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Top 9 Tips for Starting and Selling Crochet on Etsy for 2023

Selling Crochet on Etsy is a wonderful idea for a side hustle! 

Have you been thinking about turning your crochet hobby into a crochet business? If it’s a hobby you already enjoy, why not?

Maybe you are totally on board, but you are a little lost about where to start. Or, you’re wondering if there even is a market for products that are crocheted?

Not to worry, my friend, we are going to answer all of your questions and have your Etsy crochet shop up and running in no time!

You all know that I’m all about finding ways to enjoy your time and freedom, and selling things you already enjoy making on Etsy is such a great way to do just that. Make that money, honey!

Etsy is a digital, global marketplace and in this post, we will talk all about what a crochet shop is, how to set one up, and what you should put in it!

Read on for the top 9 tips for starting a Crochet Shop on Etsy, and you’ll be up and running in no time flat!

You can start selling your crochet items to anyone, anywhere in the world – how cool is that?!

In this article, you’ll find 9 tips for starting an Etsy Crochet Shop. At a glance, these are:

  • Know What Crochet Items Sell Most
  • Take Great Photos Of Your Crochet Projects
  • Have A Baseline Understanding Of SEO And Keywords
  • Know Your Materials
  • Research Other Etsy Shops (With Crochet Items That Sell Well)
  • Niche Down
  • Become An Expert At Creating Your Crochet Etsy Product
  • Give Your Customers A Reason To Return To Your Etsy Crochet Shop
  • Make A Plan


This article contains some affiliate links, which means that I may earn a small commission when you click on them at no additional cost to you. I do hope you find the information in this article helpful!

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9 Tips for Starting Your Etsy Crochet Shop

1. Know What Crochet Items Sell Most

The current top-selling crochet items on Etsy are:

this is important for a few reasons. There may be something you enjoy making but isn’t selling right now.

You need to make sure, to start your shop, that you are making things people want. 

Then, once people know the quality of your work and that they will love your crocheted items, you can branch out and create some of the things you enjoy more. Remember, you want your store to be profitable!

You also – especially when starting your shop out – will want to choose a target market. 

For example, are you selling to Moms decorating their babies’ rooms or to teenagers looking for cute halter tops? Your audience will determine the types of items you make, and you can also figure out which crochet items to sell on Etsy to that group of people.

2. Take Great Photos Of Your Crochet Products

If your products don’t look appealing, your audience won’t click! And getting them to click and see your beautiful creations is how they will sell.

It’s worth it to invest a bit of money into a great camera or a session or two with a professional photographer to make sure your crochet items look as enticing as possible to people.

Once you have that click, they’ll spend some time reading your product description, so it’s worth it to spend a bit of time here too. Explain the photo you took and the benefits of using the product you’ve created to the customer.

They’ll be way more likely to click the “buy now” button if you have a great photo and a great description to go with it.

3. Have A Baseline Understanding Of SEO and Keywords

You want your products to be found! If you have some keywords in the descriptions, it’s much more likely that people will find what you are selling.

If you’ve decided to sell crochet items a Mom might love to put in a nursery, “nursery decorations,” “baby items,” “cute baby décor” might all end up being keywords you use in your product descriptions.

This way, they are more easily found in the category you are making, and your target audience is more likely to search for them in that way.

If you are looking for more information on Etsy SEO, I have just the place for you to go. Here are 10 Etsy SEO Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Business. The perfect guide to getting the best keywords for your new Etsy business.

If you are looking for something powerful to increase your Etsy SEO quickly, Sale Samurai is an all-in-one SEO tool that will skyrocket your Etsy sales. It’s powered by real search data on Etsy and would be a great tool to implement in your Etsy business.

selling crochet on etsy know your materials

4. Know Your Materials

If you are going to start a crochet shop, it’s important to know which materials you will use to create your products and which materials your audience is looking for their products to be made from.

There are different types of yarn, acrylic, cotton, and much more that you can use to crochet.

Maybe you are already comfortable with a specific material, and you can research which crochet items that sell well on Etsy are made from that particular material.

Then, go all in! Tell your customers why you’ve chosen that material and how it can benefit them. They’ll love it, and you’ll end up with some best selling crochet items on Etsy.

5. Research Other Etsy Shops (With Crochet Items That Sell Well)

Obviously, do not copy what others are doing. What you CAN do with other people’s shops though (and I highly recommend it) is see what markets they are targeting, what items are selling most, and how they’ve gone about niching down – which we’ll talk about next!

You could also reach out to some of the shop owners who are further along in their journey than you to see if they have any advice as to how to go about setting up your crochet shop on Etsy.

Putting time and effort into this research will put you in a great position to have some of the top selling crochet items on Etsy.

To get you started on your research, here are some shops that you can look to as you are beginning your journey as a Crochet shop owner on Etsy:

As you look at their stores, you can see what you love about them and how you can use it to influence what you will do in your Etsy crochet shop.

selling crochet on etsy niche down

6. Niche Down

There are a few different ways you can go about creating a niche for a crochet shop on Etsy. The first is to make one particular type of item.

Do you love crocheting scarves? Great! Create a shop with scarves of all different lengths, patterns, and colors. This is what your shop can become known for.

If only making one type of item doesn’t suit you, you can niche down into a category. Maybe you want to create toys for kids or flower bouquets for weddings.

This way, you have niched down in terms of your offering and target market, but you can make all different toys or have bouquets full of different types of beautiful flowers.

Lastly, you could niche down in terms of the audience you are serving and create a multitude of products for that person.

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7. Become An Expert At Creating Your Crochet Etsy Product

This may seem obvious, but you have to create high-quality products for them to sell. It’s great to start out with a couple of items you are already experienced at making. 

If there is something else you are looking to sell, you can always practice making that item to ensure the quality before sending it out to customers.

I know you will take the time to create the highest quality items, and then…

8. Give Your Customers A Reason To Return To Your Etsy Crochet Shop

Will running a crochet shop be fun? Of course, it will! But remember, this is a business too. Give your customers a reason to come back, and they will again and again.

How do you do that? Collect customers’ contact information so you can…

· Thank them for their orders and for supporting you!

· Ship their orders in a timely fashion (and if they can’t be, let your customers know)

· Answer personal messages to you regarding orders

· Honor customization requests

· Keep your shop up to date, so they know what’s available

By providing world-class service, people will want to return, and they’ll tell their friends to visit your shop!

When someone asks, “where did you get that?!” you’ll be top of mind and come highly recommended. This is when your business will take off!

9. Make A Plan

You’re armed and ready! You’ve chosen your niche, your materials, your keywords. You’ve researched other shops to see what makes them successful.

Finally, you’ve decided what crochet items you want to make.

Now what?!

Lay it all out for yourself. Create a business plan.

Some questions to think about:

·    What is your goal for the month, the quarter, the year?

·    How many people do you want to visit your shop?

·    How many do you want to purchase?

·    What are you willing to invest in your shop?

·    What is your income goal for your shop?

After you’ve thought about all of this, remember to have fun!! Yes, selling crochet items will take some work and time, but you are ultimately doing something you LOVE and getting paid to do it.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

What is an Etsy Crochet Shop?

Etsy is a worldwide digital marketplace where you can set up a shop of your own and get your crafts in front of the eyes of millions of people.

An Esty crochet shop is the place you set up within this digital marketplace to start selling your crocheted items.

Selling crochet on Etsy is a great way to make some extra income and doesn’t need to be difficult.

If you aren’t feeling super confident in your skill to set up a shop, feel free to take a quick course on how to do it. I have suggestions for all of the best, most up-to-date Etsy courses here.

You won’t regret it when your crochet shop is up, and you see the money start rolling into your bank account for a craft you already enjoy creating!

The best part about this shop is that it doesn’t just have to be your crochet creations. You can even branch out into crochet tools or original patterns if those are things that you are interested in or have already created.

Really, once you are up and running, the possibilities are endless!

So, let’s talk about what you should put in your shop to make you the most money and get you on your way to freedom from selling your amazing crochet creations!

selling crochet on etsy frequently asked questions

FAQ: Selling Your Crochet Items On Etsy

Do Crochet Items Sell Well on Etsy?

Yes! There are seven crochet categories that sell well on Etsy. They are women’s swimwear, amigurumi, women’s clothing, home & living, baby accessories, toys, and patterns.

As you set up your crochet shop, it would be great if it fell into one of these categories, particularly as you get up and running.

Combining this knowledge of overall categories with what crochet items sell best on Etsy (see next question!), you will have a profitable Etsy shop because you are selling things people want and are already looking for!

Have I ever led you astray with one of my side hustle or money-making articles? Nope! Because I care about your future and setting you up for success.

And if you put time and effort into this shop of yours and make sure you are creating the things people want to buy, your Etsy shop can do exactly that- set you up for success in the future.

Which Crochet Items Sell The Most?

Now you know which categories sell the most, but what about the specific items that sell the most?

Some of the most popular crochet items on Etsy are:

·    Dolls

·    Cardigans

·    Toys

·    Flowers

·    Pillow Covers

·    Hats

If one of these items suits your niche, start creating today!

Is It Profitable To Sell Crochet Items On Etsy?

Selling crochet on Etsy can be profitable! If you take the time to put in some research and create high-quality items, you’ll be on your way to a profitable crochet Etsy shop, and I cannot wait to see it.

It’s 100% possible for you if you put your mind to it!

The best part about this is once you have your shop up and running, you can start selling crochet patterns on Etsy and other things related to crocheting too!

Your audience now trusts you and your quality, so they will want to learn from you. Monetize that as well!

Just as further proof that you can be successful with an Etsy crochet shop, these are some that are knocking it out of the park as we speak (or, rather, as you read).

Current Etsy Crochet Shops:

And many more! Use them as your inspiration as you begin your new business venture.


If you are ready to start selling crochet on Etsy, following the advice in this article is sure to help you out! You will have a great side hustle out of something that you already love doing in your spare time. A hobby that you love that also brings in a bit of extra cash- what could be better? Not much comes to mind.

You can achieve so much on Etsy if you put your mind to it, and selling crochet items is a great place to start. If they are cute, fun, and homemade, they will fly off the digital shelves of your new shop.

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