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41 Best Niches for Pinterest that Make Over $10,000 in 2023

Are you trying to find out the best niches on Pinterest?

With over 478 million monthly users, Pinterest is one of the most-visited sites on the internet.

Pinterest is a great way for you to gain an audience, increase your exposure and even persuade these newly acquainted clients to make a purchase if you have a business.

Pinterest’s popularity among companies and consumers continues to rise. 

It is also gaining traction among a wide range of groups, including women, millennials, men, parents, and anybody with a green thumb.

So, how can you leverage Pinterest’s large user base to increase traffic to your blog or business?

Where can you find info on pinterest niche ideas and pinterest best niches?

Understanding which are the best niches on Pinterest is a great way to start and is an important part of the puzzle.

Let’s get started!

41 Best Niches for Pinterest

1. Art

2. Home Decor

3. Entertainment

4. DIY And Crafts

5. Women’s Fashion

6. Design

7. Education

8. Beauty

9. Event Planning

10. Food And Drinks

11. Health


13. Travel

14. Sport

15. Wedding

16. Architecture

17. Men’s Fashion

18. Parenting

19. Animals

20. Electronics

21. Gardening

22. Vehicles

23. Children’s Fashion

Disclosure This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links at NO extra cost to you. 

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41 Best Niches For Pinterest

1. Art

best niches for pinterest art

From photography to sketching techniques and art equipment, the art category has it all. Art is one of the top pinterest niches.

As an artist, you may share your expertise, work, and lessons with the rest of the world. 

As we can see, 85% of Pinterest users are interested in the art niche, with photography being the main sub-niche within art, taking up 65% of total visitors. 

Drawing, illustration, and fashion design have high interest of 44%, 40%, and 39% respectively. 


Antonina Aleksandrova is a professional illustrator that uses Pinterest to showcase her beautiful drawings.

For photography tips and tricks, head on over to Photodoto to learn all you need to know about photography. 

2. Home Decor

Home decor is a HUGE niche on Pinterest and is also a top niche for affiliate marketing.

best niches for pinterest

Home decor comes in second after the art niche with an interest of 78% and is one of the best pinterest niches.

Pinterest users seeking innovative color palettes, furniture for different areas of the house, and items that make each place distinct go frequently visit the section. 

Best Niches For Pinterest

This area also includes DIY tips and methods for homes, as well as upcycling ideas.

You know how when you walk into IKEA, you automatically start to visualize your dream home? 

Yeah, on the days when you can’t waltz into IKEA, Pinterest is your go-to place. 

Interior designer Emily Anderson has set up a successful blog on home decor and utilizes some of the best images on Pinterest to draw traffic to her blog. More traffic, more income!

best niches for pinterest

Within this niche, room decor and wall inspirations have the highest number of interest with 62% and 43% respectively. 

best niches for pinterest

3. Entertainment

The entertainment niche comes in next where 77% of the audiences are interested in this niche on Pinterest. It is one of the most popular pinterest niches.

Movies make the highest impression in this niche with 57% interest. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Pinterest is used by almost everyone to find quotations from their favorite performers, band lyrics, movie night ideas, and TV program recommendations. 

On top of that, Pinterest may be used by entertainment companies to promote new movies, create targeted campaigns, and share top suggestions.

Movies On Pinterest is a great board to follow for all things related to movies, so movie buffs rejoice!

4. DIY And Crafts

Hands-on activities such as crocheting, jewelry-making, and knitting have recently become more popular since this niche is the fourth most popular niche on Pinterest with 76% of audiences being interested in this niche. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

If you offer handcrafted items, or if you are a contractor or interior designer, specializing in the DIY and crafts area, share all of your tips for turning rubbish into useful home decor and any other creative ideas you have with your viewers.

This is a trending niche for affiliate marketing too!

Best Niches For Pinterest

DIY projects are certainly gaining popularity since 48% of audiences in this niche search for this particular topic. 

With over 335.96K followers, DIY Ideas is the place to go for you to learn a trick or two on DIY crafts whether it is to do with home decor, holiday decorating, home improvement, and more!

Make some of the best pins on Pinterest to showcase your talents and you will attract more audience to your site. 

5. Women’s Fashion

Women’s fashion is the next best niche as we can see from the image below that overall, women’s fashion has an interest of 66%, with women’s style being the most popular sub-niche. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

If looking through your wardrobe has made you want to go shopping, it’s time to be inspired by the greatest street style from the fashion capitals. 

There are a variety of styles for everyone’s unique taste, from classic items with an updated touch to new tailoring, and what better way to start than browsing through Pinterest?

Best Niches For Pinterest

Create Pinterest boards to share the newest fashion trends, fresh styles, and various apparel and accessory options.

Pinterest is an excellent location to cultivate a distinct fashionable following and boost your brand as Women’s fashion is a great affiliate marketing niche too!

Here are some Pinterest accounts on women’s fashion for you to check out:

6. Design

The design niche as we can see has an interest of 65%, with logo and identity designs being the most popular sub-niche.

With the accelerating rise in startups and small businesses, new logos are being created to represent a new brand. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Calling all logo illustrators to come forward because logos are profitable niche ideas on Pinterest.

If you have experience with designing logos, set up a Pinterest account to showcase your work because there is a demand for logo, identity, web, and app design as per the image below!

Here are some amazing accounts to follow for design inspirations:

7. Education

The education niche, overall, has an interest of 64% and is one of the quite popular pinterest niches.

Pinterest is a great resource for teachers and parents looking for new activities and lessons for their children as subjects and teacher resources are the top two sub-niches!

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

There are suggestions for field trips, how to do exciting experiments at home, and how to enjoy arts and crafts. 

Best Niches For Pinterest

Give these education Pinterest accounts a follow for some inspiration:

8. Beauty

The beauty niche is the next best niche as we can see from the image below that overall, beauty has an interest of 63%, with pins and boards related to hair being the most popular sub-niche.

Beauty is quite a popular niche for affiliate marketing as well!

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Before going to get a makeover for their hair, many Pinners go directly to Pinterest for ideas to offer their stylist, myself included!

To increase interaction and gain dedicated followers, share tips, hot trends, and ideas for experimenting at home.

Anna Conte is a great account to follow for all things beauty-related. 

9. Event Planning

As we can see, 57% of Pinterest users are interested in the event planning niche, with holidays being the main sub-niche, taking up 68% of total visitors. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Pinterest is the go-to tool for arranging outstanding events, from surprise birthdays to elegant holiday parties. 

If you are into event planning, Pinterest is a dream with event planners full of helpful hints, designers with planning-related goods, and organizing experts.

Get event planning insights and best practices, as well as new ideas to turn your event up a notch with Event Planning Tips.

10. Food And Drinks

From the statistics, it can be seen that those who are into meal-planning frequent Pinterest for inspiration, with 60%. Overall, the food and drinks niche has a 52% interest. 

It is also observed that food and drinks is a hot topic and keeps trending on pinterest quite often.

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

If you are a food content creator, recipe creator, or chef, showcase your work on Pinterest to gain exposure as the food niche is also one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches. 

Best Niches For Pinterest

Follow these accounts and prepare to embark on the ultimate food lover adventure.

11. Health

The health niche has the same number of interests as the niche above, at 52%

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Self-help and self-love are the two new favorite topics circulating the internet.

If you are into developing a healthy lifestyle and you have a passion to help others live a healthy lifestyle, setting up a Pinterest account is a great way to start, because the lifestyle sub-niche has the highest interest at 40%

These accounts can help you get inspired:


Anyone and everyone has visited Pinterest at least once to find a quote, or at least according to data, 51% of the audience has an interest in this niche. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

The quote could be about anything, motivation, fitness, work, or even self-love, there will be people hopping onto Pinterest for a quote and filtering them through genre as we can see from the image below. 

If you would like to follow the best boards for quotes, check these ones out:

13. Travel 

If you are a traveler, Pinterest is one of your best friends in driving traffic to your travel site because the interest for travel is at 47% with travel destinations being the top niche as per the images below.

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Setting up a good Pinterest account entails a great profile photo, a catchy display name, and a well-written bio.

It’s critical to include keywords relating to travel and your unique specialty when adding your name and filling up your profile so that others may find you and your pins while searching for relevant information.

Travel is also one of the best niche ideas for affiliate marketing on pinterest.

These are some successful travel Pinterest accounts:

14. Sport

Based on the images below, we can see that sports niche has an interest of 37%, with fitness and exercise being the most popular sub-niche. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

For all you sports enthusiasts out there, Pinterest is a great place to gain exposure, be it to educate people on working out, or sharing your love for a particular sport.

Best Niches For Pinterest

Eager Fit is a great account to follow for inspiration on setting up a Pinterest account in this niche.

15. Wedding

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the best niches for Pinterest, with 36% interest and one of the most lucrative affiliate inches.

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Brides and grooms visit Pinterest for outfit inspirations, as we can see from the image below, which has an interest of 35%.

Event inspirations, table setting examples, and venue decoration are some other examples. 

These are some of the best wedding boards on Pinterest:

16. Architecture

Pinterest is a natural match for architects since it allows them to seek for and accumulate new visual ideas, causing their minds to wander to new places.

We can see from the image below that overall, architecture has an interest of 32%, with residential architecture having the highest interest.  

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Pinterest also aids architects and interior designers in gaining a global perspective on rising trends and finding inspiration for new projects.

Best Niches For Pinterest

One of the best architecture accounts is Dezeen, as the company features everything you need to know about interior design and architecture. 

17. Men’s Fashion

Just like women’s fashion, there is a demand for men’s fashion as well on Pinterest with an interest of 29%. From the statistics, we can see that men’s style has the highest interest of 58% and this is also a good niche for affiliate marketing. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

This means that audiences flock to Pinterest for styling advice, outfit inspirations, and ideas.

Best Niches For Pinterest

Do you think putting outfits together is your specialty? Then this could be a great niche for you. 

Check these accounts for inspiration:

18. Parenting

The parenting niche comes next with an interest of 29% with the sub-niche baby being the most popular. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

It is undeniably difficult to be a parent. In fact, it could be the world’s most difficult job.

As a parent, you must take great care to provide your angel with the best food and the most comfortable clothing while also thinking about and safeguarding them from all risks.

It does not have to be difficult when the parenting niche on Pinterest is just a click away.

There is a wealth of parenting material accessible, and here are some examples :

19. Animals

Do you use Pinterest to promote your pet-related business? If you do not, you should because animals have an overall interest of 28% with mammals being this most popular sub-niche!

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Pinterest is brimming with pet owners seeking new ways to spend more time with their animals.

It’s up to you to provide the information they’re looking for. Pinterest is, at its core, a search engine.

Factzoo is an account that is dedicated to all things animals, look into this profile for some inspiration. 

20. Electronics

People often visit Pinterest for inspiration on cellphone setups or accessories like phone cases, as we can see in the image below, this sub-niche has an interest of 80%. Electronics, overall, have an interest of 28%.

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

If this is something that is up to your alley, get on Pinterest to get started. However, if you are trying to gain some ideas for this niche, look into Blunt Cases.

21. Gardening

Gardening may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the best niches for Pinterest but you can easily turn your passion for gardening into a full-time internet profession. 

We can see from the image below that overall, gardening has an interest of 24% with garden design being the most popular sub-niche. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Follow Gardening 101 for inspiration and take the first step by setting up a Pinterest account. 

22. Vehicles

Share your love for all things automotive as vehicles are also one of the best niches on Pinterest with an interest of 15%. Within the vehicles niche, the sub-niche cars is the most popular with 53% interest. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Automobile Magazine is a great account to follow if you are looking to set up a Pinterest account in this niche. 

Best Niches For Pinterest

23. Children’s Fashion

Lastly, we have the children’s fashion niche with an interest of 14% with teen clothing being the most popular sub-niche at 50% interest. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

Don’t know where to go for inspiration for children’s fashion? Well, good news!

There is plenty of content on children’s fashion on Pinterest! Start with the ones below:

Other Frequently Popular Niches and Sub-Niches For Pinterest

24. Tattoos

A considerably newer niche, tattoos are consistently gaining traction on Pinterest.

Gaining a spot in the Pinterest trending niches, some of the most popular sub-niches are tattoo ideas, tattoo ideas for men and tattoo videos.

Best Niches For Pinterest

For ideas on tattoos and tattoo aesthetics, you can take a look at Tattoo Icon and Small Tattoos.

25. Books

With a tremendous increase in the popularity of Booktok and Bookstagram, books are becoming an in-demand niche.

The most popular sub-niches are romance novels, thriller books, book aesthetic, and annotated books.

Best Niches For Pinterest

If you’re interested in the book niche, here are some great accounts you can go through for ideas!

26. Finance

With an increased volatility in international markets, the finance niche has become another one of the pinterest top niches.

More and more people are looking for ways to strengthen themselves financially. And rightly so, I myself have been going through better investment options and strategies to manage my finances better.

Check out The Budget Mom, for inspiration and ideas if you want to start your own finance account!

27. Marketing

Many business owners I know are not comfortable marketing their products, let alone selling them online.

If you’ve got a flair for marketing, you can jump right in and set up a Pinterest account and share your expertise!

Even small business owners look for ways to sell their products online now. How do I know? Well, I also spend my time discovering new marketing methods.

The more you learn, the more you earn!

Meagan Williamson is a Pinterest marketing expert, and you can check her profile for inspiration.

28. Yoga

If you’re into mindfulness and an active practitioner of Yoga, you can set up a Pinterest account where you can share techniques and knowledge.

Yoga has steadily been gaining interest on Pinterest with people now focusing on their spiritual health too!

For inspiration and ideas, you can look at The Remote Yogi account.

Best Niches For Pinterest

29. Meditation

As more people realize the decrease in attention spans, they’re looking for ways to train the mind, to build awareness of the self and enhance focus and mental clarity.

Meditation is also one of the fastest engagement gaining category as more and more people look online for ways to mindfulness.

If you are an expert at mindful healing and meditation techniques, you should definitely go for this! For content inspiration, you can check out Meditative Mind.

30. Technology

The interest in technology on pinterest has been on the rise in recent times with more people getting interested in new developments in technology and latest gadgets.

If you’re in the tech field, and are knowledgeable about the latest updates, you can definitely think of starting a tech account.

Some accounts you can follow for inspiration are MUO and GetDatGadget

31. Hobbies

Another great niche currently trending on Pinterest is hobbies. Everyone is looking for new skills to learn and new hobbies to spend their time on.

If you’re into a particular hobby, you can create a Pinterest page and showcase your skills.

For content inspiration, you can look at the accounts of LumberJocks and TheCeramicSchool

32. Spirituality

With people of different religions, beliefs, and backgrounds discovering spiritual practices, the overall interest in the spiritual niche has increased.

You can look at the accounts of Bernadette Logue and AskAngels for ideas!

33. History

History is a niche gaining interest as people want to learn about different cultures and historical events.

It’d be fascinating to explore the rich historical content.

For inspiration, you can check out Whencyclopedia and AncientOrigins

34. Business

This niche is steadily increasing in trend as more people start their own business.

People head over to Pinterest to learn business strategies and apply it to their business.

You can take inspiration from ClassyCareer and OfficialJasmineStar

35. Gift Ideas

Custom gifts have started gaining interest recently, with more people opting for personalized gifts.

If you specialize in custom gifts, you can create a Pinterest business today!

For inspiration, you can check out KustomProducts and LovedAndFound

36. Real Estate

Real estate being a profitable market, people are looking for advice and information regarding different properties on Pinterest.

If you’re a realtor and wanted to start on Pinterest business, you can look at TheCloseDotCom and MassRealty

37. Dating And Relationships

A trend is being observed, with an increase in searches for dating tips. As times change, people are looking for ways online to promote healthier relationships.

If you’re a relationship coach, you can check theMRSingLink and DoctorForLove

38. Languages

Languages and language learning are also trending on Pinterest, as people come to Pinterest for language learning resources.

For inspiration, you can check out TalkInFrench and Stordar

39. Programming

With an increased interest in data science and web development, programming is gaining interest on Pinterest.

You can check out InProgrammer for ideas

40. Landscaping

This is a very interesting category and one of the hot niches for Pinterest.

People are exploring different ways to curate their outdoor spaces and experiment with materials to produce beautiful backyards.

For inspiration, you can check the TLeeDesign account

41. Sustainability

An increased awareness of environmental issues has resulted in people looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sustainability has started gaining quite some interest on Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Treehugger is a great account for sustainability!

FAQs on Best Niches For Pinterest

What Is The Biggest Niche On Pinterest?

Here is a visual of the most popular niches on Pinterest. 

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

As you can see, the art niche is the biggest niche on Pinterest. It is also one of the best niche for pinterest affiliate marketing.

If you are into photography, illustration, fashion design, or drawings, then you are in for a joy ride. 

In order for you to stand out in the saturated niche, it is simply not enough to just daydream about becoming an artist when shifting into a creative job.

Due to its broad prospects, you will need to narrow down your focus and stick to a specific sub-niche such as design or photography.

This may sound simple to some, but for many creatives, figuring out your stance in the creative world can be a difficult endeavor. 

 Ask yourself this question – why are you interested in learning about your creative niche?

Though you may not know it, figuring out what sort of creative you are is the first step toward figuring out the remainder of your business. 

best niches for pinterest

Here are some Pinterest accounts to follow for a spark of creativity.

  • Digital Photography World Follow if you would like all tips and tricks regarding photography.
  • Oh JoyFollow for all things illustrations and vibrant colors
  • Must U Look Follow for styling inspirations

How Do I Find A Niche On Pinterest?

The most popular niches on Pinterest are the ones with the highest search volumes. 

Anyone who has worked in the realm of online business will tell you how important it is to find your niche. 

Consider a niche to be a company’s specialization or what they are best known for. 

You may really zoom down on getting great clients by focusing on a certain market, product, or service.

When you are finding a niche on Pinterest, think of the most popular niches as well as the profitable ones. If you key in a word in the Pinterest search bar, do you see endless dropdowns of suggestions? 

That means there is a high volume of searches for sub-niches around the particular niche.

best niches for pinterest
best niches for pinterest

 For example, say you are starting a food blog and would like to know if you can get traffic from Pinterest, simply key in the word “chicken” on the search bar and look at the suggestions. 

These suggestions just gave you an idea of the next few blog posts that you can churn up! Easy content.

One thing to keep in mind is that if there are plenty of suggestions, it could be a saturated market, so add your flair into your business to stand out. 

Once you have found your niche, ensure that you optimize your business with the best keywords for Pinterest based on your niche.

This ensures that you will be getting constant traffic and income coming your way. 

What Niches Are Most Profitable?

These are the most profitable niches:

  • Making Money Online
  • Health And Fitness
  • Self-Improvement
  • Pets
  • Investing And Personal Finance

One of the most common methods to generate money online is to start a blog or via Pinterest. 

Most bloggers link a Pinterest account to their blog to increase their earning potential. 

Setting up a business in the affiliate marketing best niches that are profitable plays a huge role in the money you make.

Fortunately, you have a wide range of alternatives to choose from.

You may start providing high-quality articles and selling your content once you have found a niche that matches your interests and supports your abilities.

When launching an online business, people tend to concentrate on developing a product, constructing a website, organizing marketing campaigns, and setting up an eCommerce store.

These people appear to be covering all of the basics for a successful business.

However, the crucial first step is missing – determining whether or not there is a market for that product.

The first question to ask yourself is this – Are there genuine consumers that wish to purchase it? 

To help narrow down on the niches, here are some best niches on Pinterest to make money.

1. Making Money Online

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular niches online. However, bear in mind that this is a saturated niche. 

With the increasing popularity of side hustle culture, many turn to the internet to find ways to make money online. 

I am not an exemption to that either. Finding ways to use our time productively while increasing our income is the new norm. 

In order for you to stand out in this niche, you have to build authority in this niche.

There is just one way to thrive in the online money-making niche, and that is to become an expert. The majority of individuals who read about generating money online can simply tell if you’re lying or not.

2. Health And Fitness

health and fitness

Some say that the most successful niches fall into one of three categories – health, money, or relationships.

The health and fitness industry is booming with everyone becoming more health-conscious and are finding ways to look after themselves.

Fitness is a very valued and lucrative sector, and as a result, there are many rivals vying for a piece of the pie.

You may take advantage of this expanding trend by launching your own fitness blog if you’re a health practitioner.

You’re not limited to producing blog entries because of the nature of this profession.

In fact, you can make anything from nutritional advice, workout videos, to motivational fitness ted-talks using this platform.

There are a lot of money-making options in this field. Working with businesses to advertise things like workout equipment and clothes is an option.

You could even sell a membership to your training videos or an online wellness program.

3. Self-Improvement

self improvement

Self-improvement, self-help, otherwise known as self-love practices is a huge niche. 

Courses and programs, books, videos, and mentoring are all available. 

There is a self-improvement product for everybody who wishes to enhance their self-esteem, experience job success, develop their confidence, establish and achieve objectives, overcome hardship or hurdles.

However, bear in mind that if you wish to start a business in this niche, be sure to be a licensed or certified professional as the last thing you would want is for Google to penalize your blog for spreading fraudulent messages.

4. Pets


There is a pet-lover in every household. 

There is an average of 78 million dogs and 58 million cats in the United States.

As a pet owner, people will spend good money for the comfort of their pets.

Pets are often considered an additional family member of a household and some pet owners will go to extreme lengths to give their pets the best. 

To be honest, I am also confident that there are many dogs out there who eat better than I do!

Many people treat their dogs better and spend more money on them than they do on themselves, and this is a niche industry that is rising year after year which could surprisingly pass as one of the best niches for Pinterest.

5. Investing And Personal Finance

investing and personal finance

Did you know that “What should I invest in?” inquiries have climbed up by 65% every year? Wealth sub niches are steadily gaining popularity.

People have heard about all the hedge fund millionaires and rich investors who have cashed in their investments and now they want to be a part of the fun.

Unfortunately, the majority of individuals have no idea what they’re doing and this is where financial education comes in. 

They require assistance in deciding which investments to make and because there is a never-ending stream of investment-related items, the whole process can be confusing. 

As a result, the investing and personal finance niche may be a profitable and best niches for Pinterest.

You can help individuals manage their money effectively as a financial advisor, whether it is via budgeting, or making the appropriate investments.

What Is The Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing?

These are the 5 best niches for affiliate marketing:

1. Food and beverage niche

2. Beauty niche

3. Travel 

4. Fashion niche

5. DIY Crafts

If you are looking to find the best niche for affiliate marketing in Pinterest, here are some of the top niches on Pinterest for you to leverage. 

1. Food And Beverage Niche

food and beverage

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to searching up a recipe, my go-to source has always been Pinterest. 

There is an abundance of food creators on Pinterest, sharing their recipes, tips, tricks, and overall passion for food.

Aside from trying out new recipes, many turn to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration which makes it one of the top inches for affiliate marketing. 

These are the top food affiliate programs on Pinterest:

2. Beauty Niche

beauty niche

This niche should not catch you by surprise for making this list because the beauty industry is expected to grow up to USD 784.6 billion by 2027 and is one of the best affiliate marketing niches.

Brands are constantly on the lookout for influencers and content creators to promote their products and as a result, the number of affiliate marketing companies in this niche is growing as well. 

Here are the top beauty niche affiliate marketing programs on Pinterest. 

3. Travel


The travel niche is an evergreen niche and one of the best affiliate niche ideas.

Regardless of any hiccup faced by a traveler, the second an opportunity to travel presents itself, he or she will jump and seize it. 

Travelers will be on the lookout for unique experiences developed by travel specialists, and there will be a lot of excitement about customization, which is the bedrock of niche tourism.

These are the top travel affiliate marketing programs on Pinterest

4. Fashion Niche


Fashion trends are ever-evolving. Every now and then, you will see new styles, new collections, and new fads circulating and made viral on the internet. 

It is not only an issue of personal taste but the fashion eCommerce businesses’ business models are also changing all the time.

The eCommerce fashion industry is expected to grow by USD 1 trillion in 2025

To monetize the growing fashion industry, here are the top fashion affiliate marketing programs for pinterest. 

5. DIY Crafts

diy crafts

This niche is not only popular on Etsy but on Pinterest as well. 

Many people are adopting DIY techniques for many things like home decor crafts, woodworking, jewelry, gifts for children, and more. 

Take a look at these crafts affiliate programs on Pinterest:

All these are best niches for Pinterest affiliate marketing and most profitable online niches too!

Best Niches For Pinterest

What Sells Best On Pinterest?

Perhaps you wonder about what sells best on pinterest. The most purchased products on Pinterest are:

  • Beauty and skincare products
  • Footwear
  • Clothing
  • Camping and hiking gear
  • Jewelry

How Much Do Pinterest Ads Cost?

If you wonder how much pinterest ads cost, it ranges between $2 – $5 per thousand views/impressions for promotion of your brand.

It costs between $0.10 – $2 per engagement on pinterest, for increasing your engagements.

What Gets More Views On Pinterest?

You might wonder what gets more views on pinterest. Vertical images and pins with 2:3 aspect ratio receive the most engagement thereby increasing your monthly viewers.

The ideal resolution for images on pinterest is 1000 × 1500 pixels, and should not be lower than 600 × 900.

How To Get Brand Deals On Pinterest?

If you wonder how to get brand deals on pinterest, here’s how:

  • Set up a Pinterest business account and start creating content.
  • Focus on user intent while producing content.
  • Look for brands active on pinterest and approach them for brand partnership.
  • Engage with your target audience for growth.
  • Create relevant and unique idea pins tagging the brands you want to partner with.

What Is A Niche In Affiliate Marketing?

What is a niche in affiliate marketing?

A niche is a specific audience within a market to whom a particular affiliate product is catered.

The affiliate product focuses on the goals and needs of the smaller groups which can be identified by their budget, locations, and interests.

How To Sell On Pinterest?

You can follow the below steps if you wonder how to sell on pinterest.

  1. Identify your niche.
  2. Create a Pinterest Business account.
  3. Produce high-quality, user-focused content.
  4. Apply Pinterest SEO.
  5. Link your online store to pinterest.
  6. Create catalogs for your pins.
  7. Tag the products in
  8. Use Rich Pins.
  9. Use Shopping Ads to reach potential buyers.

Should I Post On Pinterest Everyday?

Wondering whether you should post on pinterest everyday? Yes, you should post 4-15 times per day if you want to improve engagement.

Posting fresh, quality content which caters to the users’ needs and is relevant helps gain traction for your account & build your brand authority.

What Is More Ideas On Pinterest?

If you’re wondering what is more ideas on pinterest, it is a tab where Pinterest recommends Pins similar to ones you have saved. You can explore the suggestions and discover new ideas similar to your interests.

‘More Ideas’ tab is available on all of your boards and you can add new sections too.

Does Pinterest Boost SEO?

Does Pinterest boost SEO? Yes, pinterest does boost your Google rankings by increasing your visibility. Pinterest pins drive traffic to your site and boost your SEO.

High quality images and user focused content with proper keywords reaches a wider audience, building your site’s credibility.

Is Pinterest A Good Side Hustle?

Wondering if pinterest is a good side hustle?

Pinterest is a great way to earn on the side if you are consistent, learn the skills, and apply Pinterest strategies well.

You can promote your products or services on Pinterest and make money.

Affiliate sales, selling templates and Pinterest designs, brand collabs, and sponsored posts are other ways to make passive income.        

Does Pinterest Allow Amazon Affiliate Links?

Does pinterest allow amazon affiliate links?

Yes, you can join Amazon’s affiliate program, and use your affiliate links on Pinterest pins to make money.

Neither Pinterest nor Amazon bans you for using affiliate links on Pinterest boards.

You can add the affiliate link in the website field on your pin or account, and start earning with every purchase.


Choosing one of the best niches for Pinterest can be difficult, especially when you are just starting out.

Hence why this blog post is a list of the most profitable areas for you to benefit from in 2023 and beyond.

If you want to succeed, you have to figure out the best niche for pinterest you want to get into, combine it with some passion and hard work, and you are good to go!

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