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9 Ways to Get Paid To Work Out: Apps That Pay!

Wouldn’t you love to get paid to work out? I know I would!

I run 5ks almost every day, and if I could get paid for each 5k, that sweat of mine would look pretty glorious, if I do say so myself!

get paid to work out

But you don’t have to run a 5k just to get paid. Walking and riding a bike all count as working out, too. 

If you’re looking for some extra motivation to lose that extra weight you’ve been carrying all these years (Hello, flabby arms!), there are apps that PAY YOU to lose weight (WHAAAAAATTTTTT!!). 

So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out the best apps to download to get paid for that workout burn!

If you’re in a rush, here’s all the info you need at a glance:

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Get Paid To Work OutApps That Pay You To Workout

1. Sweatcoin

One of the leading get paid to work out apps available online right now is Sweatcoin. 

With over 120 million users and 600+ partners, Sweatcoin is leading the way in rewarding you for looking after your health. 

Sweatcoin’s motto is, ‘Your movement has value: you deserve a share in it.’ I love this. We DEFINITELY deserve a share for our efforts!

get paid to work out

How it works: Download the app and connect it to your activity tracker. Then, start running, walking, or hiking. 

The number of steps you take is converted into sweatcoins, Sweatcoin’s very own currency. 

As you accumulate sweatcoins, you can exchange them for excellent products or donate them to charities that Sweatcoin partners with. They work with over 100 charities!

You can get cool stuff like Amazon or Starbucks gift cards, gym memberships, and more. 

Although you don’t get cash in return for movement, a simple YouTube search will show tons of videos on converting that sweatcoin currency to real money. I haven’t tried them yet, but let me know if any methods work!

Note: Sweatcoin is available on The App Store and Google Play Store. 

2. Step Bet

Step Bet is another app that tracks your steps. With over a million users, this app is going places! 

This is a workout app that pays you, pays you actual money. However, you also need to put in money. 

If you’re going, ‘Huh??!!’, do not worry. I’m here to help you understand it better. 

Step Bet is where you bet on yourself hitting the number of steps you want to achieve. 

How it works: First, you need to set some personal goals. Once you’ve done that, you sign up for a game. 

To sign up for a game, you need to place your bet. Bet amounts vary, but they’re generally about $40 USD.

If you achieve your weekly goals, you split the pot of money with the other winners. If you don’t, then you lose the money that you bet. 

If you need some solid motivation to start walking and getting those steps, Step Bet is the way to go. 

Just the thought of ‘Ohmygod, I’m going to lose 40 bucks’ would be enough for me to walk, walk, walk!

If getting paid to workout is the only way to get you to work out, then this is the app for you, my friend!

3. Fit For Bucks

Another exercise app that pays you is the Fit For Bucks app. It works the same way as Sweatcoin. It only works on iPhones, they don’t have it available on the Google Play Store yet. 

How it works: Download the Fit for Bucks app and connect it to your activity tracker. Fit for Bucks then starts counting your steps. Easy-peasy!

get paid to work out

As you accumulate steps, you can exchange them for rewards. Some of the rewards they offer are free coffees, free 30-minute massages (erm, sign me up!), and free breakfast yogurt cups (erm, don’t mind if I do).

4. Charity Miles

Charity Miles is another step-tracking app. But this app doesn’t actually pay YOU to work out. Instead, any money you earn from the number of steps you take is donated to your charity of choice.

Provided the charity of choice is one of Charity Miles’ partners.

How it works: Choose your charity. When you begin your workout, click ‘start’ on the Charity Miles app, then press ‘stop’ at the end.

Every mile that you run or walk earns 25 cents. Every mile that you bike earns you 10 cents. 

This is an excellent way to do good for the world, don’t you think? 

5. WinWalk

WinWalk works pretty much exactly like Sweatcoin and Fit For Bucks. 

How it works: The WinWalk app counts your steps and converts them into coins. You can use your coins to purchase gift cards on the app.

Every 100 steps earns you 1 coin. For around 16000 coins, you can purchase a $10 USD gift card from Amazon, Domino’s, or Target. 

Sounds pretty good, hey? 

Note: The only downside to this app is that it’s only available on Android phones. Boo!

6. Evidation

When I first read about Evidation, I thought, ‘Woah!’ This is an app that’s different from the rest. 

In addition to working out, Evidation rewards individuals for tracking their health and making healthy choices. Say whatt? 

So, there are many people out there (and you should be one of them, too) who actively track things like their sleep hours, blood pressure and heart rate, and water consumption. 

What if I told you Evidation pays you for these things that you’re already doing? I see your face going, ‘Woah!’. Mine did too! 

You can also earn points for taking surveys, reading health-related articles (suggested by Evidation), and participating in research studies. 

How it works: Connect your Evidation app to a compatible wearable (Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc) or a health-tracking app (Apple Health, Samsung Health, etc). 

Your fitness tracker or wearable automatically shares your information with the Evidation app, allowing you to earn points. Every 10,000 points get you $10 USD.

The best part about this app is that your points can not only be exchanged for gift cards but also for cold, hard cash (BLING!). You can have the money paid out to your PayPal account. Isn’t that great? 

If you’ve always wondered how to get paid for working out, this app is for you!

Getting paid to workout has never been easier!

7. Strava 

Strava is a fun exercise app with some social networking thrown in! Not only does it track your walks, runs and hikes; you can also share them with your friends (just like IG). 

They also post group challenges. If you join one of these challenges and get enough points to be at the top of their leadership boards, you can win prizes. 

Get paid to exercise y’all, and join Strava!

If you’re looking to get paid to workout from home, Strava also rewards steps that you make on the treadmill. If you only walk on treadmills, join Strava and start rewarding those steps. 

get paid to work out

Get Paid To Work OutApps That Pay You To Lose Weight

Working out is great, but what if you are also trying to lose weight? Would you like an app that will pay you to lose weight? 

Look no further, you guys; I’ve got the deets for that as well!

1. Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage has been in business for years (since 2009) and has been featured on multiple news channels. 

If you’re looking for extra motivation to lose weight, Healthy Wage is the way to go!

How it works: Use the Healthy Wage calculator and input your details on how much weight you want to lose, how much money you want to bet, and how long you want to play for. 

The calculator then estimates how much you will likely win if you meet your goals. 

If you go on to step 2 and answer more personalized questions, the calculator will tell you exactly how much you will win. 

You must do a weigh-in twice, once at the beginning and once at the end of your challenge. 

The best part is that you can get paid to lose weight on Healthy Wage and get paid to workout with one of the other apps, like Step Bet. Double benefit, one effort! 

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2. Diet Bet 

Diet Bet is another app that pays you to lose weight. You play in groups at Diet Bet.

How it works: There are Kickstarter games in which you lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks, and Transformer games in which you want to lose 10% in 6 months. 

Choose which one you want, and then join a game. You’ll need to put money in the pot.

At the end of the duration, everyone in the game who achieved their goals splits the money in the pot. 

I don’t quite like betting on other people’s losses, so if I were you, I would much rather use HealthyWage. 

But if you want to win more than what you put in, Diet Bet might be the app for you. 

Get Paid To Work OutSide Hustles That Pay To Work Out

Apps that pay you to work out are great. But what if you wanted more money than you can make from those apps? Here are some get paid to workout jobs that can make you money while you work out. 

1. Dog Walking

Are you a dog lover? You can walk people’s dogs for them and get paid. You don’t know anyone who would pay to walk their dog? Say no more; I’ve got you!

Rover is an amazing app that connects pet owners with pet sitters. Find someone in your neighborhood looking for a dog walker and connect with them. 

You get a great workout in, and you get some quality time with a furry friend!

get paid to work out

If you want to spend time with dogs AND do a good deed, try Woof Trax

This works just like Charity Miles, where the miles that you accumulate are converted into points, which are then donated to an animal charity of your choice. 

2. Become A Referee

Do you love sports? There’s a great way for you to earn some extra bucks. 

Local clubs or recreational centers usually conduct sports matches like football, soccer, hockey, and basketball. 

Sign up to referee these matches and earn while you run along!

3. Food Delivery 

You can join Door Dash and earn some extra money delivering food. Make sure you’re riding your bicycle and not driving to deliver!

get paid to work out

FAQs On Get Paid To Work Out

What Is The App That Pays For Running? 

Wondering about what apps pay for running?  Here are the best apps that pay for running:

  • Sweatcoin, 
  • Fit for Bucks, 
  • Step Bet, 
  • WinWalk, and 
  • Strava. 

Any app that counts your steps pays you regardless of whether you walk or run.

What Apps Pay You To Walk?

So, which apps pay you to walk? Here are the top apps that pay you to walk:

You can exchange your accumulated steps for some cool rewards or get paid actual cash. KACHING!

What Apps Pay To Lose Weight? 

Curious about what apps pay you to lose weight? Healthy Wage and Diet Bet are apps that pay to lose weight. If you need that extra monetary motivation to lose weight, try them out!

What Can I Do Physically To Make Money?

Wondering what you can do physically to make money?

If you’re looking for physical jobs to make money, you can become a dog walker, a referee, or a food delivery driver. All these physically exerting jobs allow you to make money and get in a workout at the same time!

Well, there you go, guys! If you’re a workout junkie wondering ‘How to get paid for working out?’, you have to download one of these apps today. Waste no time or workout guys; YOU deserve to get paid to exercise!

And if you’re not a workout junkie, you still walk, don’t you? Get one of these apps, and make those steps pay for you!

Note: There were some other apps that pay you to workout that you can find info about on the internet, but these have since been discontinued. They’re My Walgreens, Paid Workout, Pact and Fit Potato. 

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