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231 Birthday Blog Post Ideas To Boost Your Traffic in 2023!

Are you searching for the best birthday blog post ideas for your blog? 

Birthdays are something everyone can relate to, whether or not you celebrate them.

You don’t just have to be a birthday blogger to write or post ideas for birthday.

You can write all sorts of birthday post ideas, like a diary entry on birthday celebration, 18th birthday title ideas, or even an entry for a “birthday blog for myself.”

 I personally use it as a time to reflect, and this is when ideas come pouring in – “oh, I could’ve done this” or “oh, that would’ve been fun”!

Birthdays bring about plenty of opportunities for evergreen blogging content. 

And we love evergreen content as there are always searches for the topic, and you will continuously get an audience.

I’m here to share with you ideas that I’ve thought of throughout the years and make churning out birthday blog posts easy peasy for you. 

You can consider this my birthday gift for you this year! *wink wink*

Ps; Birthday posts are also a great way to increase your affiliate income

In this article, we’re going to be looking at:

  • Birthday Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog’s Birthday
  • Activities Birthday Blog Post Ideas
  • Gifts and Cards Birthday Blog Post Ideas
  • Lifestyle Birthday Blog Post Ideas
  • Milestone Birthdays Birthday Blog Post Ideas
  • Quotes Birthday Blog Post Ideas
  • Recipes Birthday Blog Post Ideas
  • Trivia Birthday Blog Post Ideas
  • Birthday Decoration And Props Ideas
  • Different Types of Blog Posts and How to Write Them
  • How to Find Blog Post Ideas

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birthday blog post ideas

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. 

birthday blog post ideas

Birthday Blog Post Ideas for Your Blog’s Birthday

1. A Love Letter To Me For Growing This Blog

2. A Surprise Giveaway

3. A Thank You Letter To My Followers

4. Best Fails Throughout The Year

5. Blog Yearly Highlight Post

6. First Year Throwback 

7. Giveaway Related To Your Blog’s Age With Birthday Giveaway Questions

8. Greatest Success Throughout The Years

9. On This Day Throwback Post

10. Thank You Letter To Me 

11. Walk Down Memory Lane

Birthday blog post ideas

Activities Birthday Blog Post Ideas

12. 10 Affordable And Fun Things To Celebrate A Birthday 

13. 12 Tips To Make Your Birthday Party Memorable

14. 50 Affordable Birthday Activities

15. Best Games For Birthday Party

16. Best Places To Celebrate Your  Birthday

17. Best Way To Spend Your Birthday 

18. Birthday Party Ideas And Tips

19. Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers

20. Celebrate Your Birthday These  Thrilling Activities

21. Easy Budget Things To Do For A Birthday Party

22. Family Friendly Themed Birthday Parties

23. Five Fun Birthday Party Ideas That Cost Less Than $50

24. Fun Birthday Activities For The Whole Family

25.  Fun Birthday Party Theme Ideas

26. Fun Themed Parties For Teens

27. Fun Things To Do Alone On Your Birthday

birthday blog post ideas

28. How To Plan A Surprise Party

29. How To Throw A 21st Birthday Party

30. How To Throw A Kids Themed Birthday

31. How To Throw A Party For Yourself On Your Birthday

32. How To Throw An Adults’ Themed Birthday Party

33. Joined Celebrations Party For You And Your Bestie

34. Best Outdoor Parks For Kids’ Birthday 

35. The Best Birthday Party Venues In “Your City*

36. Top 12 Birthday Activities To Do In *Your City*

37. Top 50  Best Birthday Activities

38. Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Birthday Party

Gifts and Cards Birthday Blog Post Ideas

39. 10 Gift Ideas For Your Rich Rich Friend

40. 18th-Birthday Birthday  Gifts 

41. Best Birthday Gifts For Dad

42. Best Gifts For Her Under $20

43. Best Gifts For Him Under $20

44. Best Gifts For Your Little Sister

45. Birthday Flower Gifts For Her

46. Birthday Gift Guides That Are Gender Neutral

47. Birthday Gift Ideas For Little Girls

48. Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

49. Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Co-Worker

50. Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

51. Birthday Gifts Delivery In *Your City*

52. Birthday Gifts For Her Under $100

53. Birthday Gifts For Senior Citizens

54. Birthday Gifts For Your Parents

55. Birthday Gifts For Yourself

56. Birthday Gifts They Can Eat 

57. Birthday Presents For Your Southern Friends

58. Birthday Presents Under $15

59. Birthday Surprise For The One And Only You

60. Customized Birthday Gifts

61. DIY Birthday Gifts

62. Gifts For Mom For Her Birthday

63. Gifts For Mom That Will Make You The Favorite Child

64. Gifts For Sister On Her Birthday

65. Gifts For Someone Who Just Turned 21

66. Gifts For Your In-Laws That You Don’t Know Very Well

67. How To Choose A Birthday Present For A Picky Person

68. How To Make A Pop-Up Birthday Cards

69. How To Make Awesome Birthday Cards

70. How To Make Beautiful Birthday Cards

71. How To Make Birthday Cards At Home

72. How To Make Birthday Cards For Dad

73. How To Make Birthday Cards Online Free

74. How To Make Birthday Invitation Cards

75. Last-Minute Gift Ideas – Like This Cup With Lid!

76. Luxury Birthday Gift Ideas

77. Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend On Her Birthday

birthday blog post ideas
Photo by Wichai Bopatay

78. Same-Day Delivery Of Birthday Gifts For Her

79. Send Birthday Gifts For Her

80. Sites You Can Send E-Cards From

81. Special 30th Birthday Gifts For Her

82. Special Gifts For Her Birthday

83. Surprise Gifts No One Will Expect

84. The Rad & Unique Present For Your Best Friend’s Birthday

85. The Top 10 Male Gifts To Get For Your Birthday

86. The Top 3 Reasons Why A Men’s Watch Is The Perfect Gift

87. Timeless Gifts For Men And Women That Are Also Affordable

88. Traditional Birthday Gifts

89. Unique Birthday Gifts For Family

90. Unique Birthday Gifts For Her 18th

91. Unique Birthday Gifts For Him

92. Unique Birthday Gifts For Kids

93. Unique Birthday Gifts For Her

94. What To Do With Birthday Cards

95. What To Do With Old Birthday Cards

96. What To Write On Birthday Cards

birthday blog post ideas

Lifestyle Birthday Blog Post Ideas

97. *Your Age* Milestones I Want To Accomplish

98. *Your Age* Things I’m Celebrating Today

99. Best Places For A Weekend Alone Birthday

100. Birthday Plans For People Who Don’t Want Parties

101. Birthday OOTD Inspiration

102. Birthday Title Ideas

103. Birthday Celebration Blog

104. Birthday Gift Guide For Me 🙂

105. Birthday Gifts Unboxing

106. Blog About Birthday Giveaway

107. Birthday Letter To The People You Love

108. A Birthday Letter To Your Former Self

109. A Birthday Letter To Your Future Self

110. Birthday Makeup Idea – This Eye Palette Would Come In Handy

111. Birthday Party Ideas

112. Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

113. Birthday Playlist (Yes, Spotify List Included!)

114. Celebrities I  Share A Birthday With

115. Happy Birthday Blog Post

116. Lessons I Have Learned This Year

117. Most Memorable Experiences Of My Life

118. 10 Epic Birthday Posts Ideas

119. My Favorite Gifts Throughout The Years – Like This Bracelet I Bought For Myself! 

120. Stories Of Your Previous Birthdays

121. Things Every ** Should Know

122. (Age) Diary Entry Birthday Celebration

123. Things I’ve Learnt In *Your Age* Years

124. Throwback To All My Birthday Celebrations

125. What I Got For My Birthday

126. What I Plan To Do On My Birthday

birthday blog post ideas

Milestone Birthdays Birthday Blog Post Ideas

127. 21st Birthday Post Ideas

128. 30th Birthday Post Ideas

129. 50th Birthday Toasts For Her

130. 50th Birthday Wishes For Him

131. 50th Birthday Wishes To Mentor

132. 50th Birthday Wishes To Friends

133. My 21st Birthday Blog Post

134. Themed Parties For A 21-Year Old

135. Best Songs For 50th Birthday Party

136. Best Things To Do For Your 50th Birthday

137. Birthday Cake For 50th Birthday Man

138. Birthday Sayings For 21st Birthday

139. Birthday Sayings For 50th Birthday

140. How To Throw A 70th Birthday Party

141. Quinceanera Party Ideas

142. Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

143. 21st Birthday Speech Examples

144. What To Give A 21-Year Old

145. What To Say To Someone Who Just Turned 16

146. What To Wish Someone Who Just Turned 21

Quotes Birthday Blog Post Ideas

147. The 100 Funniest Birthday Wishes For Everyone You Know

148. Birthday Quotes For A Little Girl

149. Funny Birthday Quotes For Mum

150. Inspirational Birthday Quotes

151. 1st Birthday Funny Quotes

152. 18th Birthday Inspiring Quotes

153. 21st Birthday Quote For Girls

154. 21st Birthday Quotes For Boys

155. 21st Birthday Quotes For Daughter

156. 21st Birthday Quotes For Son

157. 22nd Birthday Quotes For Myself

158. Poetic Birthday Quotes

159. Mid-Life Crisis Birthday Quotes 

160. 30th Birthday Quotes

161. Inspirational Birthday Quotes To Motivate Yourself

162. Birthday Quotes For Him

163. Birthday Quotes For Her

164. Birthday Quotes For People You Love In Heaven

165. Book Excerpt For Birthday Wishes

166. Birthday Quotes For The Office Birthday Card

167. What To Wish Your Colleague You Don’t Really Know On Their Birthday

168. Quotes For Your Grandma On Her Birthday

169. Birthday Quotes For Your Grandparents

170. Simple Birthday Wishes That Kids Can Understand

171. Birthday Wishes To Your Boss

172. Birthday Wishes For Extended Family 

173. Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Siblings

birthday blog post ideas
Photo by Cucu Petronela

Recipes Birthday Blog Post Ideas

174. Blog Birthday Alternatives To Birthday Cake

175. Birthday Cake For Kids

176. Birthday Cake For Your Cat

177. Birthday Cake For Your Dog

178. Birthday Cake Recipes

179. Donut Recipes For A Birthday Party

180. Fun Messages To Write On Birthday Cake

181. How To Make A Frozen Birthday Cake

182. How To Make Ice Cream Cake 

183. How To Make Your Own Decorations For A Cake

184. How To Make Your Own Icing

185. How To Prep And Freeze Cake In Advance

186. Vegan Birthday Cakes

187. What To Write On A Birthday Cake

birthday blog post ideas
Photo by profivideos

Trivia Birthday Blog Post Ideas

188. Cultures That Do Not Celebrate Birthdays

189. Do You Know The Birthdays Of These Famous People

190. Facts About Your Birthday Month

191. Facts About Your Birthday Year

192. Fun Facts About Birthdays

193. Funny Facts About Birthdays

194. Hate Birthdays? What To Celebrate Instead

195. Happy Birthday Blog Ideas

196. How Cakes And Candles For Birthdays Came About

197. Interesting Facts About Birthdays

198. Outrageous Celebrity Birthdays Of All Times

199. Overlooked Birthday Fun Facts

200. The History Of Birthdays

201. The Truth About Your Birthday

202. These Celebrities Share The Same Birthday!

203. Top 10 Fun Birthday Facts

204. What Is Your Birthday Horoscope

205. What Your Birthday Tells You About Your Personality

206. What’s Your Birthday Personality

207. What’s Your Star Sign

208. What’s Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

209. Who Made The First Birthday Cake

Birthday Decoration And Props Ideas

210. 21 Happy Birthday Prop Ideas

211. 45 Easy DIY Birthday Decoration Ideas

212. 25 Easy DIY Birthday Ideas At Home

213. Best Etsy Prop Shop for Birthday Decorations

214. Best Birthday Themes For Your Next Birthday

215. How To Create A Candy Wonderland Birthday Party

216. Amazing Budget-Friendly Ideas For Birthday Decoration

217. Best Birthday Themes For Boys

218. Best Birthday Themes For Girls

219. Eco-Friendly Birthday Decorations

220. Plastic-Free Party Decorations For Kid’s Birthday

221. 21 Memorable First Birthday Themes

222. Fresh Spring Theme Birthday Party Idea

223. Wonderful Winter Wonderland Birthday Party Idea

224. 25 Fun Summer Birthday Decor For Kids and Adults

225. Cozy 21st Birthday Ideas For Introverts

226. 90s Party-Themed Ideas For 22nd Birthday Celebration

227. Intimate 30th Birthday Ideas For Introverts

228. How to Decorate Your Living Room With Post It Birthday Ideas 

229. How to Decorate Your Backyard Into a Picnic Party

230. Arabic Themed Shayari For 50th Birthday ideas

231. Taylor Swift Themed 22nd Birthday Ideas – Feeling 22

Birthday blog post ideas
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Different Types of Blog Posts and How to Write Them

1. Case Studies

Case Studies are actual data that showcase how something went. 

For example, if you want to blog about how a beauty product changed your skin for the better, you would do a case study of your skin condition throughout the journey to back up your statement.

When writing a case study, you will structure them in the following format:

  • Basic information about the user
  • Challenges faced by the user
  • A description of the solution
  • A display of the solution; and finally
  • The results for the user

2. Checklists/Cheat Sheets

Checklists or cheat sheets are a step-by-step breakdown of what someone needs to do to achieve a goal. 

They can serve as an easy reference guide for your audience. It is important to remember when writing cheat sheets to keep them simple to easily digestible. 

3. Data Studies

Did you know that 73.86% of bloggers don’t know what data studies are? 

Wait, I totally made that up, but that’s an example of a data study! 

As the name suggests, this would be information derived from a data set. 

As a blogger, one of the ways you could apply this is ala Spotify round-up.

Make a post on your most commented articles, your demographics, your worst-performing posts (and what you learned not to do!), and more.

4. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is when someone writes on another blog.

 For example, writing on another blog would make me a guest blogger, and someone writing on my blog would mean they are guest blogging for me. 

You can find people within your community for you to guest blog to expand your audience. You could also offer the same deal to them. 

When you are guest blogging, remember to study their audience for guest post ideas, as they may resonate with things differently than your blog audience does. 

5. How-To Guides

People are always looking for solutions to their problems. When you write how-to-guides and address their pain points, you will drive traffic to your site. 

A how-to-guide is best written in the following structure:

  • Title – How To (desired outcome) in (number of steps)
  • Introduction – Show you relate to the problem, that you’ve been there too. Mention the solution briefly, and importantly, mention proof that the solution worked
  • List Items – List out each step in H2 subheadings and provide a description
  • Conclusion – Summarize key points

6. Infographics

Infographics are great for presenting information visually and provide a nice break from the stream of words on blogs. They share context to what you’re trying to explain and become a part of the narration. 

Infographics should be kept simple and non-wordy. 

You can write an infographic blog post in these easy steps:

  • Set objective
  • Determine the tone
  • Draft headline and subheaders
  • Write the full copy
  • Identify and mention sources

7. Interviews

Interviews are a great way to drive traffic to your site, as the person you interview will likely share the article when it’s ready.

Interview articles are easy to do as you simply have to send your interviewee a list of questions and have them fill it out. When it is ready, you do your editing and add-ons, and then you’re done!

8. Lists

People love lists! Right? I mean, we’ve just gone through list after list in this article 🙂 

Lists help streamline information in an easy-to-understand way. There should be clear subheaders when you write lists so people can jump straight into the information that they want if they choose to. 

The steps to writing lists are as follows:

  • Pick a topic
  • Map out the points 
  • Structure the points
  • Write introduction and conclusion
  • Expand the points in your list

9. News

News is time-sensitive information that is relevant to your site and audience. When writing new articles, time is of the essence. The more immediate you get your news out, the better.

The absolute must for news is that it has to be accurate. 

One wrong piece of information and you’re setting your blog back to square one. So, make sure you fact-check and then triple-check before you post a news article. 

10. Personal Stories

Personal stories are a great way to build a connection with your audience. People love to feel like they’re hearing from a real person rather than a robot. 

Storytelling works on all types of blogs, even business ones. If you’re writing a company blog post, a personal story could be how you, as a founder, built the company from scratch. 

Birthday blog post ideas
Photo by Jessica Da Rosa on Unsplash

How to Find Blog Post Ideas

  • Analyze your Performance report in Google Search Console
  • Ask another blogger
  • Ask the internet e.x. Quora, Reddit
  • Ask your audience what they want to read about 
  • Conduct keyword research using keysearch 
  • Current events 
  • Join a community for your niche
  • Keep a notebook of ideas
  • Pinterest
  • Search trending topics
  • Study your competition and fill in the gaps 
  • Use AI software like (although, I have enough writers that I don’t use it but I totally would if I didnt have a writing team!)

(FAQs On Birthday Blog Post Ideas)

Birthday blog post ideas
Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

What Should I Write In A Blog Idea?

Some creative blog post ideas are:

  • An age-related post
  • GIF posts
  • Post about things you’d love to do
  • A parody post
  • Run a contest on your blog
  • Use questions in forums
  • Share jokes related to your niche

How Do You Write A Blog Post About Yourself?

How to write a blog about yourself:

  • Define the blog’s purpose
  • Use blog as a portfolio
  • Show off your writing skills
  • Show a personal transformation
  • Use blog as a diary
  • Keep track of a schedule for writing
  • Know what you should and shouldn’t write about
  • View examples of personal blogs

What Are Good Ideas For Birthdays?

Birthday Bucket List: Best Places To Go & Fun Things To Do On Your Birthday

  • Escape An Escape Room, Or Try!
  • Bar Hop All Night
  • Buy A Plant
  • Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows/ Movies
  • Book A Luxurious Hotel Stay
  • Day Drink & Have Brunch With Friends
  • Buy A Special Gift For Yourself
  • Go Mountain-Climbing
Birthday blog post ideas
Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

How Do You Celebrate A Unique Birthday?

1. Book A Spa Session

2. Have a Fancy Dinner

3. Buy Yourself A Special Gift

4. Book A Luxurious Hotel Stay

5. Go To A Vineyard

6. Visit A Friend

7. Have A Beach Day

8. Rent a Food Truck

What Are Some Good Blog Post Ideas?

Need to know what are some good blog post ideas? Here are some creative blog post ideas that will delight your audience.

  • Create an “Ultimate Guide” for readers based on your niche.
  • List helpful videos or podcasts related to your niche.
  • Create a post for the best hacks in your niche.
  • Write reviews for niche-related products.

What Should I Write In My First Blog Post?

Just starting a blog and thinking, what should I write in my first blog post? Here are steps on how to write your first blog post.

1. Think of your audience.

2. Learn and conduct keyword research.

3. Have an introduction about yourself.

4. Have an editorial plan.

5. Research and get inspired.

6. Identify your writing tone.

7. Have strategic links.

How Do You Make A Unique Birthday Video?

Want to know how to make a unique birthday video? Use Canva!

Here is how to make a birthday video with Canva.

1. Open Canva.

2. Upload photos or clips to the video maker.

3. Make it yours by personalizing the video with the design elements.

4. Add text and animation.

5. Save, download, and share the video. 

You can find birthday content ideas in the article above.

How Do You Caption A Birthday Video?

Need some ideas on how to caption a birthday video?

Here are some cute birthday caption ideas. 

  • You had me at Birthday Cake!
  • I’m the Birthday King of the world!
  • The stuff that Birthday Dreams are made of
  • They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our Cake!
  • Houston, we have a Birthday!

What Is The Best Video Edit For Birthdays?

Making a video is a great birthday wishes blog entry idea. So, what is the best video editor for birthdays? Here are 5 Best Free Offline Birthday Video Editors for Windows and Mac.

How Do You Make Birthday Greetings?

Are you stump on how to make birthday greetings? Here are some ideas on what to write on a birthday card.

  • Have the best Birthday ever (name)!
  • Happy (age) Birthday (name) hope you have a good one!
  • Another year, another trip around the sun. Happiest Birthday (name)
  • Loving you is a piece of cake, Happy Birthday (name)

What Is A Short Way To Say Birthday?

If you are looking for what is a short way to say birthday? A concise way to do it is by using acronyms. For Happy Birthday the acronym is HBD.

What Should I Caption My Birthday Picture?

Have a cute picture to post but wondering what I should caption my birthday picture. Here are a few cute captions to use.

  • Happy cake day to me!
  • Cake is where the heart is
  • Following my birthday bliss
  • Happy birthday to me!
  • Thirty, flirty, and thriving
  • Every birthday is a gift
  • One year older, one year bolder
  • First trip around the Sun birthday

How Do You Post A Good Birthday Story?

Need help to figure out how to post a good birthday story?

Here are steps on how to make an IG Stories birthday video with the Animoto app.

1. Choose the Happy Birthday template in the app.

2. Add images and video clips

3. Customize your story 

4. Add music track

5. Preview and then produce the finalized video

6. Share it on Instagram

Feel Like It’s Your Birthday Yet? 

There you have it! 100s and 100s of birthday blog posts ideas for you to create evergreen content!

Whether you are a seasoned blogger looking to grow your blog with more posts or a new blogger starting out fresh looking for new ideas, I’m excited for these birthday blog post ideas to help you! 

*Cue “We’re all in this together” from High School Musical 🙂 *  

Which of the ideas are you most excited to write about? Are there any more you think I should add to this expansive list? 

Write to me in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

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