17 Best Wood Crafts That Sell At Flea Markets

Are you looking for the best wood crafts that sell at flea markets?

There are many health benefits to working with your hands. Woodwork is one of the things that you can do to reap these benefits. 

Apart from the health benefits, you can also turn it into a way to earn some money by pursuing wood projects that make money.

You will find all the best wood crafts to sell at flea markets in this article as well as other important information about how to do this well.


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17 Best Wood Crafts That Sell At Flea Markets

1. Wooden Toys

woodworking that makes money

If you are looking for woodworking that makes money at flea markets, you need to make children’s toys.

Parents like wooden toys because they are made from natural materials. They can also be more durable than toys made from materials like plastic.

Make sure that you only use non-toxic materials for children’s toys.

2. Wooden Utensils

woodworking that makes money

A lot of people are trying to be more sustainable and one of the ways to do this is by using reusable wooden utensils instead of plastic ones.

You can make a variety of utensils and even customize them with names or patterns.

3. Picture Frames

Picture frames are an easy woodcraft to make and can be a great project for beginners to make and start selling.

When you display your picture frame at the flea market, add a picture to make it more attractive to customers.

4. Signs

wood projects that make money

Wooden signs with quotes or names have become a very popular decoration for homes and even weddings.

If you can make these types of signs, you will be able to find customers who would like to buy them.

Although these signs are often customized, you should have a few samples for buyers to look at so they can envision how their signs will look.

5. Jewelry Boxes

homemade wood crafts to sell

Wooden jewelry boxes are very popular crafts to sell at flea markets. They are not hard to make and most people have a use for them.

If you have the skills, you could even carve some patterns on the jewelry box to make it more unique and attractive.

6. Bookshelves

Wood Crafts That Sell At Flea Markets

Sturdy wooden bookshelves are always in high demand at woodwork stalls in flea markets.

If you see a customer hesitating over a shelf, chances are they are not sure if it will fit in their home. Try to have bookshelves of different sizes so that you can meet the needs of different customers.

7. Birdhouses

woodworking that makes money

Wooden birdhouses are great homemade wood crafts to sell at flea markets. 

They are quite simple to make but the final product looks really good. You can test different designs to find the ones that are most popular with your customers.

8. Bowls

woodworking projects that sell well

Wooden bowls are popular items at woodcraft stalls in flea markets. Everyone has a use for a bowl and they are usually not too expensive.

Make bowls in different sizes so that your customers can find the ones that will work the best for them.

9. Clocks

wood crafts that sell well at a flea market

If you can make wooden clocks, your stall will be a popular one at the flea market.

These intricately designed clocks are fascinating to both adults and children alike. 

You can work with a clock-maker or order the clock part and fit it into your creation.

10. Baby Cradles

Wood Crafts That Sell At Flea Markets

Parents are always on the lookout for well-made wooden cradles for their babies and they are willing to spend the money to get a good one.

Since this is for babies, you will want to make sure that the cradles are made from the best materials and have the necessary safety features.

11. Chopping Board

wood crafts that sell well at a flea market

Wooden chopping blocks are easy to make and popular with buyers. This makes them a great craft for you to make and sell at flea markets.

Choose hard, close-grained wood like maple to make your chopping blocks from so that they will be more durable and better able to resist bacteria.

12. Wind Chimes

wood projects that make money

Wood may not be the first material that comes to mind when you think of wind chimes. But wood is a great material to make wind chimes from. 

The sound that is produced by wooden wind chimes is more mellow than those made from metal or glass.

Hang a few of these up at your stall in the flea market and let the sound of the wind chimes bring your customers to you.

13. Coasters

wood crafts that sell well at a flea market

Wooden coasters are another easy project for beginners and you can try different designs.

These are popular items at flea markets because most people need them and they are usually quite cheap. 

You will need to waterproof your wooden coasters so that they don’t get damaged easily. Polyurethane or spar varnish is great for this purpose.

Sell your wooden coasters in sets or individually.

14. Squirrel Feeders

wood projects that make money

Squirrel feeders are becoming more popular and are great for people who enjoy watching the antics of squirrels.

They are quite easy to make and there are a variety of different designs that you can choose to make. 

15. Knife Blocks

homemade wood crafts to sell

A knife block made out of wood is a great project for beginners. It is not too hard to make and is very useful for everyone.

The main thing you will need to do is make sure that the slots for the knives are big enough but not too big. It’s always better to start with narrow slots and then make them wider if you need to.

16. Coffee Tables

homemade wood crafts to sell

Coffee tables are popular for customers who are looking for wooden furniture. They are not too hard to make and you can be as creative as you want with the size and pattern.

Just be sure that your coffee tables are stable as this is one of the main things that customers will be looking for.

17. Salt & Pepper Shakers

best wood crafts to sell

Salt and pepper shakers are great projects to make from leftover wood from other projects. 

If you know how to carve, you can also make different shapes. Shakers that are shaped like animals always look cute and sell well. 

Can You Sell Crafts At A Flea Market?

Flea markets are a great place to sell your crafts at. 

There is a great appreciation for handmade wood crafts and people often visit flea markets to find well-made and unique products.

If you’re not sure what kind of wood crafts that sell well at a flea market, just visit a few and see what people are buying there.

What Wooden Crafts Sell Best At Flea Markets?

If you’re trying to make some money from woodworking, I’m sure you want to know what are some of the woodworking projects that sell well.

In general, wood crafts that sell best at flea markets are items that are:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry
  • Can last a long time
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials
  • Unique

Easiest Wood Crafts To Make And Sell At Flea Markets

Even if you are a beginner at woodworking, you can still make wood crafts to sell at craft shows or flea markets. 

Here are some of the easiest woodworking projects to make money:

  • Chopping boards
  • Storage bins
  • Simple shelves
  • Wine racks
  • Signs
  • Picture frames
  • Planters

Even if you don’t know how to make very complicated wood crafts, you can still make money from these. Especially if you can decorate or customize them to make them more unique.

Most Profitable Woodworking Projects To Build And Sell At Flea Markets

There are two approaches to take when choosing the best woodworking projects to make the biggest profit.

Easy And Cheap

Make items that are easy to make and that sell at a high volume. These items are usually small and have cheaper prices. 

You will need to make a lot of them to make a big profit.

Examples: utensils, bowls, boxes, small toys

Detailed And More Expensive

If you have the time and skills to make items that are larger or have more details and are more intricately made, you can charge higher prices for these wood crafts and make more profit from each item that you sell. 

If you are not sure that you will be able to sell the items, be careful about spending too much time and resources on making too many products at once. 

If you are making large items you will also need to make sure that you have enough space to store your stock until you can sell them.

Examples: furniture, products with intricate carving, customized crafts

Tips For Selling Handmade Wood Crafts At Markets

woodworking projects that sell well

1. Choose The Right Flea Markets

Check out the different flea markets where you want to sell your wood crafts and see what kind of items are sold there and what wood crafts sell the best. 

It’s unlikely that you will be able to sell many products if you try to sell your wood crafts at a place where people are not looking to buy them. Even if you have chosen the best wood crafts that sell well. 

2. Arrange Your Wood Crafts Well

Once you have chosen the best flea markets to sell your wood crafts, the next step is to arrange your wood crafts. 

You should find a way to display all your products in a way that makes it easy for buyers to see them and examine them.

Don’t allow your space to get too cluttered or crowded. If you have a lot of stock for some items, don’t display all of them at once to avoid your space getting too crowded.

Sometimes it can be good to have some props to display your wood crafts better or show how they can be used.

3. Set The Right Prices

Price is one of the most important factors that will determine how much money you can make from woodworking. 

When you are deciding a price, you need to take into account your materials, time, effort, as well as other resources that you used. 

It can be quite hard to settle on the right price when you are making woodworking projects for profit.

If you set a price that is too low, you won’t be able to earn a profit.

If you set a price that is too high, you may not have any buyers.

If you’re not sure how to set the right prices, you can see how other people are pricing their homemade wood crafts to sell and try to set comparable prices.

Important Tip: Make sure the prices for your crafts are clearly labeled so that it is easy for your customers to see.

4. Have Enough Stock

Have a few pieces of each type of wood crafts to sell at flea market settings so that you don’t run out while there are still interested customers.

You will normally sell more items that are smaller and cheaper so you should make sure that you have plenty of these types of items. 

5. Give Your Customers More

If possible, try to give your customers a little bit more by offering customization services for people to add names, quotes, sports teams, or something similar. It can turn your wood craft into a special one-of-a-kind item for them.


Wood crafting may be a hobby for some people but it can also be turned into a way to make some money if you choose the right craft wood products to make.

Now that you know about the best wood crafts that sell at flea markets, you can start working on these projects and making some money from them.

17 Best Wood Crafts That Sell At Flea Markets

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