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71 Blogger Groups That Will BOOST Your Traffic in 2023!

Blogger groups have been a savior for me in my blogging journey.

 One of the cons of blogging is that it can get pretty lonely, and that’s where blogger groups come in.

Blogger groups give bloggers a sense of belonging and community in an otherwise solo journey. 

They’re also a great resource when you have questions or need help. You also have fun sharing, learning, and promoting each other’s blogs.

Joining blogger groups really helped me in finding resources to boost my traffic. I only wished I knew what I was meant to look for when searching for blogger groups.

blogger groups

So, per usual, I will share the resources I wish I had 🙂 Read on for a list of the best blogger groups to join, and more tips about joining them! 

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. 

blogger groups

71 Best Blogging Groups

1. Adventures in Blogging 

Described on their about page as a group for every blogger who wants to rock their business, build their brand, and learn with one another along the way – this group is a great one for beginners to learn and experts to share.

  • 4.8K members
  • Group created on 10 March 2016

2. ASelfGuru – Biz Blog Community 

This is a group for all bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to make money online. Members engage in weekly share threads to help grow your business and increase your social media following! This blogging group is for business minded bloggers.

  • 7.5K members 
  • Group created on 15 August 2018

3. Awesome Bloggers

A group designed to boost your blog & social media visibility, members can share in new engagement threads daily.

  • 6.7K members 
  • Group created on 12 March 2014

4. Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers Group

This is a group for people in the beauty, fashion & lifestyle bloggers community to connect, make friends and promote your blogs. This type of bloggers group is popular with people in the fashion industry.

  • 9.4K members
  • Group created on 10 March 2016

5. Becoming a Blogger

This group is designed to help bloggers start and grow their blogging business and make money working from home. The best part for bloggers-to-be, you will be welcomed in this group even if you haven’t started your blog yet!

  • 34.4K members 
  • Group created on 24 October 2017

6. Blog Beautiful 

A great resource to help you with your blog design and tech questions. You can get feedback on your design progress, ask questions related to blog design, blog business, blog tech, or blogging, and share your own knowledge and expertise about blogging and design.

  • 8.5K members 
  • Group created on 24 August 2012

7. Blog Boss Tribe 

You’ll love this group if you like building relationships and supporting fellow bloggers! This group was made for bloggers to connect, share and grow. 

  • 3.9K members 
  • Group created on 26 January 2016

8. Blogger Education Network – Learn How to Blog

Here’s a network for new and experienced bloggers alike. You will be able to connect and learn more about how to turn your idea into a profitable blogging business.

  • 5.9K members
  • Group created on 23 August 2016

9. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Bloggers supporting bloggers is literally that! Members ask questions, share knowledge, and what’s really cool – they pass along opportunities to other members. 

  • 40.3K members 
  • Group created on 8 December 2015

10. Bloggers Supporting Each Other

This group is made for bloggers to help and support each other and grow together. It’s an extension of a Pinterest group board – Bloggers Supporting Each Other.

28.4K members 

Group created on 26 February 2017

blogger groups

11. Bloggers That Profit 

Here’s a space for bloggers who want to learn how to create a profitable online business, make blogger friends, and share with each other. 

  • 5.2K members
  • Group created on 4 December 2015

12.  Bloggers United

A great place where you can connect with other bloggers, advertise your blog, cross-promote, and more! There are daily themes where you can participate in threads such as follow-for-follow and tips and knowledge.

  • 18.9K members
  • Group created on 8 July 2015

13. Let’s Pursue It: Bloggers & Wannabe Bloggers. 

Here’s one for those of you who are just starting out or want to grow your blog. There are weekly new lessons, Q&As, and informational content to help you become a better blogger.

  • 1.3K members
  • Group created on 20 November 2020

14. Blogging 101

‘Blogging 101’ was created as a hang-out place for bloggers of all abilities. You can share and learn traffic-building methods, income streams, and blogging resources, ask questions, and have fun!

  • 18.0K members 
  • Group created on 20 July 2016

15. Blogging Tips & Blog Promotion

This group is meant for the people who are already blogging and making money through their blogs, as well as people who are just starting out to do the same. 

  • 76.8K members
  • Group created on 8 July 2013

16. Blogging Babes Collective 

For new, beginner bloggers who want to work together collaboratively to build their blogs and support their fellow blogging babes, this will be the perfect group! Members work together on things each day, including how to set up your blog, SEO, making money with your blog, making your blog pretty, and everything in between! 

  • 6.5K members
  • Group created on 18 July 2018

17. Blogging Boost 

This group gives you the opportunity to connect with other bloggers, share your posts, and learn the ins and outs of blogging online.

  • 33.0K members
  • Group created on 8 February 2015

18. Blogging Boss Chicks 

Here’s a group for all bloggers to help each other and promote your own blogs. The group wall is available for you to use to ask any questions you like about blogging. 

  • 5.7K members
  • Group created on 12 April 2019

19. Blogging for New Bloggers with Lucrezia and Marina 

Lucrezia and Marina help new bloggers start and run successful blogs and make money blogging through this group.  The main purpose of this group is to share tips, offer feedback, have discussions, and foster collaboration. They have daily promo threads, live expert interviews, and masterclasses within this group.

  • 36.5K members
  • Group created on 4 September 2017

20. Blogging Like We Mean It

In this blogging group community, the admins share with you how you can grow your blog to replace your full-time job.

16.0K members 

Group created on 28 December 2017

Blogger Groups

21. Blogging Newbs

Here’s a space for support for bloggers at all different stages. In this group, the main aim is to help each other out and for members to feel a sense of community, friendship, and learning. 

  • 27.4K members
  • Group created on 29 October 2015

22. Blogging With Purpose 

Blogging With Purpose is run by Kelan & Brittany, a married blogging & digital marketing team that works with other bloggers and business owners. Their aim is to help you turn your blog and business into a full-time income.

  • 3.4K members 
  • Group created on 24 June 2017

23. Boost your Blog 101 

Boost your Blog is a group for all bloggers to grow their blogs and to support other bloggers as well by joining in the threads. 

  • 10.7K members
  • Group created on 16 April 2017

24. Boss Girl Bloggers ✨

This is a space for Lifestyle, Beauty, and Fashion bloggers to interact, collaborate, and help each other with growing your blog success!

  • 45.2K members 
  • Group created on 30 May 2017

25. Boss Project 

This group is aimed to help you scale your business. They provide you with valuable resources and even referrals!

  • 30.7K members
  • Group created on 23 July 2015

26. Bright Bloggers + Business 

Here’s a group to keep you positive and motivated. It was created to provide a safe, encouraging environment for bloggers and online business owners. You can always shout out any exciting success news about your blog here!

  • 2.1K members 
  • Group created on 9 October 2016

27. Create and Go Blogging Community

This community helps bloggers create, grow, and monetize their blogs. Admins share strategies for all niches and provide real help and guidance. 

  • 15.1K members 
  • Group created on 12 July 2016

28. Catch Me Collaborating for Bloggers + Brands + Photographers

Made especially for bloggers, brands, and photographers, this space is for you to mingle with like-minded creatives! You have opportunities for collaborations, social media help, and promotions here.

  • 3.1K members
  • Group created on 11 January 2016

29. Blogging and Promotion

This group is for bloggers who want to get more visibility and engagement on your blogs. You can submit your blog links, tips and tricks, and social media links.

  • 42.8K members
  • Group created on 28 October 2017

30. Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix 

Here’s a space that helps you boost your organic content and marketing goals by sharing them with other content creators. You can find support, guidance, and care for growing your business with organic marketing strategies.

  • 12.3K members 
  • Group created on 15 January 2016
Blogger Groups

31. Creative Superheroes

This group is for your creative entrepreneurs with an online business who wants to join forces with other creatives for support, feedback, brainstorming, growth, and tips.

  • 11.2K members
  • Group created on 2 December 2015

32. DNW – Making Money From Blogging 

If you’re an intermediate to advanced blogger who wants to make more money from blogging then this group is for you! Members use this space to ask questions, share wins, get advice, give advice, and help support each other to ensure their blog can live up to its earning potential. 

  • 10.6K members
  • Group created on 23 March 2017

33. DollarSprout Ultimate Blogging Group 

This group is created for bloggers to ask questions about their blogs, network with other bloggers, and get advice and blogging tips from people who have successfully built an income-generating blog.

  • 4.4K members
  • Group created on 13 September 2017

34. Fashion + Beauty bloggers

The fashion + Beauty bloggers group is a space for fashion bloggers, designers, brands, and fashion industry professionals looking to help each other grow their businesses and social media accounts.

  • 25.8K members
  • Group created on 22 December 2012
blogger groups
Photo by kalhh

35. Grow your blog

Here’s a group for bloggers looking for more opportunities to gain traction in the blogging world. There are weekly follow-for-follow threads, daily comments, social media threads, and lots of great content to help fill your posting schedule.

  • 14.4K members 
  • Group created on 7 January 2014


If you’re a woman blogger looking for an opportunity to grow their social media reach and drive traffic to their blog, this group  We are always looking for members who are friendly, lift each other up, and can actively participate! Only wholesome content may be added.

  • 3.7K members
  • Group created on 15 February 2016


This community helps you negate the negative side of blogging through wellness, mindset, self-care, and mental health support. Along with that, members gain entrepreneur support, influencer partnerships, and small business marketing support.

  • 3.8K members
  • Group created on 9 January 2018

38. Help a Blogger Out 

Help a Blogger Out is a space for new and intermediate bloggers wanting to optimize your blog for better traffic and a more engaged audience.

The community helps each other to grow our blog traffic, social media channels, and blogging income! You can look for blogging help in this group.

  • 4.6K members 
  • Group created on 14 October 2017

39. HellBound Bloggers (HBB)

This group is for all bloggers to discuss blogging, WordPress, SEO, the Internet, and all things related.

  • 22.3K members
  • Group created on 1 March 2013

40. I’m So Blogging This! 

Another great space made for bloggers, by bloggers. You can use the feed for discussion and ask questions, grow, learn and share knowledge!

  • 2.8K members 
  • Group created on 18 November 2015

41. Influencers Get Paid 

Influencers Get Paid is a community designed to share influencer opportunities and best practices.

  • 3.6K members
  • Group created on 2 April 2014


Influential mamas is a group for influencers and bloggers whose target audience is moms. Here you can connect with each other, show support by helping one another expand audiences, and grow by sharing information. 

  • 9.6K members
  • Group created on 8 March 2016

43. Inspired Bloggers Network

Here’s a community of bloggers and social media entrepreneurs working together to encourage and educate one another. This group is “read-only,” but you can use the search function to find the answer to your question as this group has a library of useful information! 

  • 10.0K members 
  • Group created on 18 February 2012

44. Lifestyle bloggers

Here is a space especially for bloggers who write about lifestyle, fashion, food, traveling, health, motivation, and blogging. There are daily comment exchange threads plus social media threads.

  • 3.0K members
  • Group created on 18 June 2015

45. MailerLite Community 

This group is a place for MailerLite users to share their MailerLite best practices, new ideas, and results, seek advice and get to know other users.

  • 14.2K members
  • Group created on 4 July 2017

46. Make Traffic Happen – SEO + Social Media Support 

This is a group of friendly content creators who want to drive traffic to their websites, no matter the niche. 

  • 8.5K members 
  • Group created on 6 October 2017

47. Marketing Solved

Being a member of this group gives you access to marketing training, tips and tutorials, business and marketing strategies, and more! You can also promote your social networks on the appropriate promotional threads.

  • 25.9K members 
  • Group created on 20 March 2015

48. Oh, She Blogs! 

This is a group for bloggers to share writing, social media, and blog monetization tips. Join in discussions on ideas and techniques for making money from your blogs.

  • 1.8K members 
  • Group created on 19 February 2016

49. Online Course Empires with Mariah Coz 

Here’s a group to help you create your own digital products! Open for people at all levels, you can ask questions, share knowledge, and give opinions and insights! 

  • 9.0K members
  • Group created on 29 August 2016

50. Pinning Ain’t Easy

This is a space for bloggers to share on Pinterest engagement. There are daily engagement posts, and you can even create a forum for free support and advice.

  • 5.2K members
  • Group created on 7 June 2016
Blogger Groups in Facebook

51. Pinterest Pals 

Pinterest Pals is a community for bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to learn more about how to use Pinterest to market your blogs, grow email lists, and monetize your online ventures!

  • 8.6K members
  • Group created on 10 February 2016

52. Power Bloggers Mastermind with Marina De Giovanni

This is a community for bloggers and online businesses to network and support each other on your journey. Each day of the week, there is a themed post for you to participate in. 

  • 32.9K members
  • Group created on 11 February 2017

53. Ready Set Blog for Traffic (From Mom to Mompreneur)

This is an educational and learning group to help moms with a blog grow and be successful. Ask blogging questions, WordPress questions, marketing questions, or social media questions to engage with the community. 

  • 14.6K members 
  • Group created on 14 June 2016

54. Share Your Blog Post

If you’d like to reach over 5,000+ people at once while promoting your blog, this is the space for you! This is a group for sharing blog posts and interacting with other bloggers. This is one of the best blogger groups for marketing your blogs.

  • 5.2K members
  • Group created on 12 September 2015

55. Social Media Influencers 

One specifically for you boss women out there! This group is for women looking to build and grow their businesses through social media. You will find a ton of resources to make your journey to the #girlboss life a little quicker by learning and growing from the experience of your peers.

  • 55.2K members
  • Group created on 14 April 2018

56. Sway Community Facebook Group 

With a firm belief that the secret to success is support, the Sway Facebook group creates a positive space for new and established influencers, as well as business owners, to share goals, learn from one another, create community, and foster growth. We are also your go-to resource for sponsored opportunities via The Sway Dashboard.

  • 17.8K members
  • Group created on 3 January 2014

57. That Pitch Life 

That Pitch Life is a group for influencers to learn tips on pitching brands, pitch letter ideas, and ways to essentially earn more. You can feel free to privately ask questions specifically to pitching brands as well as share pitch letters.

  • 6.7K members
  • Group created on 9 January 2016

58. The Blog Boss Tribe

The Blog Boss Tribe is a group for bloggers to connect, share, and grow. If you enjoy building relationships and supporting fellow bloggers, this is the perfect group for you! 

  • 3.9K members
  • Group created on 26 January 2016

59. The Blogging Society

This is a place for all bloggers and online business owners to connect, help each other, learn valuable info, and grow your blogs and businesses!

  • 1.5K members
  • Group created on 17 February 2020

60. The Blogging Crew  

No matter your niche, this community is for all bloggers to communicate, share, collaborate, and learn from other bloggers like you. You can request collaboration with other bloggers and also request feedback on your blog.

  • 10.6K members
  • Group created on 27 January 2015

61. The Blogging Squad

The Blogging Squad is an online community for established bloggers. You can share your latest blog and social media posts in the daily threads. You can also post threads if you need any help or are looking for collaborations. 

  • 12.2K members 
  • Group created on 16 October 2016

62. The Blogging Expert

The Blogging Expert is a group targeted to help all bloggers help each other and increase their skills and knowledge about blogging. 

  • 5.8K members 
  • Group created on 17 August 2020

63. The Smart Blogging Approach 

Here’s a group to help bloggers connect with each other, learn, and grow their blogs strategically. Bloggers get to share tips, offer feedback, have discussions, and foster collaboration.

  • 2.4k members 
  • Group created on 08 May 2020

64. Videography And Vlogging For Beginners

Here’s a group for all of you out there that vlog too! This group is for the study and application of the various skills used to make moving pictures.

This is one of the best blogger groups for photographers. No matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or professional, all are welcome here!

  • 5.1K members
  • Group created on 21 September 2016

65. Bloggers & Micro-influencers’ Growth Hub 

Best Blogger Groups

This group is a growth and engagement hub for anyone who focuses their sights on online presence growth. Most members are travel and lifestyle bloggers, but micro-influencers are also welcomed. 

  • 6.1K members 
  • Group created on 27 October 2016

66. Turn your Followers into Clients 

This group is specifically created for coaches, consultants, and strategists who want to get visible on social media so you can book clients and build massive influence for your business.⁣

  • 18.0K members 
  • Group created on 17 October 2018

67. Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs 

Here’s another group especially for women who want to help each other prosper and share your successes. The goal is to provide women with the resources, tools, and skills you need to prosper and succeed.

  • 581.4K members
  • Group created on 26 October 2016


Women Winning Online is a place for women to share your wins and your struggles. Women in this space get encouragement, education, inspiration, and connection on your blogging and online business journey.

  • 6.6K members 
  • Group created on 22 January 2016

69. Work with Class 

Work with Class if for online entrepreneurs + small business owners.  You are encouraged to use this group to get input, opinions, and ideas about online business and blogging, share resources that will help people, and even share your honest struggles. 

  • 3.4K members 
  • Group created on 29 February 2016

70. Write Better, Blog Better: Writing Support for Bloggers 

A great group for writing support, resources, and inspiration for bloggers! You get threads and tips on grammar, writer’s block, writing for SEO, post titles, writing for social media, monetizing a blog, and more!

  • 20.5K members
  • Group created on 10 April 2018

71. Yes Supply Society | Coaches, Entrepreneurs + Influencers with Purpose  

This group is for coaches, entrepreneurs, and influencers who are making major moves and taking action to create their dream lives. It’s a space to form a community, look for advice, and gain meaningful connections. 

  • 13.3K members 
  • Group created on 28 December 2015

Bonus: Telegram Group For Bloggers

If you are active on Telegram and are looking for blogger telegram groups, you can consider these:

Why You Should Look at Blogger Groups To Join

  • Collaborations – You get to collaborate with other bloggers in similar niches and possibly get opportunities for guest posts
  • Connect with experienced bloggers – You get an opportunity to ask them burning questions. There are plenty of blogging masterminds there!
  • Free to join – Free resources? Why not!
  • Grow your blog – One, you grow from learning. Two, you get to gain new followers organically through the group. If you’d like more ways to grow your blog, check this out!
blogger groups working together
  • New friends! – Make friends who are like-minded 
  • Promote your blog – A lot of times blogging groups will have promo threads where you can promote your blog. Only do this when asked!
  • Research Facebook groups for bloggers are a place you can test out your ideas here and ask what other bloggers think would work
  • Blogger support group – You get a support system from people who understand and go through the same journey as you do
  • Source of inspiration – Look at what others are doing and improvise

Criteria Of Good Blogger Groups

  • Active – If you see a group that was last active 2 months ago – run!
  • Run by an established blogger – You know they mean business 
  • Good engagement – Members regularly post and interact with the posts in the group
  • Minimum 1k members – If fewer than that, make sure you know the creator so that you can stay engaged 
  • Private – To ensure it’s only bloggers in the group and that they verify the people
  • Promo threads – Most groups won’t allow you to do self-promotions on their page but they should have certain threads they open sometimes that allow you to do so

How To Join Blogger Groups

Let me state the obvious – first, have a Facebook account! Haha I mean, you probably do if you were looking this up but I do know of some Gen-Zs who don’t have a Facebook account, so…

Now next, select a group suitable for your niche. For example, if you are a food blogger, you’d want to look at Facebook groups for food bloggers. 

And then, request to join the group.

 When you decide to join a blogger group, usually, there will be some questions you have to answer to verify yourself and that you will follow the rules. Easy peasy! If you wanna go into someone’s “house”, you follow their rules.

After that, just wait to hear back. You should know within 24 hours. If you don’t, it’s probably a good sign that the group isn’t active and you shouldn’t be there anyway. 

If you don’t get accepted for whatever reason, don’t get disheartened! Light a scented candle, breathe in and repeat step 1…well, step 2 because you’d have a Facebook account by then 🙂

Good luck!

Best Practices After Being Accepted To Blogger Groups

Once you’ve got yourself in the best Facebook groups for bloggers, make sure you maximize being a part of the group by doing the following:

  • Be active!
  • Add value and help others with their questions where you can
  • Ask questions
  • Don’t break any rules (that’s a sure-fire way to get kicked out)
  • Interact with posts
  • Learn from other bloggers
  • Support other bloggers in the group
  • Share success stories

Frequently Asked Questions On Blogger Groups

How Do You Join A Community On Blogger?

There are three ways you can join a community on blogger:

1. Mark checked the “Join this site’s community” checkbox when you sign up

2. Adding a comment to a blog post

3. Opt-in through the “My Account” page

Is Blogger Still Active 2023?

Yes, loads of people still use Blogger. Although it is old, it is still one of the most popular blogging platforms. Blogger traffic is real and Google has blogger support guides as well.

There is more than one blogger community online and blogger help group too. Google has a comprehensive guide about how to join Blogger.

How Do I Group Blogs On Blogger?

Do you want to know how you group blogs on Blogger? To group blogs, go to Members, then put in each email address for the people you want to collaborate with. To become an official member, they must follow the invite link.

After that, they will be allowed to publish posts. You can also upgrade them to administrators if you need them.

Which Type Of Blogger Is Best?

The following types of blogs are best to create:

How To Join A Blog Group?

Given below are a few tips about how to join a blog group:

  • Do a blog groups research
  • Review the group rules.
  • Request membership
  • Introduce yourself
  • Take part in conversations: Engage with other bloggers and take part in discussions to get the most out of the group. Keep in mind to be considerate and helpful to your fellow members.

How Do Bloggers Get Paid?

There are five main ways bloggers get paid: ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, products, and services. Ads income is made through Google ads and other ad media. Many bloggers make a fortune through affiliate marketing too. Bloggers sell digital and physical products as well. Some offer consultation services.

How To Get Traffic From Facebook Groups?

Here is how to get traffic from Facebook groups:

Step 1: Locate the Group and Confirm It Is Active. Find the best Facebook groups for bloggers first.

Step 2: Publish and Interact.

Step 3: Locate the Admin and make friends with them.

Step 4: Provide an incentive to the administrators to share for you.

Where Can I Meet Bloggers?

You can find bloggers on the following websites. 13 free resources to find relevant bloggers. Most of these are websites and one is an event. You will find bloggers on forums like Reddit and Quora as well.

  • Google Search.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Feedly and other blog readers.
  • Buzzsumo.
  • Followerwonk.
  • Stumbleupon.
  • Wefollow
  • YouTube
  • Followerwonk
  • Buzzsumo
  • Blogging awards

What Are The Categories For Bloggers?

The four common categories for bloggers are Personal blogs, Business blogs, Niche blogs, and Affiliate blogs. Personal blogs deal with the blogger’s personal life. Business blogs relate to the business of the blogger. Niche blogs are specifically about an in-depth topic. Affiliate blogs have content about many different products – physical as well as digital.

How Do I Find Blog Categories?

Here is how you can find blog categories:

  • Look into popular categories: Examine other blogs in your specialized area to see how they organize their information.
  • Use keyword research to identify related terms and topics that your target audience may find interesting. You can use this to find appropriate categories for your blog.
  • Establish a category list. Refine your categories.

Which Blogs Make Most Money?

The following blog niches make the most money as of 2023

  • Digital marketing.
  • Blogging and making money online.
  • Health and fitness.
  • Personal finance and investing.
  • Recipes and food.
  • Personal development and self-care.

Can You Make 10k A Month Blogging?

YES, you can make 10K USD a month blogging. Do you need millions of visitors to your blog every month? No, you don’t need many visitors, just targeted visitors. You can make a great full-time income with just a few thousand blog visitors per month. Many bloggers are making much more than 10K a month.

Can You Get Rich Off A Blog?

YES, you can get rich off a blog. There are five main ways bloggers make money: ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, products, and services. Blogging may be started with little capital and can earn you millions of dollars. It will be a great way to earn a respectable income,  by launching a personal or company blog.

Do Bloggers Pay Taxes?

Yes, bloggers pay taxes if they are due. As a blogger, you’re likely to face approximated taxes, something most regular employees don’t have to worry about. The “pay-as-you-go” tax system in the United States is in existence. You have to pay estimated taxes to the IRS since no taxes are deducted from your blog income.

Have Fun Making Friends at these blogger groups!

There you have it, 71 verified, active blogger groups for you to explore.

Remember, when you’re accepted to a group the key is to remain open, polite, and participative.

Don’t worry if you request and don’t get accepted to join one of the blogger groups. They probably have certain selection criteria that you don’t meet. Just move on to the next one – there are so many blogger groups, and you will definitely find one that suits you and your blog. 

Have you spotted any groups that you’re excited to join? 

Are you a member of any of the groups, or perhaps some other group that you’d like to share? Tell me about it in the comments – I would love to hear from you!

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