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How To Find A Niche On Etsy + 11 Profitable Niches in 2023!

You’re here because you have a very serious question – how to find a niche on Etsy?

You may have read a few articles on how it’s possible to make serious money on Etsy. You’re convinced that you can do it, but you’re stuck right at the beginning because you don’t know what to sell. 

The thing is even though Etsy’s been around for a while, the online marketplace is still growing steadily and there is room for budding sellers like you to find niche in Etsy

The fact that you’re here, keen to learn how to niche down on Etsy, is a good first step. It is important to know how to find your niche on Etsy and not start off blindly or sell just anything. 

When I first started researching Etsy niche ideas, I thought there were only a few profitable niches on Etsy, but as I said, there’s room for everyone!

In this article, I will take you step-by-step on how to uncover low competition but high demand Etsy niches, so you can succeed opening your profitable Etsy store!

At a glance, here are the 11 ways how to find a niche on Etsy: 

1. Know What You’re Good At

2. Use A Keyword Research Tool

3. Look up at Etsy Search Bar Autocomplete

4. Competitor Analysis – Look At The Popular Shops 

5. Look For Low Search Result Niche

6. Analyze Customer Reviews

7. Pay Attention To Trends

8. Join Facebook Groups/ Forum/ Reddit

9. Think of Something Original And Unique

10. Experiment And Explore 

11. Consistently Innovate

11 Profitable niches :

1. Jewelry

2. Stickers

3. Notebooks and Journals

4. Toys and Baby Items

5. Digital templates, journals, planner

6. Clothing

7. Home Decor

8. Vintage Goods

9. Eco-friendly cosmetic

10. Sewing and Crochet Pattern

11.  Personalized Wedding Gifts

Read on to find out more on just how to do so!

How to find a niche on etsy

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11 Ways On How To Find A Niche On Etsy

1. Know What You’re Good At

I know this goes without saying, but the first step is to really take a look at your strengths and what you’re good at.

This is an important first step in your Etsy niche research. You are more likely to succeed if you work on a niche that you enjoy and good at, in comparison to starting from scratch.

What skills do you have that will allow you to make products that you can sell on Etsy?  

You don’t have to be extremely creative or have the best skills out there.

You can even sell digital products that you can easily make or hire someone to make these digital products, even if all you have is passion or interest in a particular type of digital product. 

When you’re good at something, say coming up with workout routines or dishing out workout tips, and you combine that with the expertise of somehow who can make workout templates, you might just have a very profitable niche.

So, before you start stressing about how to find profitable niches on Etsy, do a little reflection on yourself first before moving to the next step.

How to find a niche on etsy

2. Use A Keyword Research Tool

What happens if you’re good at quite a number of things, or don’t know what you’re good at, or you’re just not too fussed about a particular niche?

Then perhaps you might want to try to let data make the decision for you by using an Etsy keyword research tool. Using accurate data is the best way on how to find low competition niches on Esty.

Sale Samurai is probably the most detailed Etsy keyword research tool.
The data on Etsy keywords and other relevant information  is derived from actual Etsy customer searches.
Sale Samurai also provides price, shipping days, and views per product of your competitors so that you can take these factors into account when pricing your own products. 
Sale Samurai is easily one of the best Etsy keyword research tools on the market at the moment, primarily due to the detailed analysis that it can provide. 
NOTE- As my reader, you get a discount coupon that has to be used in the sign up page. The code is outandbeyond (all in lowercase). This will give you 20% OFF for life.

By using an Etsy keyword research tool, you can easily seek out low-competition Etsy niches, which refer to niches that attract a decent amount of search volume (that is, people searching for it), but yet there aren’t a lot of Etsy sellers selling items in this niche. 

Top Etsy Keyword Research Tools

Having a good Etsy keyword tool is essentially like having an Etsy niche finder right at your fingertips.

Some of the best Etsy niches are essentially the niches that are in decent demand yet the demand is not fully met yet by the current Etsy sellers. 

Knowing how to find trending niches on Etsy by finding the golden keywords can help to accelerate your sales as new Etsy shop.

You can read my article here for a detailed rundown on how to use Etsy keyword tools, but if you’re keen to directly check any of the ultimate niche finder out, here are some of the best Etsy keyword tools out there:

How to find a niche on etsy

3. Look up at Etsy Search Bar Autocomplete

Besides using keyword research tools on how to find low competition niches on Etsy, using the Etsy Search Bar is another effective method on discovering smaller niches.

The Etsy autocomplete suggestion draws data from real user searches, often overlooked as an effective method on how to find niche on Etsy. 

Utilizing Etsy search bar offers a valuable strategy for discovering new Etsy trending niches and potential low competitive niches.

Begin by entering a broad category that interests you and simply let Etsy autocomplete do the magic with related product suggestions.  

4. Competitor Analysis – Look At The Popular Shops

Another way how to find a niche on Etsy would be to conduct competitor analysis by studying popular, top-selling shops and sellers in a niche that you might be keen on. 

It helps to be aware of what your competition is like, and whether there’s still room for you to muscle in and be a seller in that niche. 

Not only will studying your competitors help tell you if it’s worth taking a step into this niche (if it’s too saturated you might want to think twice) but studying them also helps you decide how to price your items and determine if this niche is profitable enough.

Assuming you’re great at modern calligraphy, there are also a ton of shops selling similar products, priced at an average rate that is far too low to make it worth your effort to produce a piece. Then you might wish to reconsider another niche. 

5. Look For Low Search Result Niche 

Navigating a competitive niche Etsy with the same keywords can pose challenges for new Etsy shops.

Etsy’s search algorithm takes account of many factors, including product quality, listing quantity, seller’s reputation and performance on the platform.

Therefore, as a new Etsy shop, it will take longer to compete if the competition is too high. 

One way to find unsaturated Etsy niches is by analyzing the search result with the targeted keywords in Etsy.

For example, a digital planner niche in Etsy has over 500k search results, that is a relatively high competition niche.

In this case, you can niche down further and design a digital planner for a specific target group, for example for a student.

6. Analyze Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a valuable source of market research on how to find Etsy niche. Each customer review serves as a direct line to potential market opportunity, revealing their personal preferences.

Start by examining the top-selling competitor, pinpointing both positives and negatives.

This is a great way to find Etsy niche opportunities and to better innovate your product and fulfill the needs of your potential customers.

7. Pay Attention To Trends And Demands

If you’re still stuck on the best Etsy niches, then another way on how to find an Esty niche would be to take a look at what’s currently trending.

What problems people are facing, and what solutions or items are they seeking?

For example, when virtual meetings rose in popularity, there was a surge in demand for virtual backgrounds as people tried to individualize their own meeting experiences

Those who caught onto the demand and addressed this by developing a set of quirky Zoom backgrounds, would have probably made quite a good amount of sales. 

Especially if you were one of the first few movers in this space, meeting the demand of those looking for something to spruce up their virtual meetings. 

A really cool way to check out the latest trends are using : Google trends

How to find a niche on etsy

8. Join Niche Related Facebook Groups or Reddit

When you have a niche in mind you are interested in exploring further, the next step is to find like minded people in forum places like private Facebook groups or Reddit. 

The posts in the groups are valuable information for further market research in your niche, but also a great place to get ideas on how to find niches on Etsy.

Read the posts, see what others are selling and check comments too! Even within a niche, you can spot a potential niche down further. 

For example, if you are interested in digital planner, by joining a digital planner seller private group can help to analyze what works and trending. This can help you to decide if it is worth going into the niche. 

9. Think of Something Original And Unique

Some of the best niches on Etsy are the ones that are original and unique. Sure there are a lot of sellers on Etsy, but it’s still possible to find a niche that is still original and unique. 

But how to find an Etsy niche that is unique?

If you like watercolor painting, you could look and see if there is a demand for customized items and designs, and offer watercolor versions of these items. 

Note- You can find out demand using Sale Samurai

I had a friend experiment with doing watercolor paintings of first-time parents’ first ultrasound scan when she herself was expecting her first child. It’s a relatively uncluttered niche, and definitely unique.

This is an effective way on how to find niches in Etsy by leveraging skills you are already good at.

How to find a niche on etsy

10. Experiment And Explore 

Fundamentally, with conversion and sales being the end goal of an Etsy seller, you’ll need to learn how to analyze your Etsy shop statistics, and then make tweaks from there.

While you can decide on a niche now, people’s interests and demands may change a few months down the line.

This means you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with niches and then calibrate your approach from your first batch of sales.

Sometimes it’s a case of tweaking your keywords, using more relevant Etsy tags, or just having clearer, higher-quality photos. 

If you don’t take that first step, you’ll forever be thinking of the what-ifs. So instead of overthinking on which is the best niche for Etsy, do adequate research on a suitable niche.

Start your shop, and then optimize your Etsy traffic from there

It’s scary I know, but if you don’t take that first step, how will you know where you can improve? 

If you’re still hesitant there are also a ton of Etsy courses out there to help you get started on your first shop. This course and this one will help you get up and running within a mere three months! 

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11. Consistently Innovate

Yay, now you know how to find niche on Etsy! I hope you’ve found an amazing niche, you’re settled, right?

Wrong. It’s not good to just rest on your laurels even if you’ve found an amazing niche. 

Always remember that trends come and go. So even if you find a great niche, you want to be on your toes and keep an eye out for any new trends that come your way in your niche.

And always be thinking of how you can better serve customers, and deliver value-adding products and services, in your niche to remain the top seller in your category. 

Low competition etsy niches

What Is An Etsy Niche?

An Etsy niche refers to specializing in something specific on Etsy. Some people might say that it is not necessary to niche down on Etsy, but to be successful in the long-term on Etsy, it is important to have a niche.  

As a business owner, you want to have a clear direction for your Etsy shop.

By niching down, you’ll be able to better determine how your business will go, such as naming your business, deciding on branding, and knowing how to market your Etsy shop to your potential customers.

What Is The Most Popular Niche On Etsy?

Wondering what is the most popular niche on Etsy? The most popular niche on Etsy is craft and supplies, which is unsurprising considering that Etsy started off as an online marketplace site focusing on handmade items. 

Within this Niche Etsy markets category, you’ll find items such as craft essentials, and supplies for jewelry making, among others.

However, if it comes to Etsy evergreen niches, then digital products are your best bet when it comes to something that can be sold for a long period of time, across seasons. 

One way of turning a popular niche into an evergreen niche in this instance would be to digitalize your top-selling craft. 

For example, you may have an artwork that sells well and is being commissioned repeatedly by customers. If you have some customers that are not fussed about having digital or printed copies, you can sell digital versions of your artwork. 

This way, your product becomes evergreen because you can sell it anytime, from anywhere, even if you don’t have time to do an art piece. 

How to find a niche on etsy

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Is It Important To Have A Niche On Etsy?

Yes, it is very important to have a niche on Etsy if you want to have a successful shop and make a good amount of sales. In fact, any business should have a niche to be successful. 

Having a niche will help you zone in on the products you will eventually create, your likely buyers (hence helping you with your marketing efforts), and also helps you find your why – the purpose behind why you chose to start your Etsy shop.

Some people may say you just need to have a well-organized seller page to do well and that having is niche is not important, but if you want to do well in the long term on Etsy, then having a niche is essential. 

FAQs On How To Find A Niche On Etsy

What Sells Easiest On Etsy?

Here’s the quick lowdown on the 31 items that sell the easiest on Etsy:

1. Accessories

2. Art And Collectibles 

3. Bags And Purses

4. Beads And Jewelry Supplies

5. Candles

6. Craft Kits

7. Digital Artwork And Printables

8. Enamel Pins

9. Fabric And Sewing Supplies

10. Greeting Cards

11. Handmade Jewelry

12. Home And Living

13. Journals And Notebooks

14. Kids’ Clothing 

15. Organic Self Care Products

16. Paper Crafts

17. Party Decorations

18. Personalized Cards

19. Personalized Clothing

20. Pet Supplies

21. Phone Cases

22. Photography

23. Seasonal Gifts

24. Self Care Packages

25. Stickers

26. Supplies

27. Sustainable Products

28. Toys

29. Vintage Items

30. Vinyl Mugs And Socks

31. Wedding Supplies

There are so many things that can make you good money on Etsy if you’re willing to put in the time and resources!

How to find a niche on etsy

What Sells Very Well On Etsy?

Curious about what sells very well on Etsy? Handmade products sell very well on Etsy, as do secondhand or vintage items. Though it doesn’t mean that other products don’t stand a chance – you’ll just need to have good keyword research done and make sure that you meet a need of your Etsy shoppers. 

How Do You Find What’s Trending On Etsy

Wondering how do you find what’s trending on Etsy? One of the quickest and easiest ways to know what’s trending on Etsy is to use the Etsy Search Bar

At the top of the page, you’ll see a list of trending categories, and as soon as you type something into the search bar, you’ll see a dropdown list of related, trending keywords on Etsy. 

How to find a niche on etsy

What Niche is Most Profitable on Etsy?

11 most profitable niches on Etsy

1. Jewelry

2. Stickers

3. Notebooks and Journals

4. Toys and Baby Items

5. Digital templates, journals, planner

6. Clothing

7. Home Decor

8. Vintage Goods

9. Eco-friendly cosmetic

10. Sewing and Crochet Pattern

11. Personalized Wedding Gifts

What is a Good Niche on Etsy?

Wondering what is a good niche on Etsy? Home decor has been a popular niche on Etsy as it is a platform known for selling handcrafted items that are unique to their homes. Other popular niches in Etsy are personalized gifts, wedding supplies, vintage clothing and handmade jewelry. 

Can I Sell Multiple Niches on Etsy?

Is selling multiple niches on Etsy a good idea? It is possible but make sure the product is still relatable in a cohesive branding. For example, if you are selling stationery, but thinking to include home décor items, you can brand your store as selling aesthetic décor and stationery even though they are not in the same category.  

Do You Need a Niche on Etsy?

Do you need a niche on Etsy? Yes, having a profitable niche on Etsy is the most crucial for long-term success of an Etsy business. By specializing in a niche, your Etsy shop will have a strong branding and build great credibility for your target customer.

What is Considered a Low Competitor Keyword?

What is considered a low competitor keyword? Low-competitor keywords are keywords that can help you to rank organically in the search engines. Low-competition keywords include long-tail keywords (three or more words), relevant keywords to your niche and high searched volume but low competitor.  


I hope this article’s shown you how to find a niche on Etsy and helped you realize that finding a niche on Etsy isn’t all that challenging. 

There may be a lot of sellers on Etsy selling items similar to yours, but you just need to take a closer look at what you’re looking to sell and find its unique point to entice that sweet spot of Etsy customers.

I also hope that you’ve come to realize that even though the Etsy marketplace has many sellers, it’s not impossible to still get traffic going to your Etsy shop as long as you have the right Etsy SEO tools on hand and practice some good old diligence in doing your research. 

Now you know how to find a niche product, learn more about the most profitable Etsy Niches 2023 and see if any of the niches aligned with your interest and skills.

I look forward to hearing about whether my article helped you and if you tripled or even quadrupled your sales after using these tips. All the best! 

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How to find a niche on etsy