How much does it cost to have an etsy shop

How Much Does It Cost To Have An Etsy Shop? [2023 Guide]

Ever wondered how much does it cost to have an Etsy shop? Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t cost very much at all! It costs nothing to create a shop, and though it will cost some money to launch it, it won’t break the bank. 

So just how much is some money, you’re asking? What exactly is the cost to sell on Etsy or what are Etsy charges?

You’ll need to pay $0.20 per listing which keeps it up for four months or until it sells. 

There are other costs like transaction fees and payment processing fees, but it is not exorbitant. You pay 6.5% for transaction fees, and 3% + $0.25 for payment processing fees, but payment processing fees will vary depending on your country. 

The cost of an Etsy shop isn’t crazy high. You can always start small and work your way up.

In this article, I’ll go through the various types of Etsy fees for sellers, as well as how much should you be prepared to fork out should you wish to know how much to sell on Etsy. I’ll talk about:

  • How Much Does It Cost To Have An Etsy Shop
  • How Much Does It Cost To Upload A Product On Etsy
  • Etsy Transaction Fees
  • Etsy Payment Processing Fees
  • Any Additional Etsy Fees 

As well as cover some frequently asked questions about the costs of selling on Etsy

Excited? Me too! Read on to learn more so you can smash it as an Etsy seller! 

How much does it cost to have an etsy shop

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How Much Does It Cost To Have An Etsy Shop

Now if you’re wondering how much does it cost to have an Etsy shop, it does cost some money to launch the shop.

But if you’re wondering how much does it cost to have an Etsy account, the plain and simple answer is that it costs nothing to have an Etsy account! 

But when you start setting up your shop, uploading listings, and publishing them, that’s where your costs come in.

You’ll need to pay $0.20 to list one product for four months or up until it sells. Thereafter Etsy will take 6.5% as a transaction fee, and 3% + $0.25 as a payment processing fee. 

If you’re dealing internationally, meaning outside of the US, there could also be different payment processing fees and currency conversion fees. 

How much does it cost to have an etsy shop

How Much Does It Cost To Upload A Product On Etsy

No matter how new you are on Etsy, and even if you’ve been selling on the platform for a really long time, it is $0.20 per product listing on Etsy and this keeps the product up for four months or until it sells. 

On Etsy, you will only be required to fork out transaction fees of 6.5% of the sale price and payment processing fees of 3% + $0.25, depending on your country, once you make a sale. 

You may also incur some costs when you choose to do paid promotions for your Etsy listings. 

Etsy Transaction Fees

Now if you’re thinking, okay do I just need to pay Etsy money to list my items? Well, no, not really. 

You’ll need to also pay Etsy for using their platform to sell your items, so you’ll need to pay Etsy a transaction fee for every sale you make. 

And just how much does Etsy charge per sale?

How much does Etsy charges include a combination of the following – a transaction fee of 6.5% and a payment processing fee this varies depending on your bank country, though on average this is 3% + $0.25

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Etsy Payment Processing Fees

For payment processing fees, Etsy charges 3% + $0.25 for US sellers though the final rate very much depends on your bank country

If you’re thinking, is it possible to avoid processing fees on Etsy by asking people to purchase from you offline or through another platform?

I really wouldn’t recommend doing so. 

Attempting to avoid processing fees on Etsy is prohibited and if you’re found doing so, you’re likely to have your shop suspended (closed temporarily) or worse, risk being shut down completely! 

How much does it cost to have an etsy shop

Any Additional Etsy Fees 

In general, the fees I’ve outlined above – listing fees, transaction fees, and payment processing fees are all that you need to know about on Etsy fees as a seller

Other additional Etsy fees may come from paid advertising that you might choose to undertake to promote your listings or other promotions you put up on social media platforms to advertise your Etsy shop. 

There is also a feature known as Etsy Plus, which is reserved for Etsy sellers who are in good standing. Etsy Plus subscription is $10 a month and provides sellers with a greater set of tools to sell and showcase their items on Etsy. 

This Etsy Plus subscription would also give an Etsy seller the following per subscription cycle:

  • 15 listing credits,
  • $5 Etsy Ads credits 

However, this is not mandatory. It is just an additional feature for sellers who wish to up their selling game on Etsy. 

How Much Is An Etsy Shop Per Month 

So if you’re wondering how much is an Etsy shop per month, the short answer is it really depends on your number of listings, sales, and whether you’re subscribed to Etsy Plus. 

The only recurring monthly fee if at all, would be an Etsy Plus subscription if you subscribed to it. But if you’re not, you need to just worry about listing fees, transaction fees, and payment processing fees. 

Now that’s pretty straightforward, right? 

If that’s gotten you in a tizzy and you’re worried about pricing items too low or too high as the 6.5% transaction fee and 2.5% transaction fee could potentially add up, don’t worry!

There are many Etsy fees calculators online to help you determine the sweet selling price spot like this Etsy Fee Calculator by Alura.

The calculator helps show you what you should be pricing your products at so that you lower your fees, and also increase your sales at the same time. 

How much does it cost to have an etsy shop

FAQs On How Much Does It Cost To Have An Etsy Shop?

Do Etsy Sellers Need To Pay Tax With An Etsy Shop?

So, do Etsy sellers need to pay tax with an Etsy shop? If you’re a US seller residing in the US, Etsy will do the job of calculating, collecting, and remitting sales tax for you when you deliver to customers living in the US so you needn’t worry about that.  

If you’re wondering about filing taxes for your Etsy shop, it really depends on the purpose of your business – is it a hobby or is it run more like a business?

Etsy has a very detailed guide on understanding taxes you may need to pay if you are running your Etsy shop as a business. 

Is There A Monthly Fee For An Etsy Store?

Wondering is there a monthly fee for an Etsy store? No, there is no monthly fee for an Etsy store, unless you are subscribed to an Etsy Plus subscription which goes for $10 a month. This subscription is not mandatory and is only for Etsy sellers who wish to gain access to more tools to help them to sell better. 

If you are not subscribed to Etsy Plus then all you pay for is your listing fee of $0.20 per listing, a 6.5% transaction fee per item, and payment processing fees which vary depending on your bank country. 

How much does it cost to have an etsy shop

Is It Worth It To Have A Shop On Etsy?

So, is it worth it to have a shop on Etsy? Yes, it is definitely worth it to have a shop on Etsy and sell on Etsy despite there being some costs and fees.

Selling on Etsy is one of the simplest ways to set up an online shop because the platform is tailormade for sellers to start selling immediately. 

It is also easy to set up an Etsy shop, extremely low cost (I mean, it’s $0.20 per listing!), and is extremely low-risk considering that you can just choose to close the shop if it doesn’t succeed as there is no fixed commitment period nor monthly fees. 

Etsy has also been around for years – since 2005 and there have been so many examples of stay-home-moms who have started selling their own crafts on Etsy and are now earning big bucks. 

So yes, it is absolutely worth it to have a shop and start selling on Etsy. 

Is It Cheaper To Sell On Etsy Or Shopify?

Wondering is it cheaper to sell on Etsy or Shopify? It is cheaper to sell on Etsy as you do not have to pay upfront costs and only pay when you want to list an item and sell the item eventually.

For Shopify, you start off with price plans that range from $29 to $299 per month. However, if you’re uncertain about selling on the platform, you can always start with their 14-day free trial.

The good news about Shopify also is that there are no transaction fees as long as the sales volume is within your price plan range, however, there are credit card charges when your customers pay. 

How much does it cost to have an etsy shop

How Do Etsy Sellers Get Paid?

How do Etsy sellers get paid? There are various ways that an Etsy seller can get paid such as through your payment account, PayPal, or mailed to your address. It very much depends on what type of payment methods you’ve chosen to accept in your shop.

Getting paid may be the good part. But always ensure you follow through on the sales by mailing the order out as promptly as you can, following up with the buyer, and then checking to see if they can leave you a review if they are satisfied. 

Worried about your first few reviews? Here’s how you can work your way toward getting good reviews for your Etsy store

If you were wondering how much does it cost to have an Etsy store, I hope this article has well cleared up any doubts you had about costs! 

There are quite a number of fees associated with selling on Etsy but nothing should deter you from setting up your own Etsy store! 

In fact, selling on Etsy is one of the lowest-cost and lowest-risk ways to start your own online store.

The costs to set up a shop is minimal, starting at $0.20 for one listing, 6.5% for transaction fees per sale, followed by 3.5% + $0.25 for payment processing fees. 

Selling on Etsy won’t be a walk in the park – there will be some challenges when you start selling on Etsy for sure, and you’ll make some mistakes along the way, but the best part is that I’ve gone through these challenges myself so I have some of the best guides to help you out! 

If you have a problem that you can’t quite find in any of my Etsy guides, drop me a message on my Instagram (@aishapreece) and I’ll see if I can help you with that! 

I’m always at all ears, and rooting for your Etsy venture! 

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How much does it cost to have an etsy shop

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