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How To Make Digital Stickers (And Make $7,000 a Month!)

Have you ever wondered ‘how to make digital stickers’? If you answered ‘YES’ to that question then you’re in the right place.

Digital stickers are all the rage in the virtual world and sometimes they can come with a price tag (I personally know sellers making over $7,000 a month selling digital stickers!).

There are plenty of sticker packs out there for a good bargain but why spend money when you can create your own personalized stickers? 

Team #ifitsfreeitsforme am I right?

Here’s everything we’ll cover in this guide on how to make digital stickers:

  • What Is A Digital Sticker
  • Types Of Digital Stickers
  • How To Make Digital Stickers 
  • Making It On Your Own


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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How To Make Digital Stickers
How To Make Digital Stickers

How To Make Digital Stickers 

The main event: How to make digital stickers. 

In this section, I’ll walk you through how to make a digital sticker using programs like: Canva, PowerPoint, PicMonkey, Procreate, and Affinity Designer.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. You don’t need to have any creative flair in this field, all you need is the will to learn!

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll be covering this section:

  • Making It On Your Own
  • Buying Pre-made Stickers

Making It On Your Own 

Often people think you need super fancy designer based programs to create any kind of digital graphic. 

On the contrary, you can make fantastic stickers with FREE software.

So, save that $600 that you would have spent on the Adobe Creative Suite and opt for some of the free or cheaper options listed below.

The programs that allow you to do this for FREE are:

These programs are paid but allow you to create stickers from your own sketches or digital art:

How To Make Digital Stickers For Free

how to make digital stickers


We all know Canva right? 

It’s a super versatile digital platform that allows you to create almost anything you need. Everything from resumes, powerpoints, logos, stickers, and so much more for free.

They offer an affordable paid version but keep your cash for a rainy day. You can get a lot out of the free version without spending a buck. 

If you’re interested in learning how to create stickers for goodnotes with Canva, you’ll be happy to know that there are two ways to go about doing that:

1.Use Their Sticker Template

Canva’s sticker templates are very flexible. Their sticker template library is huge and allows you to create round, square, rectangular, or portrait-shaped stickers.

You can choose a template and make changes to the shape, color, elements, etc.

2.Create Your Own

If you want to create a sticker from scratch, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click ‘create a design’ on the top right hand corner

A drop-down menu will appear. Search the term ‘Sticker’. 

  1. Choose your sticker shape

Click on the sticker shape you want. You will be directed to a canvas with an outline of your chosen sticker shape.

  1. Create your sticker

On the left hand there will be a menu, click ‘elements’. Select the designs you want and arrange them on the canvas.

  1. Export your sticker
how to make digital stickers

2. Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is useful for more than just powerpoints. 

These days, you can use the software to create digital planners and digital stickers, among other things.

*Note: In order to export your designs as a PNG file, you need to be using the desktop version of PowerPoint. 

To create digital stickers on PowerPoint:

  1. Open the app
  1. Create a blank presentation

Start with an empty canvas by deleting the title box inside the first slide.

  1. Insert your desired share or icon

They have a wide library filled with various shapes and designs you can customize.

  1. Edit your design

This is where you can really go wild. Change the color, add shade effects, outlines, anything you want goes.

  1. Choose a font you like
  1. Add your text
  1. Click ‘Save As’ and export the document as a PNG file.
how to make digital stickers

3. PicMonkey 

PicMonkey is a software that is similar to Canva.

And much like Canva, they have a free version along with a paid version for only $7.99 a month. The same thing applies here, to be honest, the free version will give you everything you need. 

If you want to learn how to make digital stickers for goodnotes with PicMonkey, all you have to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Find a picture you like or use a picture from your camera roll

I recommend opting for clip art because they’re easy to find and they tend to be royalty-free. You can find free clip art at MyCuteGraphics. Save your chosen image.

  1. Open PicMonkey

Create a blank canvas by clicking ‘Design’. If you choose the ‘Custom Size’ option, the default canvas size is 2000 by 2000 pixels. Choose a transparent canvas.

  1. Import the image you want to use

Click ‘Graphics’ and then add your file to the canvas.

  1. Add shapes to your sticker
  1. Create a color palette

If you have an idea of the color theme you want to use or you have a color palette you want to use, it’s easier to create a color palette on PicMonkey and use it for future stickers.

Change the color of your shapes by clicking on the shape and using the eyedropper tool to pick up and save the colors you want.

  1. Export the sticker
  1. Open goodnotes on any device and import your sticker

4. Inkscape

Inkscape might be one of the best free programs you’ve ever heard of for those just getting started in graphics design.

The first thing that comes to mind when someone wants to produce their own graphics, SVGs for Cricut, logos, or designs is frequently tools like Photoshop.

When you are starting out, the first thing you look up for may even be “how to make stickers in Photoshop”.

You can make photos or graphics using sites like Photoshop, and then utilize them in an array of places. These sites work well and are simple to use.

However, they are also expensive. Money might be difficult to come by for a beginner like you when your business is just getting started.

In light of this, many companies are now using alternative graphics programs like Inkscape.

how to make digital stickers

5. Creative Fabrica

If you are looking for courses on how to make stickers for digital planner, look no further than Creative Fabrica.

It has a tonne of affordable lessons, tools, and materials to help you make the most of your production of digital planner stickers for free. 

A rapidly expanding start-up with its headquarters in Amsterdam, Creative Fabrica was developed to enhance how individuals use digital resources like patterns, classes, and resources, assisting artists in discovering their creative outlets and fostering networks. 

how to make digital stickers

How To Make Digital Stickers Using Paid Apps

How To Make Digital Stickers Using Procreate


Procreate is a fantastic software that allows creatives and non-creatives alike to make digital art. It currently costs $10 (one-time payment) and it requires an iPad. 

It works wonders with the Apple pencil but that isn’t a necessity.

Using Procreate is kind of like drawing with traditional mediums but on a digital screen.

Here’s how to make digital stickers in procreate:

  1. Draw your designs in Procreate or import your image of choice

You can free-hand your design, import PNG images, or a combination of both by cutting, pasting, and tracing the image to create your own personalized sticker.

Now is the time to let your imagination run wild.

  1. In the drop-down menu for your layers, click ‘background’ and tap on it to remove the default background.
  1. Create a white outline around your sticker (optional)

This is completely optional but if you want your stickers to stand out more, I recommend creating a white outline around them. 

Just add an extra layer behind your sticker, outline it in white, and fill it in.

  1. Save the file as a PNG
  1. Export your design(s)
how to make digital stickers

2. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is great if you want the ‘prestige’ of using a fancy-schmancy creative program that’s just as good as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator without the hefty price tag. 

Costs range from $50 for the computer version and $20 for the iPad.

To create digital stickers with Affinity Designer:

  1. Click ‘New Document’

Insert your dimensions or choose a template canvas. Click the ‘Transparent’ option for the background.

  1. Draw your image using the brush tool or use their library of shapes.
  1. Alternatively, you can import an image you want and crop around it, removing the background.
  1. Save the project 
  2. Export the file as a PNG

3. Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches‘ user interface is quite a dramatic contrast from other drawing apps like Procreate.

An array of conventional tools are displayed on the side of the screen for easy doodles when you are wondering how to make digital stickers for Etsy.

What you see is what you get, despite some instruments having more choices like nib form.

There isn’t a huge selection of brush styles, and you can’t modify the tools that are already there but it is a decent way to create free digital planner stickers.

Users of Android and iOS can download the software for free, however, it is limited to a few functions. The Pro edition is priced at $5.99, which opens up additional features like:

  • Endless layers
  • More hints and nibs for every tool
  • Various brush patterns and gradients
how to make digital stickers

Buying Pre-made Stickers 

I know the article is titled ‘how to create digital stickers’ but the reality is, you can also buy pre-made templates and go from there. 

Templates are a great way to help you get started with creating and selling digital stickers. They’re also customizable, making them a versatile investment.

There are websites that allow you to buy or download pre-made designs for little to no cost. 

Here are a few of them: 

What App Do You Use To Make Stickers 

If you’re looking for convenience and want to create digital stickers on your mobile phone, you can download some of these free apps below to do so:

  • FoamCorePrint
  • Sticker Maker Pro
  • Emoji Me Face Maker -Turn yourself into a sticker with this app and decorate the web with your virtual face.
  • Assembly – Ultimately, if you want to make digital stickers online and earn from them, I recommend sticking to some apps we’ve talked about in this article.

FAQ on How To Make Digital Stickers

What Is A Digital Sticker?

Before we get into the ‘how’ of how to make digital stickers, let’s talk about what it actually is first. 

So, what are digital stickers? 

Digital stickers are basically *PNG image files that allow you to insert your digital files. 

That just means they have a transparent background and much like physical stickers, you can stick them anywhere -in the digital world that is.

*Fun fact: PNG stands for Portable Graphics Format.

Wait, what? Graphics? Don’t be fooled by that term. Creating a sticker is as easy as one, two, three and you don’t need a single techy or creative bone in your body!

There are many -and I mean MANY- platforms you can use to create your stickers.

Some of which will surprise you. PowerPoint for instance, is an app that allows you to make your own digital stickers.

If you aren’t yet convinced by my ‘you don’t need to be an artist or technologically capable’ to create a digital sticker and you want some guidance, stick around until the end for an awesome course.

Types Of Digital Stickers

We’ll jump into how to make digital planner stickers right after we take a short stroll through, ‘types of digital stickers.’ 

Whether you’re here because you want to learn how to make stickers for goodnotes or you want to start a side hustle selling digital stickers, you have to know what’s out there first.

Digital stickers can be used just about anywhere. You can use them in:

  • Digital planners
  • Flashcards
  • Sticky notes
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Online conversations

By the end of this post, you’ll know how to create digital planner stickers  that will jazz up any document.

How to Sell Digital Stickers?

You can sell your digital stickers on any of the platforms below 

What Format Are Digital Stickers?

The file formats are JPEG or PNG. The format of these free digital stickers serves different purposes.

  • JPEG File

The digital sticker will have a background if it is a JPEG file. This implies that if you attach a sticker on a bordered or checkered page, the sticker’s design and the backdrop space around it will be visible

  • PNG File

A PNG file is when each digital sticker is a separate file with a translucent backdrop. These stickers are often the crowd favorite to use because they can be placed on any surface without having to crop them. 

How Do I Make A Digital Sticker From A Photo?

If you have wondered how to make a digital sticker from a photo, the quickest way to do so would be with Canva. The main concept is to crop out the backdrop of the picture and surround the cut-out image with an outline to give the illusion of a sticker. 

You do not have to Photoshop the sticker outline to give the effect.

Here are the steps on how to make digital stickers to sell from the pictures you have on hand!

Step 1

The first step in how to make digital stickers in canva, is to log on to Canva and upload the desired picture. Once the picture is uploaded, click on “Edit Photo” at the top left corner. 

how to make digital stickers

Step 2

Click “Background Remove” to remove the background.

how to make digital stickers

Step 3

Next, scroll down until you find “Shadows”, click on it, and then click “Glow”. This feature allows you to add the white lines surrounding the image. 

Increase the Size until you reach the desired effect, increase the Transparency to 100 and reduce Blur to 0. You should get something like the image below. 

how to make digital stickers

Step 4

Save it in your desired format and you are good to go! A sticker made from a photo and now you can create digital stickers for free.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Digital Stickers?

The range can go from zero to A LOT!   For example Shay Budgets is a blogger that has made nearly $30,000 with her part-time Etsy shop selling budget planner stickers. 

How Do You Make A Virtual Sticker? 

If you’re looking for the best training to guide you through making digital stickers, let me introduce Printables By Number

I took this course and it was INCREDIBLE! 

I am not very creative and I lacked confidence in making digital products and it showed me step by step EXACTLY how to create digital planners,stickers, printables, you name it! 

selling printables on etsy

Printables By Number 

Printables By Number is a course created by Suzi from Start A Mom Blog. It costs $97 and in my opinion is a steal for what you get. I’ve taken the course myself and can vouch for it. 

For that price, you get:

  • Over 8 hours of step by step videos
  • 10+ ready made templates
  • Detailed Canva and Powerpoint tutorials
  • Premium Sales Template 

You’ll learn:

  • The top 6 mistakes why your printables are not converting
  • How to set up a sales funnel for your business
  • How to grow your email list
  • How to make money by selling your printables on your blog or by offering printable creation services
  • Multiple methods of selling: Sell on your blog, Create a high converting funnel or Sell on Etsy.

Not only will you learn how to make stickers for a digital planner but with Suzi, you’ll also learn how to create digital planner stickers and even how to make a digital sticker book!

I have more information about the course in one of my articles ‘selling printables on Etsy’. But don’t take it from me, take it from the pro herself and learn how to create stickers on Canva with Suzi’s guidance.

How To Make A Digital Planner?

  • Create An Outline
  • Dimension Of Pages
  • Create Hyperlinks
  • Replicate Pages

Create An Outline

The first step with how to create a digital planner is to plan out your outline for the planner. 

You must first decide which components and how many of each you want in your planner. Here are a few elements that are frequently included in digital planners.

  • Yearly schedule
  • Monthly schedule
  • Weekly schedule
  • Daily schedule with time slots
  • Task list
  • Habit monitoring

Dimension Of Pages

It is advisable to set your planner to 210 x 297mm or 3508 x 2480 px, or a standard A4 size. 

You will probably use text boxes while making the pages for your digital planner.

A monthly calendar spread, for instance, consists of text, squares, and rectangles. You may even use other forms, like circles or other peculiar shapes if you’re feeling particularly inventive. 

Last but not least, don’t overlook the use of color to enhance the appearance of your planner! 

Create Hyperlinks

The number of pages in a digital planner depends on the elements you decide to include. As a result, it’s critical to make it simple to browse between the many months, days, and sections.

Including hyperlinks in your digital calendar is one method to make it simple to navigate.

Replicate Pages

You will need to make numerous pages with the same design while making your digital planner. You may just clone the page and the design, make any required minor tweaks, and avoid having to start over multiple times.

Programs On How To Create A Digital Planner To Sell


Keynote is an excellent program when it comes to how to make digital planner to sell, particularly if you use Apple products, as it comes pre-installed on your gadget.

If you use a Mac or want to attempt making your planner on your iPad, I genuinely don’t think you need any other software.

It is crucial to keep in mind that creating a planner on an iPad will take significantly longer than it would on a desktop or laptop. With a desktop, you can also add links and edit shapes much more quickly.

The main problem with Keynote is that it can only be accessed by Apple users.

how to make digital stickers


Given its sophistication and years of development, PowerPoint has a much wider range of features these days. 

The flexibility to utilize custom fonts and the variety of shape and icon formatting options that enable creators to easily make great planners. So you can stop wondering how to make digital planners to sell, there’s the good old PoerPoint to help you out!

The majority of users are accustomed to PowerPoint’s user interface and may easily begin producing pages right away.

Even if you haven’t used this program much before, it will work well for you to create a planner that seems professionally created after you understand its fundamentals.

how to make digital stickers

Affinity Publisher

This site has a variety of cutting-edge tools for designing publications.

It provides some extremely strong aspects for document formatting, building templates, and much more. 

Affinity runs on both Mac OS and Windows. Any Windows user who doesn’t require Office programs or doesn’t want to pay for the OneDrive subscription might consider using Affinity Publisher.

This more sophisticated digital planner software is more difficult to use than Microsoft products, so you must be willing to put in the time to navigate around it.

how to make digital stickers

Adobe InDesign

This program is the industry-standard page layout and design program for print and digital media.

This is another way to learn how to make your own digital stickers.

It includes a huge number of capabilities that let you make stunning graphic designs with excellent typography and art. You can also rapidly share documents in PDF format.

Like other Adobe products, it really is a great program.

how to make digital stickers

How To Make Stickers For Goodnotes?

Before getting into how to create digital stickers for goodnotes, you should be aware of Goodnotes sticker book. 

You do not need to manually import PNG sticker files into your note-taking program when using these sticker books.

Once you’ve learnt how to make digital stickers to sell on etsy, you can start making them for goodnotes as well.

A GoodNotes sticker book is a file that comes with a selection of free goodnotes stickers that are already cropped and compatible with the app.

As your clients would not have to download the stickers on their own, these sticker books are incredibly simple to distribute with them if you create Digital Stickers to sell.

This will make it convenient for them to use the stickers because the ready-to-use stickers are already there in the download.

To play around with the stickers inside, they simply need to import this one file.

How To Make Goodnotes Stickers Book?

Step 1

You must import your stickers into the document you just made in order to make the sticker book.

All you need to do is drag and drop the chosen goodnote stickers for free into the pages and notebook you’d like. 

Step 2

Gradually swipe up from the very bottom of the display until you see the dock. Then, drag and drop your photos folder to the side.

Drag and drop the stickers one at a time onto the file in order to import them.

Step 3

To export all files, select “export all” by clicking the small arrow next to the file name.

Step 4

You can choose to export your document in three different formats – PDF, a picture, or a GoodNotes file.

Step 5

Save the file in your designated location and you are good to go! Now, a consumer can simply import this book when they purchase these stickers, much like how they would download a digital planner. All stickers will be available for usage right away.


There you have it folks, not just a guide on how to make digital stickers but one that will help you create digital stickers using softwares like Canva, PicMonkey, PowerPoint, Proc- you get it. 

Whether you’re just starting your digital sticker business or looking to learn how to create digital stickers to sell on etsy, or even to learn how do digital stickers work, I hope this guide was helpful. 

That’s it from me, everyone. Preece out.

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