Benefits of being a digital nomad

33 Benefits Of Being A Digital Nomad [From A Current Nomad]

In this article I will share the REAL benefits of being a digital nomad..

WHY? You may ask.

Because I know based on my own experience that many people (maybe you reading this too?) are frustrated from their soul-sucking corporate job are constantly thinking of ditching their 9am-6pm jobs to become digital nomad, 

But you are unsure if this lifestyle suits you, right? 

So I’ve gone about sharing all the benefits of being a digital nomad and the cons too, based on my personal experience ! 

Side note- A few years ago (before I became a digital nomad) I was in the same boat, a corporate slave (where I was not a fan of Mondays), so I feel you, and you are not alone <3  

WIthout further ado.. Let’s go!


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Benefits of being a digital nomad

But First.. What Is A Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is typically someone who works remotely online using a laptop or phone and is thus free to go whenever and wherever they like (location independent).

33 Benefits Of Being A Digital Nomad (YAYS!)


Flexibility is one of the key benefits of being a digital nomad.

As a digital nomad,I can set my own hours and determine when to work when working remotely, which gives me greater opportunity to enjoy their travels.

Speaking of travel….

Benefits of being a digital nomad

2.Benefits of being a digital nomad Opportunity To Travel

This is possibly one of the most attractive reasons to be a digital nomad.. At least, this was definitely one of the most important considerations for me.. 

While a conventional nine-to-five employment provides roughly two weeks of vacation time each year, a job as a digital nomad gives the freedom to schedule your own travel. Isn’t that awesome? 🙂

3.Opportunity To Learn From Diverse Cultures

It’s definitely not the same experience of stopping by at a place for a vacation vs being there for an extended period of time and actually staying there (as a digital nomad). 

Being able to settle down and blend in will provide you access to a vast network of people, cultures, and their way of living.

4.Opportunity To Know Yourself Better 

The digital nomad lifestyle allows you plenty of opportunity to get to know yourself, your interests and dislikes, your preferred mode of transportation, and how you choose to spend a typical day. 

As you might assume, being a digital nomad can involve isolation, but why not use this time to learn more about yourself and figure out what you desire 🙂

5.Opportunity To Develop More Skills

From researching, planning, financial management and technology, you will get to develop all of it and a lot more.. 

Apart from that, as a digital nomad, I have definitely upskilled myself through various courses. 

I also coach others on how to navigate the transition to a digital nomad lifestyle through my personalized digital nomad workshops and coaching sessions. 

You can find out more about it on my page where I have shared different courses that you can consider to understand better on how to be a digital nomad.

6.Opportunity To Learn From More People

Being at a new place as a digital nomad undoubtedly you will have the opportunity to meet more people. 

Connecting with new people offers chances to discover new things, be inspired, or just to have fun and make memories. 

7.Benefits of being a digital nomad No Office Drama

As a digital nomad, you don’t only get to leave your office cubicle behind, you also usually get to say goodbye to office politics and toxic work culture (especially if you are  a freelancer). 

Remember #nodramagoodkarma!

Even if you are not a freelancer, you don’t actually need to physically feel the vibe of negativity, which is already a good deal on its own 🙂 

8.Quality Of Life Improves

As a virtual nomad you can raise your quality of life by relocating to a cheaper country, while still earning in a strong currency.

Here is what the majority of digital nomads do- they merely relocate to nations with lower costs.

Individuals from the US or the UK can particularly see the stark difference because rent costs at least USD 1,500.00 per month in their home countries. 

In Malaysia, people can spend the same amount of money for the entire month and live a luxurious life.

Benefits of being a digital nomad

9.You Pick Where You Get To Live And Work

This is obvious, you are your own boss especially when it comes to where you want to work from. 

If you need help to decide what are a few of the best countries to be a digital nomad, you can find out more about it on my page where I have shared this information on destinations that you could consider based on my own experience and knowledge.

10.You Get To Create A Global Network

When you travel more as a virtual nomad, of course you get to meet more people. 

You don’t just meet the locals but also the other members within the nomadic lifestyle.

Trust me there are actually a lot more like minded people than you would think in this world. 

You can even connect with them through groups available on different social media platforms.

11.You Control The Pace

You are not surrounded by your boss or superiors, so you get to be in charge of when you want to take your breaks, when you want to go for a swim or even when you go to the local cafe. 

There is no such glaring pressure in that sense, you are your own boss. 

Take it slow, or be a Speedy Gonzales, as you wish 😉

12.Healthier Lifestyle

I remember falling sick so frequently when I was confined in a closed office space previously. 

This is because it doesn’t take much time for any infection to spread in an enclosed space if one employee in an office is sick.

 Keeping away from the office can reduce that risk. 

Apart from that, when we generally do things at our own pace in our life, and when we are motivated and happy in terms of our working arrangements it brings a sense of positivity and our body will naturally feel good and be healthy.

13.Benefits of being a digital nomad Freedom

This is one of the prime advantages of the nomadic lifestyle, because we all crave for freedom right? 

I think it is not wrong for me to say that all digital nomads opt for this way of life due to their desire for independence. 

You can become liberated in both life and work by choosing your own path as a digital nomad

14.No Commuting

When you no longer need to commute to an office, you get to save a TON of time.

 More sleep in the morning, or extra time in the afternoon, please! 

We know how much difference all this could make to our mood the entire day.

Best part for me is that I don’t need to waste my valuable time in traffic bottlenecks and that I also get to save a ton of money on gas or other transportation costs.

 Isn’t it a good deal? 🙂 

15.No Standard Work Attire

I can’t stress how much I love this. I don’t need to dress to impress anymore!! 

There is no formal or standard work attire as a digital nomad. Just YOU DO YOU, dress to express accordingly and be happy 🙂

16.Opportunity to Grow

With constant fresh perspectives, interactions and experiences as a digital nomad you have no choice but to adapt and to grow. 

You realize that you are actually stronger than you think. 

Trust me, this journey is only going to make you the best version of yourself 🙂 <3 

17.Better Work Conditions

There is no need to rush through from one meeting room in one tower to another meeting room in another tower. 

There is also no need to force yourself to sit in a cold office space with a super low temperature that doesn’t even suit you. (Speaking from personal experience, yuck!)

 Again, you do you 🙂 

18.Benefits of being a digital nomad Motivation

Simply put, you are happier when you can accomplish something your way. 

When you have the freedom to select your own workspace, schedule, and tasks. 

You now have a sense of ownership over your life and fortunes, which further enhances the feeling. It feels wonderful to be independent and free.

19.Exhilarating Life

Of course it is not all going to be a bed of roses, but isn’t it exhilarating to think that you have the freedom to just be at a different place of YOUR choice every day or every month, or every year as you wish 🙂 

It sure is for me!

Benefits of being a digital nomad

20.Opportunity To Visit Friends & Family

You have an aunt in Vietnam that you have been wanting to visit? 

Or a friend in Kenya that you have not met in a long time?

Nomadic lifestyle gives a perfect opportunity for you to reconnect with family members or friends anywhere in the world for a long term trip. 

21.… Or Get Them To Visit You

Yes, you could instead also get your friends or family to visit you, especially if they are in a land faraway.

Now that you have the flexibility and freedom in hand, you could use this opportunity to show them around or to simply spend time together with them.

Benefits of being a digital nomad

22.Benefits of being a digital nomad Future Way Of Working

Undoubtedly, this is one of the emerging lifestyles with all the benefits it offers. 

This also implies that there already are multiple resources online such as websites and blogs to consult for information, numerous apps to keep connected, and numerous tools to facilitate communication. 

As more and more people continue to embrace this lifestyle, this way of life will soon be fairly common. 

23.You Learn To Live With Less

As you travel more and more frequently as a digital nomad you will realize things that are important to you and the fact that you don’t actually need so many things in life. 

Obviously, one can’t carry all their pricey furniture, clothes, TV etc with them when they travel.

 So they learn to enjoy all the little things that they have and begin to place a much higher value on experiences than on dollars or other material things.

24.Better Food

Every food enthusiast should consider becoming a digital nomad since it gives them more possibilities to eat properly and to explore more cuisines. 

You can also prepare your own fresh meals from your accommodation or visit your preferred restaurants rather than relying solely on the food served in work canteens.

Benefits of being a digital nomad

25.Opportunity To Develop New Hobbies

With being in different locations, you also get to experience different activities and develop different hobbies. 

For example, you could try out surfing in Australia, hiking in Malaysia or skiing in Canada. 

The best part, you have flexible work hours so you have the opportunity to explore and try out new hobbies at your own pace.

26.Benefits of being a digital nomad Work-Life Balance

This is a little debatable because eventually it is up to the individual on how they choose to balance their work-life equation.

But I think it is easier to achieve work life balance as a digital nomad because of the reduced stress level and motivation to explore the new country that one is in.

27.Part Of A Community

Digital nomad is a community that you would also be a part of if you embrace this lifestyle. 

You can meet like minded people through your travels or online groups. You will be happy that you have like minded people around you.

You never know, you might even establish genuine lifelong friendships along the way with the community members given the relatability factor.

28.Lack of Attachment

Well truth to be told, not everyone prefers mundane tasks, deep commitments, and attachments. 

Nomads bravely relocate to new locations, rarely start families, and usually don’t even buy homes or cars. (in the short term anyway)

However, they also have the chance to travel to multiple nations and live in great surroundings that they enjoy.

29.Climate Choice

You get to work and live in a climate that well suits you and your body, it can be tropical, arctic or whatever you wish… no compromises needed 🙂 

30.Benefits of being a digital nomadEasier To Learn A New Language

Of course as you stay on at a place for an extended period of time, you will get to pick up words and the language faster.

 So for instance, if you have a strong desire to learn French, then perhaps spending some time in France is not a bad idea as you might have to speak it all day.

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31.Continuous Learning

One of the best things for me is that even after years of being a digital nomad, I still continue to learn. 

Be it work related or learning through different cultures and languages and adapting to being in a different country altogether. I am happy to constantly stimulate my brain 🙂

32. You Remove Your Own Misconceptions Or Stereotypes

As mentioned above, you get to meet so many so many different people as a digital nomad and you get to explore and experience so many things, be it in your travels or through your work in your life as a digital nomad.

Digital nomadism opens your mind in ways that you can’t imagine through your interactions with different people, it helps to break certain biases or stereotypes that you probably never knew that you had against a certain group of people 🙂 

33.You get Comfortable With Your Own Company 🙂

I LOVE spending time by myself. Being a digital nomad forces me to listen to my own thoughts and be comfortable in my own space. You aren’t forced

Benefits of being a digital nomad

Disadvantages Of Being A Digital Nomad (NAYS!)

1.Stressed Out

One of the disadvantages of having a digital nomad work is that there is a high possibility for you to feel stressed out.

It can get overwhelming to continue to try and navigate unfamiliar areas, obtain new SIM cards, locate the finest grocery shop, locate lodging, etc. 

The difficulty and effort involved in just getting by can be daunting, and the cycle unfortunately is repeated in every new location.

Additionally, it could also get stressful to try and work across multiple time zones (if required) frequently which could evidently affect your sleep and social life.

2.Lonely.. I Am So Lonely 🙁 

This is another major downside of the nomadic lifestyle. 

Well, although it gives you the opportunity to get to know more people, at times it is not easy to connect with them and it might not be as easy to make friends.

It might also seem a bit tiring as you might feel like you are the one that has to make the first step all the time.

 At times, as soon as you make a good connection, you leave, or they leave, so it’s back to the same thing. 

You also might miss out on the fun with your friends and family back in your home country and might not be able to keep in touch much considering the time difference.

Due to the reasons above, you might feel lonely embracing the nomadic lifestyle which could affect your mental health. It is important to beware of this and to take necessary actions if you end up feeling this way.

3.Lack Of Knowledge & Support (Esp At The Start)

It can get pretty daunting at the start as you have a lot to figure out on your digital nomad career, getting on to the right tools, choosing the right location etc. 

It is easy to feel uncertain if you are moving on to the right direction, or whether you are making a mistake. 

I felt the same too, when I started out my journey, I made a lot of mistakes but I learnt from them. 

I am guessing this is also the case for a lot of other nomads too. No one comes into it knowing it all. Where is the fun in that? 

In fact, it is only natural for us to learn things over time through our experiences, mistakes and research rather than to overwhelm ourselves all at once right?

4.Lack Of Self Discipline & Motivation

Self discipline and motivation is essential for digital nomads. 

It can get exciting when we are in a new environment, with so much to discover, that we could lose motivation and discipline to work. 

There could be a lot of times you will have to compromise or prioritize your work. 

If you do feel weak and fearful of falling into the temptation, you could also consider working from a co-working space to maintain that work-friendly environment, especially at the beginning of your nomadic journey. 

This will also help you to feel energized and stay socially connected.

5.It is Also About The Money, Money, Money (Financial Instability) 

Especially if you are a new nomad, things can get a little shaky and unpredictable in terms of finances (income and expenses). 

In this case to also plan to travel and live in another country might burden you more financially as there could be spontaneous surprises that could increase your financial risks.

FAQs on Benefits of Being A Digital Nomad

Is being a digital nomad worth it?

Yes, being a digital nomad is definitely worth it.. As long as you have the right mindset and balance in life, you could also enjoy this lifestyle as much as I do 🙂 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as a digital nomad?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of working as a digital nomad.

The advantages of working as a digital nomad are plenty (such as flexibility, freedom, opportunity to travel etc).

It is also necessary to recognise the disadvantages of working as a digital nomad as mentioned above which includes feeling of loneliness, uncertainty and lack of self discipline and motivation. 

If you do intend to get into it, acknowledge the pros and cons of being a digital nomad before stepping in. I do love nomadic lifestyle despite the difficulties, but I also know that it is not for everyone.

What are the advantages of global nomads?

Several of the obvious advantages of global nomads include having the freedom and opportunity to travel and connect with more people without limitations and you get to develop more hobbies and interests.

Why should you be a nomad?

You should be a nomad because  it enables you to have the freedom and flexibility to stay and work from anyplace, discover flavors of the world, and indulge yourself in diverse cultures, traditions, places, and experiences. I think the right question is why should you NOT be a nomad?!

So…after looking through the pros and cons of being a digital nomad, what do you think? Is the nomadic lifestyle meant for you? 

On one side you have all the independence that you are longing for when adapting this lifestyle, and on the other side of the coin is mostly fear.. Fear of the unknown.. Fear of loneliness.. All of it is completely understandable and reasonable.

Having said that, Forbes reported that the digital nomad lifestyle is on the rise

This shows that many people may succeed and lead satisfying lives as digital nomads, but being aware of the drawbacks might help you mentally prepare for them so you’re not surprised when things don’t go as planned.

So I genuinely hope that with the assessment of the challenges and benefits of being a digital nomad as provided above, you have a good overview of the lifestyle and are able to make an informed decision.

PS: If you are searching for a good laptop to kickstart your digital nomad journey, check out the MacBook Air on Amazon now as there is a good deal!!

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