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23 Types Of Virtual Assistants-High Demand and Well paid![2023]

I am sure you clicked on this article because you are curious about the types of Virtual Assistants as you are new to this world of Virtual Assistants.

I was in the same boat a few years back, trying to make a living based on my own terms. 

Finally, I landed a job as a  Pinterest Manager Virtual Assistant while I was launching my freelance writing career. 

Firstly, let me brief you on the definition of Virtual Assistant and what a Virtual Assistant does.

A Virtual Assistant is someone who works remotely from the comfort of their own space and gets to earn a living by helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals to accomplish specific tasks that are being assigned to them. 

Right now, general Virtual Assistant jobs are in high demand as remote work and virtual offices are becoming more common. 

High demand = high earnings! 

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a Virtual Assistant, this article will provide you with a list of Virtual Assistant services that you can cater to your future clients.

By the end of this article, you will be surprised to learn how many different types of services Virtual Assistants offer!

Let’s begin!


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23 Types Of Virtual Assistants – High Demand And Well Paid

1. Administrative Virtual Assistant

There are many different types of virtual assistants, but administrative virtual assistants are one of the most common, and essential services offered by Virtual Assistants.

In my opinion, administrative virtual assistants are vital employees to have in every organization. 

They perform a variety of administrative and daily tasks, essentially being the right hand for a manager or entrepreneur.

By hiring an administrative virtual assistant, the workload of busy executives and leaders is reduced, and in turn, this can save up to 2 – 3 hours of their time daily. Instead, the extra time can be invested in planning the growth of the business. 

Thus, administrative virtual assistants will always be in demand. 

Types of virtual assistants

Below are examples of important Virtual Administrative Assistant services:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing work emails
  • Scheduling or rescheduling appointments and meetings
  • Filing paperwork
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Industry research
  • Typing out memos and letters
  • Providing personal assistant solutions to the CEO or business owner 

If you can do the tasks that have been mentioned above in earnest, it’s time for you to invest in a Virtual Assistant course. Investing in a Virtual Assistant course is one of the best investments I have made. 

The course will assist in saving your time by filtering out information that is not important so that you can focus on learning the essentials in 30 days! At the end of the day, knowledge is for a lifetime and nobody can ever take it from us!

If money is a bit tight now but you want to upgrade your skillset so that you get to land a job as a VA, don’t panic! 

You can enroll in either of these Free VA training:

  1. Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant
  2. 5 Clear Steps To Becoming A Virtual Assistant

2. Pinterest Manager Virtual Assistant

To all the creative people out there, it’s time for you to turn your dreams into reality and make some serious money honey!

Pinterest Virtual Assistant helps their clients (businesses, bloggers, and brands) to increase their followers, traffic, and sales on the Pinterest platform.

Types of virtual assistants

Below are examples of the tasks a Pinterest Virtual Assistant would be in charge of: 

  • Pin design
  • Scheduling
  • Reviewing analytics
  • Keyword research

Let’s come to the main point! How does one go about becoming a Pinterest Manager? 

Great question and I got you covered! 

You can take the How To Become A Pinterest VA course, to find out whether being a Pinterest VA is for you. (Here is a FREE workshop). 

This Pinterest course that I enrolled in increased my knowledge, while it also served as guidance for me in finding clients within a few months!

I highly recommend joining this course as it is trusted and has many proven success stories of the students. 

Besides, by joining this course, you have the chance to join a community that comprises clients who are actively looking to hire Pinterest Managers straight from the course! Isn’t that amazing?

To all DIY enthusiasts, this is the Pinterest course that you should enroll in!!! 

I vouch for this course because it helped me get lots and lots of Pinterest traffic to my sites! 

If you are someone with no experience, do not freak out! This course will show you step by step from zero/no experience to getting lots of Pinterest traffic! 

Also, here are some FREE beautiful pins to get started.

3. Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Every business needs to have its accounts in order. This is why an accountant is known as the backbone of a company. 

But for small businesses, organizations, or enterprises, hiring an accountant seems to be not practical. This is where the services of a bookkeeper, one of the popular types of virtual personal assistant, come in handy. 

In layman, a bookkeeper is someone who maintains the financial records and transactions of a business.

Some things you might do as a Bookkeeping VA:

  • Managing inventory
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Payroll processing
  • Budgeting and year-end closing
  • Entering data into Excel or accounting software
  • Issuing invoices
  • Bill payments
  • Preparing monthly financial statements
  • Preparing summary of transactions
  • Taxes

If you are someone who loves numbers, Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant is a great side hustle that you can get in.

If you have passion but no experience or skills, fret not. There are plenty of online courses that you can take to equip yourself with the skills required to be a Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Bookkeeper Launch by Bookkepers.com is one of the vast bookkeeping courses. No matter if you are in the beginner or intermediate or advanced stage, they have something for you.

The icing on the cake is they have an extremely popular FREE course run by the founder of Bookkeepers.com (Ben Robinson). This free online course gives you all the basic knowledge you need on how to be a virtual bookkeeper. AMAZING!

To those who wish to level up to a Certified Bookkeeper, below are courses that currently award certificates to all those who meet the requirements and pass their examinations:

Types of virtual assistants

4. Social Media Virtual Assistant

In this technological era, social media is extremely important for businesses to promote, and market their products. To attract clients, they need to ensure that their social media page is exciting, informative, and catches the eye of their customers.

This is where Social Media Virtual Assistant services come in need. Social Media Virtual Assistant is a remote worker who handles clients’ Social Media platforms. 

As a Social Media Virtual Assistant, you will be doing the following tasks:

  • Creating a social media account for your client. Eg: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tik Tok, etc
  • Creating and editing pictures
  • Creating videos, reels, and Tik Tok
  • Creating memes
  • Managing paid campaigns
  • Planning and scheduling social media posts
  • Engaging with the client’s audience online
  • Increasing followers on the different social media platforms
  • Researching fresh content for social media posts

The best way to start your journey as a Social Media Virtual Assistant (for those who love to create content but have no experience) is by using your existing Facebook, Instagram, or any other Social Media account.

Play around with your social media account and see how you can build engagement and increase followers. Watch YouTube videos to learn the tips and tricks, Google how others have done it, and try on your own. 

After nailing it, you can then approach clients and say:

In a period of fewer than 3 months, I managed to expand my Instagram followings by x% and boost the engagement rate by y% by consistently producing captivating content’.

A really good course with an affordable price that I would like to recommend is:

Types of virtual assistants

5. Shopping and E-Commerce Virtual Assistant

As the E-Commerce industry is exploding with the steady increase in the public’s preference for online shopping, e-commerce platforms are required to regularly expand and manage their ever-increasing inventories of goods and items.

Hence, the demand for Shopping and E-Commerce Virtual assistants is on the rise as well!

Ever wonder what Shopping and E-Commerce Virtual Assistants do? Below are some of the examples of services that you will be serving as one:

  • Managing inventory
  • Taking photos of products
  • Write product descriptions
  • E-commerce platform development and maintenance
  • Apps integration
  • Setting up systems for easier store management
  • Handling order processing 
  • Managing returns and exchange of products
  • Scripting SEO-friendly product description
Types of virtual assistants

6. Blog Virtual Assistant

A blog Virtual Assistant is someone responsible for taking care of all the technical work that goes into blogging. 

Here is a list of some important tasks that Blog Virtual Assistant does:

  • Set up blog
  • Make sure it stays secure
  • Help to create high-quality content
  • Schedule social media posts for the blog
  • Help generate traffic to your site

At this point, if you are wondering how to work from home as a virtual assistant, how to secure your first client, and what services to offer, The SavvySystem will surely clear all your doubts and worries.

There are many kinds of virtual assistant courses out there, so choose the one that suits you and which will not cause a hole in your pocket! 

Types of virtual assistants

7. SEO Virtual Assistant

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple words, SEO grants you the opportunity whereby you will be able to develop contents that cater to a targeted pool of audience. 

To all the newbies out there, first, you need to understand what SEO is all about. 

Types of virtual assistants

There’s a great deal of information and courses out there.

Below are the top courses that have helped me understand SEO and increase my revenue growth. 

  1. Out and Beyond SEO Course
  2. Stupid Simple SEO
  3. Fat Stacks, Jon Dykstra
  4. Adventures Of Blogging 
  5. SEO Chatter
  6. SEO Blueprint
  7. Project 24 Courses
  8. Productive Blogging SEO
  9.  SEO Demystified
  10.  Ready Set Blog
  11.  Not Your Average SEO Course
  12.  SEO Specialization

For those who prefer reading books compared to enrolling in an online course, here are my top 3 picks for the best books on SEO:

Besides having SEO skills, the next and most important step is:

  • How to find clients
  • How to pitch to them 
  • Good habits to maintain so that you will get recurring clients

Finding a purpose greater than ourselves is a catalyst for change. Start now!

8. Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Customer Service Virtual Assistant is growing in popularity! With people preferring to work from the comfort of their homes, most companies are looking to hire virtual assistant types that can handle and manage customer service-related tasks.

If you have experience working in the field of human resources, customer service, or sales, you are perfectly adept for this general job.

Below are some of the tasks that you might do as a Customer Service Virtual Assistant:

  • Handle all customer-related issues or concerns via email, chat, social media, or phone
  • Setup new accounts for customers
  • Handle refunds
  • Resolving tickets
  • Maintaining the CRM database
  • Processing orders
  • Generating invoices

Now the biggest question is, how can I be a Customer Service Virtual Assistant?

I got you covered!  The 10k VA course and The Virtual Savvy System are the best guides and are highly recommended as they are no-nonsense guides and extremely great value for money.
From the available types of virtual agents courses, choose the one that suits you and begin your journey as a Customer Service Virtual Assistant!

Here is a bonus for you! Below is a list of virtual assistant companies that offer Virtual Assistants services for customer service:

Best for Answering Calls: Specialty Answering Services
Best for E-commerce: Unity Communications
Best for Specialised VAs: Belay
Best for Bilingual VAs: Uassist.ME

Best for Solopreneurs: Prialto

9. Computer Virtual Assistant

A Computer Virtual Assistant is someone who focuses on computer-related tasks and functions remotely. 

As we are now in the era of technology, every business, organization, and entrepreneur utilizes various technological aspects to constantly upgrade their operational procedures. This is where brilliant tech minds are needed!

The job scope of a Computer Virtual Assistant depends on the level of skills. The higher the skills, the wider the job scope and the higher the income.

Below are some examples of job scope that a Computer Virtual Assistant needs to do: 

  • Setting up email for the Company and the employees
  • Solving computer-related issues faced by the employees
  • Implement security measures for your Company network
  • Update Company server
Types of virtual assistants

If you are tech-savvy but unsure of how to find clients, I highly suggest joining my top recommended course ($10k VA course) which will help and train you on becoming a successful full-time VA!

If you are interested to learn how to pitch to prospective clients, I recommend you to read this article about freelance writing and join my free email course as well by typing your name and email and I will send you the materials.

 10. Data Entry Virtual Assistant

One of the most inconvenient tasks that are common from an entrepreneur’s view is data entry.

This is because according to multiple studies, data entry tasks can cause emotional breakdown as it is a tasks that must be needed to complete within a stipulated deadline.

Hence, hiring data entry virtual assistants is a no-brainer for entrepreneurs as they help to save both time and money.

Some tasks you might do as a Data Entry Virtual Assistant: 

  • Inputting a large amount of information into a database 
  • Preparing, compiling, and sorting data for entry
  • Entering/deleting notes in online calendars (such as Google Calendars)
  • Enter names and addresses into contact databases, etc.   
  • Reviewing data for accuracy
  • Keeping track of activities and tasks

If you have the skills to be a Data Entry Virtual Assistant, WELL DONE! Now it’s time for you to shine. 

I know you might be thinking about how to market and sell your skillsets. Don’t panic, 

I have listed my top favorite courses that will help you kick-start your career as a VA! 

Below are my favorite VA courses that will help you to clear your doubts, provide you with guidance on how to attract clients and how to pitch clients, as well as how to raise your rates, and scale your business:

11. Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

Eye-catching visuals are important! This is why graphic design is a good investment for every company. It is one of the types of Virtual Assistant business that is blooming and you should get yourself into it if you have the skills.

If you are someone who loves designing graphics using Canva, Photoshop, Adobe, etc,  Graphic Design will be the best side hustle to get into and it is one of the popular services to offer as a Virtual Assistant.

Types of virtual assistants

Some of the tasks that you will be helping your client with as a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant are as follow: 

  • Designing company logo, banners, website, packing, and signage 
  • Designing presentation decks
  • Improving and editing images for use on the website

12. Virtual Research Assistant

If you love to do research and can interpret data and know some of the research tools, this is a perfect position for you. 

A Virtual Research Assistant is an online personal assistant who does internet research, analyzing and summarizing all the data obtained for their client. This is to ensure that their client remains relevant in their respective industry. 

Tasks that will be assigned to Virtual Research Assistant: 

  • Compiling research data
  • Presenting data in an easy-to-understand format
  • Competitor analysis research
  • Market research
  • Customer persona research
  • Helping to choose the correct vendor by comparing prices
  • Identifying opportunities for business growth
  • Digging through sites like Reddit and Quora and try to find information that your client is seeking

Besides all the research skills and analytical tools, you must also be able to operate/use presentation and visualization tools such as PowerPoint and Canva to produce great presentations. 

Now you will be wondering, ‘I have the skills, but how to get started?’ There are many ways, but here are the main methods to find VA jobs from home. 

  1. Virtual Assistant Agencies
  2. FB Groups
  3. Cold Pitching

13. Real Estate Virtual Assistant

If you are in the real estate industry right now, you surely understand that buying and selling properties involves lots of procedures and paperwork. 

A real Estate Virtual Assistant is someone who works remotely and helps with those tedious work.

Types of virtual assistants

Some things you might do as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant provider: 

  • Help agents with paperwork
  • Scheduling appointments for home viewing
  • Take calls from potential buyers/sellers/investors
  • Responding to email inquiries
  • Posting ads on real estate listing websites
  • Following up with potential buyers/sellers
  • Doing property research and creating property report
  • Negotiating contracts

For those who have experience in the Real Estate world, this job will allow you to increase your revenue growth. 

14. Website Management Virtual Assistant

It’s a common practice nowadays for businesses to have a website of their own. However, managing a website is more work than it seems and can be quite a hustle for many business owners. 

If you are a person from an IT background, you can provide Website Management Virtual Assistants services to companies or new start-ups.

Some of the tasks that you will be assigned as a Web Management Assistant: 

  • Tracking social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) visits
  • Flagging spam comments on clients’ social media pages
  • Installing and setting up certain plugins
  • Fixing website errors

15. Public Relations Virtual Assistant

As the old saying says, “Advertising is what you pay for; publicity is what you pray for.” 

Having public relations in a company is crucial as they help to build and maintain the company’s reputation and build strategic relationships with the public, prospective customers, partners, investors, employees, and other stakeholders.

In a nutshell, the primary job of a Public Relations Virtual Assistant is to establish, maintain and strengthen the good image of the company in the eyes of the public.

Work as a Public Relations Assistant consists of: 

  • Managing press conferences, events, and media appearances for your client
  • Maintaining good relationships with clients, media, and prospects
  • Maintaining PR database
  • Drafting or proofing PR content such as media announcements, speeches, press releases, etc
  • Plan and develop PR strategies for clients
  • Identify target audience and tailor information based on clients’ preferences

If networking, and connecting with new people is something that you enjoy doing, Public Relations Virtual Assistant is something that you can dip your toes in. 

16. Content Marketing Virtual Assistant

Content marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing available today. The catch with content marketing is it can get overwhelming, with so many different strategies and tools to master, and tactics to try.

This is where a Content Marketing Virtual Assistant comes into the picture. They help businesses in producing quality content consistently to catch the attention of their customers, which will eventually help to grow the revenue of the company.

Some of the tasks that will be assigned to you as a Content Marketing Assistant: 

  • Creating a road map for marketing strategy
  • Proofing for social media platforms
  • Writing web content
  • Coming up with article briefs
  • Researching SEO keywords for the blog post

Since your job revolves around content making, you need to be good at SEO

17. Outsourcing Virtual Assistant

The strategy of outsourcing is based on the understanding that certain tasks and needs require specialized skills that plenty of startups and small businesses cannot achieve as they lack appropriate personnel.

Tasks such as marketing can be accomplished with the hiring of freelancers who offer marketing virtual assistant services.

However, most startups lack a proper structure for the process of outsourcing and this can lead to hiring or overpaying inefficient freelancers which can cause more trouble than help.

This is where you come in as an Outsourcing assistant or manager and your job scope will include: 

  • Recruiting and managing freelancers based on your client needs
  • Tracking project progress
  • Determining what and who to outsource for which projects
  • Negotiating contracts with freelancers
  • Managing client outsourcing accounts and platforms. Eg: Fiverr

18. Product Launch Virtual Assistant

A successful launching event paves an exciting pathway for the success of a new product. 

Having a specialized product launch assistant will surely contribute to the success of the event as they will manage and take care of the overall planning and launching process.

Hence, this is why many companies are hiring Product Launch Virtual Assistants to ensure a smooth and impressive launch that will eventually lead to the success of the product.

Some of the services included in Product Launch Assistant: 

  • Pre-launch planning and advising the team
  • Managing and testing the launch processes
  • Training the launch team
  • Run through the sale page to ensure they are working as expected

If you have been involved in product launching in the past and have the applicable knowledge in organizing events, you are highly recommended to give this a try as an experienced Product Launch Assistant defines a successful product launching event.

19. YouTube Virtual Assistant

Sounds exciting to land a job as a YouTube Virtual Assistant! But wait a minute, what exactly is YouTube Virtual Assistant? 

Types of virtual assistants

YouTube Virtual Assistant helps YouTube content creators to brainstorm video ideas and how to have a better reach to their audience. 

By hiring a YouTube VA, content creators can focus on filming and creating quality content, and VA focuses on how to GROW the client channel.

  • Helping with YouTube scripts
  • Helping with video editing
  • Doing keyword research to find less competitive keywords
  • Optimize the title, description, and tags with SEO keywords
  • Finding trending topics that are relevant to the client’s channel
  • Designing custom video thumbnails
  • Replying to comments left by viewers

In conclusion, the most important skills to have to be a successful YouTube Virtual Assistant are YouTube SEO and video editing

If you have the passion but have no idea about SEO, don’t worry. 

Join my course (SEO BLOG POST TRAINING) and get started. If you master SEO, it will definitely give you an edge over others in this high-in-demand category of Virtual Assistant.

Apart from that, if you are a beginner and are looking to enter the YouTube world, join Erika Kullberg YouTube course

She shares lots of practical tips and tricks on how to save time while planning, recording, and editing your videos or client videos and how to never run out of content! 

Erika Kullberg makes over USD 100,000 from YouTube in under a year while working full-time as a lawyer and she is here to help others to achieve the same. 

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20. Linkedin Virtual Assistant

At this time, many employers are finding it hard to leverage this platform to meet their objectives.

This is when employers hire Linkedin Virtual Assistants to help them to optimize the platform in growing their influence and better position themselves to land better opportunities and prospects.

As a Linkedin Virtual Assistant, your job scope includes:

  • Finding and providing a list of the right people for your client to connect with
  • Recommending groups that your client can benefit from
  • Finding potential employees for your client 
  • Creating jobs post description
  • Researching and writing helpful articles that can be posted on your client’s Linkedin platform

Now, you will be wondering how to be a Linkedin Virtual Assistant. If your answer is ‘Heck, yeah’ then continue reading!

The essential step is to start to promote yourself. How to do so? The answer is to head over to freelance marketplaces. 

They are not only free but also have a group of professionally trained VAs who have been evaluated.

From my personal experience, here are some of the most well-known and trusted platforms for freelancers that have many types of clients for Virtual Assistants:

21. Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant

If you are someone who has experience working in Amazon and understands the platform well, you can leverage this advantage and build a side hustle. 

Confused? Let me explain. 

Amazon Virtual Assistant is someone who helps their clients who are new sellers to jumpstart their business on Amazon from the comfort of their own house. Sounds like a dream! Amazon is also on the list of top 10 Virtual Assistant companies.

You will be helping your clients with:

  • Customer Assistance
  • Order management
  • Keyword search
  • Basic photo editing
  • Preparing and executing product launch strategy
Types of virtual assistants

22. Community Manager Virtual Assistant

Having a good community is important for the growth of a Company. But the real dilemma is, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to manage a community.

This is when a Community Manager is needed to be the face of a Company and responsible for managing communication between both parties.

If you are someone who loves interacting on a social media platform and like helping others out, then this position is for you.

As a Community Manager, you will be involved in: 

  • Planning content for the community 
  • Having live chat to answer Q&A 
  • Replying to comments in the posts left by other members
  • Approving new members

23. Personal Virtual Assistant

A Personal Virtual Assistant is like a personal assistant or secretary in an office environment but as a personal online assistant. 

Their job scope is more or less the same as Administrative Virtual Assistants but they take care of the personal beings of a client instead of general Virtual Assistant services.

Your job scope as a Personal Virtual Assistant includes:

  • Answering emails and phone calls 
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Booking travel arrangements

FAQs on Types Of Virtual Assistants

Types Of Virtual Assistants-What Are The Top 5 Virtual Assistants?

The top 5 virtual assistant are: 

Best Overall: Time etc
Best for On-Demand Tasks: Fancy Hands
Best for Specialised VAs: Belay
Best for Bilingual VAs: Uassist.ME

Best for Solopreneurs: Prialto

Types Of Virtual Assistants-Which Type Of Virtual Assistant Is Best?

There are many different types of virtual assistants but a Pinterest VA is the best! If you are a creator of new ideas, love to produce new things, and are innovative, get into Pinterest and you can make some serious money from being a Pinterest VA.

Types Of Virtual Assistants-What Are Your Top 3 Fields Of A Virtual Assistant?

The top 3 fields of virtual assistants are :

1) Social Media Marketing

2) Search Engine Optimization

3) Content Development

Types Of Virtual Assistants-What Are The Different Types Of Virtual Assistants?

The different types of virtual assistants are : 

1) Administrative Virtual Assistant

2) Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

3) Social Media Virtual Assistant

4) Real Estate Virtual Assistant

5) Shopping and e-commerce Virtual Assistants

6) Blog Virtual Assistants

7) Customer Service Virtual Assistants

8) Computer Virtual Assistants

Types Of Virtual Assistants-What Business Category Is A Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant falls under an independent contractor business category. They work or operate from their home office which is outside of the client’s office

VA is someone who provides administrative services while operating outside of the client’s office and has the right to access company documents remotely.

I hope these various types of virtual assistants have provided you with much clarity and useful tips. 

Utilize this Virtual Assistant services list to the best in accordance with your skill set. 

Conduct more research on the types that sparks your interest before you go for it. 

You can always learn new skills from YouTube videos, books on Amazon, or online courses to upgrade yourself and provide the best service to clients.

If you find this article useful, mention it in the comments below!

Cheers to working in the comfort of your own home! Wishing you lots of luck on this new journey you are about to embark on.  

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