Mediavine Requirements In 2024 (+ Tips To Qualify)

Looking for Mediavine requirements so you can earn higher passive income?

Earning a passive income from display advertising has always been one of the best ways to earn money as a blogger. Getting into Mediavine is a goal of any blogger because the ad network can multiply your revenue in an instant!

It was my dream to qualify for mediavine and when my first blog finally qualified at 50k sessions, my life changed overnight. I could finally earn a full-time income from my blog quite passively and say goodbye to pesky demanding clients.

Mediavine is one of the most prominent display ad networks for bloggers who wish to make money from their websites by inserting advertisements on their blog posts.

The company provides some of the largest possible profits, a detailed application process, and amazing customer support assistance when compared to most of its competitors.

However, in 2020, Mediavine announced that their requirements to be accepted in the ad network are changing and that may have become a blunder for many bloggers. 

I remember feeling so disappointed when they announced this change because I was so close to 25k sessions and then they raised the benchmark to 50K 🙁 

But, worry not because this article will explain everything you need to know on Mediavine requirements for you to take your passive income to the next level!

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1. Mediavine Requirements

2. What Is Mediavine? 

3. How Much Can You Make From Mediavine?

4. How Long Does It Take To Get Accepted Into Mediavine

5. How To Apply For Mediavine?

6. How Many Pageviews Do You Need For Mediavine?

7. How To Increase Traffic For My Blog To Qualify For Mediavine?

8. What If I Don’t Have Enough Traffic To Join Mediavine?

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Mediavine Requirements In 2024 

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In a nutshell, these are the mediavine requirements:

  • 50,000 sessions over the last 30 days
  • A solid standing with Google Adsense
  • Long-form content that is engaging
  • Originality in the content 

A misunderstanding regarding Mediavine’s application procedure is that if your site satisfies the 50,000 monthly session criteria, you will be accepted. 

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. 

Here is a deep dive into mediavine requirements of minimum pageviews and everything you need to know about getting accepted into this ad network. 

UPDATE! – Mediavine are now accepting blogs for a lower tier product : Mediavine Journey! And you can qualify with 10,000 sessions a month, yahooooo!

1. Mediavine Traffic Requirements

Ah yes, the first requirement that may seem like the biggest obstacle to bloggers out there. As of June 2022, Mediavine increased the qualifying criteria of 25,000 monthly sessions to 50,000 monthly sessions. 

However, monthly sessions are not the same as pageviews.

 These are the differences:

  • Sessions: When a single person views your website, this is referred to as a session.
  • Page views: When someone visits a page on your blog, this is referred to as a pageview. A reader can read through multiple articles at one go resulting in many page views but it remains as a single session. 

From personal experience, for 50,000 sessions, you will need to get approximately 60,000 page views a month.

2. Solid Standing With Google AdSense

This means that you should not have any problems with Google because Mediavine employs Google ad partners. 

This also implies that your Google AdSense account should not be banned or blacklisted by Google itself. 

Here are some official Google suggestions for keeping your blog in excellent shape:

  • Do not click on your own AdSense adverts on Google.
  • Sending bot or fake traffic to your site is not a good idea.
  • Don’t expect people to click on your advertisements.
  • Do not try to persuade visitors to click on adverts.

3. Write Long-Form Content

Long-form content often provides greater value to readers and better meets user purpose than short-form material. 

If you want to get into Mediavine, though, you need to publish useful material that is also that has proven to be useful to your readers. 

Lengthier, compelling content keeps visitors on your website longer and because the reputation and values of the company are vital, your website must simply meet their standards of excellence.

As a blogger, your blog entries must appeal to your target audience.

The more your readers engage with your information and interact with it, the more likely you are to be approved.

Mediavine really evaluates your best-performing blog entries during the application process as more people interact with your content, the more they will interact with advertisements as well.

Long-form content here means approximately 1500 words for each blog post. 

4. Originality Of Your Content

Your blog and its contents should be uniquely yours. 

In your content development plan, originality is critical. 

It is the first step toward producing high-quality, relevant, and helpful material. Original material also distinguishes your website from others and may influence the type of traffic you receive.


What Is Mediavine? 

Mediavine is a full-service ad management network that helps you display advertisements on your blog posts. It is an ad management tool that operates a little differently than networks like Adsense. 

Ad management tools take care of everything for you, and they are one of the greatest assets as your site expands.

Their team works directly with publishers to enhance the tools they provide to bloggers like you and me regularly. Mediavine provides a wealth of materials for training its publishers on how to enhance their ad performance.

Overall, Mediavine is a one-stop-shop for ensuring that your blog generates passive income. They provide you with the tools you need to attain your blog revenue objectives more effortlessly, without leaving you feeling isolated or disoriented.

Why is Mediavine sought-after by many bloggers? Imagine your blog being a mini billboard. 

Did you know that your viewers do not even have to click on the ads for you to get paid? They only have to VIEW the ads, and your passive income rolls to your account. If that isn’t a liberating business model, I don’t know what is.

How Much Can You Make From Mediavine?


How much you can make from Mediavine is related to your RPM. 

A typical RPM (revenue per 1,000 pageviews) for publishers with Mediavine is USD10 and the amount of money you make from Mediavine depends on your RPM.

If you are new to the blogging and publishing world, RPM stands for revenue per 1000 impressions. 

The predicted profits per 1000 impressions (RPM) is the amount of money you would make if you received 1000 impressions.

RPM is computed by calculating your expected profits by the number of page views, impressions, or inquiries you received, then multiplying by 1000.

As an example, say you are currently earning USD0.20 per 25 page views, your RPM would be (USD0.20/25) * 1000 = USD 8.

Okay, now that we are up to speed on what RPM is, knowing how much an ad network can pay is important because we all want to make as much money as possible from the traffic we receive without bothering our visitors with too many advertisements.

On Mediavine, the progress of your blog is measured in sessions so you will get paid per 1000 sessions. 

The RPM of your blog is individualistic to you and it is not the same with other bloggers. 

According to this mediavine income report, this blog managed to double its passive income revenue thanks to Mediavine! 

You can start with USD 10 per RPM and the value may increase as your blog grows, increasing your revenue along with it. 

Note- the RPM for this site is $35. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Accepted Into Mediavine?


So, how long does it take to get accepted into Mediavine? It takes approximately 3-4 weeks for a site to get through the application and review process.

Real individuals evaluate and process each one of the applications, no bots or automated systems are involved.

They have one of the most rigorous screening procedures in the industry to preserve high-quality partnerships with their publishers and advertising partners.

When you apply for Mediavine, your site is sent to their ad partners for assessment after they have completed the internal review. Even if your application fulfills all the requirements, some of the ad partners may refuse to work with us for different reasons.

Unfortunately, they frequently have to turn down websites if these ad partners are substantial buyers of the inventory, and your earning potential as a publisher would be considerably constrained without them on board.

However, with that being said, here are some tips on mediavine requirements to ensure a smooth application process. 

1. Add Their Domains To Your Email Whitelist.

To avoid any emails from Mediavine going directly to your spam folder, add these two domains to the client whitelist. 

2. Check Your Application Forms 

Complete and correctly fill out the application. It slows down the procedure if there are lacking specifics or if the information given is incorrect.

3. Application Should Be In PDF Format

All applications are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. As soon as the application form is completed, an email will be sent with instructions, so keep an eye out for it and provide the additional information as soon as possible. 

4. Patience Is A Virtue 

Do not be the annoying applicant that checks the status, bombarding Mediavine with emails every two days when you have not heard from them. 

Sending several follow-up emails if it has not been more than 21 days merely adds to the support team’s backlog. Their dedicated team is on it, and if they have any queries about your PDF or require any explanation, you will be notified!

5. Stick To One Domain At A Time

Even though you want to bring many sites on board, they recommend starting with one and then submitting each one separately.

Avoid applying with more than 1-2 sites at a time because each site is reviewed independently and goes through its own set of launch requirements.

6. Do NOT Rebrand

The domain you apply with plays a large role in the application process. Do not make any changes to yours. New domains equal new ad partner approvals and longer re-indexing times.

Insider tip- I heard rumors that once your first site qualifies for mediavine at 50k sessions, Mediavine MAY accept your other sites at a lower threshold like 25k sessions. This happened to a few of my blogging friends and I intend to test this theory for my second site soon! I will let you know if it’s true 🙂 

How To Apply For Mediavine?

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These are the steps for the Mediavine application process:

  • Complete the Mediavine application form.
  • Create a PDF from Google Analytics and send it to Mediavine through email.
  • The contract must be signed.
  • Get your website ready for launch.

Once you have fulfilled all Mediavine requirements, you can get ready with your application! It can get a little technical but the fun part only begins now. 

Upon the submission of the mediavine application form, you will be sent an email on validating traffic with Mediavine’s ad partners. 

You will be offered step-by-step directions on how to build a PDF containing traffic data from the last 30 days using Google Analytics.

You will then need to submit the PDF to them when you are finished with it so they could check whether your traffic was legitimate and make sure you are getting over 50,000 sessions every month.

Once that is done, you will be emailed the contract to sign!

Next, you will be provided access to the Mediavine Dashboard with your account information. Following that, you will receive a lengthy paper outlining the following steps in the launch process.

How Many Pageviews Do You Need For Mediavine?

In case you were wondering how many pageviews you need for Mediavine, the answer is 60,000 pageviews. 

In essence, you will need 50,000 sessions a month to qualify for Mediavine which is approximately 60,000 pageviews

BUT- you can qualify with 10,000 sessions for Mediavine Journey, which is around 15,000 pagviews.

A pageview is when a reader views one page of your site. When someone clicks on your blog and reads through multiple articles, all those pageviews will make up one session. 

In Mediavine, however, sessions are highly valued compared to page views as they believe that sessions are the most accurate indicator of how users engage with websites and their revenue potential. 

For example, one pageview may come from a reader methodically scanning through a post on your site, or 16 pageviews could come from a visitor quickly scrolling through a gallery or lists made up on your site.

How To Increase Traffic For My Blog To Qualify For Mediavine?

  • Focus on SEO
  • Write long-form blog posts, minimum 1500 words 
  • Grow your pageviews 
  • Optimize old blog posts
  • Increase site speed

1. Focus On SEO


Ad networks like Mediavine aside, the one factor that skyrocketed my traffic and income from blogging was learning SEO. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization where you optimize your content to ensure you rank on search engines. One of the greatest strategies to achieve the traffic figures needed to be admitted into Mediavine is to attract organic visitors to your site.

Organic traffic is made up of readers who are seeking a specific response to their query, it is frequently more useful than social traffic. When you manage to capture the user intent of your readers, it will result in higher traffic. 

Since Mediavine requires 50,000 sessions to qualify, when you SEO optimize all your content, the faster you may achieve the required sessions. 

Here are two useful courses on SEO:

2. Write Long-Form Blog Posts

Writing a lot of small paragraphs instead of a few larger ones is a simple way to make your blog entries longer. This will boost your SEO because overall, shorter paragraphs provide a better user experience. 

The longer your blog articles will be, the more advertisements you earn per article, and more ads mean more RPM. 

Longer content has a better chance of ranking on Google, simply because it is considered that you have added more value to your blog posts. Always strive to provide the finest material possible, and Google will reward you.

One way to make your articles longer is to add many pictures, vertical ones if possible so that there is plenty of space for ads. 

However, do not go overboard with this approach because too many pictures might detract from the user experience and cause your site to load slowly, which can hurt your SEO.

Another approach to lengthen your articles is to use more words.

 However, if you are spewing words with no value, then it is pointless. If you write more words, and those words are really useful, you will be giving a better user experience to your readers, increasing both pageviews and RPM.

3. Grow Your Pageviews

The quality of your site matters and the better it is, the less you will have to persuade users to browse around or increase your conversion rates automatically.

 Though there are various strategies you can use to increase page views, the most important factor is the quality of the information you have on your site.

Imagine reading through a blog that is filled with fluff pieces and nothing informational, it would not be long before you click out of the blog, and as a blogger, that is the last thing you would want to happen to your site. 

Above all, make sure you invest your effort into developing quality blog material, or else the usual reader will not want to devote their time to visiting your website and reading the content.

Another way to increase your pageviews is to produce evergreen content. When you are brainstorming for content ideas, think of ideas that are evergreen because time after time, these types of content are the ones that bring in traffic. 

When you write about something that is in trend right now, you and I both know that sooner or later, trends fade off. You do not want your blog to be filled with articles that are not relatable to the readers. 

TIP –  Create a related posts section on your articles with other relevant articles from your blog to increase pageviews!

4. Optimize Old Blog Posts

This tip requires a little bit of homework. Identify your top-performing blog posts and optimize them to increase the traffic rate. 

This is because your best blog posts will generate the majority of your traffic, more traffic means more money. Anything you can do to increase page views or RPMs for them will have a far greater impact than optimizing every single blog post on your site. 

If you would like to learn the exact steps I took to optimize my old post and increase my traffic, check out this course!

However, there is one major exception to this piece of advice.

When tinkering with your top-performing content, you must use extreme caution. You may observe a drop in search engine traffic if you make large alterations at once, even if they are all favorable improvements.

5. Increase Site Speed

Site speed is so vital that it merits its category.

The speed of your website has a significant impact on your SEO. 

In basic terms, the faster your site loads, the more Google loves it, and the more your readers enjoy it both of these characteristics will improve your search engine rankings and, as a result, your page views.

Nothing is more annoying than a slow site. If a page takes forever to load, your readers will click off your site. 

Here are some helpful resources to help you with site speed.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Traffic To Join Mediavine?

There are plenty of Mediavine alternatives for you to explore. 

It is no easy task to gain traffic from blogging, I will admit that. 

Since Mediavine raised the requirements of 50,000 sessions there may be bloggers out there who are discouraged because that number seems out of reach. 

However, while working on increasing your traffic, you can try out the Mediavine alternative

Mediavine is not the only advertising network out there, although it is one of the best, there are other networks that you can qualify into if you do not have enough traffic for Mediavine. 

Ezoic vs Mediavine

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Ezoic is an ad network just like Mediavine but with different sets of requirements and potential revenue generated. 

Ezoic is a free, simple-to-use, interactive platform that optimizes your website’s performance, SEO and displays ad profits by making automated and smart modifications.

Ezoic’s software allows it to test new ad locations and improve income. The reporting tools assist you in analyzing content and making income-driven content production decisions. 

Ezoic requirements:

Here’s a detailed guide on Ezoic and its requirements

Monumetric Vs Mediavine

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Monumetric is another option for you if you do not fit the mediavine traffic requirements. 

Monumetric is dedicated to not only assisting bloggers in making money from their blogs but also enhancing the user experience. There are four monetization programs to choose from depending on your page views:

Here are some helpful resources on Monumetric:


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Adthrive is no stranger to any blogger with high traffic. AdThrive is a high-end ad management system for bloggers with a large number of visitors.

They are knowledgeable about the most recent Google trends and criteria and they provide financial assurance because you will be paid even if the advertiser does not. They exclusively promote high-quality advertisements and the customer service and support are outstanding.

Adthrive requirements:

  • Google Analytics reports 100,000 monthly page views.
  • The vast bulk of traffic must originate in the United States.
  • There have been no prior violations with ad suppliers.
  • Unique, creative, and compelling content is required.
  • Your website must be safe to use.

These are some popular options if you do not have the traffic for Mediavine. However, here is a detailed article on the 7 Mediavine alternatives for you to look into for comparisons between different ad networks such as Adthrive vs Monumetric, etc.  


Those who have joined Mediavine will tell you that regardless of all the mediavine requirements, it is undoubtedly one of the best sources of passive income for bloggers. 

Mediavine focuses on ensuring that your site is set up to succeed, and they provide the material to ensure that you are able to do so. 

They keep up to speed with the newest best practices through articles, podcasts, and Q&A sessions, and they make sure their publishers are aware of them as well.

It is an excellent ad management solution, which I strongly suggest. 

However, if you find their present standards are difficult to achieve, you may need to find an alternative until you can meet the minimum traffic and other requirements.

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