how many listings should i have on etsy

How Many Listings Should I Have On Etsy in 2024?

You’ve created your Etsy account and your shopfront, but you’re wondering how many listings should I have on Etsy for a start? What is Etsy listings magic number?

I’ll cut to the chase and say, you should have at least 20 items before you launch your new shop on the Etsy platform. 

If you’re a new shop, buyers want to be sure that you’re a legitimate seller, and having just one item in your Etsy shop isn’t a good look as it looks like you didn’t put much effort or thought into your shop. 

But knowing just how many Etsy listings should I have is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to selling on Etsy.

Sales depend on many other factors, like the demand for your product. So, even if you have one listing, you can still launch your Etsy shop and build up your listing.

Take the Etsy shop I helped open for my sister. Opening the store is the first step. Now, we can build the store’s listing based on its niche.

Selling on Etsy isn’t just about having the right amount of listings. It’s a lot more than that.

There’s how often you should list on Etsy, what’s the maximum number of listings you should have, and also the Etsy duplicate listing policy you should know about before you start selling.

FYI, a duplicate listing on Etsy is allowed only within the same shop.

Read on for a crash course on how many items should you have in an Etsy shop, and more tips!

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how many listings should i have on etsy

How Many Listings Should I Have On Etsy?

Before you launch your Etsy shop, you should aim to have at least 20 listings on your Etsy shop to look legitimate and credible. 

You wouldn’t go into a physical shop if they only sold one item unless you really wanted that item.

When you have more items in your shop, the potential buyer can see that you’ve invested time into your shop and are less likely to be a scam seller. 

Having 20 listings as a start would be a good way for you to test the platform out and see if it is a viable platform for you to sell your products.

It’s also not too risky an investment if you take out 20 listings (20 times $0.20 is just $4.00!) in the beginning. 

Knowing just how many products should I start with on Etsy is crucial.

Of course, you can go up to 30 or 40 items even as a start, but that would also mean it is riskier if your products don’t sell as you’d be making a slightly bigger initial investment. 

how many listings should i have on etsy

How To Create Listings On Etsy?

Trust me when I say you’ve already done the hard part of taking that first step and creating your Etsy account.

Everything else from here is going to be a breeze because Etsy makes it fuss-free to create a shop, name your shop, and list an item on your shop

In order to create listings on Etsy, just follow these steps:

  1. Go To ‘Shop Manager’ On The Etsy Site
  2. Click Onto ‘Listings’ On The Etsy Site
  3. Click On ‘Add A Listing’ On The Site
  4. Choose And Add Photos And Video To Your Listing
  5. Choose A Thumbnail Image
  6. Add Details To The Listing Including Title, Description, Category And Attributes  
  7. Be Descriptive About Your Listing
  8. Add Tags To Your Listing
  9. Add A Price To Your Listing And The Quantity Of Items Available
  10. Decide On Your Shipping Option Or Delivery Mode
  11. Opt To Promote Your Shop And Items Through Etsy Ads 
  12. Publish Your Listing (Or Save It As A Draft If You Want To Come Back To It!) 
how many listings should i have on etsy magic number 2

Opening An Etsy Shop: A Checklist

When you’re first starting out on Etsy, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all these nitty-gritty things to remember – how many listings to start on Etsy, how many listings to have at least, how many maximum, and how often you should post new listings.

It’s important to have an opening an Etsy shop checklist when you first start your own shop. 

Everyone’s checklist differs, but here’s my checklist:

1. Create An Account With 

2. Choose Your Shop Preferences

3. Decide On Your Etsy Shop Name

4. Add Items As Listings To Your Shop

5. Choose How You Want Customers To Pay And How You Want To Be Paid

6. Launch Your Shop 

7. Review Your Shop Stats Regularly To See What’s Doing Well And Where You Can Improve 

8. Market Your Shop Through Social Media And People You Know

9. Utilize Paid Promotions On Etsy If You Have A Budget

10. Update Your Listings Every Few Weeks 

11. Review Your Keyword And Tags Used For Maximum Visibility On Etsy 

And once you’ve reached the bottom of the checklist, rinse and repeat from step 7 onwards. Etsy shop statistics is a very important tool to let you know what you’re doing right and where gaps might be. 

If you just sat back after updating your listings without optimizing them using Etsy SEO or changing up your keywords, unless your products are in high demand and phenomenal, it would likely lead to little or no sales. 

Don’t be that person – always see where you can improve your listings and your shop and the sales will roll in. 

how many listings should i have on etsy

How To Use Etsy Tags To Sell Your Items 

If your question is, “What are Etsy tags?!” Don’t worry, stay with me! Etsy tags are an effective and simple way to get customers to your Etsy shop.

I’ll give you a little rundown on how tags can help increase traffic to your new Etsy store. 

What Etsy tags are is that they are words or phrases that are added to your item listing that describes your item. They help your item be found by the Etsy search engine. 

There are 13 tags you can fill up and it’s important to ensure these tags are filled so that your item has the highest possible chance of being found by a potential buyer.

If you want to make the most of Etsy tags to sell your items, this is what you need to do:

  • Conduct Keyword Research Using A Keyword Tool Like Sale Samurai 
  • Once You’ve Identified The Best Tags, Make Sure You Use Specific Phrases Of More Than Two Words (Long-Tail Keywords)
  • Use  A Variety Of Words For Tags
  • Use All 13 Tags
  • Keep Your Tags Updated Frequently
  • Have A Look At What Tags Your Competitors In Your Category Are Using 
how many listings should i have on etsy

Is It Better To Have More Or Fewer Listings On Etsy?

It is better to have more listings only if they are different products. If you take one product and create multiple listings with just a slight variation in each product, you end up diluting traffic to your listings.

You should only have more listings if they are genuinely unique listings.

The benefit of having just enough listings is that sales will be concentrated within these products and the more you sell, the more likely your listing will stay at the top of search results. 

If you do have multiple variations of the same product, then just keep it as a single listing with more options to increase your relevancy in Etsy searches. 

So it is it better to have more listings on Etsy.

With that in mind, you technically have an unlimited number of listings on Etsy, as long as you pay $0.20 per listing. So list away at your discretion!

how many listings should i have on etsy magic number 3

How Many Listings Do You Need To Start On Etsy?

It’s recommended to have at least 10 listings to start on Etsy, and this can eventually go up to any amount of listings you want.

The more listings you have, the likelihood of customers finding you increase. 

Though the sky’s the limit when it comes to how many items to list on Etsy, cost is another important factor to note when figuring out how many items should I have in my Etsy shop.

Most seasoned sellers recommend that you don’t go beyond 100 listings as an independent seller because by then, the transaction costs and listings costs are likely to outweigh your profits. 

If cost is an issue for you when it comes to paying $0.20 per listing and you’re wondering how many free listings can you have on Etsy for a start.

You’d be glad to know you can have 40 free listings to kick things off. Just use my referral link, and you’ll get these Etsy 40 free listings

How To Increase Your Listings On Etsy

You already know how many listings can I have on Etsy, but now it is catching up with that number with the actual products you can offer.

Creating new products to list in your Etsy shop can be overwhelming, so how do you increase the number of products in your listing without feeling completely overwhelmed?

Here are two things that you can do.

how many listings should i have on etsy magic number 4

1. Sub Niches

Let’s say you are selling plants on Etsy. You can stack on your niche by selling products related to plants like soil, pots, plant trellis, etc. 

The products you offer here may be something other than plants, but they are still within your niche.

By stacking on sub-niche products, you will have an entire catalog of new products to list in your Etsy shop and still keep the advantages of the niche-based approach Etsy store.

2. Relist Products

Relisting products is another way to increase your listing on Etsy. 

You can return to your best-selling Etsy products and offer them in a different design or as a special edition collection.

Let’s say you sell hand-knitted sweaters; you can offer your best-selling design in a holiday color or pattern for the holiday season.

This way, you can offer items you know your customers like and increase your Etsy store listing.

FAQs On How Many Listings Should I Have On Etsy

how many listings should i have on etsy

How Often Should You Post New Listings On Etsy?

So, how often should you post new listings on Etsy? It’s recommended that you should post a new listing every few weeks and that these listings should have a clear purpose.

It shouldn’t simply be a variation of your current product(s) but should either be a product line extension or a completely new product. 

How often should you list on Etsy will also depend on your product launches. Knowing your product line for the year can help you determine how often should I list on Etsy.

If you have many listings that you’re raring to introduce to your buyers, don’t list them all at once!

Stagger your listings out one at a time. While every few weeks is a good frequency, if you have several products, you can probably post new listings every week and bring out one or a few at a time.

Doing so keeps things fresh and exciting for your customers and it also bodes well for you as it looks like you’re very vested in your shop and keeping it active. 

The key here is also to be consistent. It is also not a good look if you post very frequently in the first few weeks and then be inactive after a month.

It’s important to look like you’re a credible and responsive seller, especially if it’s your first time!

how many listings should i have on etsy

How Long Does It Take For Your First Sale On Etsy?

It could take anywhere from one week to over one month for your first sale on Etsy. 

Of course, there are always those who get a sale immediately and those who wait months for that first sale.

There’s no real answer, but one week to three weeks is a good gauge, assuming you’ve done up your listings well, have good photos, and are actively promoting your shop and listings. 

Do You Have To Have 10 Listings On Etsy?

Yes, you have to have at least 10 listings when you’re first opening your Etsy store. You can, of course, increase this amount of listings after, but you should have at least 10 when you start. 

If you want to have more than 10 listings when you first start, there isn’t anything stopping you from doing so. 

However, seasoned Etsy sellers say that you shouldn’t have more than 100 items if you’re operating your store on your own, and more than 500 items if you are operating as a company. 

how many listings should i have on etsy

How Many Listings Should I Advertise On Etsy?

You should have 10 to 20 items for a start and Etsy recommends that you promote all your active Etsy listings when you run promotions on their platform. 

By doing so, their ad platform is able to gather a good amount of data from all your listings, and how potential customers interact with your shop, and this will help you run better ads moving forward. 

how many listings should i have on etsy magic number 5

How Many Listings On Etsy To Make Money?

Suppose you are wondering how many listings on Etsy are needed to make money. In that case, the recommended number is between 20 and 50 listings.

Etsy is a search engine-based website, so with more listings, you can put a good amount of long-tail keywords to drive traffic to your store.

How Many Listings Can You Have On Etsy?

Are you wondering how many listings can you have on Etsy? You can list as much as you want. There is no Etsy listing limit.

Remember that each listing will cost you $0.20, so if you want to list 20 items, your account will be debited $4.00 and due for renewal in four months.

How To Set Etsy Unlimited Quantity In Your Listing?

If you are looking for how to set Etsy unlimited quantity in your listing, to set an unlimited quantity in your listing, enter a high number, such as 100 or more. 

You can always update the listing quantity to reflect your stock. Using the bulk editing feature, you can adjust multiple listings at once.

How Many Variations Can You Have On Etsy?

Looking for how many variations can you have on Etsy. Etsy variations limit is up to 70 variations for one product. 

Anything over this limit will result in Etsy’s rejection of the product. You can only offer variation on physical product listings on Etsy. 

Variations can be added to your listing in the Variation section.

Is It Possible To Have Too Many Listings on Etsy?

How many listings do you need on Etsy? Is it possible to have too many listings on Etsy? 

Twenty listings is a good number to start with, and yes, it’s definitely possible to have too many listings. Success on Etsy is to strike a balance between quality and quantity.


As you can see how many listings should you have on Etsy is never really a straightforward answer but it’s always good to start with at least 20 listings and work your way up from there. 

Once you’ve launched your shop, it’s also not a case of launching it and sitting around while waiting for that first sale. Knowing how many Etsy listings to start with is only one step.

You should always review your shop statistics, see how you can improve your keywords, tags, and description, and also look into marketing your shop through social media or taking out paid ads.

Your Etsy shop will only be as popular and successful if you put in some serious work from the get-go.

This includes adhering to recommended listing numbers, and frequency and also seeing how seasoned Etsy sellers are doing things.

If you’re still doubtful about your Etsy journey and have a few more questions, you can consider poring through a few of my Etsy articles to arm yourself with more knowledge before you launch your shop! 

It’s really not that scary, I promise! 

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