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7 Co Working Spaces In Kuching For Digital Nomads 2024

Looking for the best co working space in Kuching for 2024?

Perhaps you are looking to become a digital nomad in Sarawak and want to be super productive while you travel. 

As a digital nomad myself, there are certain things I look for when I want to work in a co sharing space.

I must ensure the space has high-speed internet and multiple seating arrangements, like a quiet working space. I can’t have Brads and Chads chatting me up and not getting any work done.

co working space in kuching

With the flexibility of working from home employees can now choose where they want to work from. Because of this, we see more rises in co-working spaces being established especially in Kuching. 

So, if you are planning to be a digital nomad in Kuching, let’s dive into everything you need to know about Kuching coworking in Sarawak.

Here is a comprehensive guide and a list of the best co working space Kuching has to offer!

co working space in kuching

7 Best Co Working Spaces in Kuching

  1. My Placa Kuching, Jalan Rock
  2. Magic Co Working Space, Bintawa Industrial Estate
  3. The Grounds Co Working Space Kuching, Jalan Bukit Mata
  4. Icube Kuching, ICOM Square
  5. Office2u Kuching, Block A1 Saradise
  6. Taka Patisserie, Saradise
  7. Barron’s Private Space, ICOM Square


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co working space in kuching

Working As A Digital Nomad In Kuching

If you are an adventure enthusiast or you just want to relax while being surrounded by tall mountains, historical buildings, and 120km of Sarawak river.

Kuching should be on top of your list for remote working. Located on the East side of Malaysia, Kuching is the capital of Sarawak and resides on the island of Borneo. 

This city is also known as the land of Hornbill due to its dense population of the species and also its cultural belief by the Dayak ethnic where this bird symbolizes the spirit of the Almighty. 

With the flexibility of working from home during this pandemic, employees can now choose where they want to work from.

Because of this, we see more rises in co-working spaces being established especially in Kuching. 

So, if you are planning to be a digital nomad in Kuching, here is everything you need to know about coworking in Sarawak.

Kuching co working spaces are tailored perfectly to accommodate all the requirements for a productive workplace while also allowing you to embrace the multicultural communities that are unique in Sarawak. 

Fun fact of the day, Sarawak has 24 different ethnicities living under this state harmoniously.

So, while you are co working in Kuching, you can also mingle around with locals to learn more about the different cultures of Kuching. 

Let’s dive into the best places to work remotely in Kuching.

7 Best Co Working Space In Kuching

1. My Placa Kuching, Jalan Rock

If you are looking for a more affordable option, this is the perfect place for you!

My Placa coworking space, Kuching is founded by young passionate professionals whose main goal is to create an environment that encourages ideas to spark and communities to form.

My Placa Kuching has everything you need to work your magic.

From unlimited high-speed internet, ergonomics chairs, and spacious tables that will be sure to elevate your comfort level and let your creative juice flow naturally. 

Craving for some snacks? This coworking space Kuching has will provide you access to an unlimited amount of snacks, coffee, and tea as well to keep you refreshed.

Having a midday slump?  My Placa Kuching is also equipped with a shower and nap room to make sure you are feeling fresh every time!

My Placa Kuching is also equipped with amenities that all the best coworking spaces in Malaysia have, like:

  • a large meeting room,
  • training room,
  • single working room, and
  • An open co-working space at the main hall.

They also have a social interaction room where you can chat with the communities and make some friends during your stay. 

Operation Hours:

Monday – Saturday, 9am – 6pm


You only need to pay for the time you are there. Per hour it only costs RM6 (1.43USD) and per day it is only RM15 (3.58 USD)

2.MaGIC Co Working Space, Bintawa Industrial Estate

Looking for a coworking space near me at Bintawan?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a start-up founder looking for shared office space near me, Bintawa, MaGIC Co-Working Space located in Bintawa Industrial Estate is the right place for you to work.

MaGIC co-working space was established by Malaysia’s Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs Township (BOET) community with the aim to connect entrepreneurs and startup founders.

They help them to bring their creative ideas to life by providing access to a fully-equipped workspace and a success-driven community. 

And if you are looking for a virtual office space Kuching, their co working space is fully equipped with :

  • Private desks,
  • Unlimited high-speed internet
  • Event space
  • Large meeting rooms
  • Printing and scanning corner
  • Unlimited flow of snacks and beverages
  • Game room is equipped with a ping pong table and bean bags.

The one quality that really stands out for MaGIC compared to other co working space in Kuching is their community. It’s really like no other. 

MaGIC not only offers a space for people to work productively, but they also organize sharing sessions to help entrepreneurs and start-up founders to elevate their business skills further. 

Some of the sessions they offer are mentoring and knowledge sharing sessions. They also provide monthly business pitching sessions and access to Entrepreneurship Development Programs. 

Operation Hours:

Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm


MaGIC access pass is only offered in weekly pricing. Per week it costs RM50 (11.92USD)

co working space kuching the grounds
Co working space Kuching, The Grounds

3.The Grounds Co Working Space Kuching, Jalan Bukit Mata

If you are more into a modern and sophisticated working environment but also want direct access to stroll the historic city of Kuching, The Ground located in Jalan Bukit Mata is an excellent fit for you. 

The Grounds Kuching coworking space is located in a prime city area.

So, during breaks, you can enjoy a stroll down the street of Kuching and access to limitless food stalls, restaurants, and local attractions such as Waterfront Kuching and the famous cat monument nearby. 

The Grounds Kuching is fully equipped with everything you need to work comfortably and productively. They have:

  • Unlimited high-speed internet 
  • Coffee machine
  • Private desk 
  • Meeting room 
  • Event space for you to host your next event!

For startup companies that have less than 12-15 people, you can also rent monthly private office space for you and your team to run your operation. 

The major benefit of this is you will save a lot of office maintenance costs as The Ground will take care of everything. You just need to sit back and work your magic!

Operation Hours:

Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm


  • Premium Office Space for Small Business – From RM499/month (118.34USD)
  • Daily Pass – RM30/day (7.11USD)
  • Monthly Pass for Open Plan Seating – RM349 (82.77USD)

4.Icube Kuching, ICOM Square

Looking to break the 9-6 working timing and wondering where to co work in Kuching that is open 24/7? Icube Kuching located at ICOM Square is the one for you!

Icube Kuching located in ICOM Square is the only co working space Kuching had so far that is offering 24 hours elite pass for the customer to use their facilities at any time you desire. 

The location of Icube Kuching is also a major advantage, as it is surrounded by many restaurants and food stalls that also operate till late at night. So while working, you can also get your cravings satisfied! 

You can also get the iconic dish of Sarawak, Laksa, just steps away at the famous King Laksa located in ICOM Square. 

Like many other co working space Kuching has, Icube Kuching is also furnished with

  • high-speed internet, 
  • private or open seating desks,
  • a meeting room, and
  • a space to organize your next event.

Operation Hours:

Monday – Friday, 9 am – 6 pm for normal daily or monthly pass, 24/7 for an elite pass.


  • RM10(2.38USD) per day
  • MYR 40(9.50USD) per  week
  • MYR 150(35.63USD) per month
  • MYR 250(59.38USD) Elite Pass

5.Office2u Kuching, Block A1 Saradise

Looking for a co working space near me around Saradise, Kuching?

Office2u is one of the work spaces in Kuching that is suitable for small business owners or start-up companies that want to reduce their operation costs. 

If you manage a small business and need a private space to focus on work but also need someone to maintain your company admin task, this is the place for you. 

From RM500 (118.58USD) a month, you get :

  • access to their private office space, 
  • 2 hours FREE event space usage, and 
  • bar and lounge area, 

and the best part? 

Your own free of charge receptionist that helps you to maintain your customer’s inquiries, entertain your clients and retrieve your parcel.

The location is a major advantage as well, you are surrounded by great restaurants, food markets, cafes, and bars for a little nightlife entertainment. 

Operation Hours:

Monday – Friday, 9 am – 6 pm


Monthly pass from RM500 (118.58USD)

6.Taka Patisserie

Imagine yourself working while enjoying a delicious selection of pastry dessert and freshly brewed coffee in a private working space. 

How amazing would that be?

At Taka Patisserie located in Jalan Saradise, you can enjoy both delicious desserts from cakes, 50 types of pastry selections and fresh coffees and teas while also having your own private space to work in.

They also provide unlimited high-speed internet. This is the one and only 3 storey dessert cafe plus co working space in Kuching! Also an excellent cafe to study in Kuching.

Operation Hours:

Monday – Friday, 9 am – 10 pm


RM30(7.13USD) per person if you are not planning to purchase any beverages or pastry and only want access to Taka Saradise co-working space. 

If you are buying pastries and beverages at Taka Patisserie Saradise and it amounts to RM30, you do not have to pay to use their private spaces!

7.Barron’s Private Space, ICOM Square

Are you a nature lover and work more effectively while being surrounded by plants?

Need a boost of oxygen in your working environment? Barron’s Private Space is the perfect match for you!

Barrons’s co-working space has a very zen vibe to it. Not only do they care about your comfort, but they also want you to have a healthy lifestyle balance by providing a fully equipped gym and jacuzzi. 

Co working space Kuching has so far rarely featured a fully equipped gym and jacuzzi under the same roof.

So, this is definitely a place that understands the importance of keeping your mind and body healthy for you to work more effectively. 

How exciting is it to destress after a long day in a jacuzzi huh?

The price is a little pricier compared to the regular Kuching co-working spaces that are available.

But with the price you pay, you get very high-end facilities with a free flow of refreshments, meeting rooms, receptionist service, and did I mention the gym and jacuzzi?

Operation Hours:

Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 9pm

Sunday, 2pm – 9pm


Tuesday to Saturday – RM110(26.13USD) for full-day rate / RM65(15.44USD) for after 4pm

Sunday – RM80(19.00USD

co working space in kuching

Entry Requirement for Kuching 2024

As Malaysia has moved into the endemic phase and completely reopened the international borders on 1st April 2022, we see an ease in the travel entry rule, especially for Kuching. 

So if you are a Malaysian or Foreigner planning to travel to Kuching, here is a complete guide on what you need to know or prepare before entering Kuching.

Visa for Foreigner

If you are a foreigner, you would still need to obtain a valid visa through the Malaysian Representative Office before you are able to enter Kuching. 

You would need to also fill in an immigration form upon arrival for validation purposes. 

For more information on Visa travel documents, you can refer to the official page of the Sarawak Government here.

Document Requirements For Travelers In 2024

Foreign travelers are required to submit a Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) three days before arrival in Malaysia. Submission must be through the Malaysian Immigration website

Upon arrival, you can show your MDAC registration and verify your passport at the immigration counter.

Documents To Prepare Before Traveling (Pre-Departure) From Overseas

These documents are only required in light of the 2019 pandemic. Travelers need to adhere to these requirements again only if instructed by the Malaysian Immigration.

For both Malaysian and non-Malaysian

  • RT PCR Test – this must be taken 2 days prior to your departure date
  • MySejahtera Travel Form. You would need to install the MySejahtera application on Google or Apple store and fill in your personal details. Once done, you need to look for the “traveler icon” on the app to find the form. 
  • Vaccination Certificate. This needs to be submitted on the MySejahtera application as well. 
  • Covid-19 Travel Insurance that you need to purchase from a Malaysian based or overseas insurer – only for Non-Malaysian. 

For domestic travelers (entry and exit point from within Malaysia), you do not need to perform RTK or PCR testing, fill up MySejahtera Travel Form or purchase covid-19 travel insurance. 

However, you would need to present your valid identity card or travel documents such as passport or visa and vaccination certification when entering Kuching. 

Documents To Be Prepared Upon Arriving in Kuching From Overseas

  • RTK Antigen Test. This must be taken at the first point of entry to Malaysia.

Quarantine Requirements for Travelers from Overseas

For Fully Vaccinated Travelers

  • If your RTK Antigen test result is negative, you do not need to be quarantined upon arriving.
  • If the RTK Antigen test is positive, a 7 days quarantine is mandatory at home or at the quarantine center. 

For partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers

  • For partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers that are negative on the RTK Antigen test result must be quarantined for 5 days either at home or at a selected quarantine center. 
  • If positive, you must be quarantined for 10 days either at home or at a quarantine center. 

For more detailed information on the travel documentation requirement, you can visit the Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee Portal. 

co working space in kuching

Cafes You Can Work in Kuching 

Working in local cafes is definitely one of the best ways to mingle around with locals and get to know the local culture a little better.

A lot of Kuching cafes are equipped with high-speed internet, comfy chairs, spacious desks and a great selection of beverages and food to enjoy in Kuching. 

Here are some of the best cafes in Kuching that you can work from or also or as a study place in Kuching. 

1.Starbucks, Precinct 88 

If you Google ‘best place to work near me,’ I can bet there is bound to be a Starbucks or two on your search results.

This two-storey Starbucks located at precinct 88 Kuching is a popular spot for locals and foreigners to work at.

This is because of its close proximity and walking distance to another famous hangout spot in Kuching, Malaysia-China Friendship Park

co working space kuching precinct 88 starbucks
Co working space Kuching, Precinct 88 Starbucks

Here you can also enjoy high-speed internet, comfortable chairs and spacious desks to work productively.

In the evening, you can see locals flooding the park to work out, having a basketball game, feeding the fishes in the pond, or simply sipping a cup of Teh Tarik(pulled sweet tea) while looking at the sunset. 

So, after a long day of looking at your computer, you can walk over to the park to enjoy the evening breeze and sunset. How amazing is that?

2.Le Parlour Cafe Studio

If you are looking for a very chill vibe cafe to work at, this book cafe is the spot for you. 

Le Parlour Cafe Studio is equipped with high-speed unlimited internet for you to work your magic while being surrounded by almost 100k books to read.

They have a selection of french pastries and freshly brewed coffee and other delicious beverages. 

3.The Coffee Code Kuching

If you are looking for a more laid back and aesthetic-looking cafe to work in Kuching, The Coffee Code located in Saradise Kuching is the one for you. 

Equipped with high-speed internet, a great selection of westerns and local food, and pastries, you will not regret choosing this spot to work. 

Nearby Attractions Around Kuching

kuching waterfront
Kuching Waterfront

1.Kuching Waterfront

Kuching Waterfront is the most famous gathering spot for not only locals but also foreigners. 

Surrounded by the Sarawak River, this 900-meter esplanade features hundreds of hawker stalls, a fine dining restaurant, and sunset cruise tours.

Not forgetting a suspension bridge that lets you enjoy a 360 panoramic view of Kuching.

Most of the buildings around Waterfront Kuching have been slightly modernized but the historic features and value still remain to this day. 

If you want to learn more about Kuching’s history, or simply enjoy the scenic view of Kuching, this is the place to go.

2.Top Spot Rooftop Seafood Stall

Fancy some seafood dish for dinner? 

Top Spot Kuching located on the rooftop of the Urban Transformation Center can satisfy your cravings! 

Here you will find almost 30 seafood stalls!

The stalls sell fresh seafood cooked in many ways, satay (grilled meat on a skewer), local Kuching ethnic food such as Manok Pansuh (chicken soup cooked in bamboo), delicious dessert and many more! 

Top Spot operates daily from 4 pm to late at night and is always packed. So be sure to be there early or make a reservation a day earlier. 

3. Famous Ice Cream Gula Apong (Palm Sugar Ice Cream)

If you are a sweet tooth person, this famous palm sugar ice cream topped with cornflakes and peanuts is a must-try in Kuching. 

You can basically find this delicious dessert anywhere around Kuching, but the most authentic and original palm sugar ice cream is located in a wet market hawker center known as Electra House

If you are at Electra House, look for a sweet elder uncle stall named  R.G Ice Cream Gula Apong

A small cup only costs RM2 (0.47USD), and for a large cup RM6 (1.42USD)

4. Cat Monument Kuching

If you are wondering why a statue of a bunch of cats is so famous in Kuching, well the word “Kuching” actually means cats in Malay. 

Apart from being known as Borneo, or the land of hornbills, Kuching is also known as the cat city. Hence, the iconic cat monument. 

The cat statue is located in Kuching Chinatown along the road of Padungan. You can also walk from Kuching Waterfront to the cat monument and snap a few pictures for the gram. 

co working space in kuching

Cost of Living in Kuching

The cost of being a digital nomad in Kuching is fairly low compared to more developed and modern cities like Kuala Lumpur or Selangor. 

On average, per person living in Kuching for a month only spends about RM1500 (356.25USD) including rent and transportation.

So if you want to travel without breaking the bank, Kuching is for sure should be on the top of your list!

How To Commute to Places In Kuching?

By Bus

Kuching has a metro bus line that travels all around Kuching including all famous tourist spots for free. 

The bus is fully equipped with free wifi and has a bicycle area to make sure your bike is safe during the bus ride, and it’s wheelchair accessible. 

You can find the bus route on the Kuching Metro Portal or through the Kuching Metro 2.0 mobile application on Apple or Google stores. 

By Taxi

Taxis can be found everywhere around Kuching, you can stop one if you see them by the side of the road. 

There is a fixed price of RM26(6.18USD) for going to the city center and the price will gradually increase depending on your travel destination distance. The minimum price is RM3(0.71USD)

If you are taking a taxi from the Kuching International Airport, you can buy a taxi ticket from the taxi counters located at the main exit/entrance gate. 

By Ride-Hailing Application


Grab is the most sought-after hailing choice for locals and foreigners in Kuching. The ride is much more affordable compared to taxis for long-distance travel. 

You can book a Grab ride by installing the Grab mobile application on Apple or Google stores. 

The minimum fare for grab is RM5(1.19USD) and subsequently, it will be RM(0.24USD) per KM. 

However, if you live in a more suburban area, it will be hard to catch a ride. Most travelers will either take a bus or rent a car to travel to the city center. 

Here are some car rental services on Facebook that are affordable for your next trip to the city.


Much like Grab, Maxim is also a hailing service in Kuching. But, due to the lower rate of drivers available, it will be slightly hard to get a car if you are using Maxim services. 

Despite that, if you do manage to get a ride, it’s great because the minimum price and price per km is much more affordable and low compared to taxis and Grab

To book a ride for Maxim’s car, you can install the Maxim application on the play store and sign up. 

By Renting A Car

Renting a car in Kuching is a very easy and effortless process. 

Here are some of the best car rental services from Facebook and Klook you can check out for your next trip to Kuching. 

Car rental price ranges from RM60/day(14.20USD) up to RM400/day(94.70USD) depending on the duration or the type of car you are renting out. 

About Kuching Culture

1. Language spoken by locals

Because Kuching alone has 24 ethnicities living under the same state, you will hear multiple traditional languages such as Bidayuh, Iban, and Kelabit being spoken by locals. 

But a common language that Kuching locals speak also is Bahasa Malaysia and English. 

So feel free to speak in English or Bahasa Malaysia to the locals, and if you want to learn more about their culture, you can also get them to teach you some of their mother tongue languages.

2. Where to go to enjoy local delicacies

For a true Sarawakian experience, it is highly recommended that you try all the delicious multi-ethnicity cuisines available in Kuching. 

Here are some of the best restaurants to go to

3. Learn about the Kuching culture

Interested to learn more on Sarawak culture and historical background?

Here are some of the best places you can visit to learn more on Sarawak Culture

co working space kuching entry requirements

FAQs On Co working Space In Kuching

Best Study Cafe Kuching

Looking for a place to study in Kuching with coffee and pastries; Here is a list of the best study cafe in Kuching:

Are Coworking Spaces Worth It?

Yes! Coworking spaces are worth it, as most of the best co working spaces offer cost savings, flexibility, and increased productivity when evaluating their value.

These spaces offer many options, like shared desks, private desks, and offices, with an array of amenities and services for a monthly subscription. 

So you can select an option within your budget. 

What Are The Benefits Of Coworking Spaces?

Here are the benefits of coworking spaces:

  • Cost-effective
  • Increased productivity
  • Networking opportunities
  • Flexibility (multiple membership options)
  • Professional environment to work
  • Encourage collaboration among members
  • Offers work-life balance
  • Opportunity for social interaction
  • Be part of a community
  • Provides a supportive environment

There are many benefits to working in a Coworking space, making it an excellent option for working nomads.

Can You Use Coworking Space As A Business Address?

Yes, you can use the coworking space as a business address. 

Using a coworking space as a business address is ideal as it portrays a professional image. It is also a safer option as it protects your personal information. 

Most coworking spaces will have a designated team for mail management so you can run your business smoothly and professionally.

What Are The Best Backpackers Hostels In Kuching?

Here is a list of the best backpacker hostels in Kuching with a 4+ rating:

Are There Any Coliving Places In Kuching?

There aren’t any coliving places in Kuching, and this is due to the lower population density in the state of Sarawak. 

Unlike the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur, Sarawakians have a different lifestyle preference with more emphasis on family-centric living spaces.

However, there are plenty of other accommodations available for all budgets

Is Kuching Safe For Solo Travelers?

Yes, Kuching is safe for solo travelers, even for female travelers traveling at night. Kuching has a low crime rate, and the locals are hospitable to foreigners. 

Walking alone in a well-lit populated area at night is ok as long as you follow the general safety measures and avoid dodgy alleyways.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Kuching?

The best time to visit Kuching is from April to October, during Kuching’s hottest and driest month. 

Since Sarawak has a tropical climate, temperatures can be between 27-32°C (80.6-89.6°F)


To make the most of your visit, it is best to avoid the wet monsoon season, which usually runs from November to January.

What Is A Decent Salary To Live On In Kuching Malaysia?

A decent salary to live on in Kuching is $650 per month. Kuching is the least expensive city in the world.

On average, one person’s living costs $536, rent and utilities cost $227, and food and transport cost $243.

If you make anything above $1,000 a month, you can afford a comfortable life in Kuching.

Is Kuching A Good Place To Live?

Yes! Kuching is a good place to live if you want to enjoy year-round warm weather and affordable living.

The city is rich in culture and has a lot of natural beauty and biodiversity. 

Kuching has excellent air quality, and the city is also known to be the second cleanest city in Southeast Asia after Singapore. 

Now you know the “best co working space” in Kuching, are you ready to book your next flight to Kuching and try out the co working space Kuching has? 

The thing that Kuching cultures really value a lot is forming a community regardless of whether it’s with locals or foreigners.

So when you’re here, you can expect to be treated like family. So don’t be startled too much by their friendliness. 

While you are in Kuching, don’t also forget to check out some of the activities and adventures Kuching offers like hiking at Bako National Park, dolphin watching or visiting an orangutan sanctuary at Semenggoh Wildlife

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