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13 Easy Side Hustles for Single Moms In 2023

Are you looking for some easy side hustles for single moms?

Do you find yourself struggling to keep a day job, whilst maintaining your role as a single mother?

 Being a mom is already a full-time job in itself, and having the responsibility to support your child’s upbringing single-handedly, calls for some easy side hustles for single moms.

If you’re looking for some careers and opportunities, having some easy side hustles can open new doors to possibilities you could never have imagined.

This article should guide you through the different means of generating extra income for single moms, with the aim of breaking free from the chains of financial struggle.

There are plenty of side hustle ideas for single moms out there, leaving you spoiled for choices and inspired for thought.

13 Easy Side Hustles for Single Moms You Can Start Today:

1. Online Surveys

2. Form Filling

3. Blogging

4. Freelance Writing

5. Proofreading

6. Freelance Social Media Manager

7. Online Tutoring

8. Transcription

9. Dropshipping

10. Babysitting

11.Pet Sitting

12. Investing

13. Consignment Business


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How to Make Money as a Single Mom

There are countless alternatives and ways to earn extra money for single moms providing you with the option to carry them out in your own flexible time online and offline.

When selecting the best side hustles for single moms, it’s important that you:

1. Set Your Goals and Priorities

It’s so easy to get distracted, especially when you’re on a full-time schedule. It’s vitally important to focus, focus, and focus.

There is a time and place for what you do and when to do it.

Having a clear picture of your goals and priorities will provide useful insights indicating whether you’re on the right track or slacking behind.

It will also serve as a motivation for you to carry on and plow through the rough times.

2. Manage Your Time

This element goes hand in hand with the first and is crucial to making your side hustle worth your time and effort.

Managing your time can stop you from rushing and would help pace yourself as you go about your daily goals.

Making time for yourself is essential to your mental well-being as you bear the responsibilities of maintaining a day job, taking care of your kids, cooking, shopping, and other housework duties.

3. Do Something You Love and Passionate About

The last and final element can either make you or break you.

As you would already know, making money and earning a decent income largely depends on the effort you’re willing to put in.

Carefully selecting a side hustle that you love and are passionate about will make things more of a breeze than a challenge, without you even thinking twice about giving some spare time.

What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

easy side hustles for single moms
Easy side hustles for single moms

11 Easy Side Hustles for Single Moms

The list below are side hustles for single moms which have been arranged according to the least amount of time needed to get started and running:

1. Online Surveys

Taking paid surveys online can be an easy side hustle earning you some quick cash in your spare time.

Survey companies require people to fill out forms, questionnaires, and provide answers to questions in order to help brands improve their products before it’s launch into the market.

How Much Can You Earn?

Filling out online surveys can earn you anywhere between $5 – $50 per survey.

Most companies allow you to cash out only when you have earned a minimum amount.

And would pay through means of PayPal, gift cards, and vouchers.

How to Get Started?

All you’re required to have is a reliable internet connection with a computer or mobile device to access online surveys.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn money filling out surveys on site such as:

1. SurveyJunkie

2. Branded Survey

3. Swagbucks 

4. InboxDollars

Ready this guide on Best Sites To Take Online Surveys for Money

2. Form Filling

From registering emails to signing up for newsletters and filling medical forms are some sort of forms required by companies to capture data.

Form filling, as the title would suggest, requires you to spend time filling in forms online for companies willing to pay a fee in return.

Companies pay good money for people to fill in forms because they’re so many to fill.

How Much Can You Earn?

A lot of it depending on the company you work for and the rate you set.

You can earn anywhere between $0.20 – $6 per form.

How to Get Started?

This type of side hustle can be pretty straight forward without requiring any major skills.

Having a computer, internet access, and some pretty basic knowledge in computer operating skills. That’s it!

3. Blogging

If you find writing to be a favorite hobby of yours that you don’t mind dedicating some personal time to, then blogging can be one of the best and most profitable easy side hustle for single mothers out there.

Blogging mainly consists of writing content and articles on topics of interest for your own blog or website.

Some potential ways you can monetize on this is by optimizing your personal blog with affiliate links, display advertisements, product reviews, etc.

How Much Can You Earn?

I first launched my own blog in October 2019 and started earning $100, 3 months later.

Earning a 6-figure monthly salary is a possibility for many bloggers out there. I just hit 4 figures and hope to grow it to 5 or 6 in the next few years!

How to Get Started?

Getting started is the easy part, what’s really important is that you actually enjoy writing.

I took this blogging course that taught me how to make my first $1,000 from my blog. Immensely useful. 

 4. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a true passion of mine, which from my own experience, can really recommend as a side hustle for working moms.

Your main tasks include writing posts and articles for clients looking to pay for written content about certain products or topics.

When beginning to be a freelance writer, writing guest posts, and outsourcing small-time clients will be your main point of focus.

As you gain experience and build your portfolio, your reputation and credibility will be recognized amongst higher-paying clients looking to hire you for the next paid job.

How Much Can You Earn?

Freelance writing can earn you anywhere from $20 to $600 per article.

How much you can earn will largely depend on the clients you write for, your quality of work, and how fast you can submit to your clients.

How to Get Started?

Finding a niche you’re comfortable in writing will be the first important step towards your journey as a freelance writer.

Once having identified, you can begin to deepen your knowledge on the topic of interest and start writing right away.

This is the course that got me started when I decided to become a freelance writer.

I spent ages googling free stuff and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, I took this writing course and in 3 weeks, I had 3 new clients. It’s an incredible course which I recommend to everyone. 

If you are having trouble knowing how to apply to freelance writing websites and how to come across as more experienced, so you can get paid higher.

I can recommend a super-duper freelance writing course I took, which helped me land 3 new clients in 3 weeks.


I spent ages googling FREE information and googling articles (like you are doing now) and I needed to keep my costs down as I wasn’t being paid for my writing just yet.

But I got sick of reading conflicting or confusing information and took the freelance writing course.

It taught me how to pitch to new clients and come across as experienced. Just look at this review:

WriteTo1k-Write-Your-Way-to-Your-First-1k-Elna Cain review

I also learned how to set up a freelance writing website, where to find jobs, and what to charge.

The Write to $1K course has a 30-day template you just need to follow to get to your first $1k from writing.

If you are ever going to invest in one writing course please let it be this one. It’s the most useful thing you can do if you want to know how to be a freelance writer with no experience.

There is no way you will finish the 30 days and not win a new client. Her training is THAT good. And I am not making this up, because I took the course myself.

5. Proofreading

Getting paid to correct spelling and grammar seems too good to be true.

And you know what, it is true. That’s why it qualifies to be on the list of best side hustles for working moms.

Generally, proofreaders get paid to review and correct final drafts of pieces of writing such as blog posts, articles, product information, and books.

Your main tasks will include:

1. Correcting typos and spelling mistakes

2. Grammar checking

3. Correcting syntax and context, ensuring the meaning of the content the writer wants to convey to their readers is not lost or changed

How Much Can You Earn?

Online proofreaders can earn anywhere between $10 – $30 per hour.

Easily earning $4000 a month, averaging out to around $51,000 per year!

How to Get Started?

Also, here is a FREE workshop that will teach you how to become an online proofreader!

6. Freelance Social Media Manager

There are hundreds and thousands of companies out there competing to have an online presence.

Most companies find it to be one of the most efficient and effective ways to market themselves and their products to the world, by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc

With widespread use, there’s all the reason for this to qualify as a great side hustle for single moms.

Social Media Managers tasks include:

1. Manage social media content

2. Setting up social media accounts

3. Creating marketing campaigns

4. Content auditing, making sure content fits well with the objective

How Much Can You Earn?

Being an independent freelancer, enables you to charge no less than $500 per client!

How to Get Started?

By utilizing sites such as Upwork or fiver, you can advertise skills and the services offered to clients looking for a social media manager.

Read this guide on How To Become A Freelance Social Media Manager (With No Experience)

7. Online Tutoring

If you’re looking for some easy side hustles for single moms, teaching online can be a very easy and profitable side hustle.

Having some credentials can significantly increase your chances of landing clients but it isn’t all that necessary.

There are numerous online language teaching jobs with a huge market for individuals eager to learn a new language.

Taking the English language, for instance, there’s a huge market for students and individuals willing to pay an instructor to teach them English at almost any given fee.

How Much Can You Earn?

Earning as an online English teacher can be anywhere between $10 – $60 per hour, with most of the time you get to decide the teaching hours

How to Get Started?

There are plenty of platforms online which you can sign up and get teaching in no time.

8. Transcription

A transcriptionist converts audio recordings, meetings, and conversations into written versions of long form text.

The great thing is you don’t require a lot of money or extensive training to get started as an online transcriptionist making it one of the easiest side hustles for moms.

How Much Can You Earn?

An online transcriptionist can easily earn $15-$22 per audio hour.

While an advanced transcriptionist can earn anywhere up to $25 – $30 per hour.

How to Get Started?

Accuracy and typing speed are number one when it comes to transcribing, as most recurring paid jobs seek to rehire transcriptionists with these qualities.

9. Dropshipping

This is a great way to launch an online business with low start-up capital and close to nothing overheads.

Dropshipping works in a way by the dropshipper(you) only purchases products from a third party (manufacturer/Wholesaler) when a customer places an order. 

The third party then ships directly to the customer from the warehouse.

One of the main differences to the classic model is that the dropshipper doesn’t stock or own inventory. 

Instead, the dropshipper purchases inventory as needed from the third party (Manufacturer/Wholesaler)

Selling products to customers at a price mark-up, on multiple e-Commerce platforms serves as a great way to earn sizable income as a side hustle.

A dropshippers’ job mainly consists of:

1. Marketing and advertising

2. Setting up e-commerce platforms

3. Networking

4. Tele networking

How Much Can You Earn?

As Dropshipping can be an effective business model, there are many dropshippers out there earning $800 a day just by selling electronics supplies.

How to Get Started?

Having some background knowledge on digital marketing will give you the best techniques on how to market your products, but it isn’t a requirement.

I know plenty of dropshippers with no background knowledge or experience whatsoever and they’re doing just fine.

Sign up and get started on dropshipping platforms: 

1. Magento

2. WooCommerce

3. Shopify

4. BigCommerce

5. OpenCart

10. Babysitting

Having other people’s kids under your care as you watch over yours can be an easy side hustle for single moms, bringing in quick and easy side cash.

Considering the fact that you must have already gained experience in caring for your own, taking on kids, more so young babies is kind of like running a daycare service but within the confines of your own home.

Not only can it be a good source of income, but the great part is you get to spend time and be with your own kids as well.

How Much Can You Earn?

Babysitting can easily earn you anywhere between $10 – $25 per hour.

How to Get Started?

You can create your profile and advertise your services on platforms such as: 

1. UrbanSitter

2. Sittercity 

11. Pet Sitting

There are many pet owners out there eager to go on vacation but realize taking their pets with them is more trouble than they could ask for.

If you have a love for animals and don’t mind sharing your time between pet sitting and babysitting, then this can be a great best side hustles for moms looking to make some extra income.

Having some experience will definitely help but it’s not a requirement. After all, being a mom should already tick the experience box 100%.

Services you can offer include over-boarding pets at home, dog walking, feeding and grooming, daycare and if your client’s pets are infants then nursing will be an added duty.

How Much Can You Earn?

Pet sitting is an exciting side hustle that can earn you between $15 – $50 per day to nearly $400 per month just by being at home taking care of other people’s pets.

How to Get Started?

Passing the word around among friends, families, and neighbors can be a quick way to get the word out.

Handing out and posting flyers advertising your services at your local community hall or nearest convenience stores can also be a cheap and efficient way to market your services.

Pet Sitting Service sites:

1. Pet Sitter

2. Rover

3. Trusted Housesitters

Sign-Up to download this free Ebook from Petsit: 5 Ways Starting a Successful Pet-Sitting Business

12. Investing

Investing is all about putting a little bit of money aside while getting on with your busy life as a single mom.

Putting that money to work for you, reaping the rewards of your labor in the near future is an easy side hustle that can generate passive income in no time.

How Much Can You Earn?

The bulk of what you can earn will solely depend on the amount you decide to put in. Investing in the right thing can quadruple your earnings, sometimes overnight!!

How to Get Started?

It’s worth having a bit of initial start-up capital if you want to get started investing. 

To list a few online investing sites to get started such as:

1. Merill Edge 

2. Robinhood

3. Firstrade 

4. TD ameritrade

13. A Consignment Business

If you have an excellent flair for hustling in business and don’t mind doing the legwork and networking, running a consignment business gives you plenty of opportunities to earn big.

The cost to start up a consignment business is significantly lower than most business propositions with very minimal risk.

 You also don’t run the headache of losing out if you don’t make sales.

Finding a good selling point is key to a successful consignment business with the best part being you get to personally select items you think will be of great potential.

For each sale made, you earn a percentage of commission. What isn’t sold, returns back to your supplier at no cost to you.

Your tasks mainly include:

1. Outsourcing suppliers

2. Potential premises with a good point of sales

3. Marketing

4. Managing

4. Human Resource Managing

How Much Can You Earn?

Consignment store owners earn on an average $4000 – $5000 per month.

How to Get Started?

Approach and research local producers looking to partner up and sell their goods in your store. Offering a win-win business partnership can always sweeten a deal offer they cannot refuse.

Read these guides:

Hustle Without Muscle

With the list of easy side hustles provided above, they all share one thing in common; that is it gives you the flexibility to carry out these jobs in your own time, wherever and whenever.

Trying out at least one of the easy side hustles for single moms can provide some useful insights into your strength and capabilities.

With the sole intention of giving you the opportunity to spend quality time with your child and most importantly, YOURSELF!

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