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Coliving In Miami – 8 Unique + Affordable Spaces in 2023!

Coliving in Miami might just be the thing for you if you are dreaming of working by the beach during the day, and then partying it up by the poolside at night.

Over the years, Hollywood movies have portrayed Miami as the place to go for parties and relaxation. But it’s now also emerging as a center for culture and business, as people seek to move away from crowded cities like New York.

Miami is a great choice for any digital nomad who wants to work hard and play hard, while soaking in all that fresh ocean breeze and yearlong sunshine. 

Coliving in Miami or some may say ‘shared living in Miami’ is a relatively new concept, but that makes it all the more exciting. Let’s take a look at how we can make this happen.

8 Best Coliving In Miami Spaces:

  2. Aerie East Little Havana
  3. X Miami
  4. Selina Miami River 
  5. Selina Miami Gold Dust 
  6. Coral Gables
  7. Landing 608
  8. SoBe Miami Art Roads Studio


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coliving miami

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Looking for all the best places to stay, specially catered for digital nomads with great wifi and all the necessities that we need?

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If you are a bit more flexible on location, here are some super unique digital nomad coliving spaces in the US

8 Best Coliving Miami Spots

Coliving in Miami is a relatively new concept. While there may not be as many co-living options compared to other cities, it also means you get to enjoy being a digital nomad in Miami before the scene gets oversaturated!

Here are some pretty cool co-living spaces in Miami:

coliving miami

1. has a range of properties perfect for remote workers. You can check the site out to see a range of different properties with different prices.

You get 2.5% off your first month if you use my link here 

coliving miami

2. Aerie East Little Havana

Aerie is a new co-living apartment in Miami targeting young professionals, which makes it perfect for a digital nomad in the city. 

Each apartment unit has 11-foot ceilings and private balconies, making your space feel bright and airy. The keyless entry and online resident portal also provide safety and convenience.

Looking for a coliving to rent near me? This is a great option!

One of the best things about Aerie is that it’s located in Little Havana, right at the heart of Miami. 

As the name suggests, this is a vibrant neighborhood full of cafes, markets, and restaurants. Little Havana is truly the best way to experience a slice of what Miami has to offer.  

Here’s another reason why you should consider Aerie East Little Havana – you get 2.5% off your first month’s rent if you sign up via my link!

You can start coliving in Miami and save some money while you are at it!

Price: From USD 870 a month

Wifi: Superfast broadband

Amenities: Daily housekeeping, linens, and towels, fully-equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, cable TV, terrace, keyless entry, memory foam mattress

Other benefits: Co-working space

3.X Miami

X Miami brands itself as a “social apartment community”, that focuses on building a fun and social network with shared values and growth. 

When you search for co living apartments near me, you have the option to either stay in a studio or 1-bedroom by yourself or co-live in a multi-room unit with roommates.

Either way, you’ll still benefit from the amazing facilities and community programs available at X Miami. 

This includes a large gym, bar, coffee house, a central courtyard with turf and picnic seating, and a gourmet pizza and beer hall terrace. 

On the rooftop, there’s a pool deck with a hot tub, lounge chairs, day beds, and cabanas, as well as an amphitheater lawn. For your work needs, there’s a two-level coworking space that includes conference rooms and private phone booths. 

Price: From USD 1364 a month

Wifi: High-speed

Amenities: Fully-furnished units, pool deck and outdoor area, coffee house, bar, terrace smart package lockers, social hall, gym, coworking space, conference halls

Other benefits: Regular community events

coliving miami

4.Selina Miami River 

Selina Miami River is a pretty unique concept, in that it’s both a hotel and co living space. This means you can try staying there for a few days first, before extending it under a co-living package if you like it!

There are a variety of room options to choose from at Selina Miami River. 

The swimming pool and deck is the site of regular BBQ and events, including a daily “welcome drinks” session that’ll help you get to know the people you’re living with.

Selina places a huge emphasis on wellness, so you’ll get daily yoga and meditation classes, self-care workshops, and even live music events. Miami River is also a perfect location to explore Miami’s emerging food and art scene. 

Price: From USD 2640 a month

Wifi: High speed

Amenities: Shared kitchen, swimming pool, bar, wellness area, coworking space

Other benefits: Daily wellness sessions, live music, workshops, weekly BBQ

coliving miami

5.Selina Miami Gold Dust 

Selina Miami Gold Dust is a super cool property located in a refurbished 1950s motel. This gives the building serious retro vibes, while also including all the modern amenities you expect.

The swimming pool and cabanas allow you to work in the sunshine by day, while throwback-themed parties are organized there at night. A yoga deck and onsite restaurants makes sure that you never have to leave the property.

Looking for somewhere more serious to focus when it comes to shared living in Miami? 

No worries as there’s a state-of-the-art co-working facility on site as well.

What’s awesome about the Selina properties is that if you sign up for the coliving package, you can stay in any 3 of their global properties within a month. 

This means that even if you’re just staying in Miami, you can opt to move between Selina Miami River and Selina Miami Gold Dust, at no extra cost!

Price: From USD 2640 a month

Wifi: High speed

Amenities: Shared kitchen, swimming pool, bar, wellness area, coworking space

Other benefits: Daily wellness sessions, drive-in cinema, evening poolside hangouts, live music, discounted prices on tours and classes

As mentioned above, co living spaces are still a pretty new concept in Miami, so there may not be as many choices compared to some bigger cities.

However, here are some other cool accommodation options if you’re a digital nomad in Miami. 

These places  may not have the communal feel of co-living spaces, but they still provide the benefits of fully-furnished spaces, all-inclusive rents, and short-term leases:

coliving miami

6.Coral Gables

Looking for more co living spaces near me?

This 1 bedroom apartment is located in the heart of Coral Gables, near the shopping district of Miracle Mile. 

You’ll have access to restaurants, boutiques, and supermarkets right at your doorstep. There is also a museum and park close by.

This modern one-bedroom apartment can accommodate two people and comes with all the amenities you’ll need – flat screen TV, fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, air conditioning, and washing machine.

The rent includes all utilities and Wifi. 

Price: from USD 3500 a month

Wifi: Available, and included in rent

Amenities: Private patio, fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, air conditioning, washing machine

Other benefits: communal pool, gym, bar and lounge, restaurant, and grocery shop in the lobby

7.Landing 608

This well-designed 673 sq ft one-bedroom unit has an open layout and private balcony, giving you ample space to live and work, making it one of the best living spaces in Miami.

Member benefits include scheduled cleaning and maintenance via mobile app, allowing you to live stress-free and focus on whatever you need to do.

It is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in West Miami. However, there are many shopping and entertainment options within walking distance. Just six miles east is the famed South Beach, a mecca for nightlife and beach lounging

Price: from USD 4200 a month

Wifi: Available, and included in rent

Amenities: Mounted Samsung Smart TV, in-unit washer/dryer, a gourmet kitchen with stainless-steel appliances, private balcony

Other benefits: Scheduled cleaning and maintenance via mobile app

coliving miami

8.SoBe Miami Art Roads Studio

This chic, modern studio in Miami Art Roads is perfect for an individual or a couple. Each studio is fully-furnished and even comes with daily medical-grade cleaning to ensure you have the most comfortable experience. 

It is located in close proximity to attractions such as Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, American Airlines Arena, Bayside Market Place, and Marlins Park. 

Price: from USD 4700 a month

Wifi: Available, and included in rent

Amenities: Swimming pool, fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, TV, BBQ

Other benefits: Daily medical-grade cleaning

FAQs On Coliving Miami

What Is Co-living?

Coliving is a communal living concept for like-minded people to share a living space with common facilities. 

It is a way for a group of people to live, work, and play together, with access to a community being the main draw. Co-living allows you to exchange ideas, share meals, and form networks with others.  

The next time you are searching for ‘co living near me’, remember that people are looking for more sustainable and connected ways of living even as technology allows us to work remotely.

Co-living provides a holistic solution to this.

Why Try Coliving In Miami?

One of the perks of being a digital nomad is being able to choose where you live. If you have the whole world at your fingertips, why should you try coliving in Miami?

  • The general cost of living in Miami is more affordable than many other big cities in the US, like New York or San Francisco. You’ll be able to stretch your buck for a bit further.
  • We already know Miami has world-famous beaches and a vibrant nightlife scene. Miami is a great place to unwind and have fun, which is perfect for any digital nomad who wants to balance work and life.
  • Miami is emerging as a tech hub, with a lot of new startups in the city. This makes it a fantastic location to expand your professional network.
  • Miami is known for its diverse and multicultural community, including large Cuban and Latino cultural influences. This translates into an amazing food scene, as well as beautiful art deco architecture.

Things You Should Know About Coliving in Miami

  • Respect The House Rules

Different co-living spaces will have different rules, such as having visitors or pets. Make sure you’re aware of these rules and observe them! 

You don’t want to get into trouble (or worse, kicked out of the house) because you accidentally broke a rule.

  • Be Considerate Of Others

Remember the golden rule: “do unto others what you want to do unto yourself”. This means cleaning up after your mess, not making too much noise, and consulting with housemates before inviting other people over.

Tolerance can go a long way in building rapport, so be sure to have some give and take if issues arise.

  • Keep Your Valuables Safely

You should keep your valuables in your personal space, such as your bedroom or locker. 

This serves two functions: as a common courtesy to avoid mess, but also to avoid any untoward incident. You don’t want your valuables going missing, or a housemate accidentally spilling coffee on your laptop. 

  • Be Friendly 

One of the main reasons to stay in a co-living space in Miami is to get to know others and be part of a community. That’s not going to happen if you’re constantly scowling or ignoring your housemates!

Be friendly to everyone, keep an open mind, and watch friendships blossom!

  • Know What’s Shared And What’s Not

If you’ve ever had a college roommate or office colleague “accidentally” eat your sandwich, you know what I mean. 

Some co-living spaces provide shared household goods, like toilet paper, snacks, and coffee. Be sure to know which are shared items that you can use, and which belong personally to your housemates. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Co-Living?


  • All-inclusive Rent

Your rent at a shared living Miami space will include all your utilities, including your electricity, wifi, water, and all other bills. 

Some co-living spaces even include cleaning, gyms, and other amenities. This makes it very convenient for digital nomads on the move. 

  • Built-in Community

Co-living provides you an immediate community for you to expand your professional network, and also hang out with during your personal time.

It can be very isolating if you’re a digital nomad who’s just arrived in a new city, so this is a great option to find a community.

  • Affordability And Flexibility

It’s usually more affordable to co-live than to rent your own studio or apartment, especially since co-living spaces come fully furnished and come with multiple additional amenities.

Also, many co-living spaces have flexible lease contracts that allow you to stay for one or two months. This makes it a more flexible option compared to traditional apartment leases, which tend to be more structured. 


  • Shared Amenities

Sharing living spaces will always come with its trials and tribulations. Not everyone has the same level of tolerance for mess or noise, so it might take a lot of compromise on everyone’s part to live together peacefully.  

  • No Personal Space

Let’s face it – some people are natural introverts who don’t like having people around in their private space. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if that sounds like you – then co-living might not be the best idea.

  • More Expensive Than Hostels

Co-living spaces might seem expensive if you’re used to paying for a bunk bed in a hostel-shared dorm. 

That being said, it is still cheaper than renting a studio on your own, and co-living spaces come with modern amenities and comfort that you won’t find in a hostel. 

coliving miami

Best Co-Working Places For Digital Nomads In Miami

Aside from living spaces Miami, there are plenty of co-working spaces to explore as well!

Often, co-living and co-working go hand in hand for digital nomad Miami. Some of the co-living spaces above also include working spaces, but sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

Well no worries, because we’ve found some cool co-working places in Miami for you:


coliving miami

The Lab Miami

Miami Shared

coliving miami


coliving miami


coliving miami


coliving miami

How Much Does It Cost To Live Alone In Miami?

Without accommodation, a single person’s monthly expenses come to about $1,236.

Miami has more to offer than just great weather, which undoubtedly attracted many to start communal living Miami. 

Anyone considering moving to Florida’s south-eastern tip can anticipate enjoying sandy beaches, sun, wilderness areas, sports, wonderful neighborhoods, and a robust job market.

Income Tax

The general state sales tax in Florida is 6%, with the following exemptions:

  • 4% on receipts from amusement machines
  • 5.5% on commercial real estate leases or licenses
  • 6.95% on energy

The low tax rates contribute to Miami’s reasonable cost of living.


According to, a single person’s monthly meal expenses in Miami come to $275.45. This includes a meal for two, and groceries such as the basic ingredients like milk, cereals, or apples. 


Miami has relatively affordable utility costs. According to, the monthly cost of utilities for an 85m2 condo in Miami is $157.46

Should I Try Co Living Miami?

Coliving has been well received in nations like the United States. Even though when you think of coliving, it is common for your mind to wander to countries like Bali or Thailand, it is not necessary for you to travel this far. 

Miami coliving could be something you can consider in your search for co living apartments, thanks to their beaches, sunshine, and amazing food scene. 


One of the best things about living in Miami is having everyday access to beaches with smooth sand and clear water. Florida is famed for its vast, sandy beaches, but Miami undoubtedly has the best of the best.

On the days when you are seeing for a change of scenery from your shared apartments in Miami, you may easily spend days swimming or simply lying on the beach thanks to the abundance of fantastic beaches available.

Here are 3 beaches that are frequently cited as some of the best:

  • South Beach is renowned for its stunning art deco buildings, exciting nightlife, and lovely sandy beach. It is one of Miami’s most well-liked beaches and draws a wide range of people.
  • Haulover Beach has a broad, sandy beach, the clean waters, and gorgeous surroundings make it a popular vacation destination.
  • Crandon Park Beach is a sizable, welcoming beach with a long, sandy shore, crystal-clear seas, and a wealth of facilities.
coliving miami


Miami is regarded as one of the best American cities when it comes to nightlife. Without a doubt, the city comes to life after dark with raucous nightclubs and warm rooftop bars.

coliving miami

Outdoor recreation

You’ll adore living in Miami if you’re a serious water aficionado. I hinted at this briefly earlier, but regular beach access is expected.

You’ll be in your fittest shape doing the activities you enjoy if you can swim, surf, kayak, dive, and so on.

In addition to water sports, there are a number of hiking and bike paths, yoga studios, etc.

coliving miami

Food Scene

One of the best benefits of communal living in Florida is the city’s amazing cuisine scene, which deserves to be mentioned. The culinary scene is an artistic endeavor in and of itself, with an astonishing variety of cuisines to select from!

Oceanfront eateries, diners, little dives, and food trucks are run by chefs from all over the world, how can you not be attracted by this when you are in Miami beach co-living?

Expect to find a culinary explosion with food ranging from delicious tacos to fine-dining meals. No matter what you crave, you will be sure to find it here in Miami!


If the weather isn’t conducive to enjoying them, what fun is it to have access to top-notch beaches?

Thankfully, Miami residents don’t have to worry about obtaining consistent sunshine. This is why lots of people desire miami co living!

Miami’s weather is described as having a tropical monsoon climate. This implies that if you live in Miami, the heat will be something you get used to. 

It goes without saying that if you live in Miami full-time, the influx of tourists throughout the winter months brought on by the sunny and warm weather will be entertaining as it brings an opportunity to meet new people. 

coliving miami

How To Get Around When You Are Co-Living in Miami?


The Miami Metrorail has 25 miles of track connecting the city’s densest population centers. There are 23 terminals located in places such as Jackson Memorial Hospital, the Civic Centre, and downtown Miami.

  • Operation hours: 5 am to 12 am
  • Operation days: Monday to Sunday

You can use an EASY Card, EASY Ticket, or the GO Miami-Dade Transit app to pay the fare of $2.25.


Free transportation is available seven days a week in Brickell and downtown Miami thanks to the Metromover.

With stops close to FTX Arena, and Bayside Marketplace. There are 21 stations for the convenience of the users. At rush hour, cars come every 90 seconds, while they do so every three minutes at less-crowded times.


On weekdays from 6.30 am to 11 pm and on weekends from 8 am to 8 pm, the City of Miami provides a free trolley service. There are numerous stops across the city, the routes can be found online.

Extra Facts About Co-living Miami

  • There is strong Latin and Caribbean culture in Miami, with almost 70% of residents being of Hispanic descent. Many residents are bilingual and Spanish is widely used, making Miami a great place to brush up on your language skills! 
  • Unlike the rest of the US where it’s more common to shake hands when first meeting someone, Miami has adopted the more European and Latin culture of kissing someone on the cheeks as a greeting.
  • Miami is a city that never sleeps, and is buzzing with life until the wee hours of the morning. This means that dinner might bet 9 pm, and some events don’t start until way past midnight. Keep this in mind when you search for ‘shared living space near me’
  • The culture in Miami is pretty laid back compared to cities on the East Coast. Don’t get too stressed out if service is a bit slow, or events are running late. Sit back, sip on your mojito, and enjoy the chilled-out Miami life.
  • That being said, Miamians take their fashion seriously! Don’t assume you’ll get by with flip-flops and shorts just because it’s a beach city. When the sun goes down, channel your inner JLo and bring out the bling and six-inch heels. 
  • Traffic in Miami is pretty notorious for its high-speed residents. It’s no coincidence there was a Fast and Furious film set in Miami. Be careful while you’re walking, and be sure to check both sides of the road before you cross. 
  • You can’t go to Miami and not visit the beach. But be mindful of some beach etiquette: keep a healthy distance between your neighbor’s stretch of sand, and remember that it’s illegal to drink on the beach. 


Co-living in Miami could be a dream come true for a digital nomad who wants to work hard and play hard. 

While the digital nomad scene in Miami is still relatively new, this might just be the perfect opportunity for you to try out coliving in Miami, because it’s only bound to get more popular soon!

Browse through this, to explore other co-living destinations!

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