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77 Greatest Food Niches For A Profitable Food Blog In 2024

Choosing specific food niches for your food blog can help you stand out from the thousands of food bloggers out there. 

I can imagine how daunting it is to start a food blog when you know that there are plenty of other bloggers who have already done the same.

Believe me when I tell you to just do it anyway. 

Out And Beyond is a personal finance blog, teaching people how to make and save money. Now ask yourself, how many personal finance blogs are out there? Plenty right? 

If I had stopped myself from launching this blog, I would have never been able to experience what a blessing it would have been to have embarked on this journey. 

Within all the food niches mentioned below, you will find sub-niches that can help you narrow down the exact content of your food blog. 

Why should you narrow it down, you might ask

When you are showcasing your speciality on one specific topic, it shows that you have authority on that topic. 

For example, say you are looking to bake chocolate cupcakes and you are browsing the internet for a recipe. Are you going to use a recipe from a blog that is dedicated to baked goods or will you use a recipe from a blog that is dedicated to Spanish food? 

You will go with the blog about baked goods right?

Similarly with your food niche, being as specific as possible will help you gain authority in the eyes of Google and your readers. But don’t you worry, there are plenty of food niche ideas for you.

Okay, enough rambling! Let’s get straight to the 77 best food niches for a profitable blog in 2023!

food niches

77 Best Food Niches To Start A Food Blog

1. Western Food

2. Indian Food

3. Mexican Food

4. Italian Food

5. Chinese Food

6. African Food

7. Japanese Food

8. Thai Food

9. Korean Food

10. Caribbean Food

11. Vegan Food

12. Vegetarian Food

13. Baked Goods

14. Organic Food

15. Seafood

16. Gluten-Free Food

17. Bread Variety

18. Meat Dishes

food niches

19. Raw Food

20. Legumes

21. Red Meat Recipes

22. Breakfast

23. Lunch

24. Supper

25. Dinner

26. Tea-time

27. Post Workout Meal

28. Brunch

29. Snacks

30. Cocktail Hour

31. Diabetes

32. Weightloss

33. Anti-Inflammatory

34. Gut Health Recipe

35. Heart Health

36. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

37. Acne

38. A Guide To Fasting

39. Recipes For Pregnant Woman

40. Multiple Sclerosis

food niches

41. Crockpot Recipes

42. Steamed Food

43. Grilled Food

44. Baked Food

45. Roasted Food

46. Stir-Fried Food

47. Air-Fryer Recipes

48. Fermented Food Recipes

49. Broiling Food

50. Braising Food

51. Stewed Food

52. Toddlers

53. Teenagers

54. Meals For Busy Moms

55. Meals For Busy Students

56. Senior Citizens

food niches

57. Soft Food For The Elderly

58. Lunch meals For The Everyday Adult

59. Budget-Friendly Meals For College Kids

60. Budget-Friendly Meals For Families

61. Budget-Friendly Vegan Recipes

62. Baked Goods For Gut Health

63. Seafood Meals For Students

64. Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss

65. Chinese Food For Busy Moms

66. Keto Food

67. Dairy Free Food

food niches

68. Exotic Cuisine

69. Paleo Diet

70. Batch Cooking

71. Fine Dining

72. Fresh Farm Produce

73. Desserts

74. Allergy-Free Food

75. Sugar-Free Diet

76. Frozen Meals

77. Whole30 Diet

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77 Best Food Niches To Start A Food Blog

You might be wondering how to narrow down your food niche for your blog. Here are some of the best food niches narrowed down to different categories for you to implement in your blog!

Cuisine Style

food niches cuisine style

If you are familiar with or have a strong desire to learn more about a specific region’s cuisine, setting up a food blog that is dedicated to that region’s cuisine is a great way to start a food blog. 

Here are some food blog niche ideas:

1. Western food

2. Indian food

3. Italian food

4. Mexican food

5. Chinese food

6. African food

7. Japanese food

8. Thai food

9. Korean food

10. Caribbean food

11. Exotic Cuisine

To feel inspired, here are some food niches blogs within this cooking niches category:

Food Groups

food niches food groups

If you gravitate towards a specific food group, then these food niches would be a great choice for your best food blog. 

12. Vegan food

13. Vegetarian food

14. Baked goods

15. Organic food

16. Seafood

17. Gluten-free food

18. Bread variety

19. Meat dishes

20. Raw food

21. Legumes

22. Red meat-based recipe

23. Keto Diet

24. Paleo Diet

25. Dairy-Free Food

26. Whole30 Diet

27. Fresh Farm Produce

To feel inspired, here are some food niches blogs within this niche food and drink category:


food niches meals

28. Breakfast

29. Lunch

30. Supper

31. Dinner

32. Tea-time

33. Post workout meal

34. Brunch

35. Snacks

36. Cocktail hour

37. Fine Dining

38. Desserts

To feel inspired, here are some food niches blogs within this category:


food niches wellness

If you are a strong advocate of the saying “food is medicine”, perhaps creating a food blog with culinary niche recipes that will help different diseases will be a great choice for a niche. 

The guide you write about on your blog will be able to help all those across the globe who are experiencing this disease and are looking to heal themselves holistically. 

If you’re wondering is writing a cookbook profitable, you can create a cookbook with your healing recipes, and watch how it gets popular among people.

39. Diabetes

40. Weight loss

41. Anti-inflammatory

42. Gut health recipes

43. Heart health

44. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

45. Acne 

46. A guide to fasting

47. Recipes for pregnant women

48. Multiple sclerosis

49. Allergy-Free Food

50. Sugar-Free Diet

To feel inspired, here are some food niches blogs within this category:

Food Preparation Techniques

food niches food preparation techniques

Choose a food niche for your blog centered on food preparation methods. You will be deemed as an expert when you concentrate entirely on one method for preparing many sorts of foods in your cooking niche.

Here are some examples of food sub niches: 

51. Crockpot recipes

52. Steamed food

53. Grilled foods

54. Baked food

55. Roasted food

56. Stir-fried food

57. Air-fryer recipes

58. Fermented food recipes

59. Broiling food

60. Braising food

61. Stewed food

62. Batch Cooking

63. Frozen Meals

To feel inspired, here are some food niches blogs within this category:

Food For Different Groups Of People

food niches food for different groups of people

Let’s face it, the diet of a 30-year-old is not the same as the diet of a 5-year-old. 

People of different age groups would have different taste palettes and how about creating a food group catered to a specific age group? 

How about those with different budget allocations for meals? 

There are different groups of people that have different types of meals when it comes to food, here are some food blog niches examples. 

64.. Toddlers

65. Teenagers

66. Meals for busy moms

67. Meals for busy students

68. Senior citizens

69. Soft food for the elderly

70. Lunch meals for the everyday adult

71. Budget-friendly meal for college kids

72. Budget-friendly meal for families

To feel inspired, here are some food niches blogs within this category:

Food Combination Niche

food niches food combination niches

Say you are not liking any of the food blog examples listed above, how about combining the niches to form your own unique niche! Here are some examples:

73. Budget friendly-vegan recipes

74. Baked goods for gut health

75. Seafood meals for students

76. Healthy recipes for weight loss

77. Chinese food for busy moms

To feel inspired, here are some food niches blogs within this category:


Is Food A Good Niche For Blogging?

YES, food is a good niche for blogging! 42.8% of blogs with over 50,000 sessions a month belong to food blogs, and if we are getting to the specific, chicken is on top of the food niche markets. Blog posts about chickens make up 10% of the traffic for food blogs, followed by bread, cake, and pie. 

food niche is food a good niche for blogging

Now, if you are just starting out and all you can think about how impossible it is to achieve 50,000 sessions a month, relax, and take it one day at a time. All these top-ranking food bloggers like Minimalist Baker and Skinny Taste did not become the top food bloggers overnight. 

These bloggers started from scratch and slowly yet steadily built their fortune and now your blog can also be part of the future of food blogging. 

How Do I Find A Food Blog Niche?

how do i find a food blog niche

You can start narrowing your food blog niche with these steps. First, take a look at the blogging niches list above and recognize the few most profitable food niches that stand out to you. 

Ask yourself these questions to help narrow down your selection of niches in food industry:

Is it your passion?

Will writing about this particular food niche excite you? Will your creative juices flow endlessly when you think about generating content for this niche?

Is there a demand for this topic?

Take some time to do research on the possible niche topic that you are about to select. Head over to Google Trends and conduct a study on the types of food blogs in this topic. 

You can also find out if there is Google traffic for best food blogs 2023 using this super useful SEO course 

Can you monetize this topic?

Look for food industry blogs that are similar to yours and discover whether and how they make money.

After you’ve come up with a few specialized ideas, you will need to choose one. My recommendation is to limit your choices and pick one. 

You will want to pick a niche that covers a wide range of topics, like a dieting niche blog, so you can keep producing material on a regular basis. Basically, you do not want anything that restricts your recipe and blog post options.

Who are your competitors?

Knowing which websites are ranked for your desired topic will make it simpler for you to produce content which is more informational and focused on user intent.

Who is your audience?

If you’re picking a specialized niche, it’s always better to know about your target audience as you’ll be able to identify their problems and provide content that caters specifically to their requirements.

If your answer is mostly positive for all the questions mentioned above, then you have your food blogging niche!

You must first understand why it is important to have specific food niches. 

Keep in mind that regardless of your food blog niche, people must be aware of what your blog is about.

Your readers will know what to anticipate from your best blog for food if it is targeted. They know they can turn to you for solutions to their industry-specific issues because they trust you as a credible resource in your area because of your food industry blog.

There are a plethora of cuisine speciality ideas available, but you should stick to something you enjoy. It is important to remember that the more particular you can be, the better.

Is Food Blogging Saturated?

is food blogging saturated

The food blogging industry is undoubtedly a saturated one, however, do not let that scare you and put you off food blogging. The reason food blogging is saturated is that the demand is still higher than ever. 

The personal finance niche is another saturated blogging niche but yet people still enjoy learning financial advice online and the personal finance blogs are thriving because the demand is still present. 

A similar concept applies to food blogging. You want to stand out and ensure your blog ranks on Google in order to beat the crowd. 

Here is why you should start your blog based on food niches today:

1. High Food-Content Demand

Famous food blog Natasha’s Kitchen brings in over 7 million visitors a month. What started out as a small blog between husband and wife Natasha and Vadim is now a full-fledged business featuring over 1000 recipes.

According to their website, they recently surpassed the 2,000,000 subscribers mark for their Youtube channel. Natasha claims that her food blog is only growing year after year and soon this could be you. 

People are constantly turning to the internet for new recipes and ways to make a meal, myself included. This niche is definitely one that will never go out of trend. 

2. New Food Trends

Remember how cooking with an air-fryer became a thing? 

Air-fryers have been around for a long time now and only recently has everyone started experimenting with them because of social media.

New niche markets are constantly popping up and if you can capitalize on a new food trend or niche food products before others do, your blog will have less competition and have the opportunity to position yourself as an authoritative figure in said food niche. 

food niches

3. Monetizing Your Blog

As food blogging is a highly visual niche, it is easier to direct traffic to your food blog than ever. 

Make the most of social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest for you to drive traffic to your blog especially if you are just starting out and your blog has a low domain. 

Join ad networks like Ezoic, Mediavine, and Adthrive for you to make the most of monetizing your blog and most profitable food blogs. 

The Most Profitable Blogging Niches

Here are 4 of the most profitable blogging niches:

1. Fashion

2. Making Money Online

3. Personal Finance

4. Food And Drinks

Even though I have said that you can blog about anything, not all topics are equal in terms of earning potential. As a result, if your aim is to generate money, you will need a topic that can help you do it.

When thinking of the most profitable foods topic, bear in mind that you need to be interested in it. Imagine churning out content day in and day out on a niche you loathe. You will be fed up and burnt out soon enough and your blog will not progress. 

Ask yourself these questions when choosing a blog:

  • Could you spend hours conducting research on that topic?
  • Could you write material for something you don’t care about on a daily basis?

While you come up with an answer for those two questions, here is a blogging niche list that could bring you a solid stream of income.

1. Fashion

most profitable blogging niches food

One method to go about it is to flaunt your unique style in order to make a reputation for yourself in the fashion industry. While this may take some time, the ultimate result is well worth the effort.

The other strategy is to attempt to cover a wide range of fashion trends and how to make each one work. Fashion is a popular topic, and you may make a lot of money blogging about it.

Everyone is looking for the next big thing in fashion, and as a fashion blogger, you might be the one to point them in the right direction. 

2. Making Money

most profitable food blogging niches making money

Think about it this way, why are you reading this blogpost?

To make money am I right? 

Fortunately, there is no limit to the amount of content that may be created. In fact, there are a plethora of topics on which you may make money that is all distinct enough to have their own blogs.

Starting a blog in this niche is a great way to make money. 

3. Personal Finance

most profitable blogging niches personal finance

For the simple fact that money is and will always be significant, the finance subject is without a doubt one of the most rewarding blogging niches.

Some sub-niches you can work on in the finance niche are:

  • Budgeting
  • Accounting
  • Investing 
  • Mortgage

Because the financial niche is still quite competitive, it is critical that you offer the most useful material possible. Overall, I believe there is still a lot of room in this sector for making a reasonable living online.

4. Food And Drinks

most profitable blogging niche food and drink

You guessed it! The food niche is a great money-making machine when done right. 

Some people think of the food niche and think of cookbooks.

 Now, as a beginner, you do not have to come up with a cookbook immediately. Start a blog and showcase your recipes and draw in traffic with great visualizations. 

Some of the top food bloggers make around USD 20,000 every month and that is saying something!

Which Niche Is Best For Beginners?

These are the 5 best niches for beginners:

1. Food

2. Making Money Online

3. Fashion

4. Lifestyle Blog Niches

5. Travel

When it comes to choosing a niche, especially with beginners, the constant battle is this – “Do I go for passion or money?”

Do you go for a niche that you are absolutely passionate about but does not rake in a high income or do you go for a niche that you do not really favor but you know will bring in good money? 

The solution is simple, it all depends on your blogging goals. 

Why are you starting a blog? When you answer that question, you will be able to decide which niche you should go for. 

However, if you have no clue where to begin, this is a great blog niche list that is best for beginners. 

1. Food

which niche is best for beginners food

Food is a necessity and everyone eats it, so it is no surprise that it is a popular blogging topic. Recipe postings generate a good amount of organic traffic, and you can even extend out into cookbooks and lessons with food blogging. 

If you choose to specialize in a certain diet, you have a higher chance of creating a lucrative blog. For example, setting up a food blog about meals for busy moms or vegan recipes for beginners.

2. Making Money Online

which niche is best for beginners making money online

Almost everyone has jumped on the side-hustle bandwagon and if you can help people discover ways to make more money, then you have a great potential to set up a decent blog!

3. Fashion

which niche is best for beginners fashion

Fashion advice is something that will never go out of style. 

If you have an eye for colors, styling, and outfits in general, you can share your knowledge with the rest of the world and people like me who often have no idea what the word fashion means. 

I turn to the internet to know if I can pair brown pants with black shoes (apparently you are not supposed to). I am certain that there are many like myself out there and a fashion blog has helped me on numerous occasions!

4. Lifestyle Blog Niches 

which niche is best for beginners lifestyle blog niches

You may simply create a blog that revolves around your life.

However, it must have some form of connection to popular genres and an overall theme that is enjoyable, relevant, and useful. For example, showcasing the life of a student, being a mommy blogger, or a Youtuber. 

The aim is to detail how you conduct your life, which may frequently lead to lucrative ventures since you can demonstrate useful tips for people to use in their own lives.

5. Travel 

which niche is best for beginners travel

Starting a travel blog about your own trips might earn you money through affiliate connections to hotels, suggested travel purchases, and other methods. It may even allow you to take advantage of free getaways.

You could write about things to do in certain nations or continents, female travelers, digital nomads, etc.

Unique Tips For Food Blogs

Just with anything in life, food blogging requires effort and consistency. 

However, as much as hard work is important, some tips here and there can be just the help any food blogger needs to boost your blog traffic. 

Here are some unique tips for food blogs that you can implement today!

1. Use A Recipe Card Plugin

By using a recipe card plugin designed specifically for WordPress, you can ensure that your recipes are well-formatted, easy to read, and found by your readers. 

Installing a recipe plugin may provide you with access to templates designed exclusively for recipes, a search function that allows your readers to find recipes that post, and methods for organizing and filtering your recipes so that your readers can find your recipes in a blink of an eye.

Recipe card plugins not only enhance the likelihood of your website and its content getting discovered, but it also informs Google that your blog has recipes rather than simply blog posts, informing search engines that your blog is filled with quality content. 

Here are some examples of some useful recipe card plugins for you to install in your food blog:

2. Ensure Pinterest Is Part Of The Strategy

Pinterest is a visual platform and there is nothing more appetizing than a great picture of a meal. Ask yourself how many times have you drooled over a picture of pasta or felt your stomach rumbling over a picture of pizza? 

When they say you eat with your eyes first, it is true. 

Creating pins for Pinterest for your niche food group can tremendously help grow your traffic. 

Sure, Pinterest has some lovely photographs to look at, and it is enjoyable to go through but, at the end of the day, Pinterest, like Google, is a search engine. Here are some helpful resources to get started with Pinterest. 

3. Do Not Be Afraid To Drill Down And Not Only Write About Recipes

When you look at all the top food niche blogs, you will find that their blogs are not contained within the lines of recipes. Rather than being a recipe-based food blog each of them focuses on a certain sub-niche or viewpoint.

Think about writing blog posts about the different food preparation techniques, essential utensils in the kitchen, how to create meals from said kitchen equipment, how to make potatoes fluffy, etc. 

Teach your audience techniques to perfect their cooking and because these categories generally have lower competition, you have a higher chance of ranking on the first page of Google. 

According to data collected, the following topic types make up the lowest competitive high traffic keywords:

Recipes – 54.7%

Q&A – 20.2%

  • Example: How To Reuse Leftover Stuffing?

Sides to serve with – 5.4%

  • Example: What Are The Best Side Dishes To Serve With Salmon?

Substitute – 4.1%

  • Example: What Are The Best Egg Substitutes For Baking?

Comparison – 4.1%

Example: Baking Soda Vs Baking Powder 

Not all content has to be about recipes and you can throw in your flair of creativity into your content. 

The food niche is simply too huge for a single blog to be seen as an authority on the subject or the leading brand by Google and readers. As a consequence, Google will not send you traffic, and growing your blog will be difficult.

4. Keep Sponsorships In Mind

When it comes to food niches, instead of affiliate marketing, try going for sponsored posts to increase your exposure. 

food niches

What is the difference between sponsored posts and affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is when someone clicks on a special link provided by a brand to you, and when someone makes a purchase from the said brand, you will be compensated. 

Sponsored posts are when a brand approaches you to promote their items and in return, you will get paid for the exposure you give the brand. There are several brands with food niche products that are open to sponsored posts.

For example, say you link a Thermomix in your blog post with an affiliate link as opposed to doing a blog post on all the different ways you could use the McCormick & Company spice range. 

Since it is a food blog, which do you think will bring you higher traffic? 

The one with the sponsored posts! Not everyone can afford to buy a Thermomix but everyone can buy spices to use in their cooking. This way, you give the company the exposure they want and be compensated in return. 

A sponsored review is when a brand delivers a product in exchange for a favorable evaluation from the blogger. In certain circumstances, the blogger tests the product but is unable to offer honest public feedback, in which case the agreement is worthless and the product is not marketed.

In an ideal world, the blogger enjoys the product and writes a review of it. Sponsored reviews are generally sponsored promos in which the business pays the blogger a fee in addition to supplying a product to try out.

Here are some food sponsorship networks you can look into for starters:

Is Food Blogging A Hobby?

Food blogging can be a profitable business in addition to being a hobby. If you are passionate about experimenting with various ingredients, and trying out diverse cuisines, it can become a hobby that you can turn into a source of income.

Is Food Blogging Easy?

Food blogging is not easy, if you consider it a business. For a food blog to be successful, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort, have a passion for cooking, and consistently provide high-quality content for your target audience.

However, food blogging is lucrative if you excel at what you do.

How Long Should A Food Blog Post Be?

Food blog posts should be descriptive, with at least 1500 words and high quality content for your target audience. You should ensure that the post is informative and the user intent is met.

Original images that are relevant to your content will increase the traffic to your posts.

food niches

Is Food Vlogging Profitable?

Food vlogging is quite profitable since the vlogs are very educational, which draws the target audience.

Furthermore, all restaurants and food product firms require exposure for their culinary items and meals, and food vloggers are the ideal approach to increase brand visibility.

Does Instagram Pay Food Bloggers?

Instagram does not pay food bloggers or other content creators, but you can make money as a food blogger through collaborations with brands, sponsored posts, paid adverts, and as brand ambassadors. You can also get money by becoming a part of an affiliate program.

How Does A Small Niche Website Become Profitable?

A small niche website can become profitable when you monetize it with affiliate products, digital products, advertisements on the website, sponsored posts, and product reviews.

Building backlinks and accepting guest posts on your site also boosts the authority of the website, increasing traffic and earnings.

Are Vegan Blogs Profitable?

Yes, vegan blogs can be quite lucrative. They generate the majority of their income by selling unique and original products such as vegan meal planners, online cookbooks with quick vegan recipes, e-books, and online tutorials.

You can also start a vegan food business and set up a blog to promote it.

What Is The Best Social Media For Food Blog?

Pinterest is the most effective social network for a food blog. It is the ideal platform to attract the target audience of food bloggers, which is mostly drawn to images and videos.

Linking your blog content to your Pinterest pins expands your organic audience. The second-best app for promoting your food blog is Instagram.

Is It Too Late To Start A Food Blog?

No, it’s not too late to start a food blog if you’re passionate about the food niche and enjoy anything related to food.

However, the food niche is also highly competitive, so to keep readers engaged in your food blog, you must deliver the best content possible, be completely genuine, and offer a fresh perspective.

How Many Recipes Should A Food Blog Have?

If you’ve launched a blog with food recipes, there should be at least 10–15 recipes posted in the beginning.

Regularly publishing detailed recipes will help your blog posts to better match user intent, boosting their visibility and overall site authority.

food niches


All the best tips and tricks for food niches are listed in this blog post, waiting for your action! I hope this blog has cleared the food niche definition for you and given you a good understanding of how to succeed as a food blogger. 

The food niche market is a vast ocean, finding a niche that works for you is far more important than choosing food niches that are currently trending. 

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that your food blog stands out compared to others out there.  

Find your niche and go after it, you can then create content that is your specialty while avoiding the urge to expand into bigger marketplaces too rapidly. Your chances of success will rise as a result!

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