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101+ List Of Virtual Assistant Services (+Tips)

If you want to know all the services offered by a virtual assistant, you have come to the right place. In this article, I have put together the complete list of virtual assistant services!

An online virtual assistant is someone who works remotely and gets to earn a living by helping entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals to accomplish specific tasks.

Making a living on your terms is very alluring and many people are wondering how they can make it happen for themselves. 

If that’s you, you probably wondered ‘what are the virtual assistant services – is there a list?’

Don’t worry. I got you covered.

However, the most critical thing to do is to have a clear picture of what is out there, what other successful VAs are doing.

That’s why not only have I compiled a list (+ tips), but I have also linked to many real-life examples so that you can get inspired and craft a profitable offering that matches your skills and interests.

Let’s dive in.

List Of Virtual Assistant Services


  1. Email Marketing
  2. Blog Writing (Ghostwriting)
  3. Sales Page Copywriting
  4. Press Release Writing
  5. Editing And Proofreading
  6. Content Repurposing
  7. Video, Podcast Scripting
  8. Social Media Writing
  9. Grant Proposals
  10. Translation Services
  11. Guest Posting
  12. Original Research And Interviewing


  1. Lead Generation
  2. Seo Editorial Calendar
  3. Facebook Ads Management
  4. Instagram Ads Management
  5. Sales Funnel Creation + Setups
  6. Product Launches
  7. Affiliate Management
  8. Landing Pages 
  9. Marketing Automation


  1. Facebook Group Engagement
  2. Facebook + Instagram Page Setups
  3. Instagram Follower Clean-up
  4. Pinterest Setup and Management
  5. Canva Graphics For Social Media
  6. Linkedin Page Set-up And Optimization
  7. Linkedin Outreach
  8. Social Media Audit
  9. Social Media Contests


  1. Podcast Editing
  2. Podcast Transcription
  3. Podcast Interview Pitching
  4. Podcast Guest Research
  5. Podcast Show Notes Copywriting
  6. Podcast Submission


  1. Orders And Refunds
  2. Analytics Reporting (Google Analytics, Email, Social Media, Etc)
  3. Google Analytics Set-ups (Goals, UTMS)
  4. Newsletter Opt-in Forms 
  5. Secure Websites
  6. Surveys
  7. Website Maintenance
  8. Webinar Setup
  9. Online Store Creation
  10. Shipping Fulfilments
  11. Shopping Cart Installation/Maintenance


  1. Competitors Research
  2. Social Listening
  3. Influencer Research
  4. Guest Post Opportunities
  5. Affiliate Marketing Programs
  6. Travel Research
  7. Trend Research
  8. Keyword Research 
  9. Software Research
  10. Hashtag Research
  11. Sponsorship Research
  12. Linkedin Research
  13. Product Price Comparison
  14. CRO Research
  15. Swot Analysis


  1. Risk Management
  2. Budget tracking
  3. Timelines and Deadlines
  4. People Management
  5. Presentations


  1. Bookkeeping 
  2. Collections Calls
  3. Diary Management
  4. Appointment Making
  5. File Conversion
  6. Spreadsheets
  7. Broken Links
  8. Template Documents
  9. Travel Arrangements & Itineraries
  10. Property Research
  11. Sourcing Gifts
  12. Utilities Comparison
  13. Leisure & Social Reservations
  14. Inbox Management
  15. Data Entry
  16. Event Planning


  1. Membership Sites
  2. WordPress Websites
  3.  Logo Design
  4. WordPress Technical Support 
  5. WordPress Plug-ins And Themes
  6. IT Support And Troubleshooting.
  7. Optimization And Cross-browser Compatibility
  8. Tags
  9. Back-ups


  1. Video Editing: Intros And Outros 
  2. File Upload To Youtube, Dailymotion, And Vimeo
  3. Audio Editing


  1. Calls
  2. Customer Complaints
  3. Refunds
  4. Satisfaction Surveys
  5. Reporting
  6. Onboarding, Scheduling And Follow-ups


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What Kind Of Virtual Assistant Services Can You Offer (Or Outsource)?

list of virtual assistant services

There are plenty of services you can offer (or outsource), so it is pretty easy to feel overwhelmed and get stuck in analysis paralysis.

Before jumping to any conclusions you should consider three factors:

  1. Your skills – What are you good at?
  2. Market demand – Are people willing to pay for it?
  3. Your preferences – Do you like it?

The first factor is pretty obvious, right? 

Identify something that you can do well (or at least you can learn how to do well) so that you can offer it as a service. Sometimes business owners outsource tasks they can do well so that they can save time. 

That’s great, but if you find something that they can’t do at all, then bonus points for you.

Why? Because if they have a problem you can become the solution to that problem.

This goes along well with the second item. If your service can solve their problems, then guess what? 

They are willing to pay for your service. 

You are not done, yet! Because if you can offer a service and get paid for it you don’t need to love it – at the end of the day more money, more honey! However, if it makes you want to slap your face every time you think about it, then it is not sustainable.

Ideally, you should choose something that you like doing.

Once you have done you are well on your way to marketing your services as a virtual assistant.

Do you need some inspiration?

That’s why I put together this post.

Most VAs perform tasks in one of the following areas:

In the next section, I am going to give a breakdown of all the services that a virtual assistant can offer (100+).

 If you don’t want to go through all of them, just jump to the area that resonates with you.


Let’s get to it!

The Complete List Of Virtual Assistant Services

There is no best virtual assistant service. It all boils down to your skills, interests and ability to monetize them.

Without further ado, here is the complete list of virtual assistant services.

Content Writing

virtual assistant tasks

Content writing is not easy.

 Sure, everyone and their mom can write a blog post, but if you want to write a piece that humans and Google love, you need to know: 

  • How to write to a specific niche – you need to speak their language
  • How to write in a neutral yet engaging tone – you need to get them engaged if you want them to stay on the page
  • How to write for search engines – you need to learn SEO baby!

You can impress a potential client by taking initiative and figure out if they have content gaps – topics that are not covered in their blog. 

If they do pitch them relevant keywords related to those topics and you will be well on your way to retain that client and raise your rates.

Oh, by the way, content writing is not just writing blog posts. It encompasses a whole lot of services including email sequences, video and podcasts scripts and more. 

Tip: Each particular task requires different skill sets. So be ready to face a steep learning curve and upskill. No matter which service you pick, you must become an expert and the best way to do it is to start learning on your own an take an online course.

By the way, if you want to become a freelance writer in under two months, you should get my ebook.

Here are some virtual assistant tasks a creative writing VA can do:

1. Email Marketing

According to Oberlo, a renowned eCommerce publication, for every dollar spent on email marketing, the return is USD42. 

Compelling and well-structured email sequences can provide a ton of value while boosting revenue.

 Forget about fancy templates and start generating serious business results for your clients.

2. Blog Writing (Ghostwriting)

This virtual assistant service generally includes you finding good SEO keywords, outlining and writing an SEO-optimized piece on behalf of someone else. 

Optimize your content if you want to rank on Google and demand higher rates!

3. Sales Page Copywriting

Writing a product page requires that you do enough research to understand the pain points and the goals of your reader.

 A great product page must educate and compel action. Not an easy feat. If you want to learn how, check out this awesome free online copywriting course.

4. Press Release Writing

To write a press release, you must find a stimulating angle, cover the essentials in a few body paragraphs and start with a catchy headline. 

Business owners sometimes prefer to focus their energies on the outreach stage and then have someone else write the piece for them.

5. Editing And Proofreading

Editors and proofreaders make sure that the document is error-free with no spacing or formatting issues. 

If you take on these tasks you will have a lot of responsibility, as you will carry out the last stage of the writing process, right before the article gets published.

Learn how to become a proofreader in 8 easy steps.

6. Content Repurposing

Repurposing content (also known as “content recycling”) is the practice of reusing all or elements of existing content and publishing it on a different platform. 

For instance, you could transcribe a video and make a Seo-optimized post.

 There is going to be a high demand for this service, especially from content creators.

7. Video, Podcast Scripting

When you watch great educational videos on Youtube, be aware that there is a lot of work behind them. In most cases, a script must be created beforehand and the same applies to podcasts. It is a great niche for writers as video content is now dominant.

8. Social Media Writing

If you genuinely know what makes people react and share and can create short content that people relate to, then social media writing is a sweet gig.

Read this article if you want to know how to become a freelance social media manager.

9. Grant Proposals

NGOs or some public and private companies are constantly on the lookout for people who can write compelling grant proposals so that they can get funding.

10. Translation Services

People who have SEO skills and can write in more than one language are in high demand, as businesses want to expand their reach and target new audiences.

That’s why they need a freelance translator with SEO skills.

11. Guest Posting

Bloggers need to publish on other blogs and publications if they want to increase their domain authority (it’s a 0-100 number that says how valuable your blog is in the eyes of Google) and they often get someone else to write the guest post for them.

12. Original Research And Interviewing

This service is great for bloggers who want to publish outstanding content. 

Original research takes a lot more time and effort than the average blog post, but it helps bloggers position themselves as the primary source and increases their authority.


list of virtual assistant services

General VAs stick to basic administrative tasks, which are often repetitive. They are critical to the growth of any business, but they don’t require any specific skills sets.

Specialized VAs are specialists who can deal with higher-level tasks, including more strategic marketing tasks.

You must have:

  • Business acumen
  • An analytical mind
  • Willingness to learn and upskill – everything changes so fast

If you can keep up with the latest marketing trends and can’t work on multiple projects with ease, then you should become a virtual marketing assistant.

Tip: The best way to land clients is to prove that you have experience and you can deliver results. Ideally, you should be specific about your previous achievements in your ‘About me’ section. (E.g. I have helped companies boost their sales by X%)

Here are some virtual assistant tasks a marketing VA can do:

13. Lead Generation

This means ensuring your clients get a continuous stream of leads for them to reach out to and sell their business or product whilst they focus on other aspects of their business.

14. Seo Editorial Calendar

Once you find good SEO keywords (high volume, low competition) you must ensure that you target the ones you are more likely to rank for in the short run. 

15. Facebook Ads Management

Facebook ads have become very competitive and many people end up flushing their money down the toilet. 

If you are skilled and can show results you will find clients easily. However, even if you don’t have technical skills there are lots of things to set up when it comes to Facebook ads and VAs can prove to be extremely valuable.

16. Instagram Ads Management

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you can run your Instagram ads inside the Facebook ads manager. So if you manage Facebook, you will end up also managing Instagram. 

Bear in mind that the conversion rate for Instagram story ads is higher than feed ads.

17. Sales Funnel Creation + Setups

If you are into the sales process, you can help your client map the customer journey in a flowchart to make sure that all the steps that customers take before purchasing a product are laid down. 

Then, you can even help them set it up to get it up and running. 

18. Product Launches

A product launch can be very technical and it requires you to generate excitement before the release of the new product. For instance, early-bird discounts are a popular basic tactic used to boost sales.

19. Affiliate Management

You’ll help your client track the referrals from each of their affiliates (link to products they recommend in exchange for a commission) and send them payments as needed.

20. Landing Pages 

If you have a bent for designing and copywriting, then why not put it to use to create landing pages that sell. If you produce high-quality work it becomes easier to show proof of your results and demand higher rates.

21. Marketing Automation

Everything that you do more than a couple of times can be automated. It saves time and money and generates results at scale. 

Email sequences are just an example of marketing automation.

Social Media

online virtual assistant

Social media is an in-demand skill and every business owner needs someone to give a boost to their social media presence.

The best part of it is that most VAs love social media tasks and can do them well.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there is a caveat!

Social media is not the most lucrative skill compared to other digital skills. 

The reason behind this is that it is not always easy to prove that your work has an actual impact on the bottom line.

That said, social media can be very profitable for any business, so if you learn the right skills and market them accordingly you can increase rates and clients will keep coming.

Tip: To command higher rates you could learn how to craft stunning graphics that motivate people to like and share.  Alternatively, you could create amazing pins that boost website traffic.

Here are some virtual assistant tasks a social media VA can do:

22. Facebook Group Engagement

It’s very common now for business owners to have Facebook group communities where their audience can connect.

 These are great places for people to ask questions and discuss ideas.

 As they grow, lots of questions can be addressed easily by someone else trained on the topic, who can also drive engagement and initiate conversations.

23. Facebook + Instagram Page Setups

You can help business owners set up their social media pages for their startup businesses. 

This includes writing profile descriptions, creating posts for their profile, setting their profile picture, and linking to their website.

24. Pinterest Setup And Management

You’ll help clients set up their account, perform keyword research based on their niche and create branded Pinterest graphics for their content as well as scheduling posts (Tailwind is great for that).

25. Canva Graphics For Social Media

Although some look down on Canva, it is a great tool for creating quick and easy graphics that will boost engagement.

26. Linkedin Page Set-up And Optimization

Creating a Linkedin Summary and the ‘About me section’ is not a piece of cake. 

You must mention previous achievements, skills and more and invite your readers to take some action(If you want… send me a DM).

27. Linkedin Outreach

Linkedin allows you to send out more than twenty connection requests a day that can easily lead to a discovery call and a sale. 

Although the platform is getting more restrictive, this can be an invaluable service especially for coaches who sell high-ticket (expensive) services.

28. Social Media Audit

Once you start running multiple profiles you get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. You could package it into a consulting service and advise businesses on what needs to be done to enhance their online presence.

29. Social Media Contests

Contests are great engagement tools. You must empathize with the audience and understand what makes them take action.

Podcast Management

online virtual assistant

Podcasts are on the rise and content creators are scrambling to set up and manage a successful podcast. The main problem they face is that it takes a lot of time.

For example, they make a lot of mistakes and they need to edit, re-edit and publish. 

Not only that, there is a whole lot of work in the pre-production and post-production stage ranging from pitching guests to submission.

To be successful, you must:

  • Have attention to detail
  • Be able to deliver quickly
  • Be willing to take initiative

If you manage to streamline their process, you can become a valuable asset to any client.

Here are some virtual assistant tasks a podcast management VA can do:

30. Podcast Editing

Episodes are full of mistakes that need to be edited out. The understanding of the basic editing software and a decent pair of headphones will suffice to get the job done.

31. Podcast Transcription

Many clients like to include a transcription of the episode on their website for their audience to skim through. Typing fast will help you become more effective as well as learning how to use a couple of tools.

32. Podcast Interview Pitching

This is very similar to guest posting, but for podcasts. You can help your client become a guest on other podcasts by researching and finding other podcast hosts in the same niche.

33. Podcast Guest Research

You can help your client by researching potential guests that could be a good fit for their audience and invite them to come to the show.

34. Podcast Show Notes Copywriting

You can support your client by writing out a summary of their episode( in case they don’t feel like uploading a full transcription) and publish it on their website.

35. Podcast Submission

It may seem daunting at first, but it is like uploading a video file to Youtube or Vimeo except that it is a Podcast episode.

Ecommerce And Setups

list of virtual assistant services

In the past years, eCommerce has blown away other sectors and it has become an extremely profitable industry.

You must have a technical bent and the following skills:

  • Great organizational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Attention to detail

Essentially a lot of things can go wrong and you must act as a self-starter problem-solving human machine that people can count on.

If that’s you, jump on the eCommerce wagon.

Here is a list virtual assistant services an eCommerce VA can do:

36. Orders And Refunds

You can support your client by ensuring that orders are fulfilled and issue refunds when things go wrong.

37. Analytics And Reporting (Google Analytics)

You can provide your clients with a ton of value by showing them what they are supposed to focus on. Google Analytics is the best free tool for quantitative data.

38. Google Analytics Set-ups (Goals, UTMS)

Before you report data you should make sure that the tracking has been put in place. Things like goals, goal value and UTM(strings of code which are needed to track campaigns) are often missing, which reduces the amount of data available.

39. Newsletter Opt-in Forms 

Opt-in forms are incredibly annoying, but everyone uses them because they work. You can set up opt-in forms to generate leads and create email lists.

40. Secure Websites 

Cybersecurity is a hot topic right now and eCommerce shops are taking it very seriously, especially when the drop-off rate is particularly high at checkout (that is usually associated with a lack of trust concerning payment and security issues).

41. Surveys

You could use a tool like Hotjar to create surveys and learn the why behind user behaviour. Then you could use this information to help your client adjust the copy of blog posts, email and so on. It is as valuable as overlooked.

42. Website Maintenance

This includes all activities for keeping a close eye on the website issues and fixing them as they are discovered. The bad news is that if you do your job well, everything runs smoothly and people might fail to notice. So make sure to raise the perceived value of your work.

43. Webinar Setup

Webinars are still great tools for promoting products and services, although some people think they are ‘dead’. Setting up a webinar effectively takes some time and effort and that’s why some business owners tend to outsource it.

44. Online Store Creation

Here are the key steps to building an online store: Pick an eCommerce website builder (e.g. Shopify), design the look of the online store. add products to the online shop and

set up shipping and a payment processing platform.

 It is quite tricky and if you pick up this skill you will be extremely valuable to any business owner.

45. Shipping Fulfilments

If you land this gig you are in charge of packaging, labelling and shipping product orders from the comfort of your home. Most likely you will receive shipping details through an automated email platform.

46. Shopping Cart Installation/Maintenance

Sometimes business owners create the shop on their own and then they have a hard time setting up the shopping cart, which allows them to automate payments – not exactly a tiny detail. 

This is where you can help and deliver value.


Companies Hiring Virtual Assistants

A virtual research assistant is a remote employee who can effectively present actionable insights or data by scouring the internet.

To be considered for the role you must:

  • Have a degree (not always, but in some cases, it is required)
  • Have prior experience in a similar role (again, in some cases)
  • Be Well-versed with online data sourcing and research tools.
  • Be Well-versed with Microsoft Office tools and G-suite
  • Be a good team player

As long as you have no issue compiling qualitative and quantitative data into presentable databases and you don’t mind doing research on a consistent basis this is the gig for you. 

Tip: if you can generate leads and networking opportunities based on your research you will gain your clients’ trust and prove that you actually care about their business.

Here is a list virtual assistant services a research VA can do:

47. Competitors Research

You can mine data from the web using tools like Alexa to easily conduct competition analysis and provide relevant social media stats such as the engagement rate and more.

48. Social Listening

In case you get hired by a company with a decent budget, you can spy on competitors by analyzing what users say about your brand using a number of tools.

49. Influencer Research

Finding the right influencer for a brand is a difficult task and business owners don’t have time and money to waste. You can stay up to date with the trending influencers in a certain field and find yourself the most appropriate ones for your clients.

50. Guest Post Opportunities

Guest posting is a great link building strategy that increases the number of links to your website and boosts authority(in other words people send you some love and respect and Mr Google takes notice). 

It takes time and networking skills to find relevant publications and blogs to guest post on and you can do just that!

51. Affiliate Marketing Programs

There is a heap of affiliate marketing programs out there (other businesses who are willing to pay someone for recommending their product). Your task is to find the good ones.

52. Travel Research

Come up with recommendations, detailed itineraries and find the best deals for your clients.

53. Trend Research

Stay on the lookout for anything new and trendy that happens in a certain field so that your clients can always stay updated with no hassle.

54. Keyword Research 

Keyword research is so valuable, yet many business owners can’t find the time to do it right. It is not just about SEO, you could find great keywords for Pinterest or Etsy stores and drive traffic to your client’s website or store.

55. Software Research

Tools save time and money, even when they are not free. Your job is to find the right tools that match the budget and needs of your clients.

56. Hashtag Research

Imagine getting a list of hashtags to conveniently add to a few social media posts in order to increase exposure and increase engagement. If you think that it’s a service that many would pay for, you are just right.

57. Sponsorship Research

Essentially here is what sponsorship is: a brand sponsors another Instagram user who creates a post that features the brand in some way. Again, make yourself valuable and be that unique time-saver that all business owners want.

58. Linkedin Research

Linkedin is such an underutilized channel, yet it is a great tool for expanding your social media reach quickly and getting leads. 

That’s not all.

Linkedin has incredible filtering functions, which you can use to find potential prospects, study your competitors, discover the pain points and goals of your niche and more.

59. Product Price Comparison

Get quotes and bring out options for your clients to compare and make the best buying decision.

60. CRO Research

By carrying out conversion rate optimization research you can provide eCommerce owners and CRO agencies with a comprehensive report packed with recommendations regarding how to optimize a website or an online store.

61. Swot Analysis

In case business owners want to venture out in a new market they need hands-on information regarding their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that they can grasp what’s the best way to penetrate a new market.

Project Management

virtual assistant tasks

A project management virtual assistant acts as the point of contact between you and a business

To succeed you must have:

  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Grit and thick skin
  • Familiarity with tools

If you can prioritize deadlines, streamline the work and handle clients smoothly, without losing your temper, then you can give this a try. Things can get messy and you may feel frustrated at times, but as you get more experience, everything will fall into place.

Here is a list virtual assistant services a project management VA can do:

62. Risk Management

To take calculated risks, businesses must perform thorough research on various vulnerabilities before embarking on a new project and that’s where you step in.

63. Budget tracking

Figuring out the budget in advance as well as keeping track of it throughout the whole process is critical. If you take on this task you will most likely act as an “Approver” (giving their approval regarding the budget) rather than auditing the budget.

64. Timelines And Deadlines

Maintaining a project timeline is key to managing a project’s activities. You can use a tool like Airtable to get each team member to deliver on time.

65. People Management

Making sure that everyone on the team is given the resources to produce quality work falls into your pool of responsibilities as a project management virtual assistant.

66. Presentations

Business owners are very busy. You can create an outstanding report and fail to get recognition for your work because of sloppy presentation skills. If that’s the case get up to speed with tools like Beautiful.Ai and make your voice count.

Admin And Lifestyle Assistance

virtual assistant tasks

When the DIY enthusiasm starts wearing off for business owners, they need to resort to someone else to increase their productivity.

As an admin and Lifestyle assistant you must be:

  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Likeable

If you can do admin tasks in earnest and you are genuinely eager to help other people then get the word out because an army of solopreneurs need you. Bonus points if you spread a good vibe all around you

Here is a list virtual assistant services an admin VA can do:

67. Bookkeeping 

You must manage clients’ business finance, remind them to pay bills, help them calculate taxes, and manage money. Pretty straightforward.

68. Collections Calls

This may be a tedious task, but business owners need to get their money back and this is how you can help them.

69. Diary Management

That’s where you put on your ‘Reliability hat’, as you get the chance to manage the day to day life of your boss.

70. Appointment Making

Scheduling appointments is Admin 101. Put on a smile and stuff meetings into the agenda of your team members.

71. File Conversion

Converting one file takes 30 seconds, but it can become time-consuming when you need to convert a big amount of large files. Be patient and get it done!

72. Spreadsheets

Everyone can create spreadsheets, some can make it look nice and clean, a few can also automate processes with a nice-looking functional spreadsheet. Be one of them!

73. Broken Links

Broken links can harm the credibility of a website and they are not good for SEO. Find broken links and fix them or get them fixed by a developer.

74. Template Documents 

Many business owners get things done, but they waste time doing the same things.

 If you can create template documents and streamline the work you will become your boss’s best friend.

75. Travel Arrangements & Itineraries

Purchasing flights, booking hotel rooms and finding connections is key to ensuring that your boss’s business trip goes smoothly. Make it happen!

76. Property Research

The demand for VAs in real estate is growing and conducting research on property values is often outsourced. Get researching and find the best quote!

77. Sourcing Gifts

Lifestyle management also includes menial tasks such as finding the best gifts for family members (or clients). Get creative and find the best fit!

78. Utilities Comparison

Browse through price comparison websites and find the best energy tariff or supplier.

79. Leisure & Social Reservations

From buying tickets to making online reservations, there is a whole lot of things that go into managing leisure for your clients.

80. Inbox Management

As businesses start to scale, most of the time they can’t reply to all the inquiries they receive and you can make sure that no email shows up as unread.

81. Data Entry

This is not funny, but it pays the bills. It encompasses entering customer data, verifying the accuracy and reviewing for errors.

82. Event Planning

Your responsibilities include identifying customer requirements, brainstorming event concepts, doing research and preparing event budgets

Web Development And Design

Companies Hiring Virtual Assistants

Not everyone has good technical skills, yet they are so critical in the online business world. That’s why virtual assistants who have a knack for completing more technical tasks have a leg up over competitors.

To be considered a VA specialized in this area you must:

  • Have a solid understanding of web development and design
  • Have enough coding experience
  • Willingness to learn

Although you don’t need to be a software engineer, the more skilled you are the faster you will get things done and the more precious you will become in the eyes of your clients.

Here are some virtual assistant tasks a Web development and design VA can do:

83. Membership Sites

You must be able to create easy-to-navigate websites that provide a good user experience so that users will renew over and over again.

84. WordPress Websites

WordPress is used to power almost 40% of the Internet

Although making a decent website has become easier than ever, it is still quite challenging to customize WordPress themes and make them look the way you want them. That’s what you can offer.

85. Logo Design

Even though it is possible to make a logo for free today, quality logos still require a certain level of skills and time. Once you get the hang of it and you become fast enough you can also offer this service.

86. WordPress Technical Support

More than one in three business owners has a WordPress website and if things go wrong it can be a nightmare for them. Save them the trouble and get all the fixes done.

87. WordPress Plug-ins And Themes

If you are not a developer but have enough coding skills to edit and customize themes you will make an invaluable asset to any business owner.

88. IT Support And Troubleshooting

IT Support comes in many forms, as long as you can find out why something does not work and sort it out you will be the go-to guy for any technical issue.

89. Optimization And Cross-browser Compatibility

This is especially relevant to eCommerce shops or any high-traffic website. Sometimes a website does not convert very well in older browsers, because of technical issues (e.g. speed, broken pages). These may be very easy to fix, but they often go overlooked and become huge money leaks. Find those leaks and make a great impression with your clients.

90. Tags

Setting tags is a critical task. 

For example, to track user behaviour certain tags must be put into place. Although these days most people use WordPress plug-ins, they slow down the website which affects the overall website performance.

91. Back-ups

To avoid loss of precious data and information you can do back-ups and restore data when something goes wrong. You have no idea how many business owners skip this step.

Audio And Video Editing

Companies Hiring Virtual Assistants

Creating high-quality video content is vital for any business strategy. The thing is that you don’t need to be a professional video editor to land these gigs.

The truth is that there are many tools out there to allow virtually anyone to create awesome videos, especially for shorter social media videos (Youtube generally requires a higher quality).

The problem is it takes a long time and there is still a learning curve.

This is where you step in.

Here are some virtual assistant tasks an audio and video editing VA can do:

92. Video Editing

From creating seductive captions to splicing intros and outros or adding background music. There is no end to what you could do.

93. File Upload 

Uploading final cuts to platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo can save a lot of time for any business owner. That’s why it is often outsourced.

94. Audio Editing

Removing Background Noise And Improving Volume Levels can turn a decent audio file into an outstanding one. Low quality reflects poorly on any product, so that’s what you can offer.

Customer Service

Virtual Assistant Services - Rates

‘I want to become a virtual assistant in customer support – what services can I offer?’

Good question.

By hiring a customer service virtual assistant, business owners consciously decide to rely on a dedicated and experienced professional to look after their clients. 

In this way, they can have the freedom to redirect their energies towards the tasks that matter the most.

If you want to know more about virtual assistants for customer service you should read my guide.

Here is a list virtual assistant services a customer service VA can do:

95. Calls

Taking customer calls and dealing with customers is the backbone of customer service. If you are likeable and you don’t mind dealing with people you can certainly offer this service.

96. Customer Complaints

Customer complaints take many forms. Whether you reply via chat, Facebook or email you must address all potential concerns smoothly and in a timely fashion.

97. Refunds

This may be a tedious task for some, as it requires accuracy and patients. A certain amount of responsibility rests on you, as you must check whether the client is entitled to get refunds while making everyone happy.

98. Satisfaction Surveys

You must create a satisfaction survey and set the right incentive for the people to fill it out.

99. Reporting

This is often overlooked, but it is crucial and it can make you stand out in the eyes of the clients. If you can find what makes customers tick and their pain points it is paramount that you inform your clients so that they can make the right adjustments.

100. Onboarding, Scheduling And Follow-ups

This is particularly important for coaches. If they have many clients, they can’t afford to personalize every interaction with them, so your job is to make sure their customers feel looked after.

Virtual Assistant Services – Rates

Here is how virtual assistants charge:

  • Per Hour – Pay as you go
  • Per Project – Pay for the whole project 
  • Per Retainer – Pay a small fee beforehand for a certain amount of time every month
  • Through Credits – Pay for a certain amount of hours with a lifespan of a few months

At this point, you may want to check out the virtual assistant price list of an actual human out there. Here you go:

Companies Hiring Virtual Assistants

What kind of companies hire virtual assistants?

If you are looking for a list of virtual assistant services companies to work for an established VA company you may end up collaborating with:

  • Real Estate Brokers, Agents & Property Managers.
  • Law Firms
  • IT Firm
  • Accounting and Financial firms
  • Marketing Firms

List Of Virtual Assistant Companies

Here is a list of virtual assistant services companies that commonly hire for Virtual assistant jobs – you can read the full article here:

As for the best Virtual Assistant companies, you can read my guide here.

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List Of Virtual Assistant Services FAQ(s)

online virtual assistant

What Are The Different Types Of Virtual Assistants?

There are two main types of virtual assistants:

  • General – These VAs save you time and money and take on tasks such as publishing social media posts or replying to emails.
  • Specialized – These are skilled VAs who can perform more complex and lucrative tasks, such as creating email sequences.

Are Virtual Assistants In Demand?

The short answer is YES! That’s why I have made this list of virtual assistant services!

Virtual assistants are especially in demand by entrepreneurs and online businesses that need help with specific tasks but don’t want to hire a full-time employee.


I bet this list of virtual assistant services was a lot to take in. The good news is that you don’t need to pick a service and stick to it for the rest of your life.

Just sharpen the skills in the area that resonates with you the most and learn how to market your services. 

As you go along you will have a firm grasp on what works for you. Once you do, double down on that and set yourself up for success.

I wish you lots of success in your virtual assistant journey!

The Complete List Of Virtual Assistant Services (+Tips)

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