get paid to move to maine

How Do You Get Paid To Move To Maine in 2024?

Ever wonder how you can get paid to move to Maine?

Maine might not be the first place that you have in mind, but it has so much to offer! 

The state of Maine is located in the northeastern region of the United States, and it is home to a vibrant arts community, and stunning natural landscapes. 

Other than your 9 – 5 in a regular company, you’ll get to experience hunting, fishing, and hiking because nature is literally in your backyard. 

Say hello to a fantastic work-life balance! You get to live in a picturesque state and get paid to live in Maine!

This makes it a fantastic place for those of you looking for a fresh start!

With support from the state government, getting paid to move to Maine is certainly worth considering. 

Moving to another country and relocating your life can be scary, but I am here for you. 

I recently moved to Ireland with my husband, Ger, and my cat, Sandy, so I understand all the preparation needed beforehand. 

Get paid to move to maine

Me discovering my new neighborhood in Ireland! 

Now, let’s have a look at how to get paid to move to Maine and see how this state can potentially be your new home. 

Get Paid To Move To Maine – The Ultimate Guide In 2024

This fuss-free moving to Maine guide will guide you through on everything you need to know before relocating to Maine! Let’s begin! 

1. Getting To Know Maine

2. The Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit (SLRTC) Program

3. Cost of Living

4. Housing

5. Healthcare

6. Job Hunting

7. Making Friends & Networking

8. Why You Should Consider Maine

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Get paid to move to maine

1. Getting To Know Maine

So what is life like in the state of Maine, especially if you get paid to move to Maine? 

Maine is nestled in the heart of New England, bordered by New Hampshire. It is home to 1.4 million residents, which is one of the least populated states in the United States. 

There’s so much to love about Maine, from breathtaking natural wonders, rich cultural heritage, charming small towns, and of course, Main Lobsters.  It is to die for!

I have to say that the natural beauty in Maine just feeds your soul! 

Get paid to move to maine

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, this is the place to go. It’s such a lovely place to live, perfect for those who want a slower pace of life. 

What about a quick getaway? 

Well, depending on where you are in Maine, it will take approximately 4 hours to get to Boston by car, which is quite close. 

If you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, the journey to New York City would take about a day’s drive or you could take a train which takes about 8 hours. 

One of the best things about Maine is that it is one of the cities that will pay you to move there! 

They are inviting people to become residents, especially If you are a fresh graduate, the state is offering you a tax incentive that helps to reduce your student loan burdens.

2. The Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit (SLRTC) Program

So, will Maine pay you to move there? 

If you are a college graduate or looking to start fresh in a new city, Maine is the perfect city for you! 

The Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit (SLRTC) is offering student loan assistance for people who live and work in Maine. 

Isn’t that amazing? This is one of the biggest benefits of moving to Maine. 

If you are qualified, you will receive a tax break which eases the burden of your student loans. 

Maine pays you to move there as part of the ‘Live and Work in Maine’ incentive to encourage young graduates to move and live in Maine.

Get paid to move to maine

Are There Tax Advantages To Relocating To Maine

The Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit program generally allows people to deduct the total amount of money they paid for student loans for the year from their state income tax liability. 

You can receive up to $2,500 annually and $25,000 lifetime but you have to be staying, working, and being a taxpayer in the state of Maine. 

The Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit (SLRTC) program is for tax years beginning from January 1, 2022. 

(Please do note that The SLRTC has replaced the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit (EOTC), which can only be claimed for tax years beginning from January 1 to December 31, 2021)

How Does The Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit Work? 

To be eligible for this program, you have to meet certain criteria: 

  • Have earned an associate, bachelor’s, or graduate degree after the year 2007
  • Graduated from an accredited school in Maine or anywhere in the world. 
  • A Maine resident during the tax year 
  • Files a Maine individual income tax return
  • Has a certain amount of earned income during the tax year 

Eligible Education Loan Payments Requirement:

  • Loans are clearly for higher education purposes (no home equity loans, family loans, etc)
  • Loans were paid by you, directly to the lender only. 
  • Eligible for reimbursements during the months you lived in Maine and paid your student loans 
  • If, for any reason, your loan payments were deferred, you may only claim this tax credit during the months you made payments. 

How Can You Apply For The Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit (SLRTC) Program? 

To apply for the program is pretty simple – you just need to fill in and submit the Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit worksheet, together with your Maine income tax return. 

If this is your first time claiming for the tax credit, you will need: 

  • A complete Maine income tax return
  • Student Loan Repayment Tax Credit Worksheet
  • A copy of your college transcript
  • Student loan payments during the tax year

How Much Do You Need To Earn To Apply For The SLRTC Program? 

To qualify for the tax credit, your earnings for the tax year must meet or exceed the minimum wage set on January 1st of the taxable year, multiplied by 936 hours. 

For the tax years beginning in 2022, this amount is $11,934

If you have the qualifications needed, it is worth giving it a try!

You can get the best of both worlds – an opportunity to pay off your student debt and get paid concurrently. 

3. Cost of Living

Now, how much do you need if you are planning to get paid to move to Maine? 

Well, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average cost of living in Maine is $50,559 per year. 

That shows how Maine is one of the more affordable states in the United States to settle down in compared to its neighbors such as Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts. 

How does this translate to your everyday costs? 

Well, an individual could spend an average of $4,213 per month.  A rough breakdown of your everyday cost can be read below: 

CategoryAverage Annual Per-Capita Cost in Maine
Health Care$8,670
Housing and Utilities$8,760
Food and Beverages (non-restaurant)$4,499
Gas and Energy Goods$1,580
All Other Personal Expenditures$27,050

The overall cost of living can be a little on the high side but the housing is pretty affordable, as opposed to other states.

4. Housing

What is the housing market like in Maine? 

Housing in Maine can be expensive depending on the location, and it is advisable for you to rent before you decide to buy a property. 

As of January 2024, the median sales price of homes in Maine values at the price of $375,300, according to Redfin.

The Maine house value is slightly less than the national median sales price for existing homes in the United States in January 2024, $379,100 mentioned by the  National Association of Realtors. 

Get paid to move to maine

The most popular areas to live in Maine are Portland, Augusta, Lewiston, and Bangor.  

So moving to places like Portland, Maine can be a little bit more pricey because of its location and the more competitive nature of the housing market there. 

In fact, home prices across Maine rose more than 9% year by year, especially near the city center, compared to places further away but still accessible by public transportation. 

Worry not, I have gathered the median rental costs for Maine, according to the U.S. Census Bureau data in 2021, so you can start saving for it!

  • Median studio rent: $734
  • Median one-bedroom rent: $768
  • Median two-bedroom rent: $1,002
  • Median three-bedroom rent: $1,1120

These are some of the sites that you can look at to help you find your home: 

5. Job Hunting

Moving on to the job market, what is it like in Maine? 

Some of the featured industries in Maine are healthcare, public education, technology, and aquaculture! 

Not only that, there are also other industries and specialized fields that you can find in Maine. 

To help you start your job search, get paid, and move to Maine, you can visit the online resources on the following sites: 

If you are interested in the medical practitioner and the education field, I have the breakdowns of what you need to know:

1. Medical Practitioner

With such a steadily growing healthcare industry in Maine, it offers a wealth of opportunities for healthcare professionals. 

There is an increased demand for skilled healthcare professionals in several varieties of roles, from physicians, and residential counselors to support staff. 

There are tons of clinical and non-clinical roles that you can get into.

What’s good about starting a career in Maine is that you don’t necessarily need to have a degree or a certification to have a career in health care. 

There are several programs that can help you with your healthcare training for you to get a healthcare degree or certification that you’re interested in. 

Can You Get Paid While You Learn? 

If you’re interested in starting your career in healthcare while earning an income, there are employer-funded programs in different areas that you can apply for. 

The resources that are provided allow you to have the support and resources you need to thrive in your healthcare career and get paid at the same time. 

That sounds like a sweet deal to me! 

2. Educator 

Are you passionate about education and seeking a fulfilling career in teaching? Then moving to Maine might just be the perfect destination for you.

Maine’s quaint tight-knit community allows you to feel close to the parents, students, and teachers, which makes teaching way better!

There are a few ways to become a Maine educator:

  • For Approved Teacher Preparation Program

You are a graduate of an educator preparation program that has been state-approved. 

  • Transcript Analysis

The Maine specialist will compare your education and experience with the Maine certification requirement that you need to teach. 

  • Out-of-state Applicant

For those who teach in subject areas identified on Maine’s shortage list, you will receive a certificate if you hold a similar qualification from outside of Maine. 

So, if you have an interest in these fields, moving to Maine would be something that you can highly consider and get paid to do it! 

Get paid to move to maine

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6. Making Friends & Networking

There will always be an uneasy feeling when you move to a new country. You are out there alone without your family and friends, and that can be intimidating. 

But don’t let that deter you when you’re making the decision to move to a new place. 

The fantastic thing about Maine is that they have a strong community and networking groups where you can meet and mingle around with locals and newcomers!

Some of the groups that you can explore before you move are: 

In this way, before you move and get paid in Maine, you can connect with the people so you can have some connections as you land in your beautiful new home. 

7. Why You Should Consider Moving To Maine

Is Maine a good place to live? 

Maine is such an excellent place to live. There is a place for everyone, and you can find all the support you need to grow and thrive in Maine. 

As someone who has lived in a few cities, the culture, community, and lifestyle of where you decide to live can make or break the decision to relocate. 

Now let’s dive into everything you need to know on the pros and cons of moving to Maine. 

Get paid to move to maine

Some Of The Pros Of Living In Maine: 

1. Quality of Life 

Maine offers a quality of life that is difficult to find anywhere else and has been ranked as one of the highest in the nation

The values that the community cares about, has a low crime rate and together with the abundance of outdoor activities, Maine offers a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, especially if you are raising a family. 

Imagine taking your child out for a walk in the forest or going for a skiing lesson, isn’t that nice!

2. Stunning Scenic Landscapes

There is no doubt that Maine is renowned for its breathtaking landscape; charming coastal towns, iconic lighthouses, stunning mountains, and state parks.

Maine has something to offer everyone!

Some of the best places to immerse yourself in nature are: 

Acadia National Park is Maine’s National Park. The park covers about 47,000 acres and is open all year round.

It is the perfect outdoor playground for hiking, camping, and fishing and if you are lucky, you might even spot some wildlife! 

In the warm weather months, Mount Blue State Park offers an excellent environment for you to experience hiking, swimming, trail riding and even picking sessions with your family. 

Saddleback Mountain is the place to go to if you are a fan of skiing and snowboarding. There are plenty of trains for all skill levels and the view is just stunning!

3. Strong Community Spirit

It can be hard moving into a new country or a city, not knowing anyone but fret not, the Maine’s community offers support for people who are new to the area. 

The Maine community often organizes Welcome Home events for you to make new connections and get to know people.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a lifelong resident or if you just moved in, this is the perfect time for you to meet your community and network with like-minded individuals!

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4. Economic Opportunities

Maine provides an excellent backdrop for business with constant growing opportunities in industries such as healthcare, technology, education, and tourism. 

Whether you are starting your own business or advancing your career, Maine provides a supportive environment to have a lifelong career here!

Some Of The Cons Of Living In Maine: 

1. Ice-Cold Winter Weather

Winter in Maine can get brutal and lasts quite long. 

From November through March, you will be experiencing heavy snowfall and often drop to sub-zero temperatures.

It can be challenging for those who are not used to harsh cold weather.

However, one way to make the most out of the winter months is by taking up snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoeing! 

Those activities will help you to make unforgettable memories and make the season pass faster. 

2. Not Many Things To Do While Living In Maine

There is no doubt that Maine is blessed with an abundance of outdoor activities but other than that, there is not much option when it comes to commercial entertainment. 

There is a short supply of luxury shopping and nightlife entertainment as the locals live a more laid-back lifestyle. 

To make up for this, you can visit nearby cities such as Boston or New York which are reachable by train or car. 

You can also move to a more populated city like Portland where you will have options for a wide variety of food scenes, especially seafood, and a lot more boutique shops. 

If you decide to move to Portland, Maine, the city has similar pros and cons as what I have mentioned but one thing to highlight is that the housing will cost you more as Portland is more populated.

FAQs on Get Paid To Move To Maine

Are There Any Incentives To Move To Maine?

So, are there any incentives to move to Maine? Yes, there are tax breaks for businesses that move to Maine, including investment in buildings, job creation, and equipment.

These tax incentives are supported by a strong financing network and flexible workforce development programs by the state government. 

Is Moving To Maine A Good Idea?

Is moving to Maine a good idea, you ask? According to World Population Review, Maine’s quality of life has been ranked as one of the highest in the nation. 

Maine’s cost of living is lower than its neighboring states, has affordable housing, and some of the lowest crime rates nationwide. 

Who Will Pay You To Move There?

Wondering “who will pay you to move there”? Well, there are several cities in the US that will pay you to move there: 

  • Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Natchez, Mississippi
  • The Shoals: Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia, in Alabama
  • Bemidji, Minnesota
  • North Platte, Nebraska
  • Bentonville, Springdale, and Fayetteville in Arkansas

Now you know how to get paid to move to Maine!

Can you hear that? Maine is calling for you!

I know that you are super excited after discovering the scenic landscape, the chill vibe of the coastal town, and the abundance of opportunities that are being offered. 

So what do you say? 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime? Who knows, this transition might be the adventure that changes everything.

I hope this moving to Maine checklist has helped you in making your next step!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and please do share this article with your friends if you have found it helpful! 

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