How to title etsy listings

How To Title Etsy Listings So You Sell More! [2023]

You were about to write down your Etsy title and then realized….you don’t know how to title Etsy listings O_O Say you’ve got a pink cotton unicorn sweatshirt; do you describe it as is in your title?

You googled how to do it and it was more confusing.

Words like algorithm and SEO are throwing you off and now you realize what you put in as a title is even more important than before.

You’re left even more confused than you started and you’re unsure whose advice to follow, but that’s why you’ve come to my page.

I’ll give you 11 tips on how to title Etsy listings correctly so you can skyrocket your sales!

  1. Understand Etsy SEO
  2. Find the perfect title length
  3. Keep it simple 
  4. Think like a buyer 
  5. Optimize titles and Etsy tags 
  6. Use accurate Etsy categories
  7. Check out Etsy attributes 
  8. Avoid common mistakes on Etsy
  9. Use delimiters
  10. Edit existing Etsy listing
  11. Etsy SEO Tools 

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How to title etsy listings

1. Understand Etsy SEO

SEO is a pretty scary word for someone that has never heard of it, and while you’re thinking about SEO, it is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. 

To those that know what SEO is you’re probably wondering why SEO matters in your title. 

It’s because whatever the buyer searches for at the “Search for anything” on Etsy, Etsy captures these words and recognizes them through your titles, tags, categories, and attributes. 

Now, why are we working hard to make sure that it matches? 

The more hits you get, the more traffic you get to your Etsy store, and that means more ka-ching! That’s right. More traffic = more sales. 

I know, I know. A lot to take in at one time. You can read more here to get in-depth knowledge on Etsy SEO Tips or take an SEO course that is easier to understand.  

2. Get The Perfect Title Length 

Once you understand the gist of Etsy SEO, it’s time to think of how to title Etsy listings. 

Let’s get into the basics of the way you title your listing first. 

The first thing you need to know is the length of your title. Etsy’s title length is as long as Twitter’s original character count, which allows a maximum of 140 characters in your title.

Should your title be as long as a tweet? No. You are writing a title, not a short paragraph. On average, 140 characters are about 20 – 35 words. 

The perfect length of your title should be between 4-10 words keeping your title precise and accurate to the item that you are selling. 

I know that some of you may think, if we’re able to have so many words, isn’t that better? Wouldn’t it be better to put all the targeted keywords as the title so we don’t miss an opportunity when the buyer searches? 

The answer’s simply no. As much as we want to hit that SEO, we don’t want the buyer to be confused with all the cramped-up keywords as the title. 

For example: 

Pink Cotton Unicorn Sweatshirt 

looks better than 

Pink Blue Purple White Cotton Silk Fleece Unicorn Sweatshirt Sweater Jacket For Children And Adults

Making sure that it’s easy for your buyer to read is key. We also want to make sure that not only it is appealing to the eyes, but whatever device your buyer uses to search Etsy, they are able to read the title easily.

Other than the limitation of 140 characters for your title. There are certain things that you can’t insert inside your titles.

Any symbols can be used for a title except for these 

$”  “^”  “`” 

How to title etsy listings

3. Keep It Simple

Now that you know how many words to work around with, let’s think of KISS! I wish I could tell you that it actually relates to how simple a kiss can be, but the acronym stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid.

As harsh as this may be, the KISS principle is used in places all over the world. Tech companies, engineering businesses, and even managers in companies use it. A famous tech company that uses this approach in its business is Apple.

How do you apply this principle in your Etsy listing? By ensuring the beginning of your title are your main keywords. 

Your primary keywords that you should be using are what describe your product the best, and this is placed at the beginning. 

Sometimes Etsy has a suggested word. However, bear in mind that it’s only suggested based on what Etsy caught to be searched recently. It does not indicate what is searched for most. 

You can check how many times a word has been searched for using Sales Samurai. If you’re in search of an Etsy title generator I highly recommend it as well. 

Use words that preschool kids could understand, this way you’re using plain everyday words.

If you’re selling a financial planner, title it as it is. Etsy title example is below: 

Financial planner, budget planner, home planner, or personal planner. 

However, please refrain from titling your listing according to your name or brand.

Say for example your company name is Sarah M and you’ve decided to brand it under your company Sarah M. Planner and that’s the title for the planner. No one is going to search for Sarah M. Planner.

If you’re doing this, the only chance of you getting a match under Etsy SEO is by the word planner.

Keep it simple. 

How to title etsy listings

4. Think Like A Buyer

How to title Etsy listings if the beginning of your title requires the main keyword that portrays the most relevant to your product, what would be the most significant for your keywords? 

Have a brainstorming session and search through how other Etsy stores are writing their keywords.

If you were a buyer and looking for a sweatshirt, how would you search?

Would you type out just a sweatshirt or a specific sweatshirt you are looking for? 

Take it that your title is: 

Pink Oversized Sweatshirt, Personalised Unicorn Sweatshirt, Pink Cotton Jumper

If the buyer searches for a “Personalised Unicorn Sweatshirt” you have got an accurate match and this tells Etsy that your listings are great and relevant to buyers. 

But if the buyer searches for “Personalized Sweatshirts” your listing would still come up but you have only hit “Personalised” and “Sweatshirts” are part of your keywords.

However, they are not an accurate match but just considered a broad match. 

This is why I love using Sales Samurai because it helps uncover keywords that buyers are using while ensuring that I am constantly ranking at par with the rest of the Etsy shops. It also helps me as an Etsy tags generator, and Etsy listing title generator.

Note– As my reader, you get a discount coupon that has to be used in the sign up page. The code is outandbeyond (all in lowercase). This will give you 20% OFF for life.

5. Optimize Titles And Etsy Tags 

Other than keywords, Etsy also searches through your tags for SEO. To ensure full optimization of ranking, your tags are also as crucial as your keywords. If your tags do not match buyers may not match your product listings. 

There are 13 tags that you can slot in, with a maximum character count of 20; so use all 13 tags to gain a higher chance of landing a match. 

In tags, you can use a word or long-tail keywords because “pink fluffy unicorn” would still be considered as 1 tag instead of 3. I recommend using long phrases instead of one-word phrases as tags because “pink” “fluffy” and “unicorn” low-quality tags. 

You would also have wasted 3 slots of tags. Make use of the 13 tags that you have, but make sure it stays relevant to your product.

However, if you do find certain listings are not performing as well as your other listings, it’s time to check those tags. I use Keysearch to keep my listings updated and ensure my SEO is always on point and generate keywords for Etsy listing. 

If you use my coupon code, OUTANDBEYOND, you get 30% off!

Some sites don’t recommend using plurals in your tags, but it really doesn’t matter. Once the buyer types in the words Etsy will automatically find the root word.

You can search for rings, flowers, and jackets, and it does not stray away from the root word.

How to title etsy listings

What are the best tags for an Etsy listing?

The best tags are what represent your item in a more general manner. To learn more about this here is all you need to know about Etsy Tags.

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6. Use Accurate Etsy Categories

Similar to tags, categories are two-three words that describe your product for buyers to search. Categories are meant to compliment your tags and keywords, so how to title etsy listings? Think of what category you’d like your product to come on at. 

Say you’re selling kid’s party decorations, you can categorize your listing under Party Supplies. 

How to title etsy listings

Since categories are similar to tags, you won’t need to repeat whatever is in the categories in your tags. 

7. Check Out Etsy Attributes 

What most people define as “super tags”, attributes are the sub-category for Categories that further analyze your product and what you are offering, making your Etsy SEO greater. 

Senior Manager of Etsy’s Taxonomy team, Jenny Benevento describes attributes as,  

“They’re extra category-specific keywords, which you can add on top of your 13 open-field listing tags to help your items appear in relevant searches and browse experiences.”

What shows up on the buyer’s page will differ based on the categories and most relevant to what the buyer is in search of. You can skip any irrelevant attribute options, however, I suggest using all the options given provided it stays as relevant to your product. 

8. Avoid Common Mistakes On Etsy 

We may all have made these mistakes once as Etsy sellers. It’s a misconception and I get it, with all the websites and different advice it can be difficult to gauge who is right and wrong. 

I’m here to tell you to avoid doing the 3 things on Etsy especially on how to title listings. 

  • Repeating Tags In Title 

Whatever you have as your title, you won’t need to repeat it in your tags. Now a lot of people make the mistake of using the same tags as the title, as they think it would somehow beat Etsy’s algorithm. 

By doing this you are keyword stuffing and will be a big put-off for your buyers as it makes it hard for them to find items fast and scanning items on your Etsy listing will just become a chore. 

As Etsy’s handbook says, think about prioritizing the most descriptive phrases and keywords that best describe your products. To win in Etsy SEO tags you have to avoid making repetitions. 

  • Repeating Keywords In The Title 

Why is repeating the titles in keywords a failure for Etsy SEO? 

It would be a failure because you are limiting your chances of getting found. It is an incredible waste of a given chance to take the opportunity to make a variety of phrases and keywords.  

For example

Pink Unicorn Jacket, Flamingo Kids Jacket, Summer Jackets For Holiday 

At a glance, it looks okay. But do you see how many times the word “jackets” has been repeated? Instead of repeating these keywords in the title and tags, try to broaden your keywords to get found! 

  • Repeat Categories And Attributes In Titles 

The last thing to avoid is repeating the same words you have in your categories and attributes in your titles and tags. 

Emphasizing these words that you need to repeat them does not make your shop more visible compared to the other Etsy Shops. Remember how categories and attributes work the same as tags? 

If it’s an exact word that you are repeating you don’t need to add it again to your tags. 

Say you have already added “Party Supplies” as your category, you won’t need to add “Party Supplies” again in your tag. Perhaps do a double-take on your listing to ensure there is no duplication of any word. 

9. Use Delimiters

Next, how to title etsy listings is to use delimeters. Delimiters, what are they? Something that you use every day but might not know what it’s called. I certainly did not and was thinking to myself, what are delimiters?

Delimiters are characters that help break up your sentence! Commas, straight lines, a hyphen, and space are all delimiters.

So are they something you should use to break up your keywords? Commas, straight lines, a dash, or a mix of everything.




What would be best to rank up your Etsy SEO? The answer is, all you need is space! Why?

Because this looks best.

Remember our 3rd rule? Keep it simple. When you use a space as a delimiter you are automatically using fewer characters in your title!

For example, if the title is floral printable small business canva template, printable rose theme,template for business.

Here there’s a comma for a delimiter between every keyword. 

However, if the buyer searches for a template printable theme; chances are your shop will show up on the back pages and not the front page.

Why wouldn’t it show up when it’s the same keywords that you have as a title? It’s because Etsy will not see it as it matches. After all, it has a comma before printable.

What happens if you take away the commas? Your keywords are the exact match and your page would come up front!

Our goal here is to beat Etsy SEO and come right up the front, not the 3rd-4th page because let’s be real. No one bothers to check those pages! 

How to title etsy listings

10. Edit Existing Etsy Listing

Now you know the ropes to this, the next step for you to do is to edit all your existing Etsy listings to ensure that you have a good listing! 

How to write an Etsy listing and how to make a good Etsy listing come hand in hand. Once you get to know how to write Etsy titles correctly, all you need to do is go through your Etsy listing and fix them.

Here’s a step-by-step on how to edit your existing listings.

  1. Click on Shop Manager. 
  2. Click on Listings. 
  3. Search for the list that you’d like to edit. 
  4. Click Quick Edit in the upper right corner, and the title will become editable. 
  5. Make the necessary changes. 
  6. Done!

11. Use Etsy SEO Tools 

I know I have mentioned it once or twice in the article but I highly recommend using SEO tools to help get high traffic to your store. Here are my favorite Etsy SEO tools. 

Sales Samurai is great because it helps generate long-tail keyword ideas, actual search volume behind the keywords leading to sales, average shipping days, and price distribution.

The data you need to successfully list your listings have now been provided! All you need to do is input it into your store. 

The Keysearch Keyword Research Tool is more than just a keyword research tool, it is a complete SEO toolbox that lets you check on your competitors and monitor your SEO progress.

You can use Keysearch’s keyword tool to find related, niche-relevant keywords. Put in a seed keyword and Keysearch returns hundreds of relevant keywords with search volume and CPC information.

You’ll start noticing higher traffic once you implement the correct keywords in your listings. 

This is a great place to find seller support directly from the platform. This handbook is a complete guideline, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to go about getting higher traffic. 

It’s free, accessible to every seller and you will also be able to connect with the community. 

FAQs On How To Title Etsy Listings

Where Is The Title In An Etsy Listing?

If you’re wondering where is the title in an Etsy listing is, it is the text above your listing image. In your listings, you can see listing details and the first part of the item is where your title is. Your title would be part of the keywords buyers would search for in searching for their item. 

What Is A Good Title For A Listing?

You may be thinking what is a good title for a listing on Etsy? The answer is, a good title is not keyword stuffed, is easy to read, and is easy on the eyes of the buyer. Making sure you’ve got your basics as I have recommended in the article will help. 

Can You Change The Title Of An Etsy Listing?

Don’t freak out thinking can you change the title of an Etsy listing? You can change it by just going to your Shop Manager, clicking on Listings, and checking which listings you want to edit the title. You may want to update your tags, and categories from time to time to stay relevant.

I hope these 11 tips on how to title Etsy listings are able to help and make your life a lot less confusing. Follow through on each step and you’ll find yourself doing the next few Etsy titles easy peasy.

Once you get the lingo, you’ll find yourself killing it at Etsy’s SEO. I want to make sure that as a seller you constantly have new techniques that are able to benefit you and your store.

Best of luck! If you have tried out my tips on how to title Etsy listings, let us know in the comments how it has helped you!

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