130+ Summer Blog Post Ideas By Niche In 2022!

Are you running out of summer blog post ideas to write for this upcoming summer holiday? 

Or have you simply encountered the problem that all bloggers will face – writer’s block? 

The summer cocktails, beach holidays, flirty summer dresses are some exciting topics that you can write about for this hot season. But there are many more creative summer blog post ideas that you can talk about for your lifestyle blog. 

With your lifestyle blog, you can break it down into different niches and explore all the possible topics to discuss, from food to finances. 

To make your life simpler, I have created a list of possible summer blog post ideas for you. Even if you are not running a lifestyle blog, you can still get some inspiration from this article according to the niches. 

So let’s get blogging about summer!

Here are some of the things we will be looking at:

  • Summer Blog Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers
  • Summer Blog Post Ideas For Fashion Bloggers
  • Summer Food Blog Ideas
  • Summer Blog Topics For Parents And Family
  • Summer Mom Blog Post Ideas
  • Summer Blog Post Ideas For Fashion Bloggers
  • Home and Garden Decor Summer Blog Post Ideas
  • Summer Health & Fitness Blog Post Ideas
  • Finance Summer Blog Post Ideas


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summer blog post ideas

Summer Blog Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers

Here are some general summer blog post ideas that don’t really have any specific niches. They are rather broad, so they can be used by lifestyle bloggers:

1. Share a summer Spotify playlist on your blog

2. Summer bucket list for couples

3. Books you want to read this summer

4. Share your back-to-school routine

5. How to spend the perfect summer day or night

6. Create a guide to local beaches or lakes in your area

7. Review a seafood menu at a local restaurant

8. Share your top picks to dine in this summer

9. Share what’s in your beach bag

10. Reasons to love the summer period

11. How to fall in love with the summer season

12. Summer season bucket list goals

13. The best things about the summer season

14. Why summer is the best season of the year

15. The best songs for your summer playlist

16. The hottest summer trends for this year

17. Top ideas for outdoor summer proposals

18. Top things you need to do this summer

19. The best daily routines for this summer holiday

20. Why you are happier if you wake up early in the summer

summer blog post ideas for fashion bloggers

Summer Blog Post Ideas For Fashion Bloggers

If you are running a beauty and fashion niche, you can talk about some of these specific fashion blog post ideas this summer. 

1. How to treat sunburn under $20

2. How to get a tan without getting sunburn

3. How to avoid thigh rub!

4. Stylish hats that look amazing while protecting your skin

5. Stylish items that keep you looking cool and protect your skin from getting sunburned

6. Top swimsuit picks that won’t leave awful tan lines

7. Things you need in your purse to look your best this summer

8. Hot summer hairstyles for the at-home lifestyle

9. Ways to get the easy wavy beach hair

10.20 Hairstyles that aren’t a bun for hot summer days

11. Comfortable sandals that won’t melt during a scorcher

12. Favorite summer finds on Amazon

13. Favorite brands’ summer collection

14. What to wear to a casual summer BBQ/wedding/etc

15. Top 10 heat-proof summer make up products under $50

16. Light and refreshing skincare routine that won’t break you out

17. Do a comparison of popular/natural sunscreens

summer blog post ideas food blog ideas

Summer Food Blog Ideas

What is summer without all the food and drinks? Time for your to shine and share some recipes with your readers!

1. Top 5 favorite summer cocktails

2. Top 10 alcohol-free drinks 

3. Delicious mocktails with fresh fruit

4. Refreshing gin cocktails with simple ingredients in your fridge

5. Summer wine and appetizer pairings

6. 10 lemonade recipes everyone needs to try

7. Fun popsicle or frozen treats using fruits

8. Cold meal ideas for a summer party

9. Lettuce wrapped meal ideas

10 .10 Fun fruit summer salads with only 5 ingredients

11. Refreshing and light meals for scorching hot days

12. Vegan and dairy-free pasta recipes for hot days

13. 50 Food festival ideas throughout the summer

14. Easy finger foods for your road trip

15. Simple summer salads with five ingredients

16. Delicious BBQ meals that make for amazing leftovers

17. Yummy chocolate desserts that are perfect for hot weather

18. How to eat healthy without depriving yourself this summer

19. Tips for healthy eating on keto/vegan/gluten-free etc. diets this season

summer blog post ideasTopics For Parents And Family

Summer Blog Topics For Parents And Family

To all parents, where are you? Are you ready to bring your kids out on holiday? Here are some parenting advice and ideas to keep your kids busy all summer long: 

1. Fun kids-appropriate outdoor activities 

2. Best indoor activities for kids when the weather is too hot

3. Pet-friendly parks to take kids in your area

4. Best water parks for kids in your area

5. Best parks to bring your kid for a picnic 

6. Picnic ideas for this summer 

7.10 Summer birthday blog post ideas 

8. Safety swimming tips for parents and kids

9. Easy and delicious BBQ recipes that are not too spicy for your kids

10. Simple DIY and craft ideas for your kids

11. Summer hiking tips and places with little kids

12. How to introduce your kids to camp this summer

13. How to keep your kids hydrated and healthy in the summer heat

14. Basic First-Aid tips from outdoor play

15. A guide to teaching your child to roller skate/ride a bike/scooter

16. Guide on how to create a kid-friendly backyard for summer play

17. How to teach your child to ride a bike guide

Summer Mom Blog Post Ideas

Summer Mom Blog Post Ideas

Are you due soon this summer? Many new moms would want your advice on keeping their babies safe for this hot season. You can write on some of these ideas. 

1. Summer cooling baby foods to snack on

2. How to safely keep a baby’s room cool

3. How to dress your baby for the heat

4. Some Safety tips for taking your baby to the beach

5. Must-have items for your baby beach bag

6. Gift guide for your pregnant wife over the summer

7. Flirty maternity clothes that are perfect for hot days

8. Best beauty products for pregnancy moms (with SPF)

9. First foods for baby’s trying solids this summer

10. Seasonal baby-proofing tips

11. Summer car seat safety tips to keep your baby cool

12. How to keep your baby safe under the sun – 10 essentials items 

13. Pregnancy announcement ideas for this summer

14. Summer gender reveal party ideas

15. New hot mom summer outfit ideas

16. Hot weather-specific hospital bag checklist

17. Things to do with a new baby over the summer

18. Cute outfit ideas for babies to wear in hot weather

19. Mom and baby matching summer outfits ideas 

20.10 tips to keep your baby less grumpy under the heat

Home And Garden Decor Summer Blog Post Ideas

Home decoration is also a profitable niche to be in. If you are thinking of starting a new blog or new subsection under your blog, here are a few summer blog post ideas for writers in the niche of home decoration:

1. 20 home renovations ideas during the summer

2. Home improvement ideas for warm weather

3. How to start a simple vegetable garden

5. Easy garden routines for the perfect lawn and yard

6. Best paints to use for this summer to keep your house cool

7. Summer decor tips for your garden

8. How to make your house smell good?

9. What are some outdoor living trends and decorations?

10. 20 front porch inspiration: how to decorate your entryway

11. A quick summer maintenance activities guide for your home

12. DIY landscaping ideas 

13. Creative outdoor space ideas for small gardens

Summer Health & Fitness Blog Post Ideas

Summer Health & Fitness Blog Post Ideas

If you are running out of ideas under this niche, you can talk about how to stay in shape, some mental health options, and outdoor activity options. 

1. Best parks to host a group fitness class

2. The perfect weekend summer day routine for mental health

3. Fun ways to work out during the summer period and keep in shape

4. How to set up a yoga space in your backyard

5. Ways to keep fit on hot days

6. How to work on a beach body

7. Scenic places to workout this summer

8 .Summer running/cycling/swimming tips

9. How to stay hydrated while working out on hot days

10. Low-calorie alternatives to your favorite summer foods and drinks

11. Easy workout routine to stay lean

12. Hydration alternatives to a bottle of water

13. Best fans for hot indoor gyms

14. A guide to outdoor workouts

15. Recommend comfortable workout clothes for hot weather

16. Best gear for outdoor workouts

17. A couples’ outdoor fitness routine guide

18. Hotels that feature great fitness equipment

Finance Summer Blog Post Ideas

Want to know some saving money tips and personal blog post ideas under finance for  this summer? 

Take a look at these topics:

1. Tips for saving money on summer vacation

2. How to earn extra money this summer as a blogger

3. Free things to do in your city this summer

4. Cheap and fun summer activities

5. How to save on utilities during summer

6. A budget travel road trip guide with friends

7. Free art galleries and museums you can visit

Arts And Crafts Summer Blog Post Ideas

1. Easy summer DIY projects for adults

2. Profitable DIY crafts to make and sell this summer

3. Fun and creative outdoor crafts ideas

4. Online craft classes to take this summer

5. Best craft blogs to inspire your summer DIY projects

6. Summer art classes to take at your local art center

7. Online stores to get your art and crafts kits under $50

frequently asked questions summer blog post ideas


What Are Lifestyle Blogs?

A lifestyle blog is best defined as a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests. Depending on their personal interests and daily activities, a blogger in this niche usually comes up with inspiring content. The contents should also be curated to a few niches under the same blog.

Do You Need A Niche To Blog?

Although most common advice would say your blog needs a specific niche, you should also write about topics that excite you. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend time writing things that do not interest you at all. Hence, this is good advice but is only half true. So, plan your content wisely!

How Many Views Is Good For A Blog? 

In general, you should have around 100,000 monthly pageviews if you have been blogging for more than 3 years. However, it really depends on how engaging and meaningful your content is and if you have built a loyal community.There are many people with 100,000+ pageviews but still earning less. Thus, focus on providing more value to your audience. 

Also, its important to remember that views mean nothing unless you can earn from them! Learn how to monetize your traffic! 

Well, I can go on and on with more summer blog post ideas, but these are a few to get you ready to batch out your content for this coming summer. 

Writing seasonal content, such as from the summer to winter, is actually a brilliant way to drive traffic up to your site throughout the whole year.

After reading this article, I hope you get some inspiration and perhaps improvise on these summer blog post ideas. 

Are you ready for the summer? Before hopping onto your summer holiday, you may want to take some time to fix your blog for this upcoming summer and create good quality content for your readers! 

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