selling cricut projects on etsy

71+ Ways to Start Selling Cricut Projects on Etsy in 2023

Are you looking for ways to start selling Cricut projects on Etsy?

Good news! You can do this by selling Cricut projects on Etsy. 

First, you’ll need to own a Cricut machine and know how to use it. And, if you create cute things with it, people are sure to want to buy them!

Etsy is a gold mine for people making mugs, t-shirts, jewelry, and more. If you find a great target market, you’ll be sold out in no time.

In this article, you’ll learn what to create, how to sell it, and what the best-selling Cricut items are on Etsy to make sure you start earning (while having fun!) in the shortest amount of time.

You and your Cricut machine are about to pad your bank account with all these ideas of what to sell just by creating simple designs in your home. How exciting!

<strong>At a glance, the top 11 categories to start selling cricut projects on etsy:

1. Greeting Cards

2. Mugs

3. Tumblers

4. T-shirts

5. Hoodies

6. Stickers

7. Socks

8. Tote Bags

9. Baby Items

10. Paper Flowers

11. Wedding Crafts


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71+ Ways to Start Selling Cricut Projects on Etsy

The reason you are here! Here we go. Once you are up and running with your Cricut machine, you can start creating your Cricut crafts to sell on Etsy. Once you’ve started creating, you can start selling! 

People will love your one-of-a-kind, handmade creations. In each section, we’ve linked to a live Etsy shop so you can get a great idea of how Etsy shop owners are creating and selling these exact projects.

71+ Ways to Start Selling Cricut Projects on Etsy:


  1. Thank You Cards
  2. Happy Birthday Cards
  3. Lacy Card Template
  4. Mega Bundle Cards
  5. 3D Cards
  6. Pop Up Cards
  7. Envelope Templates
  8. New Baby Cards
  9. Mother’s Day Cards
  10. Father’s Day Cards

Everyone needs greeting cards! There are constantly birthdays, weddings, funerals, holidays, and everything in between that someone may need a card for. You could even add decorative boxes to your packages for storage.

Tell people to set up a system, buy packs of your cards and organize them in the boxes for a quick “grab and go” whenever they need a card for a special occasion.

It makes their lives easier, and you are sure to sell out in no time, so add these to your list of Etsy Cricut projects today.

selling cricut projects on etsy


  1. Zodiac Mugs Template
  2. Coffee Mugs
  3. Cartoon Mugs
  4. His And Hers Mugs
  5. Floral Watercolor Mugs
  6. Motivational Quote Mugs
  7. Affirmation Mugs
  8. Book Mugs
  9. Morning Sarcastic Mugs
  10. Harry Potter Mugs

Coffee is a universal love language for most adults. And even if someone doesn’t love coffee (who are these people??), they probably still love mugs for tea, hot chocolate, cute decorations, or gifts for loved ones.

The best part about creating these is that you can do themes based on people’s interests and serve so many different audiences! This is sure to be one of those fantastic Etsy Cricut ideas.

selling cricut projects on etsy


  1. Botanical Design Tumbler
  2. Rose Vine Tumbler
  3. Ultimate Tumbler Bundle
  4. Butterfly Tumbler
  5. Mommy Tumblers
  6. Burst-Designed Tumbler
  7. Wrap Diamonds Tumbler
  8. Daisy Flower Tumbler
  9. Montsera Leaf Tumbler

Tumblers are great for people on the go.

For instance, moms doing a school drop-off.

How about busy commuters who want their coffee to stay hot in the car or people who take a long time to drink their hot beverages even when they’re working from home?

You can also market these to groups of people for events like bachelor and bachelorette parties – hello, large orders!

These larger orders are great for building your store’s credibility and adding photos of people having a blast with your creations.

selling cricut projects on etsy


  1. Hustle Quote T-shirts
  2. Christian Quote T-shirts
  3. Sarcastic Quotes T-shirts
  4. Streetwear Design Bundle
  5. Boho Bundle

Another great chance for adding to someone’s special occasion. T-shirts are also great for bachelor and bachelorette parties (matching tumblers and t-shirts, anyone?), gender reveals, kids’ birthdays, family trips, and so much more.

Really, the possibilities are endless. And t-shirts come with more great photo-ops as customers send you their smiling faces wearing your t-shirts. It’s a win-win!

selling cricut projects on etsy


  1. Inspirational Bundle
  2. Groovy Bundle
  3. Retro Text Hoodie
  4. Chasing Sunset Hoodie
  5. Baseball Mom Hoodie
  6. Aesthetic Bundle
selling cricut projects on etsy

Hoodies are the perfect item to have in your store if you sell to millennials.

They often have young children, work from home, possibly run a business, and want to be comfortable while doing all of those things. But they still want to look cute.

This is where you come in! Come up with some funny sayings, adorable pictures, and custom designs to put on your hoodies, and you are sure to have people raving about your store in no time.

selling cricut projects on etsy


  1. Personalized Vinyl Label
  2. Animal Stickers
  3. Homework Stickers
  4. Cat Stickers
  5. Alphabet Stickers 
  6. Groovy Font Stickers
  7. Fast Food Stickers
  8. Flower Stickers

Selling stickers is undoubtedly one of the best cricut projects.

Have you ever met a toddler that doesn’t LOVE stickers? They are obsessed—all of them.

You will be every mom’s dream if you can create cute sticker activities to keep their little one entertained for hours on end. Of the many Cricut Etsy ideas, this one is a favourite.

Moms everywhere can thank you by coming back to buy another sticker book from you when their child completes the first one in no time flat.

You can also suggest where to use the stickers or add activity books to your repertoire of things you create with your Cricut. Doctor’s office? Restaurant? You’ve got those mamas covered.

To learn how to make stickers to sell on Etsy, check out this in-depth guide to get you started today!

selling cricut projects on etsy


  1. Cactus Bundle
  2. Tiki Mask Socks
  3. Socks Clipart
  4. Funny Socks Quotes
  5. Christmas Socks
  6. Elf Socks
  7. Loving Socks Quotes

Keeping cozy with adorable socks has become a favorite pastime. If you can think of some great sayings (I’m sure you’ve seen the socks with “if you can read this” on one foot and “bring me wine” on the other), you can sell out your Cricut socks.

Be original, creative, funny, and split your sayings into two so they go together as a pair. You’ve got an excellent recipe for success selling socks you created with your Cricut on Etsy.

You could also offer custom orders with quotes or sayings near and dear to those who order from you!

selling cricut projects on etsy

Tote Bags

  1. Funny Tote Bags
  2. Mum Life Tote Bag
  3. Canvas Tote Bag
  4. Floral Tote Bag

Every mom, dad, gym-goer, artist, business owner, and teacher needs extra tote bags. It is an absolute plus if they have a cute saying or design on them.

Inspirational quotes and sayings make for great designs on the front of tote bags, so you can confidently add this to the list of things to sell with Cricut.

selling cricut projects on etsy

Baby Items

  1. Birth Statistics Bundle
  2. 3D Baby Feet
  3. Baby Shower Bundle

This is one of the best etsy shop ideas.

For baby items, you could sell to moms or people who need baby gifts! People will love that their gift is unique, instead of a toy that anyone could find in a big box store.

Creating items with both popular and uncommon names on them, adorable onesies, and signs for nurseries are all items that would be great things to sell on Etsy with a Cricut. You’ll have everyone at the baby shower saying, “aww.”

selling cricut projects on etsy

Paper Flowers

  1. DIY Large Flower
  2. Rose Flower
  3. Wall Decor
  4. Zinnia Flower
  5. Wreath Designs

This may not be the answer you think of when thinking of ‘what can I make with a cricut machine to sell?’

People will pay top dollar for something they can use at their wedding, like paper flowers. They are also looking for more and more sustainable items, rather than something that is one-time-use like real flowers.

These will stay looking gorgeous and fresh both day of and for years to come. If you get good enough at creating paper flowers with your Cricut, this can be a premium seller on your Etsy store.

selling cricut projects on etsy

Wedding Crafts

  1. Wedding Invite Bundle
  2. Wedding Logo Designs
  3. Wedding Cake Topper Signs

The wedding crafts category on Etsy is extremely vast and there are plenty of things that you can make and sell on Etsy using your Cricut for weddings.

You can make custom silhouette cutouts, event accessories or even customized cake toppers for the happy couple!

If you want to make things a little more special, you can also sell customized stickers that the couple can use on their wedding favours. The possibilities are truly endless! 

selling cricut projects on etsy

FAQ on Selling Cricut Projects On Etsy

I wanted you to have some great Cricut ideas to sell on Etsy in your toolbox for when you start creating with your Cricut before we chatted about selling them.

Now, we can chat about:

  • Setting up an Etsy shop
  • Learning how to write product descriptions

To sell Cricut projects on Etsy, you will need to set up an Etsy shop. This isn’t a difficult process, but it can take a bit of time, so set aside a few hours to invest in doing this.

Your future self will thank you as you’ll have more time to create all those wonderful Cricut products if this is done right!

When you have a storefront that’s set up correctly, selling your Cricut projects on Etsy will be so much easier.

If you also learn how to write stellar product descriptions for your Cricut crafts, your customers will immediately be able to see the benefits of adding your products to their lives!

Looking for opportunities to learn how to increase traffic and sales on Etsy? We’ve got you covered with this post on how to increase etsy traffic and this useful article on etsy tags.

When you implement what I tell you here, your Cricut Etsy shop will be bringing you an income in no time.

So, can you sell cricut designs on Etsy? Yes, you can!

We’ve talked about the materials you’ll need, setting up shop, and some of the things you can make. Now, let’s talk about the tool you’ll use to make them all.

What Is A Cricut Machine?

So maybe you’ve been reading and thinking this sounds so fun and like a great business opportunity, but you are unfamiliar with Cricut machines. So let’s fix that now! 

If you are going to create Cricut crafts to sell on Etsy, you will need to own a Cricut (pronounced cricket – like the insect or sport, by the way) machine.

If you are just starting out in the crafting world, you may need some guidance as to what this is.

Essentially, it’s a crafting superhero. It’s a cutting machine that works with materials of your choice to create amazing crafts. You choose or create a design from the Cricut app and place your chosen material in it, hit print, and voila! You’ve created your very own Cricut design.

There are various models of Cricut machines; let’s do a brief rundown of each. 

Cricut Maker:

The most versatile of all the Cricut machines – you can do almost anything you want! It is the most powerful of the Cricut machines and has the most force for all your crafting needs.

What I like:

  • Most functional – can do all the crafts!
  • Lots of built-in storage
  • Place for phone or tablet, making software usage easy

What I don’t like:

  • Most expensive of the Cricut machines, but if you are looking for a machine that can do it all – this is it!

Cricut Explore:

If creating t-shirts and hoodies for your Etsy shop is in your future, this is probably the best investment to make.

What I like:

  • Fast cut mode- create crafts quickly (the more quickly you create, the more you can earn!)
  • Two clamps for using different tools at the same time
  • Built-in storage for all the tools you can use

What I don’t like:

  • Fast cut mode can be noisy, but you don’t have to use it if you find it too loud – you can still make beautiful creations without it.

Cricut Joy:

If you are looking to create cards, labels, or stickers for your Cricut Etsy shop, this machine is the best choice for you. It’s small and versatile but still a powerhouse when it comes to crafting.

What I like:

  • Tiny footprint- great for crafting in small spaces and storing when not in use
  • Lowest price point
  • Easy setup

What I don’t like:

  • You need specific pens that go with this machine (even if you own another Cricut), but since it’s a lower price point, you can justify the cost of additional tools

You can visit their site to find out even more about each of their machines and figure out which one is best for your crafting needs.

If you are just starting out using a Cricut machine, this video is a great tutorial for beginners on exactly how to use Cricut cutting machines!

How To Sell Cricut Designs On Etsy?

  • Sign up for an Etsy account
  • Set up your preferences
  • Name your store
  • Describe your cricut business ideas

1. Sign Up For An Etsy Account

This might seem like a no-brainer, but to begin creating cricut maker projects to sell, you must first sign up for an Etsy account

Another great thing about Etsy is that they are transparent about the fees and charges. This way, you can know how to price your cricut items to sell on Etsy to ensure you are making a profit at the end of the day. 

2. Set Up Your Preferences

This is where you select the location of your store, the currency used there, and the nature of your employment.

3. Name Your Store

Here are the requirements to name your cricut store on Etsy

  • Your store name can’t have more than 20 characters
  • Your store name can’t have any spaces between the characters
  • Your store name can’t have any punctuation

Don’t complicate things –  pick a name that is simple to speak and retain and fulfills the above criteria. 

Here are some resources that can help you out in this department:

4. Describe Your Cricut Business Ideas

They tell you to stock your store first, and then you’re supposed to add a listing. For you to start operating your store, you must have at least one listing of your Etsy cricut designs.

Be thorough with the information listed in your account, including details such as:

  • Snapshots of your cricut project ideas (both video and pictures)
  • Pricing
  • The different types of projects being sold
  • Delivery information
  • Other details like if personalization is offered

Can You Make A Living With A Cricut?

Absolutely, yes. You may launch a successful business with your Cricut machine and start making money with cricut.

Can You Make Money Selling Cricut Projects?

Yes, you can make money selling any one of the best cricut projects! Keep these few tips in mind before starting. 

  • Niche Down
  • Quality Over Quantity
  • Start Small

Niche Down

Before you start selling cricut designs on Etsy, remember to niche down. 

Making anything you are asked to make is going to set you back. Now, what do I mean by that?

Imagine this, you start to make T-shirts for birthdays followed by Christmas decor, and then you make funny wine glasses. 

Do you want to know what these will result in? You will have wasted raw materials and a lower margin because you are trying to please every request that comes your way.

Instead, focus only on one or two products or topics, and be great at it. I advise choosing a product that bridges the gap between what you love to manufacture and what is lucrative.

Quality Over Quantity

Making subpar cricut design ideas is one of the quickest ways to ruin your business. Word of mouth spreads quickly, and one thing about negative reviews on Etsy, you can’t take them down. 

Regardless of all the cricut ideas to sell in 2022 that are on your mind, make sure you can regularly generate high-quality products.

Start Small

Create a tiny, devoted base of friends and clients by starting small. Request testimonials from them.

If you create a high-quality product with added value, the news will spread. Before you know it, you will start getting orders from those outside your immediate circle of friends and family. 

Just like any venture out there, it will take time to grow. Be patient and continue producing your goods and you will reap the benefits. 

Can I Sell Items That Use Cricut Licensed Content?

According to the Angel Policy, Cricut is not allowed to use or sell any trademarks, copyrights, or patents that belong to third parties and that are licensed.

On Etsy and in other stores, you might find pictures of licensed characters Batman from DC. Generally speaking, utilizing this kind of image is illegal and can result in legal consequences. My advice is to avoid using licensed images.

However, you may utilize non-licensed images based on the Angel Policy.

Best Selling Cricut Projects 2022

  • Massive Budles
  • Font Products
  • Motivational Products
  • Disney Bundles
  • Movie Stickers

1. Massive Bundle

A mega bundle will initially astound your customer with the sheer variety of styles offered. Nevertheless, a mega bundle is available because it’s perfect for any circumstance or setting.

Additionally, your customer will save money by purchasing a bundle from you rather than several separate sellers.

selling cricut projects on etsy

2. Font Products

Font bundles are among one of the best cricut things to sell on Etsy. Who does not like to spice up their study packs or work files with multiple fonts? 

This especially could be useful for teachers or anyone in the creative field who are keen on trying out various fonts for their work. 

selling cricut projects on etsy

3. Motivational Products

Motivational products are among the things to make and sell with cricut that sells well. These are also popular sellers, and many customers cite how fantastic they are for sticking motivational quotes on everyday products like notebooks.

selling cricut projects on etsy

4. Disney Bundles

There is a reason why Disney is still ever popular – be it with their theme parks, movies, tv shows, or stationeries like these. It is one of those evergreen products that will always have demand. 

selling cricut projects on etsy

5. Movie Stickers

This one is for the movie buffs in your life. A movie bundle will be highly appreciated as you can make t-shirts, stickers, and tumbler accessories, the options are endless!

selling cricut projects on etsy

Can I Sell Things I’ve Made With My Cricut On Etsy?

The short answer: yes. But there are a few steps you’ll need to take to ensure you are a success.

Do your market research on what people are looking for – or read the rest of this post for ideas (I highly suggest that one first) and then get crafting!

Put your items up for sale and watch the income start rolling in.

selling cricut projects on etsy

There are some materials you’ll need to do this well. Depending on what you are making, you may need any of the following:

· Leather

· Felt

· Aluminum

· Chipboard

· Kraft Board

· Natural Wood Veneer

· Vinyl

· Iron-ons

· Smart Paper

· Transfer Tape

Don’t let any of this be a barrier to you in terms of selling your beautiful crafts on Etsy, as you can easily recoup the cost of your materials with your growing shop.

Again, a reminder that you CAN sell your Cricut projects on Etsy. 

selling cricut projects on etsy

Best Selling Cricut Projects On Etsy

Read on for a few ideas to get you started selling Cricut projects on Etsy.

It’s a great idea to put some of these items in your shop first to build your brand and reputation of creating quality items that people actually want to buy.

They are already proven.

Once you have some loyal customers, you can branch out and show off all the stuff you’ve learned how to do with your Cricut.

Most Profitable Cricut Projects To Sell On Etsy:

· Mugs (because coffee)

· Tumblers (because coffee)

· Wedding Decor (people are willing to drop big $$ on things for their wedding)

· Stickers and decals (Moms love a great name decal for a kids’ room)

· Wine glasses (because wine)

You get the idea…

If people enjoy it, they want handcrafted items to enhance the experience. That’s where you come in!

Can I Use Cricut Designs In Things I Make and Sell?

YES, you can sell the products you make with your Cricut!  You can use Cricut designs in things you make and sell! This is incredibly exciting for you. Cricut machines make it so easy to make wonderful crafts that people will be excited to buy from you, and you can do it all legally.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Cricut has an “Angel Policy,” allowing people to create and sell things using non-licensed images from the Cricut library. When you sell your Cricut designs on Etsy, make sure you are following the rules. A bit more on this in the next question!

Is It Illegal To Sell Cricut Designs?

There are no restrictions in the Cricut Angel Policy on where you can sell your finished products. We wouldn’t have written you this whole guide on how to sell them if it was. But, just to remind you, you must follow Cricut’s Angel Policy rules. Be careful about using any term-licensed designs.

An angel policy refers to how many things you can sell using another business’ images. Luckily, Cricut has a very generous angel policy, and you can sell everything you’ve made with it; you just can’t mass-produce any of it. With you being an individual crafter, this isn’t something you should need to worry about.

Selling Cricut Projects On Etsy is entirely possible!

Selling Cricut projects on Etsy can be tricky at first, but it can become an incredible side hustle once you are up and running! Or, if you are willing to work hard enough at it, produce a regular income! Hopefully, this article has helped you see so many Cricut ideas to make money.

If you follow the steps I’ve set up for you here, choose a profitable product, and consider your upfront costs, you can be a thriving Etsy seller. Ultimately, you can be successful on Etsy! I can’t wait to see what you put in your store as you begin selling Cricut projects on Etsy.

What will you make first? I can’t wait to find out!

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