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51 Travel Blog Ideas That Will Inspire Wanderlust!

Are you looking for the best travel blog ideas so you can inspire your readers and write awesome travel content that makes people want to jump on a plane immediately?

You can tell your brain to take a rest, because this article contains some great travel topics to write about!

Writing a travel blog is possible even if you’re stuck at home. Don’t worry about not being on the road or flying off to another country.

I know its possible because I run my own travel blog, and I continued writing during the pandemic 🙂

First and foremost, use any of the travel blog ideas below to help your readers in their next adventure. And then, let your imagination run wild.

Here is a summary of what’ll you see in today’s article:

  1. 51 Travel Blog Ideas
  2. What Should A Travel Blog Include?
  3. How Much Does A Travel Blogger Make A Year?
  4. How Do I Make My Travel Blog Popular?


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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travel blog ideas

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What Should A Travel Blog Include?

Now, before we dive deeper into this topic, you might want to learn how to start a blog. 

From ideas for travel blog names to making money blogging, you will find everything you need in this wholesome guide.

Once done, let’s look at more tips on what a travel blog should include:

1. Write About Your First Solo Trip

More often than not, people write about their own travel experiences.

 While some people love reading about other people’s adventures, it is more satisfying if your blog posts benefit them in some ways.

For instance – you write about your experience dancing with the Hmong tribe in Vietnam

The beautiful girls awed me with their moves in the glistening moonlight. The people greeted me with the warmest welcome. I even attended a tribal wedding, served exotic food

…and you go on, and on…

Sure, they will be inspired. BUT, they want to go there and experience it themselves. So, what you can do is, spin your content to be informative and helpful. 

A “how to travel blog” would be great – you can include tips on transportation and accommodation booking, must-try foods, dos and don’ts and the list goes on! 

7 Common Blogging Mistakes That Will Cost You Time And Money

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    2. A Bucket List of Dream Destinations

    travel blog ideas

    The world is big and there are tons of places people dream of travelling to. Sometimes, they don’t know where to start.

    Here’s where you come in.

    When you share your bucket list, again, you help your readers decide where to go next. It doesn’t necessarily have to be far away or rare, under-the-radar-places.

    Research some of the most beautiful places on earth.

    You can include white sandy beaches, vibrant or iconic cities, and countries with naturally beautiful scenery or world-famous landmarks.

    Even if it’s a list of South-East Asian countries only, why not? At least you start somewhere.

    3. Write About Your Hometown

    Sometimes, you don’t have to look very far for travel content ideas. Because your hometown is a holiday destination too. 

    Take a look around. Do you see an overcrowded Mexican restaurant right at the junction not far from your parents’ house? Have you ever wondered why people flock there now and then?

    Perhaps it’s time you chat the owner up and figure out what makes them popular!

    Now you have one attraction about your locale, look for more features that create the identity of your hometown.

    4. Great Travel Photos

    Do you know what else can bring a travel blog post to life? Yes, beautiful photos. 

    travel blog ideas

    These days, you no longer have to purchase expensive cameras to take good photos. There are tons of free photo editors you can download to your phones such as VSCO or Snapseed.

    The best thing about photos is that you can also use them to build your brand identity. Try to create a standard theme for your posts by using a few filters to achieve a similar look. 

    If you want to remove objects or people from your photo, Snapseed can do the work too. 

    Otherwise, I recommend these apps:

    • KiraKira+: Designed for iPad, costs $0.99
    • Adobe Photoshop: Designed for desktop and iPad, costs $27.62 per month
    • Lightroom: Supported on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and tvOS, costs $9.99 per month

    5. Trip Itinerary 

    Trip itineraries are also one of many brilliant travel blog topics. You help your readers save time. 

    Sometimes, people get too overwhelmed with planning.

    They get stuck with figuring out what to do and where to go. And if there was ever going to be enough time.

    However, an itinerary should not stick to just Day 1, Day 2… places and activities. You can include other informative tips on accommodation, mode of transportation, and budget.

    You can check out these cool itinerary templates on Adobe Spark. No design skills are needed and the best part is, they are free!

    Photo from Adobe Spark

    Be honest when sharing what you liked and didn’t like about the decisions you made when you were travelling with the itinerary you’re writing.

    6. Reviews of Travel Equipment/Gear

    Often, we turn to Google when it comes to purchasing decisions.

    We want something affordable yet at the same time, does its job. Even when we don’t mind splurging, we want it to be worth our money.

    So, say you’ve been travelling with the same brand of a backpack for 10 years now. From the tip of the iceberg to waving sandstorms in the Sahara – this backpack has never failed you.

    All that’s left to do is, list the qualities of this bag and promote it in your blog!  

    Or you can compare two popular duffle bags in the market, tiny accessories for light packing, perhaps packable travel jackets for cold weather… 

    Any travel blog post idea that benefit the reader is worth writing.

    How Much Does A Travel Blogger Make A Year?

    It varies, but truthfully, from zero to over a million a year. 

    Depending on your consistency and persistence in learning to write quality content, upskilling yourself and diversifying your income streams, you can make a lot of money from blogging.

    With that being said, earning from writing about travel is not just about publishing articles. For money to start rolling in, you have to consider:

    1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    2. Affiliate income (through affiliate programs for travel bloggers)
    3. Selling products (e-books, webinars, merchandise, etc.)
    4. Running courses
    5. Freelance writing
    6. Brand partnerships

    According to a survey done by one of the world’s top travel bloggers:

    Amazing, isn’t it? This interview article on Forbes says it all.

    You can also check out some other top travel bloggers’ income reports out:

    1. It’s a Lovely Life: $147,833 (December 2018)
    2. Kara and Nate: ~$41,176 (September 2019)
    3. Local Adventurer: $23,001 (July 2018)
    4. Adventure in You: $19,233 (June 2018)
    5. Two Wandering Soles: $16,389 (April 2019)
    6. Helene in Between: $15,755 (October 2017)
    7. Practical Wanderlust: Min $10,000 per month
    8. Living The Dream: $9,350 (June 2021)

    How Do I Make My Travel Blog Popular?

    Arguably, a popular blog means a blog that generates good income. And making your blog popular takes time and effort. 

    However, it’s important to note that:

    1. You don’t have to have a lot of followers to start making money.
    2. It’s not about quantity but quality. You don’t have to write and publish every day.
    3. Readers are not the only ones who have to like your posts. Google has to like them too.

    There are three significant platforms or tools you can optimise to rank your blog on the first page of Google.

    1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Say, you write about trailer travellers and someone googles about it, your post might come up in the search if you optimise SEO correctly.

    In other words, SEO will bring in traffic from organic search results if done right. When your link is on the first page of Google, your site will see an increase in traffic.

    Learning SEO can be overwhelming because of its technicalities but once you get the drill, keyword search can be addictive!

    But how exactly do you search for these keywords? You can use tools like Ubersuggest or KeySearch

    From these tools, you can also see other suggested keywords with important information related to how competitive they are and how often people search for them. 

    Here is a comprehensive, step-by-step SEO Success For Beginners Masterclass to start getting Google traffic to your site!

    2. Pinterest

    Pinterest is great for driving blog traffic because:

    1. It’s a search engine, not a social media platform. Your content will continue to exist years after being published.
    2. Popular keywords are easier and faster to rank because Pinterest’s algorithm isn’t as advanced as Google’s.
    3. People who use Pinterest are ready to buy, according to Statista.

    How to drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest?

    1. Do keyword search using the Pinterest Search Bar, Explore Pinterest or Pinterest Ads
    2. Include keywords in your Pin titles and descriptions so that they can be found when people search for those terms
    3. Use related keywords in your Board titles and descriptions
    4. Match your blog post title. For example, your blog post title is “Best Eco Toiletries For Travel” – add it to a board titled “Sustainable Travelling”
    5. Create curiosity with your Pins. For example, use “Healthy Food That Disrupts Your Diet” instead of “Healthy Food For Your Diet”
    6. Make your Pins stand out. Look at how other bloggers in your niche design their Pin and create something different
    7. Apply for Rich Pins. Rich Pins automatically pull information from your blog to your Pins so users can easily see extra information of your article when they click on it. Also, they sync information from your blog whenever you make edits to your blog post.

    If you’re ready to up your Pinterest game, you can sign up for Carly Campbell’s Pinteresting Strategies course.

    If you’re looking to master Pinterest but on a budget, this course is for you. (I did it myself and I got 10,000 NEW visitors to my blog in 3 months even though I was new to Pinterest !)

    Through this course, Carly shares how her pinning method helps generate 200k views per month. 

    The best part is, the course is updated as Pinterest’s algorithm changes. So you never have to worry about it becoming irrelevant.

    3. Social Media Platforms

    Be it Instagram, Facebook or TikTok – you are free to optimise these platforms to engage with your audience and promote your blog.

    But as a start, it’s advisable to focus on building a solid group of followers through just one or two social media platforms. 

    First, establish a connection with your audience and get to know them. Second, repurpose your blog content to grow your blog traffic.

    You can also connect with other bloggers via these blogging Facebook groups: 

    How To Set Up A Travel Blog?

    1. Think of a name that suits your quirks or personality
    2. Register your blog and get hosting
    3. Install WordPress
    4. Familiarise yourself with the blog’s dashboard
    5. Download a well-designed, clean-looking theme
    6. Design a logo – you can use Canva
    7. Install essential plugins e.g. Yoast SEO
    8. Make money from your blog!

    Ultimately, this list is not exhaustive and you can always customise it – add more stuff and tailor it to what suits your niche and audience.

    Whether you’re sharing some tips or your favourite travel items, write them to help your readers achieve something. Although personal stories would be interesting at some point, keep them to a minimum.

    Just remember that everyone’s blogging journey is different so write at your own pace and continue to upskill yourself. 

    As long as you keep encouraging people to discover beautiful corners around the world, or even save time and money while they’re at it, you’ve done your job as a travel blogger.

    51 Travel Blog Ideas That Will Inspire Wanderlust!

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