Blog topic ideas for students

265+ Blog Topic Ideas For Students For A Traffic Boost!

If you’re looking for blog topic ideas for students, you’ve got a whole load of cool and exciting ideas that can be easy to write and rank!

There is a whole range of interesting blog topics for students that you can come up with when thinking of topics for blogs for students, from college life to navigating being outside the home for the first time to relationships and career options and more – it’s almost endless!

But since I can’t write an endless list (I wish I could!), I’ve got 265+ blog topic ideas for students that will get your gears running!

By the way, if you want to know how to find hundreds of low competition topics to get you thousands of visitors from Google. This will help!

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Blog topic ideas for students

Blog Topic Ideas For Students At A Glance

1. Earning Tips

2. College Essay Tips

3. College Life Blog Post Ideas For College Students

4. Student Travel Tips

5. Mental Health Topics For Blog Writing For Students

6. Off-Campus Living 

7. Relationships Blog Ideas For Students

8. Study Tips

9. Internship Tips & Opportunities Blog Topics For Students

10. Career Opportunities

11. Scholarship Tips

12. Academic Tips In University Blog Post Ideas

13. E-learning Blog Post Ideas For Students

14. Personal Development Blog Writing Topics For Students

15. Cooking For Students

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Blog topic ideas for students

1. Blog Topic Ideas For StudentsEarning Tips

  • How To Juggle A Full-Time Job And College Without Burning Out
  • How To Utilize Youtube To Make Money As A Student
  • How To Make Money While In College
  • How To Start An Instagram Business If You Are A Student
  • How Instagram Can Help You Earn Money
  • How To Make The Most Of Fiverr As A Student (Or Other Freelancing Websites)
  • Making Money On Youtube As A Student
  • Tips For Managing Your Time When You Work And Go To School
  • Leveraging Freelancing Websites To Increase Your Income
  • How To Keep Your Grades Up When Working A Part-Time Job
  • Jobs For You To Start Now Being A Student
  • Different Types Of Jobs You Can Do During College
  • Finding Part-Time Jobs That Fulfill Your School Hours
  • Making Money While Studying In College Isn’t That Difficult – Here’s How
  • How To Start Earning From Blog Writing
  • How To Be Balancing College And Work With Little Stress
  • Where To Find Online Tutoring Opportunists
  • Part-Time Jobs Available For Students
Blog topic ideas for students

2. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – College Essay Tips

  • College Essay Topics To Avoid
  • How To Conclude A Literature Review
  • 50 College Essay Prompts
  • How To Choose The Best College Essay Topics & Ideas
  • International Student Guide To Choosing A Topic For Your Application
  • Learn To Structure And Format Your College Essay
  • First-Year Essay Prompts
  • The 7 Core Characteristics Of Every Good College Essay
  • Writing Tips And Techniques For Your College Essay
  • Top 100 College Essay Topics That Will Make You Stand Out
  • Crafting An Unforgettable College Essay
  • What Makes A Good College Essay Topic
  • 13 Expert Tips For The Common App Essay
  • How To Write A Perfect “Why This College” Essay
  • Choosing Your College Essay Topic
  • Different Formats Of A College Essay
  • Essay Topic Suggestions To Help You Get Started
  • Popular Application Essay Topics
Blog topic ideas for students

3. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – College Life Blog Post Ideas For College Students

  • How To Make New Friends As A Freshman
  • 15 Things I Wish I Knew As A Freshman
  • How To Study For Exams With Limited Time
  • Quick Ways To Study Without Getting Overwhelmed 
  • Coping With Your College Culture
  • How To Maximize Your Productivity At College
  • Managing Your Exams After A Long Night
  • Late Night Exam Preparation Tactics For You
  • Where To Learn Practical Skills Along With Your Academics
  • Creative Ways To Save Money When You Go Grocery Shopping
  • A Typical Day In The Life Of A College Student
  • Tips To Always Submit Your Assignment On Time
  • Challenges You Face With Parents Being An Expat Student
  • Top 9 Most Suitable Marketplaces For Students
  • Different Types Of College Cultures
  • Overcoming Homesickness While Studying Abroad
  • Making Friends As A Freshman
  • A Complete Guide To Buying Your College Textbooks Online For Cheap
Blog topic ideas for students

4. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – Student Travel Tips

  • How You Can Earn While Traveling
  • How To Travel Abroad As A Student
  • The Most Budget-Friendly Places To Visit
  • List Of Best Student Travel Groups In The Town
  • Best Days To Visit Near Your University 
  • Most Budget-Friendly Places To Visit Near Your University Town
  • Top 21 Places Students Love To Travel To
  • 17 Things To Remember When You Are Traveling Abroad As A Student
  • How To Stay Safe As A Student Traveller 
  • Tips On Saving Money For A Travel Trip With Your Friends
  • The Best Time To Visit Different Destinations
  • 35 Tips For Traveling On A Budget And Saving Money
  • How To Travel As A Student On A Budget
  • Where To Visit While Studying Abroad In Asia
  • Off The Beaten Path Must-See Places In Different Cities Around The World.
  • How To Save Money For That Trip You’ve Always Wanted
  • How To Make The Most Of Your Freshman Year
  • Where To Go If You Are Studying In Europe
Blog topic ideas for students

5. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – Mental Health Topics For Blog Writing For Students

  • Top 25 Tips To Make Your College Day Productive 
  • 7 Healthy Tips To Fight Anxiety And Depression
  • Benefits Of Meditation For College Students
  • How To Cope With Exam Anxiety
  • How Exercise Can Help You With Stress And Anxiety
  • Tips To Be Healthy And Fight Depression
  • How To Seek Support And Ask For Help
  • Why Visiting A Counselor Will Help You During College
  • How To Get Over Homesickness
  • How To Create A Positive Environment In College
  • How To Get Over Academic Failure – It’s Not The End!
  • How To Prepare For College Mentally
  • Can’t Afford Mental Healthcare? Here’s How To Get Support
  • How To Fight The Overwhelmed Feeling During Exam Season
  • Feeling Overwhelmed In College 
  • How To Focus More On Your Academic Journey
  • How To Make The Most Of Your Freshman Year
  • 6 Mental Health Benefits I Experienced From Yoga
Blog topic ideas for students

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6. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – Off-Campus Living 

  • Affordable Housing Options Near Your University
  • 50 Beneficial Advice For First-Time Off-Campus Renters
  • How To Find A Suitable Apartment For Off-Campus Living
  • Budget Friendly Ways For Students To Stay Fit
  • 19 Off-Campus Living Challenges And How To Cope With Them
  • 21 Things Every College Student Should Know About Living Off-Campus
  • What To Look For In Your Roommates When Living Off-Campus
  • Managing Your Finances When Living Off-Campus
  • Vital Things You Need To Know If You Are Living Off-Campus
  • The Best Places To Eat In Your College Town If You Have A Limited Budget
  • How To Save Money While Living As An Expat Student
  • Discover The Best Student Bars In Your University Town
  • How To Budget Your Expenses As A College Student Living Off-Campus
  • Tips When Looking For An Apartment Off-Campus With Other Students
  • Living Off-Campus Vs Living On Campus
  • The Best Grocery Stores With The Best Student Discounts
  • Part-Time Jobs For Students Living Off The Campus
  • 11 Alcohol Alternatives That Students Will Love
Blog topic ideas for students

7. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – Relationships Blog Ideas For Students

  • How To Approach Someone In College
  • Dating Tips Every College Student Should Know
  • Tips For Having A Successful Relationship At College
  • Best Dating Apps For College Students
  • How To Greet Someone On A First Date
  • Tips On Living With College Roommates
  • 11 Things That Make College Relationships Different From Others
  • How To Have A Successful Long-Distance Relationship At College
  • What Is Love And How To Know When You’ve Found It?
  • How To Deal With The Breakup Of Your College Relationship
  • The Relationships To Avoid When You’re A Student
  • The Top 23 Tips For Dating In College
  • 15 Truths About The College Relationship
  • How Long Do College Relationships Last For
  • How To Deal With A Break-Up When You’re In College
  •  How To Get Noticed On A Dating Site
  • 13 Tips To Maintain A Relationship Without Droppinng Your Grades
  • College Dating Rules And Etiquette
Blog topic ideas for students

8. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – Study Tips

  • The Pros And Cons Of Studying Late Night  
  • Top 19 Tips On How To Study Smarter
  • How Active Listening Boosts Your Performance In Lectures
  • The Best Student Study Planner – This One Included! 
Blog topic ideas for students
  • Memorization Techniques You Could Use 
  • Best Study Tips For College That Smart Students Use
  • Tips For Remembering Key Concepts While Studying
  • Hoe To Study Smarter, Not Harder
  • How To Prepare For Exams At The Last-Minute
  • How To Study Smarter Rather Than Studying Longer
  • These Awesome Spotify Playlists Are Great For Studying
  • Ways To Make Flashcards More Efficient.
  • 13 Best Tips For Exam Revision
  • Benefits Of Writing Down The Lecture
  • The Most Important Student Study Skills You Need To Learn
  • Amazing Study Tips For Your Final Exam
  • 51 Awesome Study Tips For Students
  • Creating Your Study Schedule
Blog topic ideas for students

9. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – Internship Tips & Opportunities Blog Topics For Students

  • How To Stand Apart Against The Competition In College
  • Internship As A Stepping Stone For Your Career
  • Platforms Where You Can Find Suitable Internships For You
  • How You Can Use Your Internship As A Stepping Stone For Your Career
  • Why You Should Do An Internship As A Freshman
  • Difference Between Paid And Unpaid Internship – Other Than The Money!
  • The Value Of Extracurricular Activities During College
  • Best Ways To Look For An Internship As A Student.
  • Essential Tips To Ace Your Internship Interview
  • What Exactly Makes An Internship More Valuable Than Just Extra Credits?
  • How To Land An Internship In The Corporate World For Fresh Graduates
  • Making Connections During Your Internship 
  • How To Ace Your First Internship Interview
  • Top 13 Tips For Landing Your First Internship
  • Consider These 9 Types Of Internships During College
  • How To Gain An Internship In A Multinational Company
  • Different Types Of Jobs You Can Do During College
Blog topic ideas for students

10. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – Career Opportunities

  • How To Structure Your Linkedin Profile Professionally
  • Conducting Informational Interviews With Employers
  • What To Do After Graduating College
  • How Working As An Online English Teacher Can Help Your Career 
  • The Top 10 Highest Paying Temp Jobs In (Your City)
  • How To Make Your First Million 
  • How To Find Jobs After College With No Experience
  • What To Expect In The Job Search World 
  • Preparing For Your First Job Interview After College
  • What Is The Best Way To Land A Job Coming Out Of College With No Work Experience?
  • How To Impress Your Interviewer 
  • How To Write A Fine Cover Letter To Cover Your Resume
  • 45 Immediate Job Opportunities For Students After College
  • Five Career Paths You Should Consider After Graduation
  • Most Appropriate Platforms To Find A Suitable Job After College
  • How To Find Job Opportunities On Linkedin
  • 8 Jobs For Students After College That Pay Well
  • Things To Include In Your Resume
Blog topic ideas for students

11. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – Scholarship Tips

  • Best Financial Aid Services Available Online For Students 
  • Think About These Ways To Finance Your Studies Abroad
  • How To Pay Back Your Student Loan After School
  • Getting A Scholarship In A Reputed Us University
  • Types Of Student Loans
  • Securing Grants For Your Academic Projects
  • Different Scholarship Opportunities For Students
  • Federal Student Loans You Should Apply For
  • The Best Financial Aid Services Available Online
  • Here Are 15 Best Scholarship Opportunities For College Students
  • Paying Back Your Student Loan After College
  • Best Scholarship Workshops You Should Attend Online
  • Funding College Through Scholarships And Grants
  • How To Find Scholarships For College Students
  • How To Apply For Scholarships – A Complete Guide
  • 5 Ways To Finance Your Studies Abroad
  • Choosing The Right Student Loan Program
  • How To Successfully Achieve A Masters Scholarship In The Us
Blog topic ideas for students

12. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – Academic Tips In University Blog Post Ideas

  • The Best Colleges In The Us For International Students (And Why)
  • How To Write An Essay Introduction That Can Grab Your Tutor’s Attention
  •  What Is Academic Writing And How To Perform It Smoothly
  • The Effects Of Budget Cuts On Colleges And Universities Around The Country.
  • Is A (Degree Type) In (Focus Area) Worthwhile?
  • The Pros And Cons Of MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses)
  • Curriculum Changes And Their Effects On Institutions And Learners
  • How To Choose A Perfect Dissertation Topic
  • Creating An Essay Plan To Achieve Good Grades
  • Best Colleges To Study Fashion Design
  • Best Online Universities That Offer Digital Marketing Courses
  • A Review Of The Top 10 Universities In Europe (With Details About Each)
  • Best Online Universities With Accreditation 
  • The Latest Changes In Higher Education Legislation.
  • How To Pursue A Degree In (Focus Area)
  • 11 Things To Keep In Mind When Writing An Abstract Of A Dissertation
  • Top 21 Tips To Plan An Assignment
  • (Degree 1) Vs (Degree 2): Comparisons & Advantages 
Blog topic ideas for students

13. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – E-learning Blog Post Ideas For Students

  • The Relationship Between Family Support And E-Learning
  • Importance Of Designating A Study Space For Online Courses
  • How Does Virtual Learning Impact Students In Higher Education?
  • Tips To Counter Distractions During Online Classes
  • Making A Study Plan For Your Online Classes
  • How To Overcome Distractions While Studying Online
  • Tips To Learn Quickly From Online Classes
  • The Benefits Of Colleges Switching To E-Learning
  • Challenges Of Being A Student In An Online College
  • The Best Online Classes You Can Take As A College Freshman
  • What Are The Benefits Of E-learning To Students?
  • What Is E-learning College?
  • What Are The Effects Of Online Learning Among College Students?
  • How To Overcome Challenges During Online Classes
  • The Pros And Cons Of Taking Online Courses
  • Study Tips For The Success Of Online Classes
  • How To Manage Job Along With Online Classes
  • Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online Courses
Blog topic ideas for students

14. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – Personal Development Blog Writing Topics For Students

  • What It Takes To Be Highly Effective At A Lecture
  • Things You Should Do In The Morning To Be Successful
  • 17 Reasons You Should Study Abroad
  •  Tips To Be Calm And Confident During A Presentation
  • 12 Part-Time Job Ideas For Students
  • How To Plan Your Grocery Budget Well 
  • How To Develop And Boost Your Self-Esteem As A Student
  • Importance Of Personal Development In Student’s Life
  • The Best Student Discounts When Shopping.
  • 10 Money-Saving Websites For Students
  • How To Stop Procrastinating Once And For All
  • Student Living Costs In (Location)
  • How Pursuing A Higher Education Forms You
  • 7 Habits Of Highly Effective College Students
  • How To Stop Procrastinating And Be A Proactive
  • Analyzing Hidden Talent In Yourself
  • Habits Of Smart College Students
  • The Ultimate Guide To Studying In (Location)
Blog topic ideas for students

15. Blog Topic Ideas For Students – Cooking For Students

  • 19 Batch Cooking Recipes For Students To Make Life Easier
  • 45 Best Student Meals For One
  • 7 Vegetarian Student Meal Plan
  • 4 Week Student Meal Plans With Shopping Lists
  • 65 Packed Lunch Ideas For College Students
  • 31 Of The Cheapest Student Meals
  • 9 Student Cooking And Food Mistakes
  • 11 Quick And Easy Hangover Food
  • How To Cook On A Budget For Students
  • 21 Essential Recipes For Students
  • 19 Lifesaving Recipes For Students Who Can’t Cook
  • 17 Easy Homecook Recipes For When You Miss Home
  • What Dishes Should Students Know How To Cook?
  • A Collection Of College-Friendly Recipes And Cooking Tips
  • 11 Cheap, Quick Meals Ideas For Students
  • Top 11 Student Cooking Books
  • Top 15 Basic Student Recipes
  • 13 Cupboard Essentials Every Student Should Have

How To Write For Students

You want to write helpful content for students but wonder what the best way to find content that will be useful. Let’s see how we can get the best possible content for students:

1. Walk In Their Shoes

If this was your choice of topics, you’re likely a student or have been a student at one point. It’s highly likely that you’re not alone if you’ve ever struggled with something. Your student-focused blog should feature those student issues that led you to Google for answers.

Blog topic ideas for students

2. Check Social Media And Forums

Like everyone else, students also turn to social media to rant and vent about their woes. If something is up for discussion, some students ask about them on Quora or Reddit. These can be a gold mine for you. 

3. Localize Your Content

Many students are out-of-towners. There is plenty to discover about the new place they’re in. You can write a lot of content on the local food and drink scenes, places to go, nearby towns, and local activities. 

4. Money Talks

Oof, I could have used a good blog on money-saving and money-making tips as a student! Students are always on the lookout for how they can save or make money so writing about these topics will be very helpful to them. 

5. Go Beyond

Students don’t just stay students forever. During their last year, most students will be on the lookout for their careers, internships, or other things they want to accomplish. Content surrounding these topics will be popular as students go about searching for their next path in life.

FAQs On Blog Topic Ideas For Students

What Is The Best Topic For a Blog?

The best topic for blog based on 120 best blog niche ideas to write about: 

  • Pets
  • Lifestyle And Hobbies
  • Your Life Journey 
  • Relationships
  • Gaming
  • Science And Medicine
  • Health And Fitness
  • Homeownership

A top-notch blog that addresses a hot topic will be very profitable, given that people are spending more time online than ever before.

What Can I Blog About As A Student?

What can I blog about as a student? You can blog about many things as a student. If you’re looking to go down this road, consider making different playlists for studying, homecoming, or graduation. 

More Ideas:

  • Advice For Move-In Day
  • Life As A Part-Time Student
  • Sample Semester Schedule
  • Best Study Spots On Campus
  • Day In The Life
  • Life As A Night Student

What Can A Teenager Blog About?

Wondering what can a teenager blog about? Teenagers can blog about these top blogging topics for teens:

  • Pop Culture – Most teens are interested in a wide range of popular culture subjects, including books, movies, art, music, and video games. 
  • Technology – Teenagers frequently write about technology on their blogs.
  • Social Issues – Issues concerning teens.
  • Relationship – Relationship-related blogs are common subjects.

How Do I Find Blog Topics?

How to Find the Best Blog Topics for Your Industry

  • Conduct customer surveys – Learn what your audience is looking for
  • Scan online forums
  • Find popular blogs in your industry
  • Do keyword research – There’s so much you can learn from here
  • Use content tools – Tools like BuzzSumo will help you find content ideas
Blog topic ideas for students

Write On!

And so we’ve come to the end of the post for blog topic ideas for students. I’ll bet you’ve got tons and tons of ideas on what to write for your student blog post right now.

Honestly, I think when we see great ideas, we churn out more and more great ideas from there 🙂

Students are fun and easy to write for. Remember to keep your language simple, well, this goes for any audience unless you’re doing some serious technical writing, and if you’re no longer a student, try to remember what it was like when you were one!  

Let me know which blog topic ideas for students you loved most and if you have any more you’d like to add to the list. I’d love to hear from you! 

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