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Pinterest Management Services: An Ultimate Guide

If you spend plenty of time on social media, particularly scrolling endlessly on Pinterest, then Pinterest management may be the perfect side hustle for you! 

I remember being confused by Pinterest!

I knew it helped bring traffic to a website and that you could earn from it but I had no idea exactly what it was, how it worked and most importantly… HOW could I be hired and paid for Pinterest management services ?

I finally figured it all out and ended up earning a full time income as a Pinterest Manager, so to save you the stress I faced, I created a guid 🙂

Pinterest is one of the best places for small businesses to promote their digital or physical products. 

If you are looking to make a little extra money online or are keen to start your very own digital marketing empire, then becoming a Pinterest manager is one of the easiest ways to get started. 

As someone who previously provided Pinterest management services to various businesses, I can personally attest to the fact that it is incredibly rewarding, even if you don’t have a creative eye (like me!)

If you are hesitant or are anxious that you may not have the necessary experience to delve into Pinterest management, then this guide on how to become a Pinterest manager will give you all the tips and tricks to get going. 

We’re going to dive in and take a look at:

  • What Pinterest Management Is All About
  • What Pinterest Managers Do
  • How To Become A Pinterest Manager
  • Tips To Succeed As A Pinterest Manager
  • The Best Pinterest Management Tools Available
  • How Much Money You Can Make As A Pinterest Manager

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If you are super busy and have no time to read the whole article, you can take these two Pinterest Management courses that trained me up from zero knowledge about Pinterest to earning a full time income as a Pinterest Manager.

You could spend hours googling free into and get pointed in 100 different confusing directions (like I did), or take the course and get trained up and earning within a month. 

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest management

Pinterest is often described as a visual search engine.

 Users of the platform can scroll through a seemingly endless list of aesthetically pleasing images called ‘pins’. These pins serve as inspiration for various lifestyle needs such as home decoration, cooking, and fashion. 

Pinterest boards make it easy to organize your favorite pins so that you can revisit them when you need a little creativity boost!

These days, Pinterest also serves as a digital marketing tool for businesses to promote their goods and services. This is because followers of the business may like the pin and share it on their own boards. 

This creates a domino effect of exposure to a brand new audience – a cycle that can go on endless repeat! 

One of the keys to success when using Pinterest as a marketing tool is consistency.

 With business owners already having their hands full with the plethora of things that they need to do to keep their business up and running, this aspect of digital marketing is usually outsourced to Pinterest managers. 

What Do Pinterest Managers Do?

Pinterest management

Have you ever wondered what exactly a Pinterest manager does on Pinterest all day?

Well, a Pinterest manager is essentially someone who helps businesses to promote their products and services by creating content and pins for Pinterest boards. 

On the surface, it may seem like Pinterest managers and social media managers share the same role. However, Pinterest managers have certain specialized skill sets and knowledge that make them different from social media managers. 

Among other things, Pinterest managers:

  • Are skilled in using specific Pinterest strategy tools
  • Have the skills to carry out Pinterest keyword research
  • Understand the importance of Pinterest SEO and have the strategies to effectively implement it
  • Know how to create Rich Pins (These are pins that are linked to your blog or website and automatically sync any changes you may make on them. So you don’t have to make the changes twice!) 
  • Are well-versed in the key timings to post new pins
  • Have the ability to pin consistently
  • Can read data analytics, analyze them, and implement strategies to improve and optimize your Pinterest profile, boards, and pins. 

With all this, it must be noted that the primary goal of Pinterest managers is to drive traffic to the business, be it a physical store or an online store, and expand the brand of the business as a whole. 

There is also a common misconception that Pinterest managers are general virtual assistants

However, as can be seen above, the skills that an effective Pinterest manager is required to have are rather specialized. As such, the more accurate term is probably Pinterest virtual assistant. 

If you are more interested in exploring what a virtual assistant does in general, you can check out this guide on how to become a virtual assistant.

This article explores some of the best virtual assistant courses such as:

These courses don’t just teach you about what a virtual assistant does but they also guide you on how to launch a virtual assistant business of your own so that you can take charge of your time and your life. 

How To Become A Pinterest Manager?

Now that you know what exactly a Pinterest manager is, let’s get you started on how exactly you can become a Pinterest manager and make a living by doing something you probably already do! 

One of the first (and most useful!) things you can do once you have decided to become a Pinterest manager is to take a Pinterest management course.

There are plenty of Pinterest courses out there but there are 2 that I found particularly useful when I was trying to put my Pinterest-ing skills together!

1. Become A Pinterest Virtual Assistant By Kirstin Larsen

best Pinterest courses for business

Now, this is undeniably one of the best Pinterest courses that are available online. 

Currently, there are 2 versions of the course that are offered: a self study program and a self-study + community program. 

The self-study program is priced at $899 but you can opt to make 6 monthly payments of $179 each

The self-study + community program is $1599 with the option of breaking it into 2 monthly payments of $799.50 each

Now, you may be wondering why these courses are so expensive. Let me tell you that they are completely worth it!

In both courses, you will be given detailed guidance on how to become a Pinterest manager. 

These include:

  • The intricacies of being a Pinterest manager 
  • How to get and manage your clients
  • The kinds of services you can offer as a Pinterest manager
  • How much to charge for your services
  • In-depth training on how to utilize Pinterest management tools
  • Plenty of templates, workbooks, guides, and checklists
  • Practical training on how to get started and launch your Pinterest management business

If you do opt for the self-study + community course, there is the bonus of having access to client leads. This means you will not need to look for clients from scratch. The community gives you access to clients who are ready and waiting to hire a Pinterest manager. 

2. Pinteresting Strategies By Blogging Like You Mean It

how to use Pinterest for blogging

If you are looking for a more affordable Pinterest management course, then Pinteresting Strategies certainly packs a punch.

Pinteresting Strategies teaches you everything you need to know to skyrocket your skills as a Pinterest marketing manager. 

Some of the Pinterest strategies you will pick up in this course include:

  • Pinterest SEO which will teach you how and where to find relevant keywords to optimize your clients Pinterest account to drive maximum traffic
  • How to create pins
  • How to analyze Pinterest data so that you can tweak your strategies where necessary
  • You also get some beautiful templates to create your pins. 

The best part about this course is that it is incredibly affordable. At just $57, it is one of those Pinterest courses that undoubtedly gives you your money’s worth. 

3. Free Pinterest Management Courses

Pinterest Manager

If you are just starting out on your path as a Pinterest manager, then it is entirely understandable if you don’t want to fork out any money just yet. 

You can still pick up the necessary skills to become a Pinterest manager for hire by taking a free Pinterest course. 

As I always say, if it’s free, it’s for me! 

Some of the best FREE Pinterest courses include:

These courses will guide you through the basics of Pinterest management and also teach you how to use Pinterest management tools.

Over and above this, they teach you about client management! Sometimes, clients can be your WORST enemy! So you will need the skills to figure out what kinds of clients to take on, and which to avoid. 

As they say, experience is the best teacher! And boy, do these teachers have experience!

Check out this full list of free Pinterest courses to see which suits you best.  I have taken every single one of them and can personally tell you that it is time well-spent!

With the knowledge that you’ve gained from these Pinterest management courses, you are bound to be ready to take on the world of Pinterest!

This detailed step-by-step guide on becoming a Pinterest account manager is going to be your ultimate checklist when setting up your Pinterest manager service!

How To Succeed As A Pinterest Manager

Once you have established yourself as a Pinterest manager, you may be looking for ways to stand out and take your Pinterest management business and services to the next level. 

Some tips to succeed as a Pinterest manager include:

1. Knowing Your Client’s Business Well

Pinterest management

This is where in-depth market research and industry knowledge come in. 

If you know the ins and outs of your client’s business, you are likely to be able to give them more tailor-made Pinterest services. This means that you will be able to charge a higher rate!

2. Keeping Up With The Latest Pinterest Trends

Pinterest is an ever-evolving, dynamic creature. It is important to be up to date with any changes to the Pinterest algorithm or trends to ensure that your Pinterest management services are current and in line with Pinterest’s latest set of best practices. 

3. Becoming An Expert at Pinterest SEO

It is vital to your role as a Pinterest manager to be on top of all the Pinterest SEO strategies. This means keeping up to date with the latest keyword research strategies and tools. 

You can read all about the best keyword research tools here. 

4. Asking Clients For Reviews

Depending on the kind of Pinterest manager packages you offer as a part of your business, once certain projects are done, you can very nicely ask your clients to review your services or give you testimonials for the same. 

You can then add this to your portfolio when you promote your services to potential new clients. There is no better advertisement than first-hand recommendations! 

Best Pinterest Management Tools

Pinterest management tools are most certainly things that you will need to be well-versed in when you become a Pinterest manager for hire. 

These tools will make it easier for you to organize your Pinterest services and give your clients the best value for money. 

Some Pinterest management tools that you may find useful are:

1. Tailwind

This is a Pinterest tool that allows you to automate and schedule Pinterest posts in advance.

2. Canva

This is a great free option to design pins. It even has beautiful templates that you can work on to quickly create attractive pins.

3. Tailwind Communities

This is a community feature from Tailwind that boosts traffic to Pinterest boards by way of collaboration. It essentially puts pins on bigger and more influential Pinterest boards so that your pins get more exposure. 

4. Tasty Pins

This Pinterest management tool is useful for your clients who run a blog. It allows you to optimize the images on the blog for Pinterest and SEO. 

How Much Can I Make As A Pinterest Manager?

The all-important question! 

Pinterest managers who are just starting out can expect to earn between $15 to $20 an hour. However, this can easily go up to  between $75 to $100 per hour. 

Your rate will also depend very much on the range and type of Pinterest management services that you offer. 

Some of the Pinterest management services you can choose to provide are:

  • Just pinning services (which means you get the pin design from your clients)
  • Design and pinning services
  • Project pinning services based on a certain campaign or duration
  • Complete Pinterest service packages i.e. managing your client’s Pinterest account from A to Z!

Here’s a guide that you can use if you are struggling to decide how much to charge for your services. These rates are considered to be the “market rate” of what Pinterest managers charge for their services:

Pinterest VA ServiceMarket Rate
Consultation$75-$200 per hour
Ad Hoc Pinterest Services$30-$50 per hour
Pinterest Business Set Up$250-$700 per hour
Pin Designing Service$5 per pin (you may charge up to an additional $5 if you have to source the images for the pin yourself)
SEO/Alt Text/Descriptions$250++ depending on the level of detail required
Tailwind Setup$250-$700
Monthly Pin Scheduling$200-$800

As you can see, there are many options that you can provide your clients with depending on your experience and capacity. 

Based on this, you can adjust your rates accordingly.

As you can see, becoming a Pinterest manager is a rather straightforward process. Once you are equipped with the necessary skills, you will be able to launch your Pinterest management services in no time! 

As long as you can provide value to your clients, increase their exposure online, and bring them results in terms of traffic to their website or store, you can most certainly succeed in your career as a Pinterest manager. 

Pinterest Management: The Easiest Way To Make Money On Pinterest

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