How To Become A Travel Agent From Home

How To Become A Travel Agent Without Experience in 2023!

Do you want to know how to become a travel agent without experience? 

Are you meticulous, organized, and a great planner?

Have you got an eye for sweet deals and packages?

Do you enjoy planning out every little detail in your itinerary when you go on holiday?

If you’ve said yes to any of those questions, you’ve got what it takes to be a travel agent. 🙂

Whether you like luxury travel or you’re an adventurous thrill seeker, there’s a niche in the travel industry just for you.

Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner that’s fresh out of college or even looking to change jobs. In this article, I’ll lay out all you need to know about how to become a travel agent without experience.

All you need is the right attitude and the eagerness to learn, and you can make your wanderlust into a successful career as an at home travel agent.


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how to become a travel agent without experience

How To Become A Travel Agent Without Experience – Getting Started

Here’s some great news, technically, anyone can work in this field and set up a travel agent home based business.

Here are the six steps to answer your question of ‘how can i become a travel agent’:

1. Learn more about the travel industry

Find out what it means to coordinate safe domestic and international travel.

That can be:

  • arranging insurance and other travel documents,
  • scheduling flights and transfers,
  • booking hotels and tours,
  • dealing with cancellations or emergencies and
  • managing itineraries for individuals and groups.

It’s also important to stay informed about the industry’s trends and developments.

2. Develop core skills

As a travel agent, it’s important to have good customer service skills so that you can handle any of your customer’s concerns.

You also need to be able to communicate effectively with customers, airlines, hotels, and tour operators.

3. Get certified

There is no standard certification required to becoming a travel agent.

That being said, having a certificate like a diploma in tourism and hospitality can show your knowledge and expertise in this field to employers and customers.

However, I know we all want to cut costs, and I know you want to learn how to become a travel agent for free: 

AARC offers extensive, free online training to members that provides everything you need to learn how to become a Travel Advisor and operate your own home based travel agent business, including:

  • your own website
  • the marketing secret to finding clients online for your new business
  • mentoring
  • all the insider secrets that Travel Advisors use to obtain reduced rates for their clients when booking cruises and vacation packages

4. Take up an internship

When learning how to become travel agent from home, the easiest way to gain practical experience is to take up an internship or apprenticeship at a travel agency. It will help you develop your skills and build your resume.

If they’re happy with your work, they might even offer you a job!

5. Create a professional brand and online presence

To help build a brand and online presence as a home based travel agency business, I recommend you set up a website or social media account.

Here is a FREE Step by Step Guide on How to Set Up Your Travel Agent Website 

Use it to showcase your skills and knowledge and engage with potential customers.

6. Apply for entry-level positions

You may choose to work as an independent travel agent (more about that later). Many travel agent business from home operates independently.

If you’re more comfortable working with a team, start off by applying to entry-level positions in agencies that offer training.

What Is A Travel Agent?

You might think that working as a travel agent in today’s day and age might seem a little outdated, but in reality, a lot of people still prefer to work with travel agents.

Because, let’s be real, traveling is fun, but planning can be a bit of a headache. 

Travel agents are experienced travel coordinators that have the time and connections to help stressed travelers save time and money. 

Planning a trip can be both complicated and time-consuming. As a travel agent, you simplify this process by providing consultations and giving your customers a range of packages for their journey.

A travel agent can also save you money by finding you all the best deals!! 

Sounds like a pretty sweet job to me. You get to help people and fuel your passion for travel.

Benefits Of Working As A Travel Agent

You will not believe the huge number of benefits of becoming a travel agent from home. This list alone will make you want to learn how to become a travel agent without experience. 

  • Networking

Are you a social butterfly always looking for an opportunity to make a business connection? The travel industry is all about networking.

As a travel agent, you’ll find yourself mingling with representatives from the travel sector, airlines, hotels, resorts, and cruise lines.

Did someone say free cruise and airline upgrades …..?

  • Discounts

Travel agents get great discounts on flights and hotels. A great way to make your travel cheaper too. 

  • All expenses paid trips

If you are a renowned travel agent, you will be offered all-expenses-paid trips by hotels, airlines, and government tourism sectors to sell their services and destination to your customer and help a hotel chain, airline, or nation increase their revenue.

  • Paid to travel

As a travel agent, you need to know the best places, hotels, activities, and gems in the country you’re planning to send your customers.

How can you do that if you’ve never been there? Part of being a travel agent means that you need to take work trips known as ‘fam trips’ or familiarization trips. 

This is when you travel to a country to explore the best accommodations, restaurants, activity providers, etc. You need to know the ins and outs of that place. 

Sign me up now, please!

  • Tax benefits

This one is a treat for all you hard-working taxpayers that are looking to save money.

All those travel expenses you have? 

Well, you can deduct them on your taxes as part of your business. Things like advertising and costs related to your clients can also be deducted.

  • Freedom

This comes with being a digital nomad! But travel agents can move anywhere in the world and work remotely or at other travel agencies.

This includes having a travel agency home based business and become a home based travel agent.

how to become a travel agent without experience

What Are The Tasks Of A Travel Agent?

Before we get into the ‘how?’ in how to become a travel agent without experience, let me first tell you the tasks you will be doing as a travel agent.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Research
  • Planning 
  • Booking

You’ll be responsible for finding the best accommodations, planning the trip, and making the bookings.

This is great for someone who is efficient, has excellent communication skills, and doesn’t mind being strapped to the computer.

How Much Can You Earn As A Travel Agent?

You might be wondering how much you can earn as a travel agent. 

If you learn how to become a travel agent without experience, you could earn some big bucks.

According to Cosmopolitan, agents in the US can make anywhere from $50K to $100K on the low end and up to $250K to $500K annually. 

A large portion of your salary comes from commission. So if you’re a great salesperson, this is the job for you.

Traditionally, when you work as an in-house travel agent with a travel agency, you have a base salary and a commission split. This varies with agencies.

As a home based independent travel agent, you keep your commission but lose the base salary.

Working Independently Vs Working For A Host

When learning how to be a travel agent from home, there is a difference when working independently or when you work for a host agency.

Working independently as a travel agent 

  • Certificate/licenses needed:

Home-based travel agents may need a certificate or license to run their business. This varies from country to country and state. So make sure you’re aware of the requirements in your country.

In Singapore, for instance, travel agents are required to apply for a license with ACRA and comply with the Travel Agent Act.

In India, one simply has to register your business with the government.

In the UK, you need to apply for a license and comply with EU travel laws, while in the Netherlands, you don’t require any permits or licenses. 

The US is a bit tricky as the requirements differ from state to state. There are different requirements to sell travel depending on where you live, if you’re an employee at an agency, affiliated with a host agency, or an independent travel agent based from home.

Have a quick Google to find out which certificate you need to be a travel agent from home.

  • Insurance:

If you work as an independent agent, you’ll need your own insurance. If you make a mistake in your clients’ itinerary, you’re liable.

 Make sure you’re protected with an Errors & Omissions insurance (E&O) if you’re in the US.

This cost varies depending on your insurance provider, but this basically means if you accidentally screw something up, you don’t have to pay out of pocket for the cost of the mistake.

European business owners usually have liability insurance included in a package.

How to work as a travel agent independently 

Let’s get into the ‘how’ in how to become a travel agent without experience.

Here’s a checklist for those of you considering working as an independent travel agent

  • If you work independently as a travel agent, you’ll need to choose a name for your business. 
  • Consider starting a blog or website.
  • Advertise.
  • Find clients.
  • Network

Working with a host agency as a travel agent:

If you want to be a home-based travel agent but aren’t too fond of branching out on your own or like having a support team, working for a host agency may be right for you.

There are a few things you need to be aware of:

  • Adhere to company conduct

While working with a host company, you’ll be considered a contractor and will be affiliated with the host agency. 

  • Payment

Some host agencies will ask for a payment, but most are free.

  • Training

Working with a host agency means training. Note: you may have to pay for this training yourself.

  • Colleagues

You typically have a support team you can contact as you learn and work with clients.

How to work as a travel agent with a host

If you’re just beginning as a home based travel agent, a host company is great because it offers oversight, connections, and a platform for you to build a rapport for yourself.

Take Dream Vacation Franchise, for instance.

By joining a host agency like theirs, you get to know how to become a travel agent without experience in three simple steps:

  • Apply online at Dream Vacations Franchise.
  • Pay a one-time initial franchise fee.
  • Complete the 6-day certification course.

What to look for when choosing a host agency

  1. Know what you want:

The host agency you choose should highlight your strengths and compensate for your weakness. 

  1. Research the host company:

As an independent agent, you’re the one that makes the choice as to which agency you join. You’re interviewing them, not the other way around.

Make sure you read up on the host agency; see how they treat employees. Find agents that are working there or have worked there and ask them about their time there.

  1. Commission isn’t everything:

The best host agency is not necessarily the one that offers the best commission split. Look for a host company that offers the best value instead.

When you’re learning how to become a travel agent without experience, keep in mind that the best host agency for you is the one that shows you the tools and gives you the knowledge you need to maximize the success of your business.

Best travel agent hosts/ sites

Here is a list of the best travel agency to work for from home:

how to become a travel agent without experience

Tips To Succeed As Home Based Travel Agent

Now that you know how to become a travel agent without experience, I’m going to share a few tips with you so you also know how to be a successful travel agent from home and have the best home based travel agent business.

Earlier on, I told you anyone could become a travel agent, but there’s a difference between the agents making the average and the ones earning at the top tier.

Here are some tips for you to succeed as a home-based travel agent:

  • It’s all about customer service

Details matter. It’s easy to put someone in a beautiful room with a view, but if you remember why they’re on that trip in the first place, you can enhance their trip tenfold.

For example, let’s say they’re there for their anniversary, and you make an arrangement with the hotel management to ensure that a bottle of their favorite champagne and a picture from their wedding day is in that room with them.

Those are the things that matter and will get you repeat customers plus referrals.

  • Know your clients.

Think of it like dating: anticipate what your clients want and deliver it to them before they ask for it, and you will have the best home based travel business in town.

  • Find your niche

Developing a niche is essential. It isn’t realistic to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the whole world, and being a jack of all trades is fine and dandy, but the most successful travel agents are the ones that are specialized. 

Choose something you love. Is it cruises? African safaris? Romantic destinations? Disneyland?

Actually, now I think about it, why not become a travel agent for Disney?

Imagine that, being a travel agent for Disney. All you need to do is sign up and complete the training, and voila, you’re a Disney travel agent! 

Things To Be Aware Of When Working As A Travel Agent

My job here would not be complete if I didn’t tell you some of the things you need to be aware of.

It isn’t all roses and sunshine, folks. It is good to start with a healthy dose of realism. 

Now that you know how to become a home-based travel agent, here are a few things you should keep in mind before you become a home-based travel agent:

  • Market instability

Like many other industries, the travel industry can be unstable due to the economy, global ties, weather-related disasters, and many other factors.

I mean, look at what the coronavirus did to us.

Travel isn’t a necessity, so it’s usually the first thing people cut back on when they’re watching their finances.

  • Being on call 24/7/365

Travel agents are not joking about the “365” part of the job.

Holidays are a stressful time for travel agents, so you might want to book your holidays in the off-season because you’ll have all your clients to keep up with during the holiday season.

  • Needy clients

This is a given, some clients will happily walk away with their itinerary, and some may have you on speed dial. Regular business hours are out the window in this field.

As a travel agent, you’re responsible for any queries or issues your clients may have. This means contact at all times, no matter what time zone you’re in.

how to become a travel agent without experience

FAQ On How To Become A Travel Agent Without Experience

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Travel Agent?

To be a successful travel agent, you need these skills:

  • Customer service to address customer’s needs
  • Effective communication with customers and travel partners 
  • Ability to sell services and travel packages
  • Negotiation to find the best deals
  • Planning and scheduling the logistics
  • Able to use software and technology to manage bookings
  • Attention to detail for a well-planned trip

Is It Hard To Get Started As A Travel Agent?

Getting started as a travel agent can be challenging, as there is much to learn, but it is not hard. As with any other job, you need to put in time and effort to develop the necessary skills. 

As you gain more experience, things will become easier, and you will start to build your confidence. 

How Do I Establish Myself As A Travel Agent?

Follow these steps to establish yourself as a travel agent:

  1. Develop your communication, interpersonal and soft skills 
  2. Gain practical experience through internships or entry-level positions at travel agencies
  3. Get certified to demonstrate your knowledge
  4. Choose a travel niche to set yourself apart
  5. Build a strong network and online presence
  6. Stay up-to-date on travel trends

How Does It Work To Be A Travel Agent?

A travel agent is passionate about travel and dedicated to helping customers create the best possible experiences. Whether working as an independent contractor or for a travel agency, they are responsible for researching travel options and booking their customer’s travel arrangements. They work with airlines, hotels, and other vendors to develop a plan and package that fits their customer’s needs. 

How To Become A Travel Agent From Home?

Here’s how to become a travel agent from home:

  1. Develop your communication, customer service, and tech skills
  2. Train and gain experience at a reputable agency
  3. Build an online presence to attract potential clients
  4. Stay up-to-date on industry trends and the latest developments
  5. Start working!

Consider joining a host agency like Dream Vacation Franchise if you need support and resources. 

How To Become A Travel Agent From Home For Free?

Here are some resources to help you learn how to become a travel agent for free:

  • Travel Agent Academy offers free courses and resources for travel agents. Subscribe to their monthly magazine to keep updated on industry news.
  • Global Travel and Tourism Partnership provides free training modules with a globally recognized certificate of completion. You can also find job opportunities here.

How To Become An Independent Travel Agent?

To become an independent travel agent, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a travel niche and specialize in it
  2. Get the necessary certifications, like the one from IATA.
  3. Develop your communication, customer service, and tech skills
  4. Join a host agency for access to training and resources
  5. Build a website and social media account to market yourself as a travel agent.

How To Start An Online Travel Agency Working From Home?

Here is how to start an online travel agency working from home:

  1. Identify your travel niche through research
  2. Develop a business plan
  3. Register your business and get all required licenses and permits
  4. Build relationships with travel partners
  5. Build a website and a strong social media presence to promote your business
  6. Provide excellent customer service
  7. Follow the latest news and trends
how to become a travel agent without experience

Alright, my lovely readers (You, yeah, YOU, are lovely !). I’ve armed you with all the information you need in order to know how to become a travel agent without experience. 

A career as a travel agent can make you rich in more ways than one. Monetarily being one of them.

But think about all the other ways becoming a home based business travel agent is enriching: 

  • You get to see the world and travel as a part of your job.
  • Experience new cultures and cuisines.
  • Meet and connect with people from all over the world.
  • You get to help so many people make memorable trips.

And maybe you get to check some things off your bucket list along the way. So, what are you waiting for?

Put all that you’ve learned about how to become a home based travel agent into practice today.

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