hobbies that can make money

11 Hobbies That Can Make Money


What do you love doing and spend your free time on? You may as well make use of your hobbies and earn from them too. Here are 11 hobbies that can make money too.

It won’t feel like work and you will get paid to do things you enjoy – it’s a win-win!

The list of hobbies can make money and save you extra cash, I have done a few myself.

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11 Hobbies That Can Make Money

1.    Photography

Do you like taking pictures? You can get paid for your pictures on stock photography sites. Photography is one of those hobbies that can make money.

Why would people pay for photos?

Because fresh content is preferred by Google when it comes to ranking websites and also, pictures make an article look better and will engage readers.

You can sell your digital photos on the below sites.

Here is a list of 21 places that will pay you for your photos.

Also, If you like taking photos but you aren’t sure how to make them look bright, clear, beautiful, and interesting or want to get your photos to a point where you can sell themcheck out this super cool Photography Bundle.

The Photography Bundle has $1,228.98 worth of courses, eBooks and Presets, at a 96% discount.

2.    Pets and animals

Do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram looking at cute cat videos? Do you spot a little dog in a café and think of ways to kidnap them?


You can now get paid for your love of all things furry by pet sitting! Petsitting is another one of those hobbies that can make money.

According to the New York Times, a full- time pet sitter earns on average $3,300, while you can earn $900 part-time.

Here are some sites that will pay you to pet sit.

3.    Cooking

If your language if love is food and cooking up a storm makes you happy, then you are about to make some serious money.

You can get paid for hosting private dinners at your house.

I was skeptical of this until I joined a 3-course dinner experience in Morocco for $30 with Airbnb Experience and it was mind-blowing.

I got to embed myself in the local culture, got to know other guests, and taste delicious local Moroccan food. There were about 10 people at that dinner, so the host made a cool $300 over 2.5 hours.

You can advertise a home-cooked dinner on any of the below websites :

4.    Writing

If you like writing, you can get paid for writing for other publications or you can earn money from your own blog!

I have done both.

You can write about things you enjoy and are passionate about. I didn’t realise writing was one of those hobbies that can make money, but trust me you can !

Here is a guide on, ‘How to Get Paid as a Freelance Writer.’

Alternatively, you can make money from your blog writing too.

Here is a Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money Blogging.

5.    Making Handmade Items

If you are quite creative and like making handmade items like jewelry or quirky items, you can get paid by selling your items on Etsy!

Etsy is an e-commerce site focusing on handmade, vintage items and craft supplies. The items vary from jewelry, accessories, bags, clothing, home decor, furniture, and others.

Etsy sellers are making over six figures by selling items like printable planners, jewelry, knitted clothing, you name it!

If you are interested in making money from your creative hobby, read this guide on:

How to Get Started Making Money on Etsy

6.    Talking

Do you like a good old chinwag? Does chatting away with friends and strangers make you happy?

You could get paid as an English tutor!

Some teaching platforms just need English speakers to have conversational English with their students. No lesson plans, no teaching curriculum, just an ability to have a great conversation on lots of topics in English.

And here are some companies that will pay for to chat:

7.    Driving

If the idea of cruising round in your car and getting paid for it appeals to you, you can get paid to drive people around.

Driving is another one of those hobbies that can make money.

The great thing is you can pick and choose the hours you want to work.

Below are just two companies that will pay you to work as a driver but a quick google will indicate there are lots more!

Tip– Think about the busiest times when people need a lift. Friday and Saturday nights, concert events, airports. If you can make yourself available during those times you are most likely to be booked.

8.    Social Media

Do you like scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest? Are you constantly on social media commenting on posts and having a gala time interacting with others on social media?

You can get paid as a social media manager!

Businesses have woken up to the fact that social media platforms can play a huge role in finding new customers, increasing sales, and keeping customers engaged and happy.

As a result, they need social media managers to create new content, manage their social media accounts, and drive online traffic to their products and services.

That’s where YOU come in!

I was offered a social media project worth $700 a month, which would only take 2-3 hours a week. The company wanted me to manage their Facebook and Instagram posts, reply to their followers, and post stuff related to their services.

Here is how you can become a freelance social media manager.


9.    Traveling

Ahh, travel. Traveling is a true passion of mine. I spend most of my money on traveling and have ZERO regrets. Seeing the world has opened up my mind and given me new perspectives.

But the thing is… you can get paid for traveling.

Yep – travel bloggers get paid to travel!

If you want to become a travel blogger and turn your love for travel into a career, here is the ‘Superstar Travel Blogging Course.’

This is the first-ever blogging course I took, and I am so glad I did. It taught me how to set up my blog, what to write, how to find paid travel opportunities, and how to monetize my blog.

My travel blog morphed into a personal finance blog, but I have an adventure budget travel blog in the pipeline. #watchthisspace!

10. Shopping

Shopping can be an expensive hobby. But you can make use of your shopping skills by selling items you don’t use anymore, especially clothes.

When I was leaving NZ, I made just over $700 selling my used clothes on FB Marketplace.

Here are a few websites that buy second-hand clothes.

11. Music

If you love listening to music and give your opinion on different music genres, you can get paid for your opinion on this music review website.

Well there you have it, 11 Hobbies that Make Money and Extra Cash for you. Time is the most valuable asset you have.

Use it wisely and spend it on things you love, and get paid while you are at it. 🙂

best hobbies that make money so you can stay at home.

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