Coworking Space in Singapore

41 Coworking Spaces in Singapore in 2023 [Affordable + Comfortable]

Are you looking for the best coworking space in Singapore?

If you are a small business owner, you may not want to fork out a ton of money for office space. Trust me, I completely understand.

So if you’re based in Singapore, I have done the tedious work for you and have discovered some of the best and most unique coworking spaces in Singapore!

Contrary to the popular belief that the concept of coworking spaces are a temporary fad, you will be happy to know that they are more in demand than ever

To offer more flexibility to meet the demand of coworking in Singapore, a “day pass” is now offered in most coworking spaces without the need to sign on a membership.

The day pass varies from each coworking space from as low as S$14 ($10) to S$70 ($51). 

Singapore is also a good choice for a working holiday as well.

Working from a coworking space can open the possibility of meeting a local who would be more than happy to give you tips on where to go for the rest of your holiday!

Work and play at the same time? Thats for me!

Let’s get into coworking Singapore!


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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If you’re in a hurry, here is a quick glance at the best coworking spaces in Singapore:

Where Is The Best Coworking Space In Singapore?

The ultimate TLDR – a quick reference to the question of where is the best coworking space in Singapore.

Here are the top 3 coworking spaces categorized by the best bang for your buck, best valued, and best view.

These 3 stand out from the curated list of 41 coworking spaces around Singapore. 

Best Bang for Your Buck: WeWork

For its always positive vibe and friendly environment, WeWork snags the Best Bang for Your Buck.

Free flow of local brands’ mini-roasted coffee to perk you up and fruit-infused water to hydrate you well – these are the bonus points awarded to WeWork. 

It also helps that it is one of the best coworking spaces in Asia!

Best Value: The Hive Carpenter

With a rooftop air-conditioned lounge area where you can enjoy the amazing view of the Singapore Marina while working, the Hive Carpenter is the Best Valued Coworking Space.

Whether you are only utilizing the Day Pass or a long-term member, it is still the Best Valued Coworking Space. 

Best View: CoQoons

Having a vantage point from the 11th floor, CoQoons overlooks the Sentosa island.

Housed in the HarbourFront Tower, fronting the lush green and the waters of the harbor, hands down it has the Best View of all coworking spaces in Singapore. 

41 Best Coworking Spaces In Singapore

Coworking Space in Singapore

1. WeWork  

If you do a Google search on “best coworking space Singapore”, WeWork is bound to be one of the first results you see!

Its first location at the Beach Centre along Beach Road has floor-to-ceiling windows with great natural lighting. Looking up from your screen now and then is such a delight. 

WeWork has over 13 locations in Singapore with 1 new location is set to open in May 2022 at Collyer Quay.

Its signature look across all locations is in the gorgeous amount of natural light streaming through the Hot Desk areas. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$49 ($35)

2. The Hive

Although The Hive only has 2 coworking locations, its Lavender location is dedicated to creatives. There are 3 studios for Portrait, Fashion, and Podcast within the Hive Lavender. 

The highlight of Hive Carpenter is the Hive Cafe on the 6th floor where you may Hot Desk throughout the day.

And if you get too cold from the air conditioning, you can step out to the alfresco area to defrost without needing to step out of the building. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$30 ($22)

3. Arcc Spaces

Coworking with Arcc Spaces is a luxurious experience indeed!

With multiple locations across the island, you will find the perfect plan for you depending on your coworking needs.

It is popular among more established freelancers and small enterprises as well so if you have a bigger budget and are looking for a coworking space in Singapore, this one’s for you!

You will need to deal with them directly for rates as their plans depend on which location you want to be based in.

4. CoCre8 

Conveniently located in the middle of Orchard Road, CoCre8 is surrounded by shopping malls.

It is one of the few coworking spaces in Singapore which has adjustable desks – an absolute plus point for its conscious ergonomics effort.  

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$45 ($33)

5. CoQoons

Overlooking the Sentosa island, CoQoons has the best view of serenity in Singapore and is undoubtedly the most beautiful shared office space in Singapore.

On the 11th floor of the HarbourFront Tower, you’ll wonder how a small island of Sentosa can fit so many fun activities that it was once known as the State of Fun.

Perhaps it can spark some creative ideas for you. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$40 ($29)

6. The Co.

One of the best coworking spaces in Singapore housed in a heritage shophouse is The Co.

High ceilings and great natural light streaming into the work area have a certain charm. It may inspire you to be more than your usual productive self.  

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$45 ($33)

7. JustCo 

While most coworking spaces have either table-tennis or foosball tables, JustCo has an arcade room for you to “play harder” after “working hard”.

Spread across Singapore with 18 locations, choose whether you’d like to work with an amazing view of the skyline or be surrounded by shopping malls. 

No Hot Desk Day Rate.
Membership starts at S$98 ($72) per month.

8. ClubCo

Located right in the heart of the CBD, ClubCo is just a stone’s throw away from Raffles Place MRT station.

Another coworking space that took up a heritage building, ClubCo stands out among the shiny skyscrapers around it.

It has a rooftop garden where you can work from its full glass-windowed area. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$40 ($29)

9. Found8

When Collision8 merged with Found, they became Found8. One of the highlights of this merger is that they have a “multi-million dollar venture capital fund”.

If you are a startup that is looking for funds, this is a great place to network and collaborate.

Found8 has 3 locations which are strategically located next to MRT stations and bus stops within the CBD. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$53.50 ($39 inc. GST)

coworking space in singapore

10. The Great Room

With a brand name like The Great Room, you will get all things great out of a coworking space. 

Advocating hospitality, they kick off the working week with Monday Breakfast Club.

This is a sumptuous breakfast with freshly brewed in-house coffee and close the evening with a Turndown Cart of warm cookies and hot chocolate.

This is a take on the influence of The Great Gatsby where he used hospitality to win over his guests.

If you are a visual person and thrive on aesthetics to be productive, they now have 7 Great Rooms for you to work from so you get to make your own choice on the best working space in Singapore!

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$70 ($51)

11. The General Room

Taking on a ‘general’ wordplay with the inspiration of the high-ranking army officer and the common business needs, the General Room (not affiliated with The Great Room) is anything but generic.

It prides itself on being a boutique coworking space with luxurious furnishings. 

Workspace Room Rental: S$10 ($7) per hour (min. 3 hours)
Free 2-Day Hot Desk Trial

12. Common Ground

Common Ground is built on the collective of common interests and goals among friends who were on their respective entrepreneurial journeys.

Providing beyond the desk space, it offers storage solutions at really affordable pricing and space for fitness-preneurs to run classes from.

If you believe success is through collaboration, you will find common ground with this coworking space. 

No Hot Desk Day Rate. 

5-Day Pass at S$75 ($55).

13. MOX

For the creative heads who are constantly looking to collaborate for the next great design idea, MOX is the coworking space for you to find other creatives.

With facilities catered to the creative-preneurs, it offers co-retailing where you can sell your products on consignment.

MOX has 2 locations; *SCAPE for Day Pass users and Oxley Rise for Monthly membership

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$30 ($22) (Only at *SCAPE)

14. Paper Work 

Stationed in the National Design Centre, Paper Work is a collaboration of friends from different design disciplines.

For the designers who want to break out from the agency or employee molds, you will appreciate this co-creation hub.

Get a boost for your design and creative ideas working among those with industry experience. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$45 ($33)

15. Spatial 

Relatively a new kid on the block, Spatial offers its space for coworking, studying, and coteaching. With both its locations within the heartlands, you will find the rates very easy on your pocket.

Spatial uses a smart system where entry to its spaces is fully automated. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$18.90 ($14)

16. Trehaus

For parents who need child-minding services while working, Trehaus is made for you. It has a coworking space and a play area for your children between 3 months to 3 years of age. 

While you need to be a member to use both the coworking space and have your child being minded by trained facilitators, Trehaus allows your child to enjoy the services of drop-in PLAY through a 10-hour package. 

10-hour drop-in PLAY package: S$280 ($205) (requires 48 hours notice)

17. Distrii 

Perhaps the largest coworking space in Singapore, Distrii offers a Smart Office solution across its 6-floor facility.

Its in-house designed app is the integration of 2 systems – Office Tools which allow you to access workspaces and storage lockers, and the Social Circles which enable business matching opportunities.

With such a large space, Distrii has its cafe run by Mellower Coffee

No Hot Desk Day Rate.
Monthly Hot Desk Rate starts from S$550 ($405)

18. Gather

In the outskirts of the CBD, Gather is in the vicinity of River Valley. A pet-friendly coworking space, spread across 3 floors, it promotes its community to “gather and grow together”.

With its soft-colored aesthetics, Gather gives you a work-from-home vibe without the comfortable distractions of your own home. 

No Hot Desk Day Rate.

Fixed Desk Monthly Rate starts from S$750 ($552)

19. Crosscoop

Founded in Tokyo, Crosscoop has serviced offices and coworking spaces in its Singapore location.

Surprisingly, it is a cheap coworking space in Singapore. Taking pride in its Japanese hospitality, Crosscoop may just be your best gateway to collaborate with its native companies. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$18 ($13)

20. Level 3

A physical connection to the regional headquarters of Unilever, Level 3 is a coworking space for the public where the Unilever teams often visit to connect with other startups easily.

It encourages innovation and collaboration amongst startups and corporates. Level 3 is a coworking space you should consider to attract investments from Unilever Ventures.

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$45 ($33)

coworking space in singapore

21. Spaces

Inspired by European sophisticated design, Spaces has 7 locations in the prime areas of Singapore.

It is the only other coworking space in Paya Lebar. It opens round the clock – helpful for those of you who work between 2 time zones. 

No Hot Desk Day Rate.

Monthly Rate starts from S$423 ($311).

22. Work Central

The brainchild of 2 siblings who roped their father into the partnership, Workcentral is a short walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.

It has 2 distinct environments, Focused Office and Living Rooms to fit the different moods for the working day. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$50 ($36)

23. Crane 

All 3 of Crane locations are housed within heritage buildings. It offers one of the cheapest membership rates catering to a multigenerational community. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$20 ($15)

24. One & Co

To give a sense of gentle warmth, One & Co prides its hotel lounge-like, design. Just 2 minutes away from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, One & Co offers an attractive hourly rate. 

Hourly Rate: S$5 ($4)
Hot Desk Day Rate: S$35 ($26)

25. aRWSome Space

A combination of the wordplay on awesome and Resorts World Sentosa, aRWSome Space is located in its headquarters, Genting Centre – 7 minutes from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$30 ($22)

26. The Work Project

Listed in Forbes’ 2016 “5 Most Beautiful Coworking Spaces in the World”, The Work Project exudes its strong hospitality background.

With 6 locations in prime city spots of  Singapore, its day rate is surprisingly affordable.

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$45 ($33)

27. Workbuddy

Workbuddy prides itself on being one of the best coworking spaces in Singapore. They provide plenty of options for those who require more flexibility when it comes to their workspace. 

As a bonus, if you’re an individual looking for a quiet space to get things done, you get a free trial!

No Hot Desk Day Rate. Monthly Rate starts from S$129 (USD 97)

28. The Cocoon Space

The Cocoon Space is a coworking space that has been launched by the Singapore Fashion Council and is one of the coolest coworking spaces in Singapore. 

Targeted towards creatives who are in the fashion and design industry, this space has a hot desk concept as well as event spaces for content creation or workshops that you would like to conduct. 

With a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, you’re sure to get those creative juices flowing!

No Hot Desk Day Rate. 

Monthly Rate starts from S$210 (USD 158)

29. Core Collective

Now if you’re looking for a unique coworking space, Core Collective is for you. 

This coworking space is specifically for those in the fitness and wellness industry. 

If you need a place to keep up with your workouts, clients, personal training sessions and don’t want to keep moving from place to place to get work done, then Core Collective has all the amenities and support systems that you need to run your fitness business in the most efficient way!

You will need to contact them for their rates as they have extremely flexible rental models.

30. Regus

Looking to rub shoulders with the big names in the entertainment industry such as Disney and Spotify? Well then, Regus is for you. 

Having all the necessary features of a coworking space, Regus has a wide range of options depending on how small or big your team is. 

More importantly, you will get the chance to make some serious business connections!

They also have convenient locations all over Singapore including coworking spaces in the CBD (Central Business District).

You can book a space by the hour, day, or month. Just go with what you need. 

You can enquire directly with them on their rates.

coworking space in Singapore

31. Smartspace

Smartspace is another great option if you’re looking for no-fuss hot desks in Singapore. 

They have pay per use options and this is perfect for freelancers.

You can also choose to upgrade to a dedicated desk space or room anytime you wish. 

Contact them directly for flexible arrangement and rates.

32. Spectrum

With beautifully curated workspaces, Spectrum places much emphasis on providing value for money services to their members. 

They provide plenty of networking opportunities and learning sessions within their spaces so it’s not just work, work, work!

No Hot Desk Day Rate.

Monthly Rate starts from S$175 (USD 132)

33. Trading Plc

If you’re looking for hot desking in Singapore, Trading Plc offers you a modern shared office space in Singapore. Everyone is friendly and it’s a lovely environment to work in. 

They take care of everything, including providing office supplies! So you can focus on what you do best. 

If you’re just starting out, you will also be pleased to learn that they have one of the cheapest working space in Singapore.

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$20 (USD 15)

34. The Executive Centre

Looking for a more sophisticated premium coworking office in Singapore?

The Executive Centre provides you with payment options not just for a pass in Singapore but for a Global Pass as well. 

This means you will be able to use any of their locations around the world. 

No Hot Desk Day Rate.

Monthly Rate starts from S$450 (USD 339)

35. CSuites

If you’re looking for a coworking space in Paya Lebar then CSuites is perfect for you.  

With flexible leases and networking opportunities, Csuites is the perfect mix of modern and traditional office spaces. 

Enquire directly with them for their rates!

36. O2 Work

O2 Work is probably the only eco-friendly coworking Space in Singapore. 

With sustainability in mind, their coworking spaces are luxuriously green and comfortable to work in. 

With multiple options, you will need to contact them for the rate that works best for you. 

If you’re unsure, they offer a free tour. Get in touch with them and they will schedule one in!

37. Camelot Suites

Are you more of an introverted freelancer who can’t really focus when there are too many things happening around you? 

Well then, here is a coworking space that gives you the privacy you need. 

With an option for a dedicated desk suite, you can focus and get things done!

No Hot Desk Day Rate.

Monthly Rate starts from S$450 (USD 339)

38. UCommune

UCommune has multiple locations all over Singapore with affordable membership plans.

With a focus on enhancing their members’ productivity, collaboration, and innovation, UCommune provides multiple customisable options for shared workspaces for their members. 

Hot Desk Day Rate: S$30 (USD 23)

39. Coworking App Switch

Whether you are looking for coworking spaces in Orchard or in Changi, Switch will find you one. 

Book, make the payment, access the workspace – all from an app on your mobile phone! 

An innovative take on the coworking concept, Switch is actually an app that gives you access to coworking spaces wherever you are, whenever you may need it. 

Out shopping for groceries and need to take a quick call? There is a Switch work booth for that as well!

Rates depend on the location and the type of workspace you need so download it today!

40. Coworking App Deskimo

Deskimo is another nifty app option if you’re on the hunt for a coworking space on demand. 

The best part – you only need to pay for the time that you use the space. No monthly commitments here!

41. NuSpace by Nulab

Saving the best for last in this list, NuSpace is the only free coworking space in Singapore.

Put together by the tech-founders of Nulab, the only catch is that you have to signup for a free membership to enjoy its coworking space.

Free to Use.

What Exactly Are Coworking Spaces

Many defined them as shared offices but what exactly are coworking spaces? Coworking spaces should be described as a friendly, relaxed, and non-judgemental office environment.

At any time of the day that you walk into a coworking space, you will be greeted with a hello and smiles from people who are not your colleagues. 

Coworking Space in Singapore

A typical coworking space offers either month-to-month or long-term contracts of these 3 options: 

  • Hot Desk
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Private Office

Hot Desk

A Hot Desk in Singapore is the most popular option now. It is an open working space where you can choose to sit at any unoccupied desk.

This is based on a first-come-first-served option. Hot Desking would usually be on the lowest pricing tier, making it the best option for freelancers or one-person businesses.

Dedicated Desk

On a slightly higher pricing tier, a Dedicated Desk would mean you are given a fixed desk location away from the chatters of a Hot Desk area.

You would also have more privacy. This is an ideal alternative to taking up a typical lease of an office unit. 

Private Office

From small teams to bigger companies, a Private Office within a coworking space or shared office in Singapore would usually mean you are enjoying the perks of a typical office in a much healthier working environment. 

If you had worked in a corporate office environment before, walking in later than others would mean heads turning to follow your echoing footsteps through the silent office. 

A coworking space in Singapore has a good blend of a typical office’s amenities (reliable high-speed WiFi, air conditioning).

You may also have access to non-typical amenities such as free flow of micro-roasted coffee and/or fruit-infused water.

Most coworking spaces have pipe-in music to add to the positive vibe. 

What To Look For When Choosing A Coworking Space

coworking in Singapore

These are some factors on what to look for when choosing a coworking space

Whether it matches your budget, has a great location, or community, it can make your experience much productive.

These factors are not in any order of priority but should be collectively considered before you decide on a workspace in Singapore. 


Your budget has to be the priority in choosing a coworking space. Be sure to find a coworking space that fits your budget comfortably.

A cool space that is eating too much into your budget can only hurt your productivity. 

Always check what is included in the price that you will be paying for. Also, check if there are extra costs that come with any amenities you would deem to be basic. 


Usually, your budget will match the location of the coworking space. Unless you are going for the day passes, you are free to go to any location of your heart’s desire. 

For the coworking spaces in the CBD, you will get the usual office crowd. They may also give off the vibe of a shared office in Singapore. Most of the coworking spaces are near the Raffles Place MRT Station. 

While some other coworking spaces are just at the outskirts of the CBD, their locations are just as easy to find. This brings us to the next point; commuting.


You need to also consider the amount of time needed for you to commute to your chosen coworking space. The shortest commuting time taken will ensure you arrive still fresh to take on your day’s jobs to be done.

Find out if the coworking space you are heading out to is a distance walk away from its nearest bus stop or MRT station.


While most coworking spaces operate from 9 am to 6 pm, some provide you with round-the-clock access.

This is helpful if you are not a morning person and your most productive hours are in the afternoon. 

Choose the coworking space which gives you the best access according to your working habits. 


While all the best coworking spaces in Singapore come with high-speed WiFi, you may want to take note of the amenities you can utilize according to what you would be paying.

Whether you would like a free flow of roasted coffee or a play area to take a break, the coworking spaces would list out their most unique amenities. 

There are also many coworking spaces which include Mother’s Room, a Wellness Room, or even a gym. Coworking spaces value the work-life balance where you can be most productive while having fun too. 


Some coworking spaces support niche communities. For Level 3, being on Block 71 signifies it being a startup community. Another distinct one is Paper Work being in the heart of the Design Center.

If you are looking for like-minded people to bounce off ideas from or even to work with, going to a specific location would be most helpful. 


Most coworking spaces would also have a trial period or a free day for you to have a feel of the space. Make the most of it to decide if the coworking space will help you be more productive. The trial period or free day should also allow you to feel comfortable. 


Generally in Singapore, the sense of security in public areas is safe. But you should not take it for granted.

For Hot Desking, check with the coworking space if you would need to bring your laptop with you to the restroom or leaving it at your Hot Desk would be safe and worry-free. 

coworking space in singapore

FAQs on Coworking Spaces in Singapore

Who Uses Coworking Spaces?

For the unfamiliar asking who uses coworking spaces, they are now frequented by many others besides only travelers.

The new-normal of working during the pandemic requires flexibility as more offices were shut.

Those who may find working from home distracting or not conducive make up these groups of desk-bound workers at coworking spaces:

  • Remote workers
  • Freelancers
  • Small or 1-person business owners
  • Travelers
  • Office workers whose company takes up coworking spaces

What Is The Cheapest Coworking Space?

If you are a bootstrapped entrepreneur, you may be asking what is the cheapest coworking space in Singapore.

Productive is the cheapest with its Day Pass rate of S$14 ($10) which you’ll need to make a booking. Cross Coop comes in close with S$18 ($13) for its Day Pass.

Following right after at S$18.90 ($14) for its Day Pass is Spatial. Spatial currently has 2 locations; Toa Payoh Central and Upper Serangoon Road.  

Does WeWork Have Day Pass?

Since its first space opened in Singapore in 2017, the question does WeWork Have Day Pass was frequently asked.

It was only recently WeWork introduced its Day Pass at S$49 ($36). You need to download its WeWork On Demand app to make your bookings.

Room bookings are also available at different hourly rates.  

Is There Demand For Coworking Spaces In Singapore?

So, is there demand for coworking spaces in Singapore? Yes indeed! Demand for flexible coworking spaces in fact increased in 2022 by 37% when compared to the demand in 2021.

It further increased by 62% in the second half of 2022 when compared to the beginning of 2022. 

As you can see, coworking spaces continue to remain extremely relevant, especially at a time when more people are venturing out on their own and looking to save costs.

How Much Does WeWork Cost To Rent In Singapore?

So, how much does WeWork cost to rent in Singapore? WeWorks’ office rental rates start at USD873 per month.

On top of that, WeWork also offers customised staff at their locations to assist you.

You will also have access to their community of creators and other people from different countries from all over the globe!

Is It Worth Paying For A Coworking Space?

Wondering is it worth paying for a coworking space? Yes, a coworking space definitely provides excellent value for money.

You don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars just to rent office space that you don’t need.

At the same time, you will have a level of stability, structure and a decent work environment.

As a bonus, it also serves as a place where you can meet new people and possibly even get some new clients!

How Much Does WeWork Charge Per Hour?

Wondering how much does WeWork charge per hour? WeWork charges USD8 per hour per seat for their meeting rooms.

In addition to this, you also get access to their coworking space at USD29 per day.

This is extremely affordable, especially if you don’t need to be in an office space every hour of every day!

How Much Is Coworking Space In Singapore?

Curious how much is coworking space in Singapore? In 2023, the best coworking spaces in Singapore have set their starting rates as follows:

The Hive – S$250 (USD 190)

JustCo – S$398 (USD 300)

WeWork – S$490 (USD 370)

Distrii – S$550 (USD 415)

Compass Offices – S$1100 (USD 830)

As you can see, there is a wide range that you can choose from, especially based on a budget perspective. So you can pick the best coworking space in Singapore for you!

What Are The Disadvantages Of Coworking?

Wondering what are the disadvantages of coworking spaces? Some of the disadvantages of coworking spaces include:

  • Lack of exclusivity
  • Noise and distractions
  • Lack of privacy
  • Reduced productivity
  • Reduced efficiency of onsite staff
  • Lack of branding
  • Generic work environment

While coworking space is wonderful for small scale business owners, if you are planning to scale up and build your mega brand, then a coworking space may not be the best idea for you.

What Are The Risks of Coworking Space?

Wondering what are the risks of coworking space? Some of the risks of coworking spaces include a badly designed work space and the fact that everything is so open.

If your coworking space does not have strong security, you run the risk of your items being stolen or someone even hacking into your computer. 

A good coworking space needs not just physical security but sufficient internet security as well.

There should also be a proper security system in place to effectively monitor those who are coming and going, as well as their movements within the coworking space itself.

coworking space in singapore

Have you found the perfect coworking space Singapore has to offer ?

With the above list, it should help you to find the best coworking space in Singapore, for you to plan your working holiday.

Working from a coworking space would also make networking or meeting new contacts much easier – like-minded people are already clustered together.

As an ASEAN country, Singapore has a mix of local ethnicities. Cultural influences play a great part in diverse opinions.

You may just find yourself bursting with ideas just by exchanging thoughts with the local coworking community. 

There are a handful of coworking spaces tucked within the shopping district – Orchard Road.

This would be a plus point for shoppers who would like to grab gifts! So start planning your working holiday visit to Singapore! 

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