a reason: cheap living costs, temperate climate, friendly locals and delicious food.

That’s why coliving Mexico is picking up quickly and more and more people are planning on living and travelling in the country for a while.

Here is the list of all the top coliving spaces in Mexico in 2023.

Coliving Mexico: Top Spaces in 2023

  1. Cabo San Lucas Downtown
  2. Cancun Coliving
  3. Joint PV- Puerto Vallarta
  4. San José del Cabo
  5. Tulum
  6. Mexico City
  7. Selina – Puerto Escondido
  8. U- Co – Mexico City
  9. Selina – Mexico city
  10. SC Cowork Playa de Carmen
  11. Colivesurf – Puerto Escondido 
  12. Outsite Tulum
  13. Outsite Oaxaca
  14. U-Co- Guadalajara
  15. Anana coliving


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If you are a bit more flexible on location, here are some super unique digital nomad coliving spaces in both Mexico and other parts of Latin America

Coliving Mexico: Top 11 Spaces

Although remote work and nomadic tendencies are trending and expected to grow more than ever in the next few years, coliving Mexico is a fairly new concept.

You will not easily find a comprehensive list with an in-depth description of all the major co-living spaces in the country – at least not in English.

So if you find this new trend alluring, read through this article and choose the option that best fits your coliving Mexico needs along with the best coworking Mexico has to offer. 

coliving in mexico
Coliving in Mexico has plenty of other great stays for remote workers. You can visit their website and find the best option for you. 

You can use my link here and save 2.5% on your first month.

To make it easier for you, here are some of their most popular spaces.

coliving mexico

1. Cabo San Lucas Downtown

Am I A Good Fit?

If you don’t want to spend too much on rent, but still want to give this coliving Mexico thing a go, then this place is perfect for you. 

Even more so, if you don’t fancy living with too many people.

Why Cabo San Lucas?

It is a nice house with three bedrooms and a few communal areas where you can eat, work, watch TV and relax. They also have a garden with a few sitting areas.

The place is located just a few blocks from the Cabo San Lucas Marina area, with bars, restaurants and other nice spots within walking distance.

Practical Information

You must stay at least for a month and you can rent a shared room (4 people) for 210 USD per month, with A/C, Wifi, hairdryer and other essentials.

You can order your breakfast for 3 USD, and grab lunch and dinner for a ‘very special price’ – that’s what they say.

If you want to access the coworking space you will be charged an additional fee.

The area is well served by public transport.

What’s In It For Me?

Other than fast wi-fi and A/C you will have all the essentials like towels, shampoo, iron and you will get to work in their co-working space if you are willing to pay the additional charge.

What Can I Do There?

You can relax in the chill-out area, take a nap in the outdoor area, watch Netflix or talk to other guests over a delicious meal, made by an in-house Chef.

Alternatively, you could go downtown and take in the local vibe.

coliving mexico

2. Cancun

Am I A Good Fit?

Are you an animal party and want to put on your explorer hat?

If you answered ‘Yes, BUT I am on a budget’, that is not a problem! They cater to all budgets.

So, this Co live Cancun space is a great fit for you!

Why Punta Cancun?

Coliving Cancun is perfect for fun-loving adventure seekers, with its white-sand beaches, gourmet restaurants, huge clubs, nearby jungles and Mayan ruins.

Practical Information

Regarding your booking, you must stay for a month (at a minimum) and you can choose the option that meets your needs and budget:

  • Tulum Room – 665 USD per month
  • Contoy Room- 853 USD per month
  • Holbox Room-1,003 USD per month
  • Akumal Room- 1,103 USD per month
  • Cozumel Room- 1,229 USD per month
  • Barcalar Room- 1,354 USD per month
  • Mahahual Room- 1,354 USD per month
  • Cancun Room- 1,605 USD per month

What’s In It For Me?

In this Cancun co-living, you will get fast Wi-Fi and A/C, a kitchen and essentials. There are plenty of coworking spaces throughout the space, and even in your own bedroom.

Complete with all the essential needs, so you can focus on your work and make most of your time while in Cancun!

What Can I Do There?

When you are not working, you can relax by the beach, do yoga, dip into their pool, party all night and explore the nearby jungles and Mayan ruins.

coliving mexico

3. Puerto Vallarta

Am I A Good Fit?

If you want to stay in a modern renovated building, with cool amenities such as a fitness studio and lots of parties and activities nearby, then Joint PV is your best choice for coliving Puerto Vallarta

This is especially suited to those who are looking for a blend between a hotel and an office for remote workers.

Why Puerto Vallarta?

Joint PV is a fairly new Mexican-style building, located in the trendy Old Town of Puerto Vallarta. If you stay here, you will be a few minutes away from the largest public market in town, a few minutes away from the best bars and nightclubs.

Oh, Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest places in Mexico, in case you are wondering if you can walk around on your own.

Practical Information

As for your stay, you must rent a room for a month (at a minimum) and you can choose among the following options:

  • Economy full room- 2691 USD per month
  • Standard queen room-3140 USD per month
  • Standard king room-3588 USD per month
  • King Suite- 4037 USD per month
  • Deluxe river view king room- 4485 USD per month

The price does not include tax. 

Pets are not allowed and you must keep quiet after 10pm.

What’s In It For Me?

There are 23 rooms with the latest technology and loads of cozy areas, where you can relax. 

The coworking space Puerto Vallarta also includes high-speed fiber-optic Wi-Fi. 

What Can I Do There?

You can party, take a language or a cooking class, join a walking tour or a cultural day trip, have community meals and lots of other stuff.

You can also enjoy your meal at their ‘Bonito Kitchen & Bar’, work out in their fitness studio and have a meeting in their skype rooms. 

coliving mexico

4. Mexico City

Am I A Good Fit?

Their average guests are professionals, entrepreneurs, startup founders, and students, with a hectic lifestyle who want to find a coliving in Mexico City where they feel like they  belong, with no hassle and the convenient of coworking space Mexico City has to offer!

Sounds like you? Click here to find out.

Why Mexico city-Niu?

Niu is an ambitious experimental co living Mexico City project that applies the latest models of coliving design to host the next generation of citizens – as they put it.

It is a new housing concept, which bridges the gap between privacy and networking and offers a ton of amenities.

Practical Information

You can stay in their Loft (3 options at the same price) for at least a month and pay 870 USD per month. Each loft has a bathroom, kitchen-dining room, closet, bedroom, and living room with all the services included.

It is located in a quiet neighborhood – Narvarte -, which is well-connected and close to business districts, bars and restaurants and the likes.

What’s In It For Me?

You can enjoy your privacy in your room while having access to lots of of design-conscious communal spaces and fancy amenities including:

  • coworking
  • chill-out room
  • outdoor space
  • projector
  • skype room
  • BBQ
  • fitness studio
  • roof garden

What Can I Do There?

This coliving Mexico City offers workshops, do yoga and fitness classes and join cultural day trips (and a lot more!).

coliving mexico

5. San José del Cabo

Am I A Good Fit?

Located at the town center of San José del Cabo, this charming cozy coliving space is perfect if you are looking for an intimate coliving space. 

With only 8 bedrooms, this coliving offers a great sense of community for like minded digital nomads who seek to make real connections. 

Why San José del Cabo?

San José del Cabo is known for its sandy beaches and colonial buildings, located on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. If you are looking for a tranquil Mexico coliving experience in Mexico, this is an underrated place you want to be!

Just next door, you can find amazing coworking coffee shops (praised by many in reviews), food trucks and just a walking distance to a beach for you to enjoy an evening stroll.

With the great weather all year round, no wonder this is a popular spot for many digital nomads.

Practical Information

The 8 bedrooms are divided between 2 houses. Every room is fully furnished with its own private bathroom. There are 5 types of bedrooms to choose from, some with its own private patio or balcony with an amazing view.

You can book a room here and the minimum requirement to stay is for at least 1 month.

  • Private Queen Room (No air conditioning)-  1365 USD per month
  • Private Queen Room with Ensuite bathroom- 1470 USD per month
  • Private Queen with Balcony- 1680 USD per month
  • Private Queen with Terrace (No air conditioning)- 1680 USD per month
  • Private Queen with Terrace- 1995 USD per month

What Can I Do There?

This city is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. From taking surf lessons at the nearby beaches to enjoying a good hiking experience.

San José del Cabo town center is surrounded with colorful and well preserved heritage buildings, giving the city a unique character that feels like out of a storybook.

Watch the town square come to live in the evening, with music and dancers, a truly remarkable experience to witness!

coliving mexico

6. Tulum

Am I A Good Fit?

This beach coliving house offers a perfect balance of work and relaxation ever digital nomads dream of! 

If you are looking to stay in a Tulum resort like accommodation for a fraction of the price, this place is perfect for you!

Why Tulum?

Tulum is a destination you can’t miss out on when in Mexico, famous for its pristine beaches and Mayans ruins structure dated back 820 years ago.

So why not turn this popular holiday destination as your temporary home in a Coliving Tulum

Practical Information

This coliving beach house can host up to 7 residents, making it a close knit community. Here, there is not just one, but two plunge pools- one on the ground floor and another on the rooftop!

There are 5 types of room options to choose from, depending on your preference and budget- all rooms have their own private bathroom. 

You can book a room here and the minimum requirement to stay is for at least 1 month.

  • Private King Room x3- From 1890 USD to 2415 USD per month
  • Private Full Room- 1995 USD per month
  • Master Room- 2940 USD per month

What’s In It For Me? 

Living the digital nomad life can get lonely sometimes, this is a great place for you to get a chance to be part of an amazing digital nomads. There are plenty of communal spaces to hangout and workspaces around the coliving. 

Besides the great community, you also get your own privacy in your room- designed with Boho chic to match the Tulum theme, making it feels like a staycation everyday!  

What Can I Do There?

With the beaches & restaurants just a walking distance away, you can enjoy an afternoon stroll at the beach or meditate at the rooftop overlooking the spectacular view!

7. Selina – Puerto Escondido

coliving mexico

Am I A Good Fit?

If you like the hostel vibe, with its community-oriented youngish touch, and you want to stay in a boutique hotel without breaking the bank then Selina coliving Mexico is your best choice.

You will get to experience nothing short of unique at Selina’s Coliving Puerto Escondido location.

What am I talking about?

Well, I don’t know about you, but the idea of sleeping in a teepee after a busy day makes me want to get a flight ticket right now.

If you don’t know what a teepee is, click here to have a look!

Awesome, right?

Why Selina? 

Selina is a travel lifestyle brand with accommodation designed for digital nomads and remote workers.

It was founded in Panama and has over 13 locations with more to be launched soon. It made the list of the top coliving spaces around the world created by a serial digital nomad. Their main activities revolve around:

  • Wellness
  • Art
  • Music
  • Culture 

Besides all these serious fun activities, Selina coworking Puerto Escondido is designed with communal working space in mind, that encourage each other to sit down get that work done! Coworking space Puerto Escondido at Selina included meeting rooms, and hot desk where you can rent either daily or monthly.

Practical Information

The place is located on Av. Del Morro 4, Playa Zicatela, 70934 Brisas de Zicatela. 

You could stay in a:

  • Shared Dorm- from 17 USD per day
  • Teepee standard- from 55 USD per day
  • Family Room- from 129 USD per day 
  • The Loft- from 161 USD per day

Here is what you would pay for some of the activities offered:

  • Bioluminescence at Manialtepec Lagoon – from 20USD
  • Surf guiding – from 28.5 USD
  • Surf lesson –  from 45 USD

Here is what you would pay for some of the Coworking Mexico city options:

  • Hot desk weekly – 45 USD
  • Hot desk daily – 13 USD

If you are traveling from Selina Mexico City Downtown, there are various direct flights (1-hour long) available in most commercial airlines.

Take an ADO or ETN bus from Mexico City. It takes around 12 to 15 hours and the price for a one-way ticket is 40 USD.

A taxi from any airport will be around 15 USD, but you will not pay more than 3 USD for a shared shuttle.

Note: They have a flexible cancellation policy and you can cancel within 2 days prior to your arrival with no costs for you.

If you book through their platform directly, you can enjoy a 24-hour cancellation policy along with other benefits. Check it out!

What’s In It For Me? 

You will enjoy the sun, surf, and bohemian party culture, all while having fresh juices, awesome smoothies, and typical Mexican breakfast options.

In addition, you will get access to yoga decks, cinemas, meditation studios, permaculture gardens, surf camps, language schools, curated co-working offices and recording studios.

What Can I Do There? 

If riding pipeline waves at Zicatela beach with the help of a personal surf instructor sounds too daunting, you could jump in the water and go snorkeling.

Oh, keep an eye out for dolphins and whales, as there are quite a few around.

Instead of hitting the beach, you could simply chill by the pool, sip a local cocktail at a bar, join a night-time bioluminescence tour in Lake Manialtepec, watch baby turtles as they’re released into the wild, or head towards La Punta for some live music at sunset.

Not quite your average Tuesday!

Here is a list of all the amenities you will find there:

  • WiFi
  • Wellness Area
  • CoWork
  • Tour Desk
  • Surf Club
  • Social Events
  • Surf Lessons
  • Movie Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Live Music
  • Contactless Check-in
  • Pet Friendly
  • Restaurant
  • Rooftop Bar

8. U-co – Mexico City

coliving mexico

Am I A Good Fit? 

Thinking of coliving Mexico in the capital of Mexico city? 

If you want to live in an eco-friendly space and want to be surrounded by other digital nomads and entrepreneurs for a while, then this is the right place for you.

U-co has 2 locations in Mexico city: Casa Pancha and U-co juarez.

In this article, I am going to focus on the latter.

Why U-Co (Colonia Juarez)?

Colonia Juarez is a Colonia located in the Cuauhtemoc district, to the west of Mexico City, not far from Chapultepec Park.

 It used to be home to upper-class people, (hence it is full of mansions). These days iit also hosts lots of shopping malls and great food/bars options and it is known among the other things for its nightlife and upscale boutique shops/galleries. 

It is a lovely area where you can even go in your pajamas to snag some baked goods for breakfast at Cafe Nin, a great coffee shop down the road.

Practical Information

They offer three types of accommodation:

  • The private capsules (4 per room)- from 16USD per day 
  • The suites are private rooms for two people – from 35USD per day
  • Ensuite rooms are private rooms for two people – from 37USD per day

For some bookings, you must book at least for three days. They also have 2 discounted packages if you want to stay longer:

  • Nomad- Stay for 1week
  • Lifestyle – Stay for 28+ days

You can click here to book your room.

The area is served very well by public transport, but if you have any issues you can reach out to them.

What’s In It For Me? 

The place has room for only 22 people, so you’ll get to know everyone by name after a week or so, which creates a nice sense of community.

Since it is an eco-friendly location they will also provide you with shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion and even detergent for your clothes to reduce single-use plastics. 

Want to change the world? Then try co living in Mexico city.

In addition, there is a list of all the amenities on their website:

  • Flexible Stays
  • Affordable
  • Fully Furnished
  • All Utilities Included
  • No Contracts
  • Cleaning Included
  • No Deposits
  • Like-minded Community
  • Local Experiences
  • Cowork Space
  • Stable and high speed Internet

What Can I Do There?

This Mexico city coliving includes work desk spaces, cook in the shared kitchen and chill in the lounge area while watching TV (they got Netflix).

In addition, a number of city tours are also available:

  • Teotihuacan – You will get to enjoy a memorable view of the landmark site on a full-day tour from Mexico City for less than 38 USD.
  • Xochimilco – You will enjoy a traditional boat ride and walk along with Coyoacan Plaza/Food Market for less than 38 USD.

For more information on their activities, you can check their website.

9. Selina – Mexico city

coliving mexico

Am I A Good Fit?

If you are looking for a cozy place coliving CDMX where you can feel at home away from home, then, this coliving space is perfect for you.

As mentioned earlier, Selina coliving space was founded in 2015 and has quickly grown to more than 13 locations worldwide.

The digital nomad hotel of the future, as featured on Forbes, has another really nice coliving and coworking space Mexico.

What’s In It For Me?

Once you get in, there are couches and big chairs near a big window on the first floor, with several tables.

Then, there’s a staircase that leads to the second floor, which is the main coworking space, with plants, couches, tables and a beanbag area. 

They have a vast selection of accommodations for your stay and cater to all budgets (shared rooms, bedrooms, studio apartments and suites).

In their studio apartment, you will find unique artwork above a queen-sized bed with a nightstand shelf on each side.

You will have a desk and a chair, an entertainment unit and a nice couch with lots of pillows. The room also has a nice bathroom with a new shower and hot water – which is not a given at all in Mexico.

There is not a kitchen in the apartments, but you can head down and use one of the communal kitchens.

You might end up having the place to yourself in case you cook on off-hours.

The ‘Playground’ – lobby with amenities such as a pool – is ideal if you want to hang out with other people.

Practical Information

Among the other activities offered, you could 

  • Visit the City of Gods – Teotihuacan at sunrise for 45 USD
  • Enjoy the incredible day of the dead experience in Mexico City. for 40 USD 
  • Venture into the oldest form of flying living the unique experience of flying in a balloon (200 USD).

As for rates you can get a hot desk membership for only 10 USD per day, book it for the whole week or month and get up to a 40% discount.

Pricing for studio apartments comes in one-night, weekly and monthly rates. Here are the daily rates:

  • Shared room – from 10 USD per day
  • Basic studio standard – from 43 USD per day
  • Studio apartment – from 71 USD per day
  • The Suite – from 81 USD per day 
  • Deluxe studio – from 61 USD per day.

You can find all the updated rates and check availability here

The place is relatively easy to reach. It’s a 4-hour bus ride from Selina San Miguel de Allende. The bus will drop you off at the North Bus Station. From there, you can take a taxi or bus to downtown Mexico City.

As mentioned above, Mexico City is a well-connected city with plenty of public transportation options. You can drop off at Metro Station ‘Salto del Agua’ and you will find the space just around the corner. 

The Metrobus also stops nearby. Alternatively, you could take a Uber or a cab.

What Can I Do There?

That’s the best part of coliving – you have the perks of an apartment building along with the hostel perks.

Among the hostel perks are the things like events and tours that Selina offers. 

There’s yoga several mornings per week, DJ parties in the lobby on weekends, a cinema room that can be booked out and other experiences

The coworking space gets a lot of natural light and you can enjoy the downtown view while being productive. You can snack something or eat at the Selina bar cafe or outside at the local market.

10. SC Cowork – Playa de Carmen

coliving mexico

Am I A Good Fit?

If you want to live in a tranquil location with a bunch of globetrotters and freedom lovers from all over the world, then you must visit this Caribbean city and stay at SC Cowork.

Why SC Cowork?

The campus is located in the heart of Playa del Carmen, one of the calmest places on the coast.

Coliving in Playa de Carmen will help you find a new slow pace for your daily routine. 

The city centre is easy to reach on foot and a few steps away there are many bars and restaurants serving traditional Mexican delicacies. 

Other than clean white sandy beaches, restaurants and clubs the ‘Riviera Maya’ is well-known for its relaxed way of life. 

The temperate climate, warm weather almost year-round, lovely sunsets and a gorgeous promenade with all kinds of shops and eateries make it the ideal place to spark your creativity.

Practical Information

As for your stay you can book a single or a double room and choose among the following three options:

  • Superior room: It starts at 170 USD per week
  • Comfort Studio: It starts at 510 USD per week
  • The Suite: It starts at 1030 USD per week.

All options include  A/C, cleaning service three times a week, bed linen and towels, a private bathroom and a kitchenette.

You can talk to a real human if you have any questions.

When you want to get your work done you can get a:

  • Desk in the coworking space – from 11 USD per day
  • Dedicated desk in a shared office – from 120 USD per week
  • Private office – from 215 USD per week.

You can let them know if you need conference rooms and they will provide you with that for an additional fee.

The building is near the famous Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue) just a few minutes walk from the beautiful Caribbean beach.

What’s In It For Me?

You can access the courtyard through a 24-hour reception with a pleasant pool to relax and meet new people.

This amazing location has plenty of guest rooms (single to four-bed rooms) with A/C, a private bathroom and cooking facilities. 

In addition, there is a roof terrace with whirlpools and a wonderful view of the Caribbean. 

What Can I Do There?

Other than taking it all in you can join one of the following activities:

  • The Mexican Food Experience and experience the variety of Mexican food
  • Playa del Carmen bar crawl and discover the most popular bars in town
  • Theme nights such as bbq night, sushi workshop or traditional Mexican dinners

11. Colivesurf – Puerto Escondido 

coliving mexico

Am I A Good Fit?

If you love surfing and want to spend as much time in the water as possible, Colivesurf is located a few minutes’ walk away from ‘Playa Carrizalillo’, one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Escondido

With less than 2 USD, you could bring your board in the taxi and enjoy an early morning surf with turtles and the occasional whale passing by, before hitting the laptop in their coworking space.

Why Colivesurf?

It is located within walking distance from the local market of Rinconada, which has loads of restaurants and cafes for you to try out, or to get some work done if you get tired of the same environment. 

They have hosted all kinds of remote workers, from entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, developers to writers, YouTubers, creators and so on, and all professions in between. 

It’s a calm and relaxed place and aims to offer the perfect balance between community and privacy, so no matter what type you are, you will enjoy your stay.

Also, they cater to all budgets and lifestyles, and their coliving accommodation ranges from dorms to privates, to studios and private apartments. 

Practical Information

Regarding your stay, you have 3 options::

  • Dorm room – from 400 USD per month
  • Studio – from 1800 USD
  • Private Apt – from  2375 USD per month

As reported on their website, a 2-hour surf lesson is around 30 USD. Surfboard rental on the beach is 5 USD per hour, or 18 USD for 24 hours. You can bring your own board, or buy a second-hand one from one of the two surf shops on the main street. 

Used boards in good conditions range between 180 USD to 350 USD, and you can sell it back for 50% of the price if it’s not too damaged.

From the airport, you can take the shuttle van (3 USD per person) and buy the ticket there. Taxi costs around 14 USD per person.

They are located beside the ¨bomberos¨ (fire department), so you cant’ miss them.

​From the ADO bus terminal, you can take a taxi for about 1.5 USD or walk there.

You can expect to spend 200 USD per month for a scooter and 4 USD for an average meal. 

It will be around 500 USD in total without accommodation.

They don’t seem to be keen on shorter stays and in order to book your spot you must fill out this online form.

What’s In It For Me?

They have created a like-minded community and offer a coworking space with ergonomic office chairs and they claim to have the best Internet in town. The coworking space is open 24/7.

There are many other spots you can work from other than the coworking space, so you choose the work environment and the body posture that best suits you. 

Unlimited coffee, tea and water are also provided.

What Can I Do There?

Need some extra inspiration? You can take a dip in their pool!

When you are taking some time off you can take salsa classes Spanish language classes, or go for a stroll and have a fresh Mezcal.

Although this city attracts pro surfers from all around the world, if you’re looking for beginner waves in between your coworking sessions, La punta and Carrizalillo are going to be your best pick.

If self-care is a thing for you, you will have no trouble finding the right place and buddy to practice yoga and give your body all the energy it needs to restore.

On top of that, they pride themselves on authentic, organic and vegetarian food in their cafe, and provide a relaxed space to enjoy their food, rich juices, smoothies and fruit. 

There is also a pizzeria around the corner if you are up for a treat.

12. Outsite – Tulum

coliving mexico

Am I A Good Fit?

Looking for a nice getaway in a Minimal and Modern Space with a Beachy and Bohemian vibe.

Look no further.

Outsite Tulum is exactly what you are looking for.

Why Outsite – Tulum?

If you choose this location you will stay in a secluded stone villa set in Tulum’s jungle.

The beach is not even a 3-minute walk.

Sounds too good to be true?

The Internet is the best you can find in the city (although this may be a low point comparing to other cities as many customers reported that it was below par).

You can check out all the reviews here.

Practical Information

There are 16 private suites in 2 separate buildings, spread over 2 floors, each with its own bathroom. The terraces and rooms have views of the surrounding greenery. 

You can book your room here and you must stay for at least two days: 

  • Private Bedroom with Ensuite – 100 USD per day

What’s In It For Me?

There is a pool area located on the top of the building,  a second workspace located in the room next to the kitchen and a communal kitchen with a refrigerator and stove located on the second floor.

This is an eco-friendly place so A/C will only be on from 7 pm – 7 am. 

No laundry on-site and no phone reception. That could be a downside, as well as a bright side!

What Can I Do There?

You can stay in a cozy bedroom, book a dedicated workspace, enjoy a well-equipped kitchen and experience local rituals: such as the full Moon Party.

On top of that a community manager, Juan Carlos, will make sure that you have everything you need, whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a peaceful yoga practitioner (or both)!

coliving mexico

13. Outsite- Oaxaca

Am I A Good Fit?

Planning to stop by Oaxaca during your stay in Mexico? 

You might want to consider staying longer than just a few days as this vibrant city has so much to offer!

If you are looking to stay at the heart of Oaxaca city, Outsite recently opened its newly renovated modern coliving space, with an old-world charm- a perfectly cozy comfortable stay and coworking space. 

Why Outsite- Oaxaca City?

Oaxaca is one of the top cities in Mexico for digital nomads.

What makes Oaxaca attractive for digital nomads is the availability of fast internet, low cost of living and the world’s best Moles within reach. 

Sounds like a sweet spot right?

If you choose this location, you will stay at the charming el Centro neighborhood with walking distance to restaurants and local attractions.

Practical Information

There are 17 private rooms with a private bathroom, along with a high ceiling and spacious communal space and a tranquil outdoor patio to enjoy the mild weather in Oaxaca. 

You can book a room here and the minimum requirement to stay is for at least 1 month.

  • Private Room- from 1184 USD per month
  • Master Room- from 1399 USD per month

What’s In It For Me? 

Here you can find a like minded digital nomad community, looking to live, work and connect. The space is designed to enrich your coworking experience with fast WiFi throughout. 

There is also a large communal kitchen available for you to cook with the fresh ingredients you got from the local markets. 

What Can I Do There? 

Oaxaca is popular for its rich cultural history, gastronomic cuisine and the most diverse indigenous state in Mexico.  

You can take advantage of the central location of this coliving and wandering around Oaxaca city by foot as the city is very walkable- from exploring Downtown Oaxaca to visiting the beautiful Oaxaca City Botanical Garden!

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14. Anana Coliving

Am I A Good Fit?

The city of Playa Del Carmen is a coastal town you don’t want to overlook when it comes to deciding which city to stay in as a digital nomad in Mexico. 

You can find one of the most breathtaking beaches in the world and plenty of mouth-watering food that won’t break your bank account! 

If you are looking for a more laid-back beach destination that is not overcrowded with tourists like Cancun, consider staying at Anana Coliving in Playa Del Carmen. 

Why Anana Coliving?

Aanana Coliving Playa Del Carmen embraces a strong community bond with their residents- mainly digital nomads, remote workers, or seasonal travelers. Unlike others coliving Mexico run by large cooperation, Aanana coliving is the only one of its kind in Playa Del Carmen.

A communal event is usually organized twice a week, providing the opportunity for networking and connecting with like-minded people!

Practical Information

There are three types of rooms complete with a private bathroom, with no minimum stay required. 

What’s In It For Me? 

You get to stay in a beautiful coliving Mexico space surrounded by greenery. With a tranquil coworking space Playa Del Carmen has to offer and make meaningful connections with other digital nomads! 

What Can I Do There? 

When at Playa Del Carmen, you must try some water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, or even cave diving! 

Besides water sports, immerse yourself in the Frida Kahlo Museum dedicated to her life and work at a bright-blue home. 

If you are into the nightlife scene, Playa Del Carmen is also known for some of the craziest nightclubs and parties- there is just something for everyone here!

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15. U-Co- Guadalajara

Am I A Good Fit?

U-Co at Guadalajara is a perfect coliving space to fully immerse in the local lifestyle, located in an up-and-coming neighborhood- the Colonia Americana. 

It is designed specifically to welcome digital nomads or remote workers who are looking for a long-term stay in a community-friendly environment. 

Why Guadalajara?

Guadalajara is the second largest city in the country, with a diverse range of attractions and nature to offer.

It is also the birthplace of Mariachi music, filled with a rich architectural heritage that feels timeless.

This vibrant city is perfect if you are looking to stay in a lively city that doesn’t feel too modern and is filled with creativity and charming neighborhoods. 

Practical Information

There are three types of packages you can choose from- 2 nights stay, 7 nights, and 28+ nights.

Booking can be done directly on U-Co website.

Three types of rooms to choose from and prices are determined based on the number of nights or packages.

  • Private Ensuite with private bathroom
  • Private Queen shared bathroom
  • Private single shared bathroom

What’s In It For Me? 

Here you can enjoy a comfortable stay with other digital nomads, including a designated coworking space equipped with high-speed internet. 

What Can I Do There? 

No trip to Guadalajara is complete without experiencing the mariachi, arts and culture, and its homegrown tequila distilleries. Enjoy the sound of live mariachi at the main plaza while enjoying the spectacular architecture. 

If you are into arts and crafts, pay a visit to Tlaquepaque, an artisan area filled with handmade pottery and local crafts souvenirs.

Coliving in Mexico FAQs

What Is Coliving?

As the trend of working remotely continues to grow, people are now pushing the boundaries of what’s considered ‘normal’ and coliving spaces are popping up all over the world.

In a nutshell, Coliving means sharing a space with other like-minded people where you can live and work.

You usually have your own place with cooking facilities and other amenities, but you can decide to share a room like in a hostel, although the standards are usually higher.

It is a great way to network, meet other people or simply do something different.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Coliving?


  • Flexibility – pay your rent every month with no deposit, no advances
  • Cost-Saving – each place comes with shared utilities and extra furniture
  • Community -tired of feeling lonely while living alone? Having like-minded people around helps to alleviate those feelings. Some co-living arrangements are tailored for certain groups, like artists or musicians.


  • Limited to Major Cities – it is still a fairly new concept
  • No Control Over Roommate Selection – that might make you miss your privacy. In most cases, you can book your own room, though.
  • Shared Communal Spaces – as mentioned, you may miss your privacy.

Why Coliving In Mexico?

It is a lovely big country with a heap of problems.

Problems call for opportunities. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs are pouring in. If you run a business, there’s a market for you here, no matter what your niche is.

In addition, Mexico is one of the top expat-friendly countries in the world.

Things You Should Know About CoLiving Mexico

  1. Don’t drink tap water
  2. Try street food
  3. It’s not hot everywhere – pack a jacket!
  4. Museums are often closed on Mondays
  5. Restroom doors marked with an ‘M’ are for the ladies
  6. Throw toilet paper in the trash bin
  7. The pandemic is not over in Mexico
  8. Watch out for car rental scams
  9. The food is REALLY spicy
  10. Mexico is safer than you think

As you probably know, Mexico is not the safest country in the world, but you will be fine as long as you are reasonably alert.

Robberies and even more serious assaults do occur, especially if you are driving a foreign vehicle in the northwest and in the State of Sinaloa.

So, what’s one of the safest ways to work and travel around Mexico: Coliving!

Coliving Mexico is one of the best ways to keep your budget in check while giving you the connections to feel safe and enjoy what the country has to offer.

Cost Of Living In Mexico

Mexico is VERY affordable

Especially if you’re coming from the USA, Canada or Europe.

You can:

  • grab lunch with 3 USD to 5 USD
  • get a bus ticket with 50 cents
  • stay in Mexico for less than 300 USD if you live on the cheap end.

That said, it depends on the city and your spending habits.


Mexico is a vast country and has different types of climate.

Generally speaking, it is generally arid on the west coast and in the central-northern highlands and it is very rainy in some tropical southern areas. 

Summer is the rainiest season almost everywhere.

The more you head south, the hotter the climate will get.

Coliving Mexico: Best Visas For Digital Nomads

The 6-month tourist visa makes the country a great choice among digital nomads. However, they also offer a Temporary Resident Visa that’s good for one year with the ability to renew for another 3 years.

If you want to know more about how to get a visa you can check out this website.

Best Food To Try In Mexico

Are you a food lover?

Maybe not. Anyway, you can’t leave Mexico without trying these delicacies:

How To Get Around In Mexico

You could travel by plane, car, motorbike, Uber or train.

However, buses are the main form of long-distance public transportation in Mexico. 

There is an extensive network of buses, which range from modern luxury coaches to retired school buses. 

If you’re planning a long journey, the extra comfort might be worth the higher price.

Where Can I Work Remotely in Mexico City?

Here are 11 best co working Mexico city has to offer for remote worker:

  1. U- Co Roma
  2. Homework
  3. Publico
  4. Impact Hub
  5. El 3er Espacio
  6. Colabora
  7. IOS Offices
  8. Selina
  9. Regus
  10. Anyi
  11. The Pool

Which is the Safest Digital Nomad City in Mexico?

Playa del Carmen or known as “Playa” has become the popular choice for many digital nomads in Mexico. Located just North of Tulum, it is a developed city with easy accessibility to the best restaurants and healthcare, but with a laid-back easy-going charm.

This city is popular amongst digital nomads as the cost of living is relatively cheaper in comparison to Tulum or Cancun. With high-speed internet availability, making it very convenient to work anywhere whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery of Playa.

Is Mexico City Safe for Digital Nomad?

YES! Mexico City is a thriving hub for many digital nomads and entrepreneurs. 

With its bustling food scene, high-speed internet, and affordable cost of living, it is an easy choice for many digital nomads to stay here for a longer stay! 

Not to say this city has no crime, I mean which city doesn’t right? As a rule of thumb while traveling, always be cautious and alert of your surroundings. 

Besides that, Mexico City is a great introduction to Latin culture for first-time visitors. This bustling city has something to offer to everyone- from cultural experiences to UNESCO heritage attractions.


Here you go!

If you feel pumped up it is time to start planning your next adventure, all while working remotely then coliving Mexico is a wonderful option.

Stay productive and have fun!

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