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Blogs For Sale: 10 Places To Buy And Sell Blogs In 2023

Have you started or thought about looking for blogs for sale?  

There are lots of good reasons to choose this route over starting a blog from scratch. 

For example – if you want to speed up the process of getting google traffic, you’re not sure what niche to choose, or you want to own a blog that is already making money.

Because, by doing this, you have a ready-made working blog.  Or will you?  

There are definitely some pitfalls to buying established websites and this article will shine a light on those issues, including some mistakes I’ve made which were painful at the time :(.

But now I’m happy to share so you don’t have to go through the same pain as me.

I changed my life this year by taking 2 of the best website flipping courses. They helped me learn about website flipping and prepared me to buy 2 blogs (numbers 4 and 5 ). 

Although if you want to sell your blog they will also be extremely useful.

1.Deep Dive Course On Website Flipping

2.The Aged Domain Course

These courses taught me all I needed to know to get started, in just a couple of weeks! If I’d tried to do this by myself, I’m pretty sure it would have taken me years.

I immediately bought 1 blog after taking the courses and have since bought 1 more!

They’re already bringing in money and I’m contemplating flipping them soon for 6 figures (I’ll be sure to update you when I do this!).

I shared the down-low on what I learned in these courses and which course is best for who, in this article about website flipping.

Blogs for sale

10 Best Places To Buy Blogs For Sale

1.The Website Flip


3.Empire Flippers



6.Motion Invest

7.FE International

8.Quiet Light Brokerage

9.Blog Owners

10.Facebook Groups

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10 Best Places To Buy Blogs For Sale

Read on to find out more about the best blog selling websites.  

These sites have turnkey blogs for sale and also blogs that need a bit of love.

 These sites are mainly based in the USA but if you live overseas you can of course search blogs for sale in the UK or other parts of the world. 

Whichever site you choose, they are all great options to buy niche blogs.

1.The Website Flip

The Website Flip is run by Mushfiq Sarker

It calls itself a website brokerage and is different to the other websites mentioned in this list.  They don’t have a website to buy or sell blogs online.

Rather they market niche blogs for sale directly to their audience through a newsletter (see a screenshot of the newsletter above) and social media (Twitter, Facebook page and Facebook group – for advanced flippers only).

Blogs for sale

They value websites and organize the data that’s relevant to you as a buyer, then connect you to the seller directly.  

It’s up to you to then negotiate and complete the sale with the seller.

They also offer consultancy services, such as doing the due diligence on a website you want to buy. 

 If you’re new to buying a site, you may want to do this, at least the first time.


Flippa is the largest marketplace with blog sites for sale and also online businesses and other digital assets.

Each listing includes information about traffic, site age, the platform where it’s published and monetization strategies.

After signing up, you can also contact the blog seller directly.

Flipper charges the seller a listing fee and a success fee, with the whole transaction taking place through the site.

The commissions for selling a site are as follows: 

  • $1 – $49,000 – 10%
  • $50,000 – $99,999 – 8%
  • $100,000 – $999,999 – 6%
  • $1,000,000 – $4,999,999 – 5%
  • 5M – 10M – 4%

A few other interesting details to mention are that Flippa will beat any success fees offered by a competing, comparable platform or external brokerage by 1%.

They also do not charge buyers any fees.

Here is more detailed information on Flippa fees.

After you’ve paid the blog seller, you get access and control of the blog and any social media accounts and so on. 

3.Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers has sold over $400 million worth of online businesses, which include blog websites for sale. 

They promise to walk you through the payment process and also the migration of all assets and the site over to you.

Start by searching the site, then become a verified buyer so you can access the URLs of the listings you want more information on and start doing your due diligence.

To become a verified buyer, you just need to show proof of funds

You can do this either by allowing the platform to connect to your bank (US only) to verify your bank balance.

Or you can upload financial documents with a date within the last 3 months, that clearly show funds you are verifying and contain your full name / company name.  

The types of financial documents accepted: 

  • Bank account statement
  • Stock portfolio
  • CPA letter
  • Home equity line of credit (HELOC)
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Retirement account
  • Other Available Credit Status

For more detailed information see this page on the Empire Flippers website.

This also means that you can view up to 10 businesses within your price range for free.

As a buyer you get access to a business advisor who will assist you with getting information from the seller, answering questions and giving you advice.


Investors.Club is one of the newer blog selling sites. 

It was launched in 2020 by Andrej Ilisin. He decided to launch this broker-free site after some not-great experiences as a website seller on other platforms.

There are no buyer fees when you buy a site from Investors.Club.  

Despite this, they still offer escrow, manage the transfer, inspect sites and draft legal documents. 

Blogs for sale

They have SEOs on staff who review the underlying technology used, content quality, domain strength, backlinks, indexation and so on. 

They even provide a SWOT analysis so you can quickly assess a site’s strengths and more importantly weaknesses.

Here is a sample report of a website’s strengths and weaknesses.

I love that the report not only talks about the site’s states to date, but also gives an overview of where a site sits compared to its competitors and also where it could be heading.

5.Niche Investor

Niche Investor is run by Chelsea of herpaperroute

 The site specializes in established websites for sale, as well as blogs, niche digital assets and E-commerce businesses. 

6.Motion Invest

Motion Invest specializes in selling blogs that are making as little as $20 per month. 

Buyers must go through a due diligence process ahead of listing their site, which is great for giving you peace of mind as a buyer.

To purchase a site under $2,000 you must pay the whole amount to secure your purchase, for a site worth more than that you must pay $1000 is non-refundable deposit, to secure the site you want

As a buyer you must also pay $3 per page if you’d like the company to help you swap out affiliate links on more than the top 20 pages (up to 20 pages is free).

After that, you go through the usual steps of signing the contract and paying the remaining funds.  Their team will then assist you with the transfer of assets and pay the seller.

Sellers don’t pay a listing fee, they only pay a success fee. The commission depends on the sale price of the site you are selling.  These rates are as follows:

  • 20% under $20,000
  • 15% $20,000 – $50,000
  • 10% $50,000 – $100,000
  • 7% $100,000$500,000
  • 5% over $500,000

7.FE International

FE International has been around since 2010 and done over $1 billion worth of business, so you can be sure you’ll find established websites for sale with them! 

 They sell e-commerce, technology and SaaS sites along with content sites.   

You have an advisor to help you through the process. 

For each site you’re interested in you receive a prospectus usually including traffic, market trends, business operations, financial performance growth opportunities, continuing obligations and so on.

I contacted FE International to find out what they charge sellers and got a quick and professional response from Max Alderman M&A Senior Associate. 

He let me know that they do not publish their fees and that they are given to sellers on a case-by-case basis. “The costs depend on the size of the business, complexities, and nuances.”

In addition, FE International does not charge sellers listing fees, they only charge a success fee when the deal is completed.

To find out the costs for selling your site with FE International, send them an email with the following information:

  • The URL of your business;
  • Your revenue over the last 12 months; and
  • Your net income over the last 12 months.

Max was able to let me know that there is an administrative fee of $1,000 for buyers due as of the Closing Date of a transaction.

8.Quiet Light Brokerage

Quiet Light Brokerage has been around for over a decade and sells different types of sites such as SaaS, eCommerce membership and of course content sites.  

A unique difference of Quiet Light Brokerage is that the advisors only come from entrepreneurial backgrounds, so they understand what it means to be a business owner.  

Each site has its own advisor to answer your questions and take you through the process of buying a site.

Quiet Light works on behalf of sellers and only charges a fee IF they sell your business.  The minimum fee is $25,000

They have adopted the following Modern Lehman brokerage fee structure

 This way of structuring fees is laid out below and was provided directly from Quiet Light when contacted by email:

  • 15% of the first $500,000 in Value, plus
  • 5% of the second $500,000 in Value, plus
  • 9% of the second $1,000,000 in Value, plus
  • 8% of the third $1,000,000 in Value, plus
  • 7% of the fourth $1,000,000 in Value, plus
  • 6% of the fifth $1,000,000 in Value, plus
  • 5% of the sixth $1,000,000 in Value, plus
  • 4% of the seventh $1,000,000 in Value, plus
  • 3% of everything above $7,000,000 in Value.

To understand the full fee you would be charged, see below:

Blogs for sale

Table provided by Quiet Light via email.

9.Blog Owners

This is self-explanatory, you’re looking for blogs for sale by owners. 

They may advertise it directly on their site or you could reach out to the blog owner to ask if they want to sell their blog.

If they’re interested but have no idea of what it’s worth, you can use one of the free evaluation tools provided by some of the brokers mentioned above. 

 Here are examples from Investors.Club, Motion Invest, Website Flip and Empire Flippers.

Be sure to use an escrow service to make your payment to ensure you don’t lose your money.

Blog escrow services are a fundamental part of buying and selling a blog, according to blog buying & selling expert Mushfiq Sarker of the Websiteflip.  

He goes on to explain that an escrow service “is a third-party middleman that is used to protect all parties in a sale transaction.” is one such service.

For more detailed information on what an escrow service is and why bloggers should use one, check out Mushfiq’s detailed article here.

Blogs for sale

10.Facebook Groups

If you’re already a part of the blogging community, no doubt you’ve joined blogging Facebook groups and have seen blogs for sale.

Buying a blog from Facebook comes with pros and cons:  

For example, if you’re buying from an active member of the group, you may well be able to see the history of their posts in the Facebook group about the blog they’re selling.

This could give you an insight into their experience and how they manage their blog.  

This could tell you whether it’s well run or not.

As with buying directly from a seller, you must ensure that you do your due diligence and also do the sale through an escrow account to protect your money.

Best Practices For Buying A Blog (Learn From My Mistakes!)

Let’s use the buying a house analogy. 

 When you’re buying a house, even if you’re planning on renovating it, you still want to buy a house with a sound structure, so you don’t have to start ripping it apart, putting out structural beams etc. 

Blogs for sale

If you have to start ripping a blog apart – think – changing the theme, replacing shoddy AI content, you may as well start from scratch and set up your own blog – it will be a lot cheaper and way less of a headache (trust me, learn from my mistakes on this one!).

1.Choose A Niche That’s Profitable

For a blog to make money, you need a niche where there is money to be made.  So, there needs to be demand and a market for the niche. 

Choose a niche that already has an audience and that is/can be monetized.

 To learn more about what blogging niches are profitable, start with these articles I wrote on the topic. 

But if you want all my tips and tricks, check out my profitable niche course.  

In it, I teach you everything you need to know about finding a profitable blogging niche, even if you have ZERO experience.  

I even show you how to find hundred of low competition keywords, how to find easy monetization opportunities that are simple to implement and totally passive:

Bonus tip: Don’t purchase a blog that’s URL is too niched down and doesn’t allow you to expand. For example: a site with the URL, will only allow you to recommend lawnmowers.

Blogs for sale

2.Understand The Niche

As well as choosing a profitable niche, it’s wise to go with a niche that you already understand. 

This will help you pre and post-purchase, as you can use your know-how to help you with your due diligence. 

For example, knowing if the content is relevant and then once you’ve purchased the blog, this knowledge will help you plan and create content (whether you do this yourself or outsource it).

3.SEO – On Page And Off

  • Are the links good or are they “bad”, for example: BPN?
  • If there are any 301 redirects – analyze them
  • Are the posts SEO optimized? If not, it doesn’t mean it’s bad – as it could be an easy way for you to add value to the site.

To really understand SEO, check out my SEO Blog Post Training course where you’ll learn how I get 180,000+ views on my site, even though I used to be just as terrified as you about tech, SEO and all things blogging!  

In the course I teach you how I went from 7000 to over 100,000 pageviews in 7 months and how you can do the same.

To learn everything you’ll get in this SEO course, check out the information page:

4.Check What The Traffic Is Doing

The value of a blog lies in its traffic trends and history, which means if you can find high traffic websites for sale, you’ll be winning!  

  • Verify the authenticity of yearly, monthly and daily traffic, using Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Is the niche seasonal? I.e will you earn only in summer and during the holidays, and then nada/zip/zilch for the rest of the time?
  • Is the traffic diverse and where does it come from?  If 90% of the traffic is coming from Pinterest and social media and only 10% from SEO – you may want to work out why.  Again this doesn’t have to be a bad thing – as there could be room here for you to add value by optimizing the SEO and GROW the blog.
Blogs for sale
  • What is the bounce rate/time on page of readers?
  • Is there room for growth?  Where?  How?  SEO? Digital products?  A better ad network?
  • If there was a big drop in traffic or traffic fluctuations/highs/lows, ask the seller why

Think about your plan to grow the site and ask the seller what they would do if they were in your shoes.

5.Domain, Website (And Seller) History

  • Was the domain used for anything else in the past? Use the waybackmachine to find out.
  • Has it been registered several times?
  • What can you find out about the seller?  Are they reliable and trustworthy?

Bonus tip – ask the seller why they are selling. 

To learn more about this topic, I recommend (and have taken) Mushfiq’s Aged Domain Course.  

In this course, you learn how to find and use aged domains and also do proper due diligence. 

You’ll also get to see real-world examples, including successes and failures!

6.Content Type, Quality & Cost

  • As mentioned above, what is the onpage SEO like?
  • Have humans or AI created the content? Fun fact – one of the blogs I bought, I found out later was mostly AI-produced content – this has caused me no end of headaches – “Google update” anyone? Please learn from my mistake here
  • Check for plagiarized posts and PLR content using Copyscape
  • Is it expensive to buy content in this niche? Some content niches are more expensive than others, example health sites
Blogs for sale


Learn from another of my mistakes when it comes to themes.  The same blog I mentioned before that turned out to have mostly AI content also had a dud theme (Divi)… 

 It’s a nightmare to get rid of and update themes with this installed.  

I worked out that I could have started a blog from scratch and got it up and running faster myself, than all the time I spent sorting out this nightmare theme.

8.Monetization & Blog Income 

Rule number 1 here. VERIFY, VERIFY, VERIFY ALL the income sources!  

Especially if you use a service where it’s on you to do the due diligence. This is another learning from my own personal experience…  

Not all profitable blogs for sale are actually profitable.

I bought a blog from a site and the income never transpired (very sad face).

 But we live and learn right?! 

That will NEVER happen to me again, and now hopefully, you will never fall for “income producing” websites for sale that don’t actually produce income!

You can verify income through screenshots or better yet, video. Compare their P&L figures to the screenshots/videos. Also, check to see if what they’re earning matches industry averages.

Blogs for sale

How is the site making money? Were there any highs or lows? If so, why?

  • Ad network – if so, which one?  Can you add value here? I.e. upgrade from AdSense to MediaVine or AdThrive?
  • Affiliates
  • Digital products
  • Unique partnerships/arrangements – Ask if there are any of these specific to the seller. For example, sellers might get an affiliate commission rate of 40%, based on their portfolio of sites BUT will this be transferred over to the new buyer who might only have 1 site and therefore get a reduced commission rate.

Again, there’s no right or wrong answer here.  

If you can’t find a monetized blog for sale, but you know how to fix a non-monetized blog, you could make a killing.  

On the flipside, If the blog is monetized – great!  You have instant income once the blog is yours. Cha-ching! Just remember to verify the income is real.

Also, DO think about the future.  Can this niche/content survive for the long run?  Is the income diverse or can you make it diverse? Ask the seller what they would do.

9.What’s The Blog Worth?

Don’t overpay or only focus on cheap blogs for sale.  

Check recent blog sales and make sure you’re paying the correct multiple (currently around 35x, of the monthly profit).  

If you can pay less than this for a valuable blog, great! 

 But if the owner is asking less, ask yourself why?  Is it because they just don’t know the market?  

Or is there an underlying issue with the blog/niche etc that you haven’t thought of yet?

10.Start With The End In Mind (Passive Income Or Flip)

What is your end goal?  Make sure you contemplate the question “what if I want to sell my blog at some stage”? Or whether you want to keep this digital asset long-term. 

I hope I don’t sound like a broken record – but again, there’s no wrong or right answer here… Just keep this in mind.

FAQ On Blogs For Sale

How Much Do Blogs Sell For?

How much do blogs currently sell for? To find a reasonable selling price, take the average monthly net profit of the blog over the past six to twelve months, times a specific multiple. According to expert Mushfiq Sarker, this multiple is currently anywhere from 35-45 times your monthly average profit.

Why Should I Buy A Blog?

You should buy a blog because blogging will always be worth it especially if you find a niche you are passionate about. You can earn a great ROI, passive income, grow the blog, then choose to keep it for the passive income or flip it for a profit.

Should I Buy An Established Blog Or A “Starter” Blog?

The answer to whether you should buy established blogs for sale or a “starter” blog is: yes, it is ‘worth it’ to buy a blog site – whether it’s established or not.  The answer for you will depend on how much money you have to invest and how much work you want to put in after buying a blog.

Can You Buy Blog Posts?

Yes you can buy blog posts! Often, the best solution is to buy blog posts online. You can buy blog posts from all sorts of places, including from blogging Facebook groups or from sites like Upwork and Fiverr or even from your Instagram community if you’re like me!

Blogs for sale

Buy A Blog Step By Step 

How to Buy a Blog (and Make Money) in 2023: A 6-Step Guide

Step 1: Find a worthwhile blog/niche that makes money and that you understand

Step 2: Do your due diligence (check the SEO, traffic, history of the site and seller)

Step 3: Check content quality, type and cost + the sites theme

Step 4: Verify the income and monetization strategy & site value

Step 5: Make an offer 

Step 6: Safeguard your transfer of funds and complete the purchase

Is Blogging A Good Investment?

Yes, blogging is a good investment!If you start a blog yourself the initial investment is low – around $100 a year + your time – which let’s be honest is a large investment if you’re going to blog properly. 

With this post you should now be armed with the starter information you need to look for blogs for sale. 

 There are so many ways to do this, depending on your preferences. 

 You can go a more personalized route with a broker or if you prefer to do the legwork yourself, speak directly to blog owners.

Whatever way you decide to buy a blog, just make sure you verify the income, make sure the blog isn’t full of low-quality AI content, has a decent theme and a legitimate history and traffic.

If you have any more questions about my blog-buying journey, follow me on Instagram and send me a DM with your questions.

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