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41 Best VIPKid Alternatives For Teaching English Online 2024

If you want to know all the Vipkid Alternatives in 2023 and beyond you have come to the right place.

The online ESL world has been shaken up quite a bit. First the pandemic, then China’s ban on private tutoring.

It really seems that your teaching career is over or never meant to start.

Don’t fret!

In this article, I am going to wipe away all these scarcity-mindset thoughts and help you shift your focus to where abundant opportunities lie with a list of vipkid alternatives English teaching online platforms.

One, two, three… Go!


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

In order to get started you generally need a bachelor’s degree, and some sort of teaching certificate like the TEFL.

You can easily get a 120-hour TEFL certificate online and complete it in the evenings and weekends if you work full time.

There is a 120-hour online course ran by Let’s TEFL which provides a whole module on online teaching and specific training to ensure your application, resumes, introduction videos for recruiters, is done right.

I prefer their TEFL because compared to other TEFL providers, as it specialises in preparing you to teach online. 

Of course, they also train you how to teach English as foreign language, but on top of that, they prepare you for the online teaching industry .

Alternatively – here is how you can find out how I became an online teacher in 30 days.

Vipkid incentive

Teach English Online To Chinese Students

So you’ve gotten tired of your day job and have started looking for alternative ways to earn an extra income and have more freedom and flexibility.

That’s where you stumbled upon teaching English online and found companies like Vipkid. You put on your researcher hat and googled stuff like ‘Vipkid salary’, ‘Vipkid average monthly income’, ‘Vipkid incentive’.

The excitement went through the roof and you began contemplating the idea of actually quitting your job and making a living on the road or simply earning an extra income, working from home, and having more time to spend with your family.

‘Wait a second… Do I qualify for the job?’ – you probably wondered at some point. ‘Let me check the Vipkid’s qualifications required.

‘Yes, I do! I can start living the dream.’

Not so soon. You had to go through the Vip kids application process, browse through the Vipkid quiz answers to ace the interview, and finally landed this sweet gig.

Maybe you even started complaining about Vipkid hours at some point.

Then, China pulled the plug on its ESL industry and the story even broke into international circles.

Through the endless string of thoughts that popped up in your mind, two words stood out:

‘Now, what?’

Does it sound familiar?

‘Not really, I just wanted to get into online teaching’.

Either way, with the regulations implemented in July 2021, China has essentially banned foreign teachers from teaching English online to Chinese students.

The tutoring industry is coming to an end.

Or so you thought.

39 Vipkid Alternatives To Teach English Online

Vipkid Alternatives

Don’t get me wrong.

It is undeniable that China’s online tutoring industry is probably coming to an end, as major changes have been taking place. 

But, is that the end of online teaching? Probably not.

The online learning industry is going to blow up by 2025, so do you think that the demand for online teachers will be high in the next few years?


There are loads of opportunities in the online space as there are tons of VIPKid competitors. You just need to spot the right one for you and jump on the wagon as soon as you can. So if you are looking for something similar to VIPKid work from home jobs, keep on reading!

Here are Vipkid alternatives to supercharge (or start) your online teaching journey.

  1. Teach English online to (non-Chinese) Asian students
  2. Teach English online to Korean Students
  3. Teach English online to Japanese Students
  4. Teach English Online to European students
  5. Teach English Online to Latin American students
  6. Teach English Online on Other Esl Marketplaces
  7. Teach With Outschool
  8. Start Your Own Business

Teach English Online To (Non-Chinese) Asian Students

In case you got the hang of teaching English to Asian kids you may not feel ready for big changes.

Then why not leverage that experience and teach English to other Asian students?

There are plenty of companies that offer similar to VIPkids jobs – some pay well, some pay not so well – which let you teach non-Chinese students of all ages from all over Asia.

To sign a contract, you must meet at least the following requirements:

  • Have a TEFL certificate
  • Have some online teaching experience
  • Have a good internet connection
  • Be a near-native English speaker

1. Twenix

teach english for non native speakers with twenix

What is Twenix?

Twenix is a Spanish online teaching platform that offers 26-minute, one-to-one English conversation classes to adults in Spain and Italy.

What sets Twenix apart?

  • Twenix is ultra-flexible; you can work as much or as little as you choose. You simply open slots in your schedule, and the system matches you with students. You can also transfer classes to other available teachers at no penalty when life throws you a curveball.
  • With Twenix you can teach and earn from day one. No setup or self-marketing is needed – once hired, you can start teaching immediately.
  • Twenix is simple and fun; teachers are supplied with full lesson plans, requiring minimal preparation and no homework grading. All classes are conversation based and all our students are adults.


  • High level of English fluency. Non-native speakers welcome!
  • Registration as a freelancer in your country of residence.
  • No experience, degree or TEFL certificate is required.
  • TEFL certification and knowledge of different business sectors are a plus.

Pay rates:

Pay rates vary from country to country based on the cost of living and local market rates.

For example:

  • UK, Netherlands, Belgium: 13-15€/hour
  • Argentina: 7-11€/hour.

Seasonal bonuses can boost pay rates by as much as 20%. Your rate will be confirmed during the selection process.


Adults only.

All based in Spain & Italy.

Classroom size:


Class schedule:

24/7 – choose your own timetable

No minimum weekly hours

How to apply:

Click here

Link: Apply to Twenix here

2. AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker is a Taiwanese-based teacher marketplace- offering 104 languages to students globally, including ESL. Tutors have the flexibility of working anywhere between 9 – 48 hours per week, an average class is around 50 minutes and students can book in 24 hours in advance.

  • Requirements: You must be fluent in English, have teaching experience, no certification required but will be an advantage. 
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: None
  • Rate: USD15-28 per hour (Varies on experience)

3. Edukita

Edukita is an Indonesian-based online school and it is one of the better-paying companies outside of China, hence if you have a lot of experience teaching large online classes of children(up to 40 students) you should definitely apply here.

  • Requirements: You must have at least 3 years of online ESL experience. It seems that they hire only native speakers.
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: None
  • Rate: USD18-20 per hour

3. Kyna for Kids

If you are very patient and you are willing to teach English to (mainly Vietnamese) children with a very structured and academic curriculum, Kyna for Kids might be what you are looking for.

  • Requirements: You must have a teaching certificate and a university degree. They hire some non-native speakers from certain countries. 
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: None
  • Rate: USD10-20 per hour

4. Etalking

If teaching children is not your cup of tea, you may consider this Vipkid alternatives Taiwanese company – Etalking. They also have younger students, but they mainly cater for adults who want to strengthen their Business English.

  • Requirements: You must be a native English speaker
  • Rate: USD10-15 per hour (+bonuses)

Their website may be challenging to navigate, so you can reach out to them here:

Teach English Online To Korean Students

Vipkid average monthly income

I really enjoyed my time teaching Korean students, since they are hardworking and well-behaved.

They usually have a hard time getting their message across, as they are not trained to speak openly. Also, they struggle with grammar and pronunciation, so make sure to do lots of drilling while keeping them engaged at the same time.

Finding a good company is not an easy feat, as most websites are in Korean, so you need to navigate their website with Google Translate and scour for the relevant information.

In other words, it’s a drag. 

Don’t fret! I have done the job for you. Here are a few vipkid alternatives that let you teach English online to Korean students.

5. MentorPhone

Looking for a fixed long-term schedule? Look no further.

If you start teaching with MentorPhone you will deliver lessons either through Skype or their app. I have heard that they have lots of students.

  • Requirements: You must have a university degree and a teaching cert and you must be from North America (strongly preferred)
  • Class Times: Sunday to Thursday from 4-10pm EST and/or Monday to Friday 8am-12pm
  • Rate: around USD14 per hour

You can navigate their website with Google Translate or you can send your application here:

6. Easy Talk

If you don’t mind teaching English to different age groups, then EasyTalk is one of the best vipkid alternatives . Classes are usually 10-20 minutes long (but they can be longer) and you can sign a full-time or a part-time contract.

  • Requirements: You must be a native speaker from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand and have a university degree. A TEFL cert is preferred.
  • Class Times: most classes are during Korean peak hours (6 am – 10 am, Korean time)
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 8 hours/week (preferred)
  • Rate: USD15 per hour

If you don’t have a teaching certificate I always recommend Let’s TEFL. I have done it myself and it is a great course.

You can send your application to EasyTalk here:

7. NilEnglish

In case you have experience teaching English to children and you want to use it, then you should consider NilEnglish. Although they also have classes for adults, they focus on classes for children.

  • Requirements: You must be a native speaker from the US
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 10 hours/week (2 hours per day)
  • Rate: USD10-15 per hour

As usual, their website is in Korean. To make it easier, you can send your application here:

8. Skybel

If you have experience teaching IELTS speaking classes, then you will be on top of the list of applicants, since that’s what Skybel is looking for. Bonus points if you have worked as an IELTS examiner.

  • Requirements: You must be a native speaker from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand (They used to hire teachers from the Philippines as well).
  • Class Times: Classes anywhere from 6 AM to midnight
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 10 hours/week
  • Rate: USD16 – 20 per hour 

Again you can navigate their website with Google Translate or you can send your application here:

9. GlobalIT

If you are looking for a more informal teaching experience, then Global IT may be for you. Lessons are over the phone and are 10-20 minutes long. Although they have a curriculum, sometimes you are just required to teach a free conversation topic

  • Requirements: You must be a native speaker, have a university degree, and at least 1 year of teaching experience
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 1 shift a day (morning or afternoon)
  • Rate: USD14 per hour

10. Tutoring Go

For an even more informal experience you should apply to Tutoring Go. They allow you to teach with your camera off – #nodresscode.

  • Requirements: You don’t need to be a native speaker (although non-native speakers earn much less)
  • Class Times: Classes are anywhere from 6 AM to midnight
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: None
  • Rate: USD10-14 per hour

Not enough options? No problem.

You can read my guide about teaching English online to Korean students.

Teach English Online To Japanese Students

teach English online to Japanese students

As with Korean students, Japanese students may also have issues speaking openly and directly and they may need to sharpen their grammar and pronunciation skills. 

TIP: Never ask your students to give you the thumbs down – it means ‘go to hell in Japan’. So find another way to gauge if they don’t like something.

Thumbs up is fine, though!

Here are a few jobs like vipkid where you can teach English online to Japanese students:

11. Cafe Talk

Cafe Talk is one of the best vipkid alternatives for you if you are looking to earn extra income on a flexible schedule.

In fact, it is more of a marketplace for teachers and students where you can set your own hours and rates, although you have an upper and lower bound.

  • Requirements: You must have a university degree.
  • Rate: USD10-15 per hour

You can apply here.

12. Lyngo

Lyngo is a good fit for you if you have no experience or teaching certificate and are willing to teach up to 40 hours a week.

  • Requirements: You must be a near-native English speaker
  • Class Times: 8.30 am – 1.30 am + weekends
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 6 hours a week
  • Rate: USD10-12 per hour

You can apply here.

13. Eigo Power

If you are looking for VIPKid similar companies, Eigo Power is one of the great ESL company with low barriers to entry.

  • Requirements: You must have a good command of English
  • Rate: USD5-12 per hour

You can apply here.

14. Engoo

Engoo is another great option for all flexibility seekers who want to give a try to online teaching. Like vip kid, they use an app that allows students to text and chat with teachers.

  • Requirements: You must have a good command of English
  • Rate: Unknown

You can apply here.

If you did not find anything that piqued your interest, but you still want to teach English online to Japanese students you can read my guide and expand your options.

Teach English Online To European Students

Vipkid Alternatives

Ready to embark on a new journey?

If you have taught English with a company like VIPkid, then you may be aware that teaching English to European students is an entirely different ballgame. 

Most European students are working adults looking to enhance their English skills so that they can move up and accelerate their careers. They are not much into games and they want to get results fast.

If they perceive that your work brings them even an inch closer to their goals, then you will become their go-to teacher. So make sure to make them feel that they are making progress as they go along.

Unlike Asian companies, you don’t necessarily need to be a native speaker or have a degree and a teaching certificate. You will increase your chances of getting hired if you have a strong business background and you can speak another language.

If you do, it will be a breeze to build rapport with your students.

Some of these companies cater for European and non-European students. Below, you can find sites like VIPKid and basic information for each of them. If you want to read a more detailed breakdown on teaching English to European students you can read my article.

So, if you want to teach English to European students, you can apply to one of these vipkid alternatives companies.

15. Learnship 

  • Requirements: You must be a near-native English speaker, with an exceptional background in Business English. Bonus points if you have a degree and teaching certificate. Ideally, you must be based in the Asia-Pacific area and be an intermediate German/French speaker. 
  • Class Type: 1on1 and group classes
  • Student type: Adults (mostly)
  • Rate: USD10-30 per hour

16. Lingoda

  • Requirements: You must be a native English speaker
  • Class Type: group classes(up to five)
  • Student type: Adults (mostly)
  • Rate: USD8-10 per hour

17. Babbel

  • Requirements: This is one of the best vipkid alternatives too! You must have an Android or an IOS device
  • Student type: Adults (mostly)
  • Rate: USD10-35 per hour

18. Speex

  • Requirements: You must have at least 2 years of teaching experience in a corporate environment and a teaching certificate.
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 20 hours a week
  • Rate: USD15-25 per hour

19. Learnlight

  • Requirements: You must be a near-native English speaker
  • Class Type: 1on1 and group classes
  • Student type: Adults (mostly)
  • Rate: USD13-18 per hour
vipkid alternatives

20. OS Connect

  • Requirements: You must be a near-native English speaker
  • Class Type: 1on1 and group classes
  • Class type: Speaking, Writing, Proofreading
  • Rate: USD7-10 per hour

21. Englishtogo

  • Requirements: You must be a native speaker, have teaching experience and have a teaching certificate.
  • Class Type: 1on1
  • Rate: USD17-20 per hour

22. Pinata Education

  • Requirements: You must be a native speaker. Also, you must have 1 year of teaching experience.
  • Class Type: 1on1 and group classes(up to 4)
  • Student type: Children(mostly)
  • Rate: USD20-25 per hour

23. Woospeak

  • Requirements: You must be a native or a bilingual speaker and have at least 3 years of teaching experience. You should have a business background.
  • Student type: Adults (mostly)
  • Rate: USD16-20 per hour

24. 1to1progress

  • Requirements: You must be a native speaker with a teaching certificate and a strong background in a business environment. Bonus points if you can speak another language.
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 15 hours a week
  • Student type: Adults (mostly)
  • Rate: USD12-16 per hour

25. Educastream

  • Requirements: You must be a native English speaker from the UK and be a college or a graduate student.
  • Class Type: 1on1
  • Student type: Children and adults
  • Rate: USD12-15 per hour

26. Break Into English

  • Requirements: You must be a native English speaker and have experience teaching Business English
  • Student type: Children and adults(from Europe)
  • Rate: USD15-18 per hour

27. Enline

  • Requirements: You must have 5 years of teaching experience. Bonus points if you can speak Russian
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 10-20 hours a week
  • Student type: Teens and adults(from Russia)
  • Rate: USD13 per hour

28. Fluentify

  • Requirements: You must have two years of experience teaching (Business English) and teaching certificate. It seems that they hire only native speakers
  • Class Type: 30 min class
  • Rate: USD20-25 per hour

29. Buzzy English

  • Requirements: You must be a native speaker from the US or Canada. Also, you must have a degree. Bonus points if you speak another language and have a teaching certificate
  • Student type: Children
  • Rate: USD12 per hour

Teach English Online To Latin American Students

Vipkid salary

Can you speak Spanish or Portuguese?

The online ESL industry in Latin America is thriving since more and more adult students are looking to sharpen their business communication skills so that they can land a more competitive job in the US or in a foreign country.

Even if they don’t want to move abroad, they still need to deal with their boss or clients from English-speaking countries, which means that English communication training is becoming a priority for them. Read this article, about teaching English to Mexican students you want to know more.

Here are the main vipkid alternatives Latin American companies you can apply to.

30. Open English

  • Requirements: One of the best vipkid alternatives. You must have teaching experience and a teaching certificate. Bonus points if you can speak Spanish
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 10 hours a week
  • Rate: up to USD15 per hour

31. English Key

  • Requirements: You must have be a native speaker
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 10 hours a week
  • Rate: USD10-15 per hour

32. Latin Hire

  • Requirements: You must be a near-native English speaker. Additionally, you must have a degree and a teaching certificate. Ideally, you should also be an intermediate Spanish speaker.
  • Weekly Hours: up to 48 hours a week
  • Rate: USD13 per hour

33. Iboux

  • Requirements: You must be a near-native English speaker
  • Student type: Children and adults (from Europe and Latin America)
  • Rate: USD8-10 per hour

34. Bridge English

  • Requirements: You must have TELF, a native speaker or with a C1 or C2 level of English, a Bachelor’s degree holder and bonus if you have experience teaching Business English
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 10-20 hours a week
  • Rate: USD 12 – 40 per hour

35. Beyond English

  • Requirements: Must have TELF certification, Bachelor’s degree holder, Teaching experience, a English native speaker or native Spanish speaker, authorized to work in USA or Chile
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 10 hours a week
  • Rate: USD14 – 17 per hour

36. English2Go

  • Requirements: Must have TELF certification, native English speaker, Bachelor’s degree holder and bonus if you have experience teaching Business English and working experience in Latin America
  • Minimum Weekly Hours: 4 – 12 hours a week
  • Rate: USD11 – 12 per hour

37. Teach English Online On ESL Marketplaces

Can I teach English online with no experience

If you are sick of working for a company but you are not quite ready to go independent and start your own business, you can set your profile on one of these platforms.

You get to set your own rates and hours and wait for students to book lessons with you. 

Not bad, right?

Let me be honest. Greater flexibility comes with a price: lots of competition. You must create an engaging video profile and showcase your skills and expertise so that students actually choose you over all your competitors. 

Tip: Can you speak another language? Use it in your self-introduction video!

If you want to know how to become an ESL online teacher and get paid USD6K+ (like I did) you must upskill. Check out my course or read my free guide here.

In order to qualify for any of the platforms below, you must be a fluent English speaker and have teaching experience. Bonus points if you have a degree.

Here are the most well-known freelance marketplaces for online language teachers.

vipkid alternative

38. Teach With Outschool

Fed up with teaching English?

If you are from the US, then there is a golden opportunity waiting for you.

Alternatives to VIPKid, Outschool is a company that allows you to create your own courses and teach from the comfort of your home.

It is somewhat similar to other freelance marketplaces, except that you can teach anything and create your own courses. You can cater to other languages, such as Outschool Latin language course or any other courses that are not limited to just languages.

This means you can charge way more because you can teach very specific skills.

Outschool teachers earn up to USD100 per hour and they can create as many courses as they want.

If you want to get paid to teach what you love, I have put together an article where I talk about the main things you should do to succeed with Outschool.

39. Start Your Own Business

companies like Vipkid

If you are brave enough and you have time and energy, then instead of looking for vipkid alternatives, why not find your own students and start your business.

Is it challenging? Yes!

But the rewards are far greater than the effort you put in. Here is what you should do to get started:

  • Find a niche
  • Create your own curriculum
  • Craft your messaging

However, if you want to get results fast you should focus on two key aspects:

  • Work on your mindset
  • Upskill

‘Sounds cool, but how?’

Essentially you must become a better version of yourself and learn what it takes to succeed. If you want to know more, you can read this article.

If you have experienced in VIPKid teaching, reflect back on your teaching experience have analyze what can be improved? Your valuable experience can offer plenty of ideas on how you can run your own business differently.

vipkid alternative

FAQ on VIPKid Alternative

How can i Teach English Online For Money?

Here are three methods you can make money teaching English Online:

1. Teaching with an ESL company

There are plenty of ESL companies that offer competitive teaching rates online for you to choose from. Teaching with an online ESL company is the easiest way to get started and earn some bucks, especially if you are a beginner.

Check out the list of best Vipkid alternatives ESL companies online in this article. 

2. Offer teaching service as private tutoring

If you have experience in VIPkid tutoring, and know how to create creative lesson plans and teaching materials, you can consider offering a private English tutoring. This gives you the freedom to set your own rate and flexibility to adjust your lesson plan according to each student. However, it is important to build a strong profile in order to attract students- by including testimonials, rate transparency and your qualifications. 

If you are interested in becoming a successful online tutor, check out my course on how to become an online teacher in 30 Days!

3. Make your own ESL business

Opening your own ESL business is great once you have gathered enough experience on how to run an online teaching business. Who knows, maybe you had an idea on how to improve the learning system while teaching at a ESL company, why learn on how to start your own ESL? Similar to private tutoring, but on a larger scale. Nevertheless, this is not an easy task in comparison to the other two options, but if I succeed, the reward would be huge! 

What is the Best Platform to Teach English Online?

Here are 37 Best Platform to Teach English Online:

  1. ABC 360
  2. Edukita
  3. Kyna for Kids
  4. MentorPhone
  5. Easy Talk
  6. NilEnglish
  7. Skybel
  8. GlobalIT
  9. Tutoring Go
  10. Cafe Talk
  11. Lyngo
  12. Eigo Power
  13. Engoo
  14. Etalking
  15. Learnship 
  16. Lingoda
  17. Babbel
  18. Speex
  19. Learnlight
  20. OS Connect
  21. Englishtogo
  22. Pinata Education
  23. Woospeak
  24. 1to1progress
  25. Educastream
  26. Break Into English
  27. Enline
  28. Fluentify
  29. Buzzy English
  30. Teaching Personnel 
  31. Open English
  32. English Key
  33. Latin Hire
  34. Iboux
  35. BridgeEnglish
  36. Beyond English
  37. english2go

What is VIPKid?

VIP Kid is an online ESL platform operated in Beijing, China. All classes in VIPKid are held one-to-one by qualified teachers mainly from the United States and Canada. With their own teaching curriculum, many teachers were attracted to teach at VIP Kid and it was slowly thriving as one of the most popular ESL learning programs in China. 

However, this all changed in 2021 with the Chinese government’s new policy, banning foreign tutors from teaching in China- which halt vipkid jobs for foreign teachers. 

What Happened with VIPKid?

Ever since China put an end to online classes taught by foreign teachers in 2021, VIP Kids amongst many other educational private programs are affected by this new regulation, causing them having to let go of thousands of teachers and cancel many classes. 

Ever since then, VIPkid has been trying to expand their business into other countries as they struggle to keep the business afloat with their remaining customers in China. 

Is VIPKid Still Operating?

Is VIPKid still in business after the ban of foreign teachers in China?

VIPKid is reportedly still operating but they have pivoted to target the global market- and it’s now rebranded as VIPKid Global. 

Vipkid employment is now available again. Some former Vipkid online english teacher were notified of their new contract to work at VIPKid, but many tutors have had no luck on booking a class for months.

As of now, VIPKids Global platform is still relatively new and they are still recovering to recruit new students after the new policy impact. Besides that, VIPKids Global now also has steep competitions with other ESL global learning platforms.

If you are interested to learn more about VIPKid careers, check out their website for more information. 


The online world is abundant and you can take what you need to create what you want.

If you want to take it a step further, just pick one of the Vipkid alternatives and do one small thing that can get you closer to where you think you should be.

If you work hard, the results will show up in ways that you least expect.

Happy teaching!

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