Coworking retreats

15 Top Coworking Retreats Globally (Personal Experience!) 2024

Are you looking for good coworking retreats where work and leisure are integrated seamlessly? 

Do you want a happier work life? Are you tired of facing walls of a confined office and yearning for a change of scenery?

Traveling should not start after retirement. The question is no longer whether you live to work OR you work to live… You can get the best of both worlds by going on coworking trips!

As a digital nomad myself who used to work in the corporate world, I know how important it is to use your time wisely. I know how tedious it can be to find a good coworking area after flying to your favorite destination.

You need a place with fast and stable internet. 

You need somewhere that you can ACTUALLY work productively, not somewhere that is too noisy for you to have Skype calls or Zoom meetings. 

You want to meet like-minded people for social connections.

Instead of checking and testing places for yourself, I have listed 15 coworking retreats here that I personally had tried for some. Let this sister help you out in finding your next remote working retreat to live the best of both worlds (work & travel)!

Coworking retreats

15 Top Coworking Retreats Globally (Personal Experience!)

1. WiFi Tribe

2. Outsite

3. Unsettled

4. Remote Year

5. Hacker Paradise

6. Sun and Co.

7. Mokrin House

8. Selina

9. SunDesk

10. The Nomad Escape

11. CoworkParadise

12. HOMA

13. Paledora Campus

14. Draper Startup House 

15. Work Wanderers

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15 Top Destinations For Coworking Retreats

1. WiFi Tribe

WiFi Tribe is a curated community for digital nomads who are community-focused and are planning to work at the retreat. 

The Tribe has a thorough application process, so you can be assured of the people you will be surrounded with. 

To apply, you will have to submit a written application, attend a video interview, and complete the MBTI personality test. I have done it, and I was SO EXCITED when I was accepted!

Coworking retreats

After becoming a WiFi Tribe member, you will get a new Slack login. 

Slack is a communication platform that makes communication organised and effective. You can make new friends and ask for support from the amazing community.

WiFi Tribe uses “Chapter” to name their remote retreats to aptly represent the extraordinary chapters of one’s life. They have at least 3 Chapters running per time frame, which runs for either 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks.

So the month-to-month flexibility and variety of locations are really a PLUS for WiFi Tribe. Also, the group size is relatively small, with between 12 and 25 people in each Chapter. This makes a meaningful connection more likely to happen!

Coworking retreats

WiFi Tribe will always be special for me as I joined a Chapter in Oaxaca, Mexico in October 2022 and truly enjoyed the experiences, especially THE FOOD!

When you join a Chapter, you can stay productive and create your own adventure based on your preferences and availability. There is never a set itinerary as each person is unique and brings a different perspective on what to do.

The prices across each Chapter vary based on destination, season, and accommodation. 

Coworking retreats

The average cost is USD $1200 to USD $2800 each. This coworking cost includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Utilities bill (water and electricity)
  • Basic cleaning
  • WiFi and even internet backups!
  • Working space IN your accommodation

What is NOT included are your flight tickets, meals, and any activities/ sightseeing/ trips you would like to take part in. 

WiFi Tribe’s Travel Calendar in 2023

Time FrameChapter
Feb 10 – March 10Goa, IndiaFlip En Flac, MauritiusMedellin, ColombiaSayulita, MexicoBuenos Aires, Argentina
March 17 – April 14Marrakech, MoroccoSeoul, South KoreaMexicoLatin America
April 21 – May 19Lima, PeruKotor, MontenegroKyoto, JapanLatin America
May 26 – June 23Peru
July 14 – Aug 11ScotlandSpain
Aug 18 – Sept 15ItalyEcuador

2. Outsite 

Outsite was founded on the principle of living and working in picturesque locations around the world, while surrounded by like-minded individuals. 

It thrives on exclusivity, with a members-only policy when it comes to booking a stay.  

To date, there are more than 30 coliving locations available for you to pick from: coastal areas, urban cities, or even highlands. Their map features all of them and is neatly tagged for you to browse through. 

Coworking retreats

Not sure which location fits your taste? Here’s a comprehensive list of all their locations and recommendations.

What’s great about Outsite community is that they set up a Member Hub for coworking benefits.

This means gaining access to all the perks, such as Slack community, member exclusive rates for Outsite spaces and deals, online events, and many more. 

Currently, the Outsite membership costs USD $149 yearly, and if you wish to get a lifelong membership, it is USD $399 billed once.

When it comes to accommodations, each location comes with a brief description of its amenities and a travel recommendation.

Outsite Los Angeles, for example, is a home in Malibu Hillside that has 5 private rooms. Each room has its own bathroom, and facilities like a smart TV, room door locks, high-speed Wifi, kitchen, and air conditioning are installed. 

You can enjoy the scenery while working on your tasks with ease!

All the locations come with an Outsite community manager. They are eager to provide you with the best coliving experience throughout your stay. 

Outsite’s stay duration is a fantastic feature. Unlike some of the coworking retreat programs, Outsite allows as little as a 2-day stay. 

As for the cost, it varies depending on the region and coworking packages. You may check their availability and pricing on-site, as it is subject to each location and their occupancy.

Coworking retreats

3. Unsettled 

Unsettled is the pioneer for nomad retreats, as they launched the world’s first coworking retreat in Bali, 2014. 

The Unsettled team helps you live like a local remotely. Accommodation, workspace, and immersive experiences ranging from dinner gatherings, workshops and outings are some of the coworking benefits of Unsettled. 

The remote working retreats offered by Unsettled are truly unique and full of wonders. There is a wide range of options for you to choose from based on your availability.

Unsettled’s Travel Calendar In 2023

DestinationTime FrameDurationCost
Gran Canaria, Spain (collaboration with Hacker Paradise)February 5 – March 41 monthFrom USD $2790
BaliMarch 4 – April 1, 1 monthFrom USD $2950
Phuket, ThailandApril 22 – May 3, 1 weekFrom USD $3595
Tuscany, ItalyMay 21- May 28, 1 weekFrom USD $2450
Medellín, ColombiaMay 6 – June 3, 1 monthFrom USD $3150
Ibiza, SpainJune 3 – June 10, 1 weekFrom USD $2350
Asturia, SpainJune 17 – July 12 weeksOne week coworking; One week Hiking the Camino de SantiagoFrom USD $3050
Coworking retreats

4. Remote Year

Featuring a diverse community, Remote Year thrives on creating a space without borders.

With over 4000 participants of 50 different nationalities(as of 2022), Remote Year sure did their homework well. 

I was pleasantly surprised by their promise to maintain a safe environment that is inclusive of underrepresented communities.

 Be it LGBTQ+, participants of different cultural backgrounds, or even women solo-travelers, Remote Year welcomes all with open arms. 

Here’s how it works: Remote Year takes care of the planning details for you. 

This includes a coworking area, accommodations, transportation(no more headaches for airport transfers!), on-site facilitating services, and development workshops.

Better still, they have a fairly wide array of options to pick from. Fancy a month-long coworking retreat? 

Some of the available destinations are: 

  • Dakar, Senegal
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Capetown, South Africa
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Arusha, Tanzania
  • Lima, Peru
  • Split, Croatia
  • Lisbon, Portugal, and many more! 

Remote Year’s coworking cost for a month is between USD $2638 and USD $4038.

How about four months exploring an entire region? Currently, their options are Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The average package cost is USD $12,000.

As for the remote year program, you will step foot in 12 different countries over the span of 12 months. 

It’s a dream to travel the world, and it’s yours to make it a reality! It costs USD $32,000 to be a global traveler for 12 months.

Coworking retreats

5. Coworking Retreats-Hacker Paradise

Since starting the world’s first remote work and travel group in 2014, Hacker Paradise has explored over 24 countries, bringing together people all over the world to “hack” their lives. 

Their members keep coming back trip after trip because of the lifetime experience offered by Hacker Paradise.

They strive to support each other in becoming informed and connected global citizens.

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or employee with remote benefits, do check out their upcoming trips!

Hacker Paradise has an experienced team to design programs that are customized to the destination and group. But, you always have a choice to take part or not!

The team also values each member by providing platforms for them to share their knowledge and skills. They also care about your growth by preparing hands-on workshops, goal-setting sessions, and networking events. 

Coworking retreats

Some of their past coworking events include:

  • How dating apps work
  • Getting that side hustle off the ground
  • Cybersecurity for dummies

Hacker Paradise’s Upcoming Coworking Trips in 2023

Time FrameLocationCost per month
Feb 5 – March 4Gran Canaria, Spain (in collaboration with Unsettled)USD $2790 
Medellin, ColombiaUSD $2490
March 5 – April 1Buenos Aires, ArgentinaUSD $2990
Valencia, SpainUSD $2990
April 2 – April 29Antigua, GuatemalaUSD $2490
April 16 – May 13Koh Phangan, ThailandUSD $2490
May 14- June 10Lima, PeruUSD $2990
Tokyo, JapanUSD $3290
July 9 – August 5Ubud, Bali, IndonesiaUSD $2490
August 6 – Sept 2Bocas Del Toro, PanamaUSD $2790
Augst 27 – Sept 23Tallinn, EstoniaUSD $ 2990
Sept 24 – Oct 21French Castle, NormandyUSD $3390-3990
Oct 22- Nov 18Cape Town, South AfricaUSD $2990
Nov 19 – Dec 16Cape Town, South AfricaUSD $2990

What’s included at Hacker Paradise:

  • 1-2 amazing onsite facilitators 
  • A weekly lunch
  • Private room with cleaning
  • Local SIM equipped with mobile data

6. Sun and Co.

Sun and Co. is one of the earliest coworking retreats in Europe since 2015. Their dedication to the coworking area and coworking events is highly recognised.

They won the best community and user experience coliving space award in 2021. 

And in the following year, they also won another award for the best coliving space for Digital Nomads.

So if you would like to see why they are so good, head over to this beautiful coastal town in Spain – Javea to explore their Mediterranean way of life. 

There are 3 different types of coworking areas at Sun and Co.: the focused area, the interior patio, and open desk space. They are open and accessible 24/7, equipped with high-speed internet (500 Mbps up/down).

Coworking retreats

They have 4 different room packages for you to choose from: Premium, Single, Double, and Quad. 

For an estimation, their private rooms start at 29 Euro(USD $32) per day, whereas their shared rooms start at 26 Euro(USD $28) per day.

Do take note that the coworking cost in their high season (March to November) is slightly higher than their standard season (December to February). 

There is a minimum stay of 10 days, but do try to stay at least 14 days to experience Sun and Co. fully. 

Regardless of which room package you choose, be assured that it is inclusive of accommodation, a spacious common area, and access to their 24/7 coworking space. Plus, more than 3 social events on top of 3 professional events EVERY WEEK!

Coworking retreats

Some of the themes covered during their sessions are Storytelling, Career Change, Public Speaking, Blockchain, Content Creation, Mental Health, and many more!

So just check your calendar and see if the place has availability, the rest will be all handled by Sun and Co. How convenient is that?

I guess the only disadvantage of Sun and Co. is that they have ONLY ONE destination.

Coworking retreats

7. Mokrin House 

Mokrin House is an urban spot in rural surroundings, located at the north of Serbia.

Like the rest of the coworking retreats, they have social events and professional development for knowledge exchange. What’s distinctive about this space is that meals are included!

Mokrin House has onsite chefs who will prepare three healthy meals a day for you using fresh and local ingredients. Do you know that they have their own farm, just 400 meters away? 

They even welcome residents of Mokrin House to visit the farm when they are free to pick their own salad for lunch. They grow a good variety of produce, from seasonal fruits and vegetables to chicken eggs.

An interesting fact is that 65% of the ingredients used for their meal preps come from their own farm. 

As an advocate and supporter of homegrown food, they try to buy from other local farmers for ingredients that they do not grow or make on their own.

Coworking retreats

Their accommodation comes in two types of rooms: standard rooms and comfort rooms. Both come with private bathrooms. 

The difference is that the comfort room is larger, equipped with closets and wardrobes, mini bars, and things that make it more cozy.

Mokrin House Room Rates:

  • Bed in a 2-Bed Standard Room – USD $1554 per month
  • Bed in a 2-Bed Comfort Room – USD $2448 per month
  • Single Standard Room – USD $2586 per month
  • Single Comfort Room – USD $4065 per month

For Mokrin House, the only downside is that it is located in a rural setting, which makes it not that convenient for you to commute to other places. However, there are still leisure activities available, such as riding a bike, swimming, and watching movies outdoors.

8. Selina

Selina offers an award-winning hospitality experience for a nomadic lifestyle. Rafael Museri and Daniel Rudasevski launched their first Selina in 2014 at Venao, a surf town near Pedasi. 

Coworking retreats

From 2014 to 2019, Selina has grown to 54 locations across 13 countries, and plans to expand to more than 400 locations by 2023!

So, no matter what your travel budget and preference is, Selina has something for you from metropolitan cities to remote destinations, from jungles to beachsides. 

Some of the most well-known Selina destinations are:

  • St Kilda, Melbourne
  • Tulum, Mexico
  • Cancun Downtown, Mexico
  • Medellin, Colombia

Each of Selina’s accommodations is also unique and inspiring. They pay extra attention in bringing life into existing buildings through the work of local artists. You can find unique locations in Latin America, the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia!

Catering to location independent workers, Selina has a long term stay program, called CoLive, starting at just USD $360 per month. In this program, you can change up to 3 Selina destinations within the chosen region for a continuous period of 30 nights!

There are four different room types for you to choose from: the Standard+, Standard Room, Micro Room, and Community Room. The pricing of your CoLive depends on your chosen region and room type.

Selina CoLive also includes a coworking area, wellness classes, a 10% discount at Selina’s onsite bars and restaurants, and access to a global community of Selina CoLivers!

As surfing is in DNA for Selina, they also offer surfing packages and lessons. If you want to surf and get work done, you can check out their Puerto Viejo Guided Surf Experience & Cowork Package. It is a four-night package starting at USD $348.

What’s interesting about Selina is they curate their own Selina Digital Nomad Retreats!

30 digital nomads will spend 3 weeks in 1 country while working remotely at Selina.

Selina specifically designed this retreat for digital nomads to connect while sharing skills and supporting each other’s personal growth. 

There are two destinations listed on their website now:

  • Portugal Retreat (February 10th to March 5th)
  • Austria & Germany Retreat (March 11th to April 1st)

9. SunDesk

SunDesk is a small coworking and coliving community located in Taghazout, Morocco.

Taghazout is a beautiful sunny surf village – the perfect place for you to enjoy authentic Moroccan spirit. 

Their coworking area has consistent 200/20 Mbps fibre internet connections. If you have a Skype call, you can always book their Skype Room for free!

If you are a workaholic, the downside is that their office access is from 8am to 7pm only, not 24 hours like some other coworking spaces. But, I guess it helps with work-life balance?

Coworking retreats

For accommodations, SunDesk has 6 private bedrooms in their main house, 2 private and 1 shared twin in their second house. Do take note that bathrooms are shared in both houses. Daily cleaning service is provided in all rooms and common areas!

At Taghazout, there are many activities that you can do alone or with your friends. 

You can go for a Hammam to relax your body, mind, and soul. Hammam is a Moroccan ritual that includes a full-body scrub and soothing massage. 

Every Wednesday, you can also visit the Souk (a traditional Moroccan market) with SunDesk for free. It is a 2-hour trip where transportation is provided. It is so vibrant and full of local produce and crafts. 

The pros of coworking at SunDesk is that you get to enjoy a healthy Moroccan breakfast! SunDesk believes that it is important to start the day as a group; hence, they include breakfast in what you pay. 

The coworking cost varies from day passes to all-inclusive coliving and coworking packages. You can choose either the budget room, the standard room, or the premium studio. There are also special rates for longer stays.

10. Coworking Retreats-The Nomad Escape

The Nomad Escape is a larger-scale coworking retreat that helps you find community, clarity, and confidence. 

They have an outstanding team to facilitate extraordinary quality retreats for your personal and professional development. They have designed over 25 Escapes and events globally.

Coworking retreats

In 2023, they are offering two different remote retreats. 

Level Up Club Business Retreat
Where: Bali, Indonesia
When: 16 to 22 Feb 2023

Who is it for: Entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their growth overall (marketing, money & mindset)

Cost: 1995 Euro(USD $2133) – 3699 Euro(USD $3154)

Accommodation: Eco-inspired luxury estate with ocean views, a variety of pools, saunas and spas


  • Open plan yoga pavilion next to the pool
  • Daily meals and refreshments
  • Daily interactive workshops, sessions and talks by experts 
  • Daily physical training by personal trainers (yoga)

Build Week: Colive & Cowork 

Where: Canggu, the digital nomad capital in Bali

When: 23 Feb to 1 March 2023

Who is it for: Digital nomads who want to escape their daily routine and focus on completing projects

Price: 795 Euro(USD $850) – 1249 Euro(USD $1335)

Accommodation: A 8 bedroom private villa equipped with shared kitchens, living room, pool with loungers and scooter parking


  • During the daily standup, you will set daily goals with your other “Builders”. Keep each other accountable for completing your projects by the end of the week
  • Daily meals and refreshments are included
  • Evening activities and weekend outdoor exploration
  • Daily group meditation, standups, and productivity tips 

11. CoworkParadise

CoworkParadise has been named one of the top six business retreats in the world by Urban List and by The Digital Nomad Asia. 

They have organized six and more mastermind retreats since 2015. 

Coworking retreats

They bring together a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs to reflect on their businesses and grow them. The people and the paradise-like environment will empower and inspire you. 

They have two coworking retreats available in 2023: one in Europe, and another one in Bali.

Croatia 8-Days Business Mastermind Retreat

Where: the island of Korčula in Croatia

When: May 13th – May 20th, 2023

Who is it for: Business owners of a company that has been operating well for a few years (minimum of 100K sales in the latest year)

Price: 2,885 Euro(USD $3083), inclusive of private accommodation, trip(s), food, mastermind sessions, and access to a premium community

What’s special about this Mastermind Experience is that it is only open to 8 successful entrepreneurs.

 You can share your ideas and get constructive feedback to elevate your skills and drive your business forward and upward!

The price might be on the high end compared to other retreats for 8 days. 

But think about the personal business coaching sessions and the Mastermind sessions that will empower you to achieve your goals!

If you are just starting on your entrepreneurial journey, you are not missing out, as CoworkParadise has another option for you:

Bali Open Mastermind Experience 2023

Where: Canggu region, in Bali, Indonesia
When: 2 weeks in January 2023
Who is it for: Entrepreneurs who want to learn from other business owners, with no restriction on yearly revenue, YAY!

Price: 3,985 Euro(USD $4258), inclusive of private room, delicious meals, 24/7 access to coworking center, sessions with business coach, and MORE!

CoworkParadise carefully screens their applicants, so apply soon as this is only open for 10 entrepreneurs.

You can book your video call slot with Brigitte (the owner of CoworkParadise) through the website. In this 30-minute introduction call, she will get to know you and your business better. 

There is a unique group matching process to help you find a retreat group that matches your needs, ambitions, and level in business. 

In conclusion, whether you choose a Cowork Paradise retreat in Croatia or Bali, you can be certain that you will enjoy delicious meals.

Each night, they will bring you to different local restaurants to spark mealtime conversations. 

12. HOMA

HOMA is one of the hottest coworking retreats in Thailand lately. They offer sustainable services and affordable apartments for digital nomads.

HOMA has three locations in Thailand: Phuket Town, Si Racha, and Cherngtalay, but coworking is only available at HOMA Phuket and HOMA Cherngtalay (opening in December 2023).

Their leasing agreements are really flexible on a daily, monthly, and even yearly basis. 

There are also a variety of room types to choose from: studios to 3-bedroom apartments. 

Regardless of which room type you choose, your monthly payment is inclusive of rent, the electric bill, water charges, parking, gym membership, coworking space, weekly housekeeping, and high-speed wifi! 

Coworking retreats

For your reference, a 1 HOMA bedroom will cost you THB 18,800 (USD $ 543) only for one month!

The coworking space at HOMA is also outstanding. There are soundproof meeting rooms and soundproof individual pods for you to work productively.

For coliving facilities, they have the longest rooftop pool in Phuket, offering a romantic sunset view. You can also enjoy multiple free daily classes such as yoga, pilates, muay thai, aquagym, and body stretching!

What makes HOMA truly distinctive is that it is PET-FRIENDLY! They also have a kids club and game room, which makes it a good choice to stay with your family. Upon request, they also offer visa services and Thai bank account arrangements.

Honestly, they just offer so many perks at such an affordable rate that I would really want to check it out too.

Coworking retreats

13. Paledora Campus

Paledora Campus is a gorgeous coworking retreat located in the jungles of Chemuyil, Tulum in Mexico. 

If you like to be surrounded by lush greenery to spur your creativity, you should check out Paledora.

They offer extraordinary jungle comfort for up to 25 guests through different types of accommodations: luxury villas, apartments, and private rooms. Each room has a separate entrance and a private bathroom. 

Coworking retreats

If you become a resident, you will also get access to onsite retreat chef and catering, as well as daily housekeeping. Although you are in the jungle, you will still be connected to the outside world through strong and stable wifi. 

However, do note that their coworking offices are only open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm. Every Friday, there are coworking events about social and eco talks about global issues such as sustainability and conversation. 

The coliving experience in Paledora is unique with a fire circle, pool, and a SECRET CAVE! You also get an enriching exposure to Mexican culture through their Mayan Cooking Classes, Temazcal Ceremonies (traditional sweat lodges), and Sound Healing.

Some other coworking benefits you get at Paledora are access to a neighbourhood filled with cenotes (sinkholes) and off-site trips. Xcacel Beach, a well-preserved beach in the Mexican Carribean, is just a 10-minute drive away. 

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14. Draper Startup House

Draper Startup House’s coworking retreats are specifically designed for entrepreneurs. They have a coliving and coworking ecosystem to guide you to launch your ideas into products. 

With 23 houses around the world, Draper Startup House has an extensive pool of global talent and resources to offer mentorship and fundraising assistance for founders. 

If you are looking for a community that truly understands the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, Draper Startup House is the place to be. 

For your next remote working retreat with Draper Startup House, these are the locations you can look into:

  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Bangalore, India
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Campo Grande, Brazil
  • Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Manila, Phillipines
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • San Mateo, United States
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Vaszoly, Hungary
  • Vina Del Mar, Chile
  • Windhoek, Namibia

From their website, you can click into individual houses to check what’s included and the room availability.

15. Coworking Retreats-Work Wanderers

Last but not least on the list is Work Wanderers who organise coworking retreats for digital nomads globally. 

There are options to choose from 1 week to 1 month.

A Work Wanderers retreat will include breakfast daily, private and shared rooms, coworking space, yoga, wellness, and introspection sessions, career development and skillshare workshops, and lots of social activities!

In each retreat, Work Wanderers will also provide a retreat coordinator to assist you in living your digital nomad lifestyle

Work Wanderers understand that each digital nomad has different retreat preferences. Hence, they have curated three different types of retreats:

  • Adventure
  • Cowork + Explore
  • Coliving

Work Wanderers Adventure 

These retreats allow you to visit all of the destinations on your bucket list.

They are generally shorter and filled with activities, leaving no time for remote work. In 2023, you can join their Egypt Adventure from April 25th to May 2nd at a cost of USD $1650.

Work Wanderers Cowork + Explore 

This retreat is longer (10 days) to provide time for you to cowork and relax while exploring selected sights at a bucket-list location. While traveling, you can still share your skills while being work productive. 

Cappadocia, Turkey is the destination for you to cowork and explore with Work Wanderers from June 2nd to June 11th, 2023. They have 4 different cost packages for you to choose from. 

The other destination they have in store for Cowork + Explore is at the popular nomad hub: Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia from August 25th to September 3rd, 2023. 

Work Wanderers Coliving

This is their longest retreat (1+ month long) to provide a space for you to build more meaningful connections with others through living and working together. This retreat has fewer activities and trips so you can get more work done.

 Their coliving retreat will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, from October 11th to November 11th 2023. This is only for 8 digital nomads, so apply soon. The private room costs USD $2450, whereas the shared room costs USD $1550

Remote Working Jobs To Do At Coworking Retreats

Coworking RetreatsBest Digital Nomad Communities

FAQs On Coworking Retreats

Why is a coworking retreat better than working from home?

Working at a coworking retreat allows you to alternate between work and leisure. Besides, coworking retreats are designed to replicate a professional working environment. 

With a conducive setup for online or onsite meetings, and the advantage of human interaction, coworking retreats are definitely better than working alone from home.

Coworking retreats

How do I prepare for a coworking retreat?

It is recommended to plan your coworking retreat step-by-step. Determine the length of your trip. Set aside a monetary budget. Pick a suitable location(or two) for yourself. Draft a to-do list for your retreat. Keep your team members in mind before you travel to a new location. You may set goals and activities.

Does working remotely require a visa?

It really depends on your situation and which country, as legal documentation may be necessary. The short answer is that, unless you have obtained the legal right to work either through citizenship or by treaty, a visa that grants you the right to work and possibly a work permit are needed.


Coworking retreats are a lifetime experience, but you’ve gotta take that first step. Sometimes, it might be scary to step out of your comfort zone, but I’m sure you will gain so much personally and professionally from its diverse community.

Since each coworking retreat offers different experiences, ask yourself, what is your traveling style? Do you want somewhere similar to your home country, or a totally different cultural experience?  

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve been on a coworking retreat or are planning to go on one! And if you know of any hidden gems that I could add to the list, feel free to let me know. I’d love to hear from you all!

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