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77 Book Blog Ideas That Will Delight Your Readers

Are you having writer’s block and are searching for the best book blog ideas?

Many times book bloggers struggle as they dont know topics to write about that will make their readers happy but also get lots of blog traffic! 

Writing book reviews can also get tedious 

If you feel this way, then you have come to the right place! This blog post has all the article title ideas you will need to create consistent content for a successful book blog. 

Being an avid reader myself, I understand how exciting it is to want to share your favorite reads with the whole world. 

When I read something that tickles my toes, makes me giggle, or gets me thinking about the possibilities of having the dream life, you bet that I will talk about the book to anyone and everyone who will listen. 

I will be the annoying little bug that will not stop talking about her favorite new book discovery. My friends and family will tell you how I squealed when I found out about another magical book series besides Harry Potter!

As a blogger, it is normal for you to run out of creative juices, and sometimes all it takes is a little prodding from someone to get you back on track. 

So if you are looking for an amazing list of book blog topics, look no further and get on reading because I have got your back champ!

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. 

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    77 Best Book Blog Ideas

    Fiction Recommendations 

    book blog ideas
    1. 5 Completed Duologies To Read 
    2. Book Series To Read If You Liked ACOTAR Series
    3. Enemies To Lovers Trope – The Best Books This Season!
    4. The Best Grumpy Meets Sunshine Collection
    5. 6 Books About Magic To Read That Is Not Harry Potter
    6. Read These If You Liked (Insert Book Name)
    7. 7 Books To Read If You Love Greek Mythology Retelling
    8.  A List Of The Best Historical Fiction Books To Grab Today!
    9.  Feminists Books You Should Read 
    10.  Books With Plot Twists You Never Saw Coming
    11.  Books I Haven’t Stopped Thinking About Since I Read Them
    12.  Books To Get You Out Of A Reading Slump
    13.  Must-Read Books By Black Authors
    14.  Books With Good Mysteries
    15.  Creepy + Thriller Books You Should Read
    16.  The Best Educational Memoirs
    17.  Books That Will Break Your Heart
    18.  Thrillers I Stayed Up All Night Reading
    19.  Books With Romance And Royalty You Should Read
    20.  Books I’ve Recommended The Most In 2021 (So Far)

    Non – Fiction Book Blog Ideas

    book blog ideas
    1.  Best Inspirational Books
    2.  9 Books To Read To Elevate Your Mindset
    3.  6 Books Every Girl Boss Should Read
    4.  Books Recommendation To Be The Main Character
    5.  Books To Read To Build New Habits
    6.  Books With The Best Productivity Tips
    7.  10 Best Non-Fiction Books Of All Time
    8.  Books That Helps You Understand Yourself
    9.  Books To Educate Yourself On
    10.  Top 10 Memoirs Of All Time
    11.  Non-Fiction Books For Beginners 
    12.  Books To Read To Become ‘That Girl’
    13.  5 Short Non-Fiction Books For A Quick Read
    14.  Self-Help Books You Need To Read
    15.  Non-Fiction Books To Read In Your 20s
    16.  Books For Beginner Entrepreneurs 


    1.  Holiday-Themed Book List
    2.  Period Book List (Books To Read When You’re On An Emotional Roller Coaster)
    3.  Halloween Book List
    4.  Travel Book List
    5.  Famous People Recommendation List


    book blog ideas
    1.  My Massive Book Haul
    2.  Black Friday Book Haul
    3.  I Bought Every Book Recommended On Tiktok + Review
    4.  Book Haul Discount Codes Need!


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      Personal Book Blog Post Ideas

      1.  My TBR (to be read) Pile For The Month Of (Insert Month)
      2.  Book Reviews
      3.  My Recent Reads
      4.  Bookish Things I Own
      5.  Bookish Accessories Every Reader Should Own
      6.  Book Releases I Can’t-Wait For
      7.  My Instant-Buy Authors
      8.  My 5-Star Reads So Far (2021 Edition)
      9.  Wrap-Ups For The Month Of (Insert Month)
      10.  My Reading Goals For The Coming Year
      11.  My Favourite Book Covers
      12.  Book Scenes I Will Never Forget
      13.  Best Places To Shop For Books 
      14.  Where To Buy Preloved/Secondhand Books
      15.  Books That Made Me Uncomfortable
      16.  Book Subscription Box Reviews (Illumicrate, Litjoy, etc)
      17.  Books I Think Are Overrated 
      18.  Books I Think Are Underrated
      19.  Popular Books I Do Not Plan To Read And Why
      20.  Books I DNF (did not finish) And Why
      21.  How To Set Up A Book Journal 
      22.  How To Track Your Reading
      23.  Create A Reading Challenge
      24.  Create A Book Tag
      25.  Fun Ideas For A Virtual Book Club
      26.  The Shortest Book I Have Read + Review
      27.  The Longest Book I Have Read + Review
      28.  How To Get Out Of  A Book Slump
      29.  My Favourite Genre + Why
      30.  Personal Favorite Hardbacks
      31.  A Tour Of My Bookshelf
      32.  Gift Guides For Book Lovers

      Can I Start A Blog About Books?


      Have you been sitting around, wondering how to start a book blog?

       If you are a complete beginner, just like how I was when I started blogging, read this article on how to start a blog

      Now that you have a rough idea of how to start a book blog, these are the steps you can take to perfect them.  

      1.Choose A Niche

      Niching down is one of the crucial steps in creating a blog. Now, what do I mean by that? 

      Let’s say you click on an article about “5 books to read if you like greek retelling”, and it redirects you to a blog. There you find that the blogger has articles on how to perfect the American buttercream, 5 must-have tools for gardening, and 21 tips to start being a minimalist. 

      Seems a little chaotic, isn’t it?

      When you choose to stick to the book niche, try to produce content that revolves around book blog ideas

      Within your book blog, you can continue to niche down by having different categories such as fiction, non-fiction, YA fantasy recommendations, etc. 

      Here are some examples : 

      2.Decide Your Domain Name

      Now it’s time to decide on your domain name. Your domain name is essentially the name of your blog that shows up on the internet.

      Here are some simple tips on choosing a domain name :

      • Do not shy away from .com

      There are a variety of domain extensions such as .net, .org, or .blog. However, stick to the basic .com because it is the most well-known and trustworthy domain extension. 

      Besides, when you have domain extensions like .pizza or .blueberry, it may look like your website is sketchy and untrustworthy.

      • Keep it simple

      Even though it can be tempting to get really creative when you’re coming up with a domain name, try keeping it simple. 

      Your domain name should have easy-to-read words. 

      Try not to include words that can be hard to pronounce, special characters or symbols, or even things like hyphens. The goal is for people to remember your site name and the best way to do that is to stick to something simple. 

      • Keep it relatable

      Your domain name should be relatable to the niche you’re in.

      If your domain is emilyreads but your website is all about finding the best coupon deals across the country, readers will not trust your site. 

      Keep it relatable so that as soon as someone searches for something in your niche, your site is the one that pops up. 

      • Don’t stress about it

      If you can’t think of any catchy title, try out a name generator, or use your own name. Creating your blog should be a fun process. Keep it simple and stick to your niche and you are good to go!

      Are you wondering about a good name for your book blog? 

      There are plenty of book blog name ideas lists for you to look into! 

      If you feel like you’re about to turn purple from deciding on a name, here are some sites with book blog name ideas to simplify the process :

      3.Web Hosting

      If you are wondering how to get paid book blogging for beginners on WordPress, Bluehost is an excellent option to try out as they are one of the finest blogging sites for making money, and these are the reasons why :

      • Their web hosting plans are relatively affordable when compared to other web hosting providers 
      • You will save USD15 when you take up a plan as a free domain name will be given to you
      • You do not have to get your mind cluttered about your website being down or loading slowly again thanks to their dependable and strong service.
      • Reliable 24/7 customer service assistance should you require any

      If you click on this Bluehost link, you can enjoy their efficient hosting services for only USD 2.90 a month! Here is how to get started with Bluehost :

      • Click on this link and you will be directed to the MAIN page of Bluehost
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      • Choose your preferred hosting plan but if you’re starting out as a beginner, I would suggest sticking to the basic plan as there is no need to have high costs that might weigh you down.
      • Fill in your domain name.
      book blog ideas
      • Fill in your account and payment details. A 36-month plan would be the most affordable option but if you don’t want to be tied in for the long term, you may choose a shorter-term plan for a higher premium.
      • Complete your password and you can now log into your account!

      Once you’re all set, WordPress will be automatically installed for you. If you’re still a little confused about setting up a blog, read this detailed guide that will take you through each step on how to set up a blog.

      What Should I Write In A Book Blog?

      When you’re a book blogger, there will be times when you feel like you have run out of unique book blog topics, and you feel imprisoned within your niche. 

      Writing a continuous stream of reviews can get overwhelming and you may feel like your creative process has hit a wall. 

      More often than not, book bloggers tend to wonder what they should write on their blogs. Here are some simple steps to take when you are facing writer’s block :

      Head On Over To Social Media

      Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube are the three most prominent places for book lovers to come together. Do not underestimate the power of bookstagram, booktok, and booktube. 

      Scroll through these feeds to get some ideas on what seems to be trending, the frequently asked recommendations, or the current book trope that everyone seems to be loving. 

      You can then gain some inspiration from these book tags and churn up content from there. 

      Best Bookstagram Accounts

      Write About Some Good Old Booklists

      Every bookworm will need book recommendations for every season. 

      Now that fall season is here, social media is filled with fall-themed books. Take inspirations from different times of the year and create content based on them. 

      Your content does not have to be limited to seasons, your book lists post could be a Period Book List, Netflix And Chill Book List, Travel Book List, Valentine Book List, Historical Romance Book List, and the list goes on. 

      Get creative and go ahead with these book lists!

      Monthly Wrap-Ups

      I don’t know about you, but I like to see what my fellow readers are reading for the month just to see if there are any other books I can add to my never-ending TBR pile. 

      If you’re consistently reading, you can come up with a monthly wrap-up video, detailing all the books you have read for the month. 

      This way, when you feel like you have completely run out of ideas to write about, at least you will have one book blog post up every month!

      Do Book Bloggers Make Money?


      Similar to how a foodie makes money from their blog, a book blogger can earn a great stream of passive income through a book blog!

      These are some of the most profitable ways you can start monetizing your blog if you are a beginner! 

      Sponsored Posts

      A common way for a blogger to make money from their blog, is through a sponsored blog post. You get paid to talk about a brand or product you like, provide information about how you use it or how it might help others, and you get paid for it.

      So you’re casually scrolling through social media and you see your favorite influencers post up on their stories about the best gua sha tool to achieve that razor-sharp jawline. You then see them put a little disclaimer that this is a ‘sponsored post.’ 

      This simply means that your favorite influencer is getting paid to talk about the product. 

      Affiliate Marketing

      Affiliate marketing is when you get paid a commission when someone uses your affiliate link to purchase a product. 

      For every sale the company makes, you get a cut out of it. 

      Say you’re already recommending the best book embossers out there, why not earn some money while you’re at it?

      However, the simplest way for you to monetize your book blog through affiliate marketing is through Amazon Affiliate Program because let’s face it, almost everyone runs to Amazon to purchase a book. It is an easy source. 

      For every book recommendation, link it to your affiliate link so that you can reap the rewards every time your reader makes a book purchase. The fantastic part about the Amazon Affiliate Program is that you will earn a commission on anything that is purchased on the site. 

      Yeap, you read that right. 

      If your reader click on your link, goes on to the Amazon website but chooses to purchase a toilet cleaner instead, you will still earn a commission. Amazing isn’t it?

      Here is a great guide on affiliate marketing for you to learn more about this income avenue.

      Display Advertising

      Bloggers often use display advertising as one of their earliest methods of monetization. It’s simple to get started with display advertising, and they have proven to be quite profitable over time.

      Joining an advertising network is the simplest method to place adverts on your site.

      Where Can I Find Book Blog Inspiration?

      As an avid reader myself, my interest in reading extends beyond the books on my shelf. 

      If you’re anything like me and you are constantly curious about what’s going on in the literary world, from the latest best-selling book to the most talked-about book on social media, here’s a neatly compiled list of book inspiration to check out!

      Book Blog Examples 

      Best Booktokkers 


      There you go, 77 of the best book blog ideas for you to write about that will keep your readers coming back for more. 

      Whenever I stumble upon another book recommendation post or video, I groan at the damage I am about to do to my bank account, but I am always excited to find new suggestions. 

      Run through this list of book blog topics and organize them based on your preference. You have got your content laid out and ready to go!

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