Get paid to watch movie trailers

Get Paid To Watch Movie Trailers: 21 Unique Ways!

Hello movie buff! I bet you landed on this article because you are looking for ways to get paid to watch movie trailers!

If you’re anything like me, I enjoy watching movie trailers because it helps me gauge if I should pay and spend 90 minutes or more in a theater. 

But hey, what if I earn money watching movie trailers along the way? Wouldn’t that be awesome!

If you are familiar with the Get-Paid-To (GPT) program, this falls under the same category. All you need to do is to watch movie trailers and get paid along the way.

What’s more, you can do it for free at your own time and in the comforts of your own home. You just need to ensure you have a stable internet, a mobile device and you’re set.

Really, what better way than to fuel your interest than being paid to do the very thing you love doing. So let’s get started and learn how to make money online watching movie trailers!

21 Easy Ways To Get Paid For Watching Movies Previews And Trailers 

  1. Inbox Dollars
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Viggle
  4. Kashkick
  5. SuccessBux
  6. Netflix
  8. AppTrailers
  9. Market Force
  10. iRazoo
  11. Shopkick
  12. QuickRewards
  13. MyPoints
  14. Nielsen TV Family Ratings
  15. AdWallet
  16. Fiverr
  17. National Consumer Panel
  18. Earnably
  19. House sitting or Pet Sitting
  20. Subtitling
  21. Focus Group

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Get paid to watch movie trailers

Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

21 Easy Ways Make Money Watching Movie Trailers

1.Get Paid To Watch Trailers on Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars allows you to make money from doing simple everyday things and one of them is to watch movie trailers get paid. 

To start off, new sign ups receive $5 as a welcome sign up bonus and you get cash rewards from watching movie trailers, TV clips, videos, ads and more.

They have plenty of videos and movie trailers to watch and all you need to do is choose a variety of videos from their playlist. 

What I like about Inbox Dollars is the visibility into the duration of the video and how much you will be paid.

This allows you to decide if you have sufficient time to complete the videos within your available time. This is surely a real simple way to make money watching movie previews.

2.Make Money Watching Trailers On Swagbucks

If you like to mix your time up watching movie trailers with other money making activities such as playing games, completing surveys, joining polls and other fun stuff, Swagbucks is the one for you.

Swagbucks makes it easy for you to earn money watching trailers. You start earning by watching videos or ads but the best part is, you can also earn without actually watching them but by just letting them play as you attend to other matters.

Sometimes, I would leave a video or ad to play on my phone while I cook or when I am doing some administrative tasks at work. 

You get paid in points whereby you can redeem cash or gift cards. What better way to get paid to watch movie previews than on Swagbucks!

Get paid to watch movie trailers

Photo by Surface on Unsplash

3.Watch Movies And Get Paid On Viggle

If you’re the ultimate movie buff, you can combine watching movie trailers and watching the entire movie altogether to earn some cash. And you can do all that on Viggle.

Basically, you just have to download the mobile app and start earning points from various activities such as watching a movie, watching TV, listening to music or streaming. 

All you have to do is ‘Check In’ on the app and allow it to listen to the audio of what you are watching and start gaining points. These points can be converted into cash and gift cards.

 This certainly is an easy way to watch movies and get paid.

4. Kashkick

While Kashkick is primarily a survey site, you can get paid to watch movie trailers. They pay between 25 cents to several dollars every time you watch a video.

If you would like to capitalize on the full spectrum of its offering to earn more, Kashkick also pays for playing games, reading paid emails, filling up surveys and making referrals.

The beauty of Kashkick is that they pay you in cash and not through points earned or through gift card redemptions. 

Get paid to watch movie trailers

Photo by Surface on Unsplash


SuccessBux is another site for you to watch videos to earn money. Not only that, you can also earn through watching ads, filling up surveys, and playing games.

If you’re diligent and complete a host of tasks on SuccessBux, you can easily earn $5 dollars a day and SuccessBux transfers this reward to either your PayPal or bank account automatically.

Get paid to watch movie trailers

Photo by on Unsplash


These days, movies and dramas are consumed very heavily on Netflix. It is more than likely you have an account with them and if you’re a movie buff, you can easily make some money while enjoying your favorite shows!

The way to earn money while watching movies on Netflix is to become a Netflix Tagger. 

The job of a tagger is to improve the metadata of the movies,series and dramas on the platform by categorizing each show with the right rating, genre, language and more. They tag them with specific keywords to help viewers find content more efficiently.

If you’re wondering how much a Netflix tagger earns, it is reported on Glassdoor that this role makes over $50,000 a year. And to find out how you can become a tagger, view for job openings on their jobs page

This role is quite in demand so you may or may not find it on their career page but do keep your eyes peeled and check in from time to time. They may also sometimes advertise this role as Content Analyst or Editorial Analyst.

Get paid to watch movie trailers

Photo by Surface on Unsplash is also another platform to watch videos to earn money. It is super easy to earn some cash by running video ads and earning points from the platform. allows you to cash out once you have a minimum of 5000 points, of which you can convert into gift cards.

8.Watch Movie Previews And Get Paid On Apptrailers

Another way to be paid to preview movie trailers is via AppTrailers. You can start earning points after watching a movie trailer but make sure you remember to click on a button once you have watched it. 

Each trailer or video watched will get you 5 points and 10 points will give you 1 cent. You can only cash out once you achieve 500 points and it can be directly transferred onto your PayPal.

Do note though, each video rewards only 5 points regardless of video length, so you may want to check on the video duration before you start watching. This is an easy way to get paid to watch movie trailers.

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9.Market Force

If watching movie trailers aren’t your jam and you prefer getting the whole movie experience, Market Force may be the right fit for you.

Market Force is a mystery shopping company with a division focused solely on theater checks. Theatre Checkers are paid to help theater and movie companies collect data about their movies at the cinema.

Typically, this job entails collecting data on how many people are watching the movie on a particular day, what are the types of movie trailers or ads shown before the movie and when are the most popular screen times.

This is surely an easy way to watch movie trailers for money.


Another fantastic way to get paid to watch videos is on iRazoo. You earn points for every video watched online – and it can be anything from ads, movie trailers, reviews, tutorials, and more.

The platform has a variety of contents that are refreshed daily so you will definitely have a host of new contents to watch while earning money on the side.

Get paid to watch movie trailers

Photo by Surface on Unsplash


Shopkick allows you to earn points while watching videos and ads and these points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or gift cards.

This app has been around for a long time and it is an easy and seamless way to make some money in your free time by watching videos and ads.


This platform is another survey site that allows you to earn points as you move along to complete several tasks. One of the tasks on this platform also includes watching videos. 

For every video watched, you can earn 25 points and redeemable upon collecting enough points to reach $5. I love it because it allows you to redeem cash via PayPal, Makes it so much easier when a platform allows you to redeem in cash.


MyPoints is a survey site that allows you to make money through completing a series of tasks such as filling up surveys, watching ads, online shopping, reading emails and browsing the internet. 

You can easily convert these points into vouchers, gift cards or cash (via PayPal). You have to collect enough points to achieve the minimum payout of $25 for PayPal and $3 for gift cards.

14.Nielsen TV Family Ratings

Nielsen is a market research company that provides insights and data into what people watch, listen and buy.

To conduct these market researches, they typically need a panel to help them execute these researches and panelists are often paid to help with the data gathering.

This is another way to get paid for watching videos! But first, you need to apply to become a panelist and they will conduct a random selection on who to have onboard. 

Once you are chosen, you will receive an offer from the company and you can earn money by watching TV and providing them with your feedback.


Here’s another consumer marketing research company that pays for your time and attention spent on watching videos from brands.

AdWallet allows you to earn from as little as $0.50 to $3 per task and you can cash out once you have collected up to a minimum of $10.


There are so many opportunities to make money from doing something you like. If you enjoy watching movies and have extra language or video editing skills, why not offer your services on Fiverr and get paid to do something you love?

You can earn from providing feedback to YouTubers or filmmakers or even provide subtitle translation for them! 

Alternatively, you can also provide review services for movie trailers. This is one way to get paid to review movie trailers. The possibility is endless!

17.National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel provides consumer insights that measures consumers attitudes and behaviors and it is a joint venture between Nielsen and IRI.

You would be required to scan the barcodes of your purchases and it will be transmitted to the company for their data gathering purpose.

 While this is the main money making mechanism, they also offer videos, online surveys and more.

Get paid to watch movie trailers

Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash


Earnably is another way to get paid for watching videos. This site allows you to earn points by watching videos, filling up surveys, completing offers, listening to music, referring friends and more.

Points are earned for every completed task and these points can be redeemed for instant cash via PayPal or gift cards.

19.House sitting or Pet Sitting

Another creative way to earn money by watching movies is to house sit or pet sit! 

While it may not entail you to mindfully click on an app to earn money, house sitting or pet sitting allows you to watch movies at the residences of the person you are helping to house or pet sit. 

House and pet sitting allows you the free time to indulge in your favorite movie while your hours are being paid.

Pet sitting is something I normally do and I enjoy it immensely as the house is normally empty and quiet, allowing me to enjoy my favorite flicks. I only need to make sure the pet I am watching over is fed on time and properly taken care of.

To find out about a vacancy, check out facebook groups!

20.Subtitling & Transcribing

If you have video editing skills, you can easily watch videos for cash by providing your services to YouTubers or filmmakers. Otherwise, transcribing can also help you earn money while watching movies.

21.Focus Groups

Another way to watch movie trailers, movies, videos or ads while being paid to join focus groups. You will be asked to provide your feedback and opinion on the piece you are watching to help them understand how the audience perceives the movie.

You would usually need to apply to be part of the panel and if you’re chosen, they will normally pay between $50 – $150 an hour.

FAQ On Get Paid To Watch Movie Trailers

Why Are Movie Trailers Important?

Movie trailers are important as they provide moviegoers with a sample of what is to come, giving viewers a basic understanding of the story’s plot and genre. It also provides the audience with a basic understanding of what the movie would be like and entices them to come watch it.

How Much Do You Get Paid To Make Movie Trailers?

If you are wondering how much do you get paid to make movie trailers in the US, the answer would be a range between $16,286 to $441,998, with a salary media of $79,357. This approximation is based on salary research of Movie Trailer Editors in the US. 

Can I Get Paid To Watch Movies?

Many people ask how can I get paid to watch movies and you would be happy to know that there are many apps that will pay you to watch movies and videos. Some apps, such as Swagbucks and InboxDollars allow you to earn cash from points.

What App Pays You To Watch Videos?

Curious over what app pays you to watch videos? Some of the 15 Best Apps That Pay You To Watch Videos include:

·  Swagbucks

·  ClipClaps

·  Rewardia

·  MyPoints

·  FusionCash

·  AdWallet

·  Idle-Empire

·  Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel

·  Inbox Dollars

·  Viggle

·  Kashkick

·  SuccessBux

·  Netflix


·  AppTrailers

How Do You Get Paid By Watching Netflix?

Many wonder how you get paid by watching Netflix and becoming a Netflix Tagger is one of them. Working as a “tagger” is the most popular way to get paid to watch Netflix. 

Taggers, also known as metadata analysts, typically apply tags like genre, cast members, Language, profanity profiles to the shows and movies.

Can I Get Paid To Watch YouTube Videos?

If you are wondering how can I get paid to watch YouTube videos, the answer is, there is no way to make money directly from YouTube for watching videos – unless you start your own YouTube channel and join their Partner Program and start creating content.

How Much Can You Make By Watching Movie Trailers?

People often ask how much you can make by watching movie trailers. You can typically make up to $200 per month but you have put in the time and effort to watch movie trailers and videos while also completing other tasks like reading emails and filling surveys.

What Do I Need To Watch Movie Trailers?

You do not need a lot to get started. As long as you have a mobile phone, you’re pretty much good to go. However, if you would like to have more comfortable experience, you can always invest in the following items:

Get Paid To Watch Movie Trailers: Conclusion

There you have it! 21 easy and awesome ways to get paid to watch movie trailers!

Making money today has become unconventional but also made easy. While this may not generate hundreds and thousands of dollars overnight, it is surely an easy way to get paid while doing something you enjoy.

Think of it as a way to cash in on the time you spend watching movie trailers. It is simple and easily accessible over a mobile device without requiring you to put in any hard work.

In fact, you may possibly find it so fun you end up turning it into something permanent. I know because it happened to me!

I started translating and subtitling drama trailers because I had wanted to practice on a new language I was learning at that time. I happen to be good enough that a fellow subtitler asked me to join her team to help with movie trailer subtitles.

You truly never know where opportunity arises, so seize it today and get paid to watch movie trailers now!

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