11 Fitness Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now!

Do you spend most of your spare time at the gym? Have you thought about starting one of the many fitness side hustles to put your fitness talents to good use? 

The side hustle could mean that you can devote more time to what you love doing. 

If you’d like to earn some money by making your fitness love a fitness side hustle, here are 11 fitness side hustles you can start right now. 

11 Fitness Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now

  1. Fitness Instructor
  2. Personal Trainer
  3. Online Personal Training
  4. Air BNB Experience
  5. Food Delivery Service
  6. Dog Walking
  7. Referee
  8. Mover
  9. Yard Work
  10. Meal Prep
  11. Walk or Run Group
  12. Some Additional Ideas If You’re Already In The Fitness Industry
  13. The Most Profitable Fitness Side Hustle


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1. Fitness Instructor

If you’re a lover of Body Attack or any group fitness, this may be one for you.

This is one of the fitness jobs that you can find at your local gym; better yet, look into the class you already attend regularly. Fitness instructors can earn over $23 an hour, which is generally how long one class runs for. The more experienced you are, the more you can earn. 

Instructing a fitness class is fun and can help you build experience while doing what you love – fitness classes. 

The best thing to do to learn is to attend classes at your local gym. Better yet, reach out to your local gym and ask them what they need if you want to be an instructor. This differs based on where you are so you will want to know what to do in your region. If you’d like a taster so you can learn the basics, have a look at some courses online

This is one of those fitness side hustles for those needing a flexible schedule. 

You can pop into the classes you need to teach and balance it around your other obligations like kids or another job. Once you gain experience and most likely a fitness following, you may be given the option to sign on permanently. 

Fitness side hustles
Fitness Instructor

2. Personal Trainer

Personal training as a side hustle has a myriad of options. 

You do need a qualification for this, so check your local requirements and get trained up. Alternatively, check out some courses online to get your foot in the door.  

Once you do, you can decide if you want to meet face to face or run a group training session, maybe outdoors in the summer. 

Personal training gives you great insight into the fitness industry because you’ll be able to back your love of fitness with knowledge and science. 

Use social media to build your brand, and you leverage this passion of yours into a full-time influencer gig. Some personal trainers have made it big by leveraging their online platforms. 

How Much Do Personal Trainers Make As A Side Hustle?

How much a personal trainer side hustle earns is very dependent on how much you can hustle. As a personal trainer, you need to work around your client’s schedule, making it more challenging to have many clients if you have a packed schedule. 

The average income of an entry-level personal trainer is about $16.70 an hour. This gets better the more experience you have and the more clients you can add to your book. Some personal trainers can go on to make over $100,000 plus per year

Many clients would mean more money. You also don’t want to burn the candle at both ends. 

The best personal trainers are hands-on, so don’t think that you can sip on a coffee and make your clients do push-ups for an hour. Make a plan and put in the effort early. You’ll be able to raise your rates in no time.

Personal training is one of the most lucrative fitness side hustles out there!

Fitness jobs
Personal Trainer

3. Online Personal Training

Take your experience from your personal training course, and turn it into an online personal training side hustle. 

This is a difficult market to get into as it’s saturated. 

To beat this, think about what areas of fitness you are particularly interested in and leverage those. Could you specialize in pre/postpartum care? Or training for the over 70s? 

Some examples of trainers who have specialized in specific areas. 

Pick a niche, and you’ll be able to create an online personal training side hustle business that runs for years to come. 

This is also a great side hustle from home as you can tap into clients from anywhere. 

There are many apps online that can help you start your personal trainer business and create a personalized experience for your clients. If you need to get your foot in the door, try gain some knowledge with an online course

4. Airbnb Experience

This is for the outdoorsy fitness types. Depending on what kind of fitness you love doing, as an AirBnb experience host, you could arrange hikes on trails near you, bike tours, walking art tours, or surfing. 

Basically, instead of doing these things on your own, you’ll get to take some people along with you and get paid for it. 

Travelers pay really good money to get a local experience—the more unique, the better. If things go well, you could make this a permanent gig or even turn it into a full-blown business offering adventure experiences to active travelers. 

5. Food Delivery Service

Fitness jobs
Delivering Food

Uber Eats, DoorDash, FoodPanda, any form of food delivery service

Sure, your local delivery person may roll up in a car or motorbike. 

But if you live in a cycling city, why not deliver food on a bicycle! You can deliver food while getting your fitness in. There aren’t any real-time requirements as you can deliver according to your schedule. 

The first thing you need to do is choose the service you’d like to work for and look up their delivery requirements. These will differ based on where you are. 

The downside to this side hustle is that you may not get very many clients, as cycling means that the delivery takes longer, meaning a bad review. But, if you live in a city that’s full of traffic jams, you may be able to beat the cars and get the food to your clients quickly. 

There are examples of food delivery people earning up to $40 an hour. 

6. Dog Walking

Fitness jobs
Dog Walker

 If you’re comfortable walking several dogs at once, you can earn good money.

Sign up for dog walking apps like Paw Shake or Rover, and you can find dog walking clients easily. 

If you can get a few pack walks as regulars, you can turn this into a business and make some serious money. Some dog walking companies charge $50 per walk! This can be a very lucrative side hustle and there are plenty of examples of people who have made this a full-time gig. 

7. Referee

Fitness side hustles

Do you spend your time on the field or cheering on your favorite sports? 

If you have an eye for catching rule breaks on the field, being a referee could be a great fitness side hustle. 

The average part-time referee in the United States can earn up to $16 an hour

This is very dependent on the league you’ll be refereeing on. The qualifications needed for this are dependent on your location and if you’re working with children you may need to provide some background checks. 

Not only will you be able to watch your favorite sports with the best view, but you could also get up close and personal with the athletes. 

This is a great one to combine with your other side hustles, like personal training or meal prep. Athletes are always in need of people to help them level up in their field, and with your proximity, you’ll be able to pitch what they need.

8. Mover

Fitness side hustles

Do you like lifting heavy things? Well, if you’ve got some strength gains behind you, being a mover can help you with your gains.

It’s like a Crossfit workout, but you get paid for it.

If you have a couple of hours spare, publish your services on your community group or Facebook marketplace. You can have a couple of jobs under your belt in no time. Some movers can charge from $150 per hour to pack up a studio. 

If you’ve got a large car or truck, you could even add delivery to your services.

This will allow you to raise your prices, and suddenly your fitness side hustle isn’t just a few pennies here and there. 

People are always looking for movers to help them move things from one place to another, so you’d be tapping into an untapped market. 

9. Yard Work

Doing yard work used to be a typical teenage side hustle. Don’t let age stop you. 

People always need a hand with taming their unwieldy yards, so why not make this your fitness side hustle. Raking, pruning, and mowing are all things you could do that will get your heart rate up while also lining your pockets. 

Have a look at your neighbor’s yards. Offer your services to get your foot in the door. Soon enough, you’ll be able to build your reputation for being the best garden tamer in the neighborhood. 

10. Meal Prep

Fitness side hustles
Meal Prep

Do you know your proteins from your fats? Your paleo from your keto? Most people who are into fitness are usually good with their nutrition.

 If #mealprepsunday is part of your routine, why not start a meal prep side hustle for others too. 

Every busy fitness person needs help with their nutrition. 

As they say, abs are made in the kitchen. If cooking isn’t your strong point, you could put together recipe guides or even grocery lists to take some of the guesswork out of cooking. There is a growing need for this service as people get busier and cannot take the time to meal prep for themselves. 

This is a very lucrative side hustle as even the simplest meals can have a significant need. Just make sure you buy your Tupperware in bulk. 

Some examples of fitness meal prep companies: 

11. Organize A Walk Or Run Group

Fitness jobs
Group Walk

This is another side hustle that doesn’t require any real start-up costs, but it also means you won’t earn the big bucks from the get-go. 

If you like going for a run outdoors or like getting your steps in daily, start a group! Find some great trails in your neighborhood or wider city and take a group along with you. 

If you’re a history buff, you could also add a bit of tour guiding in here, and people will pay for this.

 If you’d like to start, post in your neighborhood Facebook group and see if people are interested. Soon you’ll be able to build out a range of trails that people will be gagging to join. 

Additional Ideas If You’re Already In The Fitness Industry 

Run A Challenge On Your Social Media

If you regularly post your workouts on your social media, why not take your followers along with you. 

A great way to build your social media following and influence is to connect with your followers. 

Run a fitness challenge! 

This will not only keep you motivated with your workouts, but you’ll also be able to motivate all your followers to get onto the same health track that you’re on. 

It’s a win-win! 

Create And Sell Fitness Merchandise

What’s your brand? If you can put it down into words about your fitness brand, it’s time to make some merchandise. And sell it! 

Think hoodies, caps, shaker bottles. Everyone loves a good piece of merch, so if you can get a designer to help you with a great logo and name, create a line and sell it. 

This is a fitness side hustle that will require some buy-in to set yourself up, but once you have the line going, you’ll be able to grow. 

Here are some fitness influencers who have created a successful merchandise line. 

Run An Outdoor Class

Many successful fitness influencers started their empires doing outdoor group fitness classes. 

Especially in the summer, find some space in a park and get people moving. You don’t even need much equipment for it to get the heart rate up with bodyweight-only exercises. 

Advertise your services in your local community group, and you can start building your following there. 

As your group grows, you can build out a schedule that works around your primary job. This is a great starting point for many fitness careers, so strap yourself in if you’re ready to put in the hard yards at the start. 

Get Sponsored For Activewear Or Supplements

If you’ve already got a fitness following, being sponsored is a great way to start earning some money using your influence. 

There are so many activewear and supplement companies that are looking for influencers to showcase their products. 

This is where social media can be a tool that can help leverage your fitness side hustle. 

Either reach out to the companies that you love or tag them in your regular posts. Soon enough, they’ll reach out to you!

Create A Digital Fitness Course

This is like online personal training, but instead of creating individualized programming, you can create a generalized program that targets different populations—for example, a 12-week squat program for beginners. 

People are always looking for exercise programs online. 

Creating one packed with value is a great, low-cost way of leveraging your fitness knowledge into a digital fitness course. Here’s an online course on how to create your online training program. 

Garage Gym Business

If you’ve already got some garage equipment in your garage, why not start up a garage gym. 

Target small numbers and a membership system, and you’ll be able to earn a return on your gym equipment in no time. 

How To Start a Garage Gym Business

  • Gear – you can start lean, and build over time. 
  • Clients – who are you targeting? 
  • Cost – how much will you charge, and is this competitive with the bigger gyms close by? 
  • Marketing – how will you market yourself? Community bulletin boards and building a following online? 
  • Legalese – make sure that you know what your health and safety obligations are. 
  • Knowledge – do you have the right qualifications to run a home gym? 
  • Grow over time – think about your plan over time and where you want to take your business. 

The Most Profitable Fitness Side Hustles?

Fitness is a huge market, and the most profitable side hustle will come down to how much time and effort you can put in.

Start with a personal training course, as this will be the most profitable. 

Get a personal training certificate, build your social media base and create digital products. 

This is a sure-fire way to make some serious dough and earn sponsorships through your fitness side hustle. 

Well, there you have it! The 11 best fitness side hustles and some other fitness hustles if you’re already in the game.

 Soon you’ll be able to turn your love of fitness into something lucrative. The best thing about having a fitness side hustle is using the money you earn to help you grow in the field. The sky’s the limit!

11 Fitness Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now

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