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31 Podcasts For Bloggers (From A Current Blogger In 2023!)

My guess is that at this very moment, you’re cleaning your house or on public transport and want to start listening to the best podcasts for bloggers you can find, RIGHT NOW, so let me get straight to the point! 

My pick for the best podcasts for bloggers are:

Best Podcasts About Blogging

  1. The Blogging Millionaire 
  2. Niche Pursuits
  3. Doug Cunnington
  4. Niche Website Builders
  5. Launch Your Blog Biz 

Ok, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at a heap more of the best podcasts for bloggers around, which I also love listening to when I’m cleaning my house, while simultaneously singing to my cat Sandy or on a road trip.

podcasts for bloggers

Best Podcasts For Bloggers:

  1. The Blogging Millionaire 
  2. Niche Pursuits
  3. Doug Cunnington
  4. Niche Website Builders
  5. Launch Your Blog Biz 
  6. The Smart Passive Income Podcast
  7. Digital Nomad Wannabe 
  8. The Do You Even Blog 
  9. Just Keep Blogging – Now Known As Self-Made Writers Podcast
  10. Thrive Blogger
  11. Danielle Gervino: Blogging, Unscripted 
  12. Ask Pat
  13. Website Investing From Investing.Io
  14. Web Equity Show
  15. Empire Flippers
  16. Mediavine On Air
  17. I Teach Blogging
  18. The Blogger Genius
  19. Theory Of Content
  20. Search Off The Record
  21. Authority Hacker Podcast
  22. HerPaperRoute
  23. Fat Stacks
  24. Elise Gets Crafty Podcast 
  25. Food Blogger Pro
  26. The Blogging Breakthrough
  27. Buying Online Business Podcast By Jaryd Krause
  28. Goal Digger
  29. Simple Pin
  30. ProBlogger
  31. Stupid Simple SEO

Affiliate Link Disclosure: The links on this page may be affiliate links, from which I earn a small commission if you click on them, at no extra cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful. Thanks!

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31 Best Blogging Podcasts 

podcasts for bloggers

1.The Blogging Millionaire 

Brandon Gaille is someone I admire and look up to and I love listening to his nuggets of wisdom.  The latest nugget I applied to this very blog post…. 

Can you guess what it is? (lots of internal linking – as in; linking to other relevant posts on my blog)  

If you want to get a feel for who Brandon is and how he got where he is today, including growing from zero to 6 million monthly sessions on his blog, then start with this episode.  

It is heart-wrenching and inspiring all at the same time.

Brandon is giving away lots of information on his podcast that he used to charge for, so please, go and listen now and learn from one of the best.

 Here’s another episode for you to get into: Link building for higher rankings (part 1 of 6)

2.Niche Pursuits

One of my favorite podcast hosts, Spencer, started his first blog in 2006.  He is an excellent interviewer too.  Niche Pursuits is one of my favorite podcasts for bloggers.

I enjoy listening to his chats with leaders in the field. I also loved being interviewed by him – he asks some great questions.  

Here’s one of my favorite episodes with Mushfiq about website flipping….  Mushfiq is the person who helped me get started buying my first preloved aged domain! 

I write more about that journey here.

Here’s another great episode with Stephen Hockman, whose book about affiliate marketing I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from.

3.Doug Cunnington

Doug, like me, was not happy in his cubicle and broke out of the corporate world (prison?) by starting Amazon affiliate sites. 

Using his Project Management experience and PMP certification, he started applying those credentials and systems to helping people get their own sites off the ground.

I’ve also been lucky enough to be interviewed by Dougl, where we talk about my “bread and butter” blog and one of my baby blogs, including how much it’s worth after just turning a year old!

$32K Site Value in 12 Months | Aisha Preece | DS346 | Doug.Show

If I don’t have time to sit down to watch his episodes, I just stick in my AirPods and get on with folding the washing or cooking dinner and learning more about my peers’ successes and “failures”.

I recommend listening to this episode: niche affiliate Q&A session.

Niche Affiliate Marketing Q&A + Stories

4.Niche Website Builders

Mark and Adam interview titans of the blogosphere.  I have learned so many tips from them that I apply to my work on a daily basis.  

As you probably know, niche blogs are my jam, so I was fascinated by this episode about AJ’s journey to making over $6,000 per month writing about home automation.

I always recommend new bloggers apply to Ezoic once they get 20 blog posts up, so I was really happy to listen to this episode with Sarah Clow, head of Marketing at Ezoic. 

She filled us in on what Ezoic has planned for the future and also her ideas on generating ad revenue.

5.Launch Your Blog Biz 

Lauren and Alex created Create and Go after earning over $100,000 in their first year of blogging.  They have also managed to keep the business partnership going after their romantic relationship broke down. 

I love learning how others run their digital business and it was fascinating to hear how they worked together when they were a couple and also how they continued to run their business together once they broke up.


6.The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Podcast host, Pat, started his first podcast back in 2009, amazing! He really is a pioneer in the field.  This podcast is about more than just blogging.  Pat interviews entrepreneurs and other online business owners.  

If you’re thinking about exploring some new online phenomenon to find out if it’s worth it for your blog or online business, this is one of the highly regarded podcasts for bloggers and is the place to be! 

I was curious about TikTok recently and found a very useful episode with Rose Griffin about how she harnessed the platform to skyrocket her business.  

My main takeaway?  Tiktok isn’t just for tweens and teens.  It’s a powerful platform to get you and your business noticed.

7.Digital Nomad Wannabe 

Sharon, like me, was committed to becoming a digital nomad and on her podcast, she talks about what strategies she implements to help you increase your traffic and your income.

Techie stuff is not my forte, so I appreciated this episode on site speed, as Sharon really gets into what you can do to speed your site up.

podcasts for bloggers

8.Do You Even Blog 

Pete talks with some incredible people, including the creator of WordPress and Neil Patel!  

Of course, he talks about blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing. But he also delves into digital products and funnels – something that I have loved learning about and teaching recently. 

If you know me, you know I’m very clear on my direction and my “why”  but I know this is a challenge for many of my community and it was definitely a struggle for me when I was working in banking…  

So I found this episode as one of the useful podcasts for bloggers. If you’re also struggling with what you should be doing, LISTEN TO THIS NOW and hear Pete’s experience and struggles with decision making and the epiphany he had. 

9.Self-Made Writers Podcast (previously known as Just Keep Blogging)

I appreciate Kim’s focus on writing, as well as all my other favorite topics, like side hustles, and Instagram.

If you’ve heard me talk about how I started as a freelance writer and would like to hear more about what it’s like from someone else, listen to this episode, then read my freelance writing ebook on the subject if you’re really serious about getting started on your writing career.

10.Thrive Blogger

Brenna has been in the blogging community since 2011 and saw the need bloggers had for education to help them turn their part-time gigs into full-time careers, so she created one of the best podcasts for bloggers to help with this aim.  

If you’re wanting to get started on social media but are scared to, as you don’t look “perfect” or have the “right aesthetic”. 

Then check out this episode, and then go to my Instagram to see me be my authentic self :).  

11.Danielle Gervino: Blogging, Unscripted 

Danielle Gervino has been blogging for several years and has a background in marketing. So she’s the perfect person to give advice on growing your brand. 

You guys know I am usually pretty productive but I also like learning new tips and tricks and I particularly like her advice in this area. 

If you sometimes struggle with this, check out Danielle’s episode dedicated to increasing your productivity

She gets into what “type a and b” are.  It’s fascinating. I think I’m a confirmed type A. What about you?

12.Ask Pat

Pat has over 1000 episodes on his podcast now! What?!? 

This really inspires me – his consistency and output have made him someone I really look up to in the blogging space. 

This episode is with Matt, who’s been an online entrepreneur for over a decade and is in an extremely niche space (Skylanders). They talk about whether to stay niche or expand your online business. 

Food for thought for many of my audience, who get magpie syndrome as soon as they learn about niche sites!!

13.Website Investing From Investing.Io

If you are ready to go from blogger to website investor then this podcast is a must-listen.  The interviewees are so interesting and inspiring.  

I love learning how people do things differently from the norm, if you do too, then this episode with Stacy Caprio will not disappoint.  Her method of buying already established sites is so interesting and definitely worth your time if you’re ready to buy a niche blog.  

14.Web Equity Show

Justin, a partner at Empire Flippers and Ace, a website acquisition specialist, really get into the weeds on what it means to be an online entrepreneur.  

They are all about buying up and running businesses that are already profitable.

They are truly experts in their fields and are 100% worth listening to if you want to know how to buy an already established online business and make it better and more profitable.

Start with this episode on “success” to learn what a successful website buyer actually looks like.

15.Empire Flippers

Justin from Empire Flippers is a busy man! He also hosts this podcast with Joe Magnotti, where they talk about online entrepreneurship, website investments and buying & selling websites. 

This episode with Greg Elfrink, the Empire Flippers’ Director of Marketing delves into what the website sellers’ market is looking like at the moment.

I also found this episode on buying tactics interesting. It really emphasizes making the deal a win-win for both buyer and seller.

16.Mediavine On Air

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you’ll already know how much I love Mediavine.  At this stage, I have enough traffic on my blog to apply to AdThrive, but I don’t!  


Because Mediavine takes care of me and my business so why would I change?

For this reason, of course, Mediavine’s very own podcast is on my favorite podcast list.  If you want your blog to be a part of the Mediavine world, then this must be on your blogging podcast queue.

There is so much good stuff to listen to, from what’s up next in the blogging world, to expanding into YouTube, to

learning how to become or hire a VA (so useful to me now that I have a couple of VAs).

Another really valuable episode was about when to make the decision to go full-time with Alison Gary.  

17.I Teach Blogging

Renee is so enthusiastic, her podcast is a joy to listen to.  She goes through all the basics on blogging in a clear and practical way.  So this is one of the great podcasts for bloggers to get you started with with if you’re new to blogging.

Here’s an example of her practical and straightforward way of teaching.  This episode is on how to structure an article.  It gets into how an article should look on a mobile device and the dreaded wall of text and how to avoid it.

18.The Blogger Genius

You know you’re in good hands with Jillian as she has an MBA from Stanford.  She focuses on interviewing industry experts to talk about what is happening right now in the market.  She also makes sure you have a “take-away” from each episode.

In this episode, Jillian interviews Britt, a blogger who has the art of creating content down to an art.  She wowed me with her techniques on getting content creation time down to about 20 minutes. Say what!?! Sign me up, please!

19.Theory Of Content

Excuse me while I take a minute to fangirl. Ok, ready.  This podcast is hosted by one of the founders of Mediavine: Amber Bracegirdle. Along with Joshua, they talk about how to think about making content.  

For a taster, take a listen to this AMA, where they answer listeners’ questions about SEO and content creation.  They cover whether or not YouTube videos are worth adding to blog posts and then it gets technical but interesting when Amber takes us on a deep dive about core web vitals.

20.Search Off The Record

This podcast is direct from the Google search team! So you know this podcast is the sh!z. 

I often get quite a few technical questions about, for example, sitemaps, so when I want to learn about Google/techie things, this is one of the podcasts for bloggers that is my go-to. 

This episode will tell you everything you need to know from the guy who bought his own sitemap tech to Google!! 

You learn about how sitemaps help Google to crawl your site more easily – this is so key to getting noticed by Google. 

podcasts for bloggers

21.Authority Hacker Podcast (SEO)

Gael and Mark call themselves “online marketing veterans and entrepreneurs” and that is exactly what this podcast is about!

My mentor Mike has created a great course on AI writing, which I have purchased so I am always keen to learn other peoples’ opinions on this new technology. 

These guys share their realistic take on AI tools. Yes, they can absolutely work but not on the first go. Like everything we bloggers do – it takes time to master new technology and AI content creation is no exception. 

I found it really fascinating that they suggest creating templates for sections of articles rather than a full article template.  They actually liken it to coding!! Definitely food for thought. 


Chelsea covers everything a website buyer and investor needs to know, including; monetization, affiliate marketing,  content marketing, list building and anything else related to blog flipping.

As well as flipping information, I really enjoy the episodes where Chelsea talks about habits to help you make more money and save you time.  In this episode, she interviews Sensi Charlery about her mindset for being successful as a blogger and flipper.

23.Fat Stacks

Jon from FatStacks I rate highly. He’s an ex-lawyer (like me) and he knows how to analyze how things work and implement strategies based on his findings. 

He talks about SEO, affiliate marketing, and everything else related to building digital assets. 

This episode on SEO strategies is simple and on point. High volume content + links = how to rank in Google. 

Focus on informational content first to get traffic and maybe some natural link building. But no matter what you do: quality is KING – we are 100% in agreement on this point and many others in this episode. 

24.Elise Gets Crafty Podcast 

Elise does interviews with fellow crafty people in their small businesses and gives tips on motivation and goal setting. 

Climate change career by day, made to order clothes maker by night, this interview with Gina, although not related to blogging, is really inspiring in terms of starting a side hustle, which has been my passion for years. 

I also rate this interview with Linsey about using big business ideas and analytics and applying them to your small business to connect with your customers/audience. 

25.Food Blogger Pro

As you can tell by the title, this podcast focuses on food blogging! If you have or are thinking of starting a food blog, you must follow and listen to one of the top foodie podcasts for bloggers immediately!

This Camila Hearst interview talks about how she’s growing her food blog with SEO and Pinterest and her inspiring story of how she used blogging as a creative outlet to get through some tough times in her life. 

26.The Blogging Breakthrough

Faith Mariah calls herself a blogging coach and she certainly lives up to this title on her podcast.  

She answers bloggers’ questions on how to make money, create online courses, email lists and as she says, most importantly, mindset. You know how much I rate this topic if you follow me on Insta!

This particular episode is all about sales and more importantly “brain work”. 

It took me ages to feel confident offering and selling my own digital products and once I started, I wondered why I hadn’t started earlier, as I made $6,000 in my first weekend of selling my freelance writing ebook! 

I wish I had had this episode a few years ago to help me get over the doubt and confusion I had about how to provide my products, how to understand that I was a good teacher and on and on.

27.Buying Online Business Podcast By Jaryd Kraus

Jaryd, is an ex-plumber from Australia, turned online entrepreneur, who buys websites for passive income

He inspires people from all walks of life to know that there’s hope beyond being a tradie and earning an hourly rate. 

In this episode, he talks to Adam, from Niche Website Builders, where they talk about a client who built a 1.6 million dollar site on an aged domain making $40,000 a month in revenue! 

They get into the content strategy, SEO on the homepage, words, costs, and purchasing the website, along with building on aged domains and link building. 

podcasts for bloggers

28.Goal Digger

Although not strictly about blogging, Jenna has some useful episodes on email lists and courses. She also shares realistic tips on productivity and motivation. 

“Work-life balance” is so yesterday! In this episode, Jenna Kutcher talks about the latest new goal – “integration”. 

If you’re a mamma, you’ll love her take on doing the best you can at whatever stage you’re at. She shares a touching anecdote about doing a Zoom interview with Forbes while wearing her pjs and breastfeeding her baby. 

She goes into her philosophy of how “integration” is about being authentic and being “whole”, no matter what area of your life you’re focusing on…

You can be a Mama, a blogger, a sister, a daughter, and a wife, all at the same time AND just be you.

29.The Simple Pin Podcast

The Simple Pin Podcast with Kate, is specifically about Pinterest

I’ve definitely had my moments with Pinterest and when I need some motivation and advice to keep going, I listen to Kate. 

If you’re wondering if Pinterest is still worth it for bloggers, like SO MANY other bloggers, start with this episode where Kate interviews the Social Media and Community Manager for Simple Pin. 

The short answer is yes. Pinterest is still worth it (for some) and it has changed, but it’s not that they’ve forgotten about bloggers. They’ve just had to change with the times, like Instagram and TikTok.

The bottom line is to think about your “why” and how you are using Pinterest and make sure you are using it for the right reasons. 


Darren has created close to 300 episodes with a mix of interviews, actionable challenges and case studies to inspire you in your blogging journey.  

He’s been blogging for 20 years and full-time in the industry for over a decade. He now has successful blogs and a one of the top podcasts for bloggers that has a reach of over 5 million readers with his two blogs per month!

This episode is an interesting one about whether or not you should start a podcast. 

If your blog is under control and you’re thinking of expanding, take a listen.  

Darren talks to Craig Hewitt, of Podcast Motor and Castos. They get into the technical and financial aspects of what to expect and how you can connect with and expand your audience.

31.Stupid Simple SEO

Mike is my biggest mentor.  When I decided to get serious about blogging, I chose to follow the steps in his course to the letter.  

Once I did that, within 4 months, I got into Mediavine and within 7 months I went from 7000 views to over 100,000 views a month.

Mike now shares his wisdom for free on his YouTube channel, which he has recently started up again.  So if you’re on the fence about investing in an SEO course, check out his videos first, then GO DO HIS NICHE BLOGGING COURSE. You will NOT regret it.

FAQs On Podcasts for Bloggers

podcasts for bloggers

How To Start A Podcast On Your Blog: 10 Steps

  1. Choose Niche
  2. Purchase podcast gear
  3. Make website for podcast
  4. Choose where to host audio files
  5. Create content plan for your first episodes
  6. Record episode 1
  7. Upload episode to website
  8. Add podcast to Apple and Spotify
  9. Tell people about podcast
  10. Be a guest on other podcasts

Which Is Better, A Blog Or A Podcast?

I think a blog is better. Blogging has pros that podcasting just doesn’t have. Blogging is easier and quicker to do, it has better SEO benefits, and is more easily shareable. But if you already have an established blog and want to try something new, there’s no reason not to start podcasting too.

Is A Blog The Same As A Podcast?

A blog is not the same as a podcast. A podcast is audio-only, although it may have a blog post to go with it.  You can access a podcast from a podcast platform like Spotify or the Apple Podcast app. A blog is an educational, informative, or entertaining website where new pieces of content — blog posts — are regularly published.

Podcasts About Starting A Blog

Here are my favorite podcasts for bloggers mainly focusing on starting a blog:

  1. Mike’s youtube channel has a treasure trove of information about starting a blog.  Here are 2 of my favorites:
    1. How To Start A Blog In 2022 (My 7 Step-Process)
    2. Blogging Tools: Everything I Use To Set Up A New Niche Site
  2. Niche pursuits – listen to my tips on this episode
  3. Doug Cunningham listen to more of my tips on this episode

More Resources For Bloggers

Here are my tried and tested resources for bloggers and they’re FREE – if it’s free, it’s for meeee!:

  • My Insta stories are where I share all my blogging knowledge. I have a growing catalog of blogging videos there too!
  • Come watch me share my blogging tips on Twitter!  If you’re like me you may also get a kick out of the comments!  They can be brutal!
  • You can read over 100 articles just on blogging at my firstborn blog outandbeyond.com

Tips For New Bloggers

Here are a few of my favorite tips for new bloggers that I’ve paraphrased from my Twitter profile:


podcasts for bloggers

Phew, what a ride. I took you through 31 amazing podcasts about blogging!  I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did creating it.  

I definitely learnt a lot whilst researching and listening to all these inspiring blogging podcasters (what a mouthful!).  Now make sure you do too, by choosing 5 of the podcasts for bloggers episodes from the list above to listen to in the next week.

Be sure to let me know in the comments which podcasts for bloggers you’ve decided to listen to and if you have any other blogging pods you recommend!

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