can i have two etsy shops

Can I Have Two Etsy Shops? Everything You Need to Know! 2023

Are you doing well on Etsy and now you’re wondering, “can I have two Etsy shops?” The answer to your question is YES, you CAN have two Etsy shops!

If you want to learn how to open two Etsy shops, all the technicalities for it, and the requirements so that you do not miss out on any step, then read on,

What are you waiting for? Get your pen and let’s get started on your journey to learn how to open another Etsy shop.

Can I Have Two Etsy Shops – Everything You Need To Know

At a glance, we will be looking into the following:

1. Can I Have Two Etsy Shops?

2. How To Open A Second Etsy Shop?

3. Can I Use The Same Payment Details For My Second Etsy Shop?

4. Can I Use The Same Email Address For My Second Etsy Shop?

5. Can I Use The Same Laptop And Web Browser For My Second Etsy Shop?

6. Can I Have More Than Two Etsy Shops?

7. What Are The Rules For Having Two Etsy Shops?

8. Must I Disclose My Second Etsy Shop?

9. Pros Of Running Two Etsy Shops

10. Cons Of Running Two Etsy Shops

11. What Must I Consider Before Opening A Second Etsy Shop?

12. How To Manage Multiple Etsy Shops?

13. How To Migrate Products From One Etsy Shop To Another?

14. How To Sync Both Etsy Shop Accounts?

15. Can I Delete My Etsy Shop?


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Can I Have Two Etsy Shops?

YES! You can have two Etsy shops at the same time! Though you need to read on to find out whether opening a second Etsy shop is the right step for your business.

The main thing to remember about having two Etsy shops is:

  • You must use a different email address to register for the second shop.
  • Your first shop must already be complying with all of Etsy’s policies and be in good standing. If not all your shops risk getting shut down.
can i have two etsy shops how to open a second etsy shop

How To Open A Second Etsy Shop?

The steps to open a second Etsy shop are quite straightforward:

  • Go to Your Account on Etsy
  • Click Sign Out
  • Click Sign In
  • Click Register
  • Enter a different email address that you would use for the second shop.
  • Click Register
  • Click Sell on Etsy
  • Click Open your Etsy Shop
  • And then just follow the steps that are shown by Etsy to design and set up your second shop.

Voila, sounds extremely simple right? Does it mean everyone should be opening up two Etsy shops? Not really!

As you read on, you will understand the factors you must consider before deciding to open a second Etsy shop.

can i have two etsy shops can i use the same payment details for my second etsy shop

Can I Use The Same Payment Details For My Second Etsy Shop?

Yes, there is no issue with this. You can use the same credit card and bank account for your payments. You are advised to sign up with Etsy Payments to simplify the process further.

Etsy Payments is the best way for you to receive your funds when you make Etsy sales. It is like a standard merchant processing payments. 

It accepts most cards and payment types such as:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Etsy Gift Cards and Credits
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Klarna

It is very easy to enroll in Etsy Payments. Do check out the Etsy Payments guide in more detail to learn about the different country requirements to enroll in this.

You just need to provide some important information such as:

  • Residential Address
  • Valid Bank Account
  • Valid Credit or Debit Card

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Can I Use The Same Email Address For My Second Etsy Shop?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to use the same email address for multiple Etsy shops. Each Etsy shop can have 1 email address only. 

Luckily, it is free to create multiple emails, but you need to be mindful of your login credentials. Hopefully, this answers your question of whether can you have two Etsy shops on one account.

can i have two etsy shops Can I Use The Same Laptop And Web Browser For My Second Etsy Shop

Can I Use The Same Laptop And Web Browser For My Second Etsy Shop?

If you are worried about whether can you have multiple shops on Etsy due to gadgets, do not worry. There is no issue with using the same laptop or logging in using the same web browser to log in to your second Etsy shop.

However, you have to log out of Etsy from your web browser and log in again using the second credential. It is one of the downsides when answering, “can you have more than one shop on Etsy.”

There are ways around it though. You can dedicate Google Chrome browser to your first Etsy Shop, Safari, or Internet Explorer for your second Etsy shop and save your passwords in both.

That way, you need not go through the headache of logging in and out of your Etsy shops and getting a headache. 

Can I Have More Than Two Etsy Shops?

Yes, you can have more than two Etsy shops. The same rules apply to having two Etsy shops. You can have as many Etsy shops you like as long as:

  • You follow all of Etsy’s policies
  • Use a different email address to register each account.

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can i have two etsy shops What Are The Rules For Having Two Etsy Shops

What Are The Rules For Having Two Etsy Shops?

As with any online business, you need to follow rules to be in good standing.

Here are some important rules to having two Etsy shops:

  • Follow Etsy’s guidelines strictly.
  • Do not set up a second shop just to sell the same item to saturate the product search listing and confuse your buyers.
  • Remain transparent. Disclose who you are and how many shops you have, and what they sell.

The last two points are common issues that have been raised by Etsy’s sellers in the past. 

Unfortunately, unethical sellers had set up second or third shops and sold the same thing. They adjusted their photos a bit and edited their descriptions to have a bit of a difference.

But the product that was on sale was essentially the same thing. This is a dirty practice and gives the seller an unfair advantage by crowding up search listings.

Additionally, you appear honest as a business owner when you list down the different Etsy shops you run. It can even be advantageous.

For example, you may have one shop to sell children’s clothes and another shop to sell adult clothes.

A mother may like your listings in the adult clothes store and then look at your children’s store to support you further. Won’t that make you happy that you declared the different shops you had?

Must I Disclose My Second Etsy Shop?

Yes, you should disclose your second Etsy shop. While you can have two Etsy shops, it is highly advisable to be transparent about owning your second shop.

The main reason why someone would not want to disclose owning a second Etsy shop is that it sells the same things. 

This is completely against the rules and if Etsy catches on to it, you can say bye-bye to all your Etsy shops.

Etsy operates on community-based support. Sellers are friendly and helpful towards each other. This comes at the value of showcasing your honesty and transparency.

While you are allowed to have multiple Etsy shops, you are expected to disclose it. As mentioned above, if you do it the right way, it can even be beneficial as you may have access to more customers.

Hopefully, this makes things clearer for you when you are answering, “can you have more than one Etsy store.”

Pros Of Running Two Etsy Shops

Here comes the juice! You have learned how to have and open a second Etsy shop. But why are people asking, “can you have two shops on Etsy,” and why are they doing it? 

Here are some excellent advantages of having two Etsy shops.

1. Different Product Niche

If you had one Etsy shop and you were selling clothes that are for adults, teenagers, and babies. You could benefit from having two or three Etsy shops, each for 1 age group

This means that you get more targeted keywords, and will be more visible to your selected niche market. You can reach a broader range of customers. 

While all 3 age groups may have visited your single store before, chances are, they were not impressed seeing clothes that did not fit their search criteria. 

As such, they may have bought that 1 product that caught their eye, but they will likely not visit your shop again due to how cluttered it was with things that do not appeal to them.

Just imagine, if you entered a stationery shop and suddenly started seeing food, clothes, and shoes there. You would be very confused right? 

If you have multiple categories to sell, please go ahead and open a second or third Etsy store.

can i have two etsy shops Monitor Your Product’s Performance

2. Monitor Your Product’s Performance

When you spread your products across two stores depending on the niche that you are targeting, you will be able to see clearer product performance.

How highly does it appear in search results and how many clicks does it get? These are important analytics you can see more off with two Etsy shops as your keywords are more targeted and fit search intent.

3. Etsy Costs Will Not Increase With More Shops

The beauty of Etsy is, you are not charged for how many shops you have. But rather, the number of products you list and the sales you get.

Your sales conversion has a much better chance if you split your different types of products into different stores, while the costs remain the same. 

That seems like a good deal right?

4. Learn Lessons From Different Shops

A/B Testing is a split-testing term usually used in Marketing. You run 2 advertisements that are similar with just 1 difference. That 1 difference could be the image, product caption, call to action, or something else.

This is done so that the advertiser can know which advertisement performs better and then dedicate all the budget for that.

Now, imagine a similar concept with running two Etsy shops. Yes, your products are of different categories. But you may have different ways of describing your product in both shops, or the type of photos you take could vary.

If you find that one shop is outperforming the other heavily, you could study the gaps and fill them with what works from the more successful shop.

Cons Of Running Two Etsy Shops

You have learned the advantages of having two Etsy shops, not let’s move on to the disadvantages.

1. Designing Two Etsy Shops

If setting up your Etsy shop the first time made you hyperventilate because you just did not like it, imagine going through it again by choice. 

You need to set up different logos, color themes, design templates, the About Me page, and more.

2. Administrative Headaches

You could get a headache having to remember which shop to update, logging in and out of the various accounts, and restocking your items.

3. Paid Tools Will Increase Your Expenses

If you have subscribed to paid tools to manage your Etsy shop such as your inventory manager, you will have to subscribe to it again for your second shop.

Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

4. Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

If you are linking your Etsy shops to your social media accounts, then you need to create different accounts for each Etsy shop. 

Now, imagine checking and updating Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, daily for different accounts? Seems tiring? Yes, it is.

5. Difficulty Ranking

As a new Etsy shop, you will struggle to rank on search listings. As you have no existing customer base or reviews for your new second Etsy shop. It is like starting all over again.

What Must I Consider Before Opening A Second Etsy Shop?

It is important to consider the following factors before opening a second Etsy shop:

  • Do you have a lot of visitors but not enough sales due to cluttered products?
  • Do you have the extra time to spare to manage two Etsy shops?
  • Are your products differentiated enough and have positive sales?
  • Do you have existing customers who support your idea of having two shops?
  • Are you able to appeal to different target groups of customers?

If your answer to the questions above is mostly YES, then you are well placed to open a second Etsy shop.

How To Manage Multiple Etsy Shops?

You may be wondering how to manage multiple Etsy shops. This is possible if you follow a structure.

Trying to kill yourself and do everything manually will take all your life from you and make you miserable.

Luckily for you, there are a host of tools that you can tap on to help manage your Etsy shops to reduce your headache.

Free tools:

  • Canva – Free to design beautiful photos and posters
  • eRank – Free Etsy SEO Keyword Research Tool
  • iPiccy – Free online photo editor
  • Trello – Free tool to manage your Etsy online business
  • Get Response – Free Email Marketing to engage your Etsy followers via Email
  • Pixabay – Free Stock Photos
  • Unsplash – Free Stock Photos
  • Zoho – Free Inventory Management and Customer Relationship Management Tool

Please take note that while the applications above are free, their features may be limited with the free options. 

You can always try it for free to see how much it helps your business before subscribing to the Pro versions with enhanced features if it suits your budget and needs.

How To Migrate Products From One Etsy Shop To Another?

Unfortunately, there is no option to transfer or migrate your products between your stores. Etsy has allowed multiple shops to be opened on the pretext that you do not have duplicate products.

As such, this process of migrating products will be manual and you need to repeat it entirely. Do remember to delete your old listing once you have uploaded your product listing in your new shop.

Hopefully, this answers another area of your question whether “can you have multiple stores on Etsy.”

How To Sync Both Etsy Shop Accounts?

You cannot sync both Etsy shop accounts on your own. You can only do it using third-party developers. 

Once you have found a third-party developer that you want to work with, you must integrate your data and grant the developer access to it.

You will have to enable Integrations on your Etsy Account by doing the following:

  • Go to Shop Manager on Etsy
  • Click Integrations
  • Review the Integration and add it accordingly

If you wish to do this, you will need to subscribe to third-party apps such as:

These applications are paid services. It runs like an agency and they get access to your Etsy data and do certain activities for you, such as inventory management or syncing your products.

Can I Delete My Etsy Shop?

Yes! You can delete your Etsy shop anytime you feel like it but you have to make some checks before you do so:

  • You have no outstanding orders that have not been fulfilled.
  • You have no cases that have not been resolved.
  • You have no outstanding amounts due for payment.
  • You have saved all your sales information and history for your record. (Please do this, you never know when you will need it, e.g. taxes)

However, if you delete your Etsy shop permanently, it cannot be undone. So please be extremely sure that this is what you want to do before deleting it permanently.

Alternatively, if you wish to take a temporary break and just close your shop, you can do that too and reopen it when you are ready to do so.


Well, there you have it, folks! This is the most comprehensive guide you will need to know everything there is about whether you can have two Etsy shops. 

I hope you have an in-depth understanding of whether this is suitable for you or not. It will be highly doubtful if you are still asking, “can I have two Etsy shops?” 

Good luck opening a second Etsy shop and I wish you lots of profits and good business in your eCommerce journey.

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