185+ Blog Post Ideas For Fashion to Boost Traffic in 2023!

If you’re a fashionista who has been thinking of starting your own fashion blog to share your amazing ideas about everything fashion, then I have 185 blog post ideas on fashion for you! 

Don’t let your lack of ideas for fashion blog posts stop you from taking that first step into the world of fashion blogging!

If you’re already interested in fashion, then you must be a creative soul brimming with styling and photography ideas.

Or maybe you want to share your analysis on trends and who wore what.

Guess what – those are already great content ideas for fashion bloggers! 

I’m here to show you how you can take those bubbling fashion blog ideas you might have, up a notch to share your style with the fashion blogging community. Read on to check out:


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Blog Post Ideas for Fashion

185 Blog Post Ideas For Fashion Bloggers

If you’re looking for some quick fashion blog post ideas, I’ve got you covered. There are many fashion blog ideas in general around even your day-to-day life.

You can build your ideas for your fashion blog from there and start writing your first fashion blog post.

You can just build your ideas for your fashion blog from there. 

1. What I Wore Today

2. Outfit Of The Day

3. What I Wore To School Today

4. What I Wore To Work Today 

5. Weekly Style Report

6. Daily Style Report 

7. How To Get That Look

8. How To Style That Look

9. How To Go From Day To Night

10. How To Style One Piece Of Clothing 5 Ways

11. How To Wear A Dress For A Week

12. How To Build Your Capsule Wardrobe

13. How To Dress Stylishly For Work

14. How To Look Like a #GirlBoss

15. How To Dress For Interviews

16. What To Wear To A Wedding

17. What To Wear For Your First Job

18. How To Dress For School

19. How To Style Uniforms

20. My Style Over The Years

21. My Latest Fashion Haul

22. Fit Check 

23. Review Of Clothes, Shoes, Accessories

24. Style Tips 

25. My Style Inspirations 

26. My Favourite Fashion Apps

27. How I Choose My OOTDs

28. My Favourite High Fashion Brands

29. Where I Shop

30. How To Get My Look 

If you’re a little shy about showing your outfits or prefer commenting on other people’s style choices, don’t worry I have some fashion posts ideas for you too! 

Blog Post Ideas for Fashion

1. Latest Trends Spotted 

2. What [Name of Celebrity] Wore

3. How To Get [Name of Celebrity]’s Look

4. Latest Fashion Runway Trends

5. Spotted On The Runways

6. Fashion Labels on [Name of TV Show]

7. How Much Did [Name of Celebrity]’s Outfit Cost?

8. How To Look Like [Name of Celebrity]

9. Latest Gen Z Fashion Trends

10. Latest Millennial Fashion Trends 

11. Latest Trends Spotted On The Streets

12. Blast From The Past

13. Retro Fashion Trends

14. Retro Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

15. Vintage Fashion Trends To Bring Back

16. Fashion Influencers To Follow

17. Stylish Celebrities To Follow

18. Spotted on [Name of Celebrity]

19. Latest Fashion Hashtags 

20. Maternity Fashion Trends 


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    Blog post ideas fashion
    Photo by Kaylin Pacheco on Unsplash

    30 Blog Post Ideas For Budget Fashion Bloggers

    Blog Post Ideas for Fashion

    Now, fashion blog topic ideas don’t have to always be about expensive style options, nor do you need to spend a lot of money to be fashionable. 

    You can look stylish on a budget and you can teach people how to do so through these fun fashion blog post ideas! 

    1. Latest Fashion Bargains

    2. How To Get [Name of Celebrity]’s Look On A Budget

    3. Runway Trends On A Budget

    4. How To Get That Runway Look From High Street Fashion Brands 

    5. How To Thrift Stylish Outfits

    6. Best Fashion Thrift Stores

    7. Best Secondhand Fashion Stores

    8. Wardrobe Hacks 

    9. How To Wear The Same Outfit Ten Times

    10. How To DIY A Runway Look

    11. How To Look Stylish For Less

    12. Best Budget Fashion Brands

    13. Best Fashion Labels on A Budget

    14. How To Create A Budget Capsule Wardrobe 

    15. How To Stop Buying Clothes To Save Money

    16. How To Repurpose Old Clothes

    17. Budget Blog Post Ideas For Fashion Bloggers 

    18. How To Get The Look For Less Than $50

    19. How Much To Budget For Clothes

    20. How To Fix Torn Clothes

    21. How To Wear The Same Outfit For 30 Days

    22. Spend Or Splurge Review On Outfits

    23. When To Buy Cheap Clothes

    24. How To Clothes Swap

    25. Promo Codes For Top Fashion Brands

    26. Sales Seasons For Top Fashion Brands

    27. Sample Sales In Your City 

    28. How To Get Clothes For Free

    29. Ways To Wear Your Outfit For Work And A Date

    30. Must-Have Pieces For A Capsule Wardrobe 

    Blog post ideas fashion

    25 Blog Post Ideas For Seasonal Fashion

    In the world of fashion, collections are split into a few main seasons – these are usually Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, Cruise (Resort), Pre-Fall, so there is plenty of content to be written and blog ideas when a new season rolls around.

    But if anything, do take note that despite the names, collections typically launch a lot earlier, for example Spring/Summer collections launch as early as January and run till June. 

    1. Spring Fashion Trends

    2. Summer Fashion Trends

    2. Fall Fashion Trends

    4. Winter Fashion Trends

    5. Top Season Trends

    6. How To Repurpose Out Of Season Outfits

    7. Season Trends To Know 

    8. Season Trends To Keep An Eye Out For

    9. Anticipated Season Trends 

    10. Fashion Blogging Ideas For Every Season

    11. Summer Festival Outfit Ideas

    12. Spring Outfit Ideas

    13. Fall Outfit Ideas

    14. Winter Outfit Ideas

    15. Best Summer Colours To Wear

    16. Swimsuit Ideas For Summer

    17. Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

    18. Stylish Winter Jackets 

    19. How To Layer For Winter

    20. How To Look Stylish For Halloween 

    21. Summer Hairstyles To Match Your Summer Style 

    22. Beauty Looks To Complement Your Outfit

    23. Favourite Looks Of The Season

    24. Best Summer Sandals

    25. Stylish Winter Boots 

    80+ More Fashion Blog Post Ideas And Topics

    If you need more blogging ideas, you can always get inspiration from the top fashion blogs, even the best fashion blog out there started somewhere.

    But fret not! Here are 80+ more topics and ideas that you can write about.

    1. The Ultimate Guide to Instagram For Fashion

    2. The Best TikTok Fashion Posts Trends

    3. How Social Media Impact The Fashion World

    4. Fast Fashion Vs. Sustainable Fashion

    5. How To Get Creative With Your Wardrobe

    6. 13 Fashion Trends For Instagram Fashion Post Ideas

    7. Must Have Staples For A Girl Boss

    8. 7 Trends That Are Making A Fashion Comeback

    9. Trends That Should Not Make A Comeback in (Insert Year)

    10. Trends That Should Be Left In The 90s

    11. Classic Style From Celebrities Seen On The Red Carpet

    12. Top Accessories Seen On The Red Carpet

    13. The Five Color Theory From Korea

    14. The Ultimate Guide to Personal Color By Korean Beauty

    15. Test Your Personal Color Using These Steps!

    16. Fashion Details That You Missed From The Met (Insert Year) Red Carpet

    17. Favorite Met Gala Looks (Insert Year)

    18. Best Met Gala Themes Throughout The Years

    19. Who Wore The Best Outfits To The Met Gala

    20. Most Underrated Met Gala Outfits

    21. Men’s Fashion Choices From The Met Gala

    22. Stunning Jewelry Worn By Celebrities From The Met Gala

    23. Stunning Jewelry Worn By Celebrities During Their Wedding

    24. Which Celebrity Has The Best Engagement Ring

    25. Most Expensive Outfits From The Met Gala

    27. The History Of the Met Gala

    28. Streat Style From Paris Fashion Week

    29. 10 Trends From The Spring (Insert Year) Paris Fashion Week

    30. French Girls Fashion Trends To Follow (Insert Year)

    31. Best Fall (Insert Year) Runway Trends From Paris

    32. Best Bags Seen In Spring/ Fall Paris Fashion Week

    33. Trying To Get A Burkin? Here Are Ways On How To Score One

    34. Best Designer Bags To Own In (Insert Year)

    35. Alternative Luxury Brand You Need To Follow

    36. Are Berkins And Kellys The Only Good Handbag Investments?

    37. Luxury Brands And Their Celebrity Ambassadors 

    38. Street Style From New York For High Street Fashion Blogs

    39. Designer Handbags As Seen On The Streets Of New York

    40. Best Designer Brands For Your First Luxury Purchase

    41. Which Luxury Brand Has the Best Quality Bags

    42. Which Luxury Brands Are Vegan Friendly 

    43. Vegan Fashion On The Rise

    44. Is Vegan Leather As Good As Real Leather?

    45. Great Brands That Promote Sustainable Fashion

    46. What Fashion Changes You Can Do To Be More Eco Friendly 

    47. Cool DIY Fashion Blogs On Pinterest To Follow

    48. Is Thrifting Clothes The Best Way To Be Sustainable?

    49. What To Look For When Thrifting For Clothes

    50. Care Tips For Your Linen Clothes

    51. Care Tips For Your Silk Clothes 

    52. How To Style Your Linen Shirt 

    53.5 Different Ways To Wear Your Silk Shirt

    54. Must Have Staples To Create a Work Wardrobe Capsules 

    55. Five Type Of Shoes You Need In Your Closet

    56. Great Local Brands (Insert Location) To Follow

    57. Beautiful Traditional Wear From (Insert Location)

    58. What To Wear According To Your Body Shape

    59. Travel Wear That Does Not Scream Tourists 

    60. Must Have Fashion Staples For Traveling 

    61. Best Brands For Modest Wear

    62. What To Do With Your Old Clothes 

    63. Don’t Spend Money On These Fashion Items

    64. Best Thrift Market For Clothes In (Insert Location) 

    65. Best Fashion Brands For Expecting Mothers

    66. What You Should Know Before Buying A Preloved Designer Bag

    67. Buying Your First Luxury Designer Bag? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know

    68. Trending Transition Reels For Your Fashion Post Ideas On Instagram

    69. 5 Designer Bags That Won’t Break The Bank

    70. How To Sell Your Clothes On Etsy (Top Tips)

    71. Instagram Fashion Content Ideas On Quiet Luxury Style

    72. Good Names For Fashion Blogs On Instagram

    73. Paris Spring Fashion Week Coverage For Spring Blog Post Ideas

    74. Complete Guide On How To Start A Fashion Blog

    75. 10 Budget-Friendly Fashion Influencer Content Ideas For Instagram

    76. Catchy Names For Fashion Blogs (insert year)

    77. Trendy Fashion Blog Names For Instagram and Tick Tock

    78. Top Ten Fashion Blogs For Sustainable Fashion

    79. Top 10 Fashion Blogs On Tumblr 

    80. 10 Street Style Blogs That Feature Affordable and Effortless Fashion

    81. Trending Fashion Instagram Post Ideas To Boost Views

    82. A Minimalist Fashion Blog Outfit Ideas

    83. Best Fashion Blog Examples For Beginners

    Blog post ideas fashion
    Photo by Dushawn Jovic on Unsplash

    How Do I Start A Fashion Blog?

    fashion posts ideas

    If you’ve been mulling for the longest time on starting a fashion blog, you’ve just seen that you most definitely should because there are just so many blog post ideas for fashion bloggers! 

    1. Decide On The Niche Or Focus Of Your Fashion Blog 

    As you can see, there are many topics in fashion. Do you want to be known as a fashion influencer or blogger?

    Or are you content being behind the scenes, commenting and sharing your comments on the latest trends, and giving ideas to people on how to style their outfits?

    2. Think Of Some Name Ideas For A Fashion Blog 

    Blog name ideas for fashion blogs vary quite widely. You have people who choose to use their names, or you have those who choose to add terms like ‘fashion’ and ‘style’ into their blog names.

    Whatever blog names for your fashion blog you choose, the key is to choose something that isn’t too seasonal or subjective or may go out of style.

    You don’t want people to forget your blog name when that happens! 

    If you’re still stuck then maybe this blog name generator will help! 

    3. Look For A Host 

    In terms of logistics, you’ll need to look for a hosting provider like Bluehost. I use them too, and if you choose to use them, costs can start from as low as $3.95/month). 

    It should come with a website builder like WordPress. You definitely want to start with WordPress because it’s easy to use and monetize later on. 

    4. Building The Site – Logos, Design, Plugins 

    Once you have those parts in, you can then go onto logos, site design, and of course, installing plugins like Yoast SEO that would help your site rank well on Google. 

    To rank well means your blog appears on the first page of search results when someone searches for a keyword, for example, it appears on the first search engine result page when someone searches “fashion tips for work”. 

    If it seems like a lot and you want to review this another time, guess what, I have an entire guide on this that you can read here.

    I even provide you with some beginner blog post ideas if you want more, apart from fashion topics to blog about, so you don’t ever have to feel like you’re stuck!  

    What Should A Fashion Blog Include?

    ideas for fashion blog posts

    The blog ideas around fashion that I have shared should have given you an idea of what a fashion blog should typically include. 

    Wikipedia has several ideas about what a fashion blog should include, namely features on clothing, accessories, beauty tips, trends, celebrity style reports, street fashion, among others, for example:

    But really, it’s up to you as long as it’s relevant to fashion or the fashion industry.

    You can generate the content on your own, taking your own OOTDs (outfit of the day) or look at trends in the industry, the latest styles out on runways or in stores – anything goes! 

    Longtime fashion blogger Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast started her fashion blog way back in 2008, initially posting about her own outfits because followers kept asking what she was wearing.

    Rumi later garnered so many followers and interest that she launched a brand Are You Am I and even got invited to the front rows of numerous runway shows of top brands at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks.

    This is all because she posted what she wore at the very beginning.

    So really, your imagination’s the only limit here! 

    ideas for your fashion blog

    How To Come Up With More Blog Post Ideas for My Fashion Blog?

    There are many ways of coming up with blog post ideas, as you saw from the multiple fashion blogger content ideas I’ve shared.

    Because fashion is such a seasonal topic, it’s always good to be in the know of the latest fashion trends to have a consistent flow of fashion blogging ideas. 

    One way would be to maintain a list of fashion sites to frequently check into to stay abreast of the latest trends, looks, models, influencers, and celebrities in the scene. 

    Some fashion sites to keep on your bookmarks tab so you get inspiration for blog post ideas for fashion include:

    Fashion is also a very visual topic so you can always get inspiration from Pinterest – seeing what people are interested in, and then using these as fashion blogger post ideas if you start to notice a trend. 

    If you’re new to Pinterest, I share about how Pinterest works and how to use it to drive traffic to your blog here, and once you have that figured out, you can even earn money from Pinterest

    Blog post ideas fashion
    Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

    Do I Need To Take OOTDs To Be A Fashion Blogger?

    content ideas for fashion bloggers

    While it is preferable for you to do so for people to get a sense of your style and decide if you’re worth a follow, it is not necessary to do so.

    There are bloggers and blogs out there who do not post OOTDs, for example, popular fashion blogger The Sartorialist posts photos of street style instead of his own.

    Aside from street fashion, bloggers can also focus on trends and give styling suggestions, like the Faceless Fashion Blogger

    But for a topic like fashion which is immensely visual, you’ll do better to show your face and a glimpse of your style early on – though there isn’t a strong need for consistent OOTDs. 

    If you do choose to post OOTDs, do know that you don’t need amazing, magazine-quality photos. A lot of camera phones nowadays take high-quality images that are sufficient for online publishing.

    But if you decide to get a camera, I have some suggestions here

    If you’re looking for tips on how to take your own OOTDs as a beginner, Canon has a great guide here

    Blog post ideas fashion
    Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

    How Do Fashion Bloggers Get Paid?

    As with making money from all other blogs, fashion bloggers can get paid through a number of ways, such as:

    • Display advertising through advertisements on their blogs
    • Blog sponsorships by getting gifted clothes or getting paid to talk about a collection, brand, or item
    • Affiliate marketing by signing up as an affiliate partner for fashion sites with such programmes
    • Selling digital products such as style guides
    • Providing style consultation services. 

    Once you gain enough traction as a fashion blogger, you might even get brands that want to sponsor you with clothing or pay you to feature their clothing.

    I’m no fashion blogger myself, but I was approached by Petit moi to model a few pieces for them on Instagram because they liked my content and thought my followers would like their styles too. 

    FAQs For Blog Post Ideas Fashion

    How To Start A Fashion Blog On A Budget

    Learn how to start a fashion blog on a budget with these steps.

    Step 1: Pick a Fashion Blog name and decide on a niche.

    Step 2: Subscribe to a web hosting service provider.

    Step 3: Blog setup.

    Step 4: Have a road map for fashion article ideas.

    Step 5: Start writing!

    Step 6: Publicize your blog.

    How To Start A Fashion Blog On Instagram

    Are you thinking of Starting A Fashion Blog With Instagram? These steps will guide you on how to start a fashion blog on Instagram.

    1. Choose a username that connects to your brand.

    2. Get followers.

    3. Connect and interact with your followers.

    4. Have a separate business email.

    5. Stick to a theme when posting.

    6. Quality over quantity.

    7. Have a posting schedule.

    8. Use Hashtags.

    What Is The Content On A Fashion Blog?

    Need to know what is the content on a fashion blog? One great way to find fashion content writing ideas is to see what the top fashion blog is doing. 

    Articles usually revolve around fashion advice, clothing fit, the matching and complementing of colors, style tips, and other information on clothes wearing and care.

    How Do You Caption A Fashion Post?

    Need more ideas on how to caption a fashion post?

    Consider designer quotes for OOTD captions like “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” by Yves Saint Laurent or “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” by Karl Lagerfeld. 

    You can also use pop culture references like “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” from Mean Girls.

    How Do You Write Content For Fashion?

    Need tips on how do you write content for fashion? Here are tips for fashion content writing blogs

    1. Inject emotions into your content writing.

    2. Have the customer’s pain point in mind when writing. 

    3. Think of how this will benefit readers. 

    4. Avoid boasting. 

    5. Be up to date with the recent fashion trends. 

    6. Make it relatable and consistent.

    How Do You Write A Fashion Bio?

    How do you write a fashion bio for Instagram? Here are the top tips for getting your business noticed.

    1. Put an Instagram Name.
    2. Have a unique selling point.
    3. Put a link to your blog or website.
    4. Choose a profile picture that represents your brand.
    5. Have your email in your bio.
    6. Use a list format and emojis.

    What Should I Post On Fashion Instagram?

    Are you stump on what I should post on fashion Instagram? Why not draw inspiration from Instagram’s best fashion blogs?

    Here are some fashion content ideas for Instagram.

    • Fashion polls
    • Wardrobe tours
    • Fashion hauls
    • Fashion Q&A
    • Do a keep or return reel
    • Purchase tips on popular clothing stores
    • Do a how-to-wear video
    • OOTDs

    What Should I Write About A Fashion Brand?

    Looking for tips on what should I write about a fashion brand?

    Here are 7 tips for writing a winning fashion product description.

    • Write like you’re having a conversation.
    • Have a consistent brand personality.
    • Research the product.
    • Have an honest opinion on the product.
    • Talk about the benefits.
    • Have an accessible format.
    • Implement SEO.

    There are plenty fashion blog posts ideas!

    If you made it through the whole way, congratulations! You’re already taking your first steps toward being a fashion blogger. 

    As you can see, coming up with blog post ideas for fashion blogging isn’t as difficult as it seems. You will be up and running a blog on fashion in no time.

    There are plenty of resources on the Internet, whether it’s on Google or social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. So don’t stress too much about coming up with fashion blog content ideas.

    Or the inspiration could even be yourself!

    If you’re a stylish fashionista yourself and you’ve been getting questions on where you got your shoes, dress, bag, and everything, then you know you’ve already got an audience who’d be more than ready to hear some tips and advice from you!

    Start writing and you’ll see! You got this, fashionista! 

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