13 Best SEO Course for Bloggers in 2022 (Tried and Tested!)

Are you ready to maximize your income by trying the best seo course for bloggers?

Speaking from personal experience, one of the most critical things a blogger can do to assure long-term blog development and blog revenue growth is to learn SEO. 

This blog post will show you the best SEO training blogs and how to execute all of the techniques and methods that will help your blog rank on Google’s first page.

Despite the fact that the internet is flooded with blogging tips and tricks, ways to grow your organic traffic, keyword strategy, and a variety of sophisticated ways for ranking one page on Google, how many of these courses are actually useful and are not fluff pieces?

Even the top blogs will only succeed if they have a large number of readers. 

That necessitates traffic, which will need well-written content and effective SEO. Bloggers are people who are enthusiastic about what we do and if this blog for seo will improve my business, then sign me up!


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

13 Best Seo Course For Bloggers In 2022

  1. Stupid Simple SEO
  2. Fat Stacks, Jon Dykstra 
  3. Out And Beyond SEO Course
  4. Adventures Of Blogging
  5. Debbie Gartner SEO Courses
  6. SEO Chatter
  7. SEO Bluprint
  8. Project 24 Courses
  9. Productive Blogging SEO
  10. SEO Demystified
  11. Ready Set Blog
  12. Not Your Average SEO Course
  13. SEO Specialization

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1. Stupid Simple Seo 

seo course for bloggers stupid simple seo

Price: USD 497

Mike is a dad, a six-figure entrepreneur, and an SEO wizard. I am not joking when I say that his seo blogging course transformed my life when it comes to SEO. 

He was determined to generate some additional money income as a busy father of two small children with a demanding 9 to 5 job, with the aim of reducing the hours working at the office to spend time with his family. 

Fast-forward to now, he has been able to achieve precisely that for the past five years, making six figures each year with his blogs and specialized sites only through SEO and affiliate marketing.

Admittedly, Stupid Simple SEO is not cheap, however, that is only because it is a comprehensive course that covers all areas of SEO, hence why it is the best seo course for bloggers.

If you purchase this course, you will easily recoup your original investment since you will be putting what you learn into practice, resulting in significantly increased visitors.

NOTE – A payment plan is available to split the total amount into four months. 

In this course, you will learn :

  • A guide on how to get through the course
  • Module 1: Setting Up Your Blog To Be Fast & Mobile-Friendly 
  • Module 2: Site Structure And Optimal Homepage Design
  • Module 3: How To Do Keyword Research The Right Way
  • Module 4: The Secret To Creating Epic Content That Google Loves
  • Module 5: Getting Started With Link Building
  • Module 6: How To Swipe Your Competitor’s Best Link
  • Module 7: How To Build Links With Guest Posting
  • Module 8: How To Create Linkable Assets Other Websites Love Linking To

If that is not enough content, you will be receiving these bonus guides as well:

  • How To Master Google’s E-A-T Algorithm 
  • SEO For Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Get Your Blog Featured On Huge Websites
  • Building Powerful “Resource Page” Links
  • The Secrets To A Successful Expert Roundup
  • SEMRush Mini Class
  • Keysearch Mini Class
  • Google Search Console

2. Fat Stacks, Jon Dykstra Seo Course

seo course for bloggers fat stacks

Price: USD 147

Jon Dykstra, the founder of Fat Stacks blogs, has set up his blog with the aim of starting successful blogs. 

His content encompasses all things related to setting up a business, company management, technology and software, and all you need to know about digital entrepreneurship.

When it comes to blog content, a large portion of this seo for blogger course explains how you can create material that gets search traffic. In other words, this course is not simply about technical on-site setup, but Jon also exposes his content plans.

In this course, you will learn:

  • On-site technical issues (6 chapters)
  • Website structure (8 chapters)
  • Content for search (8 chapters)
  • Building trust and capabilities (2 chapters)

3. Out And Beyond SEO Course

seo course for bloggers outandbeyond

Price: USD 57

SEO Success For Beginners was a course I created to teach everyone the approach I used to get nearly 100,000 monthly visitors from Google in just 7 months. 

When you purchase this course, you will enjoy a 3-hour masterclass comprising of tips on:

  • The specific ideas on the exact actions you need to do to attract a never0ending stream of visitors from Google.
  • How to come up with easy-to-rank writing themes and the ideal blog format that appeals to both readers and Google.
  • A step-by-step blog post seo checklist, a fast approach to YouTube SEO, and an SEO blog post-instruction.

I also have another course on SEO, the SEO Blog Post Training course (USD 57) where you will learn my specific tactics for writing SEO-optimized blog entries that get many Google pageviews.

4. Adventures Of Blogging

seo course for bloggers adventures of blogging

Lena Gott, founder of What Mommy Does and Adventures In Blogging, is a super mom of three children, running her successful blogs and helping others across the globe to do the same. 

Lena has two FREE and two PAID courses when it comes to SEO. Check these courses to have a rough idea of what SEO is and how to bring traffic to your blog: 

Her first paid course, priced at USD 397, is Adventures In SEO 2.0 in which you will learn: 

  • Module 1: Keyword Trees & the End Of Pinterest
  • Module 2: How To Combine Google And Pinterest Keyword Research
  • Module 3: How To Optimize Your Posts For Google And Pinterest
  • Module 4: Keyword Gem Mining
  • Module 5: Content Silos And Nested Niches

On top of the five amazing modules above, you will get additional bonus guides worth USD 341! 

The bonuses will teach you all you need to know on:

  • Ad Network Challenge
  • Hidden Niches Training
  • Niche Traffic And Income Challenge

Her second paid course is RVM Revamp, priced at USD 147, you will learn how to make the most of the traffic you currently have to your site by increasing your ad earnings.

Once you have mastered SEO and wish to upskill yourself by learning how to increase your revenue from the traffic you are currently getting, take a look at Lena’s course!

5. Debbie Gartner Seo Courses And Books

seo course for bloggers debbie gartner seo course

Price: USD 187

Debbie Gartner, aka The Flooring Girl, is the owner of a successful blog about all things home decor and flooring. 

She has multiple SEO courses and books on her site that you can benefit from. In this post, we will be looking at her Ultimate SEO Bundle.

In this bundle, you will get: 

  • Easy On-Page SEO (worth USD 47) – A step-by-step guide to learning On-Page SEO so that your content may be found on Google.
  • Easy Backlinks For SEO (worth USD 67) – Multiple ways and places for you to build backlinks.
  • Easy SEO Revamp (worth USD 127) – Use Google Search Console to increase your ranking.

Enjoy the entire bundle for only USD 187! If this is not your cup of tea, browse through her site to find a course that suits your needs, she has plenty to offer!

6. SEO Chatter SEO Course

seo course for bloggers seo chatter

The creator of SEO Chatter, Stephen Hockman, should be one of your go-to-source if you are seeking good search engine optimization courses, training, or consultation. 

SEO Chatter is a content curator and independent publisher devoted to providing the most up-to-date SEO news, tips, and articles to its readers on a regular basis.

There are three courses offered by SEO Chatter, priced from USD 59 to USD 2,499, so pick the one that resonates with you the most. But one thing is for sure, whichever course you pick will help you increase your income from blogging. 

7. Seo Blueprint By Create And Go 

seo course for bloggers seo blue print

Price: USD 197

The team behind Create And go faced all the blunders with SEO that you may be able to relate to. Listening to SEO ‘gurus’ and implementing tips that were not effective only dragged their blog performance down. 

So, they decided to take things into their hand and dig deeper about SEO, figuring out different ways to improvise their blogs. Today, they run multiple six-figure websites and made USD 1 mil last year. 

Their course is a money-back guarantee if you do not see results within 30 days!

The content of these courses are:

  • How To Build Your SEO Foundation And Mindset
  • Set Up And Optimize Your Website
  • Take A Deep Dive Into Keywords
  • Using Aherf’s: The SEO Power Tool
  • Create Top-Notch Blog Content That Ranks
  • How To Use Outreach
  • Improve And Scale Your SEO Efforts

On top of the seo tips for bloggers provided on top, you will also receive these bonuses worth seo tips for bloggers USD 191.

  • SEO Content Calendar
  • Six-Figure Business Strategy
  • Community Support Group

8. Project 24 Courses

seo course for bloggers project 24 courses

Price: USD 449

Project 24 was created to assist people at all levels in improving their talents as content creators and internet entrepreneurs.

Learn how to choose the correct themes, produce useful, SEO-optimized content to rank higher in search engines, and attract more visitors to your blog. Boost your search ranks and exposure by utilizing the methods of search analysis, answer targets, and original content.

On top of that, you will learn how to make money from your blog using tried-and-true tactics including ad optimization, affiliate marketing, and producing info items and memberships.

Learn how to spot what’s working and what isn’t to make sure that every piece of web material is working for you and assist you in reaching your financial objectives.

In the Blogging System Course, you will learn: 

  • A complete blogging process
  • Topic selection for success
  • Site monetization
  • The Youtube system
  • Affiliate marketing course
  • Live virtual masterminds
  • Members-only podcast
  • Be a part of an amazing and active community

9. Productive Blogging Seo Course 

seo course for bloggers productive seo blogging course

Price: USD 197

The Productive Blogging course is founded by Eb who had a tiny blog that was developing at a snail’s pace before she discovered SEO. She spent many hours writing material and spreading it throughout social media, but no one was reading her site, and she was barely making any money from it. 

Then she found SEO and began using it on her site, and her blog’s popularity skyrocketed, and as her traffic grew, so did her revenue as she went from making pennies to making thousands of dollars each month from her blog!

Now she has created this course in hopes to help everyone struggling with the performance of their blog. 

The content of this course is:

  • Module 0: Welcome To SEO Jumpstart
  • Module 1: What Exactly Is SEO?
  • Module 2: Installing And Setting Up The YOAST Plugin
  • Module 3: Module 3: Site Structure
  • Module 4: Keyword Research
  • Module 5: Writing SEO-friendly blog posts
  • Module 6: Optimizing Your Blog Posts
  • Module 7: Cornerstone Content
  • Module 8: Site Speed
  • Module 9: Backlinks
  • Module 10: SEO Maintenance

Bonus courses:

  • Google Analytics For SEO
  • Google Search Console For SEO
  • Recipe Cards For SEO
  • The E-A-T Crusher
  • How To Leapfrog The Competition By Winning Featured Snippets
  • How To Get Google Sitelinks For Your Blog

10.  SEO Demystified

seo course for bloggers seo demystified

Price: USD 397 (6 months installment payment of USD 97 available)

Leanne Wong, the founder of SEO Demystified, is a blogger who understands that if you have ever blogged or managed an online business, how irritating it may be to try a variety of ‘best of’ strategies to get your page to rank on Google after months of trial and error, only to fail. 

She wishes to teach everyone that SEO can completely revolutionize your business by providing hundreds of targeted leads to your site for free every day.

In this seo course for bloggers, there are 6 modules in which you will learn: 

  • Module 1: Fundamentals Of SEO
  • Module 2: SEO From Zero
  • Module 3: Keyword Research
  • Module 4: SEO Content
  • Module 5: On-page SEO
  • Module 6: Backlinks & Domain Authority
  • 1:1 SEO Audit – a 45-min call with Leanne

11. Ready Set Blog By Elna Cain

seo course for bloggers ready set blog elna cain

Price: USD 79 (2-month installment payment plan available)

Elna Cain is no stranger to the world of freelance writing and blogging. If you have been following me for a while, you know I recommend her course Write To 1K, to any freelancer who is just starting out. 

In this course, Ready Set Blog, you will learn: 

  • Module 1: Start Your Blog For Traffic
  • Module 2: Foundational Elements For Increasing Traffic
  • Module 3: SEO Strategy For Long-Term Traffic
  • Module 4: Making Pinterest Your #1 Growth Strategy
  • Module 5: Creating Income Generating Content

Bonus Section:

  • Guest Posting Guide for New Bloggers (+ Places to Guest Post)
  • Swipe File (Email Templates & Scripts)
  • Pinterest Promotion Process Cheatsheet

12. Not Your Average SEO Course For Bloggers

seo course for bloggers not your average seo course

Price: USD 179

Five years ago, Sarah Chetrit quit her life in the corporate world to pursue blogging. She is the owner of the travel blog From Lust Till Dawn

This isn’t your typical SEO class as this is blogger-specific SEO training that includes personalized assistance, downloadable instructions, worksheets, calendar monitoring, and even pitching templates.

In addition, she reveals her own technique for bloggers who wish to grow their page visits and, as a result, their blog earnings, organically.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Module 1: The Basics
  • Module 2: Key Elements
  • Module 3: Content Strategy
  • Module 4: Research
  • Module 5: On-Page SEO
  • Module 6: Off-page SEO
  • Module 7: Analyzing And Leveraging Results
  • Bonus – SEP And Affiliate Marketing

13. SEO Specialization

seo specialization

Price: Free

This free course by the University Of California offers 6 conducive modules for anyone who wants to start learning SEO. 

In this course, you will learn: 

  • Course 1: Introduction To Google SEO
  • Course 2: Google SEO Fundamentals
  • Course 3: Optimizing A Website For Google Search
  • Course 4: Advanced Content And Social Tactics To Optimize SEO
  • Course 5: Google SEO Capstone Project


Why Do Bloggers Need SEO?

Bloggers need SEO because blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ questions. By customers I mean your readers, audiences, however, you want to call them. Your readers are the ones bringing in traffic to your site, and to do that, search engine optimization for a blog is needed.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, meaning with SEO, you will be able to tweak your content to be able to rank in various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. 

The amazing thing about SEO is that it will bring you organic traffic directly from the search engine and you will not have to pay a single cent to direct your readers to your blog. 

This distinguishes SEO from any form of paid advertising for the blog.

For example, say you have a blog on skincare products, recommendations, and skincare guides. With SEO, you will be targeting user intent quicker. 

If someone were to type in “best moisturizer for acne-prone skin”, the chances of that reader stumbling upon your blog and buying a recommendation from you is higher than someone who is simply scrolling through Facebook, stumbling upon an ad for a moisturizer. 

When you get on Google, there are only 10 sites that are on the first page. When you type something in the search bar, how frequently do you go past the first page and continue to find a good post on the 15th page?

Most of the time, you would not have to since the top few alternatives on the first Google page will provide the information you are looking for. 

If your blog is not included in one of the first 10 search results, another blog has just gained a new reader, and you have lost one. 

This is why SEO is so powerful in bringing in traffic for bloggers, securing them a spot on the first page of Google. 

You may use SEO to become the go-to person for potential inquiries or questions of a potential reader. SEO helps to find your authoritative ground in the niche of your blog, in addition to increased exposure and traffic. After that, authority leads to brand trust, which leads to brand loyalty.

When people wonder why SEO is helpful for a blog, the response is that it not only draws new readers but also helps you to strengthen your connection with those readers over time because of the trust you have built with them.

How Do Bloggers Do Seo?

Bloggers do SEO by:

  • Strategizing keywords
  • Backlinking
  • Focusing on the content of the blog

The better your blog entries are optimized for SEO, the chances of them appearing on search engine result pages are higher, allowing more people to find your blog and learn more about the brand you have built.

Here are a few ways how bloggers use SEO for their site:

1. Strategizing Keywords

strategizing keywords

Keywords have a lot of power, and specific words can influence how quickly you will be able to rank on a search engine.

Keywords might be single words or phrases that people use to find what they are seeking. 

These keywords must be studied and deliberately placed in your content in order for the material’s quality to be good while leveraging commonly searched terms.

If your blog is about food, finding keywords tailored to a specific blog post, for example, “air-fryer chicken recipes” will help draw in readers to your site because these keywords have increased the visibility of your blog in the eyes of a search engine. 

One of the reasons you need SEO for your blog is because of keywords. 

When looking for a solution or inquiry, readers will use certain terms or phrases and because you are delivering the solutions by explicitly using the proper keywords, you will boost your visibility. 

The keyword search tool that I use is Keysearch simply because it is one of the easiest and best keyword search tools I have used. 

NOTE – It is USD 17 per month but if you use my discount code and referral link, (OUTANDBEYOND), you get 30% off, also a free 1-month trial!

2. Backlinking

Backlinks are sometimes known as inbound links or one-way links, are links from one site to another. 

Backlinks are regarded as an “authority” for a given website by Google because pages having a higher number of backlinks tend to score well in organic search results.

Building ties with other organizations and websites pay off because blogging allows you to incorporate connections to other websites that are important to your topic.

 In exchange, these organizations may link to your site, allowing you to create additional web traffic that you wouldn’t have been able to obtain on your own.

When backlinking, though, it is critical to establish relationships with respectable and high-quality websites, not those dodgy-looking sites because if you link to these poor-quality websites, search engines such as Google may penalize your blog. 

3. Content Of The Blog

Your SEO-backed content is what sets you apart from other bloggers in your niche. 

Your content gives you the opportunity to interact directly with your present and potential readers. Your content also helps you establish authority, trust, consistency, and engagement in this area.

Be sure to use images in your blog posts because including them in your blog articles not only makes them more interesting but also gives search engines another method to locate you.

Always remember to create good-quality content that will help and entertain your readers. 

Which Course Is The Best For SEO?

SEO course for bloggers may teach you how to rank on the top page of Google and other search engines. The greatest SEO course will teach you all you need to know about improving your website’s rating.

When picking a course, look for one that provides up-to-date knowledge, as search best practices change constantly.

My number one choice would be the Stupid Simple SEO course by Mike Pearson, it is hands down one of the best seo course for bloggers. 

seo course for bloggers stupid simple seo

If you follow me on social media, you would have heard me saying that this course transformed my life a gazillion times. 

His course is valuable because it is jam-packed with every tip and tricks a blogger should know to optimize their blog.  

Can I Learn Seo By Myself?

Yes but it will take you longer, so I recommend taking a course. The majority of SEOs are self-taught, using mainly free online resources to learn, even for myself, that was what I did. 

When you are first starting out with blogging, you may not have a large budget to enroll yourself in all the paid SEO blogging courses but yet you wonder “how to SEO my website”. 

There are plenty of resources online where you can learn about SEO, simply type in SEO for websites, and you will be flooded with articles, giving you information to learn. 

Now, I am not going to sugarcoat it for you and say that learning SEO is a walk in the park, it is not because learning SEO is difficult since there is a lot to learn about how the entire process works, which may be daunting at first.

With that being said, here are some free blogging SEO course for you to get started on and hopefully get a grasp on how to create a successful blogging business.

1. Beginners Guide To SEO

the beginners guide to seo

This course is by MOZ, a SEO tool software that I personally use for my blogposts. 

This 7-chapter guide will cover all of the important parts of SEO, from identifying the terms and keywords that can drive qualified visitors to your blog, to making your blog is search engine friendly, to creating links, and promoting the unique point-of-view of your blog. 

The world of search engine optimization is complicated and ever-changing, but the principles are simple to grasp, and even a rudimentary understanding of SEO may make a major impact. Free SEO instruction can be found all over the internet, even in a guided course like this one. 

Below are the contents of the course: 

  • Chapter 1: SEO 101
  • Chapter 2: How Search Engines Work: Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking
  • Chapter 3: Keyword Research
  • Chapter 4: On-Site Optimization
  • Chapter 5: Technical SEO
  • Chapter 6: Link Building & Establishing Authority
  • Chapter 7: Measuring, Prioritizing & Executing SEO
  • The SEO Glossary

2. SEO Bootcamp

seo course for bloggers stupid simple seo

This free boot camp is done by the founder of Stupid Simple SEO, Mike. His complete course changed my life and it is a course I will constantly recommend. 

However, if you are looking for a free resource, his SEO Bootcamp course will help you: 

  • Understand why is SEO such an effective tool for increasing your blog’s traffic and revenue?
  • The key to narrowing your focus and how it will help you increase your blog traffic
  • Everything you need to know about domain authority and the role it plays in SEO
  • Two things to identify before selecting a keyword

3. The Ultimate Guide To SEO In 2022

the ultimate guide to seo

This guide explains all you need to know about SEO as a marketing strategy, it is a complete plan for increasing the number of visitors to your website via search engines. 

On-page methods, which utilize intent-based keywords, and off-page strategies, which generate inbound connections from other websites, are both important components of successful SEO.

Content of this course:

  • Chapter 1: What Is SEO?
  • Chapter 2: How Google Ranks Content?
  • Chapter 3: How To Build An SEO Strategy?
  • Chapter 4: How To Measure SEO?
  • Chapter 5: Local And Backhat SEO
  • Chapter 6: SEO Resources

4. Ahref’s Beginners Guide To SEO

ahrefs beginners guide to seo

Ahref has released a tonne of free instructional resources on his SEO Blog and YouTube channel throughout the years, assisting millions of individuals in gaining more organic traffic to their websites.

However, the problem with these sites is that their information is disorganized. There is no apparent beginning point or path to understanding SEO. This blog is your entrance to SEO experts, whether you are just getting started with SEO or already know the basics.

Content of this course:

  • Chapter 1: How Do Search Engines Work?
  • Chapter 2: SEO Basics
  • Chapter 3: Keyword Research
  • Chapter 4: On-Page SEO
  • Chapter 5: Link/Building
  • Chapter 6: Technical SEO

5. The Complete Guide To SEO For Beginners

the complete guide to seo for beginners

If you are interested in learning SEO but do not know where to begin, this course is great for you. Read this comprehensive SEO guide for beginners to learn all you need to know to get started with SEO on your own! You may also acquire a free SEO certificate by taking a short exam!

Content of this course:

  • Chapter 1: SEO Basics
  • Chapter 2: Search Engines
  • Chapter 3: Keyword Research
  • Chapter 4: Content Optimization
  • Chapter 5: On-Page & Tactical SEO
  • Chapter 6: Backlinks & Link-Building
  • Chapter 7: Analytics & Metrics
  • Chapter 8: SEP Test & Certificate


All the best SEO course for bloggers at your disposal to amp up the quality of your blog today!

Understanding SEO is a crucial skill for bloggers and company owners, and it all begins with having an SEO attitude. Your content, which has your unique point of view, has the potential to create an impression and all you have to do now is learn to think like a search engine and a consumer.

First and foremost, you must comprehend SEO. Then define attainable goals and devise a strategy for achieving them for every small, deliberate improvement you make will help you attract more organic visitors and, as a result, more income.

13 Best Seo Course for Bloggers in 2022 (Tried and Tested!)

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