30 Side Hustles For Women [2022 Update!]

Curious about the best side hustles for women? How can you bring in more income in your free time? 

Whether it’s to pay your bills, boost up your savings for that dream vacation or house, or simply just to create a separate income stream, side hustles are a wonderful way for you to make more money.

Having a side hustle could also potentially improve your performance in your full-time job, according to Harvard Business Review.

The best thing is, if you establish yourself doing your side hustle, it might be able to be your main income generator! 

To choose the right side hustle for you, try looking for something that allows you to use the skills you already have. You will also need to consider how much money, time, and effort you can and are willing to invest.

There’s something for everyone everywhere, regardless of whether you’re looking for side hustles in the UK or easy side hustles for single moms.

But first of all, where to start?

This article will show you the best side hustles for women and help you determine what kind of side hustles suit you best!


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Best Side Hustles For Women

1. Sell Printables On Etsy

2. Become An Online Tutor

3. Sell Photos To Stock Pictures Websites

4. Drive For Uber

5. Start A Blog

6. Start Baking

7. Sell Your Preloved Items

8. Virtual Assistant Service

9. Pet Sitting

10. Bookkeeping

11. Translating

12. Proofreading

13. Voice Acting

14. Graphic Designing

15. Website Layout

16. Handcrafted Jewelry

17. Deliver Things

18. Freelance Writing

19. Consumer Research

20. Survey Apps

21. Consulting

22. Sell An Online Course

23. Sell An E-Book

24. Photography

25. Become A Local Tour Guide

26. Enrichment Programs For Kids

27. Mystery Shopper

28. Social Media Manager

29. Teach English Online

30. Nanny/Companion Services

What Are The Most Profitable Side Hustles For Women?

Some of the most profitable side hustles for women can be done online which means they are also the best side hustles for moms. These side hustles also offer a high potential for them to turn into a full-time income.

1. Blogging

best side hustles ideas for moms

Blogging is one of the easiest side hustles for women to make money online. It has the lowest entry barrier as you only need to set up your own blog.

However, in order to make money, you have to be willing to put in a lot of work and you have to have a strategy to make your blog work for you.

There are a lot of ways to make your blog earn money for you. Here is a great guide on how to make money blogging for beginners 

If done the right way, blogging will be a great source of income for you. There are a lot of bloggers in different niches that make six and even seven figures yearly!

  • Pinch of Yum – a blog in the famous food niche run by Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom, they used to publish monthly income reports and one of the last income reports they published showed that they were generating revenue of USD50,000 a month.
  • Club Thrifty – a blog run by Holly and Greg Johnson, they center around budget-friendly travel. Their estimated income is USD21,566 a month.
  • The Art of Manliness – a blog run by Brett and Kate McKay focusing on men’s lifestyle, they bring in an estimated USD33,000 a month

2. Consultancy

side hustles for women

Are you a professional who is looking for mom side hustles that will allow you to spend time with your kids and earn good money at the same time? Running a consultancy business is a great option for you.

Whatever you are doing in your role as a professional in your day job, you can easily translate these skills into running your own consultancy. 

This might mean having one on one conversations with specific employees in a company, running training sessions with a small team, or even running multiple-day workshops with a whole company.

It is easier to set up a consultancy by marketing your services to your existing professional network. You could also set up your own website to make it easier for people to find you.

As a consultant, you can earn a lucrative amount depending on how you rate your time for consulting work. You also have the flexibility to decide how many hours you will spend on your consultancy.

3. Virtual Assistant Service

side hustle for females

Providing a virtual assistant service is one of the best women’s side hustles in the digital economy.

Virtual assistants are very much in demand which in turn brings a good profit. You can work as a virtual assistant from anywhere in the world on a laptop, which makes this especially the perfect side hustle for single moms.

As more people are embracing running businesses online, there is a huge demand for people who can help them with the day-to-day running of the business.

No experience? Not sure where to even begin? Here’s a complete guide on how to be a virtual assistant with no experience.

Alternatively, here is a FREE virtual assistant workshop that teaches you all the skills you need to start!

4. Freelance Writing

easy side hustles for single moms

Freelance writing is an excellent option to earn a good income as well as having the flexibility to arrange your own time, which makes it one of the best side hustles for single working moms.

Freelance writing also is a golden ticket to open yourself up to bigger and better opportunities.

The flexibility and the huge amount of opportunities available make freelance writing a fantastic side hustle for anyone who enjoys writing. It can be worked into any type of schedule, whether you are a busy college student or an even busier stay-at-home mom.

You can either look for one-off work like writing standalone pieces for blogs and magazines or look for work on sites such as Textbroker

If you don’t have any experience in being a freelance writer, here is a guide on how to become a freelance writer with no experience.

If you would like a more in-depth and centralised guide on how to become a freelance writer with a concrete timeline to execute and achieve what you set out to do, here is an e-book on how you can become a freelance writer in 60 days

how to become a freelance writer

5. Photography

women's side hustles

If photography is something that you are passionate about and you love capturing images to preserve the memories of the moment, you should consider taking up photography as a side hustle.

With a dedicated camera, the easiest and the most lucrative area to earn money through photography would be through wedding photography.

However, you could also branch out into product photography and portraiture photography. Basically anything and everything that you can take pictures of and be compensated for it!

You will have to put in the effort to build up a portfolio and marketing yourself in order to get a paying job, one of the options is to build up a portfolio on Instagram.

Once you’re all set, check out the best places to sell your photos online.

What Are Some Of The Most Unique Side Hustles For Women?

Some of the unique side hustles for women revolve around providing an experience for people.

6. Become A Local Tour Guide

side hustles for women

If you know your city like the back of your hand, especially its hidden gems, and you love meeting new people, being a local tour guide might be a great side hustle for you!

Local tour guides show tourists around and have them experience all the local sights, tastes, and adventures through the lens of a local. This is also a great side hustle for females as you can craft women-focused tours.

All you need to get started with this side hustle is to arrange for some tour itineraries centering on your area and craft an unforgettable experience for your customers.

You could either center your tours around historical events, people or places or around teaching a new skill, activities and even have customized tours.

You can check out some of the sites below to be a local tour guide in your area.

7. Social Media Manager

side hustles for working moms

If you’re pretty savvy with social media and great with strategizing to maximize the algorithm reach of your posts, you could be a social media manager.

With the rise of online businesses now, the importance of having a strong social media presence is even more pronounced. This is where you come in!

You can choose your specific niche to focus on, for example, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. As a social media manager, the services that you could offer are comment moderation, content curation, advertising campaigns, and also automation setup.

The possibilities are endless and you get to decide. Best of all, this is one of the side hustles that you can do anywhere around the world, regardless of whether you’re looking for side hustles in Canada or Kazakhstan. 

Social media manager freelancers can start out earning USD20 to USD30 an hour and you can raise your rate if you can provide consistent results to your clients.

You can get social media manager jobs on Upwork or Indeed. Alternatively, you could pitch your services to businesses that you are interested to work with.

Interested? Here’s a guide on how to become a freelance social media manager.

8. Nanny/Companion services

mom side hustles

Providing nanny or companion services is one of the more popular female side hustles. 

As a nanny, you will be responsible for child care activities such as playing with your client’s children, preparing simple meals, cleaning areas where the children were in, and putting the children to bed. You might also have to change diapers and help with potty training.

Being a companion means that you will keep elderly people company throughout the day, doing simple chores around the house like preparing for their meals, making sure that they are safe, and going out with them or running errands for them.

To get started, you can start asking friends and neighbors if they need someone to watch their kids or keep their elderly relatives company.

Alternatively, you could sign up on Sittercity, UrbanSitter, or Care.com to look for more jobs around your area.

9. Enrichment Programs For Kids

unique side hustles

Designing and running enrichment programs for kids are one of the best side hustle ideas for moms. 

Enrichment programs are focused to improve your child’s ability to learn through fun and interactive activities. The programs are structured to help children between two to five years old to promote basic skills as well as encourage higher-level thinking. 

If your kids greatly benefit from the enrichment programs you’ve designed for them, why not market it for other families to also get their kids to learn in a fun way?

Some enrichment programs are in the form of making mathematics fun, simple chemistry experiments kids can do at home, and even cooking!

You can advertise your enrichment programs on your own website or you could apply for a job on Varsity Tutors.

10. Mystery Shopper

side hustle for single moms

Mystery shopping is a great side hustle especially if you like going out to shop or simply love to check out new places. 

Mystery shoppers are tasked to evaluate shopping experiences in businesses. Businesses want their customers to be satisfied and excited about their products and services as happy customers generally will lead to better profits.

Being a mystery shopper is one of the best female side hustles as women drive the majority of consumer spending so women mystery shoppers are in demand to ensure businesses cater to the main driving market.

Mystery shoppers can earn an average of USD20 per hour depending on the company and the task that they take up.

You can look for mystery shopping jobs at Bestmark, MarketForce, or by going to public job boards such as Indeed.

What Are Some Of The Most Flexible Side Hustles For Women?

Flexible side hustles for women are very important, especially for single moms as they have to juggle being a mother as well as running their side hustles. 

Some of the best side hustles for working moms are as follows:

11. Teach English Online

side hustles in the UK

Teaching English online is one of the good side hustles for women as there is a high demand for English teachers.

You can set your own schedule for teaching and you can teach from anywhere as long as you have a stable Internet connection and a good laptop.

You don’t have to be from a native English-speaking country to be an online English teacher. As long as you meet English proficiency requirements, you can teach English online.

The amount that you can earn depends on various factors, some of which are your experience, qualifications, and whether you are attached to a company or you are an independent tutor. But all in all, expect to earn between USD10 to USD26 per hour.

Here are some sites you can check out to get teaching English online jobs:

Here is a more in-depth guide on how to become an online English teacher

12. Sell An Online Course

Online education is seeing more demand from the market, especially now where more people are working from home. You can get in on this industry by creating and selling online courses.

You don’t have to be a recognized expert in whatever topic you decide to build a course in, however you do need a certain degree of skill and knowledge in your chosen niche for prospective students to take you seriously.

Online courses can make a great supplemental income and also a semi-passive income stream if you have your own website or blog.

Selling online courses requires you to heavily market yourself if you want to enjoy a good revenue.

You can get started by uploading your online courses on Udemy or Teachable, where they will charge you a certain percentage of your profit in exchange for exposure and hosting. 

However, if you want to get all of the income from selling your online courses, you can also set up your own website or blog.

13. Sell An E-book

If you have a topic that you are knowledgeable in and you want to share it with the general public, selling e-books would be a good side hustle to have.

You can set up your own website to sell your own e-book or sell it on a third-party platform like Amazon.

However, in selling an e-book, you would have to market your e-book as much as possible to make great sales.

Here are some websites that you can check out that will help you host and sell your e-books.

  • Payhip. Payhip is an e-commerce website that offers you to sell any type of downloadable digital materials, including e-books. You can create a customizable sales page on Payhip for free, and Payhip will give you the tools to create and sell your product such as a share button and discount coupons.
  • Kobo. Kobo is a self-publishing platform that is easy and straightforward to use. You will be able to publish your e-book in 5 simple steps and have your e-book available to millions of readers on Kobo’s website.

14. Sell Photos To Stock Pictures Websites

If you are a great photographer and you have a stack of photos lying around, you could sell the photos to stock pictures websites.

What are stock pictures? They are generic images that buyers use for visual content for everything from websites, blogs, to news stories.

So you can sell any sort of pictures ranging from landscape photos to even photos of people doing certain activities.

Some of the sites that you can sell your photos on are Shutterstock, 500px, and Foap.

You can earn up to USD120 per photo depending on the uniqueness of the photo and also the commission percentage that you get from each site.

Here is a more detailed list of the best places you can sell your photos online.

15. Sell Printables On Etsy

best side hustles for women

What are printables? Printables are printable prints, pieces of artwork, pictures, templates, or drawings that you can download online and print yourself.

The cool thing about printables is that you get to unleash your creativity by designing whatever you desire and you upload it on Etsy. From that point on, you don’t have to do anything else! 

Customers can buy the same design and download it from Etsy again and again as long as you still have your design online. You could also set up your own website to sell your printables.

Here is an epic guide on how to sell printables on Etsy to guide you further on your journey in creating and earning from your art.

Also, here is a FREE Etsy Ebook that will share a list of best-selling products by month and teach you how to capitalize on seasonal trends to make sales.

16. Become An Online Tutor

Being an online tutor is a flexible and fulfilling side hustle that is seeing a lot of demand thanks to the rapidly globalizing economy.

You can tutor in any subject that you are good at and you don’t need a teaching degree or certificate. 

You could start by marketing your services to your neighborhood, family, and friends. If you would prefer to have a larger reach, you can sign up on Chegg or Tutor.com.

Unsure of how to start? Here is a guide on how you can become an online teacher even without any prior experience.

17. Handcrafted Jewelry

If you are good with crafting and you enjoy dealing with various materials to produce beautiful, unique pieces, making handcrafted jewelry might be a great side hustle for you.

People love buying unique, one of a kind pieces that are handcrafted and are willing to pay good money for high-quality pieces, especially when it’s custom made.

There is high demand for custom-made jewelry, regardless of the material that is used. Some of the popular materials now are beads, polymer clay, and semi-precious stones, which are easily obtainable and can be shipped easily.

You can start selling your items on Etsy, Instagram, or even Facebook!

Selling handcrafted jewelry can earn you up to six figures per month, but of course, this depends on your marketing and how many pieces you are able to sell per month. 

There are also many different things that you can make, so check out this list of things to make and sell on Etsy for inspiration.

18. Bookkeeping

best side hustles for single working moms

If you have bookkeeping skills, all you need is a reliable internet connection and a laptop to offer your services.

Bookkeeping can be done remotely online or you could also provide your services on-site for your clients, depending on what you would like to arrange for yourself. Your clients can range from the local businesses around where you live to even online businesses all around the world!

To start, you could advertise your skills on some freelancing sites like Freelancer.com, Upwork, or Fiverr. You could also start your own website to offer bookkeeping services.

Here is a guide on how to become a virtual bookkeeper for you to kickstart your way to earning money by watching after other people’s money!

19. Translating

If you are fluent in two languages or more, you can work as a translator. Being well-versed in different languages is a valuable skill in this global economy.

Translators are highly sought after, especially those who are well-versed in Asian and Arabic languages as well as Russian.

Translators earn USD29 per hour on average, depending on the volume and range of work that you are doing.

To start, you can advertise your skills on Freelancer.com, Fiverr, or FlexJobs.

Feeling a bit confused or unsure where to start? Here is a guide on how to become a freelance translator that contains great tips and tricks as well as how to get started.

20. Proofreading

If you are great at picking out technical errors in texts, proofreading is a great side hustle for you.

As a proofreader, you will be scanning final drafts for errors such as typos, grammatical issues, formatting problems, and more. 

You could be proofreading written content ranging from blog posts, books, academic papers, to even speeches.

Proofreading has a low entry barrier and a high level of freedom in scheduling. Proofreaders can earn USD15 per hour, but some experienced proofreaders can even charge USD30 per hour.

One of the best ways to get proofreading jobs is on freelancing sites like Freelancer.com, Upwork, or Fiverr. Once you have established a good rapport with customers, some of them might even end up being a steady revenue source for you.

Starting out with something new might be confusing, so here is a guide on how to become a proofreader online in 8 simple steps.

Also, here is a FREE workshop that will teach you how to become an online proofreader!

21. Voice Acting

best side hustles for moms

Voice acting is one of the good side hustles for women, especially for those with a unique or soothing voice. 

With more content to be consumed online, voice actors are in demand. Voice actors narrate content ranging from audiobooks, product/explainer videos, training videos, video games, animation, live announcing, advertisement jingles to airport announcements.

It is also very easy to get started as you need a pair of headphones with a microphone and a quiet space to do your recordings. 

You don’t need a specific form of training nor certification to be a voice actor. However, there might be voice actor guilds in the country you’re living in, so that is worth exploring as they can assist you in getting jobs.

A voice actor can earn between USD35 to USD3,000 per job depending on the jobs that you take up. You can find voice actor jobs in Freelancer.com, Upwork, or Fiverr.

If you don’t know where to start, here is a great in-depth guide on how to earn extra money with your voice as a voice actor.

22. Graphic Designing

If you have a good eye for design and you know how to use Adobe Illustrator or even Canva, graphic designing is a great way to generate income.

Graphic designers are always needed by customers to create eye-catching designs from company logos, product concepts to even invitation cards. 

Your customers can range from individuals, small businesses to even major corporations. 

A graphic designer can earn as little as USD10 for a name card design to as much as USD5,000 for a product concept design. 

You can start looking for graphic designing jobs at Freelancer.com, Upwork, or Fiverr.

23. Website Layout

If you are tech-savvy and know how to operate WordPress and plugins like ThriveArchitect to customize a webpage, you can consider having a web design service as your side hustle.

With the rise of online purchasing, more businesses are shifting to having an online presence, especially small businesses.

For them, having a website would mean that they would need the service of a web designer to do the whole website layout for them to save money.

You can earn between USD30 to USD80 per hour depending on your expertise and client’s requirements.

Some websites where you can find jobs relating to website layouts include Authentic Jobs and Upwork.

24. Consumer Research

Consumer research requires you to conduct research on customer patterns, their likes, and dislikes, to help brands market themselves better.

If you are great with research, this is a great side hustle for you!

Consumer research side hustles might involve you having to contact people to get their feedback on certain topics or to conduct data entry work, but you can get at least USD100 per job depending on the job scope and the duration of work done.

You can look for jobs for consumer research on Upwork and Fiverr.

How Can A Woman Make Money Fast?

If you need to make money fast, here are some great side hustles ideas for females. In order to make money fast, you would have to consider something that you can do and sell immediately. 

25. Baking

side hustles for women

If you have friends and family raving over your baked goods and you love crafting up magic in the kitchen to end up with sweet or savory treats, baking might be a suitable side hustle for you.

Baking is a great side hustle as everyone loves baked treats. From cakes to cookies to even bread, baked treats are always sought after, especially during birthdays and special occasions.

Your earnings are determined by what kind of baked goods you are selling and how much you manage to sell.

If you can make customized baked goods, decorated with icing, fondant, and all sorts of decoration, you can even set a higher price on your products.

You can sell your products online on Facebook or Instagram or even your own website.

26. Selling Preloved Items

You can easily convert items that are lying around your house into quick easy cash. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The secondhand market is booming as buying secondhand items is environmentally friendly as well as easy on the wallet, making it easier to try out new trends without breaking the bank.

You can actually sell a lot of things online such as brand-name clothes, shoes, handbags, toys, furniture, books, and so on.

There is definitely a demand for something that you own and you don’t mind letting go, as long as the items are in good condition.

You can resell your items online on Ebay, ThredUp, Poshmark or you can even have a yard sale to sell your items!

27. Deliver Things

If you have transportation like a car, a motorcycle, or even a bike and you don’t mind going around town all day, delivering things is a great option for a side hustle.

You can deliver all sorts of things from food to documents to even groceries. The only thing you need to be mindful of when you are delivering things is the time when you deliver things and also keeping things safe as you transport them around.

You can sign up with Uber to deliver items, Instacart to deliver groceries or you can go on TaskRabbit to find odd jobs related to delivering items. 

28. Survey Apps

side hustles ideas for females

Survey sites will pay you to answer questions about anything under the sun, from your favorite type of ice cream to your sleeping habits. 

These sites will then aggregate your answers to pass them on to companies that will use the data for marketing and product development.

Survey apps require no skills and it is a passive activity where you can take surveys whenever you have time to spare or if you are waiting to do something or go somewhere.

You won’t be earning a lot on survey apps as you will have to do a substantial amount of surveys to even make a lot. Earnings also depend on the survey site as well as the length of each survey.

Some sites that you can check out in order are:

29. Pet Sitting

If you like animals and you somehow have a sixth sense of what your furry friends need, being a pet sitter is a great side hustle for you.

Pet sitters are an essential service to pet owners. 

Sometimes pet owners would need to leave their house for an extended time for work or other personal matters and they would require the help of a pet sitter to ensure their pets are well taken care of in the comforts of their homes when they are gone.

To be a pet sitter, you need to be great with animals, understand the basics of pet care, and be great with communication.

You will also have to be comfortable doing chores like cleaning up after their waste, feeding them medication if necessary, and spending time playing and cuddling them.

A pet sitter can earn USD12-USD13 per hour on average depending on the hours you work and the tasks that you do.

You can start finding pet sitting jobs in Petsitter and Petbacker. Alternatively, you can also start by advertising your services in your neighborhood or asking your family and friends if anyone needs the service.

30. Drive For Uber

If you have a car and you love driving, you can sign up to be an Uber driver as a side hustle.

Driving for Uber can be lucrative depending on where you are located. Uber drivers can make up to USD25 per hour in big cities, sometimes even USD50 per hour if you are driving during peak hours.

The requirements to be an Uber driver are quite attainable as you have to have a car that is insured and a valid driver’s license. 

Being an Uber driver also means that you decide on your own schedule and it is a good way to know more about your city as you will be driving people around.

In conclusion, there are a lot of side hustles for women that will suit the requirements of anyone, regardless of whether you are a college student or a busy single working mom. 

Do remember that side hustles that you can do online like blogging is generally more flexible as compared to driving for Uber.

If you found this article useful or know someone that would like this, feel free to share it with them! 

If you have any other types of side hustles for women, do let us know in the comments below.

30 Side Hustles For Women In 2022

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