Gifts for People Who Work from Home

Gifts For People Who Work From Home

Gifts For People Who Work From Home

I never thought the day would come where I would celebrate my birthday at home with my cat and all my friends on Zoom. However, the pandemic meant I celebrated my birthday this way and I was so grateful to be given a bunch of super cool gifts for people who work from home

As everyone and their parrot are now working from home,there are many great gift ideas for people who work from home.

I have collated a list of presents to:

  •  connect with others
  •  be more productive
  •  add more comfort to your home 
  • level up your home office ergonomics or
  •  maybe decorate your new home office 

Here is an ultimate guide of gifts for people who work from home, sorted by price.


Note- The prices I share are the current price right now and may be subject to change. 


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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Work from Home Gift Ideas

Table Desktop Photo Frame 

I love seeing family pictures and vacation snapshots displayed in the house. There are many beautiful gifts for home office workers, but a photo frame for the desk is the ultimate simplest and sweetest gift. 

Speaking from someone who has worked from home for over 3 years, having pictures of your friends and family around you while you work will help you feel less isolated and much happier.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Remember special moments with personal photos
  • Folding design for desktop display

Perfect for: Everyone. A picture is worth a thousand words

Bad for:  Nobody

Crystal Clear Chat Headset

Office meetings across the world have gone virtual. Virtual meetings are the new normal in our modern society. It is a priority to give clients and co-workers the same level of seamless communication a traditional workplace provides when working from home.

One of the best gifts for remote workers is a top-quality headset with a noise-cancelling microphone. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • A built-in unidirectional microphone which can be twisted discretionarily picks-up your voice loud & clear
  • Reduces unwanted background noise for clear conversation
  • Great for voice calls, Skype, webinars and zoom meetings

Perfect for: Office professionals

Bad for: Online fitness instructors 

Soft Foam Footrest 

Homeworking means it is time to upgrade the home office setup. Are you looking for economical gifts for home office workers? An ergonomic footrest can comfortably support the back when sitting down for long periods of time. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Pure memory foam footrest provides optimal support.
  • ErgoFoam is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Doubles as a rocker, rocking backwards and forwards

Perfect for: Everyone

Bad for: No one

Gadget Organizer

Why did men give up carrying bags in favor of dumping their valuables in their pockets? I can never understand this!

Some men might opt to carry a little and others a lot in their men’s pockets. 

However where do they keep these everyday items safe when they are not in their pockets? Everywhere in their room, of course. 

Help them organise their space with style with this simple yet practical gift wood docking station that can hold all of their pocket items neatly.

This is one of those perfect gifts for people who work from home, who also need some organisation in their lives!

Why is this a good gift?

  • Vintage primitive style, distressed gentleman interior.
  • Universal wallet and electronics organiser
  • Nightstand organizer to store all everyday gadgets. 
  • A catch all charging station

Perfect for: Uncles, brothers, husband, boyfriend

Bad for: Bad men in your life. They don’t deserve your gifts.

Coffee Maker 

For some of us, drinking a cup of coffee is essential to start your day. Your daily cup of joe in your home office can help you feel more energised. 

The saying goes, the most dangerous drinking game is seeing how long a coffee drinker can go without their go juice. Let’s not risk it! 

Working in a home office means you have the time to invest in brewing a perfect cuppa. Buying good coffee makers as gifts for people who work from home allows them to up their game in making their liquid energy. 

These three coffee machines are selected because they are simple to use. They are fuss-free coffee machines to make a few cups of coffee. Just add ground coffee and hot water. 

Tip: Coffee that is grounded too fine can be hard to filter, and coffee grounds too coarse will make tasteless coffee. 

This is a slow drip coffee maker and is the ideal way to enjoy Southeast Asian coffees. 

The coffee is intense and heavy-bodied, good for making faux-espresso drinks like cappuccinos and americanos.

The french press metal filter lets through the coffee’s natural oils, making a full-bodied brew. 

Tip: For iced coffee, use coarse coffee grounds and stick the coffee maker into the fridge with room temperature water. Let this steep overnight and enjoy your cold brew coffee the next day. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Not new nor trendy but tried and truly excellent brewers
  • Commonly found in most coffee professionals’ cupboards
  • Brews a strong pot of java quickly and consistently

Perfect for: Serious coffee snob

Bad for:  Non-coffee drinkers 

Green Screen 

A polished zoom background can make you look trustworthy and professional. A green screen is what is necessary to make that happen.  

Adding a green screen to your home office setup can create video content that stands out amongst the competition. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Collapsible and storable when not in use
  • Chroma key green colour helps set any image for your background when using a green screen enabled on zoom. 
  • Fits most of the office, gaming and dining room style chairs.

Perfect for: Video conferencing while working from home

Bad for:  Nobody

High-Quality Webcam 

Most built-in webcams on many laptops aren’t good. A great webcam can help you look your best online and enable the video streaming to look more professional. A higher-resolution webcam should fix your blurry virtual meeting calls and provide better video quality than the built-in webcam on many laptops. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Built-in ring light adjustable in 3 brightness with touch control and facial-enhancement technology optimises the image automatically.
  • Full HD 1080P USB Webcam
  • The wide-angle lens captures high definition image and video at 1080p/30fps.

Perfect for: Streaming on social media, gaming and online work meetings 

Bad for:  Nobody

Work from Home Gift Baskets 

Hand and Foot Ointment 

Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps to stay healthy. However, washing your hands too frequently can cause dryness. Relieve dry skin from COVID-19 handwashing with a pampering gift. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Made with a blend of herbal ingredients to create an everyday salve
  • Pamper from head to toe
  • Soothe dry, rough, cracked skin with moisturising hand salve, cuticle cream, hand cream and rich foot cream,

Perfect for: Everyone

Bad for: No one. Hands age a person faster than the face

Body Luxury Spa Gift Basket for Men 

At-home spa treatment can help you unwind after a stressful day at work in the home office. Receiving a spa set as a work from home gift basket might be uncommon for men. But if women have spa days; men deserve a spa day too!

Remember those Old spice advertisements; you don’t want men to smell like ladies scented body wash.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Nice Manly smell: Sandalwood
  • Seven products to enjoy some “me” time
  • This all-inclusive set comes complete with shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body scrub, bath crystals and a sisal sponge, nicely arranged in a paper suitcase.

Perfect for: Manly men that enjoy a bubble bath

Bad for: Men who hate the “feeling” of lotion

Handcrafted Tea Infusers 

Do you know that taking “virtual tea breaks” encourage remote workers to interact like they would in an office? Studies have shown that tea breaks are really good for productivity.

In addition, drinking tea has many health benefits. A daily cup (or two) can be good for your health. That’s why everyone should take tea breaks. Do you fancy a cup of fancy tea now?

Why is this a good gift?

  • Tea Tasting Assortment with ten varieties of tea blends
  • Only the finest whole tea leaves in the world, blended with aromatic diverse fruits, spices and herbs
  • Wrapped in an elegant embossed pattern gift box with a satin ribbon

Perfect for: Tea Connoisseur

Bad for: Non-tea lover

Funny Work from Home Gifts

In these trying times, a humorous gift can help anyone spruce up their work from a home office and make their work area a livelier space. 

Motivational Desk Quotes 

Everyone needs some inspiration, just a little boost every now and then. Scientific research has shown that motivational quotes make us feel the same as actually accomplishing something. 

Work gets us busy most of the time, but when we are crazy busy peering at funny or motivational quotes can help relieve stress. 

A comical motivation quote livens up any work area and makes working from home a little bit more fun.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Hilarious, sarcastic or heart-warming wood box sign
  • Designed to freely stand on its own or hang on a wall
  • Knowing we are all in it together makes us feel normal!

Perfect for: Say it with sass believers

Bad for: Serious people with no sense of humour

Inspiring statements 

Even pessimists like a little positivity. Meet each day with inspiring words to live by.  Place your favourite at the front of the deck and change it out as often as you like. It is a great way to send positive messages to those you love daily.

Why is this a good gift?

  • Cheer up gift for anyone seeking a little self-help
  • Super adorable little inspiration cards
  • A little corny but in a whimsical and refreshing way.

Perfect for: Adult but still a kid at heart

Bad for: Humourless grownups

Ambience Starry Projector Light 

Whether you are planning an online birthday party, having a one-person dance party or would want to create an aurora starry environment in your home office, you need a great set of fancy lights. Adding a galaxy star projector light to a home office works as a unique night light. 

Why is this a good gift

  •  A unique way to light up parties, revitalise your workspace, or light a romantic dinner for two. 
  • Bring the outdoor galaxy indoors 
  • Instantly projects a field of drifting stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud with ten colours and 360°rotational dynamic projections.

Perfect for: Merrymakers

Bad for: Photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) patients

Gifts for Work from Home Moms

Want to impress the working moms in your life? A work from home mom has a gazillion jobs in one. On top of the bulk of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, child care, and other duties, she balances work and family it really is a 24/7 kind of job. 

Each of these gifts for work from home moms will make her smile. This is a list of handpicked gifts for all working moms, making her life more comfortable, neater and happier. 

Moms will actually love them, believe me. 

Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses 

Parenting is hard. Every mom you know needs a glass of wine to take the edge off of parenting. Sometimes you wonder if she might love wine a little more than she loves you. Poke fun at that fact and buy her a gift fit for a proud and self-proclaimed wine mom. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Recyclable, unbreakable & crystal clear: no chips, no cracks, just cheers!
  • Each glass is made from up to 1 recycled plastic bottle
  • No Glass = No Stress
  • A set of 6 works well for wine night parties

Perfect for: Wine moms

Bad for: Non-alcoholic drinkers 

Self-care Care Pack 

Self-care is extremely important. It is about being kind to yourself as you would be to others. It feels extremely good to be exercising self-compassion into your life. It helps to prevent a possible burnout, especially when you are busy. 

A healthy coping mechanism is giving yourself some time to pamper yourself because ultimately, you deserve it. Get yourself a self-care care pack to slow life down in a wonderful way. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • It is filled with all things mindful, joyful, and beautiful to help you live an inspired life.
  • Curated by therapists to help reduce stress and increase happiness.
  • 6 to 8 full-sized goodies
  • Monthly subscription themed beauty box

Tea Kettle 

Afternoon tea or coffee makes the perfect break from work. Why not get her the cutest kettle ever to boil her water to make her perfect cuppa? 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Cosmetically appealing: Natural Stone Finish with Wood Pattern Handle 
  • The automatic whistle is prominent enough to hear even with plenty of background noise
  • Silicone coated handle allows you to grab the tea kettle with your bare hand without risking burns. 
  • Anti-Rust Food Grade Stainless Steel Kettle
  • Suitable for all heat sources

Perfect for: People preferring hot drinks 

Bad for: People preferring a refreshing cold drink instead

Gemstones Earrings 

With all the online meetings, working remotely promotes the importance of looking good for the camera.  And there is a huge emphasis on attire from the waist up. 

Virtual calls mean you can put the spotlight on your jewellery like never before—specifically earrings. Buy your mom a new pair of earrings to wear on her next virtual call. A solitaire stud is not too evening-glam and is shiny enough to be visible nonetheless. 

Why is this a good gift?

  • Stunning and versatile earrings
  • Adds a dainty touch of luxury to any style
  • Minimalist classic earrings 
  • Hypoallergenic earrings make it safe for sensitive ears.
  • 14K gold stud earrings featuring natural gemstone and genuine

Perfect for: All women 

Bad for: No one. Jewellery is a girl’s best friend

Nothing beats a work environment that exudes positive energy. Needless to say, working at home can be as stressful as working in the office. That’s why gifts for people who work from home is exactly what everyone needs right now. 

This guide for gift giving checks all the boxes with self-care and self-love. 

What are you waiting for? You don’t have to wait for the holidays or any reason to make someone’s day. Choose a gift from these specially selected top picks above and put a smile on someone’s face tomorrow and beyond. 

It always feels good to give and receive gifts. Start giving and start sending positive vibes!

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