Best real estate keywords

83 Best Real Estate Keywords For Profitable Leads!

Have you been overwhelmed while looking for the best real estate keywords? 

Fret not! I will help you to find the right keywords to optimize your realtor website for search engines. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effectively for your website can help you get more views. This will lead you to more potential customers. 

With more home buyers and sellers going on search engines, an SEO-optimized  website will give you an advantage when the search results are shown. In this article, you can find the breakdown of how to get the best real estate word search.

83 Best Real Estate Keywords

Here are some 83 best SEO keywords for real estate you can start with. Replace (location) with your city or town.

1. (location) houses for sale

2. (location) real estate

3. apartments in (location)

4. beachfront property for sale

5. best (location) neighborhoods

6. best homes for (big business) employees

7. best homes for first time home buyer

8. best improvements for home valuation

9. best Neighborhoods in (location)

10. best places to buy in (location)

11. best real estate agent

12. best real estate listings

13. best Realtor in (location)

14. best Realtor near (location)

15. best Restaurants in (location)

16. best schools in (location)

17. best schools near (location)

18. best time to buy a home

19. best time to sell your home

20. big homes for sale

21. big houses for sale

22. buy a home

23. buy real estate

24. buying a house checklist

25. buying a house to rent out

26. buying a house with cash

27. buying a repossessed house

28. cheap houses for sale

29. condos for sale

30. cost of selling your home

31. credit score needed to buy a house

32. crime rates in (location)

33. Do I need a Realtor?

34. do open houses sell houses

35. fastest way to sell a home in (location)

36. find real estate

37. find real estate agents

38. finding a Realtor

39. first time home buyer guide

40. first time home buyer programs

41. for sale by owner

42. for sale by owner listings

43. foreclosed homes

44. foreclosure listings

45. foreclosures for sale

46. high rise apartments

47. historic homes for sale

48. home buyer help

49. home selling tips

50. home staging tips

51. homes under $_____

52. horse farms outside of (location)

53. house and land packages

54. house buying costs

55. house for sale in (location)

56. house for sale on (location)

57. house prices in my area

58. house staging tips

59. houses for sale

60. houses for sale near me

61. houses with pools

62. How long do homes stay on the market in (location)

63. how long does it take to close on a house

64. how much do you need for a house deposit

65. how much house can you afford

66. How much is my home worth?

67. how to buy a home

68. how to find a real estate agent

69. how to find a Realtor

70. how to sell your home

71. how to stage your home

72. Improvements that increase home value

73. list my home

74. list of real estate agents

75. List of Real Estate agents in (location)

76. listing property for sale by owner

77. local realtor

78. luxury real estate

79. marketing your home

80. mortgage payment calculator

81. my house price

82. new construction homes for sale

83. new homes for sales in (location)

Best real estate keywords

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Best real estate keywords

What Are Real Estate Keywords

When either sellers or buyers of homes enter their queries through search engines, real estate keywords will help your website to rank in search results. These 2 major groups of buyers and sellers of homes can be targeted for real estate. 

Not forgetting another group of readers who may be interested in rentals. Thus, you need to have the best keywords for real estate agents used on your website. Would you rather answer the queries of buyers and sellers of homes, or those looking for rentals?

Using keywords that are optimized for search engines, along with the correct strategy can help you with marketing your real estate business without spending exorbitant fees. You may just find your website listed at the top of the search engine result in due time. 

How To Use Real Estate Keywords

1. Using Keywords Strategically

Use any of the 83 top real estate keywords strategically by focusing on people’s intent. Once you determine to target either the buyers or the sellers of homes, make sure you answer the question the people are asking. Use the keywords to help people clarify their doubts. 

Research on search engine results page and look for “People also ask” to learn more on people’s intent. 

If you are focusing on home buyers, real estate listing keywords such as “best homes for first time home buyer”, “homes under $500000” or “buying a house with cash” can be used along with a location. 

You may also want to focus on luxury real estate keywords such as “luxury real estate”, “big homes for sale”, or “big houses for sale”

With the focus on people-first content, Google is smart to know where people are located. Thus, having the best SEO keywords for real estate agents and being specific to your local area is very important. So when people from your locality are asking questions, your content will be shown in the search result page.

2. Optimizing For Mobile Devices

The ranking of your website in the search result page depends heavily whether your website is optimized for mobile devices. Google’s Mobile First Indexing will affect your website’s performance in the search result page. Also, with most people using mobile devices now, it is only vital for websites to be fitted for viewing on them.

Mobile-friendly websites should be showing content easily readable on mobile devices. Visitors of mobile-friendly websites should not have the need to zoom into information or text that is either too small to be read or images that are not responsive to a mobile screen. 

Best real estate keywords

3. Optimizing The Meta Description 

The above image is a screenshot taken from a WordPress backend using the Yoast SEO plugin.

The summary in very few words that appear below your page URL on the search engine result page is your website meta description (or Google Snippet). Think of it as an elevator pitch where you have only a few seconds to capture your reader’s attention. 

Some best practices to remember when the meta description for your website: 

  • Google allows up to 320 characters but only the first 140 to 160 characters will be visible on the search results page
  • Answer the user-intent question using relevant information to capture your reader’s attention
  • Be specific and use quality descriptions such as, “Find out exactly what your house is worth with a free home evaluation”. 
Best real estate keywords

4. Optimizing Your Images

Do you know that you can optimize your images with the “Alt Text” tags? You can input keywords with your images or photos within your website but be careful as not to be flagged with “keyword stuffing”. 

Describe the photo with a reader’s search intent in mind using some of the best keywords for real estate. You may want to describe a photo of a two-bedroom home as “move-in ready two-bedroom apartment away from city center”. 

Best real estate keywords

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5. Limiting Topic Tags 

You need to limit your content’s topic tags within your website. Avoid using single words as tags as they may be common and can affect your website’s performance. Search engines may also flag your website with duplicated content. 

You may want to use your keywords as part of your topic tag. This can optimize your tags as well. 

Best real estate keywords

6. Using User-Friendly URLs 

While URLs or the address of your website can be long, you should make it easy to read and user-friendly. This affects how you name your content and subpages within your website.

Should your website be, it is helpful to have hyphens in your subpages. For example, is much easier to read than

This will be extremely helpful for your long URLs to be user-friendly and easy to read using the best keywords for real estate website. 

Best real estate keywords

7. Listing of Related Posts 

Listing out related posts which are from your existing content will help search engines to identify that you have valid and linkable content. This will increase both your website traffic and your content validity. 

Link articles that are related to those you have already written. It will not be helpful if you list out links to articles that have no relation at all. 

If you have yet to populate much content, it is okay to not have a list of related posts at this time. You can always add the list at a later time. 

8. Reviewing Metrics 

To improve on your website ranking, you will need to review your website metrics.  You can achieve this using the free Google’s Search Console

It will help you see where your content ranks in the search results. You can also see the keywords that work better; the keywords that get more people reading your content. 

You then can compare the ones that work better against the ones that don’t. Review the keywords which work well and get people’s attention and improve on the keywords that do not have as good a performance. 

Best real estate keywords

9. Aiming For Featured Snippet 

Have you noticed the top spot of the search result page having a blurb which answers your query? 

This is the Google Featured Snippet. Featured snippets answer the reader’s question without having to click into the linked website. It is the best organic way to get clicks without ranking number one. 

You may aim to have your answer be a featured snippet by doing either of these four ways:

1. Paragraph
The answer to a question is described through a couple of sentences.

2. Table
The answer is in a table format, usually as a visual comparison of data.

3. Lists

The answer may be in ordered (numbered) or unordered (bulleted) lists. 

4. Video
The answer is in a form of YouTube video, and usually answering “how-to” questions.

Tools To Help You Find Keywords

  • Answer The Public
    This is a free tool where you can find keywords based on questions asked by the public. It shows data based on visualization, so you can see which questions are frequently asked compared to others.
  • Uber Suggest
    Having both free and paid versions, Uber Suggest has a clean interface which makes navigating through it easy. You can easily see the suggested keywords and their respective difficulty score. 
  • KeySearch
    I have been using KeySearch for my keyword research. It has been very helpful and I find it to be the best tool among the others I have tried. Use my link here and code OUTANDBEYOND, for 30% off, also a free one-month trial.

Tips On Using Keywords Effectively

Here are some key tips on how the best SEO for real estate can be used effectively through your content:

  • Research on the primary keyword using an SEO tool
  • Put in your primary keyword in all the right places 
  • Add secondary keywords 
  • Add FAQ section in each content

If you are feeling overwhelmed and thinking of hiring the best real estate SEO company to help you, you may want to consider getting my 11-Step Essential SEO Checklist you can get for free. Or get my SEO training course where I will teach you how to use those tools and drive customers to your website. 

Real Estate SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Here are the biggest real estate SEO mistakes you should avoid: 

  • Not effectively change the title and meta description of your website
  • Not changing the description of your listings
  • No content that answers a user’s question
  • Not using local keywords
  • No strategic placement of keywords
Best real estate keywords

FAQs On Best Real Estate Keywords

What are the best property words? 

  • Alluring
  • Beautiful
  • Breathtaking
  • Bright
  • Captivating
  • Desirable
  • Detailed
  • Move-in-ready
  • Must-see
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Prime
  • Pristine
  • Refreshing
  • Spacious
  • Storybook
  • Striking

What are people searching for in real estate? 

KeywordsSearch Volume
real estate5000000
homes for sale near me823000
homes for sale550000
property for sale in246000
land for sale165000
commercial real estate165000
realtors near me165000
estate agent165000

What is A Property keyword? 

A property keyword refers to the word that describes the property in a positive way, where you are almost able to visualize how lushious the surroundings of the property are or how spacious the living area of the property is. 

It can also create a sense of urgency for a buyer with descriptions such as, move-in ready two-bedroom home. 

What are the words related to real estate?

Here are some related real estate keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

  • land
  • property 
  • realty
  • real property
  • estate
  • realtor
  • housing
  • houses
  • homes


There you go! I hope you are no longer overwhelmed looking for the best real estate keywords. You now have the tools and resources to optimize your realtor website to attract more home buyers and sellers. 

With all of the above, it is time for you to take action. Make changes to your website now so that you can reap the benefits much sooner than later. Then you can have a real estate SEO case study ready to show!

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